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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 29, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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landmark case against walmart in the largest action discrimination lawsuit. a year after 11 people were killed in the bp oil disaster manslaughter and perjury charges could soon be filed against companies or managers responsible. and will george clooney and his new girlfriend be dragged into the silvio berlusconi sex scandal and trial? "news nation" is following developing news on the crisis in libya. president obama will be arriving here in new york for an event at u.s. mission to the united nations. his visit comes less than 24 hours after addressing the nation about the u.s. involvement in libya. the president reiterating the u.s. mission in libya is humanitarian and not an attempt to force a regime change. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. we would likely have to put u.s.
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troops on the ground to accomplish that mission. or risk killing many civilians from the air. to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. but regime change there took eight years, thousands of american and iraqi lives, and nearly $1 trillion. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> msnbc's richard wolffe joins us live from the white house. as i mentioned, richard, the president should be landing at jfk in four minutes. interesting observations. this was a surprisingly partisan reaction to a foreign policy speech last night. >> reporter: yes, it is partisan. and that may not be surprising, even to the white house. remember, the president, one of the things he's doing up in new york, campaign fund-raisers. this is campaign season already, and the president is taking fire both from his future potential foes in 2012, but also from his previous foe from people like john mccain. they are all picking holes in
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his leadership, but in the end the white house is confident that the results will speak for themselves. so it's too early to say whether or not the strategy, although it's being improvises, will work or not. >> speaking of strategy, we know the president will conduct a couple of network interviews including with nbc's brian williams. following up on what he said last night, still making the case to the american people. >> reporter: yes, he is making the case, because this case is moving target. and the message we heard, never mind what he says to the angers, including brian williams today, the message we heard out of london and secretary clinton was keeping the pressure on. yes, last night he said we won't do regime change. but actually if you listen to the british prime minister, secretary clinton today, they're taking regime change right up to the line. they're saying there is still military pressure and they will keep diplomatic pressure on two. >> you mentioned some of those who may be running for president against president obama.
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tim pawlenty said for the leader of the free world the united states of america, it is not appropriate to be sitting on the sidelines and watching history unfold without exerting some leadership. sarah palin had the obvious criticism as well. was this the type of speech that >>uld change minds? ng minds. but when you look at what is being deployed, the rhetoric coming out of the president's own mouth doesn't matter what's happening in air around libya. the amount of pressure that there is, the amount of diplomatic leadership there is from america suggests that america is taking aleadership position, no matter what the president says. in libya, rebels are losing ground in what's being called the fearest fighting in the conflict so far. rebels battling to gain control of gadhafi's hometown of sirte. joining us live from benghazi, nbc news chief foreign correspondent, richard engel.
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the. >> reporter: rebels haven't been -- they haven't been battling so much as they have been retreating. about the rebels advanced very quickly earlier this week, over the weekend. until they reach the outskirts of sirte. in sirte, which is gadhafi's hometown, he is really digging in. rebels say he is putting in land mines, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. he's set up artillery. he's set up his tanks. today gadhafi was moving his front line forward, pushing back the rebels and the rebels didn't seem to try to hold their ground at all. they got into their cars and beat a very chaotic and very quick retreat. the rebel leaders are saying this is a tactical retreat. they want to have a more secure front line that they can supply with weapons, that they can supply with fuel instead of just rushing to meet gadhafi's forces head on and being forced backwards. >> richard engel, live for us with the latest of what's
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happening on the ground in benghazi, libya, right outside of there. secretary of state hillary clinton is in london, where she's been meeting with international leaders, members of the arab league, african union, and the foreign ministers of about 40 countries, all in talks to increase pressure on gadhafi. >> we know long-term progress in libya will not be accomplished through military means. all of us have to continue the pressure on and deepen the isolation of the gadhafi regime. this includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to gadhafi he must go. >> earlier today, secretary clinton separately, with a libyan opposition lead, it was their second meeting in the past two weeks. meantime, a senior administration official tells nbc news, nato will likely not take control of the overall mission in libya on wednesday, as president obama announced last night. rather, the handover is now expected to be delayed by a day
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or two. joining us live, the director of research at the brookings institution doah center. he joins us via skype. let me get your reaction to how the president laid out the case for why the united states is involved in this campaign in libya. >> well, sure. i mean, i think he made a pretty clear-cut case, if the u.s. didn't intervene we would have seen the massacre of thousands in benghazi, and that's certainly the case. gadhafi's forces were advancing. so that's definitely part of it. but obama also made the broader point that libya is part of a region that is of great strategic interest to the u.s. and what happens in libya affects other countries in the region. so it's a mixture of an appeal to values and interests. >> as you point out, the president mentioned egypt and tunisia, libya being in the middle of those two, and how this could are an impact beyond
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libya. what about the questions that many have, and i have to bring up, it was just today the entire syrian cabinet resigned amid the continued unrest there. what about the case the president made that you have a responsibility to act but obviously you cannot act in all situations. he's focused on libya at this particular time, this particular country, because there was a direct threat, immediate threat to thousands of people there. >> this is where it gets dicey. and this is where there are charges of hypocrisy and double standards. if the u.s. has a responsibility to act where there are atrocities against civilians, why not syria? why not bahrain? why not yemen? and let's keep in mind that yemen and bahrain are close u.s. allies but all we've seen there is u.s. condemnation and little more than rhetoric. so the question is, how is obama going to apply this policy of inconvenienting in support of the rights of protesters
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elsewhere? and this is going to be the big challenge he faces in devicing a grand strategy for the middle east. >> also quickly, the president referring to this is not about regime change. he brought up iraq saying it took eight years and thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly $1 trillion. this is not about regime change, it's a humanitarian effort. >> well, yes. i mean, it's very clear that iraq haunts the obama administration and that they're very concerned about the parallels to iraq. so that's why obama kept on saying, this is an operation limited in scope, and we keep on hearing that theme. so it's very clear that obama's trying to steer a middle course between too much intervention and too little intervention. >> all right. thank you so much. we greatly appreciate your time, yet again, on "news nation." thank you. another big story, protesters rallying outside of the supreme court in support of women involved in the largest class action discrimination
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lawsuit ever. a group of women claims walmart gave them less and gave them fewer promotions than male employees for more than ten years. nbc's pete williams is live at score with the latest. at least the early word, the supreme court justices appear to be closely divided. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: i'd say that's right. i would say divided probably in more in favor of walmart than the women. i think it's always risky to base a prediction on how the justices are going to vote, based on their questions, but they did seem bothered that this large class of women, could potentially be 1.5 million people suing walmart, lacked the essential ingredient of a class-action lawsuit, which is something in common. the justices were looking for what is it that walmart's central policy was that gave rise to this discrimination? women claim that walmart basically had a policy of hands off, delegating important decisions about pay and
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promotions to individual store managers and that they say, allowed gender stereotypes to seep in and influence the job decisions. but the justices seem to suggest that it takes more than that, that walmart, of course, did have an anti-discrimination policy which the women say basically was lip service but the justices seem to think it takes something more, that there had to be some more thing that would bind all of these women together in a class action, and they seemed to suggest it was lacking. based on that, you know, it does seem likely guess that the court will not uphold this class action. so that will leave the women the option of trying to come together wisay, there's another issue here, and that is can the women seek money? can they only ask for a court order that walmart discriminated or can they also seek back pay? that's another issue here today. >> thank you very much, pete williams live from the supreme
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court with latest on this monumental case. i'll talk with one of the women suing walmart, stephanie helped start this case almost ten years ago. a minnesota man is letting it all hang out as he moves into a glass apartment for a month in the middle of a mall. why is he doing this? i'm going to talk with him live in a few minutes. plus -- >> somebody asked me today, could i see your birth certificate? i had it in my hands in less than an hour. >> after a week of questioning president obama's birth certificate, donald trump releases his own but there's a problem. we'll explain, ahead. an investigation is under way into the public school test scores in washington, d.c., after an unusually high number of answers are changed from wrong answers to right ones. a hearing expected to take place next week. the latest on the cheating allegations and the scandal.
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welcome back to "news nation." following breaking news right now out of chicago where 11 people are in the hospital after two gunmen opened fire, causing a bus to crash. this happens 9:30 local time this morning. witnesses say two men jumped out of a red truck and started firing at another vehicle. that car then hit the bus, causing the bus to crash. officials say the victims were not hurt by the gunshots but by the accident. there are reports maybe two people were more seriously injured in this, perhaps critically injured. no word on the suspects. just last week the police chief announced he's moving 400 police officers back to beats in anticipation of a spike in violence now that the weather is getting warmer.
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moments ago a house committee in ohio approves a measure to limit the collective bargaining rights for 350,000 teachers, firefighters, and other public employees. john yang is following the store from our chicago bureau. another city in the midwest but more outrage regarding collective bargaining. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. this vote was 9-6 along strict party lines. democrats voting against it. this goes to the full ohio house. they have to send it back to the senate because they made some changes in this bill in the house committee. the senate which passed it earlier by a 17-16 vote. they had to carefully craft those changes to make sure it wouldn't upset that very slim margin they have in the ohio state senate. they had some changes to the bill that made it tougher, made it easy for public workers to
2:17 pm
withhole union dues, not have them deducted from their paycheck and also not have money to go into the union's political action committees come out of their paychecks. there were 450 protesters on hand today chanting "kill the bill" and watching as the house committee voted on this. when this bill is signed by the governor, before it can go into effect, it is very likely that it will go to a referendum before the voters. >> right. >> reporter: this november. so they're going to have the final say on this bill, tamron. >> john yang with a live update on what happened in ohio today. months after men died in the explosion, could charges be filed? it tops our look around stories around the nation. federal prosecutors are considering whether to pursue manslaughter charges against bp managers for the decisions they made before the gulf well explosion last year. the explosion set off what would
2:18 pm
become the biggest offshore spill in our country's history. and the fbi's now investigating what caused a hole in the fuselage of a us airways plane. a pilot making a preflight inspection of the plane found the hole in the rear of the aircraft. the plane just arrived from philadelphia when damage was discovered. >> dra mat ingains on standardized tests in public schools a result of someone making changes? according to a ""usa today" investigation, high scoring schools had extraordinarily high numbers of eraser marks correcting wrong answers. experts say the rates should have triggered aan investigation. hears are expected to take make next week. the report in the "usa today," in her words, lacks credibility. ♪
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welcome back to "news nation." take a look at this video. we've got interesting video to show you this minnesota man has decided to live literally behind glass and he says it's to send a message about obesity. his name is scott, and he's taking part in this rather unusual social experiment. for one month he's living inside a glass apartment in the mall of america where shoppers will be able to watch him eat, exercise, and really try to stay fit. here to talk to us about this is scott jorgenson. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. good to see you. >> i can hear the kids screaming at the mall, which is funny in itself. how did you decide to do this? how did this come up? >> blue cross of minnesota was looking for somebody who could work from home, had a flexible
2:23 pm
schedule, wanted a lifestyle change. sounded good to plea. we found out it was a glass box in front of the world, i had a talk with my wife, sounded like a good thing, and here i am. >> are you being paid for this? >> i do get a slight stipend. i put some other commitments on hold for a month but i'm here because i want to make a change. i truly have not exercised 15-plus years and started 12 days ago. >> how many years? >> 15 plus goods. >> you look good considering you haven't worked out in 15 plus years. keep it going. how much weight would you like to lose? >> honestly, people have asked me that and i like to lose weight like anybody. for me, it's cholesterol. my last two physicals i -- my blood pressure was okay, my resting heart rate was fine, glucose was okay and both doctors came back last two times said your cholesterol's way out of whack.
2:24 pm
i said i lost weight and eater better. do you exercise, eat healthy? the answer was, no, and here i am. >> you haven't worked out in 15 years. was it the life, busy, you're working, you've got your wife. i don't know if you have children -- >> yeah. >> but too busy to work out? >> i didn't think of myself as lazy. that was the truth. and i mean, i hit the health club probably three, four different times over that period. i went for about two weeks, did the treadmill, walked around, changed the seat on some equipment but nerve of sustains a workout, zero pattern. if you go back to the day one video that's online on my facebook page i can't even believe the difference. i had to stop after 20 seconds. >> have you noticed a difference in the -- i won't ask you your weight, but the disease of your clothing. >> i don't mind my weight. i started this out at 254 and at the end of the thing i am going to weigh myself. i'm curious but i can already
2:25 pm
tell, just my energy level seems to sustain. i'm able to talk through these physical activities. the audience and the world and the support that i receive from people as they vote for physical activities i do, it's unreal. it's so real. >> what is your date that you're done? what's the date? we want to follow up with you? >> yeah. 30 days. i get out on the 16th. i've got 18 days to go. i had to look, sorry. >> well you know what? we wish you the best of luck. i'm going to vote on what exercise that i'd like to see you do well. i'll live vicariously through you. thank you, scott. >> thanks so much, everybody. >> good luck. incredible hand-held video shot by a california man who was buried upside down alive in a snowboarding accident. wait until you hear it. >> that groan and images are
2:26 pm
from james drummond, struggling to free himself from six feet of snow in mountain shasta in california. drummond was on a ski run when he fell head first into a tree well. stuck upside down. his arms pinned to his side. he was able to reach his cell phone when his wife called him. take a listen. >> i'm stuck in a tree well. give them my phone number. >> are you serious? >> i'm going to die if they don't find me. >> are you serious? >> call them! give them -- >> where are you? >> give them my number. >> best part is his wife saying, are you serious. despite her disbelief they are able to call the ski patrol. they arrived 30 minutes later to pull drummond to safety. unbelievable. japan says it is at a maximum alert level as it monitors its nuclear crisis. there are new concerns today over the spread of radiation and the ability to stabilize the
2:27 pm
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welcome back to "news nation." headlines right now, maximum a alett alett alett aletter, how japan is monitoring its crisis. supreme court justices take up a landmark case against walmart. i'll talk live to one of the women who started the lawsuit and also a walmart representative. officials at bronx zoo are sure their missing egyptian cobra is in the snake house and they're going to locate the snake soon. it seems the snake has been busy on the internet. i'll explain. george clooney could be dragged into the sex scandal surrounding italian prime minister silvio berlusconi. japan's nuclear emergency is degreeing more dire with every passing minute. a day after experts confirmed a partial meltdown at fukushima
2:31 pm
reactors the prime minister says his government is on, quote, maximum alert. even now, there's no official plan in place to contain the radiation that continues to spill from the site. power has been restored at the plant, tens of thousands of who people who used to live nearby stuck in shelters waiting to be checked for radiation. they may never be able to return home again. the disaster is also drawing attention on capitol hill where members of the nuclear regulatory commission testified about its plans to do a safety review of america's 104 nuclear plants. but despite traces of japanese radiation found in monitoring stations across the u.s., experts say there's no cause for alarm. >> we feel confident, based on the current data from bond terring at nuclear power plants and through the environmental protection agency system, that there is no reason for concern in the u.s. regarding radioactive releases from japan.
2:32 pm
>> in just a few hours, speaker of the house boehner andhe hoe p adsh will scs e ea binlin vionin theeblan rtfo abito compromise. n there are ten days left before a government shutout britain brings some problems. >> i spoke with the white house this morning, conversation going with the white house and the republican leadership in the house, and i think this matter with a little bit of good fortune could move down the road the next day or two to get us to a point to have something done. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell covers capitol hill for us. factor in the discussion of the costs of the effort, u.s. involvement in libya, this could come up in the budget debate as well. >> reporter: it certainly is
2:33 pm
being talked but because there isn't a hard number on what the involvement in libya will cost but everyone here understands it will be a big number. and when you refer to majority leader reid's comments this morning, soft spoken and a bitten couraging, that happened before a new piece of news, and that is t"the new york times" reporting on a conference call with reporters where senate democrats were going to talk about the budget issue. and senator chuck schumer, who is in leadership, was talking to his colleagues, encouraging them to use the word "extreme" when referring to republicans and their process. apparently not realizing that reporters were already on the line and listening. now republicans have jumped on that saying that it shows the democrats are not serious about the budget cutting process and trying to save money while reaching some sort of agreement. you've got the warring points of view here where democrats have said that tea party is to blame, holding back republicans, and now republicans are saying that the democrats are caught up in trying to brand republicans as
2:34 pm
extreme. so that's the political fight going on. sources we talked to in both parties say the substancetive discussions are continuing because everyone knows the stakes here, the government potentially shutting down if they can't get their act together. the goal is a big one, trying to fun the government for the remainder of the year while finding cuts and clearly that's been very hard to do. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill for us. returning now to the landmark case in front of the supreme court right now. at this very moment, the justices are considering the merits of the largest employment discrimination lawsuit in american history. a suit brought against walmart by a group of women, including current and former employees. a rally is under way in front of the supreme court building. show of support for the women in the case. stephanie is one of the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit and joins us now. in fact she started this fight nearly a decade ago and joins us live from washington with her attorney, brad sigelman. thank you for joining us.
2:35 pm
stephanie, tell me what happened to you or what you say happened to you with walmart. >> one of the biggest things that happened was when i found out a male manager was making i think $10,000 more a year than i was and i went to my district manager and asked him for a raise and he said, well, he has a wife and kids to support. i said, i'm a single mother and he said, well i tell you what, why don't you write a budget out and submit it to us and we'll roll it up and see what we can do, and so i did atnd eing t was greatful thinking, look, i used open door, they helped me out, and then come to find out he's still making like $8,000 more a year than i am. >> brad, from what we're hearing
2:36 pm
today the justices, some of them, have suggested they're having trouble with a lower court decision allowing this class-action lawsuit to proceed. in fact, justice kennedy said that he's, quote, a high court would be unsure what the unlawful policy is that walmart engaged in >>all, the simplest policies they in fact did pay women in every region of the country less than men, despite the fact they had more seniority and better performance. but they also relied on an unwritten system, a subjective decision making system, and the court for 25 years held those systems can be challenged under our discrimination laws. >> one of the questions next is obviously if you're not successful here, will you attempt to, for example, get backpay stephanie? what is the plan of action if the supreme court says that this is not the way forward, they do not believe it should be a
2:37 pm
class-action lawsuit, which is what they are deciding? >> for -- for me? what's the next step? you know, i started this when my daughter was 3 years old and she was on the steps of the supreme court with me today at the age of 14, and i have seen the difference that we've made in just this short amount of time and that was my promise to her, was that i was going to make a difference and she wasn't going to have to go through what we have been through. so legality, that's on him. i don't know. but i can tell you that we have -- we have made a big difference and we have changed the future. >> after the hearing, the women standing on the steps, when they were asked that question said, simply, we're not giving up and so does for the legal team in this case. we can't predict what the supreme court will do. this case has made a difference,
2:38 pm
is going to continue to make a difference and we're not going to go away. walmart would like to wave a wand and preten it's immune from lawsuit. we'll show that's not true. >> thank you for sharing what happened to you when you were an employee. let's go to the executive vice president of people for walmart. thaechg y thank you for your time. let me get you to respond to what the attorney who said, brad who represents stephanie, walmart believes it is too big to be sued here. >> you know, that's simply not the case. we've -- at walmart we've had a long history of providing advancement opportunities for women. i think about my own personal career, starting with walmart in 1992 as a management trainee and in less than four years i was selected to be a store manager. since then my career has
2:39 pm
continued to advance and grow. our policies against discrimination are very strong. they have been in place long before the lawsuit was filed. i remember learning about those policies in '90 and '92, and we've been teaching them ever since. the fact grfo womenowork. >> women believe walmart was unfair to them. why do you believe walmart should not be subjected to this class-action lawsuit. and in your estimation is this unfair? >> well, it's simply that the claims that the three plaintiffs are trying to -- are making right now do not represent the experiences of over 1.5 million associates. i mean, i -- the question that i get most frequently when women of a. approach me, as i visit stores, is, this has not been my experience. i've had very positive experiences at walmart.
2:40 pm
much like my own experience. and they can't fairly represent the experiences of all women at walmart. >> justice ruth bader ginsburg said at this stage of lawsuit the i've is not proving discrimination but showing enough evidence to go forward. we're talking about getting a foot in the door, a standard she called not hard to meet. right now there are some predicting that this could fall in favor of walmart, no one knows at this point. but at least you have one justice saying that walmart should be able to face these claims in a trial. >> i kapcan't really talk to th legal part of the lawsuit. what i can say is we felt like today we had strong arguments that we presented in front of the court and we were pleased to present those arguments in front of the court. at the end of the day, walmart has had these policies in place. we've had a long history of developing and advancing women through leadership programs, through mentoring, and if you don't take our word for it,
2:41 pm
we've been recognizes by outside organizations for being a great place to work for women. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate you joiningus. >> today's "news nation" gut check how's this for a promotion? a radio shack store in montana, they're offering you a free gun if you seen up for dish network satellite tv. the manager of the store will join me live. but first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. well, a note to donald trump. if you're going to release your birth certificate and ask the president to do the same, you got to make sure you provide the right document. according to politico, the document donald trump provided to reporters was not actually an official certificate approved by the city registrar but rather annan official notice issued from the hospital. in case you're wonder, trump was born -- that's not right. need a friend in your corner?
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why not call on the sexiest man alive. prime minister berlusconi has called george clooney among his defense witnesses for his trial next month. berlusconi accused of sleeping with a prostitute.
2:43 pm
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2:45 pm
hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts in for martin bashir. at the top of the hour the producer of the controversial new kennedy miniseries does the portrayal of jfk and jackie bear any resemblance to the truth? welcome back to "news nation." and the bronx zoo is sending experts back into the reptile house today to hunt down this poisonous cobra that's been on
2:46 pm
the run since -- he wasn't on the run, he's missing since friday. the 20-inch egyptian cobra has venom strong enough to kill a human but then zoo insists it's probably hiding out somewhere. nbc's peter alexander live in new york city at the bronx zoo. incredib incredible. if the cobra get hungry, that cobra will venture out. >> reporter: it's safe to say, it's not on the run, maybe on the slither, at least for the last five day flouz. they believe it is locked inside a safe, nonpublic area of the reptile house. easy to say, not comfortable to hear. they have locked off that area, so it's closed to the public. in a dark, warm space, they say. when it gets hungry and thirsty, that's when they hope to catch it. this story has evolved. darwin would be proud, the snake story has grown legs. it's online all over the place with someone tweeting as the bronx zoo's cobra, 55,000
2:47 pm
followers. the recent tweet writing, on top of the empire state building. all of the people look like little mouse down there. delicious little mice down there. tweeted us a short time ago writing to peter at nbc news, don't turn around, i'm right behind you, just kidding. half out loud. easy for him her to say. >> i know you well, you could probably find that snake, if needed. we'll see. >> reporter: we'll do it at the sea lion tank. >> as long as i get exclusive video. controversy over george clooney's girlfriend and silvio berlusconi. more ahead. courtn courtn courtney hazlett is here with the scoop. late breaking details on george clooney. grgclney. asou kno hs en lst as wiesfothefse in the berlusconi trial. i just received moments a statement from george clooney's publicist saying, from george clooney, it seems odd since i've
2:48 pm
only berlusconi once and that was an attempt to get aid to darfur. that is george clooney via his publicist making it sound like there's absolutely nothing to be called for the witness. >> the implication, berlusconi's accused of having she's bunga-bunga parties, wild sex parties including underage women. >> possibly george clooney, who is known as a lady's man to some extent but he has serious, long-term girlfriends, could be involved with that. so george from his own mouth saying not happening. the black swan body double controversy continues. >> continues. the person who was the body double for natalie portman in "black swan" sarah lane, she was the person you saw in a majority of the dance scenes. natalie portman as you saw her was often her body with natalie's digitized face while
2:49 pm
the film director's coming out saying that cannot be possible. he issued a statement saying had my editor count shots there are 139 dance shots, 111 are natalie portland untouched, 28 dance double, sarah lane. do the mants, that's 80% nationnatalie portland. would you anyone do this? if you believe that story, wait, maybe she didn't deserve that oscar. it's safe to say she'll be keeping it. "mad men" -- sorry. did i skip ahead? what's going to happen to the next season? looking like it's going to be delayed to 2012. >> 2012? >> 2012. there is a dispute ongoing between matt winer the show runner and amc and lions gate. they've green lit the season to begin in 2012 but that has been done without everythinger be settled yes. things have not -- sorry, amc want there's to be two fewer minutes of the television show
2:50 pm
presumably to put ads in there. they also want more product placement and matt, i'm being told, is holding out for more money, too. sad to see the show go because of some things that i think there are are already productfe., thank you. for the latest entertainment news, logon to or be a fan of the scoop on facebook. "news nation" gut check, doozy today. one radio shack store getting creative with marketing, offering afree gun if you buy satellite tv. [ an who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk.
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is offering a free gun to customers who sign up for satellite tv. we have a picture of the store in hamilton, montana. customers who qualify can get a pistol or .20 gauge shotgun. joining us, manager of the radio shack. thank you, fabian, for your time. >> thank you. >> so what kind of response have you gotten at the store? >> local response we've been getting a lot of positive feedback. guns are not something -- they're popular around here. i mean, the whole state of montana, vast majority of the households, people do have guns around here. so local responses have been extremely positive. >> 90% of the residents own a gun, according to the information out there. let me ask you, dish network, the satellite service that you're provide, what was their reaction? did the store stro contato char
2:55 pm
and say this is what we want to do with your company? >> i've been working with dish network for over two months creating a commercial. dish is neutral, as far as the whole gun thing, neither pro nor against. we've been following guidelines and making everything according to their rules and we'll be following everything they told us to do. they're all for it there people have to pass a background check and according to one article that i have here, at least two people contacted your store and they lost interest when they found out they had to go through a background check and they've been convicted felons? >> that's right. yeah. if you're buying a gun off the counter, you have to pass an fbi background check. i've had a couple of guys that called in and asked about the whole promotion and i explained it to them, they have to meet
2:56 pm
our qualifications and once you meet qualifications you are to go to the store. we don't handle the guns. you have to go to the gun store, pass an fbi background check and receive the gun. we don't handle the guns here at all. >> i'm out of time. appreciate you coming on. fabian levy with radio shack. if you done want the gun, they'll give you $50 coupon for pizza. what does your gu tegut tell yo? you connect the dots. go to to cast your vote. yesterday's gut check, should abercrombie & fitch be selling a padded bikini top for girls as young as 7 years old? 79% said no. 21% say yes. abercrombie issued say statement aing we've recategorized the ashley it and sum as padded. we agree with those who say it's best suited for girls age 12 and older. i'm tamron hall. see you tomorrow. next thomas roberts in for martin bashir.
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