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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 22, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EST

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freestyle cruising. only on norwegian cruise line. rr. cold snap, a long winter turns longer and colder. the midwest in a deep freeze as you might expect this time of year but there are records being set. the road to recovery. gabrielle giffords is now in a rehab hospital. the truth about tiger mom. why does a book about child rearing spark intense debate. many are reminiscing about princess diana. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. just past 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. doctors expect gabrielle giffords to keep them busy. today marks two weeks since she
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was shot in the head in tucson, arizona. good saturday morning to you. i know the congresswoman arrived there yet. what are doctors saying about the next steps in her recovery? >> what we are hearing is from her husband who has tweeted that she is doing well. she is settled in her room and will be starting rehabilitation exercises today. this comes after a very emotional send off from tucson on friday. it was a farewell for now, not a good-bye. gabrielle was taken by ambulance to a flight for the next chapter in her recovery. with her husband by her side giffords was flown to houston and then transferred. the fight moves here. she is already being evaluated in the intensive care unit where
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she could stay a week or more. doctors say she has some movement in her right leg but none in her right arm. she hasn't spoken yet but might be trying to form words. >> the evaluation is quite comprehensive. we ask questions, perform examinations and see what the person can and cannot do. >> later giffords will be moved to a nearby rehab facility. she will stay in a standard room like every other patient. >> great rehabilitation potential. she will keep us busy and we will keep her busy as well. >> a new chapter as doctors find what includes a new normal for giffords which may not include a complete recovery. the results are uncertain. all agree gabby is up for the
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challenge. to drive that point home, a candle light vigil last night in houston showed a show of support and a welcome to town, her temporary home before her return to tucson. for now she will be having the rehabilitation in the intensive care unit in the hospital. she will be transferred to the building behind me and that's where the hard and difficult work will take place of relearning the things that she doesn't have memory of because of this injury. there is no time line for her stay here. it could be somewhere between four and six months. the benefit of being here, of course, is that her husband will be nearby training at the johnson space center. she has a lot of friends in houston and that will provide emotional support. >> thank you so much. now to the bitter cold to the dakota s right up through
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maine. this is a video of a cup of water in the air. the water instantly turned to ice. that's incredible, right? let's go central park, new york. incredible video there. i don't want to see it where you are. >> let's send ross out in it? sounds like a good idea. here at central park, a marathon is going on. it's about 19 degrees with a windchill of 5. let me tell you you feel every last bit of it. the key is to bundle up today. check on the elderly, check on the neighbors. if you think it is bad here, which by the way it is worse. in the midwest it is worst. international falls is negative 46. each winter just about the coldest anywhere in the u.s.
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and we have interesting information about snowfall totals. that's the next big wave of this. we will have the cold through monday here in the northeast and then another possible storm tuesday night into wednesday. look at the totals. in boston, the average for the entire winter is 41.8 inches. they have already had more than that. average for the entire winter in new york, 22 inches. already 14 inches beyond that. and same with philadelphia. 19.3 for the average. so far 22.7 inches. more snow coming to the northeast tuesday night into wednesday. >> thank you for the heads up. we will see you next hour if you can stand it. how long will the cold linger. let's go to bill karens. good morning. >> good saturday morning. it is brutally cold outside.
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so many areas of the country are seeing temperatures well below average. pretty much every east of the rockies. the jet stream is the culprit this time allowing all of the polar air to roll down through the great lakes. the cold blast of air has arrived in the oost coast this is as warm as its going to get. only 5 in minneapolis. this doesn't factor in the windchill this time the cold air is not surging far to the south. 50 is chilly for new orleans but it is going straight to the east coast. what will get everyone's attention is later on tonight. by the time we get to sunday we have a little bit of snow breaking out. looks like areas near st. louis
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will get snow. if you want to talk about great warm conditions you have to go california where conditions continue to be beautiful. if you want to go on vacation or a quick weekend get away, southern california is the place to be. >> okay. my mom and dad are lucky. live pictures from maryland where a funeral service is being held for sergeant shriver. he was the brother in law of president john f kennedy as we look at vice president joe biden, first lady and former president bill clinton. also in attendance, oprah, bono, and they will all be there along the luminaries i just showed you. he is being remembered as the first director of the peace corps. innovation and impleme implementati implementation. president obama prepares for tuesday's state of the uponand
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beyond. it is part of the president's new push aimed at putting the nation back to work rewe need to be sure that we're doing everything we can to unlock productivity, unleech american businesses and harness america's economy. >> good morning. >> so it would seem there is a game plan unfolding here in the west wing. >> you can add competitiveness to the list of buzz words we're hearing now from the west wing. there is a clear overture. you remember that the business community was largely vilified during the last year during the debate of financial services reform. during the debate of health care reform that the president signed into law just last april and house republicans have already voted to repeal. there is a complete change in climate. it started just after the election when the white house came to the realization that
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they were going to have to do something to make overtures to the business community. not the least of which is because there is a lack of confidence that they had a partner to help them move forward to get the economy going again. get the unemployment rate down again. steps have including the former commerce secretary, seven years as a top executive at jp morgan chase coming in just this last week to take the reigns as the chief of staff. the president has a speech planned for the chamber of commerce. a speech planned before that body that the president has. he was at the birthplace of general electric in new york touting some of the innovations that company has made in the area of green technology. and some of the turbines that
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they are making there for export to india, a deal that the president helped work out while he was on a trip to that country late last year and the president also emphasizing exports. a number of steps being taken by the administration, by president obama as we move towards tuesday and the state of the union. we can expect the economy to dominate the president's address that night. >> won't be surprising at all. thank you very much. tomorrow on "meet the press," an exclusive with eric cantor.
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when it comes to raising kids, there are many schools of thought about how much tv young people should watch and how much time they should spend on the internet. the tiger mother reveals a strict parenting style. her kids were not allowed to be in any school plays or complain about not being in school plays. they had to bring home all as and they had to be the number one student in every subject except gym and drama. her goal was to raise kids that crushed the competition.
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>> i don't think that the chinese parenting model is about achievement. it is about helping your children to be the best that they can be which is usually better than they think. her latest book is called origins how the nine months before our birth shaped the rest of our lives. how many tiger moms are out there in america? >> that's a good question. they have a mascot now. there is one big tiger momma out there. >> this is not a typical parenting style. >> i did talk to amy and she said that she thinks these are almost closet parenting practices. that there are more strict parents out there than let on. >> she says she is teaching her kids to achieve and that she teaches self esteem rather than
10:18 am
lavishing praise for everything that they do. >> there is evidence that proteching children too much from distressing feelings leaves them vulnerable later to disappointment when they don't do as well as they expect. can make them more vulnerable to anxiety and depression. i don't think that berating children, calling them names and threatening if they don't do what you want that's not the right way either. >> does she has a reputation as a nice person? >> she actually does. >> really? >> in fact she is known as a very giving and generous teacher in particular. she is a professor at yale law school. she says many of her students are from immigrant families and they understand this tough love model.
10:19 am
what do you make of this? >> amy says that she pairs high expectations can love and compassion. compassion may be not so much on display in the stories that she tells in her book. she says that her love is expressed through her belief that her children can do what they put their minds to. if she doesn't push them as hard as she can, she is letting them down. >> i want to put up a graphic that shows in the time magazine article that talked about a study done that shows where chinese kids place as opposed to u.s. kids in reading science and math. we're at best 17th in read.
10:20 am
china's number one, one, and one. i find that absolutely astounding. is this the model that has propelled that kind of success in those kids? >> in chinese schools there is a great emphasis placed on test taking. they are drilled and drilled and drilled to take these tests. it's interesting that china, their education authorities are looking to the west, so they know how to produce creative people like the ones that america is so good at producing and partially that is because of our system. >> i am curious about the emotional stability of chinese kids and if there is any sort of a study that shows where they stand. there are plenty of u.s. kids that have a lot of emotional problems. is there anything that backs up how stable the chinese kids are emotionally? >> there is apparently a lot of
10:21 am
dissatisfied faction among chinese students with the regime that their schools subject them too. that is a bit different from being singled out. >> very sage comment right there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> later we are going to hear from one of the few reporters who was able to sit down with amy's daughters and get their take on all this controversy. was their tiger mom too hard on them. you will hear that report in our next hour. president obama and his apparent shift to the center as he tries to create jobs. could this be part of a perfect strategy? and how the upcoming up in nupuals have some of us
10:22 am
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a sharp focus on job innovation is marking the start of president obama's third year in office. it is much of a shift. pat buchanan is a republican strategy and pete ser a democratic strategist. i don't know why i bother introducing them. how are you? we all know who you are. moving on. pat, in his first couple years in office, president obama pushed through what could be seen more liberal elements of the agenda. is that a perfect reelection strategy? >> i think it's a perfect
10:26 am
strategy from the election returns. but the country said basically that we don't like the left wing of the democratic party. i think the control of the agenda to pelosi and reid what what he did in december is move them aside and said i'm going to deal with the republicans. they can have their bush tax cuts but we're going to negotiate and get the following things. he showed that government can work. he showed a pragmatic central streak. the country wants the government to work. the more idealogical folks are moving out. the polls show him up at 53%. that was a nice speech he gave in arizona. a central speech, a bring us together speech. no i'm not going to vote for him as you said, but he's doing a good job. >> what do you think? might this be a dangerous game? there is no guarantee that the white house will be able to lower unemployment where it needs to be for people to start
10:27 am
feeling comfortable again. >> i think the main point here is that this is a pragmatic policy. he has always been a lot more pragmatic than people have given him credit for. when it came to putting the turn kwet around a hemorrhaging economy, he did a lot of things that are not very popular because they involved helping out the other companies. pat is right. i mean everybody hears the hoof beats from an election. folks said we want you to focus on the economy, on jobs. on winning this war. i think it will work. he will be bringing people together. >> pat, can i ask, should republicans be going along on the aside with the health care
10:28 am
appeal to throw a bone to their base or should they be working to seize the lead of the economy? and the country wants some of those changes. but the individual mandate thing. the identity that president obama is thinking about jobs and competitiveness and thinking about those economics, that's where the country wants him to focus on. in that sense he is doing the right thing. >> okay. >> that is really such an important point. if you look at the latest polls, mid teens signal after health care. if the republicans continue this
10:29 am
they will fall into a trap that they accuse the democrats of being in which is that you care more about health care and government stuff than you do about my job and my salary and my family. >> what about -- it appears the republicans are still unsure about the president's handling of the economy. how big a climb is this going to be? let's say unemployment does not turn around by 2012. is the president in trouble? >> look, if the unemployment rate and going into the elections in 2012 is 9.8%, you know, all of us democrats are going to be in trouble. i don't think that's going to happen because i think this is working. we see this economy coming back. i think this focus with business and taking care of regulations that they find especially honorous.
10:30 am
it's the right strategy for the country. hook right now his popularity has come up five points in a month. that's not too shaby. what will follow is if this economy starts coming back you will see those numbers change radically, too. >> 47% approval on the economy? when we have been through 18 or 19 months of nine and a half% unemployment? that is astounding. the problem in 2012 is this. he doesn't have george bush at 27%. if the economy is bad he gets blamed for it not the republicans. >> nick is going to lose it if i don't go right now. we have a live report in italy on the case of amanda nox. and packed inside every t-pass...
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is the only battery they trust: duracell. trusted everywhere. a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪
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there are new developments
10:34 am
today in the case of amanda knox. this morning a group of independent experts were sworn in by an italian court. they will be taking a new look at evidence. we are live in italy. michelle, another good day to you. how much did this dna evidence affect knox's case? >> reporter: you can say that prosecutors had other things on their side. that they presented and said this wraps up our case. these two should be convicted and in fact they were. but the dna evidence in a murder trial is always important. the thing is there was just very little of it and the defense says that prosecutors twisted it and overestimated what it was so that it might appear to judges and jury like it was something significant where the defense is alleging contamination. now they it issed, the court has
10:35 am
allowed the independent experts to retest the evidence and see what they come up with. it's possible that the scant samples are going to to be too small to find again and retest. that might say something right there. the defense could use that as part of their case or they might find traces of other dna. who knows. but it's fresh eyes with a fresh review. the defense is excited that the court with different judges in place and a different prosecute ser really taking the time to look at it again and say what do we have here. how much is it? how significant is it? is it beyond a reasonable doubt that these two murdered this roommate? alex? >> michelle, is it fair to assume that if the dna evidence doesn't pan out in terms of convicting her, can that exonerate her? could she literally walk out of court a free woman, potentially? >> reporter: it could be very strong. you have to look at the totality of the case.
10:36 am
really the only evidence that they could find were these scant traces on a knife that belonged to amanda knox's boyfriend and found in his flat. the dna evidence on the blade that supposedly belonged to the victim was not blood dna. there is nothing else besides what they have. if it turns out there is nothing there or it is so inconclusive you have to ask the question what is there to uphold their convictions. >> okay. michelle, thanks so much. new this morning, the company in charge of security in a pennsylvania mall says it fired one of its security guards for leaking the video you are about to see. she was walking and texting at the same time and it quickly became one of the most viewed videos on youtube. now the woman and her lawyer are threatening legal action. does she have a case? welcome to you both.
10:37 am
>> good morning. >> paul, apart from the video, it is exploring whether someone should have come to her aid. how are you seeing this? >> i see this as another example of the legal profession getting a bad name by somebody even breathing the possibility that there could be a lawsuit. i mean if you are acting like an idiot in a mall and you fall into a fountain and it happens to get publicized, tough luck. >> you don't love that she has a lawyer? >> he is in this for publicity and nothing else. there is no lawsuit, no legitimate lawsuit here and it's just publicity hungry people. >> is it the mall's spolt to help out someone in the situation like this? >> that's the red herring. the only obligation the security guard had to rush to her side was if the phone she was texting on was stolen. the security guard is not there for her but to keep the mall
10:38 am
safe. no obligation to save her. >> what are they supposed to do? have life guards for the fountains? maybe they need them in pennsylvania. >> if we roll this video totally, if you look, she falls in, okay? and she is looking around like oh my gosh, i hope no one saw this. up and out, i'm gets out of this. >> shakes herself off and walks away. >> she is the one, we would not know who she was -- you can't tell who she is. there is no identifying factor. she outed herself. >> she jumps out of the fountain and looking for a lawyer. >> how about the security guard that got fired? is this a legitimate reason for being fired? >> absolutely a legitimate reason. the mall security people hire him to monitor the video. we know it was posted on youtube. that's against the policy and they certainly can fire an employee who does that.
10:39 am
with respect here, i am making fun of her, but it is embarrassing for her. those security guards never should have released that. is it a lawsuit? no. >> what about wrongful termination? >> is there any substance there? >> i don't think he has any there either. there is probably rules and regulations that he is not supposed to publicize this video. end of story there. she had no expectation of privacy walking down the mall. if you don't want to see your face doing something embarrassing, don't do something embarrassing in public. >> that's scary. >> pretty much everything is now being filmed. if you are in a public place, you are being filmed and you don't have a lawsuit. >> i'm done. thank you so much. >> thank you.
10:40 am
>> 98 days and counting until prince william and kate middleton exchange their vows. including mmryes of the late princess diana. people are flocking to get a look at royal history. >> she was a unique fe nom nan. princess die nan ya, the people's princess captivated the world with a rare blend of sophistication and her common touch. >> she came across very warm and she was so caring. i just loved watching her and i loved watching what she wore. >> already drawing tens of thousands of visitors, the exhibit is a celebration, celebrating her striking sense of fashion like this navy suit
10:41 am
she wore to a 1991 concert in the park that was drenched by rain. the black evening gown from her 36th birthday, her last public engagement. that unforgettable protective vest and visor to highlight the issue of land mines. the exhibits on a cross kounry tour. pamela rolland helped bring it to michigan. >> a woman that is loved by so many people around the world. >> dountedly the dress that defined diana is this one. the hand sewn wedding gown complete with a 25 foot train. this family drove three hours from chicago to see it. >> seeing all the princess things makes me think of when i was young iri would dress up as a princess. >> those princess things include things like her schoolgirl
10:42 am
uniform and child hood photos. visitors are still struck by the magnitude of her loss. across grand rapids, the curiosity for all things royal has become contagious with the womens club hosting royal lunch ons. >> this is a new special time with a new princess on the way. >> absolutely. >> as the world prepares to welcome kate middleton as a new princess, memories of diana never fade. at the time princess diana's dress was one of the best kept secrets. it was locked up in a metal camera every night and two security guards stood watch. to help throw many off the case they threw fake fa rick and lace into the garbage. it was obvious that it worked. peter alexander, nbc news, grand rapids.
10:43 am
new developments in the mother and child reunion that came 23 years late. we're going to tell you about the search for an accused kidnapper. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go
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earlier today, representatives wrapped up the second and final day of talks in turkey. the eu's foreign policy says the meeting ended without agreement. we are live from istanbul, turkey, with the latest from there. the wrap up ending the meeting without any agreement. why is that? >> that's right. because both sides were very entrenched in their own positions. the iranians didn't want to give up any of their nuclear rights. the iranians are making unrealistic demands, putting conditions on this that couldn't be met. both sides couldn't come to any sort of agreement. they couldn't agree to another
10:47 am
meeting. although one did tell me on the sidelines of this that they were going to meet again. it seems very inconclusive. the iranians are building this up as a victory because they didn't make any concessions. one of the officials also gave a press conference saying that the door for diplomacy is still open but it is up to iran to be more transparent if they want to have more talks. he said diplomacy isn't dead and cited this -- he said this has slowed down the whole prosays and gives us much more time for deploemcy. i don't know how either side is going to come to any agreement because they are very, very entrenched in their positions. >> one of the most contentious parts being the insistence that the u.n. security council left the sanctions that are imposed because of refusal to stop
10:48 am
enrichment. >> it dupt look like they will budge on that. iran has forged ahead. the president has reinstated several times that iran is now a nuclear nation and there is nothing the west can do about it. last february when they were talking about a fuel spop, iran said you give us 20% enriched uranium. the iranians have now started enriching their own uranium to 20%. i don't think the iranians are going to make any concessions on this. >> all right. thanks so much. anheuser busch just locked up its position as the only national beer advertiser in super bowl of 2014. the collilydesdales are back ag. the company is teasing with two 15 second commercials to run
10:49 am
during this weekend's nfl championship games. >> thursday's episode attracted nearly 9 million viewers. check it out. >> after what my dad said i need to be smart. if i go out again i will probably end up back in jail. i will relax tonight and sleep. i'm exhausted. >> that's good. amy, i know this is one of my favorite topics. so many people are watching. >> i think that people love watching the show because they are living vicariously through these group of kids. when i say that, some of them actually did live like this. they are back in college. i had a summer share as well. when you saw other series like the hills it was very
10:50 am
aspirational. i don't think a lot of the country is driving around at the age of 19 years old in mercedes and bmws. mtv never stops filming. they keep the momentum going. while miami is being shot and filmed there is another series in preproduction. it's a constant flow of jersey shoreness. this is why the ratings are so high. >> look at almost 9 million people watching that. "american idol," top top shows, that gets 10 million viewers. look how close they are. longevity, do you think jersey shore has staying power? >> i do think it does as long as the cast members still retain who they were during season one. the problem with some reality shows is that their cast members become famous and people can't really relate to them and their story line. they are still acting like i can
10:51 am
only afford to have a summer share with three of my friends in one room lying on the floor on mattresses. when they are not filming they are super stars and you see them on dancing with the stars. as long as they retain the core casting, i think that it's here to stay. >> somebody who is here to stay is certainly oprah. she is making news about a shocking secret that she will unveil. >> this is really shocking. she said she was going to stage a family reunion on monday for her show for herself. she has been holding a family secret for months now and she will reveal to the world a miracle. there is a lot of speculation, maybe the revelation of who her real biological father is. we have seen that there have been speculation that vernon win free is not her biological father. this is her taking control
10:52 am
saying i am going to get this information out on my own terms on my own show before any other media outlet can do so. >> whatever it may be. >> huge secret and she is calling it a miracle. >> we will all watch. >> absolutely. scientists are hoping soon that love will be in the air as they try to get a rare tortoise to mate. the gallapgos is providing two new female partners. efforts to breed george in the past have failed. we will see what happens this time. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses.
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the biological father of carlina white is speaking out today about the lies he says his daughter's alleged kidnapper told her. the accused kidnapper told his daughter that her real mother died, her father was in jail and she was put up for adoption. >> she wanted to work and she wanted to get a drivers license and there was no supporting paper work to help her with that. physical dissimilarities. >> police are still trying to track down the suspected kidnapper. i am joined now by al baker. what else do we know about ann? this is a woman -- a handful of petty crimes she has been busted on. >> one thing we should point out is what we don't know about her.
10:57 am
he has not been named a suspect. her name has been raised in several ways. investigators are just getting a handle. the fbi has been on the case for maybe 40 hours trying to piece together what may have happened more recently in her life. >> that all makes perfect sense. commen common sense tells you if someone flees and are unable to be found they may have something they don't want to talk about. do police have an idea where she may be? >> as hard as you can imagine that you couldn't locate someone quickly, i don't think they have her at this moment. they are still looking for her. and she has lived in north carolina, raleigh. she had a home in connecticut for a while.
10:58 am
you know, at some point, i suppose they will get to talk to her. >> what are the things you have been doing this case that you find to be the most surprising? i mean, that she was able to find her parents for example? that was pretty incredible. >> in the annuls of new york police department crime files this case is remarkable. one going back 23 years ago from the beginning that someone would disappear from a new york city hospital is rare. in participating in answering that question. so those two things. >> we have seen her twitter page, facebook and social media expressi expressions. she -- there is a lot of questions there about how she
10:59 am
has lived. she has a six-year-old daughter. she does leave this family that raised her that she always suspected wasn't her biological parents and goes georgia. she goes from connecticut to georgia at about age 18. as her life continues, her suspicions grow increasing. finds her own photo and talks to her mother. >> a remarkable story. >> appreciate that. >> at the top of the hour, the deep freeze gripping much of this country and guess what? it's about to get colder. ♪


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