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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  February 16, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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first interview hins his arrest in december of 2008 telling a "new york times" reporter that bankand hedge funds, quote, had to know something wasn't right. the we is, is may dolph inked out and pumped up from working out? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist, this is "way too early." the show that spent 36 hours in a county lockup for a girl scout cookie ponzi scheme. i'm glad you're with us. shoot me an e-mail and let me know why you're awake or do what bernard l. madoff does. we'll read the responses later. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session a. lot to tell you about today including confirmation from one of our primary sources of wmd intelligence in the leadup to the iraq war, that he was making
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the whole thing up. west in show at the westminster dog show, you'll meet the finest canine on the planet. first live at 5:30 a.m. in new york city, new clashes have broken out this morning between pro and anti-government protesters in tehran. according to state television, the scuffleless are at a ceremony to mark the death of a student killed on monday. this comes as iran's opposition leaders came out fighting yesterday denouncing calls from the country's parliament that they be executed for inciting this week's demonstrations. they want the opposition executed. two people reportedly have been killed and dozens more wounded in the fighting in the streets in tehran. now mahmoud ahmadinejad is dismissing those demanding regime change claiming they are, quote, going nowhere and out to tarnish the iranian nation's
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brilliance. at his news conference yesterday president obama slammed iranian lead who are are now blaming the west for the uprising. >> i find it ironic you've got the iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in egypt by gunning down and beating people who are trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> for the first time the unrest has now spread to libya where hundreds of protesters have take tone the streets there today to demand the government's ouster. the rioting is rare for libya which has been tightly controlled by moammar gad hoff fi. protesters in buy rain are holding their ground today in an egypt style of landmark square, the third day of demonstrations in one of washington's most strategic allies in the gulf. >> at george washington
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university secretary of state hillary clinton responded for them not doing to more. >> while the rights we seek to protect and support are clear, the various ways these rights are violated are increasingly complex. there is no silver bullet in the struggle against internet repression. there is no app for that. >> clinton went oto say the state department which last week launched twitter feeds in arabic would create accounts to cater to china, russia and india. the long-banned muslim brotherhood will apply to become a political party as soon as necessary changes are made to the egyptian constitution. the military government says that a panel of experts drawing up changes to the constitution over the next ten days will also include one member from the
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brotherhood. yesterday's wide-ranging news conference president obama defended the u.s. response to the egyptian crisis. >> history will end up recording that at every juncture in the situation in egypt, that we were on the right side of history. what we ended up seeing was a peaceful transition, relatively little violence and relatively little, if any, anti-american sentiment or anti-israel sentiment or anti-western sentiment. i think that testifies to the fact that in a complicated situation we got it about right. >> the president's remarks came yesterday just as we were able to hear another disturbing incidents involving a journalist covering the egyptian uprising. cbs news says correspondent lara logan is recovering here in a u.s. hospital after she was attacked while reporting in egypt last week. in a statement yesterday the network says logan was in tahrir
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square when president mubarak stepped down on friday when we saw those mass scenes of celebration. at some point she was surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people. at one point logan apparently was separate friday her team and from their security and suffered what cbs calls a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. according to cbs she was later saved by a group of women and egyptian soldiers and flown back to the u.s. the next day. a horrifying story. we're all certainly thinking about her and the entire cbs news family today. president obama will meet with senate democratic leadership today to discuss his 2012 budget proposal and republican attempts to force sharp cuts in the current budget. at his news conference yesterday, the president denied he sig norring the views of his own deficit commission which said entitlement programs must be slashed. >> the notion that it's been shelved is incorrect. it still provides a framework for a conversation.
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part of the challenge here is this town, let's face it, you guys are pretty impatient. if something doesn't happen today, then the assumption is it's just not going to happen. i've had this conversation for the last two years about every single issue that we've worked on. nobody is more mindful than me that entitlements are going to be a key part of this issue as is tax reform. i want to simplify rates, and i want to at the same time make sure that we have the same amount of money coming in as going out. those are big, tough negotiations. i suspect there's going to be a lot of ups and downs in the months to come before we finally get to that solution. just as a lot of people were skeptical about us being able to deal with the tax cuts we did in december, but we ended up getting it done, i'm confident we can get this done as well. >> meanwhile the republican-led
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house is proceed being a plan to cut more than $50 million in spending this year despite a veto threat by president obama. they'll continue dealing with hundreds of pro posted ame amendmentes needed to keep the government operating past early march. while the chamber is pex ekted to pass the package, it faces an uncertain future in the democratic-controlled senate. hearings will also continue today on the president's 2012 budget. yesterday paul ryan clashed with white house budget director jack lew with ryan insisting the president's plan, quote, does nothing to reform increasingly costly entitlement programs. >> one of the best things we can do for the economy today is put in place a plan that gets this deficit and debt under control. why did you duck? >> i'm sure there will be things in it we can agree on, things we can't agree on. this is the first step in the process. i know it's easy for pundits on the outside to dismiss the starting point, but the president's budget is the starting point.
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>> there's that term again, the starting point. in a news conference of his own, speaker john boehner reiterated his acquisition that obama punted on the budget. >> when it comes to the real issues facing or country, he just punted. the president has a responsibility to lead as well. republicans will not punt. everything is on the table, and we will put forward a budget that deals with the big challenges that face our country. >> speaker boehner then went on to address or not address the concerns of federal workers who could lose their jobs as a result of budget-cutting. >> over the last two years since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. we're broke. >> democrats including minority
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leader nancy pelosi pounced on those comments. >> just today speaker boehner said that if jobs are lost as a result of republican spending cuts so be it. so be it? maybe so be it for him, but not so be it for the people who are losing their jobs. since coming into office, republicans have not put forward any initiatives to create jobs. democrats are saying no to the republican majority. we're saying show us the jobs, show the american people where the jobs are. >> meanwhile, as the obama administration and defense secretary robert gates call for a $78 billion reduction in pentagon spending over the next five years, a new gallup poll shows americans remain divided on how much the u.s. spends on defense. 39% say we spend too much, 22% say too little and 35% say we get it just about right. well n a stunning admission -- not stunning to a lot of people, the iraqi
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defector whose claims that saddam hussein had biological weapons were partly used to justify the invasion in iraq now says he made it all up. the man code named curveball by the cia tells the british newspaper "the guardian" he lied about iraq's hidden bio weapons laboratories in hopes it would help topple saddam's regime. he says he and his sons are proud that they are the reason to give iraq the margin of democracy. american and mexican officials say they are working together to investigate the shooting of two u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agents in northern mexico yesterday. one agent was killed and another wounded when they were stopped at an arm check point or roadblock of some kind. homeland security secretary janet napolitano called the incident an unconscionable crime. mexico also vowed to catch the
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gunmen. let's take a look at the markets as yes get up in your business frnlt cnbc's jeff cutmoore is live in london. >> good morning to you. we have a positive win. erly look at the futures for you, looks like a positive start. what story we're watching, bernie madoff in this interview with a journalist from "the new york times" saying the banks that dealt with him over his 16-year career run ag ponzi scheme had to know that something was going on. but its worth pointing out at the moment federal prosecutors are not at this point going after any of the banks or agencies in connection with the fraud. but the canary is starting to sing. back to you. >> diana en rick kez scored that jailhouse interview on the front page of "the new york times." still ahead on "way too early," we already know who is going the save our country from the encroaching chinese threat.
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now donald trump ready to swoop in and save a new york institution. where does he find the time? anchorman, the movie, comes to life. as a woman insults the size of her partner, the guy sitting next to her. it's a can't-miss clip. we'll show it to you next on "way too early." ( voices overlapping )
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5:45 in the morning in new york city. a live picture right outside our building, rockefeller plaza. let's get a check on the weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. how are we look? >> going up. that's the way we like it. next three days. then we'll come crashing down. let's enjoy the next three days.
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new england, you're about the only spot in the country that hasn't been very warm over the last two days. it's cold this morning, too. we're going to do a significant warming trend. nine in albany. even boston should hit 40. we may take one or two inches off the snowpack. new york city, mid 40s, d.c. around 57 degrees. that mild air is still spreading across the country. even chicago should be in the mid to upper 40s. minneapolis, very rare to get this warm, has a chance of 50 degrees today. all the stormy weather ton west coast. anyone traveling san francisco, sacramento, it's going to be rainy for the next three days in a row. we'll get a lot of heavy snow in reno and tahoe. the forecast around the country, how does 50 sound in chicago, atlanta to dallas, no problems whatsoever. everyone, enjoy it while it lasts. >> looking good out there, bill. well done. let's turn to sports snou. it's sports. we're bending the definition a
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bit. yesterday was the final day of the 135th annual westminster dog show. 2600 dogs from 179 different breeds competing on the floor of madison square garden in new york city for best in show. it is the greatest spectacle -- i like that one right there. at the end of the day, six finalists. let's take a listen as the winner is announced. >> best in show is the deerhound. >> the deerhound! whoa. the scottish deerhound. what a wonderful win. >> hickory right there. her handler angela lloyd taking home best in show. it was hickory's second year at the competition. last year she came in third overall, moving up from the bronze to the gold. con gratd lagses to hickory the scottish deerhound. if you haven't heard yet the new york mets are in trouble.
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owner fred wilpon being sued for as much as a billion dollars. now he's seek ag buyer for a minority stake in the club. one man who stepped up to the plate, donald j. trump. he tells "the new york times" the wilpons are friends of mine. i hope it works out great for them. if anything doesn't work out for them, i'd be interested in the team. when asked why he didn't want to buy a minority stake in the club, he wants the whole thing, trump added in third person, if you look at trump's record, he's only interested in things he can control. donald trump, ready to step in and save the mets. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," new fighting in the streets of tehran as the parliament calls for the execution of members of the opposition and president ahmadinejad calls the uprising a western conspiracy. we'll sort through all that a little later. round two of that computer against those people on jeopardy. can trebek shame the robot into
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maya angelou, former president h.w. bush, congressman john lewis, bill russell, stan
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"the man" usual, honored are the presidental medal of freedom. recipients are chosen by the president. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the presidential meddle of freedom may be awarded to an individual more than once and may also be awarded posthumously. john f. kennedy was given the honor after his assassination. warren buffett also on the list yesterday. let's huddle up around the water cooler. to show you a clip to remind you of "anchorman," this is the actual news. it comes to us from australia. australia 10 news at 5:00. belinda hagen getting into it are sports reporter mark aistin talking about the size of the trophy. watch the dead pan and quick turn. she doesn't even acknowledge her zinger.
5:53 am
>> showing off the little urn and will spend four days at home before flying out for the world cup. >> i can't understand how something so small can be so impressive. >> well, mark, you would know about that. thank you very much. weather is next with jane riley. first, here is george. >> just turns right away. we've got to see that again. >> can't understand how something so small can be so impressive. >> well, mark, you would know about that. thank you very much. weather next with jane riley. first, here is george -- >> just gives the little nod. sounds like there's something deeply personal going on that perhaps we don't want to investigate too closely. yesterday we gave you round one of jeopardy, man versus machine. you have watson, the ibm computer in the middle taking on the great ken jennings who won 74 in a row and the other guy, brad, on the right. a tight composition after round one. yesterday watson the computer started to run away with this thing.
5:54 am
another day of competition today, putting a lot of space between them. despite the fact that he blew final jeopardy. >> final jeopardy category is u.s. cities. here is the clue. its largest airport is named for a world war ii hero, its second largest for a world war ii battle. ken, you had $2400 for this final and you wrote down what is chicago. that is correct. i have to feel he came up with a correct response. did he? yes. the response was? what is toronto with a lot of question marks which means watson had many, many doubts. and the wager, how much are you going to lose? oh, you sneak, $947. >> watson is an idiot. first of all, the category was u.s. cities. still watson has $35,000. second place guy has $10,000 with one more round to play. what's the lesson? computers are smarter than
5:55 am
people i guess. jon stewart talking about donald trump. we, of course, have lauded the great donald j. trump for his performance last week in washington in front of cpac. jon stewart wasn't as impressed. >> xwi the way, ron paul cannot get elected. i'm sorry to tell you. i can tell you this. if i run, and if i win this country will be respected again. >> oh, yeah, you'd really class up washington. i tell you what i'll do, i'll tell you what i'd do that ron paul wouldn't do, i'll get this country out of bankruptcy, then i'll put it back into bankruptcy, then out again and in again, so on and so forth until it's the future. good night everyone!
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your delightful texts and e-mails are next and "morning joe" with the return of mike barnicle now just a few short moments away. mark, we have teams on both coasts that are interested. but milos only wants to play for dallas.
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number one story on we told you about at the top of the show. curveball is telling a british newspaper, i lied anti wmd to hasten the iraq war. he wanted to see the fall of saddam hussein's regime. he got his wish. number three story on the front page of "the new york times," bernie madoff said banks had to know of the fraud. he said everybody was in on this thing. we asked you at the top of the show what you're doing awake at this hour. rob has the answers. >> one viewer writes on my way out the door to buy an irish deerhound. >> did you see this? hickory, the scottish deerhound named best in show. i'm going to say it, that's not the most handsome dog, but


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