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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  January 20, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> yeah, they sure did. >> it's just -- >> did they have a good time, your parents? >> they had a wonderful time. i can't wait to talk to them more about it. >> and andy, did you talk already about how great michelle obama looked last night? >> she looked great. >> no doubt about it. >> absolutely. >> and donny will look great on bravo. >> a week from tonight, right? >> andy just beat conan one more time. >> that's going to be a train wreck. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." well, the white house gets its glitz on. but is it all that glitters diplomatic gold? did the white house get anything out of this chinese state visit? two years after his inauguration, the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll gives president obama a bit of a gift. and then there's the politifact report card. how many promises the president has kept. how many broken. and how many aren't going
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anywhere halfway in to his term. it's thursday, january 20th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. at the top for us, the glamour fest last night at the white house. did you see the guest list? a kind of who's who. >> did you say who's who? >> yeah. i thought you'd appreciate -- >> i thought i was to be the bad pun person. the sign of the country's importance and influence. the dinner capping off a day of delicate diplomacy. the two leaders exchanging toasts last night. >> let us never forget the values that our people share. a reverence for family. the belief that with education and hard work and with sacrifice, the future is what we make of it. >> nbc's mike viqueira joins us live from the white house north line. pomp and circumstance aside, did the white house get what it thought it would get out of this chinese visit? >> well, last night was another
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one of those hollywood on the potomac nights when people come through the east wing of the white house. lots of celebrities for washington. lots of diplomats and heavy hitters. you saw president obama's toast in the state dining room. they went over to the east room for entertainment afterwards. herbie hancock was on hand for that. capped a long day of pomp and ceremony. a lot of substance as well. not the least of which was this somewhat unexpected agreement that the united states would bring in some $45 billion worth of u.s. goods in exports. the keynote of that, $19 billion purchased from boeing. several airplanes over the next two years. then the two leaders after a meeting with some business leaders next door here in the eisenhower executive office building came over to the east room for a press conference. notable for not only its communications glitches with that simultaneous versus consecutive translation, but also the tough questions that president hu got on the question of human rights and very interestingly, he didn't adopt the hard line on that question. chinese leader normally would.
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he conceded that china has some work to do. interestingly, we understand this morning that chinese media did not cover those remarks. that subject or the subject of liu xiabao. the jailed human rights dissident who run the nobel prize. one very interesting moment at the toast last night. you've heard of ping-pong diplomacy. call this pandas diplomacy. the two pandas that have been at the zoo here, they get to stay on for another five years. president obama announced that last night at the dinner. >> mr. president, today we've shown that our governments can work together as well for our mutual benefit. and that includes this bit of news. under a new agreement, our national zoo will continue to dazzle children and visitors with the beloved giant pandas. >> okay. so today president hu stays on in washington. he goes up to the hill. the reception there could be
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somewhat cooler than what he got at the white house. harry reid, the senate democratic leader, referred to president hu as a dictator yesterday. another key house chairwoman called him an emperor. he's going to be meet with nancy pelosi, john boehner on the house side and then reid and mitch mcconnell on the senate side before going off to chicago for meetings there, guys. >> vic, i don't know all the panda diplomacy in the world may not make up for that. mike viqueira on the white house front lawn for us. there was another moment in the news conference when the ap reporter ben feller asked president obam awhat about your ambassador to china, john huntsman who was sitting right there in the front row, right in front of president obama. huntsman had mused about a possible republican presidential run. ? >> day. never even said 2012. people ran with it. >> here's how the president responded. >> i couldn't be happier with the ambassador's service and i'm sure he will be very successful in whatever endeavors he chooses in the future. and i'm sure that him having
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worked so well with me will be a great asset in any republican primary. >> well, there you go. the president basically endorsing him saying go for it, buddy. >> he got a laugh line. but one of many awkward moments inside that news conference yesterday actually. >> it was. in all seriousness on john huntsman, his bigger problem is the china issue. as we know, china -- fear of china is a negative in a democratic primary and a negative in a republican primary. there's odd bipartisan agreement. >> you saw the president trying to address this feeling in this country that china is a threat. something to be feared. he said over and over again, we don't fear or seek to contain china's rise. very interesting. these china politics we're seeing. >> on capitol hill, other news yesterday. house republicans secured their first big victory of the new year. they passed a bill that repeals the president's health care law. today they'll now get to work on their own plan.
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kelly o'donnell, so yesterday they get their bill to repeal, but now they know it's not going anywhere. now they are trying to do things to change the law. explain. >> exactly. they will take another vote today which will give authority to the key committees here. and that's where all the nuts and bolts work gets done to start writing what they call their replacement plan. an alternative version. and some of the republicans that we've listened to over the last few days have really focused on the alternative saying that they would keep some of the more popular aspects of the current law, things that really drove that into being in the first place, dealing with people who have pre-existing medical conditions. they could be thrown off their policy. even some talk about having young adults who are under age 26 or college age being able to stay on their parents' policies. those kinds of things that have gotten a lot of the positive attention. they say they would hang on to that and focus on the things republicans believe are flawed in the current law and things their voters really got behind. the issue of can an individual be required to buy insurance by
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the federal government. the taxes involved, things like that. so they've gotten the repeal through. that's check one on their list of to do things. now they have to talk about what they would offer as an alternative. and what we saw in part of the debate was really a lot of passion from democrats who, frankly, say they don't believe you can trust what republicans are saying on that. here's anthony wiener, democrat of new york. >> i want to just advise people watching at home playing that now popular drinking game of take a shot whenever the republicans say something not true. please assign a designated driver. this is going to be a long afternoon. >> a bit of a tweak from the new york congressman and some others had some kind of tough lines toward republicans as well. but overall there was, i think, a good sense of civility. there were a few stand outs who said some things that got attention. most of the debate was pretty straightforward, very passionate about the divisions. but in this era where we're marking some of the politeness,
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they seem to do better on that overall. >> they did. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you, on capitol hill. >> there was one congressman -- >> one glaring exemption. >> steve cohen who used a nazi word and it's just -- go look up -- for interesting. 12 democrats are still -- were voting yesterday in congress. 13 of them total that are still in congress voted against the original health care plan. just three of them voted with the republicans on the repeal. the one person not there to vote, gabrielle giffords. the news out of arizona this morning, nothing short of remarkable. gabrielle giffords stood up yesterday with help and she could be out of the hospital and do into rehab in houston as soon as friday. kristen welker is live in tucson with the latest. talk about what napd that hospital room. it seems so extraordinary. and what the plan is for rehab. it amazes me they think she's strong enough for jet travel. >> it really is remarkable, savannah.
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i think her family members are just in awe. the doctors are also calling this incredible. according to doctors, with their help, she actually stood on her own two feet on wednesday. and then looked out of a window. just remarkable as you consider that just last saturday she was shot in the head. now she is moving both arms, both legs. she's opening both of her eyes. and doctors say barring any setbacks, she will likely head to rehab on friday. now we're expecting to learn a lot more about this in a news conference later on today. her husband mark kelly will speak. but we're being told the rehabilitation center is in houston and that's where her astronaut husband does live. so he'll be close to her, of course, overseeing all of this. rehabilitation say very long process that will likely take months. and she will get through it with a lot of love and support that she has had so far. we're also learning more this morning about suspected shooter
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jared lee loughner. he has been formally indicted by a federal grand jury, charges with attempted assassination for targeting congresswoman giffords. and attempted murder for trying to kill two of her aides. according to prosecutors. now prosecutors are also saying that more charges are on the horizon. likely murder charges for the deaths of 30-year-old gabe zimmerman and federal judge john roll. and you can expect them to seek the death penalty. but again, we are expecting to learn more here at a news conference at the hospital later on today, and we are expecting giffords' husband mark kelly to speak out. savannah, chuck? >> kristen welker with the incredible news. it was just one of those things. it made your head turn. she stood up? you just -- just couldn't believe it. anyway, thanks very much for that report. let's turn to wall street very quickly. just 20 minutes until the opening bell. becky quick is just across the river today. we rarely get to say that. >> we're so close to you, becky. >> you guys are here?
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>> i'm insulted. what are you doing for lunch? you should come visit. we're watching the stock market this morning. right now it does look like we are in for a lower opening with stocks. but not nearly as low as we would have been before we got those numbers concerning jobless claims. jobless claims fell last week to 404,000. that was below the 420,000 that had been expected and below last yeek's 441,000. that's a good sign. still a lot of people asking where are the jobs? if the jobless claims are coming down we'd like to see the unemployment number improving as well. some earnings have been out today. primarily when you start looking at financials. today the news has been very different. good news both from morgan stanley and pnc. they came out with better than expected earnings. that's helping that sector out a little bit this morning. yesterday we heard from goldman sachs in that -- that was a disappointing report and made a lot of people concerned about it. financials were the worst performing sector down yesterday by 2.2%. today we are seeing a little bit of a turnaround. also southwest airlines out with earnings today. earlier this week we heard from delta. we've had a lot of concerns
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about what's going on with the airlines because, obviously, fuel prices have been climbing. delta missed expectations earlier this week. today, southwest came in and beat expectations. and talked a little bit about how, yes, they are seeing those higher fuel prices, too. but we talked to the ceo gary kelly who said they are benefiting from all of those fees the other airlines are putting out because they are winning a lot more new customers. people tyked off about baggage fees, people ticked off about some of the change fees. as a result, they are doing very well. again, those numbers better than expected. that stock looking higher. and chuck and savannah, i'll send it back to you. you have an open invitation. any time you guys want to come over, i'm buying. >> you're buying? i was going to say, what your cooking? >> that's okay. we won't push our luck. becky, thanks. >> thanks, guys. what's so lame about the lame duck? the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows the president got a big bump in the last six weeks or so. and is the honeymoon over so fast for republicans? we're going to break down the results of our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. plus, the president under
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pressure to speak out on gun issues in his state of the union. is he going to do it? first a look ahead at the president's schedule today. i can't even see that screen to read it. >> the big one is the kennedy center honors for the 50th anniversary of the kennedy inauguration today. >> another late night for the obamas. >> you are watching "the daily rundown." winter can be beautiful. [ female announcer ] and now, winter skin can be too. discover relief from dry, uncomfortable skin with skin relief moisturizing lotion. only aveeno has an active naturals triple oat and shea butter formula that soothes, nourishes and restores moisture. women saw improvement in all five symptoms
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well, don't call it a comeback just yet. our brand new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows president obama riding a renewed wave of popularity and heading
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into the state of the union with a little bit of wind at his back. >> 53% say they approve of the job the president is doing. that's an eight-point lead since last month. the president's highest job approval rating since july 2009, the month before the health care town halls started. for a closer look at the numbers, we're joined by our democratic pollster pred rank and republican pollster bill mcenturf. bill, let me start with you, the president sitting at 53. those are good approval ratings. not stratospheric. what's behind the bump? is it all tucson? is it lame duck? what are the contributing factors here? >> well, i think we have to look at what happened in arizona and this country's satisfaction and they are good feelings about how the president handled this. 75% said they approved of the job he's doing handling the episode in arizona. and i think we saw the president at his best in terms of the very gifted and speech that he gave
9:18 am
in arizona. and that's clearly making an increase in numbers and his approval. president clinton had the same thing happen in oklahoma city. and typically doesn't have to be true in this case, but typically these kind of bumps last roughly two to three months. so a more telling number will be where the president sits in march and april in terms of what is his really true standing with the electorate. >> fred, where the president got a little bit of a bounce, you wonder when you look at some of the poll results whether rans have had a short honeymoon. indeed, let's put a couple of results on. we asked how will the president deal with republicans in congress? 55% said he would strike the right balance and 26% said he'd be too inflexible. when we asked how will republicans in congress deal with president obama, 55% said they'd be too inflexible and 32% said that they would strike the right balance. what do you make of this? >> i think there are two things going on here. i think, number one, the president clearly got a bump in
9:19 am
the december lame duck. that's the benefit and the down side of being president. you get the spotlight shown on you. and i think he performed very well. i think that's a reason for voters' confidence in the president. i thing interesting thing about this republican congress is there was another poll result we asked is, do you trust these republicans in congress to make the right kind of change? the wrong kind of change? and this poll it was the right kind of change by 25 to 20. but the gingrich congress in january 1995, the same question, 37% right kind of change. 11% wrong kind of change. so already this new republican congress is coming in to this session with a little bit of a question mark, i would argue. >> bill, the other thing, if timing is everything in politics, five days from now, the president has a state of the union. i think six weeks ago, all of us would have thought the president would have had to give a state of the run where he's a little bit on the political defensive. these numbers indicate almost the reverse now. he seems to have the ability to
9:20 am
have more confidence given the state of the union and the republicans suddenly, even if temporarily, more on the defensive spp that fair? >> no. i don't think so. i think that if i were president obama's folks or if i were the republicans in congress, i would look at what happened. the president has extraordinary gifts. there's a reason he's president and he did a wonderful job in arizona. this country is proud of him. that doesn't change the underlying dynamics of what's happening. and the very substantial concerns about unemployment, the economy and the direction of this country. we still have a very comfortable majority saying the country is on the wrong track. do i thing president is more standing and that he's going to be helped by this as he goes into the state of the union? yes. but do i think this is a fundamental, he's on the offense and republicans are on the defense, i think that's a little too dramat nick terms of looking at these poll numbers. >> fred, let's take a look at the numbers on the 2012 matchups in the republican primary and would-be candidates there. it shows mitt romney and mike
9:21 am
huckabee at the top followed by sarah palin and newt gingrich. pawulenty got 5%? >> a bunch of single digit guys at the bottom. our next result shows there's a palin factor for some candidates. if you take palin out of it, mike huckabee gains five points. >> you know, i think what these results show is that sarah palin is a force, at least in the republican party. and number two, for governors huckabee and romney, there's a huge advantage, not just for the republicans, but for democrats. and having run nationally before. i think this is a good poll for romney and huckabee. there's a long way to go. national polls capture broad dynamics. of course, where this will check out is in iowa and new hampshire. i think this is a good start for the front-runners. >> how would you advise consumers, our viewers to read these national republican primary numbers? what would you tell them to be looking at that actually could tell them something about where this -- where this primary could
9:22 am
head? >> well, i worked for george bush in 1979 and john mccain in 1999. both of them were 3% or 4% through october of those years. so what i would say -- what i would say politely, chuck is i would tell them to go look at iowa, and new hampshire and south carolina polling in about october of this fall. what happened in both the bush case in '79 or the mccain case or these other type of candidates, those people and the pawlentys and all these other candidates will be campaigning in these small states. people get to know them. and it is those numbers in the fall of this year and those particular states that start giving you a sense about who is real and who has a chance to pop. but i agree with fred. what it tells me as well is that governors huckabee and romney have standing across the republican party. tea party, non-tea party ideology. they are broadly acceptable and it does create an avenue for both of them to show they are
9:23 am
broadly acceptable to all the different elements in the republican party. i agree with fred. it's a good poll for the two of them. >> bill, on a side note, there was one result in there that had a big impact on you. >> yeah. >> and that is facebook. 51% told us they have a -- some sort of social networking profile like facebook or linked in like this. but a huge age discrepancy. and, bill, you have found the fountain of youth. explain. how can you feel younger? >> i have four teenagers. 80% of people 18 and 24 are on facebook. 15% of people over 65. and my kids all guess that facebook users were, you know, 80%, 90% of the country. so when i said 50 they said, yeah. old people -- you know, old people are the ones not on it. so when i realized i was a lot more like 65 than 18 or 24, i will be going to facebook this week and i'm signing up. >> bill mcinturf headline.
9:24 am
you're old. but we love you. >> not if you get a facebook page. fred you have your facebook page now? >> i do not. i'm not an especially interesting person. my only entries would be looking at numbers. >> status update, looking at numbers. >> fred yang, bill mcinturf, thanks for being here. coming up in the wake of the tucson shootings, will president obama take on any gun control issue? most politicians don't these days. >> plus the feds plea for the public's help in finding out who planted a powerful bomb along a parade route in spokane, washington. first our washington speak. it's a little old. joint base andrews. you know, we still cheat and say andrews air force base. but technically, the home airport of president obama and air force one is known as jba now. joint base andrews. andrews was also the air base of choice for foreign leaders hu jintao. he landed there tuesday night to start his state visit to the united states. i'll be honest.
9:25 am
i know this change happened like a year and a half ago. i've kept calling it -- apparently it's not aafb. it's now jba. >> we're so behind the times. >> i felt totally out of the loop. >> if you have washington speak you'd like us to clarify, send us an e-mail. [ male announcer ] a chicken coop: the unlikely birthplace of a fundamental idea. it's where ethel percy andrus found a retired teacher living because she could afford nothing else. ethel couldn't ignore the clear need for health and financial security. and it inspired her to found aarp. for over 50 years, we've continued that work, to help all americans pursue their best life. discover more of what we do, for every generation at
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9:29 am
york history. >> sure it wasn't an episode of "the sopranos." first today's trivia question. which member of congress met her husband while working on jimmy carter's 1976 presidential campaign. >> this one might surprise people. >> maybe, unless you've been following this career very closely. decisions, decisions. which beneful prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? - savory rice and lamb stew. - [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more.
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bottom of the hour now. here's what's driving this thursday morning in beautiful new york city since i trash it all the time. i do like visiting. >> we should place that alicia keys song. >> i just wouldn't want to live here. >> good news for president obama in a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. a majority of americans, 53%, now approve of the way the president is doing his job. that's an eight-point jump up from december. at the same time, views of the republican party have swung by
9:33 am
eight points in the negative direction. chinese president hu jintao is expected to meet with members of congress this morning after being the guest of honor at a state dinner last night. lawmakers scheduled to meet privately with hu include john boehner, nancy pelosi and senator john kerry. less than two weeks after surviving bullet wound to the head, arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords actually stood up for the first time yesterday with help. and she could leave the hospital for rehab the soonest tomorrow. later today giffords' husband mark kelly will provide details about her condition and treatment plan at a news conference in tucson. other stories making headlines. the fbi calling it the biggest mafia round-up in new york history. federal agents have arrested dozens of suspected mobsters in multiple investigations of new york's organized crime families. attorney general eric holder is expected to discuss these cases at a news conference later this morning in brooklyn. >> a woman snatched from a new york city hospital 23 years ago as a newborn has been reunited with her biological mother.
9:34 am
in recent years, carolina white who was raised in connecticut became convinced she was adopted. recently she found a baby photograph on a missing children's website that resembled her and she contacted her mother. in new zealand, a group of fishermen had the ride of their lives yesterday when they attempted to cross a notoriously dangerous river in rough waters. look at that. the captains say they were eager to return home after a one-week fishing trip when they decided to risk the crossing and despite those amazing pictures, apparently they made it. we've all suffered from get thereitis. >> i don't know if i would risk sea sick itis. they are pursuing new leads to see who planted a sophisticated bomb along the route of spokane's martin luther king jr. day parade. >> tips from the public could be leading them close to a suspect. pete williams has the latest on this story. pete, good morning. bring us up to date.
9:35 am
>> they do call this a powerful bomb. it was clearly designed to kill. luckily it was spotted and disarmed before the martin luther king parade on monday. now the hunt is on for whoever put it there. monday morning, some time between 8:00 and 9:30 along the planned route of the city's annual unity parade. about 1,000 people who took part in it would have passed by it later that day. when it was spotted, the parade was rerouted. was inside a swiss army brand backpack. a pipe bomb filled with gun powder to be detonated with a radio operated remote control. and all of that was wrapped inside two t-shirts. one for a local relay race. the other labeled treasure island spring 2009. and it's the fbi's hope that seeing these pictures and the kind of backpack that was used may jog somebody's memory. another promising lead, of course is the device itself because it was disarmed and didn't explode. investigators have that much more evidence to work with.
9:36 am
and the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information that could help crack this case. and as you mentioned, they are asking for pictures that anybody may have taken around that time at that corner in spokane where the bomb was placed. >> pete williams in our washington newsroom with the latest on this. we'll see if the public can continue to provide leads. thanks very much. >> you bet. well, former vice president dick cheney appeared to open the door to some restrictions on high capacity magazines in his interview with nbc's jamie gengal. >> we played some of that yesterday. gun control advocates are asking for the president to speak out about this in his state of the union address. michael, you've been doing some reporting on this and how there's some pressure ratcheting up on the white house and the president to address this when he speaks to the congress on january 25th. >> right. exactly. you know, one of the arguments is if dick cheney can open the
9:37 am
door to tighter gun restrictions, can barack obama avoid it. you mentioned before, i think you are going to do something on campaign pledges the president made. this was one of them. he supported during the campaign a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban which included a prohibition on the manufacturer of high capacity magazines such as the one used by jerrold loughner in the tucson shooting. once taking office, the president and the white house pretty much dropped this issue as politically unfeasible. in fact, they even took that pledge down from the white house website. and there was -- there has been barely a mension of anything resembling gun control in the past two years. now the question is, can they avoid it in the wake of tucson. and gun control groups, members of congress, are really -- and some democratic party donors are calling up the white house and really pressing them hard to stand by their original pledge and what they really want is an
9:38 am
endorsement of this bill introduced by carolyn mccarthy just this week which would ban high capacity magazines over ten rounds, which they say could at least have cut down on the lethality and body count of what happened in tucson. >> very interesting. a lot of interest groups actually probably are hitting up the white house for them to have the president talk about their pet causes. be interesting to see how this one shakes out. michael isikoff, thank you. >> we actually asked about gun control in our poll. 50 -- over 50% said they think our gun laws are not strict enough. they'd like to see stricter laws. however, the gulf, the gap between rural america and urban america on this issue, the gap between those who have a gun in the house and those who don't is about 38% of americans. and our polls say they do. and then we asked about what issues you want the president to talk about, you know, jobs, deficit, bringing the country together were the top three. illegal immigration six.
9:39 am
dealing with iraq and afghanistan seven. national security terrorism eight. guns not in there. so it is one of those things, you know, can they pressure him to put it in. wouldn't be surprised. the president, we found only two examples where he has talked about guns. and both times he did so after being asked a question. he doesn't like to talk about the issue. >> a lot of people consider this another third rail of politics. we'll see what happens. let's do our trivia. which member of congress met her husband while working on jimmy carter's 1976 presidential campaign? >> the answer is longtime democrat? no, republican congresswoman from minnesota, michelle bachman. she worked on carter's campaign in '76. there you go. i think hillary clinton was a goldwater girl. you never know. >> your early years were crazy. ? >> will say that's a youthsful indiscretion on one part and on the other part, i'm sure they both call it -- >> depends on what happened. up next, the obama halftime report at noon today. his presidency begins year three.
9:40 am
the promises kept. promises broken and the challenges ahead as president obama reaches that halfway mark. but first, the white house soup of the day serving up chili at the white house mess today. >> seriously? >> seriously chili. >> really? that's all they got? you know after a state dinner, heavy on the leftovers. that's why they are doing chili. chili is the ultimate leftovers soup. whatever didn't get served last night, whatever barbra streisand didn't eat, yo-yo ma was there. vera wang. we'll call it chili. >> mystery meat at the white house. >> you're watching "the daily rundown." ♪ one for the money, and a-two for the show ♪ i like it. i do too. ♪ even if i'm poor ♪ i ain't chasing nothing ♪ you're gonna have to catch me ♪ ♪ and if you want to dance ♪ you're gonna have to pay a fee ♪ ♪ i'm the bomb and about to blow up ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm the bomb ♪ and about to blow up ♪ yeah ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh
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and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> well it was on this date in
9:44 am
1961, john f. kennedy delivered one of the more memorable speeches in political history calling on a new generation of american leadership and patriotism. 50 years ago today. and tonight, president obama is going to the kennedy center in washington, d.c., for another celebration. it's 30 years since ronald reagan. 20 years since george h.w. bush. >> and two years since president obama. >> it was two years ago that they packed washington for the inauguration. two years later, how many of those campaign promises have been kept? politifact editor bill adare has been tracking the president's follow-through. bill is also the washington bureau chief for one of the great newspapers in the state of flori florida, the "st. petersburg times." you have tallied up -- you've been tracking 506 promises that president obama made during the campaign. your overall results -- you say he's 26% of them have been kept.
9:45 am
7% have been broken. 8% you call compromised. 44% you say in the works. 15% stalled. let's talk about one of the big ones he kept. >> you bet. i guess universal health care was a promise that he made. and it really was the core of the -- really was the core of the health care plan. the idea of expanding coverage. and that's one that he kept with the health care bill. and the health care bill it's important to note included about three dozen of his promises. so he made substantial progress with that. and many of those are now rated promise kept on our obameter. >> another on your promise kept line you have removing combat brigades from iraq. >> that was another promise kept. i think because iraq is very much off the front pages now, we forget that he said he would
9:46 am
pull the troops yout. >> what's the most prominent promise that he broke? >> i think the most prominent, at least these days is the promise to repeal the bush tax cuts on the wealthiest americans. this was one where it was really a core of his tax plan. he wanted to continue the bush tax cuts for middle income taxpayers but repeal them. of course, he made a compromise with the republicans to give up that piece in the two-year extension. we have that particular piece rated promise broken. >> before we move on to stalled and compromise. one other promise broken is centralizing ethics and lobbying information for voters. that's an issue some may have forgotten about. what was the promise and how has it been broken? >> the idea was there could be a central place where everybody could get lobbying and ethics information where the
9:47 am
transparency databases that exist in congress would come together with other ethics reports, financial disclosures, things like that. that just hasn't happened. so we've got that one rated promise broken. and i think it's worth noting that transparency promises were a big part of his campaign and they've been a little harder to keep. he made another one about ending the resolving door for lobbyists. putting restrictions on how they could serve in his administration. we also have that one rated promise broken. >> i want to talk about the stalled category because some people will look at some of the issues you are rating as stalled and say, no, that's broken. explain stalled and explain the most prominent issue in stalled. >> you bet. we look at promises as having sort of two phases. we -- there is the sense of progress where the promise is either in the works and it's sort of moving through the system, being considered by congress, their regulatory proposals that are out there.
9:48 am
or it's stalls. it will go to a congressional committee and stall. and so that's the first phase. it's at the point where we decide there really isn't a prospect for more action on this sort of a prospect of -- there's sort of a point of completion. that's when we rate things promise kept, promise broken or compromised. >> and you have in the stalled category a big one. a story about this on the front page of the "new york times" today. closing the guantanamo bay prison. the president, one of his first acts in office to great fanfare and big headlines. said he was going to close it in a year. this is one of those where some would say this is a promise broken. you say it is one that's simply stalled. >> well, because i think you need to let it play out. and i think this is one of the tricks in we -- we've sort of created a new form of journalism here with the obameter and we have to create a jurisprudence for this. we need to let this play out. there's a lot of opposition to that in the congress. that's why we've got it rated stalled. it could easily go to broken at
9:49 am
some point this year. but we're going to wait and see what happens. >> give us a -- you have 44% of his promises are in the works. pick out one or two that over the next two years, when -- as he wraps up his first term, tries for re-election, that you think you'll be able to rate as either kept or broken depending on what happens. >> well, one that will be of interest to you, chuck, a less serious one is the promise to push for a playoff system in college football. >> nice. >> and we've currently got that one rated stalled. >> very nice. >> you know, a lot of the health care ones are going to be really interesting to watch because we've got a lot of them now rated promise kept. and depending on how the -- the important thing to watch in the health care reform is the appropriations process because the house republicans can pull back a lot of money from the health care efforts. so we'll be watching those closely. those could very well go to promise broken. >> bill adare, i've got to say. 506 promises?
9:50 am
that's a lot of promises. >> it is. it is, seriously, congratulations, bill. it's been a remarkable project that you and the "st. pete times" have done. it's well done. it's a great service. >> thanks for being here. >> coming up next, lost in translation, literally. team obama learns even the best laid plans aren't immune to technical difficulties. >> who plans aren't technical difficulties. >> follow us any time on twitter. by the way, you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. r 2 sta. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®,
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diplomacy on the world stage is high stakes, high drama, especially when it's in manda n mandarin. so when two world leaders meet like president obama and president hu yesterday the translation turned out to be a little awkward at times yesterday.
9:54 am
>> the translator is now tra translating the question into chinese. >> the technical translation and interpretation problem, i did not hear the question about the human rights. i would like to ask the interpreter to interpret my two quekzs correctly and accurately. >> thank you so much for your patience. due to the technicalcal difficulties. >> there were serious -- president obama looks kind of irritating, shooting the death glare at his staff. tapping his fingers on the podium. yeah. not happy. >> but, it's funny with translators, also a convenient excuse sometimes. that's why no one was like, are you being serious. like reagan in the helicopter,
9:55 am
sometimes marine one was so loud he couldn't hear the question and miraculously he did hear the question. >> that question was never translated for president hu and when it was raised again, he end answered it. >> he answered it more bluntly than anyone expected. all right, a little lighter news. in sports today. life lesson on what to do on or off the court. kim clijsters crushed her opponent -- >> it's tomorrow. >> then moved on to her next target television commentator ted woodridge. >> by inouye, renee showed me a text message you wrote to her about me. >> what did i say? >> you thought i was pregnant. >> oh, she did not.
9:56 am
>> well, i guess we have to ask, are you? >> no, let me say what was written in the message. first of all you said she looks really grumpy and her [ bleep ] are bigger. >> she did that on the court. >> i think she was pretty nice about it. she should have whacked him with the tennis racket. >> how many times, particularly men, but how many times do you have to learn this lesson? >> never ask someone if they're pregnant, even if they're in the maternity ward giving birth, don't ask, don't go there. >> don't say, are you having twins? just trust us. >> that's it for "daily rundown." >> coming up next, "chris jansing & company." >> we'll see you back here tomorrow for our anniversary show. [ william ] three years ago, i started my first real job
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