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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 25, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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that more radiation could be leing from one reactor. good afternoon. i'm richard lui, in for tamron hall. newsmation following the latest developments in operation odyssey dawn in libya. right now a pentagon briefing is about to get under way. we're watching for that. bill gortney will be updating us. officials says the u.s. launched 15 more tomahawk missiles in the last 24 hours this around tripoli. there were also new coalition air strikes against gadhafi's artillery and tank positions, including those vowing to overtake the key rebel-held city of ajdabiya in eastern libya. u.s. officials tell nbc news the u.s. could hand over the lead role to nato as soon as tomorrow. it appears for now u.s. warplanes will lead the difficult mission of attacking gadhafi's ground forces that could threaten libyan civilians.
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mike viqueira joins us live from the white house. we just learned president obama should be holding a conference call with members of congress. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. jay carney appeared in the briefing room 12 minutes and informed us the president conducted a national security council meeting on the situation in libya this morning, and starting right about now, 2:00, it was scheduled to begin. the president will be calling congressional leaders, a conference call, where he will, quote, consult with them on the situation in libya. and of course, there are bipartisan members of congress, democrats and republicans who have been vehicle until criticism, demanding answers, what is the end game? what are the goals of this mission? and that's not only coming from john boehner, the republican speaker of the house, but also from top democrats, like sherrod brown, liberal democrat from the cleveland area, and george miller, a liberal and high-ranking member of the house
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of representatives who called the lack of consultation disturbing. carney also say what is happening today, as you reported, transfer of the lead role in the right now. carney noting, as noted at the pentagon, majority of the combat missions, airborne combat missions, as of last 24 hours, minority of those missions have been flown by the united states. in other words, the preponderance of missions are being flown by nato allies and other allies involved and that brings us to another point the administration would like to tap, two arab nations joined the coalition by sending war craft, though few war craft. the united arab emirates announcing yesterday it will be sending six to go along with qatar's aircraft it's sending as well. as part of the civilian protection aspect, remember, there's a distinction that's being made, no-fly zone and protecting civilians by
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attacking gadhafi forces on the ground. that has been agreed to but not finalized, in the wards of carney. they've come to a political agreement but haven't worked out mechanisms as to how that's going to work. >> perhaps we'll hear from the president later today. thank you. "news nation" following a new wave of protests in the arab world. syria, government forces report lid opened fire on protesters in several cities including jara, where 37 protesters have been killed in the past week. reports another 30 people were killed today about. in neighboring jordan, scores of people were injured when pro and anti-government demonstrators clashed in amman, and government security forces stormed them there. reports me demonstrators were killed. ahrain, o demonstrator killed and more than 50 injured during anti-government protests. an tie government protests inside saudi arabia.
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yemen, the president addressed supporters at a rally saying he's ready to step down only if he can leave the country in, quote, safe hands. across town, protesters demanded the president leave immediately. a crackdown left more than 40 protesters dead. right now, we want to get the latest from syria. and there, live on the phone, from the capital of damascus. if you can tell us right now, what more do you understand about the government's security forces opening fire against protesters? >> actually according to reports, it's happened in different areas of the country, different governors. but the highest score of casualties in the south and in a small town where police reports say 20 people are killed and in addition to that, there were some clashes between the demonstrators and the coastal city, the major seaport in the
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north, and again, suburbs of damascus. so they were taking place all over the country, at least in seven out of 13 or 12 of the country. >> thabet, to put this in context, president assad has not cracked down, holds a tight fist, in terms of control and security in his country. seeing all of these protests across the country must be quite a sight, given the past and the history of president assad? >> reporter: well, as you know, the situation is developing similarly to all what happened in the region, in the different countries of the region. the government was ready to start its reform, which was a bit too late, and i think now we are heading to a no-control situation or beyond control situation. so we have to wait because the
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problem is that the longer the protests last, the thicker the war between the government and the demonstrators and situation much more complicated, an action and reaction. this is how it is now. >> thank you very much. the latest from damascus, syria, for us. sun on "meet the press," hillary clinton, secretary of defense robert gates, will be david gregory's guests. we take you to japan. nuclear crisis getting worse. officials saying they believe there's a breach in the reactor core of unit number three at the damaged fukushima plant. what that means is that more radiation than first thought could be leaking right now. the suspected breach found when two workers were burned whi eed wading into water, 10,000 times more radioactive than normal. there may be a crack in the core or the spent fuel rod pool. all work has since stopped at the plant and japan's prime minister is saying the situation is very grave and the government
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is not in a position to be optimistic. joining me live from seoul, soesoe soek. >> reporter: good afternoon, as you say, the government did announce today that they -- what they think is happening is there there is a leak. they were cautious not to use the word breach because they're not clear where the source is coming from that affected the workers that you mentioned who were hospitalized yesterday. two of those workers, there were three altogether hospitalized, two of the workers were sent on today to a specialist radiation treatment hospital facility basically for radiation burns. the prime minister, as you mentioned, held a press briefing tonight to mark two weeks to the day when this quake and tsunami hit northeastern japan and cautioned it was too early for optimism, conditions inside the plant didn't warrant optimism yet and expressed -- he said that his government is doing its
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utmost to prevent circumstances from getting any worse. his chiefabet srery todaal d avise resents livingithin 18 mil ofthe nuclear plant to consider voluntary evacuations. these are the same people who ol as tepco which runs the plant sid they've se hhe levels of radiation at the reactors 2. >> tom cremins, former director of the american nuclear society thank you for joining us today. i appreciate you stopping by, tom. >> good afternoon. >> so, you know this design quite well. and we're hearing that there possibly is evidence a leak within the inner containment vessel. what do you believe to be happening? >> the word "breach" glad to hear that your reporter say they're starting not to use that
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word, it's a very undefined term, and it indicated earlier that there and was a breach, i.e., a crack or something in the reactor vessel. i think that's extremely unlikelil unlikely. there are other connections inside the containment that could have sprung a leak for some reason and that could be the source of the water. the other possibility we've been putting a lot of water in the fuel pools, it's likely they're overflowing. i think it's unlikely there's much of a crack or a problem with those. so the water overflowing is going to run down through the building. it's very high radioactive water, so it is from a place where there's damaged fuel. but i think using the terminology breach has been painful. there's a leak, larger than expected leak, somewhere in the system that is releasing radioactive watt. >> you're saying it's highly unlikely there's a breach from the vessel? it probably or could be coming from other connections to that
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inner containment vessel. let's focus on the containment vessel. why is it unlikely it would be breached? we've seen large explosions across all of these reactors. why are they able to resist this breaching? >> well, the reactor vessel itself is a six-inch thick metal with stainless steel cladding inside. and the explosions have not been in the area of the reactor or for that matter the containment, though there was a report on one of the other units, not unit three, there was an explosion down lower into the systems. the explosions have been up on the roof, where far, far away from the reactor and outside the containment. so i don't think the -- the reactor is a very strong piece of equipment. it would take a tremendous amount of energy to break it or crack it. containment that surrounds the reactor vessel is like a can within a can.
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it's very unlikely, too, that that has had a breach, but there is water in the containment. so a leak there would also result in water in the basement. >> tom crimmins, thank you very much. you have worked on it for so many decades. of course we hope there is no breach that would make things very difficult there in fukushima. appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. coming up atheomof hor,neio ec wharednz,he u.s. citizen who moved to tokyo eight days before the quake hit. today he received an e-mail saying he needs to decide immediately if he's going to go back. we'll talk to him about his decision. the top ceo faces his second sexual harassment suit this month. details. plus, gabby giffords' recovery. whether she'll be there to see
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just in to msnbc, moments ago jay carney said president obama will address citizens on the near future. we just heard that as you watched the live briefing happening. the a briefing at the pentagon, u.s. vice admiral gortney saying gadhafi has diminishing ability to sustain ground force. we understand president obama is on a conference call with congressional leaders. we continue to watch all three situations and keep you updated on msnbc. clothingmaker american apparel's lashing out against four women filing a sexual
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harassment lawsuit against the ceo dov charney. the women, all former employees, claim that charney used them for sexual favors in return for money and gifts. but the company says it has, quote, voluminous evidence to prove these allegations are false. nbc's peter alexander has more for us. >> reporter: with its provocative ads, american apparel has long flaunted its place in the fashion industry, courting customers with a generous mix of skin and sexuali sexuality. at the helm the founder and ceo dov charney, once again, facing blistering allegations of sexual harassment, and assault by four women, including three models, all still prominently featured on the company's website. among them, 19eaolima loaorr eloehoaerleanh haen? n rredhes
2:17 pm
g my clothes awe of me and sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: in the lawsuit filed lo claims she tried to resist but was afraid of charney. >> i made it clear his actions were unwanted, but he continued and became more aggressive, the more i voiced my opinion. >> reporter: we spoke to dov charney and his lawyers at length thursday, declining an on-air interview. sanghe urom a yi skeowth coan th cle 's cims meritless and said it was lo who aggressively pursued a romantic relationship with mr. charney. to back up his case, the 42-year-old entrepreneur also showed nbc news dozens of what he called smoking gun photographs of lo from that day. too explicit for tv. he insists the pictures show lo is not a victim, undermine her accusations of unwelcomed harassment. charney said the same thing just
2:18 pm
two weeks ago, about another former employee, irene morales who filed a $250 million sexual harassment suit against him. morales spoke to meredith why she was coming forward. >> i was victimized by dov charney morales -- charney dogged bay series of sexual harassment lawsuits over the last five years. in 2006, he gave this taped deposition about his chain that sells clothing and underwear. >> i frequently drop my pants to show people my new product. >> reporter: the company says all of those suits were dismissed or settled out of court. charney says he's an unorthodox executive who has spoken openly about having sexual relationships with some of his workers. this 2010 ad "in bed with the boss" shows charney with two of his employees.
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what do you want to tell other pim who work for american apparel right now. >> beware. i mean, this man's a monster. he's an incredibly manipulative and i just hope that he stops. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting for us. next, the philly police department admits a screw-up of monumental proportions. more than 1,000 botched breathalyzer tests. it's a district attorney's nightmare. could drunk drivers get a free pass? nd just li that, the goal was no longer the end zone... but the coveted blue bag. fumble! [ male announcer ] with so many real chocolate chips you'll never forget the moments that are crammed with joy, chips ahoy!
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years. a similar vote was tried but fail. a staggers number of americans are turning to food banks. it found that nearly 50 million u.s. citizens cannot afford enough food to meet their basic needs. in addition, this report found that more middle class families are seeking aid for the first time? as japan worries about possible nuclear disaster, halfway around the world in washington, d.c., a briefing was held to discuss the situation in japan as well as the upcoming 25th anniversary of the chernobyl accident. a big mess in missile where four breathalyzers used by police have been found to be incorrectly calibrated. what that means here is that over 1100 dui cases need to be reviewed now. >> we screwed up, plain and simple, now we're paying for it. there's one person responsible for calibrating these machines, error was human error. it's inexcusable.
2:24 pm
>> karen de soto, a defense attorney and former prosecutor. he said, they screwed up. how did this happen? is this a common problem? >> yeah its a common problem. in new jersey, a couple years ago we had the same sort of problem. there was a software problem with the calibration and it wasn't just a thousand, it was tens of thousands. so, yes, the equipment need to be updated every month and it's a bit of a process. so, yeah, very common. >> a bit of a process and a bit of a problem. folks may have suspended drivers license, folks jailed what does this mean? >> there's two things that could happen. one thing is, in new jersey, the supreme court wound up say, well, guess what? we're going to use the alcohol test because the calibration was only off .2. so what that means is that people who were in close, let's say, it's .10, if you're .08 for .12, you're going to get off. so there's a certain amount of numbers that are thrown out. so what does that mean for those
2:25 pm
cases that are thrown out? hooray, a handful of people get a free pass. but if the tests are all thrown out, you have to go back to what we did before we had computers which was live witness testimony. so you have to rely on the police officer and his observations, which is what we do, by the way, if somebody refuses the breathalyzer test. >> karen, so we've got the cost of process and you also have the cost of potential civil suits. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. listen, it's usually a defense attorney who comes and discovers that the mechanism is not working correctly. however, the state, this process where the state is churning a lot of revenue and making money off of the dui cases. you're talking about 1,000 cases but when talking about states that have 8 million or 9 million people, that's a large revenue pool for them to draw from. >> i know you're not a technical expert, back to the picture of what we're looking at, the
2:26 pm
machines, do they get offcalibrated that easily and that often? >> yeah, they do. when you try these cases, and last case i tried in this dui probably a couple of months ago, you have to have a certificate, and the equipment has to be tested and calibrated every month and they have to give you a certificate when you go to try these cases saying in fact it was calibrated correctly. so, you know, not technical, i mean, there's a lot of technicalities to the actual machines, but right now, in new jersey, because of the tens of thousands that were in question, they updated the machines and now they have up-to-date machines which pretty much run themselves. so, again, this is a big moneymaker for states. i think we probably know people who have gotten duis. look to your right, look to your left. one of those three people have got ain't dui and it's thousands of dollars. >> a lot of money for defense attorneys, like you, my friend. >> you don't make too much money because you have to try them for
2:27 pm
weeks on end. >> we hope this gets resolved for nev philadelphia. "news nation," ntsb issues new recommendations after a veteran air traffic controller admit his fell asleep on the job. an unprecedented custody case. a california judge is expected to rule whether a paralyzed brain-damaged woman has a right to visit with her children. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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the latest in the kirstie alley versus george lopez fight. details about an incident at reagan airport that forced two planes to land on their own this week. the controller on duty at that time is admitting he was asleep when the pilots radioed the tower. the planes landed safely with the help of controllers at a nearby facility. tom costello joins me now from washington, d.c. what else are you learning now so. >> reporter: a 20-year veteran of the faa, 17 years, by the way at reagan national airport. this was his fourth consecutive overnight shift, we're told. and he was alone in the tower on a 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. shift. this is not unusual. most medium to small airports that don't close overnight but have little, if any, traffic put one controller up in the tower. but this is really caused consternation in washington. within sight of the airport you
2:32 pm
can see the white house. you can see capitol hill. you can see the pentagon. of course this is in a post-9/11 world. why would you put a single controller in that tower at night? of course there were two planes coming in for a landing who were unable to talk to the tower. they went through a series of procedures that allowed them to announce their locations as they descended and landed at the airport. they did follow proper procedures in terms of what a pilot should do in that kind of a situation, for a closed airport. but the trouble is, a lot of air traffic controllers are saying they should have never landed because they didn't know if there was ground traffic on the ramp, on the runway, and didn't flow whether there might be a security issue. might that controller been incapacitated for a security reason. now there's a lot of back and forth whether they should have ever landed to begin with. meanwhile that controller has been suspended for falling asleep. the faa's launched an investigation not just into the incident but the practice at 30
2:33 pm
airports of sole controllers on duty at night. >> a lot of questions going forward. thank you so much. delving right now, moments into canada, opposition parties toppled prime minister harper's government in a no confidence te hdi eovnmt contempt of parliament. canada will move forward with an election. it is expected harp already rule with a smaller majority. less than 12 hours to make a life-altering decision, and the clock is ticking. jared must decide whether to return to tokyo, where he arrive for a new job days before that monstrous quake tore through japan. in order to keep the job, he must go back. what would you do if you were him? we're joined by jared lenz. this is his fourth time joining the "news nation" since the quake. have you spoken to friends that you've been in contact with
2:34 pm
before in japan, based on all of the news that we're hearing today? >> reporter: yeah, i have. there are quite a few people that i got to know in that first week that i've been in community kigs with who are still in japan and the prognosis is very good for our area. there's a lot of reconstruction under way. they are -- the trains basically have been fully restored. the problem with the trains now we are continuing to have rolling plaqueoublackouts whicht the trains when they can go. what i've been told, everything is really rolling along quite well, as far as this area which is just about 20 miles southeast of tokyo. >> that seems surprising, given what we have been hearing in terms of reports. i guess it's the distance you're talking about. you're saying things are working out well, rolling along well, what you're saying, they want you back. >> that's right. i got an e-mail, all of our
2:35 pm
communications is done through e-mail, so, yeah, they said they want is back as soon as possible and want to start getting the park prepared to open. so, do you need to go back or lose your job, that is the ultimatum in front of you right now? >> i mean, to put abluntly, yes, but it's not an ultimatum. the choice is mine. they made it clear before we left if we chose not to come back, there would nobody hard feelings and they wouldn't hold it against us. they have been quite understanding in the situation given just the drastic nature of the whole situation. >> i was watching some of your youtube videos as you were logging your experience after the earthquake happen two weeks ago, and i remember one of the officials telling you that they saw you as family? >> that's right. i think, you know, i included that clip because i feel like, out of everything that was said that was the most important thing to share with people, is that the company that actually owns and operates tokyo disney land is called the oriental land company, and they are in
2:36 pm
partnership with the walt disney company to make tokyo disney land possible. both companies have been very supportive of any decision that we decided to make in light of the situation. the gentleman speaking in the clip, he has family there, very close to the fukushima reactor and he said he wanted to do for us what he couldn't do for them, is offer a way out. >> i want to play what you've posted for folks, for our viewers. >> sure. i feel like i owe my life to the engineers that designed these buildings. i feel like i owe them my life. i really feel like i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> so, clearly, very emotional for you when you were there. and now, as you decide, what are you going to do? are you going to return or stay in florida? >> as of now, i've decided to return. for me, that's been based on
2:37 pm
information that i've been able to gather and sort of process on my own since i've been in the states and removed from the zbags what situation? >> what's that? everybody's concerned about the raeds and i think that radiation. i posted on twitter i'm going back, i posted on facebook i'm returning and a lot of people are concerned about the radiation. there's a book that i read about two years ago out of my own personal interest and it sort of came to me it would have useful information on it. i'm not associated with this guy but the book "physics for future presidents" by a guy named richard muller, a professor of physics at uc berkeley. the book provides incredible information as to what radiation is, how it works, and some numbers that can give you solid information as to what risks are for varying levels of exposure. and the information that i have access to about the amount of
2:38 pm
radiation that's making it to tokyo at this point poses an almost insignificant threat to human life. that's not to say it couldn't change. but as it stands right now, i feel confident in my safety in returning to the tokyo area. obviously i'm not traveling to fukushima. but my job is based in tokyo, and i do feel that with the information that i have now, it's safe to return. >> jarrod lentz heading to the happiest place on earth, disney land in tokyo. all of the best to your friends and relationships in japan. madonna's charity goes belly-up. what happened to the $4 million supposed to be billing a school for impoverished girls? there's a lot going on today. here's some things we thought you should know. gabrielle giffords' husband
2:39 pm
saying gabby wants to be at his shuttle launch next month. kelli said his wife is doing well after being shot in the head in january. >> i'd like her to attend the launch. she wants to attend. she's been looking forward to this for a long time. as one of nasa's biggest supporters in congress, she was really looking forward to having the opportunity to be there. and i think there's a pretty good chance that's going to happen. >> go get her. 99th annual cherry blossom festival kicks off in washington. the celebration marks the 1912 gift of more than 3,000 japanese cherry trees from tokyo. organizers held a fund-raising walk and vigil for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. everyoneas someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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here to stay. the most recent s.a.t. had an essay question about reality s host michael smerconish wrote his own answer to that question. i'm guessing you're not a big reality tv fan. >> this was a bid to improve my s.a.t. score from 30 years ago. i had a lot of fun writing it. people have debated whether it was fair to ask a question because a number of the test takers, they said, well if i don't want reality television, how can i answer the question? yeah, i decided to take a shot at it. no, i don't like reality television. >> i'm a fan of it. but let's, for the folks watching and wonder what the question is on the s.a.t., it says, how authentic can she's shows be when producers design challenges for participants and editors alter filmed scenes and your answer was, michael? >> my answer was, everything is
2:44 pm
typecast, everything is scripted, everything is heavily edited. you know, reality television, i think i said in the column, is about as real as the lips that i see the real housewives of beverly hills. >> you said nose, actually. >> there's nothing real about it. now, i'm going to sound like the grumpy old man when i say i do think there's a harm that comes from it because i think a lot of young people, i worry about our own sons, taking a look at and thinking this is the way the real world functions and then imitating the speech. to me, it's all part of the dumbing down of america. it's fine in short doses for a couple of laughs and giggles. but i would hate to think this how we're representing ourselves. >> michael, since you give your kids, your sons and young folks benefit of the doubt? they're pretty smart. >> well, you can also say i didn't grow up imitating the three stooges, i don't walk around going doink to people i see. david mccullough gave a great
2:45 pm
commencement address a couple of years ago and told graduates stop using the word like, stop saying awesome so often. what's happening, richard, we are taking our cues from television. this is not television imitating real life. it's real life watching this sort of tv and then acting accordingly, and that's where the harm lies, if there is a harm. >> i like that three stooges. of course we don't do that on air, do we? michael smerconish, thank you so much. elizabeth taylor late to her own funeral. george lopez apologizes kirstie ally. madonna's school in malawi is a no go. er erica is in for courtney hazlett. >> elizabeth taylor, late to her own funeral, fashionably late her entire life, even if death. she put instructions that she wanted to be late to her funeral and wanted it to be announced she was arriving late.
2:46 pm
>> she did do that, right? >> she did do that. everyone got a small chuckle. they knew it was classic liz. >> now, george lopez, also in the news regarding kirstie alley. we talked about this earlier. >> he is. after she made her "dancing with the stars" debut, he went on his show, "lopez tonight" and called her a pig, piggy. we know that she's one of the heavier contestants. kirstie fought back. she wasn't going to take it. >> she did and she did tweet on that. >> she did. >> she did say something. i just just remember what happens to the big, bad, drunk wolf, falls in a boiling pot of vodka, piggy laughs what she tweeted. >> looks like krirsty t kirstig the last laugh. she says i don't need or want your apology. i'm fighting back for all women who can't stand you. >> she tweeted after at polthe
2:47 pm
apology. >> she went back to twitter and said i don't accept this. i'm really mad at you. i want that kidney back for your ex-wife and all of the other women you've made mad in your life. >> madonna's plan has a hiccup in malawi. >> madonna's charity raising malawi had earmarked funds for starting a school. a lot of the cash, $3.8 million, funneled for other purposes. executive director may have been using that money to buy a car, a driver, memberships into clubs. now the plans for the school are completely scrapped. >> you hate to hear that. finally, for us, we've got to squeeze in one last one, lindsay? >> lindsay, more lindsay drama. we can't get enough of her. the star is planning to drop her last name. >> what? >> yep. it's not because she wants to see lindsay on the moniker next time she has a movie, is because she wants to distance herself from her dad. her and the family are planning
2:48 pm
to dron tp the lohan. lindsay is just going by lindsay. she joins the ranks of cher and madonna and oprah. >> thank you so much. for the latest entertainment news, be a fan of the scoop on facebook. "news nation" gut check. a judge decided whether a paralyzed mom should be granted visitation rights with her three young kids. their father says it would traumatize them. my ream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. my peppers and broccoli... they really make the dish. cream is really what makes it. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. the crunch... the texture. deliciously rich. delicious. fantastic! flavorful. [ cow moos ] hey, maybe we could... work together? [ female announcer ] introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest. now classics like grilled chicken fettuccini alfredo come with sides of farm-picked vegetables... lightly sauteed with herbs and olive oil. and no preservatives. find more ways to get to the table at
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abbey dorn paralyzed giving birth to triplets in thou2006. her parents have hires attorneys to fight for visitation, after her ex-husband said the children
2:52 pm
would be traumatized by spending too much time with their own mother. a judge has just released his ruling on this. joins by lisa myer, lead attorney for abbie's parents, paul and susan cohen. what do we understand from the decision? what have you heard? >> what i have heard, very briefly, is that we have prevailed, and the court has agreed with us it is in abbey dorn's best interest to have a relationship with her children. we could not be mr pleased at this time. >> do you know what -- any of the specifics in terms of what the judge is going to be allowing the children and abbey to do? >> my understanding is the judge has awarded abbey visitation with her children one time per year for five days, and it's about three hours per day at abbey's home. more importantly, the judge has found that it is very important that the children have their mother in their memory and that
2:53 pm
at all times, dan has to make available a place in their home where they can put up photographs of her. >> dan's argument, the ex-husband that you're alluding to her, is that she is not fit to be a parent, that it is traumatizing for the 4-year-old kids what happen is this argument here more than that? >> i think that dan's argument was, dan wanted to control the situation and dan felt, as the sole, fit parent, he had a right to determine when and if his children were to ever see their mother. the court disagreed, and the court felt now it is in the children's best interest to start having a relationship with their mother, when they are almost 5, as opposed to waiting until they're 6 or 7. >> also, he had said that abbey's parents were unfit. what was the thought behind that? >> i think that the thought behind that is that dan is very upset about the fact that abbey's parents support her in her desire to see the children.
2:54 pm
and i think dan has placed way too much emphasis on susan and paul cohen as opposed to what's in the children's best interests. >> lisa, so that's five days, once a year. is that enough? >> i think it's a beginning. custody in california is always modifiable until the children reach the age of majority. so i'm confident, by the time we go to trial in this case, which should be within the year, that by that time, the children will have developed a very strong attachment and bond with their mother, which will cause the court to increase their time. >> lisa, how is abbey doing? is she aware of what you've been fighting for and the result now? >> i believe, like susan cohen, i believe in miracles, and i believe that abbey does know what's going on. and i believe that when we tell abbey about the result, she will
2:55 pm
have a slow smile on her face. and i know she appreciates everything that we've been doing, her parents have been doing, and all of the public support out there for her. >> power to abbey and her fight, no doubt. a tough one for her at the moment. lisa myer, thank you so much, lead attorney for abbey dorn's parents. what does your gut tell you? did the judge make the right ruling allowing those children to spend time with their paralyzed mother? go to us in should a paralyzed mom get visitation rights? 95% saying yes, 5% saying no. let's take a look at some of your comments, as well. one comment coming in saying that, what about a moral right to see them? guess the words for better or worse ren't in he ex-husba's rrge vo. xlilene sidthis, h, my wo! ian biehomha enender cldnecse ofan aidt tt a doctor
2:56 pm
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[ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. hi, everybody. good afternoon, i'm thomas roberts in for martin bashir on friday, march 25th. here's what's happening. brave and serious, a breach in reactor number three forces evacuation of residents further from the stricken fukushima nuclear plant. radiation levels rise. workers exposed to water 10,000 times more radioactive than normal. hope life to return to normal, gone. live on the scene. plus -- to speak or not to speak? should president obama address the nation on events in libya? that is the question. the answer? critics and allies wait.


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