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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 19, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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i'm richard lui. those stories are coming up. news out of tucson. noel walker joins me from outside the hospital. we're hearing that a rehabilitation center has been chosen for congressman gifds. what are you hearing? >> it has. let me read to you directly the e-mail sent out by the congresswoman's communication director. it says she is expected to move friday, january 21st to tirr, that's the institute for rehabilitation and research memorial her man rehabilitation hospital in houston. but this is a fluid situation. the exact day of the move will depend on her health. that's been source of a lot of speculation today because "the new york times" was reporting that congresswoman's mother put out this the e-mail saying her daughter would be released on friday. the hospital has told nbc news there is no confirmation of her release date, that that will depend on her progress and health at the time, richard. >> people want to hear this good news. we also want to hear the good words coming from her family.
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but fill us in and remind us about the pragmatism that surrounds this entire issue for congressman giffords. >> keep in mind, she suffered a traumatic brain injury, a brain injury that the vast majority of people would not survive. so for her, these baby steps of progress are huge steps in her world of progress and that they're seeing progress or even her holding her own each day they consider progress. so she has a long way to go, a long road ahead, likely months of rehabilitation ahead of her. but this is another milestone that she needs to meet, and it's a big milestone to go into a rehabilitation facility whenever that happens. >> and no doubt, there locally, there's still a lot of frustration with loughner, the suspect here. there's some video that's been out. we have not seen it yet here at nbc. what have you heard about what's in this video? >> reporter: well, and we're not likely to see the video because
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the video is currently in fbi custody. they're not going to release it because it's going to be used as evidence in his trial. we are told, not we are told. investigators have told "the washington post" investigators who have seen that video that it shows a graphic scene from that shooting a week ago saturday. it shows the suspect walking out of that safe way store, walking around a table and shooting congresswoman giffords in the head from about two feet away. it then shows him turning to his right and shooting her staffer ron barber and also shows the judge john roll pushing barber to the ground and throwing his own body on top of him to protect him. that is when the suspect shoots the judge in the back killing him. >> still so emotional. nolle walker with the news that the congressman will be moved into rehabilitation this friday. thank you very much, noelle walker. president obama, our other big story, officially welcoming the chinese president to the white house for a state dinner and talking on everything from
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economic policy to north korea. he quickly made it clear how important u.s./chinese relations are for the world's major superpowers and did not shy away from addressing the massive u.s. trade gap with china. take a listen. >> i am very pleased that we've completed dozens of deals that will increase u.s. exports by more than $45 million billion and increase china's investment in the united states. from machinery to software, from aviation to agriculture, these deals will support some $235,000 american jobs. >> let's go to mike viqueira. he even had a little bit of a smile and a laugh and he turned to the president of china, he said we just need you guys to buy more things from the united states. >> reporter: well, the economy was certainly front and center, at least that's the way the administration wanted to have it. this state visit so much pomp, so much ceremony, richard. you see over my right shoulder here, they're preparing an the
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north portico of the white house for the arrivals of the state dinner. across the street we've had protesters against chinese policy screaming and protesting all day long. meanwhile, south lawn arrival ceremony this morning, part of the state visit ritual, only the third one of the obama administration. part of this during part of the afternoon, the president he accompanied president hue just next door to the eisenhower office building and met with several titans of american industry. a lot of complaints and compliments were heard from them. among the complaints was from microsoft that once they get off the plane, they start walking around the streets they see ten products with the name of their company on them. only one of them is authentically made by that cop. a lot of theft and a lot of counterfeiting problem that some of the ceos were angry about. one of the main issues here was currency. the president says that he appreciates that china is working on their currency. the united states wants china to strengthen its currency so its
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goods are more expensive. american goods are cheaper there and that would even out the trade imbalance that is gaping between the united states and china. the president says that that currency needs to be driven by market forces. and there needs to be further adjustment. in other words, more strengthening of the chinese rmb. >> a bit of perennial debate about currency. what might be surprising to folks like yourself and china watchers is the discussion of human rights by the chinese president. >> yeah. you know, it was a very halting kind of press conference. again, right over my shoulder here in the east room of the white house. some misunderstanding about the way the translation was supposed to be. and it gave sort of a stop and start quality to it. president hu was initially asked by the reporter from the associated press ben feller, a very pointed question about human rights in china. also asked of president obama. he initially did not answer that question. later said when followed up by a reporter from bloomberg news,
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hans nickles, that he did not understand because the translation, the problems they have with the translation. in the past, chinese leaders are have given a forceful defense of their country. he said a lot more needs to be done in china. we are a developing is country and china is always committed to protection of human rights. so not quite as hard a line as we've heard in the past from chinese leaders. >> it's always interesting to watch as well, here, mike, as the chinese president who is not as used to conducting these press conferences as clearly president obama was as he was not perspiring or sweating as much as the chinese president. it was quite an event we all got to watch there. nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueira giving us the latest what happened there. as the two leaders try to happener out agreements and appeal to some of the world's top business leaders both are saying all the right things about the two economies cooperating. president obama told reporters the two the countries are making progress working together. >> we will cooperate forging
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participantships and making progressing that neither nation can achieve alone. in other areas, we'll compete. a healthy competition that spurs both countries to innovate and become even more competitive. >> daniel stone is senior reporter at "newsweek." he joins me live from the white house. daniel, thank you for stopping by with us. what we're looking at is a list of five things that you have put out in an article in "newsweek" that matter most to these twos leaders. you have economy, intellectual property, climate change, technology and north korea. economy, the trade imbalance which we were just hearing from mike, that is staggering. >> it is enormous. that has the most implications for this visit. pretty much every issue about the future of the recovery and the global economy runs through china and the united states. it depends on that relationship. when we're talking about currency undervaluation, which is one thing president obama talked about in his press
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conference a moment ago. and certainly imports and exports from both countries, both need to be expanded and if both can, it will have ripple effects around the world in other economies, as well. >> what's interesting is we cannot forget these two major economies are economic bedfel w bedfellows. they need each other. >> exactly. a lot of people have questioned why this visit is taking place. you know, china and the u.s. have a history of a very tense relationship. there are protesters to my right curious of why president hu is being given the welcome he has. president obama was clear. he saud we have a very large stake income china's rise. we want to make sure that rise happens responsibly and in a way that enhances international peace and if the u.s. can do that responsibly, and consider china an ally, then it raises all boats. >> stay with me. i'll go to number five on your list. that has to do with north korea. >> exactly. that's one of the most tense topics here.
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of course, china is pretty much it the only friend of the peninsula, the north korea peninsula. and what happens in that country. no one really knows. in the past few months, international powers including the united states have suggested and demanded that inspectors get to go into north korea to inspect its nuclear development program. we are expecting at the white house that president hu brought president obama an answer. we don't have all the details yet. >> they're struggling, at least china is, with old friendship ties or diplomatic ties and their new economic dominance going forward in this recent decade as well as looking forward to the next 10 or 20 years. i want to ask you about this because you have to equate what the united states might be leveraging against china, yet, at the same time, the united states owes roughly about $800 billion to china. is that kind of like asking your bank to do something for you? >> it's very much like that. that's part of what makes this relationship very delicate.
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the u.s. cannot treat china in a way that is disrespectful. certainly this visit is very cordial. but there are serious implications about china and the economic relationship of both. so that's why you heard the president repeat many times that the economic future of china is greatly impactful on the economic future of the united states and vice versa. >> we got to two on your list if we set aside a couple of hours. thank you so much. great article in "newsweek." appreciate it. in districts all over the u.s., congress is drawing new lines all over the map. and what that means is some lawmakers could end up representing an entirely different district. before that happens, some elected representatives are actually shopping for a new district to run in. including congressman dennis kucinich, democrat of ohio. thank you very much for joining us today, representative. >> i'm not shopping for a new district. i'm hoping my district will stay intact, but the reports are that
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tr stands to be eliminated in the redistricting process. >> yeah, and the criticisms that you have levied as well as others is this redistricting process will not favor you or favor the party in power. i mean, how severely do you think this might affect you? i know you're trying to get ahead of the game here. >> what i'm doing is communicating with my supporters to let them know that i'm facing a redistricting in which my district could be eliminated. now, that is -- redistricting is a function of the state legislature now controlled by the republicans. reports have been my district could very well be eliminated. instead of waiting to get a map a year from now, i'm letting my supporters know right now that we have to be prepared to run but not necessarily in the same area i'm in right now. >> you also have a governor that needs to sign off on that redistricting plan that is not a democrat. what do you want your voters or your supporters to do?
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because you're asking for their support. what can they do for you? >> you know, what i'm doing is just letting people know that about the redistricting. you know, i'm sending is out another e-mail today to describe the kind of challenges that we have. i have a website set up. people can go to the internet and find it. i'm really letting people know. i'm not going to sit and wait for my district to be an polished in order to start to engage my supporters in a discussion looking at each and every option, of course, my first option would be to continue to represent cleveland, ohio. that may not be possible. if it's not possible, what do i do next? i'm going to be ready with an entire plan to look at every option and to be prepared to move as soon as i have to make a decision, which will be probably by the end of the year. >> the process is, your constituents, you got to know them. they got to know you. they vote for you. and all of a sudden, your people are no longer your people. what if your new people don't know the who you are or don't necessarily support what you stand for?
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what do you do then? >> that's really a subject of the broader context of redistricting. i'm not going to wait till i see a map. i have to develop options now. so we're actually in process as you and i speak, there's a process going on where i'm discussing with supporters who have backed me from around the country what is the best move to make if my district is abolished. we're having that discussion now. i'll keep you posted as to what some of the options are that we're looking at. i'm not going to wait for a year and tell people they abolished my district. what should i do now. no, i'm going to be ready to make a move as the year develops. >> all right, congressman dennis kucinich. we'll call you the forward man since you're way ahead of a lot of other folks. >> god bless gabby giffords. >> absolutely. turning back time, it's a multimillion dollar business. fighting the aging process. how much would you pay for that? we'll take a look at new
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there's been a lot of talk about the rapidly growing population of senior citizens in the united states. and the cost of treating age-related health problems from dementia to hip fractures. but what if you could live long without ageing? well, science may be getting a little bit closer to that. the key is manipulating what they call telomeres which protect the end of chrome mo so manies in your dna. as you get older these so-called telomers get shorter and smaller and you start looking older.
3:18 pm
you're aging. what if they did not shorten? what if they stayed the length they were at originally? ryan bradley is a editor for popular science. you're going to make this simple for us is what you're going to do. >> i'll try my best. so what researchers did is genetically modified mice to have to not have tell mer race. so tell low mers are at the end of our chromosomes. tell mer race combats the aging process. they genetically modified mice to not have the it tell mer race. they got old quickly. they took this cocktail and injected the mice with it, expecting that the age would go slow down, level off. what happened is the aging process reversed. >> went backwards. >> didn't slow the it down. >> which is really surprising. >> huge. >> huge. so it was unexpected. and they're right now figuring out how this happened. what it means. and how you know, several years
3:19 pm
down the line we could potentially apply this to humans. >> how big a deal do you think this is as a guy that follows science? >> it's a really big deal. you don't often find a study like this where you get a result that's completely kind of a curveball. >> so then when are we going to see this? 20 years? >> it's going to be a long time. i think that. >> for humans i mean. >> right. eneed to understand what is actually happening on a molecular level with mice when their aging process is being reversed. what is going on as their organs are building cells of much younger mice. you have an old mice and suddenly they're regenerating cells to get much younger. >> chromosomes are only this long and as they get short it's not good. is this the key to the fountain of youth or are there other things? >> ageing is a complex process with a lot of different things that cause it.
3:20 pm
this is one, one thing thatting is a cause of aging. there are also oxidation-free radkas you hear about that. as we breathe oxygen, it basically rusts our insides. that's another big cause. >> lots of things. >> there's a lot of things that make us old. >> at least one thing we're going to have a lot of mice with good hearts, good livers and they'll look very, very young. >> exactly. >> thank you very much for that. memphis, tennessee is getting a lot of attention this weekend. not for the barbecue or the music. it's for the shockingly high teen pregnancy rate in that city. we're going to talk to the mayor of memphis what they're doing to combat that growing problem there. also, new numbers on construction are out, and they're showing the recovery still has a bit of a way to go. that's top of the news next. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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right now. hammer comes down hard on home construction. there's new numbers out that show 2010 as the second worst year. builders breaking ground on just more than 587,000 homes. that's up just a wee bit from 2009, which was the worst year on record. in a healthy economy, there's about 1 million new homes a year. all right. where are the jobs? where is the money? that's is the rally call of some 200 union construction workers who burst into a meeting of the mortgage bankers association of america today in d.c. "the wall street journal" reporting the protest was aimed primarily at the pulte group. unions have been pressing congress to assess how they spent about $900 million in government tax breaks meant to help spur job creation and avoid layoffs. and american express is closing a service center in greensboro, north carolina that
3:25 pm
put 550 people out of work. they will move 3,000 other jobs to different locations as part of its reorganization. just this hour, we're following new developments out of tucson. we've just learned congressman gabrielle giffords is expected to be released from the hospital possibly as early as friday. she will be taken to the tirr memorial her man rehab hospital in houston to continue her recovery effort there. meanwhile, alleged gunman jared loughner is scheduled to return to court to enter plea at a preliminary hearing on january 24th. former speaker of the house nancy pelosi sat down for an interview on rachel maddow and the california democrat was asked how her party plans to respond to republican efforts to repeal health care reform. take a listen. >> those kinds of stories about health and economic well-being are what we have to drive home to the american people if the republicans try to sabotage the bill. >> rachel maddow airs 9:00 p.m.
3:26 pm
eastern time on msnbc. spirited debate in congress today on repealing health care. we'll take a look at the fact and fiction of the law as it stands today and how it affects you and your family. plus, teen pregnancy for the first time, it is rising nationwide. what one city is doing to try to break that cycle. we have something else. but if you're hurt and miss work does it pay cash like aflac does? nah. or let you spend it in any way you want like for gas and groceries? nah. or help with everyday bills like aflac does? nah nah nah. [ male announcer ] there's aflac and there's everything else. visit for an agent or quote. aflac! guy ! guy ! check out my ritz cheese steak sliders. get more of my rockin' ritz game day recipes on facebook.
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breaking news. we're getting live pictures from coming from our local station there. they're seeing one car. we heard a los angeles school police officer has been shot odds a san fernando school but his bulletproof vest took that hit. he was taken away by an ambulance. we are hearing about 30 minutes ago. this incident happened just 50 minutes ago. i was watching these live pictures during the break. we're seeing roughly about 18 police cars as they pull out into this picture. you can get a sense of what they're looking at at the moment. from what we hear, the los angeles unified school
3:30 pm
district spokesman saying is the officer was shot near a school but not at it. >> they've been there for 50 years and health care costs have gone up faster than any other segment in our economy. faster than anything you can imagine. faster than the speeding rocket. faster than a speeding airplane. faster than superman. health care costs have gone up because of the insurance bureaucracy. >> repeal they $2 trillion fiscal train wreck and begin work on market-based solutions that will actually lower health care costs. >> all right. that was just part of the debate on the issue of repealing the health care reform bill. today on the house floor as republicans were trying to push through a bill repealing reform, that vote is scheduled for later this evening. luke russert is on capitol hill and sitting right in the middle of all that. right? >> yes, absolutely, richard. quite an interesting day up here on capitol hill as the repeal of president obama's signature domestic policy achievement goes
3:31 pm
forward in the republican majority house. a lot of spirited debate from both sides, and for the most part it's a centralized upon the nuts and bolts of the issue that is health care. both sides trying to frame it in an economic lens saying it will either add to the deficit or hurt the economy because of the uncertainties that it raises in terms of job creation. however, there have been some passionate moments. debber wasserman schulze a representative from florida, close friends with gabrielle giffords shared this very touching story about a constituent of miss giffords. >> pat wanted to tell congresswoman giffords that the health reform law will help them provide insurance for this employee. she wanted to ask gabby to stand up to attempts to repeal health reform. she asked me to share it with you now. heed the words of pat. >> and there you see congresswoman schulze telling a story about a constituent who was actually in line there in
3:32 pm
arizona who wanted to have the opportunity to tell that representative giffords and she is speaking for representative giffords today. that was one of the more serious passionate speeches on the house floor. anthony weiner of new york took it to a different level by saying if those at home are playing a dinking game which they have a shot every time a republican tells a lie, they'd better have a designated driver. we've seen all sorts of things on the political spectrum here today. >> it makes it entertaining i guess you might say, based on what you've seen so far. you were telling us yesterday, this may pass but it will probably die in the senate. this is no the end of the road for republicans as they try to take away little by little the health care reform bill. >> no, this is just the beginning. remember, richard, this is a fulfillment of their pledge to america, which a lot of them viewed them -- they view as the blueprint for how they were elected in november. going forward really with their strategy is going to be to use
3:33 pm
the house an prop yeas committee, the lever for all the funding for all the parts of this health care overhaul and try to use that money and cut off that money so it cannot go to the components needed tore this to work. how you do that in one thing they're looking at specifically is not allow the irs to hire additional personality that have to do with this health care law. government oversight chairman darrell issa has said he will bring administration officials in front of his committee and ask them for a specific specifically where the money is going within this law, and if he views it not to be a just way of spending it, they will attack that type of funding. it's going to be the beginning of the fight today on capitol hi hill. there's a lot more going to play out to stop it the funding of the implementation of this health care bill. >> a lot of rounds possible there. thank you very much. appreciate it. and now to our special series on debunking the new
3:34 pm
health care law. what's true, what's not. and what's just plain myth. lori robertson is the managing editor of fact very good day to you. >> good day to you. >> lori, walk through some of the most common questions that americans have. and the first question is this -- does the law create a government-run health care system? the answer? >> it's false. >> false. >> yeah. the law does not create a government-run health care system. it does expand medicaid and adds some more regulations on the insurance industry. but it builds on the current system that we have now actually greatly expands business for private insurance companies. there are many countries around the world that do have government-run systems where the government is the primary insurer and in some cases the provider of health care. but that's not the case at all under this law. >> you've heard this rob peter
3:35 pm
to pay paul. does it is slash medicare benefits? that's one question out there. the answer is no. >> no, it does not. there's actually a provision in the law that says that guaranteed medicare benefits can't be reduced. it does add a few new benefits. there's free preventive care for seniors and increased prescription drug conch. there's one area where seniors may see some different benefits, and that's in medicare advantage. there's about 10 million seniors who are on medicare advantage plans. those are plans from private insurance companies. and right now, the government pays medicare advantage plans more per patient than it pays the regular fee for service medicare. as a result those private insurance companies usually offer a few extras, maybe some free prescription glasses or gym memberships and over time, that difference in payment is going to be changed under the law so those might go away for those
3:36 pm
seniors. >> got another fact check for you. we've seen here the cham that the law guts the medicare budget by some $500 billion. the answer there is it's misleading, huh? >> we've called that claim misleading because it's a $555 billion cut in the future growth of spending over ten years. so it's not slashing the current medicare budget by $500 billion. and just to put that into a little bit of perspective, the total projected medicare spending over ten years, even including those cuts is $7.1 trillion. >> all right thanks again, lori, for our series. we appreciate that. the latest installment from fact in less than 24 hours, a major new initiative will go in effect in memphis to combat teen pregnancy on the heels of a new report that suggests some 90 girls at one high school are currently pregnant or have had a baby at one school. school officials say the number
3:37 pm
is exaggerated but admit there is a serious problem there. overall, teen pregnancies in the "uss are on the decline but tennessee still ranks among the top ten states for higher rates. nbc's ron mott has more. >> good day to you from memphis. a lot of eyebrows went up last week when reports surfaced as many as 90 girls, one in five enrolled at this school behind me, were either pregnant or have given birth since the school year started last september and while officials dispute that number, they acknowledge they have got problems on their hands. >> if it's one, it's too many. >> while the exact number of girls at frazier high school in memphis have gotten pregnant or had a baby is up for debate, officials agree they have to do something about it. >> do we have an community wide issue of babies having babies, the answer is yes. >> it's a number that shocked our newsroom. >> media reports suggest as many as 90 girls like 16-year-old student terika are expecting or
3:38 pm
had a baby since school started. she has a 2 monld daughter. >> it's a shame all these girls are pregnant. but it ain't nothing new. some girls try to do it because they think it's cute. some be an accident. >> memphis officials announced a series of initiatives tuesday aimed at reducing teen pregnancies. >> this is not a pact to get pregnant. >> and say it doesn't appear girls are making a pact to have babies. several years ago a so-called pregnancy pact was suspected at one ms. massachusetts high school. >> the key is not how bad is it. the key is how many people are working on it, and i think by that measure, we're off to a got starred. >> officials dispute the reported number of 90 girls saying upwards of three dozen transferred to frayser to take part in a program designed for teen moms. this week they're launching a prom called no baby and plan to address idle time many students
3:39 pm
have after school. >> a lot of these issues an rise when they're without supervision between those hours of 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 before their parents get home. >> for new parent terika, the demands of home and school are now an everyday reality. >> in the morningtime, she wake up me about 5:00 and i get me up and find me something to wear to school. >> tennessee ranks in the top ten in the country for the highest infant -- sorry, three, two, one. tennessee ranks in the top ten for the highest teenage pregnancy rates in this country and it's more dire in memphis. one neighborhood has the highest infant mortality rates in the united states worse than some developing countries. let's send it back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. when community leaders got word of the issue at frayser high school, there was an immediate call to action to offer much needed new guidelines and support the young students
3:40 pm
there, as well. memphis mayor a.c. wharton and girls ink president deb rab harrison are joining is us now. mayor wharton, let me start with you. what is the solution here, whether it is 450, 50, 60 or 90 pregnancies, how can we address this problem? >> you're right. i'm glad you went over the numbers there. we're not interested in counting but correcting the situation. it's not a school problem. it's not a medical problem. it's all of the above. and that's why we're taking a community approach to it. constructive time for these young ladies when they're out of school, self-esteem for them, employment opportunities, constructive after school activities. truly a comprehensive approach. that's what we're doing about it. we're not going to say that the schools have to solve this or the health department. the whole doggone city and county and the state have 0 join hands and solve this. that's what we're doing. >> debra, girls inc, what do you
3:41 pm
think of the solution being employed there or will be employed in memphis? >> i'm very excited about the solution because as the mayor just said, this is a comprehensive initiative where we are collaborating with community organizations, the schools, the pastors, the state, the city, the county. and really coordinating our efforts so that we can provide all the resources in this community to help these girls to develop that self-esteem and what they need so that they will have support in every way possible to hopefully, not get pregnant. >> debra, part of the program that's been discussed so far is abstinence, just having girls say no to sex. abstinence has been one of the strategies used in other schools and other counties around the country. that hasn't always worked though. >> no, research does show that
3:42 pm
abstinence only programs do not work. our girl, inc. program research based age specific is abstinence based but we also include information about contraception and also sexually transmitted diseases which are another issue with these teens that are sexually active. so we encourage abstinence and certainly let these girls know the only way to be 100% safe is to be abstinent but if they are going to be sexually active, we want to help them know what they need to do so they can protect themselves and not get pregnant. >> mayor, what do they need to do and know and what resources do you need to get this done? >> we need all hazard on deck, first of all. we've got to have a faith-based, educational community networks, all of them. but as a former public defender and having represented a number of juveniles, the key thinging is some way to find self-esteem.
3:43 pm
>> right. >> these young ladies need to know they can get some boy's attention by getting on the honor roll just as well as they can by wearing a low cut whatever and showing their bodies. somehow, that message hasn't gotten through. >> right. >> we've a glassed over that. we're a big, big city and assuming everybody's going to take care of their own children. guess what, that doesn't work. >> mayor, on that note, taking it to the streets, reaching out to the community, they say it takes a village. how has the village reacted to what you have recently learned? are they stepping up? >> yes, they are. and debra will tell you, this is almost -- we're close to the belt buckle of the bible belt. we thought that faith-based would really frown upon some of the very candid spots we're going to start running and billboards but they said look, these other things have failed. we've got to do this. so we're getting everybody involved in it, the city, the county, the state, the federal
3:44 pm
grant. but the key thinging is folks who will take it to the street. this cannot be a downtown office building campaign. we have got to go where they are. we can't have impact without contact and we're going to make that contact. >> i'd like to add if i could quickly, i can't tell you the number of e-mails and voice mails and outreach that i have received since these stories fwloek people wanting to get involved and help, not just financially but also they want to be -- what can we do to help these girls. so it really has been an amazing outpouring of the community wanting to get involved, including pastors. >> if i might add, memphis has shown over and over again we take bad situations and turn them into something good. wa we're one of the few cities that got the gates money, the race to the top. we had murders going through the roof for the first time in 30 or so years, we have the lowest number ever. we're going to take what is a bad situation and turn it into a
3:45 pm
good situation. >> no doubt you have the energy there. a.c. wharton and debra hester harrison, thanks you for stopping by to tell us what are the solutions to combating teenage pregnancy entirely in the memphis area. is it a fair trade? we know that u.s. citizens purchase a whole bunch of products from china. but is there a way to get them to purchase more of what we make right here? that's one of the issues at the heart of the meeting between president obama and chinese president hu jintao. we'll that and more next on msnbc. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at the issue of trade and currency was at the top of the agenda on presidents obama and hu met at the white house today during a joint press conference. president obama addressed china's currency head on. take a listen to this. >> i've said to president hue and i firmly believe this is not only will u.s. businesses be able to export more to china if we have a market-based currency,
3:49 pm
but it will also be good for china and president hu's agenda of expanding domestic demand because if the rmb is worth more, that means they can buy more products and services and that will contribute to china having greater purchasing power and a higher standard of living. >> dylan rhadigan is host of "the dylan rhadigan show"" right here on msnbc. a more expensive rmb means things are more expensive for us. >> they are more expensive, but you're making more money. in other words, the best model for this is the 1980s with japan. ronald reagan was learly aware of the fact that japan was rigging its currency. in exactly the same way china is doing this. this isn't a brand-new concept. the germans did it, the dutch did it, i'll go back hundreds of years. >> take your pick. >> in '85, what did reagan do? he called for the plaza accord in 1985 where they revalued the
3:50 pm
japanese yen by 50%. everybody said what's going to happen if we do this. you know what happened was all that money that was being held in japan, think of all the money being held in china right now suddenly comes back to be invested in america. so while people get concerned, what does that mean for the cost of my iphone or t-shirt, that is a small piece of what would occur insofar as you would have literally hundreds of billions of dollars hundreds of billions of asian capital and more importantly you would have a more fair understanding of the relative strength of these two economies as they develop. >> so this is like the old state of development, the old model that was best for china, as it was coming, it's called mercantilism. there's a history of this on the planet. >> if you say you've got to do this one thing to change this new reality. >> if you're the u.s. president, obviously you want to deal with currency, lack of reciprocity, you want to deal with
3:51 pm
intellectual property theft, but the question for the u.s. president, what is the greatest point of leverage with china? the answer to that question is very simple. the american marketplace is the market to which china sells its goods. without america, china would not have a trade surplus, it would have a trade deficit. so to the extent to which the american diplomatic corps and the american president are able to utilize the leverage of threatening effectively diminished access to the american market, that is the greatest leverage point that we have to push for fair currency, fair reciprocity, and fair intellectual property, but it doesn't address the core issue here. >> so we've got that economic bedfellows dynamic going on, is it like asking your bank to do something for you? we owe so much to them. >> there's a myth in that. if you look at the american debt action china only owns 7.5%, only owns 7.5 of our debt. the biggest holder of american debt?
3:52 pm
the federal reserve. a that, social security, the american banks, so there is this sort of smith that my goodness, we're so dependent on china to borrow our money, we have no leverage. that's simply not true. there's a perception that that's the case, but the mathematics don't back it up. >> dr. dylan, thank you. if you want more of that, there's plenty more in ten minutes. about i sure to stick around for his show that starts in a couple minutes. what's topping the news? that's after the break as well. on msnbc. uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! ahhhhhhhhh! atta boy! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch. it blocks pain signals for deep relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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welcome back. in the news right now, nasa napes a replacement astronaut. steve bowden on the left-hand side will go up in the launch set for, he'll be replacing tim copra, who has hurt his hip in a bicycle doesn't over the weekend. he's expected to make a full recovery in that. we should find out soon whether
3:56 pm
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good afternoon. i am dylan ratigan. nice to see you. putting out the good china at the white house. president obama stressing cooperation and friendly competition. with friends like china, is it time to stop playing nice and take possession of the massive leverage the u.s. market represents when dealing with this country? plus retool it or repeal it. a big difference. let's put aside the bog gus debate, the shy cannechicanri t being exposed to.


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