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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 14, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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would like to stop talking about it, please. quote from the real ge spokeswoman, it's a hoax and ge did not receive a refund. ge preers if to call that $3.2 billion a tax benefit, for the record. i love debunktion junction. down sizing the deficit. how president obama ambulance to get the nation out of ballooning debt. game over. baseball's all-time home run leader barry bonds is now a convicted felon. and book shelf bonanza one of the oldest printed books in the world turns up in utah. very good morning to you. those stories and much more straight ahead this is "first look" on msnbc.
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digging out of the deficit. president obama laid out his blueprint yesterday to chip away at the nation's mind-bogging debt. not surprisingly the republicans say the plan doesn't work for them. >> reporter: under fire from critics who claimed that he's failed to lead, president obama laid out his new plan to blood up our red ink. >> we have to live within our means. we have to reduce our deficit and we have to get back on a path that will allow to pay down our debt. >> $4 trillion of deficit in four years. with a fail safe clause to force spending cuts if that target isn't hit. for every $3 in spending cuts,
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$1 in tax hiex. focused on the top brackets. >> we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts. we can't afford it. and i refuse to renew them again. >> reporter: republicans said no way. >> raising taxes is not what we need right now two days before tax day especially while we're trying to get job creators back into the game here. >> reporter: the gop deficit plan would turn medicare over to the states. >> i won't allow it to become a voucher program. >> reporter: what would the president cut by 2023, defense spending $400 billion, rethinking the u.s. role overseas, energy, infrastructure spending. education spending. obama pet projects. health care, 480 billion saved by obama health care reform.
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and for now, no change to social security. spending cuts and tax likes, the president's vision of shared sacrifice. nbc news, washington. it's a messy end to a messy case that has cast over a shadow over former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds. a federal jury found bonds guilty of obstructing justice. >> reporter: strike one for barry bonds who was convicted on one count of obstruction of justice. after the verdict, an upbeat bonds and his attorney said that the game is far from over and they plan to fight the conviction. >> it was certainly a seriously contested trial. and here we are, and counts one, two, and three, there is -- there is no verdict. >> reporter: the jury deadlocked
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on the remaining three counts of perjure that bonds intentionally lied about using steroids. the judge declared a mistrial on those counts. >> not that he was lying or it was false declaration he was very evasive. we thought that throughout his grand jury transcript. >> reporter: that evasive was all the jury needed to convict. >> a lesser intnt than perjure. it also can be convicted just on the attempt to mislead. >> reporter: the government said it was gratified by the guilty verdict. but legal experts say this game could go into extra innings. in san francisco, stephanie statton, nbc news. in california, 93-year-old was saved after driving his car into a canal.
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the man with cold water rushing in and nearly overcome by hypertherm ya used his sunroof to partially's kind into a rescue crew arrived. he's expected to survive. a new jersey thief may be kicking himself after getting nailed on camera. breaking into a home. especially since this is the home of a local police chief. the suspect fled with jewelry and cash. his days of freedom are likely numbered. in an odd twist before the burglary the chief organized a meeting on the importance of video cameras. finally, new york city, the big apple's tallest building is just one big lightning rotd. the empire state building was struck by lightning three times during a tuesday night.
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now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins. bill, don't they say lightning can't strike twice. >> how many times it estimated it gets hit? >> 100. >> exactly. the empire state building gets hits a 100 times. let's show you the forecast for today. very active forecast. the east coast is looking pretty clear today. that storm system that brought a horrible day up and down the mid-atlantic and the northeast that's now hitting up through maine. now, we turn our attention to the middle of the country. we got a cut-off low. the jet stream has pinched itself off. it will bring it all to the middle of the country. severe weather. a snowstorm likely here developing on later today through the dakotas.
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this storm is able to have some generate some cold air. out ahead of it, that's where we'll see severe weather. as we go throughout the day today and tonight. this morning, no thunderstorms. they'll pop up later tonight. they'll stretened as they head towards eastern oklahoma. this area of red is a moderate risk of severe weather. in the tulsa area, you could see the possibility of very strong storms today with tornadoes. that's going to be a dangerous situation. we'll have to watch out for that late tonight. those thunderstorms will continue throughout the night. tomorrow, they'll regenerate and those storms will be strong in areas of alabama and mississippi. lot of rain with it and big-time snow, possibly six to 12 inches of snow on the backside. so, this is going to be our
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typical spring storm. >> fill in the blank -- april showers bring may flowers and april snow brings -- come on, bill, you get a prize. >> you'll have to help me. goyour first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, the stanley cup finals begin. another walk-off in detroit. what did kobe bryant say that got him fined 100 grand? [ male announcer ] the network.
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welcome back to "first look." here are some of top stories making news this morning. u.s. officials are claiming a big victory against internet crime after shutting down a ring of computer thieves who stole hundreds of millions of dollars by infecting more than 2 million pc with malicious spy ware.
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although some may be dreading monday's tax filing deadline, a new poll says americans, think 50% think the taxes paid are fair. the parents of a michigan toddler who was accidentally served alcohol at a applebee's last week are now suing the restaurant chain. the toddler was given alcohol from a sippy cup that was mislabeled as juice. to toddler felt ill for days but is expected to be fine. and an ordinary appraisal event in utah has turned up the find of a lifetime. the nurenberg chronicles worth
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over $1200,000. it was printed just one year after columbus discovered north america. wow. and here's our "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow will open up 12,270. the nasdaq was up a fraction. nasdaq gained 16. overseas trading. nikkei added 12 points. the hang second lost 121. well, goldman sachs settled civil fraud challenges. wall street bank is in the hot seat once again. scathing new report accuses it of misleading clients leading up and during the final crisis. michigan democrat karl levin questioned the accuracy of the testimony that goldman sachs gave to congress last year.
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on wall street yesterday, stocks edged higher on news from the federal reserve that manufacturing, consumer spending and corporate hiring increased nationwide this spring. another sign of growing confidence in the economy. more people are quitting their jobs because more companies are hiring. job postings in february hit a two-year high jpmorgan the possibility of more penalties as the nation's foreclosure crisis casts a shadow on its profits. silgan holding s plans to snap a rival company. keep an eye on google. the web giant reports earnings after the bell. finally, a sign of the times. a rare 10 carat pink diamond ring went unsold at christie's
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this week. it was expected to fetch $15 million. that is a beauty. when it comes to 2012's race for the white house, one man is increasingly mentioned as a possible candidate. one man who knows very little about, john huntsman, john daly from our nbc affiliate recently got a chance to speak with huntsman in china. >> reporter: visiting him in china was seeing a man in his element. >> it's an honor and privilege to welcome. >> reporter: appreciating the intellectual of one of the toughest diplomat lic post. >> so every day counts. the work you do matters.
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this is the epicenter of a lot of the world's activity these days. it's extremely satisfying. for somebody who's been in the china business for a long time, it's just an exhilarating place to be. >> reporter: it has put huntsman to the test. locking horns with china over freed freedom of expression and human rights. >> you're always a realist when you enter jobs like this. china's a tough customer. there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: what's the biggest lesson that you have learned from this job? >> patience. >> reporter: long-time china watchers say that huntsman has done well. >> i think he's done a superb job. in fact, i'm personally sad that he's leaving the office. so much still to be done in the u.s.-china relationship. >> he helped put the embassy on
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the map in terms of being a source of good ideas of how the u.s. government should be interacting with the chinese. >> reporter: some think that huntsman is leaving too soon. he and his wife mary kay say it's time to head home. as for as president rnl campaign. >> enjoy some time with your family. while at the same time, you know, evaluating other possibilities. you know, over time that might allow for you to continue giving back in unique ways. don't know the answer to that yet. >> reporter: huntsman plans to return to the u.s. in the next two weeks. resettling in the washington, d.c., where the family recently purchased a home.
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he already has speaking engagements planned. in beijing, i'm john daly. kobe sticks in his foot in it. and the hockey playoffs begins. you know what that means in detroit, octopus on ice. your "first look" on sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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abyal pursuit of north america's most famous sports trophy, lord stanley cup began. good morning. and some regard this as the toughest trophy to win in all of sports. last night the quest for the stanley cup began. in the east. caps won in dramatic fashion, 2-1 penguins are without their star sidney crosby who has been sidelined for months with a concussion. they scored two goals in the third and beat the lightning 3-0. playoff time in detroit when the octupi hit the ice. dating back to 1952. now, with 16 wins and the red wings got number one last night against the coyotes, detroit scored four straight and won it 4-2. the ka canucks top seed in
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the west. moment of frustration caught on tape cost kobe bryant 100 grand. technical assessed by referee bennie adams. called the referee's name and echoed a homophobic slur. he takes full responsibility for his actions. in baseball, rampx have lost two in a row this season. in the ninth, solo shot to left. check out that celebration at the plate. 360 leap into the crowded teammates. tigers won it, 3-2. that's your "first look" at sports. now for another quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist bill karins. have you thought about it. april showers bring may flowers,
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if april snow brings -- snowman. >> thank you. today is going to be the day we have been waiting for. yesterday was about as gets for spring from boston, providence, today the clouds are going to break up. it's going to be one of those perfect spring days that we have been waiting for. we have had warm days. today it's right in the middle. today, it's going to be sunny. temperatures in the 60s in most areas. we haven't had many days in the 60s. 66 in new york. hartford should be 67. pittsburgh should have a great day. along with albany. finally two nice days in a row. little cooler on friday. sunny skies. 55 to near-60 degrees. the next storm system does
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arrive over the weekend. veronica, today is an a-plus. enjoy it if you're in the mid-atlantic. >> yeah. siylvester stallone comes ot swinging overemorabilia. "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. your home or apartment, as well as your boat, motorcycle, rv, and snowmobile, and even your retirement and your life. not many insurance companies can say that. but allstate can. now that you know the truth, know this: the more of your world you put in good hands, the more you can save. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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welcome back to "first look." time now for your "first look" at entertainment news. if "people" magazine goal is to
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talk about their list issue. jennifer lopez has been named the most beautiful woman in the world and the magazine's annual most beautiful issue is out tomorrow. the 41-year-old mother of 3-year-old twins has gone from almost forgotten to red hot. thanks largely to her new role as a judge on american idol. elsewhere, after a year that saw her husband michael douglased diagnosed and treated for cancer catherine zeta-jones sought help for bipolar disorder. finally, memorabilia buyers. sylvester stallone intervened in an upcoming auction. stallone insisted the gloves weren't authentic. what do you think jennifer lopez and "people" magazine's most beautiful. >> i have a problem with all of
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those lists. beauty, it's personal preference. >> she's a mom, she's lanely married. she's glowing. >> this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned because way too early with willie geist starts right now. president obama entered the conversation over the debt yesterday. pitching his own plan and blasting the gop. the question is, will his speech lead to an adult conversation about our debt? federal officials are up in arms again as another air traffic controller fall asleep on the job. and you can officially rule out a donald trump/tracy morgan 2012 ticket. the question is, could a trip to brooklyn be the first stop on the donald's road to the white


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