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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 24, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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loyal to the leader strike back against the demonstrators. and another major setback toyota, recalling millions of vehicles for acceleration problems. >> did i push the line a little bit? no question. >> plus, a college basketball coach caught shoving and kicking a player. he explains why he thinks he did nothing wrong. i'm tamron hall, the "news nation" following breaking news from texas where a 20-year-old college student from saudi arabia under arrest on terror charges accused of plotting to carry out bomb attacks in the country with a target, dallas home hoff former president bush. pete williams joins us live from washington. pete, what else do we know about the suspect and how far along the plot was. authorities talk about if you see something, say something, tell us things you think are suspicious.
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and it appears, tamron, exactly how this case broke. in february, this young man, the fbi says, khalid ali-m aldawsari, tried to order, in fact, did order, some chemicals from a supply company in north carolina that they thought was a suspicious order. secondly, he wanted them shipped since they couldn't be sent to his home adrez, hazardous material his wanted them shipped in lubbock, texas and the company thought it was weird since he didn't have any connection. the two of them went to the fbi, a fast-moving investigation, within two weeks they had court orders, wiretaps on him, secretly searched his house, and what they found inside, they say, were all of the components necessary, all of the chemicalsç equipment, to bill some powerful military-style bombs. they also found a diary as far bax back as a high school student in saudi arabia he wanted to come to the united states and commit jihad. he studied chemical engineering
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all the while thinking of targets, hydroelectric dams in colorado, possible places in new york city where he would plant car bombs and, as you say, home of former president bush in texas. they say they don't think he would actually chosen a target and had not finished building a bomb. >> thank you, pete. let's bring in terrorism expert, michael sheehan, served on the national security council staff for president george h.w. bush and bill clinton. michael, this posting from this suspect, he wrote, quote, it is war until the infidels leave, defeated. if you want to go un detedetect that's not the way to do posting it online. >> this guy made a lot of mistakes obviously but had a long-term intent to kill and also had a great deal of training and education in engineering, which makes him even more dangerous. fortunate nay he made errors. >> enters the u.s. on a student
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visa. you have people wondering how many others could be in the country with legal document that allows you in the country or being able to be here legally while you study but may be here for some nefarious reason. >> unfortunately, that's the case. i hope we don't overreact. we need talent overseas some of the brightest come to the united states and study and work, hopefully we'll be able to sort these guys out without shutting down those programs. >> you are right to say we don't want to be overalarmed by a person or profile. he's with a chemical engineer major, took classes including english has a second language. he's seen by all accounts intellectually to be very bright, but how does someone like this become radicalized? he's in the country by choice, one of the best universities around. >> that's right. there's still a powerful narrative, the al qaeda narrative, a protector of the muslim brothers that are being
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attacked by american soldiers overseas. that's a powerful narrative for some young people. he took on his own to come to the united states to embed himself in the united states and plot an attack. it's a very chilling and there are more like limb in the united states right now. >> michael, thank you very much for your insight. today, new developments oust libya's uprising. dramatic, new pictures of fight in eastern part of that country. take a look. opposition groups say they shot this video of a violent firefight between pro-gadhafi force and anti-government protesters. benghazi is libya's second largest city and in control of the rebels. leader gadhafi has again addressed his nation in a rambling speech, this time on phone. gadhafi says, osama bin laden is
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behind the revolt and young people given ha lose sin gettic drugs are carrying this out. the white house says president obama will discuss possible sanctions this afternoon with britain. prime minister and france's president. u.s. military officials say they're stepping up their usual planning for any military response to the crisis, but they stress there is absolutely no mission planned. gadhafi's son is denying the government is using warplanes to fire on protesters and says the number of demonstrators reportedly killed estimated now by french and italian officials to be in the thousands. gadhafi claims it's inflated. tens of thousands of foreigners, including americans, are trying to get oust libya. a chaotic scene. people piled on top of one another, hoping to catch a flight out of the country. right now, hundreds of americcn% are stranded on a ferry in libya.
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they're trying to get to malta, but the seas are reportedly too rough to travel. their safety is president obama's top concern. yesterday, when making a statement on libbia, the president did not mention gadhafi by name. possible effort to shield americans in libya from retaliation. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and is it unacceptable. so are threats and ordered to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> nbc's martin fletcher joins us live from malta. martin, what's the latest on the effort to get so many people out of there? >> reporter: tamron, there's a problem because of the weather. there's apparently 167 americans, the state department said, just now, on the boat, 118 other nationalities.
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it's a boat a maltese boat that has been rents for the occasion. but because of the high seas and the strong winds it hasn't been able to leave the ports. so now the americans and the other nationalities on this boat for 36 hours. they were told to the come to the boat by 9:00 yesterday morning, by 3:00 yesterday afternoon local time they were supposed to have been -- to have left from malta and safety. they couldn't leave because of the high seas and the strong winds. so now they've been on that boat ever since then waiting for the green light, the go ahead. conditions on the boat must be pretty bad. meanwhile there have been other successful evacuations. the greeks have been able to rescue thousands of chinese from the port of benghazi and also the turks have been able to rescue 5,000 turks from the port of benghazi. other problem is the americans have not been given the right to land airplanes at tripoli
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airports. others have been able to do that and takeç nationals out from t airport. americans have not received that permission. >> thank you for the latest on the people trying to get out of libya right now. also developing now, stocks are taking a hit because of the turmoil we are seeing in libya. escalating oil prices and fears of violence spreading further across north africa and middle east have caused the s&p 500 to hit a session low of 1297 today. the dow is also down right now. let me see -- down 100 points there. we'll keep you up to date on what we're seeing. the dow is down over 100 points, s&p down as well as nasdaq. developments in the budget battles raging in wisconsin and elsewhere that pit republicanmaker and others against unions. a tenth straight day, ten days the wisconsin house is expected to vote any time on a controversial bill that would eliminate most collective
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bargaining rights for public employees. however, wisconsin's 14 state democratic senators, they remain in illinois to prevent a final vote on this measure. governor scott walker is trying to plug the $3.6 billion budget this way. a new poll from wisconsin shows 72% of folks in wisconsin think the governor's budget plan is fair. indiana, meft of the 40 democratic state house members remain in illinois, and that's reventing a vote sillar on the one in wisconsin. just like in wisconsin, public employees continue to protest at that state capital. it reads like a page rip from a science fiction novel. a shocking new report from "rolling stone" magazine claims the u.s. army illegally ordered a specialized team of soldiers to psychological, if you will, do mind tricks to manipulate u.s. senators. the order was reportedly handed down by three-star general william caldwell, this man, in
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an attempt to secure more troops and funding for the war in afghanistan. rolling stone says the team was reprimanded after refusing the order because, as we mentioned it violates u.s. law. according to that report, the list of targeted senatorsç included john mccain, al franken, joe lieberman, carl levin. today senator jack reid, another name lon the list, spoke about the report. >> i think, first of all it has to be clearly evaluated as to what went on, what was the intent, whether any regulations violated, if there was, there has to be suitable punishment. i didn't feel anything unusual going on. and i think the result of trying to cast a vast net, talk to lots of people, not just in kabul but go out on the ground. >> nbc's norah o'donnell joins us live from washington, d.c. i saw you on "morning joe" talking about this. this is a buzz story for so many
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reasons but general petraeus calling for an investigation regarding the seriousness of what was going on. >> that's right. it's a serious allegation because, of course, it's against the law for the united states military to use propaganda with american citizens. i think that's why we saw this very quick response from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general david petraeus, who is now preparing to order an investigation into these charges that there was this army unit that was trained that was ordered to manipulate american senators even the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. i've been talking to a number of sources who say, one, any report coming from the "rolling stone" and this author, michael hastings who went after another general, stanley mcchrystal should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. just look, i mean, the title of this "another runaway general". hastings brought down another general, mcchrystal. two, this general in question is
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william caldwell the head of training afghan security forces. this is the linchpin, tamron, of the war in iraq. this is how we get out of iraq, make sure afghan security forces are trained. last week the chairman of the joint chiefs was praising caldwell saying he's done a great job training many of these afghan çforces. and then finally, this "rolling stone" article quotes colonel michael holmes as its source, allegedly led this five-man psy-ops team, ordered to plan information in these people's heads. a number of people will be looking into his allegations, taking it very seriously. a number of people in the military and defense department who are not happy with "rolling stone" and this author because of what happened previously with stanley mcchrystal. >> but if it's what happened and this person's reporting and it's factual, that's what they have to deal with. you're not always happy with the
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truth. >> that's true. remember that they still question a lot of what was in the previous article, though that brought down general mcchrystal. >> it did bring down that general. toyota issues another major recall. why the automaker's pulling 2 million vehicles off the road. alarming video of a high school coach attacking one of his players on the court, even kicking this kid. why the coach is saying his behavior went that bad. i'll talk to the alaska lawmaker who refused to let the tsa pat her down at the airport. she took a ferry home. it's taken her four days to get home. 's almost time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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welcome back to "news nation." a college basketball coach has been suspended after video surfaces of him attacking a
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player during a recent practice. the video shows coach john o'connor of holy family university in philadelphia hitting the sophomore in his face, pushing him to the floor, then kicking him. he filed a police report say he was left with a bloody nose, scrapes to his head and neck. joining me also michael smerconish. you have spoken with the coach and also the student involved. i want to play a little bit of what the coach told you about the incident. >> i always felt that particularly to my team that if i had deleted that tape, i was admitting that i did something wrong. >> did you do something wrong? >> no, i did not. >> you didn't do something wrong, you did something that you didn't intend its consequences? >> exactly. did i push the line a little bit? no question. and that's what we talked about as a team. >> so, michael, you're a parent, an attorney, how do you not
2:18 pm
intend to kick someone on the ground? what do you make of what the coach is saying in this incident? >> i just, tamron, within the hour, interviewed the player, matt, who is not buying the unintentional analysis offered by the coach. in other words, he and his lawyer wonder if perhaps it was deliberate. you know, i've got to tell you, i've been fielding calls on this issue from any host of issues who plays athletics and said, let me tell you about ply coach. but in 2011 with the videotape it does jump out at you. my view is that the coach probably did not intend, for what it's worth to hurt this player but he was not çrepenitt to the extent i would have expected and you heard that in the interview. >> if this was a fellow student identified as a bully and we plays the same tape of a student kicking another student, would we be having this conversation over whether that kick was intentional or not? we saw a tape out of philadelphia of a kid beaten up
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by bully. >> if if t. were two players, probably that play of would have been suspended a while ago. some people say that's an overreaction. this is what you get in athletics, the drill is a standard drill, he was trying to teach toughness and that's propo appropriate. it looks ugly. if it's somebody else's kid, that's wait it is. but if it's your kid, you say, no way. >> it makes me think of bobby knight and the infamous incident with bobby knight. it's interesting people say that's how it is. there was a time you didn't put seat belts on a kid or a kid in a car seat. you do now. you can't say that's how my dad used to beat me with a belt. today, that gets you arrested. >> you are correct. i'm going to smoke a pack of cigarettes. not really, but i get where you're coming from. >> i can't wait to hear what your viewers have to say about this. it's intriguing. great job with the interviews. alaska state representative
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who decided to take a four-day ferry ride instead of being subjected to tsa pat-down is back home. she was on her way from seat toll juneau when tsa agent tolds her she needed a pat-down. she is a breast cancer survivor. instead of boarding the flight to juneau she rented a car, drove to a small airport. she took a plane to british columbia, from there a ferry to ketchikan and made her way through the marine highway to juneau. representative cissna joins us on the phone. you just got home today, was it worth it to take this stand and then end up with a four-day journey? >> well, thank you very, very &háhp &hc% how do you do, tamron hall? >> i do great, thank you. >> well, this is -- it has been an aamazing experience and it started with something that
2:21 pm
probably took no more than, well, at least the initial part, took just not very many minutes at all. and i had gone through the same experience of coming up against that full body scan. >> yeah. >> about three months ago. >> so let me backtrack here. you have had the full scan before. what made it different this time around? why didn't you want to subject yourself to the pat-down that we know is mandatory if you're flagged and it's designed obviously to keep our airports and airlines safe? >> well, and it happened again, partially because i was hoping that it was just an oddity, that maybe it was an odd thing that i h had. second time through, this time, i knew what i had to do was what my husband and i had agreed on, and that was having his support meant a lot to me, and that was that absolutely no matter how hard a time i was going to have -- and we knew it would be hard -- i was -- if it ever
2:22 pm
happened again in my life i was going to take a really strong stand and say no. >> the tsa said that the tsa is sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience and invite individuals to provide feedback to the tsa. did the tsa agent ever say that this was a result of your mastectomy? >> they didn't say it wasn't, and i had the two different experiences that i had complained about, and i don't have problems -- if i take my bobby pins out, right? i have long hair, so it's always a problem. the serious thing is, really, i'm a standard person but i also. a public servant and my job is to make sure that in my state and the people in my state get a fair shake always. but that's my job. and, yes, seattle is notin the state of alaska but more alaskans fly, i believe, than
2:23 pm
anywhere else in the nation. and the other thing to consider is kind of horrifyingly that alaska leads the nation in assault, in binge drinking. >> what does that have to do with this trip? >> it has a huge amount to do with this one because the fact is that the touch that the officials did on the full body scan, and they're told to do this, is it's a very invasive touch. and i've heard more on this ferry in the trip coming, people will say, are you the person, and then they start telling me their story. and i have hear a huge number -- >> where would you like take this from here? you might recall around the holidays so many people were supposed to protest the tsa patdowns and going to refuse and that did not take off. of course you have people still concerned. but this huge movement that we were expecting did not take place. where would you like to take this next? >> no it won't.
2:24 pm
it won't because people were coming to me because i had had the ability to speak out and they couldn't. it's a humiliating thing to go through. i had already been through -- i went through the mastectomy in a public way. this is just another thing where i can help the people who can't speak for themselves. >> right. >> and it is many. it's many. >> i think a lot of people support you and appreciate you stood up for them, especially with breast cancer survivors who may have to encounter what you endured. thank you for telling your side of the story. greatly appreciate it. coming up -- sarah palin is headed to india. we'll tell you why. plus -- the kidney transplant that got two sisters freed from jail, it's been post pointed. what doctors say needs to happen before they'll go forward with the controversial transplant.
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>> coming up on "news nation," a mom's plan to get her child to behave better backfires when the mom ends up arrested. it's our "news nation" get check. plus an arizona lawmaker proposes a new immigration bill that's tougher than the controversial law that passed last year. ♪ four decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock -- time for jell-o. four decadent flavors. 60 calories. but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.5% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lendingtree today.
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[ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ welcome back to "news nation." another blow for toyota. the automaker forced to recall more than 2 million vehicles. will wikileaks founder julian assange be extradited to sweden? a judge rejects his claim he went get a fair trial. was the killing a case of mistaken identity?
2:32 pm
plus, final flight, the countdown is on for shuttle "discovery's" last mission to space. a live report from kennedy space center with the shuttle hatch about to be closed. as mentioned, new trouble for toyota, recalling 2.1 million toyota and lexus vehicles in the u.s. to fix accelerator pedals that could get trapped in the floor mat or carpeting. fi phil lebeau, is it the same that resulted in the massive recalls we saw in 2009? >> reporter: it's an extension of that one, tamron. remember recalls in late 2009 involved millions of toyota models where the concern was the floor mat could become dislodges and trap the accelerator pedal. nhtsa has reviewed 400,000 documents from toyota and has come back to toyota and said
2:33 pm
this may be a design flaw with another several million models from toyota and lexus. they've talked with toyota, come to this agreement that toyota will recall 2.17 million vehicles, some toyota models like the 4-runner, rav 4 runner, and that closes the investigation from the federal government. if there's any good news in this at all from toyota's perspective, the recall is not prompts by accidents or reports of injuries involving pedal entrapment. it's more of a design case where the federal government has looks at these cars and said we think you've got the same problem with these models that you have with the previously recalled models. so it's still a black eye for toyota, one that they continue to try to get past this recall issue and, yet it continues to haunt them. >> phil, thank you for the information on this latest recall. a legal loss for wikileaks founder julian assange.
2:34 pm
a london judge ruled that within ten days assange can be extradited to sweden for questioning on allegations of rape and molest tition to women. the judge rejected assange's claim he could not get a fair trial in sweden as well as the notion his arrest warrant was not issued properly. assange says the ruling part of a dirty tricks campaign to smear his name because he's leaked thousands of classified documents. anne thompson joins me live from london. what happens next for julian assange? >> reporter: well, tamron, his attorneys say they will appeal this decision. the decision came from judge harold ritle and this is it right here. it's a 28-page dissection of the defense argument that the extradition of julian assange is unwarranted. in this ruling, the judge found that, question, the swedish proper did meet the bar to extra
2:35 pm
indict julian assange. it also says there is no reason to -- there's no reason behind the argument that julian assange cannot expect a fair trial in sweden. his attorneys were claling because of all of the publicity and comments made by the swedish prime minister that a fair trial would be impossible. and the judge also dismissed another argument and that is that somehow this is all just really a ruse in or to get him +táq't to the united states, perhaps to guantanamo bay, because the united states is investigating whether wikileaks released classified information. the information -- the judge found no merit in that. now after the court proceeding, during which julian assange was fairly stoic, he addressed reporters and said this is rubber stamping a process gone amok, and as i said, he promises to appeal and he's got seven days to do it. >> thank you very much. and the hope of finding more
2:36 pm
survivors in new zealand is fading. it tops our look at stories around the "news nation." more than 200 people still missing after tuesday's 6.3 magnitude earthquake in christchurch. rescuers are continuing to search the wreckage but many of the missing may not survive. 98 people have been confirmed dead. mexican police say the drug cartel member arrested in connection with the murder of a u.s. immigration agent admits he made a mistake. he confused the i.c.e. agent's car for one used by a rival gang. jaime zapata was shot-to-death. avila was wounded last week. in a setback for two sisters released from a mississippi prison so one could donate the kidney to the other, doctors say the operation cannot take place because the women are overweight. doctors will move forward after jamie and gladys scott lose a
2:37 pm
combined 160 pounds. a major reversal from the obama administration on same-sex marriage has gay rights activist cautiously optimistic. the administration notified king it will no longer defend the defense of marriage act 15-year-old law. in the president obama opposed gay marriage and favors civil unions instead. i'm joined byç stewart gaffneya supporter of the same-sex marriage and his partner john lewis joins us. they were married in 2008. both men were plaintiffs in a 2 thousand 8 california marriage case that allowed same-sex marriage before prop 8 was passed. thank you both for joining me. stewart, i'll start off with you. what do you make of the president's announcement yesterday? do you see it as a soon of good news or more to come? >> this is fantastic news. it's a turning point in our movement. it's the first time the
2:38 pm
president of the united states has said that the constitution forbids the exclusion of loving couples, just like the two of us, from marriage. and that means the world to us. we've been together for 24 years, legally married in 2008. we're americans, just like any other couple, and the president is recognizing that. >> john, you people wondering about timing, why now. were you prepared for this announcement? had you gotten any information or indication this was coming? >> we had no idea it was coming now, but we know that, as more and more real couples, just like stewart and me, as stewart said, we've been together for 24 years, we're legally married in the state of california. but we're not just californians. we're americans. and we deserve to have our marriage recognized in every state in this great union of ours. and we deserve a federal government to recognize our marriage, too, and our loving
2:39 pm
committed relationship. as more folks speak up and tell the truth of our lives, we know that's changing minds and it clearly changed hearts and minds in the white house itself. >> stewart, let me ask you, you have critics of the president who say that it is not up to the president to determine what the law is. it is his job obviously as this nation's leader to follow the law, like the rest of us, and they're criticizing the president for saying this law is unconstitutional. >> well, the president's job, first and foremost, is to uphold theç constitution. he's the highest constitutional officer in this land, and he's doing his job by correctly interpreting the constitution as forbidding the exclusion of some americans from the most sacred institution of marriage. i have something in common with the president. like him, my mom and dad were an interracial couple. marriages like theirs didn't used to be legal in all 50
2:40 pm
states. my mom and dad legally married in california, just like john and i did, but traveled around this country and found that many states, up until 1967, would not recognize their marriages. the president doesn't want to be on the wrong side of history, just like the people who opposed interracial marriage were on the wrong side of history. >> when you hear, stewart, the president say, and he has said he's opposed to gay marriage but favors civil unions, does that position him awkwardly, as you point out, doesn't want to be on the wrong side of history here? >> well, he has said he is evolving and i think we know when people's opinions evolve it can be at an awkward stage. he's coming out of that into standing up strongly, as he did yesterday, for all 0 americans to have the same rights across this country. so i think actually he's ending an awkward stage and standing up for what he believes in. >> thank you both for joining us. greatly appreciate it. reacting to the big news
2:41 pm
yesterday. still ahead -- one of the many perks of being an oscar nominee, the gift bag or the swag. a look at what nominees will get this year. courtney hazlett is live in l.a. she's got the scoop. first, a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. the lawmaker behind arizona's tough immigration law has introduced a bill that is expected to ignite controversial. russell pearce wants to deny children of undocuments immigrants the trite attend public schools in the state. the bill would prevent illegal immigrants from driving in arizona and give their children special birth certificates that make it clear state does not consider them arizona citizens. sarah palin traveling to yan next month to speak at a conference on global leadership. palin will be the only american politician in attendance. the former alaska governor will close the conference with an address titled, my vision of america. we end with a bit of good news for you.
2:42 pm
the aide to congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to work this week after being shot twice in the january shooting rampage in tucson. simon's thrilled to be back at work. opportunity can start anywhere. and go everywhere. to help revitalize a neighborhood in massachusetts, restore a historic landmark in harlem, fund a local business in chicago, expand green energy initiatives in seattle. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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coming up at 3:00 p.m. on msnbc live, much more on the terror arrest here on u.s. soil. an inside look on how they discovered his plans. 1900 teacherers in the city of providence, rhode island, have been given pink slips, that's their entire workforce. who will be teaching the kids. good news, jobs are coming back. bad news, they pay less. it's all next at the top of the hour. into in a little or than two hoursç "discovery" is schedule to blast off in its final
2:46 pm
mission, 4:50 eastern time. delayed four months, first bad weather, then the fuel tank problem. nbc news jay barbree joins us live. this is the oldest and most flown shuttle. they should have sealed the hatch about now. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, the latest is, it's right on time for lift-off, as you said at 4:50 p.m. eastern. there's three to go. when the six astronauts boarded the shuttle, they stopped on the pad, they had a group hug, and they went on up and now they're in their seats and they're ready to go. this will be the 39th and last flight for "discovery." it's the work horse of the fleet. two more left after this. and on april 19th, the shuttle "endeavour" could lift off, commanded by mark kelly, as we know he is congressman giffords'
2:47 pm
husband and that will be taking off possibly april, but more likely june. we have the same thing with last one to go "atlantis," it could go as early as june, but more likely in august. three more. 135 shuttle flights, total of 166 flights by american astronauts. and then no one knows how long it will be before american astronauts will be lifting off from these launchpads, five, six, seven, eight, years. >> this mission they're on, an 11-day mission. what are the goals for them? >> well, it is primarily a supply run. they're going to take up a storage unit. it will be the last piece that will be on the international space station. they also are going to take up the first robot, if you will, little play there on r 2 d 2, that was on star wars. but he's going up. and he'll be training to service and do things that are mundane.
2:48 pm
but more importantly, he'll be able to go outç on dangerous chores you don't want to send an astronaut out on. that's one of the main features of the robot in orbit. >> jay, a pleasure to have you on. i feel like i don't see you on anymore. we'll talk to you soon. thank you, jay. >> reporter: thank you. prince william and kate middleton held their first public appearance today since their royal engagement. christening a new lifeboat in wales. >> i do the talking bit. she's going to do the fun bit. it give us great pleasure to name this new lifeboat. may god bless her and all that sail in her. >> they are so cute together. thousands gathered to watch the ceremony and launching of the lifeboat. tomorrow the couple will visit the university of st. andrew in scotland, their alma mater where they met. sneak peek into the pricey
2:49 pm
oscar gift bag, the swag bag an anne hathaway has an odd oscar promos that a booty shaking. scoot from courtney hazlett. she's live in l.a. i didn't see the anne hathaway video but you're going to tell us about. start with the gift bag. >> reporter: let's start with the oscar gift bags one of the best parts of being a celebrity is the free stuff that comes with it. the gift bag, what can you expect? motorola zoom, the new tablet that we've been talking about that's hyped up. i know that target is sending out ipad cases, luxury ipad cases. it's not much for them to go into. also in the gift bag, one worth $75,000 nominees who don't win are going to get the morning after and it's got a kim kardashian signature watch collection, i'm sure that's what everyone want to be wearing. $5,000 fit innocence retreat, $12,000 belize get away, $16,000
2:50 pm
trip to maldives. >> i think they have to report on their taxes. i'll take and report0it. tell me about anne hathaway shake your rump oscar promo. >> reporter: i'm excited that you haven't seen this promo yet because i want your organic reaction. we've been inundated with promos for the oscars much because anne hathaway and james franco a weird choice to host the oscars. look at one ann did on her own. we've seen them act as a couple. this one is just ann. take a look. ♪ cry for me kodak theatre all i want to do is zoom, zoom, zoom just shake your rump all i want to do ♪ ♪ is shake your rump >> so the question is, does that make you want to watch the
2:51 pm
oscars more or maybe a little bit less? i don't know. >> as we say in the south, bless her heart. what in the world? >> reporter: i think that's the best reaction. bless her heart. hopefully she got the zoom zoom out of her system in that promo. i have to say, in all fairness, by all accounts, every industry insider i've spoken to here in l.a. think she's going to do a fantastic job. they're excited about james and ann hosting. >> i bet she's going to be fantastic. seems like a charming person. you now that point you want to hear her say baby got back or something ridiculous. so tragic they did that to her. thank you very much, courtney. for the latest, logon to or be a fan of the scoop. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
2:52 pm
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time for the "news nation" gut check. a new york couple's attempt to scare their daughter into good
2:55 pm
behavior goes horribly wrong. after hearing complaints from teachers about their misbehavin they decided to take the girl to a local police station to show her where bad boys and girls go. she asked police, play along with the lesson. but instead of scaring the child straight, she got a scare of her own when an officer reprimanded her and allegedly call the her an unfit mother. the police slapped on the cuffs and arrested the couple on charges of child endangerment. >> this is where bad kids go, mommy, mommy, i promise i'll be good and come right back. no, i don't see nothing wrong with that. >> looking at outcome, no, i don't think it was a good idea. if the outcome would have been different and could have helped i felt like it would have been a good idea. >> too scar scary. >> the police overreacted but prosecutors say she threatened to leave her daughter at the precinct because she couldn't
2:56 pm
control her. the couple never suggested that they would leave the station without their child. they are due back in court next month. what does your gut tell you? should the couple who brought their daughter to the police station have been arrested? good to to vote. should a business have the right to turn away tsa agents because they don't agree with the newç screening policies in airports? overwhelming 82% of you said yes and 18% of you said no. here's some of the comments. bobby said, quote, they should serve the agents, after patting them down. and ladonna says, will their business slow because of it? kind of dumb to turn away business. that does it for this edition of "news nation."ing there? soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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