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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 21, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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join us tomorrow night. he'll be on this program. that's "the ed show." i'm ed shultz. i want to hear from you. there's a lot of ways to get in touch with me. you can go to my website or check out our radio website. tell me what you think on facebook at and talk to me on twitter at up next, "first look." unstoppable. congresswoman gabrielle giffords prepares for the next step in her recovery. up, up and away. a massive rocket carrying a classified spy satellite lights up the sky above california. and other side of the bench. when it comes to jury duty, not even supreme court justices get a pass. good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with the next step. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' road to recovery has been paved. two weeks after being shot in the head, she went outside for the first time yesterday and heads to a rehab center in houston today. nbc's jay gray is in houston with more on that. jay, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. congresswoman giffords has shown incredible resolve over the 12, now 13 days since she was injured. doctors and therapists now say she will need that quality and much more as she begins perhaps the toughest phase of her recovery here in houston. this morning could mark a milestone in the recovery of wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. later today, less than two weeks after being shot at point-blank range in the head, she's scheduled to leave university medical center in
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tucson. >> i am extremely hopeful that gabby is going to make a full recovery. she is a fighter like nobody else i know. >> reporter: her fight will now continue at the renown texas institute of rehabilitation and research and memorial hermann hospital in houston. >> we're eager to start a comprehensive rehabilitation program that will take into consideration the physical recovery, but also the cognitive and emotional recovery. >> reporter: it's still not clear if giffords can speak or just how much she can see. while she's been able to move both arms and legs and even stand, doctors aren't sure how much strength giffords has on the right side of her body, and warn it will be a long and difficult road back. >> months. no question, months. we're very optimistic because her recovery here has been quick. >> reporter: optimism shared by her husband who made a bold recovery about her return to tucson. >> she'll be walking and talking and in two months, you'll see her walking through the front door of this building.
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>> reporter: the difficult first steps of that return trip could start later today in texas. doctors here stress that they will be working both on the mental and physical aspects of their recovery. one of their earliest missions to help her relearn what before the tragedy seemed like the simplest of tasks. live in houston, i'm jay gray, lynn, back to you. >> jay, thank you so much. president obama is reportedly restructuring his economic advisory board to place a renewed focus on job creation. according to various reports this morning, obama will name general electric ceo jeffrey immelt to head a new board which will work on jump starting the private sector. ge is the current owner of this network. in an op-ed in the "washington post" this morning, immelt says he intends to reach out to labor and business leaders to serve as a catalyst for action. the board will reportedly replace an existing panel called the president's advisory board led by former federal reserve chairman paul volcker who,
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according to reuters news service, is stepping down. and michael steele was a guest last night on the rachel madow show, and he talked about some of the reasons why his tenure was mostly marked by controversy. >> it was a distinctive style issue for me. i'm a very, you know, grassroots guy. i'm very oriented on being in the neighborhoods and communities. my first venture out from washington is harlem. they said why are you going to harlem? i said there's votes there. let's take our message to the people. there was a style issue. there was a substance of how to run the building and manage a party that had been really on the rocks, as you said. endangered, in trouble. my goal was let's pick ourselves up and do it let's start talking about what we believe in, why we
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believe in these conservative principles and ideals, why it may be important to say to someone there may be some things you like, come and look at us. that's how story began and it ended with control of the house coming to republicans and picking up in the senate, governorships. >> the rachel maddow show, weeknights at 9:00 p.m. eastern. just days before the president delivers his state of the union address, eric canter joins david gregory with an exclusive interview, that's sunday on "meet the press." now here's a look at some other things going on around the country today. in california, a 235-foot tall delta 4 rocket took off from vandenberg air force base making it the largest rocket ever launched from the west coast. the payload contains a classified spy satellite.
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all previous delta 4 launches were all from cape canaveral in florida. in texas, the work day turned horrific for auto store employees who were about to close up shop. an armed robber entered, waving his gun and demanding money from the safe and the employees' wallets. the suspect's face was caught on surveillance video, but no arrest has been made. in new mexico, a teacher did much more than give her students a time out. cell phone video shows a teacher and several students locking up their allegedly unruly classmate in a caged area. authorities say the teacher could face abuse and false imprisonment charges. in oklahoma, icy roads created some scary moments for a couple of drivers. those icy patches caused one driver to slam a jeep into a center median before rolling over. in another incident, an suv skidded down the highway before the driver could regain control. no injuries were reported in either incident. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins.
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we'll see a lot of that today all over the country. >> from what happened yesterday to what's occurs right now. it's not pretty. it's a quick-hitting storm. that's the only good news. it's flying through the region. by noon today, the sun could be out. it could be a sunny, beautiful day in areas like philadelphia, new york, much of areas around albany, hartford. the snow will last longer into the day from boston to maine, but this storm is flying. winter storm warnings. usually when you have winter storm warnings we're talking five to six inches of snow. that's from hartford through much of massachusetts to coastal maine. the areas of white are winter weather advisories, that means just enough snow and ice to make it treacherous for the morning commute. that's the case for around philadelphia and new york city. new york city, two inches of snow, may pick up another inch or two. philadelphia, you were a little bit warmer, so it was only slushy, mixed in with sleet. probably not a lot of shoveling to do there. but snowing hard from boston
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hartford including providence. that's where the heaviest band is. the radar shows where the snow is. the blue coloring is more intense snows. those con over long island and over the top of new york city. that is translating to moderate and heavy snow moving up towards providence and eventually up to boston. how much snow are we talking about? it's like a mini snowstorm, not a blockbuster. but three to maybe at max five around new york city, more likely three or four. albany, new york, possibly three to six. the only areas dealing with a lot of snow are coastal maine down to coastal new hampshire, possibly areas on the i-95, out towards the 495 loop. six to ten around boston. more likely four to six for boston. the snow will be gone in a hurry. what's behind it is the big story.
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one of the coldest blasts of winter is already in place in the northern plains. even the snowmen are shivering. the windchills are in the negative range. minus 16 when you step out the door in chicago. high today is going to be 7 degrees. that's it. the cold winds will arrive in the east as we go during the day. i wasn't lying, look at this, high temperature today in minneapolis, 3 degrees. that's it. some of the coldest air of the season. i know they're used to it, but i think no matter what, when it's windy, that's when it -- >> negative 13 takes it to a whole new level, yeah. i think you're right. >> it's heading our way. >> we're ready. thank you very much. tech giants shake up their executive offices. just in time for friday, a faster way to get that brewski. coming up, a great goal on the ice. the bulls get it done and you
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. here are some of the top stories making news this morning. the fbi has conducted the largest roundup of suspected mafia members in the nation's history, charging nearly 130 people in the northeast with crimes ranging from execution style slayings to illegal card games. in a news conference yesterday, attorney general eric holder said the suspects are, quote, among the most dangerous criminals in our history. pennsylvania's governor is vowing decisive action to determine why regulators allegedly ignored reports of wretched conditions at an abortion clinic where one mother died and seven viable babies were killed. dr. kermit gosnell, the head of the facility which was described as a "house of horrors" is now
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in jail without bail after being arraigned on eight murder counts. despite budget concerns, nasa has announced plans to send an additional space shuttle to the international space station in june. it would be the program's final mission to space. and she serves on the nation' highest court, but even supreme court justice elena kagan has to report to jury duty. she was spotted yesterday, but was not called and left at the end of the day. >> and now here your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,822. the s&p was down a point. the nasdaq fell 21. the nikkei joped 162, and the hang seng dropped 126. there should be plenty of talk
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about the high level shake-ups. google announced ceo eric schmidt will hand back the reigns to larry page. schmidt was called in in the early days to supervise 20-signals larry page and sergei brenn. shares were up before the move. meanwhile, hewlett packard is revamping its room with a for new directors, they want to smooth the transition at the top after the controversial exit of mark hurd. concerns that china will take steps to slow its economic expansion sent commodities and material stocks lower wednesday. freeport copper and gold dropped 4%, but losses were offset by a surprising rise in existing home sales, and fewer weekly jobless claims. meanwhile, new labor data shows despite double digit unemployment over much of the past two years, over a million foreign-born workers found jobs in the u.s., many of them illegally.
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back on the street, morgan stanley shares shot up after a healthy fourth quarter earnings report. looking ahead, bank of america is due out with earnings before the bell, along with early morning results from ge, the current owner of this network. finally, it's friday. so we already have happy hour on the brain, but there's an invention that gives new meaning to the term bottoms up. it avoids the pouring time and cuts that pesky foam. looks delicious. the dallas stars skate into the record books and a dead spot down under. plus, one reverse lay-up just isn't enough for chicago's early rose. your "first look" at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. in sports, chicago's derek rose had plenty of tricks up his sleeve last night in a square off with the mavericks. here's nbc's fred roggin. good morning. we all know the bulls' derek rose is a perennial all-star. but the way he's been playing, he could be mvp. against the mavericks, rose on the human highlight reel. in the first quarter he drove to the loop and got to reverse to fall. to the fourth, and this is not a replay, another dazzling reverse by rose. there hasn't been a player this dominant in chicago since a guy named jordan. dirk nowitzki knows a thing or two about being an mvp. he won it back in '07. that jumper kept it close.
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the bulls won it, 82-77. to charlotte, it was a coming out party of sorts for the bobcats' d.j. augustine. he started the game on fire, scored 25 in the first half. cooled off in the second andheno put it away. after a rocky start to the season, the bobcats are starting to turn it around, they won it, 100-97. couple of great plays from the stars/oilers game. jamie ben in all alone, one hand on his stick, and went right back to beat the goalie. oilers with a great chance, but the stars' goalie, a diving glove save. stars won it, 4-2. weird moment at the aussie open. the former maria sharapova match the ball girl noticed something wrong with the court. she dropped the ball and it didn't bounce back. you can't have that in tennis. they determined it wasn't the ball, but an air bubble under the court. officials drilled a few holes to
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let out the air. problem solved. no dead spots in sharapova's game. she advanced to the fourth round. that's your early look at sports have a terrific weekend. i'm fred roggin. >> with a look at weather, here is bill cakarins. >> that didn't make sense. >> well, there was an air bubble. do i need to draw it out for you? what's the weather like? >> let's do a recap of the snow this morning. the heaviest of the snow is over long island, snowing hard in new york. new york city only has an hour or two more of this snow then it's done. from new england through connecticut, massachusetts, into areas of rhode island, you will be dealing with this snow as we go through much of the morning commute. that's the worst of it, it looks like from new haven up 95 all the way in to boston. as far as a wider view, d.c.,
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you're done. you picked up hardly anything. same with baltimore. philadelphia was a mixture of rain and snow. so your snow totals were lower than expected. even on the jersey shore it rained. so warmer air snuck in and that cut down on the snowfall totals from philadelphia southward. i took the numbers down slightly for new york. at max now probably four inches. you already have two out there to three on the ground. maybe only another inch. albany, new york, two to four. still the possibility of six inches of snow in that narrow band heading up through the boston area that will make for a treacherous morning commute. skies will clear. areas like philadelphia and new york, you'll have a sunny afternoon after watching snowflakes this morning. then temperatures will drop. as we go throughout the middle of the country, this is where temperatures have plunged. 7 for the high in chicago the windchill is about minus 14. all of the ohio valley that had the snow and ice yesterday, it's not fun to be sitting outside at
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the bus stop. >> no, and it won't be for us tomorrow. bad boy jesse james finds his next leading lady. plus the "black swan" opened weeks ago, so why is it expected to play a role in box office expectations this weekend? your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. last night on "late night with jimmy fallon" jimmy provide some comic relief after a study by the faa. >> the faa said nearly 3,000 pilots were blinded by laser
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beams last year. i'm getting that from the faa and not the pilots. hey, folks this is your captain speaking. don't want to alarm anyone here but i've been blinded by laser beams, so -- i just saw this. senator bernie sanders famous eight-hour speech against the bush tax cuts will soon be released as a book. if you go to barnes and noble it's located in the section marked -- i read that the federal government may force alcohol companies to put nutrition labels on every bottle. yeah. the way it works, if you can still read the labels, the alcohol is not bad for you yet. tonight jimmy welcomes david duchovny and "no strings attached" actress, greta gerwig. and it's time now for your "first look" at entertainment news.
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this weekend we're going to find out whether any movie can swat "the green hornet." the seth roggin flick was a box office super hit last weekend. the question is whether natalie portman's popularity and recent golden globe for "the black swan" will take her new movie "no strings attached" with ashton kutcher over the top. it doesn't need much to be a success. it's expected to open in the mid to high ten millions, in line with expectations for hornet. elsewhere, according to "people" magazine, tattooed bad boy jesse james is engaged to tattoo artist kat vondie. finally, many are wondering whether "american idol" can survive without simon cowell. this probably won't help. ratings for the show's tenth season premiere dropped double
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digits from last year, despite high profile additions of jennifer lopez and steven tyler to the judge's panel. >> i think they can deal with double digits. if it drops half or something like that -- >> a new show always drops dramatically after that buzz of the first week, so you sort of wonder whether or not -- >> people want to see jlo for the first time as a judge. >> would expect it to be big the first night. >> i'm lynn berry this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. freshly minted house republicans propose deep spending cuts from the federal budget as president obama begins today to make the case that he is focused squarely on creating jobs. the question is which big shot, and may i say strikingly handsome big shot who has an office up here, ceo is the new man heading up the job. gabrielle giffords scheduled to leave a tucson hospital today, the same hospital she was rolled into on a gurney less than two weeks ago. the question is what happens to


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