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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 20, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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a head this hour, hijacked on the high seas. pirates take four americans hostage. plus, showdown in wisconsin. is there any give from the governor? old man winter's stormy, blustery return and cold reality. the cost of some things, clothing in fact, going up. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc sunday. we're just past 11:00 a.m. in the east. happening now, the violence is escalating in libya today with new rounds of antigovernment protests. amateur video shows protesters taking to the street setting fires. the government crackdown has been severe in libya with security force opening fire on its citizens. one doctor in the city says at least 200 protesters have been killed by government forces over the past few days. let's go to stephanie gosk in cairo, egypt. what's the latest on libya and what you're able to hear right
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now? >> it's interesting. that video you just showed that, that's what we've been having to rely on, amateur video and unconfirmed reports because the government is not allowing journalists in. they have creating a communication blackout. it looks like that the libyan government is cracking down on these protesters and every day, it seems to be getting more violent. the worst clashes have been in the second largest city of libya. there have been a number of clashes with government forces and protesters and they've been centering around these funerals. what's happening is there will be a protest and someone will be killed by security force and s the follow day, there will be a funeral. it will gather a lot of people and that's turning to violence as well. we're also seeing protests in yemen at the university today, there was violence.
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shots fired. there were also protests in another city. yemen is an important ally for the u.s. in the fight against al-qaeda. united states is in a difficult position there whether or not to support is president or these democracy demonstrations. you also have in bahrain, a situation where the government has allowed journalists in. seems it has calmed down there a bit today. the protesters have moved back into pearl square, but it's been reasonably peaceful there. the government for the moment allowing them to congress gate there. the king wants to negotiate with the protesters after being admonished by u.s. officials for the crackdown a few days ago. >> much lies ahead. thank you for your coverage. developing now, iranian state television is reporting two iranian navy vessels are approaching the suez canal. israel calls it a provocative
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move, accusing iran of trying to exploit the instability of the region. and developing now, we have learned that us navy warships and helicopters are tracking the private yacht carrying four american hostages seized by somali pirates. no comment from the military on reports to rescue the hostage. it is owned by a couple who have been sailed around the world dibting bibles. we're going to get more on this in just a bit from jim miklaszewski. high tension in wisconsin with the potential budget battle showdown this tuesday. that is when republicans are going to take up the budget bill the next time, but with 14 democratic senators still holed up in illinois, they won't be able to hold a vote. the largest crowd packed in yesterday with the majority of
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people oppose iing the bill. the key concern is a restriction on collective bargaining, but governor scott walker says today that limiting the power of unions is crucial for budget cuts. >> time and time again, was collective bargaining. we've got over 1,000 municipalities, about 72 counties, all of which need to have the power to be able to off set what's going to happen in wisconsin. and that's cutting billions of dollars from local governments. >> scott newel is live for us in madison, wisconsin. any movement there or is the weather hampering things a bit? >> the weather is a factor today. we are getting everything. if you had come to us about five minutes ago, you would have seen this big, huge snow flakes, wet snow, but now, it's turning to a kind of freezing rain. it's hovering around freezing. so, yesterday was totally different story. it was sunny out and a lot of people turned out. a lot of people supporting the governor turned out for what the newspaper calls the great debate.
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it was the sixth straight day of demonstrations. this crowd, as many as 70,000, the largest yet. many were protesting scott walker's plan to close the state's $3.6 billion budget deficit. the state's largest public employee unions now say they will pay more for their health and retirement benefits, but are refusing any limits. >> this is not about money. it's never been about money. it's about the republican party trying to squash the democrats and union rights. >> for the first time, the governor's supporters joined the demonstrations in madison. >> i'm out here because i work, just graduated this spring and i try to save my money and i think it's about time the state does the same. >> the bill is stalled because all 14 senators left the state thursday and are in illinois.
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without a cory um, they can't vote on the bill. >> this is chipping away at our middle class. at what our people have as a life in wisconsin. >> but republicans aren't budging. >> there was a time for debate and the democrats in the senate decided they'd rather go to illinois instead of be here debating this bill, so that time has come and gone. >> ohio and indiana are considering bills similar to wisconsin. ohio is considering a bill to limit collective bargain for the state's public employees, but what happens in madison could set the tone for what happens around the country. >> collective bargaining began in wisconsin. if it happens there, it possibly could happen in many other states. >> as far as when we're going to see any of those drarkt senators come back here, we're told they are prepared to stay away indefinitely. today, the demonstrators, nothing really outside. they are planning some rallies
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inside the state capital building. >> i bet you'll be looking forward to getting inside. appreciate that. the battle over the budget is not only happening on the state level, right now in washington, there is a showdown over spending that could lead to a shutdown. on "meet the press," neither was giving much ground. >> what i hope to happen is that we'll find a way to revolsolve s by reducing spending. the house members did what they campaigned on. >> i think we need to sit down in a positive, constructive way and work out our differences. there are differences, but we know we need to cut spending. we know we need to live within our means. >> mike viqueira joins us live from the north lawn. how do you expect this to play out? >> it's interesting. you heard the number two ranking democratic in the senate there saying everybody knows that the
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budget needs to be cut. the question is where, how much and what about the big entitlement programs? what are you going to do about them? that is the biggest driver of debt and deficit. early saturday morning, house republicans pushed through a bill to cut $61 billion from spending this year. democrats fought it all along the way. the treasury secretary says it's going to cost jobs and slow the recovery. the trouble is, the house, the senate, the white house, president obama has threatened to voe tee the bill if it got to his desk. have to come together by march 4th. it's authorized to keep the govpt running. the house and senate are off for a week. they've gone on their recess. they call it constituent work period. but they're going to have four days to come to some sort of resolution when they get back, so now, people are talking about the possibility of the
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government shutdown like 1995 and 1996. the back and forth continues. here's more from "meet the press" this morning. >> we've made it clear from the start that is the worst outcome. if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going to meet obligations for social security checks, this is a failure. >> the only way we'll shut the government down is if it's democratic colleagues insist on keeping the federal government large and unsustainable. >> two things to keep in mind. march 4th is the deadline for all sides to come to agreement to avoid a shutdown and late april, early may, when that debt ceiling has to be raised, the congress has to vote -- $14.3 trillion. dangerous winds caused major damage.
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heavy winds whipped up a wildfire in maryland pushing it into the median of interstate 95, which was two miles away. >> and this is just one of many fires that we're operating today in prince george's county. as a result of the numerous wind-driven fires, we've had a callback of firefighters back to work. >> 50 mile an hour winds battered new york city, knocking out electricity to residents. then in washington, d.c., the trunk of the national christmas tree snapped. that blue spruce was 47 years old. sad to see it go. let's get a look at today's forecast with ray. >> good morning. some of the winds gusting in new england yesterday, almost to hurricane force. 74 miles per hour in wooster, mass. kind of the cold set-up now coming back in. right now, it's snow across parts of the midwest and snow will be flying and coming down
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heavily from let's say minneapolis and north of chicago in through parts of wisconsin, maybe around green bay and central parts of michigan, too. with detroit also picking up snow. this storm with 40 million plus people may be affected across 15 states. on average, about six to 12. some spots maybe over a foot of snowfall. our area of pink may get some ice. chicago, now changes to rain. blizzard conditions here along interstate 90 and minneapolis is almost there. it's on your doorstep. even some thunder and lightening toward the south. mike seidel out there will be talk about snow pretty soon with the warm air starting to spread into the ohio valley. most of this is heading off towards the east. places like syracuse, even into buffalo starting to see thickening clouds and snow. these are winter weather advisories for part of new york state and parts of pennsylvania.
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north now, new york, rockland, orange county, where you could see a couple of inches of snowfall. near albany, you could see anywhere from three to six inches of snow. we have at least a little more snow on the way and we will see some of that snow as we head on through the nighttime hours tonight and early morning tomorrow. hopefully, everybody is off for the holiday. that may keep the traffic down. >> thank you very much. coming up at the half hour, more from jim miklaszewski on prospects for any kind of rescue of those americans hijacked in the indian ocean by pirates. plus, inflationary spending. why it will probably cost you more the next time you shop for clothes. and it's a slam dunk. what some nba stars do when they are jamming. look at that. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] for a better-looking tomorrow. vicks nyquil cold & flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine.
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massachusetts senator scott brown has a new book coming out tomorrow and it contains some shocking revelations. it is called against all odds. he claims he was molested at a summer camp when he was 10 years old. "the boston globe" got an advanced copy and joining me is mark arsno. without getting graphic, what did he say happened at that camp? >> according to brown, when he was 10 years old on the second summer he went to the camp, he wasn't feeling well one day. went to the camp infirmary and a counselor, who he identifies as an unnamed 25-year-old counselor followed him into the bathroom and not getting too graphic about it, briefly molested him before brown was able to shout
11:20 am
for help and run away. >> yikes. this kind of news has shocked everybody. his constituents did not know. his own mother, wife, did not know. why hasn't this come up before? >> i think because the only two people who knew about it were scott brown and the person who did this to him. he said he's never told anyone and obviously, the camp counselor hasn't told anyone, so brown decided to make this one of the internal parts of his book. >> you can understand why he never would have spoken about it, but why talk about it now? >> well, if you're going the to do a tell-all book about your life and you want to tell all of it and he put in some very difficult material from his childhood which included his very poor upbringing where he oftentimes had to steal food, he says, in order to feed himself. he was on the path to being a
11:21 am
juvenile deleng went, borrowing his mother's car, stealing record albums, stole a three-piece suit because he didn't have anything to wear to a school dance. he also writes about the people who straightened him out. >> is there a correlation that can be drawn with this incident that happens when he's 10 years old then goes through a really turbulent phase in the wake of that? stealing his mom's car, stealing records and the like? is there a cause and effect there that's made in the book? >> i don't know. brown doesn't make that cause and effect. brown's -- what he took away is that 10 years old, no one else he could trust. who did this to him and he took
11:22 am
away from this that even at 10 years old, he was going to have to look after himself. >> what else is in this book we're going to find interesting? >> another surprising thing, that he did have suffered some physical and emotional abuse from some, two stepfathers, people that his mother married asia his biological father was out of the picture and witnessed a lot of his mother suffer physical abuse at the hands of her husbands. >> overall, is this just desi ined to be desiened to be a bop shem best seller? >> weal, we're on tv talking about it, so i would say it's going to do pretty well. >> do you think there's anything about this that could hurt his political career or do you think that it's the kind of story america wants to hear and makes him not just an elected senator, but instead, somebody who people
11:23 am
can relate to? >> i think anytime a politician can make that personal connection with a voter, it's going to be a good thing. senator kennedy, senator kerry and mccain did it with veterans. now brown is doing it with people suffered physical and emotional abuse. it's a humanizing factor. it's something that i think will probably help him in massachusetts. >> okay. from "the boston globe," thank you, mark. at last night's nba all-star in los angeles, it was a showdown of sharp shooters. in the end, james jones won with five straight shots in the last round. but the biggest highlights of the night came in the slam dunk competition. mcghee earning a perfect score. he also did a triple ball dunk. while that was great, it was not
11:24 am
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11:28 am
really, we're seeing a huge demand in china and you know, a lack of cotton, people have been able to put in clothing like t-shirts and jeans especially and lower priced dress shirts. >> we're talking everything from wrangler jeans, brooks brothers, steve madden was supposed to raise prices. >> it is. what's interesting is how the manufacturer is going to pass on that increase. a lot of the times, they're working with their clients i.e., walmart, j.c. penny's, macy's. what are they're going to do is eat that cost so the price doesn't get passed on. that price is going to get passed on to the consumer. >> steve madden, you're looking at cotton. what relevance does that have? just an overall retail hiking the prices up? >> you have synthetic material
11:29 am
also going up. a 40% increase in synthetic material. nylon, plastics. >> does this also mean things like the embellishments? the rhinestones or fansy stitching? or those going to have to be done to keep costs down? >> that is a labor cost. another cost we're talking about and so yes, having to put those embellishments on. >> other clothing materials, you've got cotton, synthetics. is anything going to stay or we have to realize, guess what, if you have to buy clothes, it's going to be more expensive. >> you're going to see an increase in wool, too. but the difference between and i was talking about who the consumer, which consumers were really going to benefit or not versus the one that's going to basically have to pay the price
11:30 am
and the consumers buying luxury items, the price hike is probably going to be about 2 or $3. if they're buying luxury items between up yards of $150, a 2 to $3 price hike isn't -- they're not going to feel the pinch that much. the consumer that is buying the t-shirts for $25, jeans for $45, when you see the price hike of 3 to $4, that's when you see the pinch. >> appreciate your time. >> thank you. it was a 19-hour long or deal for a little terrier. this dog, eddie, got stuck 50 feet down a pipe. eddie's owner didn't know what happened to the little buddy until she heard him barking. a team used a backhoe to free eddie and he's doing fine. we'll be right back. ♪
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welcome back. just past the hoalf hour with this developing news. details on the hostages in the indian ocean. navy warships and helicopters are tracking the yacht. it is owned by a couple by the name of jean and scott adam. they've been sailing around the world. i spoke with jim miklaszewski for the late es. >> this yacht with the four hostages and about a dozen pirates on board is south of yemen, which doesn't put it far from somalia and that yacht is headed in that direction. in addition to u.s. warships, helicopters and airplanes.
11:35 am
a negotiating team is on site, but it's not clear whether the negotiators or the navy have made direct contact with those pirates so far. >> how about any word on what the military might be willing to do to get their freedom? >> you know, obviously, the safety of the hostages is the top priority. but what is first on the navy's list would be to keep that yacht from reaching shore in somalia because once those four hostages are onshore, they would likely be dispersed. at this point, even a rescue attempt against the yacht would be very problematic unlike the situation two years ago where captain richard phillips was rescued by navy seals when the
11:36 am
pirates were shot to death by snipers. there was another incident two years ago where french special forces stormed a yacht. they rescued hostage, but in the process, one of the hostages was killed. it's very problematic, very sensitive and at this point, u.s. military officials aren't talking about plans they may have to rescue those hostages. >> you can follow the story on for the latest updates. meantime, south korea claims the north is gearing up for another set of tests. officials in seoul say pyonyang has dug two more blast holes. the news comes amid reports they tested a new long range missile l. tensions are already high. military talks aimed at easing those tensions broke down earlier this month. russian protesters are calling for the resignation of vladimir putin.
11:37 am
hundreds staged demonstrations in the heart of moscow. accusing him of ignoring the needs of the common people. despite the presence of riot police, there were no reports of violence. new reaction from the leading voice in the u.s. senate on the battle in wisconsin. dick durbin addressed the plan. he says the issue goes far beyond dollars and cents. >> if you think this is just about money and the budget, then you might believe chavez was working to get a couple more pennies per pound for grapes or that martin luther king was working for access to hotels and restaurants. >> jonathan, gomorning. so, this is playing out in wisconsin, but we have indiana and ohio, they're now considering similar steps. how big of a political deal might this become? >> this is a massive political issue.
11:38 am
unions are a huge democratic constituen constituency. you've got republican governors looking at cracking down on unions and benefits. ultimately their strength politically. i think what senator durbin was trying to say is that's what's going on here. you've got an ideology that believes collective bargaining is a bad idea, harmful to the economy. right now, they're using an unusual level of hostility toward government workers, public employees and unions to really capitalize on long held beliefs. i think durbin talked about the other way, the importance of big movements, for migrant farm workers in california. martin luther king for farm workers and others. it's not just about that issue, but oftentimes, a much larnler political fight. i wouldn't diminish the few cents on the dollar that the grape workers got access to
11:39 am
accommodations. >> you know, i want to play you something that president obama said about the budget battle in wisconsin. listen to this. >> on the other hand, some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. it's important for us to understand, public employees, they're our neighbors. they're our friends. >> okay. so i'm asking you if you think this is a smart move on the president's behalf because you have him taking on this support, giving that to unions in some ways, and yet, this is a state issue, not a federal issue. >> this is a balance for the president. certainly, we've seen oftentimes getting involved in state issues, local issues. and he's got to make a decision, when is the time to use the pourt of the presidency to make a comment like this?
11:40 am
unions are a huge part of his personal constituency. as he looks for re-election, he has to reach out to them and it may be an issue he sees as important from a moral level. obviously, ewunions are the rean we don't have children working in coal mines anymore. women, although they don't make as much as men do now, they're a little bit closer. they are 15, 16, 18, 20-hour days. he believes this was an issue to get involved in. like i said before, there's an unusual level of hostility in the country toward public employees. and i think unions in general, folks who aren't willing to scale back their own benefits or pay at a time when there's a mass on employment, it's a tough stand to take. >> very interesting. thanks so much. another winter storm system is moving across the country.
11:41 am
it first brought drivers in northern california to a standstill and minnesota could be headed for at snowy burial. mike seidel is live in the twin cities with more on the storm. earlier, it was all clear, but you were right. it's here. >> reporter: eventually, you know, even a blind squirrel can find a nut as i like to say. temperature rs in the mid-20s and the wind is picking up. you can see some of it blowing around. we're looking at a foot or more here. some spots may pick up as much as 18 inches and west of here, we have blizzard warnings. south of here, we've had thunder along with freezing rain in iowa. over to south dakota, some reports of trees down. likely some power unoutages. snow for detroit, syracuse, maybe another eight, nine inches
11:42 am
in syracuse. and snow around boston. whatever falls in new york city will change to rain after sunrise, so the commute will be in good shape. south of there, a very warm day. st. louis heading to 70. washington may head up to 70 before the front cuts in. here in minneapolis across the lot of the midwest, we have to realize wee still in february and we could get some of the biggest snowstorms here. >> i think there's one starting now. you poor thing standing out there. go warm up. thanks. with president's day tomorrow, we're going to take a look at some of the most pivotal decisions in history. like what crucial decision president nixon made that had a lasting effect here in america and in a distant land. also ahead, box office battle. the pick of the flicks. ate as l%
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still me. >> what's going on here? >> let's get the details from amy palmer. clearly, this is a misunderstanding, she's not claiming he's her husband. >> january jones, his wife, and she doesn't recognize him. this movie is fantastic. it is in the vein of the borne series. it's a thriller, suspenseful and he is the thinking man's action star. he's 58 years old and doing so well. he really is. >> the movie, "taken" -- >> this film is similar with a budget of 25 million and it's number one at the box office, so i mean, you can just say that it doesn't have to mean, you don't have to be an action star, have muscles and machine guns. because sometimes, it's all about how smart you are. >> good message there. what about this new film, i am
11:48 am
number four. >> i think you're the only when with forged documents. cash -- >> what's your name? >> john smith. >> where are you from? >> toronto. santa fe, new mexico. i know the drill, okay. >> so, his name isn't john smith. >> he plays an alien teenager who comes to earth to be protected because he has assassins chasing him. there are nine teenagers there and they want to be protected. what's happening in this film is that he is trying to stay there, but falls in love with dia diandiana diana agron. this is interesting because the based really for the "twilight" series fans. >> let's talk about the other
11:49 am
film, jennifer anniston, adam sandler. >> laugh real loud like we're the happiest family on earth. is that possible? laughing -- that's it. laugh, laugh. i love you guys! hey, sweetie, what's going on? >> $65 million in two weekends. you can say this is a huge hit. it's a romantic comedy. they're really good friends in real life. they've known each other since they were in their early 20s. audiences love to see them together. >> how about another film with the two of them? think they might make more movies together? >> maybe. this came from adam sandler's production company, so he had a say in this role. when he found out she was on board, he jumped at it. >> okay, thanks so much. good to see you as always. now, a quick take on today's
11:50 am
number ones. first, the cities that are the biggest speed traps in america. a cnbc list ranks houston as the worst based on the number of tickets issues. austin, texas, ranks second. las vegas third. colorado leads the states with the most brain drain. the list is based on a decline in college
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
this presidents' day a new
11:54 am
book examining some key historical decisions made by american leaders will be on the store shelves. it is called "presidential leadership: 15 decisions that changed the nation." and nick gregone is the author. nick is back to talk about some of these history-making moments. good morning to you. let's go with a bunch of key moments here beginning with harry s. truman. the u.s. is in world war ii, at sea, on land, the death toll's staggering, fdr just dies. talk about harry truman. he chooses to do something unthinkable, which is the bomb. >> it's one of those decisions i couldn't have left it out of the book but i realized in researching it there wasn't much of a decision. as you mentioned fdr died, truman knew nothing about the bomb, he barely knew roosevelt, and fdr put $2 billion in it. it would have been unthinkable for truman not to use it knowing it could have saved american lives. so truman said over again he had no qualms with it, there was no moral component to it for him. >> that was very much a defining moment. what about the combative nature that he was? he was a man that was seen as
11:55 am
one of the key strategists to america's success in world war ii. general douglas macarthur. what happened with them? >> that's more interesting. he called that decision one of the toughest of his presidency which is amazing, but macarthur was insubordinate. the korean war was not going well but he was still revered. he was practically a god in this country but truman couldn't take it anymore. he was insubordinate and he wanted to widen the war into china which truman was desperate to avoid so, he finally sacked him but he knew it probably would end his career because he was so popular and truman was right. in the new hampshire primary he did really poorly and that was the end of it. but history has proven truman to be right on that decision. >> let's jump ahead to 1972. richard m. nixon, china. talk about the significance of that trip and are we still feeling the ramification s of that? >> we are. nixon was a lot of things. he was paranoid. but he was brilliant. he was anti-communist but in the '60s he wrote an article in "foreign affairs" saying china was going to be a superpower and he thought he could create a wedge between china and russia if he got close to china and he
11:56 am
knew they were going to be a global player and we need to trade with them. so i think that conversation is still going on 30 years later, but he was prescient in that regard. were it not for watergate we'd remember nixon as china. >> which is another thing you bring up in this book on behalf of then president gerald ford, the pardon. >> and that's a remarkable decision. ford had little choice, he thought. the country wasn't going to move on. it wasn't going to heal. he couldn't focus on the economy until he put that behind him. again, he knew it probably was going to cost him the '76 election, and it did. but history has proven him to be right, too. it was a good decision. >> but you also talk about how ford said he never wanted to be president. when you take on accepting to be the vice president, for spiro agnew -- >> it was remarkable in that ford was the minority leader in the house. he was ready to resign that position. then he was tapped by nixon to be vice president, mostly because everybody liked him. and then he became president, and he dealt with the decision. can you imagine being president for 30 days and having to deal with the magnitude of that decision? it was enormous. >> he was vilified at that
11:57 am
point, but you think know it was seen as a good decision. to get america past -- >> absolutely. teddy kennedy in 2001 gave him the profiles courage award for that decision. he said, you know, mr. president, we were wrong, you were right. that's remarkable. >> it is. remarkable book. best of luck. nick ragone. good luck with. that's a wrap of our "msnbc sunday" coverage. we have breaking news and headlines as it happens. up next we have another msnbc documystery as we take a look at minneapolis where things are a good one. i'm alex witt. make it a good one. [ male announcer ] 100 crisps in every can.
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