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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 12, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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right now on "news nation" -- >> roll the emergency trucks at mike, we've been hit by air france. >> a collision on the runway between the world's largest passenger plane and a smaller commuter jet. both filled with passengers. the faa is now investigating why the planes were so close and who is at fault. developing political news, new details on what will be cut as a result of that budget deal struck last week. and 34mitt romney is officially in for 2012 but why did a former republican senator say this about the other republicans flirting with running. >> i'm not saying the people were homophobic, anti-women, you know, moral values while you're diddling your secretary, while you're giving a speech on moral values. come on. >> investigators are analyzing remains found late monday to determine if they belong to victims of a serial killer targeting women in new york. a live report is ahead.
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and a big battle over "atlantis," "endeavour," and "enterprise." we'll talk with an official at one of the museums who is pretty happy right now. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following new details on that frightening plane collision at jfk. the faa is investigating and they're expected to speak to pilots and crew members from those planes as they assess the physical damage. luckily no one was hurt. look at the video. it shows an air france jetliner one of the largest commercial air jetliners in the world clipping the tail of a much smaller plane as it tries to pass behind it. here is some of the chatter between the control tower and the pilots involved in the incident. >> tower, comair 562 send the trucks. they just hit us at mike.
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>> attention all emergency equipment, respond call 3-2 at taxiway alpha and mike. >> roll the emergency trucks at mike, we've been hit by air france. >> super a380, i understand he believes he hit the regional jet and i understand they are ev evacuating the regional jet. tom, to give our audience some perspective, this airbus a-380 is so big it can only land at certain airports, jfk obviously being one of them. >> reporter: it's described as a super jumbo jet and to give you an idea of how big it is, its wingspan is about 80 yards, almost the size of an american football field. now, the faa investigators are definitely going to be breaking down those transmissions because at one point it seems the pilot of the air france flight and the air-traffic controller are not on the same page. luckily nobody was injured and luckily this accident happened when it did. a few seconds earlier and that airbus 380 would have ran over that commuter jet like it was a speed bump and i say speed bump
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because that's how a passenger on the air france flight described the collision. he was sitting just behind the left wing, the wing that clipped the tail of that delta flight, and he described it as basically a speed bump because the flight was so big, so massive, hitting that little jet felt like nothing. here is how he describes it. >> out of my peripheral vision i see this smaller plane twist like a top, you know. it was unbelievable. and almost instantly the plane came to a roaring halt, and everybody is kind of like freaking out. >> reporter: so there were 60 people on that delta flight. nearly 500 on the air flans flight. again, nobody injured. the faa is trying to determine who is at fault because neither air france or delta is owning up to clearly what was on accident. they have taken care of their
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passengers, they put them up in hotels or paid for the extra travel costs. tamron, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. now to the spending showdown on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote tomorrow on the budget deal that averted a government shutdown on friday. we're now getting a good look at exactly what's being cut. $5.5 billion from labor, health, and education programs. $12 billion from transportation and housing, and $784 million from homeland security. meantime, president obama is gearing up for his big speech tomorrow when he will reveal his plan to cut the nation's deficit. he's expected to call for the end of the bush era tax cuts for households making more than $250,000 a year and a briefing only moments ago white house press secretary jay carney would not give specifics on the president's plan, only that there needs to be a balanced approach. >> he wants to have this conversation about how we can get our fiscal house in order and how we can take a balanced
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approach towards reducing our deficit in the long term while protecting the investments which will enable us to grow in the 21st century which in turn will help us reduce our deficit and debt. >> and joining me now is republican senator orrin hatch of utah. he's also the top republican on the senate finance committee. senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> happy to be with you. >> before we get to the president's speech tomorrow and his proposal, i want to get your reaction to senator rand paul is urging on colleagues in the senate to vote against this deal that was struck on friday saying that it is not enough when it comes to cuts. he says the much ballyhooed 2011 continuing resolution will leave the federal government $1.6 trillion more than it takes in. do you agree with him in that there could be a no vote on thursday? >> well, he's right on that, but i just want to praise speaker boehner because actually what he succeeded in doing in this matter is turning this around to
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where everybody now knows it's a matter of spending. it's not a matter of anything else. it's a matter of spending and borrowing and just wrecking this country. now, as far as senator paul goes, i have some feelings that way, too. i don't think we've gone far enough -- >> so are you going to follow his lead and vote against the compromise? >> well, i don't follow anybody's lead around here, but i can say this, that i'm certainly looking at it. i'm not real happy about it because, like you say, it's less than 1% of the total budget and the budget is out of control right now. so i've got to look at it. i'm studying it. i hope the president tomorrow comes up with a real plan rather than just a bunch of platitudes and punting the ball away again and saying you fix it, congress. i think we've got to have presidential leadership to get anything done. >> and, senator, with all due respect, the reason why i say following his lead is that senator paul is the person who put it in writing and sent out the letter to colleagues urging members of the senate, especially republicans, to vote
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against the deal. he's on record saying that he will vote against it. that's why i use the phrasing follow his lead. i also want to factor in, as you well know and we've discussed this before, that members of the tea party have set you up as a target for lack of a better description in that they believe you've compromised too much with democrats in the past. >> well, of course, there are some who feel that way. there are others in the tea party who feel otherwise who realize that my 34 years as a conservative have been pretty d doggone solid years. be that as it may, i will make this decision after thoroughly looking a the it. as of now i'm worried about it not doing enough. i think we have to send some messages to the administration and everybody else that we have to get serious about spending, and i think that's one thing that's coming out of this. speaker boehner deserves a lot of credit for getting that done. >> senator hatch, we greatly appreciate your time. we will be discussing the battle ahead. thank you.
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and part of the budget deal puts renewed restrictions on how washington, d.c., can spend its taxpayer money. the mayor was so angry they actually ended up arrested along withself other people. mayor vincent gray was hauled away by police while he and a group of protesters blocked the street in front of a senate office building. under the deal washington, d.c., will not be able to use its tax dollars on abortions for low income women. the mayor says the restrictions are unacceptable. mayor gray was released seven hours after his arrest. and many democrats are saying they're happy that a shutdown was averted, but not very happy with the deal the president made. joining me is emmanuel cleaver of missouri. he's one of the financial services committee and chairman of the congressional black caucus. thank you so much for joining us, congressman. >> good to be with you. >> it's interesting we're still talking about this deal when there was great celebration on both sides friday, late friday night, early saturday morning, and here we're hearing from senator rand paul and some republican members of the house
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who are already planning to vote against this deal. what do you make of what's happening now? >> well, the deal wasn't completely known until the white house and those involved began to leak the details out. in fact, most members of the house don't know exactly what was agreed to at this point right now live talking to you. so we know that some of the things that came out were not particularly pleased with. one of them you just spoke about, and that is the deal allows republicans to draw attention to some of their red meat social issues, one of them being the district of columbia, restricting what the municipality can do. as a former mayor, i think it's absolutely insulting, particularly when you consider the fact that republicans talk about limited government and here they are imposing the will of the federal government on a
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municipality that was completely okay with paying taxes to provide services to women. >> congressman cleaver, some of the other details, the spending bill would maintain the maximum pell grant award for low income students at $5,500 but it would end new pell grant programs for summer school students. we also talk about planned parenthood is no longer named specifically but there are cuts to health services for family planning and places that provide family planning services outside of planned parenthood. with that said, here we are still talking about this agreement made friday and you have the debt ceiling battle and we're waiting to hear what the president has to say about entitlements, cuts to perhaps medicare, medicaid, and social security. also, as i just said, a cut in taxes for people who make below $250,000. if we're still looking back at friday, how can we ever expect as voters to see some kind of resolution or bipartisan agreement on those two very contentious issues moving ahead? >> well, i think that every
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member of congress who is sane understands we have got to cut the budget and we've got to reduce spending. the issue is whether or not we can do that without placing all of the burden on the backs of the vulnerable population, and the vulnerable population today is not, even though i represent the congressional black caucus, just african-americans or latinos. the null verable population includes people who were middle class just two years ago, that worked for the post office. they worked for municipal governments, they worked for the federal government. they worked for corporations that downsized. they're teachers, firefighters, police officers, and they have lost everything they have including their home and we're saying, yes, we have to balance the budget. we've got to reduce the deficit, and we're going do it on the programs that you need in order to survive, and i can't vote for that and i don't think many of the congressional black caucus members or the hispanic caucus will vote for it and hopefully the people of goodwill will be absolutely against what is being left out here. planned parenthood, i hope the public understands, does not get
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money for abortions, and yet there was this agreement about planned parenthood although as you have mentioned it was not named. keep in mind the hyde amendment said that abortions could never be performed with federal dollars and in spite of that, when you hear people debate this issue, they talk about federal dollars being spent for abortions and that can't happen. >> we hope to hear your reaction regarding the president's big speech tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. congressman emmanuel cleaver thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. >> absolutely. wisconsin congresswoman tammy baldwin is asking attorney general eric holder to investigate the state's supreme court race. when last tuesday's election ended, the race was too close to call. progressive candidate joanne kloppenburg appeared to have won by a razor thin margin but two days later a county clerk admitted to a bombshell announcement that she'd actually forgotten to report 15,000 votes giving the conservative incumbent a sudden 7,500 vote
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advantage. baldwin says she fears political interests are manipulating these results. the justice department says it is reviewing the matter. coming up, will the justice department investigate those results, we'll have more details for you on it. and a mother is found gilley of attempted murder for withholding chemotherapy medicine from her own child battling cancer. she said she believes the side effects will kill her son. and japan raises the severity of its nuclear crisis to the highest level putting it on par with chernobyl. what does this mean? we'll have a live report. for pain?
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welcome back, everyone, to "news nation." police are working to determine
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if two new sets of bones found on long island in new york are actually human and the victims of possibly a serial killer. today investigators look for clues by helicopter. if the remains are human, they would bring the number of bodies found near jones beach in the last four months to ten. nbc's ron allen is live on long island, and, ron, give us some more insight into what investigates are saying, at least regarding the space they're covering right now. >> reporter: well, they've called off the search for today and it's unclear when and if they will continue this. there are some indications that the authorities feel like they have enough to work with now and that they don't need to continue searching this area, an area that's anywhere from five to seven miles long, for more bodies. at this point they have only been able to identify four sets of remains, and those are four women who are believed to be prostitutes and it's believed that they were probably killed by the same murderer.
2:18 pm
then we have six more sets of remains that have been found in recent weeks and two as you pointed out yesterday. unclear whether some of them are human, unclear what cause of death there might have been, unclear whether they're men or women, although we do now understand that one set of remains apparently is, in fact, a small child, a toddler of some age who was found wrapped in a blanket next to an adult body. that's significant because it seems to break the pattern of what we thought was happening here, which was someone attacking prostitutes, women. so, again, this case continues to take some bizarre twists and turns every day. for now it's very much a forensic exploration as they try to identify these bodies, determine causes of death, and see where that leads them. and, again, there's still the pocket there might be more bodies out here. >> nbc's ron allen live for us on long island in new york. thank you very much, ron. and developing news right now. egyptian officials say former president hosni mubarak was
2:19 pm
hospitalized today in the red sea resort town of al shake. he was taken to the hospital on the same day he was summoned to be questioned by prosecutors concerning allegations of corruption and abuse of power. mubarak stepped down two months ago after the uprising that forced an end to his three decades' long reign as president. still ahead, final landing pad. nasa announcing where the are he tiring shuttles will make their new homes. plus president obama's sister has a message for the birthers. what she thinks about the conspiracy theory surrounding her brother's birthplace. ♪ what do you see yourself doing after you do retire? client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize. "i better start doing something." we open up that box.
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some developing news to tell
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you about. less than an hour ago nasa announced where the three retiring space shuttles plus the prototype shuttle "enterprise" will go on display. >> first, here at the kennedy space center where every shuttle mission has george nated we'll showcase my old friend "atlantis." [ cheers and applause ] the california science center in los angeles where the shuttle was developed and from where its construction was managed will be the new home of the shuttle on the launchpad preparing its final mission, "endeavour." [ cheers and applause ] the smithsonian's national air and space museum in virginia will get "discovery" and new york city's inprep pid seer and
2:24 pm
space museum on whose flight deck mercury and gemini modules and flight crews were returned to us after splashdown will get "enterprise." >> nbc's jay gray joins us now from the kennedy space center. jay, it's so interesting, we were supposed to talk with the folks at the "intrepid" but new they're super busy. you have 21 museums and centers who sought these shuttles knowing it will bring in many visitors. >> reporter: nasa had said all along it wanted to spread these spacecraft geographically so as many people as possible could get a firsthand look at the shuttle. that's happened. we've gone from new york to los angeles. los angeles may be the dark horse in all of this. all of the experts and people looking at this really didn't talk about los angeles getting one of the shuttles tp dayton was mentioned, the u.s. air force museum there. of course others in the mix were seattle where they had already
2:25 pm
started building a room for the shuttle. they have also said all along they could use that for other exhibits and that's what will happen now. of course, a lot of joy here. this is the home of the shuttle. now they realize the last shuttle to come home will call this visitors complex home. they're starting a celebration here. the barbecue coming out later. you talk about what it means for the facilities and the cities, tens of millions of dollars annually will be generated as a result of tourists coming to get a firsthand look at these shuttles. so this is a very big deal for those museums who were selected. >> all right, jay. well, now we know where to plan our vacations moving ahead. thank you. >> that's right. >> greatly appreciate it. workers at japan's crippled fukushima power plant are insisting radiation leaks are declining despite the severity level of that disaster being upgraded to the highest possible
2:26 pm
rank. the severity level has raised from 5 to 7. that's matching the same intensity as the 1986 chernobyl disaster. nbc's charles hadlock joins me live from tokyo. how are officials explaining that there shouldn't be more concern even though we've seen the severity level increased? >> reporter: well, it's the cumulative effect of all the radiation. the burst of radiation that occurred when the plant exploded in the early days of the disaster back in march. since then the radioactive levels have been decreasing but they're concerned about the long-term effects. they still haven't been able to find the source and they still haven't been able to stop the source of radiation at fukushima. the difference between fukushima and chernobyl are vast. the reactor at chernobyl blew up and caught fire and spread radiation over a large part of europe, 31 people were killed in that explosion, and there were many deaths because of
2:27 pm
radiation. so far in japan there's been no deaths attributed to radiation but they're being cautious. they are expanding the exclusion zone to include five more cities in the 25-mile radius around the plant. >> all right, charles hadlock live for us in japan. thank you, charles. and coming up, mitt romney makes his 2012 presidential aspirations official, but how will he stand out in the field of republicans creating buzz like michele bachmann and donald trump? plus, how applebee's is responding after employees h someone, gives a child booze instead of apple juice. private. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet?
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[ male annncer ] surprisingly priced at $15,995, the 2011 jetta has arrived. discover german engineering and premium style on the jetta s with best-in-class rear legroom, as well as no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance, all standard. that's great for the price of good. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. welcome back no "news nation." he's in. mitt romney officially enters the race for the gop nomination for president, but lately he's been upstaged you might say by trump and michele bachmann. with a cast of characters stealing the spotlight, how does the gop front-runner shine in in los angeles it's $41741$4.17 a .
2:31 pm
the pain at the pump is not solely a result of what we've been watching in the middle east. put the pedal to the metal. texan may soon be able to drive 80 miles an hour on some roads. how some texas lawmakers are justifying the need for extreme speed. and president obama's sister versus the birthers? what she said today about those who doubt that her brother was born in the usa. and the 2012 republican presidential race is finally starting to take shape. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is now the second major gop contender to announce the formation of an exploratory committee. he did so on web video. >> with able leadership, america's best days are still ahead. that's why today i am announcing my exploratory committee for the presidency of the united states. >> so the announcement allows romney to start raising money for his campaign.
2:32 pm
so far former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is the only other rager republican to take that step. joining us live is mark murray. as you in the first team pointed out, this is not a surprise but the day, the timing is certainly interesting for mitt romney. >> absolutely. mitt romney is the front-runner going into the republican field right now and he has some obvious strengths. he's a fund-raiser, people certainly know who he is. he has a business background. but one of his very big weaknesses heading into the presidential election is the law he signed to law on health care reform which is very similar to president obama's health care law and republicans from people who want also to challenge romney for the presidency on the republican side as well as conservative critics have been spending the past year or so noting the similarities between those two health care laws. >> and what's interesting, mark, mitt romney, tim pawlenty obviously both respected, but
2:33 pm
yesterday before the announcement came from mitt romney, former wyoming senator allen simpson was on hardball with chris matthews and he asked him what he thought about the people -- the names that were floating around as possible contenders. here is his comment. >> we have homophones in our party. that's disgusting to me. we're all human beings, we're all god's children. i'm not sticking with people who are homophobic, anti-women, you know, moral values wile you're diddling your secretary while you're giving a speech on moral values. come on. get off of it. >> obviously, people may not have used the same language as senator simpson, but i have talked with a lot of republicans, people who were quite honestly fans of sarah palin, for example, and they do wonder what is happening when the headlines are going more to trump and perhaps even michele bachmann and not to mitt romney who is the front-runner. >> there's no question right now donald trump, michele bachmann, even sarah palin are stealing
2:34 pm
those headlines right now, about you there's a bit of a strategy to what romney and his team are doing. if you notice, beyond that twitter and video announcement yesterday, they have kept a low profile. a lot of the rationale is let the donald trump of the world suck up a lot of the oxygen while they stort doing the little things like raising money to prepare for a presidential race because at some point, and you even look at donald trump, sarah palin, mike huck bee, there's a good chance none of those three end up running for president. if you have a field that's reduced to mitt romney, you have tim pawlenty, maybe haley barbour, you have to like your chances even if you're not making the headlines right now. >> mark, it's very interesting headline certainly today for mitt romney, especially the timing angle of it all. thank you very much. >> thank you. and applebee's making changes today after serving a toddler alcohol. the national restaurant chain will now serve apple juice from single serve containers to prevent what happened friday when a 15-month-old got a
2:35 pm
margarita instead of juice. applebee's said it is also retraining its staff on, quote, beverage pouring policy. a jury found a massachusetts mom guilty of attempted murder after withholding cancer medication from her autistic son. kris lebrie said she claims she thought the meds would make her son sicker. she faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. and these twins will have to make due with $65 million. these are the harvard school twins, tyler and cameron, who claim mark zuckerberg stole their idea and then tried to back out of the settlement saying they were misled about facebook's real value. a judge tossed out that appeal saying at some point litigation must come to an end. they get a total of about $160 million with the value of facebook. now, no let up today in the steady climb of gasoline prices. aaa reports the national average for regular gas rose another 2 cents overnight to $3.79 a
2:36 pm
gallon, 93 cents higher than a year ago. in chicago and new york city, gas is above 4 bucks a gallon. joining me is peter butell, president of the energy tracking firm cameron hanover. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> it would be easy to blame this on what we're seeing in the middle east and north africa but by all accounts that is not the exclusive reason we're seeing these ridiculously high gas prices. >> no. most of it, in fact, came earlier in 2010 on the back of a very weak u.s. dollar and on fears of inflation. also, every time we got positive economic data, people would assume, ah-ha, that means the economy is going to strengthen, we're going to use more gasoline, and so the price kept going higher on good economic news and on anything that weakened the u.s. dollar. >> but we're also hearing, for example, in chicago that it's
2:37 pm
because of the summer blends that we know every year we see an uptick in the gas prices. we are about the last report i saw 40 cents away from the all-time record. how devastating might that be if we continue to see it inch toward the record of all time? >> well, that record was hit in 2008 in july, and you're right. we do do this. this is the 26th out of 27 years that gasoline prices have gone higher after march 15th until sometime around mid-may. how devastating you ask? well, since september 1st the american consumer and businesses have spent the equivalent of about $350 billion more on just gasoline, heating oil, diesel, jet fuel, oil than they did seven months ago annualized. $350 billion. so it's like a tax of $350
2:38 pm
billion. >> well, peter, thank you very much for coming on. i can honest will i say i enjoy talking to you but i hope we don't have to keep having the same conversation if the prices continue to tick up. >> i'd like to come back with better news. >> i hope you do. thank you. and here is another talker out there. how fast is too fast? safety groups are voicing their outrage today over a proposal in texas to raise the speed limit from 80 to 85 on certain stretches of highway. now, if approved, the lone star state would own the highest speed limit in the country. supporters say the increased limit can make vast expanses of rural highway more bearable to drive, but safety groups say it would cause more car-related deaths. joining me to talk about it nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish. i feel like a supreme court justice, i should recuse myself from this conversation having grown up in texas. the argument over why we need to increase the speed limit i
2:39 pm
understand to some degree but what's your take? >> well, i have just been kicking this around on the radio, and the bottom line from the audience, people want to drive fast. my take is time and a place, time and a place, time and a place. it wouldn't work where i live in the northeast because there's just no roadway where you could drive at that rate of speed, but if i were in a rural area and i have driven through the great state of texas, in plenty of places there i have a heavy foot by nature and i would love to drive fast there and i think i could do so without posing any harm. of course, tamron, you have to think of this. if the speed limit is 85 and you always get a little margin, how fast can you really go? isn't that truly saying you could go 90? >> you make a great point. one of the state lawmakers who is backing this makes the argument that there are some lawmakers who literally have to travel 200 miles to get from one district to the other just to do their job, but in 1987 the study -- a study looked at the deaths of -- on rural
2:40 pm
interstates and they say it increased 25% to 30% when the state started increasing speed limits from 55 to 65 miles per hour. in 1989 the numbers are about two-thirds of the increase, 19%, or 400 deaths were attributed to an increase in speed. as you point out, this is maybe more a regional argument. i told someone just today if you have not driven through texas, you really can't chime in on this one because when i have driven for example from texas to pennsylvania where you are, i felt like it took me two days to get through texas. >> right. well, and i think what we're saying is maybe it's best handled the way that it is, on a local level, and that states are making up their own minds. there's an energy conservation issue that also kicks in here. i have a speedometer in my car that goes to 140. why are they offering me that if i really can't go beyond 70 where i live? i have always wanted to know. >> that is a good question. why do they tempt us with the opportunity to speed? well, you know though, there's a
2:41 pm
consequence to it, so don't go 140. i know you won't anyway. >> i haven't. >> greatly appreciate it. coming up, a war of words still heating up between donald trump and bill cosby. now trump is firing back at cosby. what's being said. oh, it's a mess. but first, that he is a lot going on today and here are some of the things we thought you should know. president obama and vice president biden are teaming up with their spouses for a new initiative to support america's service men and women. joining forces is focused not only on helping our soldiers, but also their family members. its goal is to inspire action from communities and businesses to ensure military families are supported and honored. >> these families, these remarkable families, are the force behind the force. they, too, are the reason we've got the finest military in the world. and the fiancee of gabe zimmerwoman, one of
2:42 pm
congresswoman gabrielle giffords's staffers who was killed is teaming up with the brady campaign to ban high capacity magazines. the brady campaign was just released, this is the new ad. >> a magazine that allows a gun to fire 32 shots in 16 seconds is only good for one thing, killing a lot of people fast. and that's something we can live without. and president obama's half sister says the birther controversy surrounding the president's birth place is, quote, ludicrous at this point. in an interview the president's sister said that he was, quote, born in hawaii. i think it is time for people to put that to bed and focus on what they can do to help the country. and those are the things we just thought you should know.
2:43 pm
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i'm richard lui in for martin bashir. coming up, the murder of a kansas doctor. and should the u.s. consider a tax on the obese. it's a question some are falling freedom versus fat. and troubling news to report in texas actually. 3.5 million people there could be at risk of identity theft. that's because the state comptroller's office posted their personal information on a computer server available to the public. information posted names, addresses, social security numbers, even birth dates. nbc janet shamlian joins us live from houston. even though it's based in texas it's another reminder of how
2:47 pm
your identity can be compromised online. >> you're exactly right, tamron. so many people, more than 3 million, and that data was available for an entire year on a server that was open to the public. the state controllers office said they learned about this the end of march, but none of us in texas know yet if our identities are compromised because the letters still have not gone out. we're going to be waiting for those for a few more days. authorities say they waited this long because they wanted to move all that information to a secure server for the past three weeks, but the fact remains it was there for an entire year. for her part the state comptroller has released a statement saying, i deeply regret the exposure of the personal information that occurred and am angry that it happened. that's from susan comes, an elected official, the state comptroller in texas. sear several people have been fired and several agencies were affected. these were agencies who sent data to the comptroller's
2:48 pm
office. it's about 1.2 million people who were in the teacher retirement system here in texas, more than 2 million people who deal with the texas workforce commission. that's employers and employees who collect unemployment insurance. and the state employee retirement system, about 300,000 people there. so even though you have not heard yet, those letters will go out in a few days, and authorities say it's possible that.croo the crooks are sittin this information and they may not use it right away. it's a long-term issue here in texas for more than 3 million people who still don't know if their information was sitting on a public server. >> thank you. and "american idol" is considering cutting america's role in the show. and a war of words between donald trump and bill cosby. let's get the scoop from
2:49 pm
courtney hazlett. so what's that "american idol" issue. >> i love the idea of changing up the way the voting is tallied for "american idol." the entire process of voting because i really don't think we're getting the right singers and the right performers when it all comes down on the line. interesting here, nigel lithgow, one of the creators of "american idol" says that he's considering changing the format and this comes in the wake of the pia toscano scandal. he says it -- he's considering making it more like the "so you think you can dance" format. what happens there is america votes for the three bottom people and then the judges decide of those three who is voted out. so that would give a little bit more control to the judges which theoretically might be a good thing since they're the professionals and know who might make the better recording artist but the whole point is it's american idle and america's decision. i don't know how well that would go over. and bill cosby, donald trump. this is what bill cosby said about donald trump possibly running for president. take a look.
2:50 pm
>> he's full of it. somebody kept saying, are you going to run, are you going to run? he jumped. you run or shut up. the only thing he's running is his mouth. >> well, donald trump has responded. he said i was surprised to hear him blabber, him being bill cosby. somewhat incoherently. you run or shut up. the hatred was pouring out of his eyes. i wish he would be more honest and if he doesn't want me to run because he's obviously an obama fan. so not at all histrionic in his response. bill cosby is just saying it like he thinks it is. >> and bill cosby has not fired back which hopefully he keeps it back. >> that would be the smartest thing. we've said our piece, just wait and see what happens. and finally kim kardashian is upset reportedly over this turkish magazine cover. she was on the international issue of "cosmopolitan" and that included the turkish edition.
2:51 pm
her family is armenian. this is the 96th anniversary of the armenian genocide at the hand of the turks. hear saying is this appropriate that you are on the cover. she blogged when i did the shoot, i had no idea turkey was putting this on the cover. "cosmopolitan" said we went no disrespect. it's just one of those unfortunate incidents of timing. >> thank you very much. for the very latest entertainment news log on to and france fines first woman for wearing a burqa. should a government be allowed to tell people what they can and cannot wear? it is our "news nation" gut check. make a wish! oh. ooh. happy birthday todd. it's for a cough... from allergies...
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time now for the gut check.
2:55 pm
this one, boy, this story keeps on going. france is now officially enforcing the world's first ban on islamic face veils. a woman has been ticketed in suburban paris at a shopping center for wearing a burqa. the country put the ban into effect yesterday making it illegal to hide the face in public. the law affects about 2,000 women. president nicholas car solas sa it fights inequality and he said it's not welcomed in france. two women were arrested and released after questioning. women who break the law could be forced to pay a $250 fine, but they won't face jail time. police say it will be certainly hard to enforce the ban. they worry the sight of them arresting or pulling over a woman with a veil might set off riots, might set off anger and
2:56 pm
hostility and they're concerned about the enforcement of this law. what does your gut tell you? should france or any country be allowed to enforce a ban on islamic face veils? go to an overwhelming 87% of you say no schools should not be able to ban bagged lunches from home. terry says they can ban lunches from home the moment they announce that schools are paying for all lunches permanently. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. you can catch "news nation" weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. richard lui will pick up the coverage. he's in for martin bashir.
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