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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 9, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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break out in tears, you know. i have lost everything, i don't know what i'm going to do. how am i going to get my kids to school? >> you see the heart break on these kids' faces and the parents' faces. it's out of their hands. and there's nothing they can do about it. >> nbc's jay gray joins me live from memphis with more. it obviously is heartbreaking to hear what is happening to those folks there, and i understand, jay, that the mississippi could crest at least later this evening. >> reporter: yeah, tamron. that's what it looks like at this point around 7:00 this evening local time, central time, is when the river is expected to crest. that's a very important marking point, but understand the problems won't stop there. let's take a look around and show you exactly what we're talking about with the river here. i'm standing in an area that's supposed to be a park. it's been taken over partially by the river. they were going to have a barbecue cookoff here this weekend. obviously that's not going to happen. like so much and so many here, it's been pushed to higher ground.
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pushing through this into the city, i can tell you that water is beginning to get into the downtown area. streets are closing. it's becoming quite an issue. a lot of people who have lived here all their lives coming down to take a look at this river because they've never seen it this way. you talked about it earlier. wider than it's been in decades here and getting worse. it's continuing to grow. you can see how fast the current is here, and it's going to be a problem like we talked about for quite some time. it's going to take this water as long to recede as it did to rise. so this is an issue that so many here are going to be dealing with for such a long time. hundreds already in shelters. thousands could be there before this is all said and done. and, remember, this river is flowing south, so that means these problems are flowing with it. it's going to be an issue for mississippi and ultimately louisiana, the new orleans area, tamron. >> as i mentioned, we're seeing evacuations, but are these mandatory evacuations?
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>> reporter: well, it's semantics right now. they can't force someone to leave their home, to leave their property, but they're strongly se suggesting, and we're talking about emergency teams going door to door. thankfully most people are listening and making that trip to a shelter or friend's house or family's house, but there are some who say they're going to ride this thing out worried about what's going to happen to their possessions, their belongings when they leave them alone there. the police trying to allay some of those fears have said all days off are canceled for officers. we're working around the clock on flood issues. we're going to make sure everything stays safe. >> all right, jay. thank you very much for the live report from memphis. and for more on what we can expect down stream, i'm joined by the weather channel's samantha mohr. we were just talking about, obviously, tennessee, but as i mentioned record flooding in mississippi. they've not seen anything like this according to the reports since 1927.
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>> right. this is really in terms of flooding a 100-year flood, and we have those warnings from the mouth of the mississippi all the way on up into where the mississippi meets up with the ohio river. we're talking a lot of rainfall, but especially tend of april. so far this year we've had twice the amount of rain in some ever these locations like in pa cue d -- paducah, kentucky. of course, major flood stage, mississippi at memphis, we're now at 47.82, and, of course, 48 is what we're expecting to see as we head into tuesday. so this could end up being an all-time record, that all-time record from back in 1937 we are getting very, very close, indeed. of course, all this water pushing to the south along the mighty mississippi, so we're expecting to see these rivers crest. may 19th in vicksburg, may 22nd
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in red river landing as well as into baton rouge, louisiana, and it all continues to roll into the delta. may 22ened on done noldsonville and may 23rd in reserve, louisiana. they're trying to open up some of the spillways, opening the bonnet carre spillway to end up relieving some of the pressure on the levees but that will spill out into the agriculture areas which will impact some homes here. it's not all agriculture. there will be more evacuations as a result of this added water that's going to be released out of the mississippi through these spillways. so we're going to have to watch this carefully. it's definitely going to be impacting many lives as we head into the weeks ahead. >> samantha mohr, thank you very much. now to new developments out of pakistan. the prime minister addressing the nation for the if irs time since the u.s. raid. he defended pakistan's intelligence agency and vowed the country would retaliate with
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force to any further strikes by the u.s. to capture terrorists. prime minister ghailani said pakistan did not harbor bin laden and the army will investigate how he was able to live there undetected for five years. and there are new questions today about the u.s. relationship with pakistan. this weekend local media reported what it says is the name of the top cia operative in pakistan, the second time in six months a covert agent has been named. and here at home in an interview with "60 minutes," president obama described the tension in the situation room during the raid since u.s. intelligence was not certain that bin laden was in that compound. >> there were big chunks of time in which all we were doing was just waiting, and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life with the possible exception of when sasha got meningitis when he was three months old and i was waiting for the doctor to tell me she was all right. it was a very tense situation.
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>> and joining me now live, nbc's chuck todd. jay carney said the u.s. wants to have a cooperative relationship with pakistan. >> i'll tell you that was the entire press briefing today was dominated by this issue of pakistan, trying to get a reaction from the white house by this promise by the prime minister of pakistan that the next time the u.s. did this, it would be responding in full force. everything that jay carney answered today in regards to pakistan was trying to tamp down this idea that there is tension, trying to say, look, it's a complicated relationship but it's important. he wouldn't comment at all about this outing of the -- reported outing of the cia islamabad chief. you know, it seems that the entire focus of the administration right now is to sort of try to calm things down realizing it's not the best relationship right now, but there was one other thing. it's clear they seemed to have backed off a little bit on this promise that the president would
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visit pakistan this year. >> and, chuck, what more, if anything, was said about the united states wanting to question the widows, the three widows who were with osama bin laden in that compound? >> reporter: well, they didn't -- so far carney said the u.s. hasn't gotten access to that, but he did say they were hoping they would -- we'd be doing some of our own investigating, we were hoping the pakistani authorities would include the u.s. in some of these things. but, again, it's more the tone that carney took. it was clearly an attempt -- as the prime minister of pakistan stoking the fire, the second leak in the last six months of the cia islamabad chief to the press, that all of the rhetoric at least stay one sided for now because everything about carney today was trying to put a positive spin or at least a working relationship neutral spin on everything that was asked regarding pakistan. >> chuck, thank you. joining us now to talk about the
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developments still ongoing, clark kent irvin, director of the aspen institutes home laent security program. he was the first inspector general of the department of homeland security. thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. >> let me get your thoughts with on the rhetoric coming from pakistan saying if the united states ever attempted a raid as took place with bin laden that it would retaliate and combine that with the white house making an effort to show that there is a cooperative relationship with pakistan. >> well, i think both things are completely understandable, tamron, under the circumstances. the prime minister of pakistan was playing largely to a domestic audience. the pack stn ni people were humiliated by the fact that bin laden was living there openly 35 miles from the capital in a military garrison town and that the united states could, without apparently the knowledge of the pakistani government, come in and take him. so that was for domestic consumption. as far as jay carney is concerned, it is certainly in america's interest and that is
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what he was stressing, that despite the duplicity of the pakistani government or the incompetence, one or the other, we need pakistans a a critical counterterrorism partner. >> the president also mentioned in the interview with "60 minutes" that the number of terror suspects who have been arrested or captured as a result of this working relationship with pakistan which means me to this issue regarding osama bin laden's widows. would it be in the best interests of pakistan to allow these women to talk to u.s. investigators. after all, the opinion is perhaps they would be able to provide key information on who was helping him side. >> it is critical pakistan provide us access to those widows and the older children and the aides who were with bin laden at that compound. it would be very much in pakistan's interest to do it to begin to repair the relationship between the united states and pakistan. they need us desperately in the
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same way we need them. that said, i'm a little surprised, by the way, that the united states did not debrief these people before turning them over to the pakistani authorities. >> well, they only had 30 minutes. they had 30 minutes to go in and get the high value target and get out of there. the president even mentioned in the "60 minutes" interview he marvelled at the presence of mind that the s.e.a.l.s had to even grab those computers and that treasure trove of information. >> but still it seems to me it would have been possible to have some additional forces there to anticipate that there would be others there to take those others for some period of time recognizing the fact that pakistan would for domestic political reasons be unlikely to provide access to them immediately. >> thank you. we appreciate you joining us reacting to these developments ongoing with the relationship with pakistan now that osama bin laden has been killed there. thank you. for more on the death of osama bin laden, including a look at the time line of his life, you can logon to bin developing news from capitol hill right now, vice president
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joe biden is swearing in republican dean heller of nevada to the senate. he was appointed by nevada's governor to replace senator john ensign who resigned amid ethics investigations. heller has served in the house of representatives since 2006. also coming up, almost three years past since little caylee anthony was found dead. her mother's trial is getting under way. why is jury selection though happening almost 100 miles away from where the trial will be held? we'll get a live report from florida. plus, a man convicted on marijuana charges is sentenced to life in prison. we'll tell you why. and take a look. who's missing, if you can see there, who's missing from this picture? a newspaper removes the image of a top cabinet member from this now hittic photograp historic p. too much on your plate?
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developing now, jury selection is under way in the murder trial of casey anthony. the florida mother is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, almost three years ago. and although the trial would take place in anthony's hometown of orlando, the case is so high profile that jury selection is taking place almost 100 miles away. nbc's kerry sanders joins us live from clearwater, florida. there was a lot of drama as to where this jury selection would even take place. >> reporter: well, the judge was keeping it very secret, tamron, because he felt that any more pretrial publicity might taint the jury pool. in fact, it appears that he may have even gone on a mission to misdirect attention because he went prior to today, he made a little visit last week down to west palm beach to the courthouse there and was purposely sighted. so there was a lot of expectation or belief that that may be where he is going to be
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using to select the jury. instead, he's here in clearwater, florida, pinellas county. there's about 1 million residents here, average age 43 years old. they have called in 110 potential jurors who they are asking the first question is would there be any sort of hardship. he's heard from some of the jurors that if i did sit on this trial because it might take six to eight weeks, i'm the sole proprietor of my business. i might lose my business. other injure was from vietnam and was concerned about understanding all of the proceedings. the hardship of leaving their community, move to orlando, live in a hotel for six to eight weeks and listen to testimony for six days a week in what is going to be a murder trial.
2:17 pm
if convicted the prosecution will ask for the death penalty. >> thank you very much with the latest on what's happening on this trial in clearwater, florida, and the latest on casey anthony's case. a debate is now raging over whether the punishment fits the crime after a louisiana man was sentenced to life in prison following his fourth conviction on marijuana charges. 35-year-old cornell hood was sentenced under louisiana's repeat offender law and joining me to talk about it nationally sinned yyndicated talk show rad michael smerconish. that man got off with probation for his first three convictions and under this repeat offender law he's now getting life. what do you make of this? >> this is what you get sometimes, tamron, with mandatory sentencing. mandatory sentencing is something that a lot of politicians love because they can thump their chests and they can say, you know, i'm for locking up the s.o.b.s, but then you have this guy, dare i say this poor guy because i think
2:18 pm
this is a punishment that way, way exceeds the crime who would have been subject to no more than 15 years for that final offense if he were only charged with that offense, but because, as you point out, it's a fourth conviction all related offenses, now he goes away for life. it will be interesting to see what happens ultimately. i think this is probably prime for an eighth amendment cruel and unusual punishment kind of an appeal. >> it's interesting, the jury deliberated for less than two hours. they convicted hood of a reduced charge which would have carried about 15 years in prison, but the assistant district attorney used this guy's past, michael, to urge that he is a career criminal and that he was worthy of a more severe punishment. we talk about these repeat offender laws especially in the '90s but you don't hear of people debating them often. but this is a case involving marijuana. this man has a life sentence for
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this. >> this is not a guy who is found with a bong in his house. he was convicted of an intent to distribute marijuana. so, you know, in the common parlance, he's a dealer. he's also a dope. it's remarkable just how he can have his probationary officer come to his house and he's got more than a pound of marijuana stashed in different locales. but life sentence? i don't think so, particularly at a time when the country is moving toward decriminalization. >> as you pointed out, he had two pounds of marijuana and police found about $1,600 in cash at his home back in september when that last bust took place. all right, michael. thank you very much. i always love when you can throw in your legal background. >> that one didn't take too much legal background i have to tell you. >> just good common sense, but unfortunately, that does not rule the day. >> thanks. tomorrow president obama travels to texas to deliver a big speech on immigration reform. but why now? and will congress act?
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 itchy, irritated skin... not only does cortaid 12-hour advanced cream relieve itch fast, but a clinical study shows its unique itch shield technology lasts longer than the leading cream. for 12 hour protection. for long lasting protection try cortaid. breaking news just into msnbc. arizona governor jan brewer wants the u.s. supreme court to overturn a ruling that put the most controversial part of that state's immigration enforcement law on hold. brewer lost an additional appeal when a panel of judges refused to reverse a lower court's order that prevented key parts of the law from being enforced. her attorney's have argued that the federal government has not effectively enforced immigration law and the state's intent in passing the law was to assist federal authorities. and president obama heads to
2:24 pm
el paso, texas, tomorrow to push for immigration reform. he will argue his administration has worked hard to secure the border and it is now time for congress to deal with the estimated 11 million people who are said to be in this country illegally. joining me now democratic congressman silvestre reyes of texas. he's served for 26 years in the u.s. border patrol and was chief border patrol agent for the he will pass sew seow sect for. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> there are many who argue that the president and congress needs to act to avoid situations like we're seeing in arizona. i'm sure you heard the breaking news that jan brewer, the governor, wants the supreme court now to overturn a ruling that put the immigration law in arizona on hold. is that what is needed to keep states from trying the same thing? >> absolutely. i don't think we can afford to have 50 different immigration policies in this country, and it
2:25 pm
is a federal responsibility. we ought to be dealing with comprehensive immigration reform, and i couldn't agree more with president obama, and i think it's time that congress took this issue and made it a top priority. >> but, congressman, we talk about priorities. you know, we have the budget battle, you have the deficit or debt ceiling debate happening right now. libya ongoing and even the latest developments in afghanistan and this relationship with pakistan. some would wonder and have wondered how do you fit immigration reform in especially when you know it may not pass the house? >> well, i think you do it by understanding that if we don't take action, then it leads to situations like in arizona with the passage of very draconian laws that put the jeopardy and
2:26 pm
put in doubt the rights that citizens have to move around. it will impact not just arizona but new mexico, texas, and also california. so it has to be a priority. we've tried since the administration of george w. bush to pass comprehensive immigration reform. all that is needed is for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to understand that not doing it is counterproductive not just to border communities but to the economy of our country, mexico, and it affects canada as well. >> well, we'll hear from the president again tomorrow when he is in texas and congressman reyes, greatly appreciate your time today. thank you. >> glad to be with you. >> and still ahead, a passenger pounds on the cockpit door of an american airlines flight midair. it's just one of three different security incidents on planes in
2:27 pm
this country, and they all happened in one day. what's going on there? plus, an amazing story of survival. you have to hear this one. a woman stranded with her husband for nearly two months in the nevada woods. well, she's finally been found. the question remains where is her husband and how she survived that long alone. "news nation" is back after this. if i ask sheila out? of course not. we broke up 6 months ago. but i don't think she'd go for a guy like -- [ ping! ] she says she'd love to. [ ping! ] she can't wait to see me. [ ping! ] she's wanted me to ask her out for over a year now! [ ping! ] she just sent me a video. [ girl's voice ] hi stephen, can't wait for our date! oh, can i see that? aah! [ male announcer ] in the network, sparks fly faster. at&t is getting faster with 4g. rethink possible.
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welcome back to "news nation." what do osama bin laden's wives know about his ability to hide in pakistan? pakistan refuses to allow u.s. investigators to access the leaders's widows who are in pakistani custody. midair emergencies. three security incidents in one day on planes in u.s. air space, including a man pounding on the cockpit door during an american airlines flight. plus, an amazing medical first. a man undergoes the first full
2:31 pm
face transplant in america. i'll talk with one of the surgeons who made it happen. and pakistan's prime minister is denying that authorities were incompetent in their search for osama bin laden. in a speech before parliament, he blamed agencies across the world for the intelligence failure. he also promised an investigation into how bin laden could have lived in pakistan for five years without being detent -- detected. >> good evening from islamabad. the prime minister spoke for the first time saying the entire world should share some of the blame for this situation. he made it very clear his audience was an international one. he denied complicity and incompetence saying they had -- and was upset about the united states' invasion last weekend saying in the future if there is another violation of pakistan's
2:32 pm
sovereignty -- this evening we're getting some new information about that very compound where osama bin laden had -- reports coming from reuters suggesting that pakistani authorities had said that -- found a secret room with a drawing board that they believe was used to home school 15 children who were living effectively in secrecy within that -- the pakistani people are still unconvinced that osama bin laden ever lived here, that he was even killed here. they right now are still not buying the u.s.'s official version of events. >> peter, thank you. now to the war in afghanistan. the taliban launched a wave of deadly attacks across afghanistan this weekend including a coordinated assault on key government buildings in the southern city of kandahar, the birth place of the taliban. it was the taliban's most ambitious attack since announcing their spring offensive last month. but nato says the attack failed and after two days of fighting
2:33 pm
25 insurgents were killed for captured. we are joined live from kabul and this is all interesting timing obviously with the killing of osama bin laden and the administration here expressing a desire to at least have some kind of talks with taliban members. >> reporter: hi there, tamron. absolutely. we have to remember that the death of bin laden was just a thorn in the side of the monster. the monster that is a the insurgency here in afghanistan fighting the nato forces as well as hitting these government buildings, as you mentioned, in kandahar. therefore, attacking civilians as well. the afghan government, the u.s. government, and the coalition governments want to talk with the taliban leaders, but when you look at many of these leaders in afghanistan, they're varied throughout the country. there isn't just one taliban leader to talk to anymore. there are various taliban leaders to talk to, and many of the most lethal ones, including
2:34 pm
certain men, done want to talk to the afghan government and they are behind the majority of attacks we see here in afghanistan. although the death of bin laden was a great psychological victory for the u.s. and nato forces here in afghanistan, there will still be a lot of fighting to continue in the coming months considered the fighting season here in afghanistan. so many of the commanders on the ground are hoping that it's not just bin laden that they're going after across the border in pakistan, but they're going after these other taliban leaders who are hiding in pakist pakistan. they are the people they hope they go after because those are the people who are behind the majority of the attacks here, not al qaeda. tamron? >> nbc atia abawi is live for us. you can logon to
2:35 pm analysts are now predicting an up to 50 cent drop in gas prices as early as next month. the reason, an expected drop in crude oil prices. gasoline has priss risen nearly 12 cents in the last two weeks. crude oil rose about $100 a barrel rebounding after the biggest weekly decline. a 56-year-old canadian woman is recovering in a hospital today after surviving seven weeks stranded in the wilderness of northeastern nevada. rita survived on only trail mix and melted snow. her husband albert is still missing after he went for help. rita and albert's son was able to spend mother's day with her at the hospital. >> we were praying to are a miracle and, boy, did we get
2:36 pm
one. fire crews battle flames in los angeles this morning after an explosion at afood processing plant. black smoke from the blaze was visible to morning commuters on one of the city's main freeways. fire officials say that one of the combustible elements in the fire was soybean. roughly 150 firefighters responded to that blaze. right now we're getting new information into one of three security incidents on board u.s. passenger planes over the weekend. an unruly passenger was wrestled to the floor after pounding on the cockpit door of an american airlines flight bound for san francisco. the suspect was carrying a yemeni passport. we're hearing reports he was also carrying a california i.d. a continental flight and a delta air lines flight were diverted after security breaches on those flights. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has more, and, pete, there's no indication these are connected because there are various details with them. but still all in one day. >> reporter: right. it was a busy day yesterday.
2:37 pm
no indication they're connected and no connection to terrorism the authorities say. the delta flight was delta 1706, detroit to san diego. that was because somebody found a note in the lavatory that referred to a bomb. believe it or not, this happens a fair number of times. people apparently think it's amusing to leave these notes in the lavatory. of course, it's not. you're looking at video of the person who was taken off the american airlines flight 1561, chicago to san francisco flight. what i'm told is that this was a person with mental problems. ten minutes before the flight landed he was yelling and pounding on the cockpit door. and the other one was continental 546 houston to chicago diverted to st. louis, and that's a person who tried to open the forward door of the plane, again a passenger who may have had some mental issues, tamron. so no terrorism threat here, and as you say no connection. but what it does reflect is the increased vigilance in these
2:38 pm
days after the shooting of bin laden. of course, any time somebody tries to open the door on the plane, that's going to be noticed whether vigilance is up or not. >> and from the sky to the ground, with he know that senator chuck schumer, pete, wants kind of a no-ride list as we see with the no-fly list on airplanes. any chance that that will see traction? i know transportation secretary lahood commented on this as well. >> reporter: well, the issue is he's talking about if you're buying a ticket on amtrak, and, of course, then you do show i.d. or give a credit card number. so there would be a place to do this. but it wouldn't be true on many regional lines. many people buy their tickets in cash. and, of course, that's to say nothing of subways which have been the target of terror attacks in the uk directed by al qaeda. it's something i think that one homeland security official told me has been discussed in the past, but i guess the problem is, you know, how effective would it be given that you would cover probably only a very small percentage of rail traffic.
2:39 pm
still, i'm sure it's something congress will be discussing. >> nbc justice correspondent pete williams. thank you very much. good to see you. coming up, whitney houston has a problem. she's entered rehab again, and this right before she's scheduled to make a big return to the big screen. courtney hazlett has the scoop. first, that he is a lot going on and here are some things we thought you should know. now you see her, now you don't. this is the now iconic photo of the white house situation room during the raid on bin laden. but this is a version a brooklyn-based newspaper published. a doctored image with secretary of state clinton and another staffer removed. the hasidic paper reportedly does not print photos of women. newt gingrich is ready to declare his presidential bid. a spokesperson says that this wednesday the former house speaker will use twitter and facebook to announce he's running.
2:40 pm
gingrich will join nbc's "meet the press" for an exclusive interview with david gregory next sunday. and tina fey gave viewers a blast from the past. she could not resist the opportunity to reprise her role as sarah palin. >> i want to acknowledge that this week we finally vanquished one of the world's great villains and i for one am thrilled to say good riddance to katie couric. too much on your plate? no matter when you get around to booking, will have a great last minute deal waiting for you. like at the 48 hour sale. this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart.
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, we explore what those newly released videos of osama bin laden reveal about the inner workings of his mind.
2:44 pm
was he mad, sane, or an aging narcissist who lost touch with reality? the man who received the nation's first full face transplant is appearing in public for the first time since his surgery. take a look at the picture on the left. that's dallas wens before his accident. the picture in the middle shows his extensive injuries after an electrical accident in 2008 and the picture on the right is what dallas looks like now after undergoing a 15-hour surgery in march to reconstruct is new nose, lips, muscles, and even nerves. earlier today he told reporters how grateful he was to the donor's family. >> there are no words to truly describe the debt of gratitude or love that i possess for the donor's family. the choice that they made has in a very real, very great way
2:45 pm
changed my life and my daughter's. >> and joining us live from boston is dr. bowden pomahock. he led the team of surgeons in dallas. thank you, doctor for, for joining us. 15 hours. this is absolutely incredible. obviously, you can't take us minute to minute in this surgery, but what was it like in that room as you performed again the first of its kind full face transplant? >> well, there are actually a number of critical steps throughout the operation and you kind of remember each of those, but, of course, the very, very most critical is the very first, the reconnection of the blood flow when the face turns from looking essentially dead to looking completely perfectly alive. >> and wiens sustained these injuries, he was working and a power line fell and just
2:46 pm
destroyed his face. when you first saw the damage caused, did you think this would be possible? when you look at that picture in the middle and what you were able to and your team were able to take him to. >> well, what you see on the picture in the middle is really the standard of conventional reconstruction. there's really not much beyond that that we had to offer to our patients just a few years ago. even though i had my concerns that this is really beyond any sort of repairable damage, i think that we actually can provide meaningful reconstruction and hopefully restoration of the function of the face. >> wiens said his 3-year-old daughter was the driving force for him to undergo this miraculous operation to receive this new face and he says i could have lived like i was in problem if i did not have my daughter. obviously, to call this life changing i think minimizes it all because when you listen to his words, but what does this do
2:47 pm
for medical research and especially when we look at face trants plants, something that 20 years ago seemed sci-fi for lack of a better description? >> i think we see we're really peeking through a door of new opportunities, a new era in transplantation and plastic surgery combined, which allows you to achieve something that's not been previously possible. and it is face but it could be also missing limbs, missing tissues that were either destroyed by fire or trauma or ballistic injury. >> what is next for dallas? >> for him it's going to be essentially the slow recovery time of gradually regrowth of the nerves and return of his function of the face. so he'll be able to smile, eat, integrate the function of his face and look essentially normal. >> wow. that's absolutely incredible. i wish we had more time to talk to you about it, but it does take one's breath away to see what you and that team were able to do for him. doctor, thank you so much for
2:48 pm
your time. >> thank you. pleasure. whitney houston returns to rehab. as well as possibly a role in the big screen. and a lot of people have been asking this, is susan lucci about to dorn the cajoin the ca desperate housewives. let's get the scoop from's courtney hazlett. when this whitney houston thing came out everybody was like come on. >> you hate to hear all this bad news about her. she's so iconic and so beloved. i'm not sure how to look at this though. she voluntarily checked into rehab. i have a statement from her publicist saying, i can confirm that whitney houston is currently in an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment. whitney voluntarily entered the program to support her long-standing recovery process. so, you know, best case scenario we hope this is just maintenance more or less. there's a lot of talk that
2:49 pm
perhaps she's doing this to be prepared for an upcoming role in this sequel to "waiting to exhale." that's what a lot of the talk would be, that she'd be working on the big screen again. she toured recently and the reviews were tepid. she wasn't able to perform like she was in the past. >> all right. and susan lucci who was all over the internet. >> exactly. all over the internet that susan lucci, with he know her from "all my children" which is being canceled, might be moving to another abc television show, pa being "desperate housewives." i spoke to someone very close to the show and they confirmed to me there's absolutely no truth in this rumor. however much we might want to see her on housewives and however much she might fit in quite well -- >> i would love to see her. >> and it would breathe some new life into the show. we have so many popular show that is are hitting this kind of stretch where it's hard to keep it fresh.
2:50 pm
we love them but got to do something different. >> she would be great. and the trip for the "jersey shore" cast to italy has been delayed? what happened? >> well, they are in italy. >> they are? >> this was a photo of our friend the situation tweeting from the airport on his way there. he was supposed to begin filming early this week. that's been delayed. there was a lot of talk because they had permits revoked. the italian press has not been kind that the "jersey shore" is coming to italy but what the real situation is here, no pun intended, is that the president of italy is going to be visiting florence where the cast is taping and it would just be logistically impossible to pull it off at the same time. they're delaying to the end of the week. >> sounds good. >> why doesn't anyone want this to succeed? >> they have succeeded enough. i'm actually a fan or was of the show. all right, courtney, thank you very much. thanks for sticking up for the jersey kids. for the latest news, log on to
2:51 pm
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join the "news nation," e-mail me at tweet me or on facebook at time now for the "news nation" gut check. just in time for prom season. alabama's state senate has passed a bill that would ban the children of undocumented immigrants from attending the school prom. the measure must still be approved by the state house and the governor has not said whether he will sign it. the so-called alabama taxpayer and citizen protection act would also prohibit, quote, participation in any extracurricular activity outside of basic course of study for kindergarten through 12th grade students who are not legal residents of this country. meantime, amid reports schools in other states are checking or considering checking the immigration status of students seeking to enroll. officials from the u.s. justice
2:55 pm
and education department sent out a letter saying, quote, we have become aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation or lead to the exclusion of students based on their or their parts' or guardians' actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status. the letter warns, these practices contravene federal law. and the letter cite that is the 1982 supreme court decision that recognized the right of all children regardless of immigration status to attend public school. so what does your gut tell you? does alabama have a right to ban the children of undocumented immigrants from their school prom and other extracurricular activities? look at what the "news nation" is saying about friday's gut check concerning the state of georgia's new obesity campaign. we asked do ads showing overweight boys and girls do more harm than good? 41% of you say yes, 59% of you
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good afternoon. it's monday may 9th, and here is what's happening. vanity, thy name is osama. look at this. and this. a forensic psychiatrist uses bin laden's own videos to take us inside the mind of a mass murderer. plus, with friends like these -- >> we think that there had to be some sort of support network for bin laden inside of pakistan. >> is evidence o collusion between bin laden and pakistan hidden inside that treasure trove of captured al qaeda documents? and the mighty mess. the mississippi river expected to crest at any moment as floods threaten to sink large


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