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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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he didn't report this as a gift. common cause is suggesting that he should have disqualified himself from the citizens united case last year which of course broadly benefited the koch brothers. we will have more on this on tomorrow's show including an interview with someone from common cause to explain to us the importance of this accusation they are making. that's it for us tonight. "first look" is up next. waves of unrest. the u.s. sends words of encouragement to protesters in iran as amateur video of clashes surface. road hazard, dash cam video captures a frightening collision between a florida patrol car and a female cyclist. and bikini beauty. move over brooklyn decker, we'll tell you who's on the cover of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue.
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good morning i'm lynn berry. those stories are straight ahead on "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with the fight for freedom. secretary of state hillary clinton will emphasize the need for internet freedom. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more on that. tracie, good morning. >> lynn, good morning. it's the facebooks and the twitters around the world that are allowing these protesters to gather in place like egypt and tunisia. today here in washington, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will deliver a major policy speech where she'll tell governments across the middle east that restricting the internet will slow down, but will not stop these types of protests.
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in pre-released excerpts from her speech she says, quote, there is no app for that, referring to those internet movements. we've seen them in egypt and tunisia and other places as well. she says that the u.s. will support these online movements for democracy. in iran, we are now seeing demonstrations similar to egypt, supporting what's going on there. tens of thousands of demonstrators supporting the egyptian demonstrators. we know there that one was killed. in bahrain, similar demonstrations. authorities there used rubber bullets to control the crowds and tear gas. we believe one person there has died and another 20 hurt. demonstrations as well in yemen as the government tries to get that message out. >> tracie, thanks. nbc news has learned court documents showing an american who helped set up the camp where the suicide bombers were trained has been released from prison after serving less than five years.
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mohamed jaba from queens, new york, had pled guilty. however, it's coming to light in december, the admitted al qaeda member was sentenced to time served and probation as a reward for his cooperation with authorities. those affected by the london bombings called the deal, quote, crazy. president obama unveiled his 2012 budget yesterday. though it contains more than a trillion dollars in cuts over a decade, gop lawmakers say the reductions just don't go far enough. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> 200 some pages, $3.7 trillion. this is president obama's 2012 spending plan. you guys are doing great work. keep it up. i'm proud of you. >> reporter: and at a middle school in baltimore, he fired the first shot in the battle over budget cuts.
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>> we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >> referee: he wants to invest in education and other areas, like research, building nuclear power plants and encouraging electric cars. republicans say america just can't afford it. >> it's a plan that says fulfilling the president's vision of a future of trains and windmills is more important than a balanced checkbook. >> reporter: the president's plan cuts $1 trillion from the deficit over ten years, cuts in defense, community block grants and home heating assistance programs to the poor. even the white house acknowledges its budget isn't the final word. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. and now here's your "first look" at other news going on around america today. in florida, a horrific collision was caught on a dash cam. a bicyclist was seriously injured when she was walking across a dark road. the deputy driver said he did not see the woman until it was
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too late. an investigation is under way and the woman was said to be under the influence of alcohol. in texas, construction workers ran for their lives when a park deck began to collapse. as many as 120 workers were on the site just before the structure crumbled. supervisors sounded an alarm giving crews time to escape. two were injured in the accident. in nevada, grocery baggers came from 21 states at the 2011 bagger championship. judged on a variety of issues, including speed, style with hopes of winning a $10,000 grand prize. finally, in louisiana, the richards have been married since 1930. what better way than valentine's day to celebrate their 81-year marriage, surrounded by family, friends and governor bobby jindal, the couple was inducted into the louisiana family hall
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of fame. the richards are the longest married couple in the state. >> now we turn to bill karen karins with the weather forecast. you like that. >> did they get married at 12 or something? >> maybe. >> i got 70 years to go maybe. >> you'll be fine. >> let's talk about what a beautiful day yesterday was. washington, d.c. was 70 degrees. we have not seen that in months. things have changed quickly overnight. it was very windy. i'm sure you noticed it yesterday afternoon and evening from the great lakes to the northeast. that brought down a nice shot of cold air again. the storm is pushing out. now the cold air is with us for one day. then the mild air in the middle of the country will return again. it was a one day, one morning that you had to deal with the winter. then a nice warm-up continuing. if anyone is traveling to the west coast today, we're okay now in san francisco. heavy rain is moving up to
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northern california. later on today we expect some of the wet weather and damp conditions, even los angeles has a chance of a few showers. that's where the bad weather is. the east, it's not going to rain or snow, but temperatures are much colder. 17 degrees colder right now in new york city than we were at this time yesterday. be prepared. it feels like winter. the windchill in d.c. is 24. chicago, 18. the windchills are much worse once you get into northern new england. albany, new york, minus 1. boston at 12. hartford at 6. vermont, new hampshire and maine, everyone is in the negative numbers. as i mentioned, it's one day. at least it's sunny out there. only 23 for your high in boston. new york at 32. chance of showers in kansas city, mild at 54. beautiful from texas to colorado. florida looks good, too. it only lasts one day. tomorrow in new york and boston,
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back up to the 40s. if you can deal with this morning, we'll be all right. >> done. thank you. clothing prices are shooting up, the big nfl labor dispute starts cooking and the dress that won the prince's heart is up for sale. your "first look" at business headlines is straight ahead. >> coming up, lakers hit a new low. a stunning win by kansas city and tiger woods coughs up controversy. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here are some of the stories making the news this morning. the house has agreed to extend three provisions of the patriot act, overcoming early opposition from both sides of the aisle concerned about infringement on civil liberties. the measure which deals with loan wolf suspects, wiretaps and access to business records now goes to the senate which must act before it expires at the end of this month. former agricultural
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department employee shirley sharron is suing andrew blightbart over a video he posted last summer that appeared to make her discriminatory. sharrod claims emotional distress and emotional damages. two scientists from the university of louisiana reportedly believe that a new planet four times the size of jupiter is lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system. it confirmed the massive planet would become the ninth and largest in our system. and one very determined couple taking part in a kissing marathon in thailand may have set a guinness world record after locking lips for more than 46 hours straight. the effort still has to be certified by guinness, but the pair won a diamond ring and $3,300 in cash. and here's your "first look"
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at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,268 after dipping five points yesterday. the s&p inched up 3 points. the nasdaq rose 7. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei add 21 points, but in hong kong, the hang seng lost 221. investors will get updated january retail data this morning, a day after one of the nation's biggest retailers dragged down the dow. walmart shares slipped monday after jpmorgan lowered its outlook for the retail chain predicting customers will turn to more expensive stores as the economy improves. in china, consumer prices were slightly lower than predicted, but not enough to eliminate inflation fears entirely. experts warn clothing prices in the u.s. are expected to rise about 10% this spring due to rising demand and materials. a judge in ecuador is demanding more than $9 billion from chevron in a decade-long battle
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over pollution charges against texaco which chevron acquired in 2001. chevron is vowing to appeal. general motors is drafting record profit sharing checks worth upwards of $4,000 for its 45,000 hourly workers. on the earnings front, marriott beat the street's estimates and announced it will divide its time share and management division from its lodging and franchise arm. fedex is warning that its next earnings report will be affected by the severe winter weather. and the nfl took its next step in the battle with the players union filing charges with the labor board claiming its failing to bargain in good faith. if the union becomes decertified, players might try to file an antitrust lawsuit against team owners when their contract expires march 4th. finally, you could own the dress that may have captured prince williams' heart if you snag the see-through stunner kate middleton wore at a fashion show in 2002.
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that goes to an auction block this week. in health news, a new report by doctors warning against the use of popular energy drinks charges that they're understudied, overused and can be dangerous for children and teens. erica edwards has details. >> reporter: energy drinks offer an instant buzz but they might have a permanent effect on teens. >> we know for a fact that children and teens do not tolerate caffeine as well as adults. >> reporter: what is also known, teens account for half of the energy drink market. according to new research from the university of miami, 48% of the nearly 5,500 caffeine overdoses reported in the u.s. in 2007 were in children younger than 19. >> almost all of them have physiologic effects. >> reporter: some of the cases may have been a combination of energy drinks and alcohol. experts say a jolt of caffeine alone is enough to cause symptoms of an overdose in young people. >> their heart is beating
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faster, fluttering, they may feel nauseous or lightheaded. >> reporter: energy drinks are not only way they get caffeine, they are also big soda drinkers, but there's a difference between the two. >> caffeine in soda is regulated. in an energy drink it is not. >> reporter: the american beverage association says caffeine has been deemed safe and energy drinks contain half the caffeine of a regular sized coffee. some say coffee may not have the same effect. >> the coffee has to be sipped because it's consumed hot. energy drinks are cold and can be chugged. >> reporter: it promises to be a topic of debate and more research for years to come. for more information on this and other health stories, check out the health page at coming up, the lakers sputter, the rockets roar and tiger spews.
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we all know the lakers have had trouble beating elite teams this year. but for some reason, they've always had a problem with the charlotte bobcats. that trend continues last night. the bobcats went on a tear in the third ending the quarter on a 14-3 run. charlotte, one of two teams with an all-time winning mark against l.a., the other is boston. the bobcats and the lakers, their most lopsided loss of the season, 109-89. >> off to houston where the nuggets yes outscored by 16 in the third quarter. houston ron easily, 121-102. the clippers blake griffin will be in the all-star dunk contest this weekend. maybe he'll pull off the half court alley-oop. the problem with the alley-oop, if you don't throw it just right, you really don't have a play, unless, of course, you're griffin. the toss is off the mark but he banked in the leaner, great shot, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. the bucs won it, 102-78. new jersey, love was in the air, but not for the spurs coach gregg popovich. he called a time out to rip tim duncan and he responded. finished with 15 points and 11 boards against the nets. would have played the fourth but the spurs didn't need him.
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spurs won, 102-85. college hoops kansas was with ranged number one for just a few hours before they were upset by kansas state. the wildcats kept their tournament hopes alive 84-68. tiger woods not only lost the dubai classic, he had to cough up cash. tiger was fined after spitting on the 12th green while lining up a putt. the fine is probably worth between $400 and $16,000. that's nothing to spit at. that's your "first look" at sports. >> ouch. for a quick look at the weather, here is bill karins with the weather channel forecast. she have gone into baseball. >> imagine how much baseball players would owe if they spit. >> really. come on. you got to know better than that. >> yesterday's winds are still with us. i was impressed this morning looking at this graphic. new york city still has gusts to 30. hartford at 39.
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the difference between now, this morning and last night is that it's much colder. that wind is not pleasant. we're at 6 for that windchill in hartford. negative numbers in northern new england. be prepared as you head outside. it's one of the cold winter mornings. 24, that's it for your high temperature in hartford. we melted a lot of the snow, especially the sidewalks got cleared off nicely, a lot of the roads are clear. there's still a good snow pack once we get up to new england. that's why these temperatures today are only in the teens for highs and 20s. new york city southwards, where the ground is now bare, temperatures will be around 44 in d.c. look what happens. it's a quick warm up. look at tomorrow. 55 in d.c. back up to the 40s, even as far north as hartford. wednesday, thursday and friday looks like we'll continue the nice warm conditions and the only travel problems today on the west coast where it's going to be rainy. >> all right. thank you very much. we just have a quick word for you on breaking news out of italy where a judge there has
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ordered premiere silvio berlusconi to stand trial on charges that he paid for sex with a 17-year-old girl and tried to cover it up. don't miss the latest head-shaking charlie sheen news. and the answer is what is the battle of man versus machine on jeopardy? your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. in between, t. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm.
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welcome back to "first look." by now most of you probably heard about the lady gaga entrance at sunday's grammy awards. the whole egg thing. last night on "late night with jimmy fallon" jimmy offered up
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some extra lesser-known informatio information. >> lady gaga arrived at the grammys inside a giant egg. she was in a gigantic egg. if you think that was disturbing, you should have seen cee lo green lay the egg before the show. that was rough. here's some business news. the book store chain borders will reportedly file for bankruptcy sometime this week. of course this is really bad news for their most dedicated clientele, people who need to go to the bathroom. police in florida busted a house for growing marijuana after the roof blew off during a fire. you could tell there was a lot of weed burning because firemen were busting into rooming going wait, why did i come in here again? >> tonight, jimmy has victoria beckham, jeff probst and musical
5:28 am
guest drive-by truckers. it's time for your "first look" at entertainment news. after one round, the jeopardy battle of man versus machine stands tied. watson, the ibm computer jumped out to a huge lead, but the show's all-time money winner, brad rudder, eventually can all caught up. the match continues for two more days. charlie seen claimed on a radio show that he showed up for work on monday and no one was there. he said he's ready to get back to filming and blamed the show's producers for any delays. also tmv reports that sheen received a text from the last porn star he partied with telling him she's pregnant, but she doesn't believe it's his. alec baldwin got a star on the hall of fame on monday. he said he was blown away and it was cool for his daughter to have two parents, including former wife kim basinger who has
5:29 am
stars on the walk of fame. russian-born 25-year-old irina shayk had been chosen to be this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover. she found out last night on david letterman's show. >> you know the best thing about h her? >> we got to go, bill. "way too early" is coming up next. president obama presents a budget that makes just about nobody happy. republicans, democrats, members of the president's own administration all lodging their complaints in public. the question is when should we expect plan from somebody that addresses the real sources of our fiscal problems? we haven't seen one yet. the riot police are out in tehran to put down growing protests that draw their inspiration from the revolution in egypt. the question is what is the united states doing to fan the flames of an iranian


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