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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 26, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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welcome back. thanks to you at home for staying with us for our continuing live coverage of tonight's state of the union address. frankly it is christmas morning in january for lovers of politics all over this country, me included. a little less thanincluded. less than two hours ago, president obama wrapped up the second state of the union address that looked different from state of the union speeches of the modern era and looked different because of the way it was received. a number of democrats and republicans chose to forego segregating themselves and chose to sit together in the house chamber. some did sit by party, but others were organize the by state. the colorado delegation sat
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together and others grouped themselves by hobby. the softball team sat together. no, i am not kidding and buffer speculate, i never played softball. even before president obama entered the chamber tonight, he had a bit of the thunder of his speech stolen. elite draft of the text appeared on the website of the journal hours before it was delivered. this may not be unprecedented, but i don't know of another instance where the speech was advanced leaked. he was talking to hillary clinton and whispered i don't need to deliver it now. everybody saw it. the mood of the speech was subdued from the start. that may have been because the president started by remarking on the tragic events of the last few weeks. the arizona congressional delegation left this seat open in honor of gabrielle giffords whoa is recovering in a houston hospital after being shot in an
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apparent assassination attempt two weeks ago. as she was honored by wearing special black and white ribbons, the congresswoman herself watched the speech from her hospital bed. she watched from her bed in houston alongside her husband, mark kelly. president obama's speech lasted for more than an hour. it was interrupted by applause 79 different times by our poor under paid applause counter. it was dominated by economic issues and assertions, but the differences between the pears are less important than the nation's competitive challenges from abroad. evoking a new sputnik moment, the soviet satellite that shocked america into creating a space program that within a decade had americans walking on the moon. >> a half century ago when the soviets beat us into space with the launch of sputnik, we had no idea how we would beat them to
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the moon. the science was not even there yet. nasa didn't exist. after investing research and education, we didn't just surpass the soviets. we unleashed a wave that created new industries and millions of new jobs. this is our generation's sputnik moment. >> the president talking not just about the need to reduce unemployment and the need for more jobs, but the president talking in great, great detail about his vision of where jobs come from. i think it's true that the speech was a prayer to the free market. the nation building in our own nation that comes from invention and entrepreneurship. the need to invest and spend government money to goose that invention and entrepreneurship. she shouted out google and facebook as inheritors of the
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legacy of edison and the wright brothers. he stumped for infrastructure and framed it in terms of business environment and the industry competing in the world. the president shouting out expanded internet access, roads, high speed rail. he coupled hard truths about america falling behind in education and as many as a quarter of students not getting a high school degree. he coupled those brutal truths with what ended up being the first big applause line of the night. watch. >> to every young person listening tonight who is contemplating a career choice, if you want to make a difference in the life of our nation, if you want to make a difference in the life of a child, become a teacher. your country needs you. >> what a peered to be the first standing ovation divide was not
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over the mention of being a teacher. that received a well rounded round of applause from both democrats and republicans. the partisan divide came over the health reform. the president said he is eager to work with anyone to improve health reform legislation, but said scrapping it all together is out of the question. watch. >> if you have ideas about how to improve this law by making care better or more affordable, i am eager to work with you. what i'm not willing to do is go back to when insurance companies could deny because of a preexisting condition. instead of refighting the battles, let's fix what needs fixing and move forward. >> you can hear the mixed response. that was one of the few moments of stark partisan divide. here's another example that is emblematic. republicans sat mostly silent as
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mr. obama hailed the passage of don't ask don't tell and immediately pivoted to a related issue of rotc on college campuses. a point that is not calculated to resonate with the president's face. it was calculated to broaden appeal of the don't ask don't tell repeal. >> our troops come from every corner of this country. they ever black, white, latino, asian, native american. they are christian and hindu, jewish and muslim. and yes, we know that some of them are gay. starting this year, no american will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love. with that change, i call on all our college campuses to open doors to military recruiters and
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rotc. it is time to leave behind the battles. pa it is time for one nation. >> you saw the camera pivoting to show salvador jinta, one of a number of iraq and ach began stan veterans who were featured guests. not only the winner, but also the surgeon who operated on gabrielle giffords in arizona who himself is a navy veteran. michelle obama sitting with her in that box tonight. in terms of other big issues, mr. obama endorsed a domestic spending freeze. if that sounds familiar, it's because in last year's address the president called for a three-year spending freeze. mr. obama's proposal including more areas of the budget
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including the defense department. ultimately it's congress that decides what the country spends, not the president. you should see this as a broad directive. in terms of specific cuts, he pointed to tens of millions of cuts proposed by robert gates. defense cuts may be an issue that splits republicans in congress. they cannot yet seem to decide if they want it to be part of a fervor for spending cuts. mr. obama endorsed the dream act to grant legal status to immigrants who complete two years of college or join the military. he framed it in nonpartisan growth terms instead of a wedge issue as republicans turn to do this year he called for the end of tax breaks for oil companies and elimination of earmarks, but notably absent was a mention of gun control. no mention of extended ammunition clips or changes to gun laws or to their
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enforcement. nothing about that. the overarching them was win the future. a point he accentuated at the end with a call for all americans to think big. >> we do big things. from the earliest days of our founding, america has been in the story of ordinary people who dare to dream. that's how we win the future. we do big things. the idea of america endures. our destiny remains our choice. and tonight more than two centuries later, it's because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes forward and the state of our union is strong. >> joining us now is democratic senator from minnesota. senator, thank you for joining us tonight. >> great to be on. my first midnight show. the bewitching hour.
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>> we could do it el vira style, but it requires a dramatic wardrobe change. >> and we don't make fun of witches. >> that are is over since the mid-terms. what did you think of president obama's speech compared to his last state of the union and given what the country needs to hear? >> i thought it was a very good speech for these times. a very serious speech and the attitude and the atmosphere was more serious. i thought that was a good thing. mixing it up, it was less of a partisan pep fest. there weren't the growns or the cheers. people were listening and he found points of common ground where every person stood. i think that was important. it was a forward-looking speech where he is talking about innovation. something near and dear to my heart from a state that gave the pacemaker to the post it note. he see this is as a way to
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mobilize people and bring them together. the education part was important where he is challengingly not just high school students, but families and the education system to actually start giving kids degrees that they can use to get jobs. i have seen this and i visited a number of technical colleges. 96% placement rate helping kids learn high level computer skills to run assembly lines. these are the jobs of the future in science and math and engineering that piece was good and the culmination where he told the story of that small company in pennsylvania that made the drill that helped get through to get the miners out in chile and how he talked about how the owner wanted the owner, we may be a small company, but we do big things. using that as the theme for what america must do going forward. i thought it was a very good speech for our times and set out a challenge not only to congress, but to the people in this country. >> is there something that the
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president described tonight or prescribed tonight that you didn't know before this speech he would like to pursue? did he make any news in terms of policies he would like congress to adopt or things he will do from the executive branch that you didn't know he wanted to move forward on? >> just today came out with the five-year freeze. i think i supported caps and i was glad he brought up tax reform and didn't limit the work on the debt to the spending caps he talked about tax reform and recommitment to bringing back to the clinton levels for people making over $250,000 a year and how important that is with both sides of the ledger and how we make up for the debt we have. the oil subsidies. he said that before. i thought that was a clear message on energy. i don't think people expected him to focus on energy quite as
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much. he did that. there were a number of things while they may be things he talked about, he framed them differently as part of a competitive agenda and that's a way to bring republican, democrats and independents together. >> i was here with ed schultz who was a football player and from your neck of the woods. he said ahead of the speech, i can't believe the president is calling for corporate tax cuts. when we saw it in context, he called for a reduction in the corporate tax rate, but pairing with this idea that all the corporate tax loopholes have to be gotten rid of. is that a reasonable way forward? is that something where there could be common ground? >> it is. if you really want our country to compete internationally, you have to look at the overall tax rate. as the president pointed out, a bunch of accountants and lawyers and certain groups and individual citizens in america,
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most of us are not using the exemptions. bringing down the overall rate so we can be competitive with an eye on the deficit. i thought it was smart and we know we have come to a point where we had to add private sector jobs we did it through education and export. we have to acknowledge that there rules and regulations that can be looked at. one of my favorite moments and he delivered it was when he talked about the salmon. he regulates the fresh water salmon and the salt water salmon. who knows what happens to the smoked salmon. just this point where there things we can do better with the governments. it brings back the ideas of al gore reinventing government and the duplication. that's right to look at again. >> i would be remiss if i did not ask you if you had a chance to see michelle bachmann's
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response that they hyped to the point that they made it equivalent to the republican party response. were you able to catch that? >> no, but i read reports about if. i was ending my date with jeff sessions. a paired couple for the event. we walked out together. i think about this not having seen the entire thing. i was somewhat surprised there were two rebuttals to the president's address. we are trying to bring people together here. i will have to look at what she said exactly, but it was that part that interested me that there were two rebuttals instead of one. >> i'm with you on that. i'm glad your date went well. >> yes. we went well. we didn't agree on everything at the middle, but in the end we ended strong. he was quite the southern gentlemen and everything went
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well. >> spectacular. >> i'm sure you are jealous. >> i have been waiting for a call, but it's all right. it's okay. i'll get over it. >> he was a good guy. >> thank you. i should mention that ed played for minnesota state and now there is a lot of football players in the hall way who are mad at me. for the first time, there were two republican responses to the president's address this evening. at least if you were watching cnn. cnn made the decision to elevate to the level of the official republican party response from the tea party express. guess which of the republican responses this one was. >> instead of a leaner smarter government, we brought a bureaucracy that tells us which light bulbs to buy and puts 16,500 irs agents in charge of policing president obama's health care bill. >> who she is talking to, i
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don't know, but it wasn't you. now cnn decided to cover the news and intervene and make news themselves by elevating that speech to the level of the official republican party response. congresswoman michelle bachmann gets a promotion not from republicans, but from cnn. amazing. former rnc communications director joins us next. to the r. to the right. >> go to the right, go to the right. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> what is that? >> man: well, that's a, uh... i don't know. >> whoa. >> can we call him blinky? >> woman: expert teaching. deeper learning. together, we are the human network. cisco. this tailgate needs some love ! guy ! guy ! check out my ritz cheese steak sliders. get more of my rockin' ritz game day recipes on facebook.
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if you have been with us, you have seen president obama and paul ryan address the nation. you may not have seen michelle bachmann. >> ur e unfortunately the president's strategy was to spend a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus program and fuel by borrowed money. >> tea party lady looking way over here. the one news network that decided to intervene on the news to elevate ms. bachmann to the
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position where her party would not lift her. cnn throws itself in the ring. next. ♪ professional driver on a closed course. ♪
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guess the republican party would never choose michelle bachmann to be the national spokesperson. anything could happen, but she is best known for saying the census might be a pretense for putting people in internment camps. she not the national spokesperson and unlikely to be chosen to be the national spokesperson for her party, but tonight a national news network decided that they would give michelle bachman a job that her own party never did. on state of the union night, cnn decided to air the speech followed by another republican party response from michelle bachmann. a member of congress who is not or mundaned to give the address, but made an arrangement with a tea party group to talk vaguely towards a camera for a post on their website. cnn ran it live on their network
12:23 am
and aired it on national tv. journalistic intervention to elevate a group with which they are cosponsoring a presidential debate. to elevate to the level of the major parties in this country. lots of people have responses to the state of the union. rand paul posted his response online. paul brown of georgia made a response and said mr. president, you don't believe in the constitution. you believe in socialism. paul tompkin his a funny response to michelle bachmann. he said i hope they turn around to reveal bachmann is talking to a quiz cal golden lab. lots of people have responses to things that happened on state of the union night, but cnn decided not to just cover the news, they decided to make their own. they decided that what was going to be simply the tea party express webcast of michelle bachman, cnn decided that
12:24 am
deserved equal billing with the official republican response. depending on the angle you are looking at this from, it could serve to highlight the disarray of the party mixing messages in response to the president or viewed from the other side, cnn's editorial intervention could position paul ryan between the president and the crazy looking off into space tea party. nobody know what is cnn was thinking in making this decision to make themselves part of the story. i am desperate to know what big republican cheeses think about this. joining us now is the communications director for the republican national committee. doug, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. if you want to talk to a big republican cheese, you have to find somebody else i appreciate the compliment though. >> you are the biggest cheese who returns my phone calls. >> my friends think i'm cheesy.
12:25 am
>> what happened on the state of the union? >> i thought you had a good pun with depending on what angle you looked at. she was looking at that camera, the pool camera was off center and what most people saw whether they watched it on cnn. there two constants that we see for anybody who worked on capitol hill. congressman from houston is going to be in a seat by 9:00 a.m. and camped out to get a front so seat. >> locked and load and ready to go. >> exactly. the other is that you have about 435 members of congress and 100 senators really rush into the hall to grab as much media attention with local and marshal media as they can. this was something different, but i watched congressman ryan's remarks and thought they were
12:26 am
fantastic and watched bachmann's as well and thought she was on point we welcome more voices. >> isn't it weird to have two responses run on a national news network as if they are equivalent? even if they weren't divergent responses, i think there is -- this calls into question whether or not the tea party response is the authentic conservative sponsor whether the republican party really does have control over its own members and a unified message to sell to the party, doesn't it? >> what's weird is any time a political journalist hears the word tea party, they tend to overcompensate for everything. we talk about sharon angle and christine o'donnell, but not arlin spector or democrat candidates. with tea party, that brings things up. i remember you and i had a conversation when i asked you back in june or july what the
12:27 am
media's obsession with michelle bachmann is. it's not about her, but anything labeled tea party. we saw that in the o'donnell campaign. >> do you think it was cnn that did the republican party a disservice by elevating this other responses if it was equivalent to mr. ryan's? >> i don't want to have motives for cnn, but i don't think it hurt us. i think the remark that is the congressman gave were fine and proper. i watched them with interest. as a press guy when you watch somebody doing an interview, you are scribbling notes looking for anything wrong. over the last year, you and i have talked about doing that a time or two. i don't think there was a problem with it. whenever the word tea party is attached, that levels things and the media really likes to drive this. i can tell you having talked to so many people on the hill over the past couple of days, there
12:28 am
is no divide. our party is growing. >> let me ask you about paul ryan's response. we were warned tonight to expect a rosy, sunny reaganesque statement from him. i thought while he was good at delivering the speech, it was sort of an apocalyptic vision, a dark vision of america as a failure with more failure to come. i saw it as the opposite of what was advertised and the opposite of what was expected and i saw it as a negative statement from the republican party for its official response. what happened there? >> i don't think it was negative. i think we were talking about the challenges this country faces. some of which the president touched on. if this country does not grapple with the debt we face, $14 trillion, we have real problems and we know what they are. it starts with china. the president talked about china and india and what they have done with education. a applaud a lot of the
12:29 am
president's comments on education. if we don't fix these problems, they only get larger. it was problemer for congressman ryan to do that and does so in an engaging fashion is good for the party. >> communications director for the rnc and doing an admirable job. always great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> the official response as you know was given by congressman paul ryan, right? >> americans are skeptical of both political parties. >> you know what? yes, we are. anthony wiener of new york will respond to the responder. er ] no one likes a bath tissue that leaves lots of pieces behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. with a diamondweave texture that's soft and more durable than the ultra rippled brand, it's no wonder charmin ultra strong holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. business is looking better. it sure is. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong.
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>> we are in a moment where america's best century will be considered our past century. this is a future in which we will transform our safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into complacency. depending on innovation and competitiveness and wise choices has never worked and it won't work now. we need to chart a new course. >> congressman paul ryan has a sad about america. it's kind of a downer of a speech. one of the mysteries about why the republican chose debbie downer to give the response to
12:34 am
the state of the union is not just because of the darkness of his vision of america. it's because what paul ryan was known for before this speech. paul ryan is known for his road map, republican spending blueprint introduced to absolutely no acclaim on either the democratic side or the republican side. republicans were even fearful of what mr. ryan proposed. broadly speaking, republicans did not sign up for it. he proposed a lot of things that will be hard to sell. privatizing parts of social security. it would replace medicare with coupons. seniors and disabled people would buy themselves insurance on the open market, but they would have a coupon for a discount. that's what you get instead of medicare. shop around and buy private insurance. good luck. republicans were not enthusiastic about the road map when he unveiled and t and even though they didn't sign on, they didn't vote to give him
12:35 am
unilateral power to impose his ideas about spending. a remarkable resolution was passed on a near party line vote to give paul ryan sole authority as an individual to set government spending levels for the rest of the year. think about that. this means that republicans having decided that mr. ryan's ideas were unpopular, they decided at the same time they would give him unilateral authority to impose his ideas on the country. joining us now is new york congressman anthony wiener, thanks for staying up late with us. >> am i getting time and a half? >> you are. when paul ryan introduced the road map, republicans ran from it and tonight he gives the state of the union response. what changed? >> there is no way to characterize paul ryan as a fringe element of his party. she the spokesperson for the party. he will be making decisions on the budget. they empowered him to do that
12:36 am
and he is the leader and believes in privatizing social security and turning medicare into a voucher system. it's only so far they can run away from a guy whose manifesto was the foundation for a lot of the issues that the republicans ran on. here's a look at the contrast. with the uplifting unifying speech after a campaign where he was pummelled from every corner in the most partisan ways. he still took the podium and lifted up the country and rallied us together. he was followed by a guy who was bumming us out. i felt like i just needed a drink when i was done with paul ryan. then michelle bachmann who is not in touch with the mother ship. that is the contrast we heard. i think it was a good night for president obama. >> is there a precedent for the vote that happens in the house today? this resolution supporting the idea that paul ryan would
12:37 am
unilaterally set spending levels for the government for the rest of the year with nobody else getting a vote on it? >> it's very unusual for this thing to happen. we have provisions if the whole budget falls apart. they haven't done in office for a month and already they are going to these draconian things. the real problem is going to be that paul ryan has limits and they will have to explain how to do it. it's like the health care debate. first we will reveal and we will say we will replace it. it is a party that is devoid of any affirmative agenda which is why you have to take paul ryan at his word. that's why i think if i have a problem with the president's speech, i would prebutted what mr. ryan would say with a more full-throated advocate. >> when he talked about social security, he said it needs to be
12:38 am
shored up and there can be no cuts in the process. it was like threading the needle between democratic and republican issues that i think stunted a lot of the applause lines and created a centist speech. he called for a corporate tax reduction and a closing of all tax loopholes. where on balance do you think the president came down in terms of a progressive agenda? >> i think clearly the president set out knowing to have a speech as much as possible to brought using to and find common ground. i think he is to be honored for that. a lot of things i wish he would have said. i wish he would say we are not going to cut social security and medicare is not a program to be cut, but a safety net and a successful system and public option program. i would like him to do that, but i can't complain too much because what he really did do was perfect for the moment we
12:39 am
have. you look at my republican friends, they came here to washington just with venom spilling out of their pours at this man. the president gives a speech to look past that and raises us up and appeals to our angels and it was a stellar speech by the president. >> let me ask you about the change in tone and the change in format. members of congress sitting in groups other than those defined by party. congressman jason in utah singling out that he did not want to end up sitting with tonight. what do you think about how this went. the different means by which people sat themselves in the chamber. >> he has a strange way of flirting with me. we have not gotten along and i still don't like the guy to be honest, but i can tell you this. it was a symbolic thing and it was jarring when you are used to
12:40 am
seeing one side stand and sit and it was a nice thing to do and it doesn't change one thing. we go to washington because we are supposed to be forceful in advocating the things we believe in. my constituents don't want us to compromise on social security and medicare. to fight for the things we believe in. frankly i think the symbolic thing was a nice thing and did reflect a necessary moment in our american life. >> thank you for your time and a half tonight. appreciate it. i should mention the cofounder of the house civility caucus, shelly moore capito, a republican from west virginia she had a perfect response for sitting on both sides of the aisle. the cofounder of the house said "really for the average citizen they don't give a rip where we sit." civility caucus. we'll be right back. your reign of greatness is over team dsrl.
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frustrating as our democracy can be, i know there is not a person here who would trade places with any other nation on earth. >> president obama fulfilling his obligation to from time to time give to congress information from the state of the union and recommend such measures as she shall judge necessary and expedient. how the president fulfills that constitutional obligation is shifting overtime. george washington gave the first state of the union in person. john adams followed suit. in 1801, thomas jefferson felt a speech was too kingly and wrote the message instead. not until 1913 that the address was once more delivered verbally by woodrow wilson. in 1923 the nation got to hear the message for the first time as calvin coolidge was broadcast over the message. in 1947 harry truman was the
12:45 am
first to be broadcast on television. 1966 the address was given in prime time on television by lyndon johnson. in 2002, george w. bush's address that year that was the first to be broadcast live on the internet. then tonight came this. >> most of the cuts in savings i proposed only address annual domestic spending which represents a little more than 12% of our budget. >> what's that? president obama's white house website not only simulcast his speech, but added charts and graphs and photos to enhance the arguments he was making as he was making them, live. seriously this was really cool. congratulations to the white people for making technological state of the union history and making funny graphs of which government agency controls a salmon depending on if it's spawning or not.
12:46 am
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>> we just got word that gabrielle giffords had her medical condition upgraded. it was upgraded from serious to good. ed joins us in a moment. let's , and give them our cheese. kraft singles american cheese. we're always made with milk. and more kids get their calcium from us than any other american cheese. the future of our country is in their hands. hey look it's the future senator from wisconsin. kraft singles. the american cheese.
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>> i assure you that we want to work with the president on
12:50 am
refraping federal spending the house voted to refrain on the spending that washington sorely needs. producing spending was important. today it's imperative. americans are skeptical of both parties that. skepticism is justified especially when it comes to spending. our forth coming budget is our obligation to show you how to do things differently and how to cut spending and cuts have to come first. >> spending, cutting spending and slashing spending. that's what they want the country to think is their organizing principal. that is their organizing prince 358 pal. in practical terms, here's how it falls apart. here's republican mike lee from utah. he ran in the primary against incumbent bob bennett. he won largely on the inspired no more spending message. he is supposed to be a purist on
12:51 am
spending and not only against it, but thinks it's illegal. you can hear that argument in which he questioned the constitutionality of federal flood relief. >> the listener identifies an issue with flood and disaster relief, should that be a federal or a state power? >> a compelling point can be made that that's one thing states historically focused on and an area where we ought to focus. one of many areas where we ought to focus on getting that power back to the states. keeping that money back to the states in the states to begin with. >> senator mike lee speaking last tuesday. no federal funding flooding relief. right? here's the problems from the great state of utah and be the no federal flooding relief guy. southern utah was hit with destructive and expensing flooding last year. three days after saying thanks, but no thanks to the flood
12:52 am
relief to nowhere, senator mike lee had to say this about flood relief. >> those funds are unconstitutional and shouldn't be there and can i have some? being in practice when it affects your state, that is harder. it makes it easier for the rest of us to see the difference between a real policy position and pure political puffery. joining us now is governor ed rendell from the great state of pennsylvania and a newly minted nbc political analyst. congratulations and thank you for joining us here tonight. >> good evening, rachel. you know how much i love doing your show, but if i have to do it at 10:01, it's nice to get paid for it. >> i'm sorry. >> now that i'm on the payroll,
12:53 am
anything you want. 3:00 a.m., 4:30. >> you must be getting paid very well. better than me. >> let me start by getting your reaction to the all spending message from the republicans. the president said we need to take the debt and the deficit seriously, but spending needs to be ratcheted down dramatically. are the states going to be looking at the republican calls and calling them out and saying the states need federal spending? >> i think some of the governors and legislators will, but some won't. the truth of the matter is, this all falls apart and i thought the president did a great job of boxing the republicans in. it all falls apart when you have to specify what the cuts are. everyone is for spending cuts. don't spend any money and reduce the budget until you get into specifics. when you get into specifics, there is hell to pay. it has to be done. we need to redies the deficit
12:54 am
and the formula is a good start. he indicated that that's only 12% of the federal budget and he's right about that. it's going to be hard you can't do it in a partisan way. the thing that was brilliant about what the president did was said as we are cutting spending, we can't stop investing in our future. we can't stop investing in growth. not one american company that became successful that didn't do it by investing in its own growth. the road map that he put forward today, innovation, clean energy, education, and infrastructure, that's a map that i thought he did a great job in tying the investments into job creation. what they can do to boost the economy in the short and the long run. >> he was an argument he made that i didn't think made sense. that was singling out of issue of earmarks and vetoing anything
12:55 am
that had earmarks. republicans used earmarks to get the real effect of federal spending. the character of federal spending for a generation they convinced the country that it's foreign aided a and earmarks. isn't the president bolstering that fake false point by singling that out in the state of the union for a veto threat? >> he singled out a lot of things that republicans were talking about. reviewing government regulations and eliminating those that don't make sense earmarks, for example, the president's support to make those decisions, every poll shows the american people don't want transportation dollars or infrastructure given out by the same system of who is the most powerful. they want some analysis. that's what the president was speaking about. you are right. he bought into the republican tribe on that, but still i think
12:56 am
when it comes to the polls, the polls clearly show that the public wants a cost benefit analysis. they don't want bridges to nowhere and programs decided by who is the strongest congressman and senator. that's what he was driving at. it may have had the unintended consequences, but he was strong when he said i have to cut spending and not going to do it on the backs of the most vulnerable americans. >> we need to cut spending in a way that is not going to hurt the americans and our ability to compete. governor of pennsylvania and newly minted analyst and a man who will be back in a more sane hour any time soon. >> any time you want me. >> thanks a lot. we'll be right back. could switching to geico really
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