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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 10, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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river. and in memphis, tennessee, officials are urging hundreds of residents to seek higher ground. officials say the amount of water passing through the city would fill up a financial field 44 feet deep in just one second. we've got team coverage of this flooding. jay, we'll start with you. as i mentioned, hundreds of people right now are still in shelters. what else are we expecting there as far as the weather and the river? >> reporter: tamron, and i think you make a very good point. good to talk to you. just because this river has crested does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that the problems are over. take a look out at the mississippi right now. three times as wide as it normally is, and that current is flowing very quickly and through to the south going to mississippi as you talked about where thang is and into louisiana. it's going to be an issue here as we move back across and toward the downtown area.
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there is already water in the downtown area. they're having to divert some traffic. no businesses closed there, but we've seen the pictures from the neighborhoods. entire neighborhoods washed away here, and the point that emergency managers are stressing here today is just because the river has crested, they don't want people rushing back and into their homes. they say it's still very dangerous, potentially toxic. more than 450 people in shelters right now. many more staying with family and friends, and they say they're going to be there for quite some time. it's going to take as long for this river to recede as it did for it to rise. so we're talking about a couple of weeks there, and then the forecast. it's calling for rain by the end of the week, exactly what most here don't need. >> absolutely. jay, you talk about the water, and that it is toxic. and there are even reports of snakes and just a dangerous situation there. >> reporter: yeah. i can tell you from personal experience, tamron, being out in this, there's a lot of debris that's come down but the animals are looking for places to go.
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huge snakes, huge leeches in the water here. it is a mess. it's going to continue to be a mess, and that's why they're really cautioning people not to try to get back to their homes. you can't change what's happened. it's already washed in there, so wait, get back in, sort out what you can. this is going to be a process that's going to take some time. >> jay, thank you. and in vicksburg, mississippi, fearful residents are packing up and fleeing their homes as they try to stay one step ahead of the raging floodwaters. >> the floodwaters are something else. it's coming fast. >> we're live in vicksburg and that woman said the floodwaters, it's coming and it's coming fast. they're not expecting the mst to crest there for still several more days. >> reporter: well, that's right, tamron. i'm standing in what used to be the parking lot of golden barge line. it's a barge company in vicksburg that moves millions of pound of product, most of it petroleum, up and down the mississippi. the office is literally on an
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island and it's at a spot here where the yazoo and the mississippi rivers meet and the watter from both of those rivers are steadily rising and they're anticipating that at the highest level of flooding, and that's not expected to be until at least another week, they're expecting this water level to rise another 4 1/2 feet. that would basically put the water at the base of that office. a lot of people, especially in the low lying areas in vicksburg, have packed up their homes and belongings and are moving out. there are temporary floodwalls now along the levees of the yazoo and the mississippi right now. those temporary makeshift floodwalls are already up, but we already saw some water seeping through there. that's not a good sign of perhaps things to come here. back here we spoke with austin golding. he's the son of the owner here. he's the third generation to run tug boats on the mississippi river. he said having this experience and having lived and making a living off the river, you understand its power and you respect it, and when it starts
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coming up and it starts coming towards you, you get the hell out of its way, his words there. >> thanh, thank you. today nato launched its most intense air strikes on libya in weeks. bomb camera video released by vi yo show british air force attacking a headquarters building. another air strike on a building allegedly used by gadhafi foorss to fire on civilians in misrata, the only rebel-held city. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us. are we seeing this step up in air strikes because so many are calling this a stalemate and wondering what direction is it going? >> reporter: there has been a lot of pressure on nato to intensify its air campaign particularly around misrata where there's been a dire humanitarian struggle. those air strikes have come in tripoli, according to that video
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you just saw, on the outskirts of misrata. they have also come in the city of brega in eastern libya where i am right now. all of these air strikes are helping the rebels. they have been making some advances toward tripoli moving beyond the city, leaving misrata itself, and the rebels hope that they can regain momentum and push back gadhafi's forces and end what had seemed to many even here as a stalemate. >> and, richard, as i mention, one the targets was that gadhafi regime brigade headquarters. there have been questions whether or not the strike was aimed directly at the libyan leader, gadhafi. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: nato says that it doesn't target individuals, that it only targets command and control sites. the fact remains, however, that gadhafi hasn't been seen in public for over a week now, and there is some speculation that he has gone to ground. some of the rebels say that he is hiding out in a network of
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bunkers below the city, below some of his compounds. we don't exactly know where gadhafi is. no indication that these specific air strikes overnight were targeting gadhafi, but they are certainly sending a psychological message and according to a western diplomat that i spoke to, that is part of the goal, to put psychological pressure on gadhafi and his inner circle to convince him to either leave the country or come up with a negotiated settlement that would appease the rebels and would appease nato. >> nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel live for us in benghazi. thank you. and right now president obama on his way to texas where he will deliver a big speech on immigration reform. but even before the speech, some within the hispanic community are saying it is too little, too late. is it just an item to check off on the president's political to-do list? plus, what can u.s. officials learn from three of osama bin laden's wives? pakistan finally agrees to share intelligence from the women. and after 25 years together,
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welcome back to "news nation." pakistan is announcing today that it will give u.s. officials access to osama bin laden's wives. the women were in the compound during that u.s. raid that killed bin laden more than a week ago. his youngest and reportedly favored wife is only 29 years old. also today there are new details about the planning that went into the raid. the military says president obama insisted that the team used in the operation be big enough to fight its way out of pakistan if attacked by local troops. i'm joined live from islamabad. first off with these wives, they've been in the custody of pakistan officials for a week. is there any reason for us to
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believe that even if they're interrogated by u.s. officials that they'll be able to provide any information? >> well, it's a mixed bag as so how much they really knew. we know, of course, perhaps they were living with him for quite soom tim some time. there have been various leaks over the past weak that perhaps his favorite wife was perhaps with him since 2005, but the thing to remember is that these women observed segregation, wearing of the veil. perhaps while they might well have been with him, they might not have been with him at all times. they certainly would not have been allowed to mix with any of the men that were coming and going, so how much they really knew or who they might have seen that would be visited osama bin laden is very unclear and, of course, to that end how much information they could share both with the pakistani officials or u.s. officials once they get access. >> and there's a report in the
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guardian that is ten years ago there was an arrangement between the united states and pakistan that allowed for the u.s. to go in in a unilateral mission and take out one of the high ranking al qaeda members. what more do we know about this report in "the guardian"? >> reporter: senior pakistani military officials former of the time of general musharraf and u.s. officials have been speaking out about how this was a closed deal. this was decided long ago when osama bin laden had initially escaped the grips of the united states forces in 2001 in bora bora that musharraf and president george w. bush had made a deal that if and when they had actionable intelligence, and we've heard that phrase before, haven't we, hot pursuit, if they did find out a location for osama bin laden, then u.s. forces would come over that border. and, of course, as we saw last week, that's exactly what happened, which leads us to
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believe that this may well have been a deal that was struck many years ago. and, of course, that dance routine we see between the united states and pakistan so many times where the united states will conduct a drone attack and pakistan officials will protest it, and that's actually the deal we understand was struck over osama bin laden, too. >> all right. thank you very much for the live report from islamabad, pakistan. right now president obama is headed to el paso, texas, where he will make a new push for immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. after leaving the white house this morning, the president scheduled to arrive in texas in about a half hour. in el paso, the president will tour the city's main border crossing with mexico. then he will deliver a speech which white house officials say will emphasize the economic value of reforming immigration laws. the president is also expected to blame republicans for blocking reform legislation.
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yo joining me now is the executive director of vote la that hat te know and ezra climb. there's a quote, frankly, we have no indication from the white house that immigration reform is a priority for them. what do you make of this quote from the speaker's spokesperson? >> i think if they've been picking up the papers they know the obama administration has been meeting with different individuals from both from government, from the private sector, from civic organizations and clergy to talk about comprehensive immigration reform. it should not come as a surprise to them. there's also clear knowledge that senator durbin is going to introduce the dream act tomorrow which provides a pathway for citizenship for undocumented students. i think the broader issue and
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what we should expect to see during the conversation today and his speech in el paso is talking specifically of his plan to move comprehensive immigration reform forward and also try to get it out of the side where it's latino issue. it's very much an american issue and i think he's going to start doing that by gesturing to town halls but also opening up a political wound for the republicans. >> ezra, to maria's point, the president recently met with leaders in the hispanic community, mayor bloomberg from new york in this meeting as well, but the bottom line according to reports folks there want the president to take executive action. that the realities out there are that we're not going to see anything happen in congress and that it's up to the president and an executive order to, for example, slow down deportations and more people have been deported in the two years offed a ministration an we saw in the bush administration. >> the obama administration has, as you mentioned, stepped up
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deportations, stepped up border security, stepped up enforcement with the argument being this is a necessary first step towards a comprehensive immigration bill. the problem is that they can't do the comprehensive immigration bill on their own, so they have brought up the punitive side of this but without the sort of corresponding help for the immigrant community and the undocumented immigrant community. and people in the latino community are not pleased about that. so the question is what the white house can actually offer them going forward because it is for the moment very unlikely that this congress with this leadership and this composition is going to move anything significant on immigration any time soon. >> ezra, you wrote about this on your blog and, of course, you make the point that so many others have made, that the president made this pledge but you can't account for those fact irs that are unknown which are the economy and other issues that were deemed more pressing for the administration in the beginning. and so this lingered on to this point. is it too little, too late with this speech? >> you never know. if they are able to bring a
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comprehensive immigration bill to the floor of the senate, at least get a vote, that will mean something to the latino community. until they actually do that and until the administration shows they're willing to sacrifice, put this on top of the agenda and bring other things further down the agenda in order to give this a chance, there's going to be a lot of us from thation tfr this simply hasn't been enough. >> the majority of people you're speaking with, is that what they want to see? >> i was part of the conversations that the president had and i can tell you from within the discussion there's a lot of frustration because he was making the claim you can't do an executive order specifically for dream act, not for comprehensive immigration reform. what the latino community is looking for is more than just empty promises and speeches. they really want him to take action, and there's an opportunity to create a coalition that's much broader than just the latino community. i think tamron you hit the nail
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on the head. these are families unfortunately of mixed status often times and i can share with you that it's heartbreaking to see what's happening right now in arizona where all of a sudden you are racially profiled because you are brown and we need to have those conversations. this will only be solved not by state by state patchwork legislati legislation. >> maria and ezra, thank you for joining me. back to the top story we've been following, the massive flooding in memphis. officials are urging hundreds of people to seek higher ground. joining me on the phone is the mayor of memphis, a.c. wharton. thank for your time? >> thank you. >> our thoughts and prayers are you with and everybody in your town. i understand there are 400 people still in shelters. >> that was the last count we had. i don't think it's dropped any because the waters have not really receded enough to make any difference where those homes
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where folks were required to evacuate. >> we know the mississippi has crested but you're not out of the water so to speak now. >> no, we're not. there will be a few days before there will be a discernible drop in the mississippi. everybody is focusing on the mississippi but there are two other rivers we have to watch also that run right through the middle of the city. they won't begin to drop until the mississippi drops. so we've got a few more days of maintaining the shelters, protecting the property that was evacuated, protecting life and protecting property, making sure that our infrastructure -- by the way, our levees have worked perfectly, our pumps have worked, so just making sure everything holds up. >> you mentioned the other rivers. i believe one of them is the cumberland, that created the problem back if 2010 when we saw massive flooding there that even affected some of the music landmarks in your city. >> the cumberland is over in nashville. on this end of the state we have
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the lieu hughes louis hatch chi and the wolf. they have the same effect here they did in nashville. >> well, mayor we certainly are watching this story for you and bringing the stories of what the folks there are dealing with. it's quite a struggle. thank you so much. i know you have a lot of work to get done. >> let people know, we are open though. thank you. >> thank you. up next, who of illinois's charity hospitals are now on the brink of shutting down. this is a sign of a bigger problem happening across the country. what will happen to low income patients? plus, the government creates a new system to alert americans in case of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. find out where it will be launched first. this is critical news you need to know. we'll be back in three.
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welcome back to "news nation." right now there's a meeting taking place in illinois to decide the fate of two major hospitals dedicated to serving the poor. and with the number of uninsured patients more than doubling, the hospitals are losing millions of dollars a year. in another states, they are asking what to do with those who are too poor to pay for their medical expenses. charity hospitals have recently closed in florida, georgia, pennsylvania, and new york. the problem is expected to get even worse as states cut money for health care. and joining me now is bridget scott from the national association of public hospitals and health systems. bridget, thank you for yir ti-- your time. >> thank you. >> we know most hospitals provide charity care. now we're seeing this crisis here. how do you make sense of what's happening here?
2:25 pm
>> well, unfortunately, tamron, most hospitals are dependent on medicaid and other state and local subsidies for their charity care, and what's happening, unfortunately, is that all states are going through a recession at this point, and when you cut -- looking for budget cuts, unfortunately, health care is -- tends to be at the top of the list. >> the hospitals are actually asking the state's permission to shut down, and i just got this news out of oak forest, illinois, that the oak forest hospital was denied their request to close. why are these hospitals perhaps not fighting for more money to stay open? why is it better to close when you look at the fact for a lot of these patients it's the only hospital in their area and without these hospitals they've got to travel miles in some cases to get care. >> i agree with you, tamron. and i'm glad to hear that oak forest will not be closing.
2:26 pm
and it wasn't as if they were putting a padlock on the door. they were transitioning services to their other local public facilities. but in this particular instance we are fighting, we're fighting at the national level for funding for public hospitals across the nation, and we continue to fight this battle daily. >> i understand that if some of these struggling hospitals can stay open for at least a few more years, the new health care law would help them stay open. are you optimistic in that respect? >> we are optimistic in that respect because the affordable care act is providing coverage to 32 million americans. however, there will be a ton of people who will fall through the cracks and remain uninsured during this time. the urban institute cape out a study back in march that basically said there will be 30 million americans who will remain uninsured even through these public programs that the affordable care act looks to put
2:27 pm
into place which is medicaid expansion and the insurance exchanges. >> well, bridget scott, with the national association of public hospitals and health systems, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, tamron. after sitting in that courtroom all day long today, i almost want to cry. >> what made patti blagojevich say that after a day in court? we'll get a live report from chicago. plus, a woman dying from breast cancer tries to fly to south korea from treatment but, get this, the airline says she's too sick to fly even though her doctor gave her the okay. it is today's "news nation" gut check. moisture rich shave gel bars that create a layer of protection with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. new venus proskin moisture rich. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. delicious gourmet of gravy. and she agrees.
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high-tech smuggler's tunnel from mexico. plus, outrage over graphic never before seen pictures of a dying princess diana. it's about to be made public in a new documentary about her death and people are reacting to it strongly. and chilling new details in the investigation into the discovery of several bodies along a highway near a new york beach. authorities now say that a second, a third, or maybe even four killers may be dumping the bodies. the remains of ten people have been found in long island since december, and district attorney thomas spoda announced yesterday the latest set of remains to be identified belonged to 20-year-old jessica taylor. >> the area in and around the beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time. there is no evidence that all of these remains are that of a single killer. >> msnbc analyst and former fbi profiler clint van zandt joins
2:32 pm
me now. thank you for your time. what do you make of this, four possibly people dumping bodies in this one area? >> well, if you live in that area, tamron, and, unfortunately, if you've killed one or more people and you want to dispose of the body, that would seem like a fairly good area. you're looking for something remote where you could get rid of the body quickly, where nobody would see you, and i think what law enforcement right now is trying to do is say which of these bodies can we link together to suggest that perhaps they were placed there by the same person, but right now they have two, three, maybe four different groups of individuals, suggesting the potential for at least four different people placing the bodies there. >> but, clint, how strange does that sound? i mean, you have seen it all so forgive me if i'm a little more alarmed than you are, but four different people using this as a dumping ground? does that sound likely? >> it sounds likely in that particular area. when you say, okay, if i'm killing somebody in this
2:33 pm
populated area, where is a good place to drop the bodies? you know, i don't think there's a website saying if you've got a body to get rid of, drop it somewhere along here, but, you know, sometimes word gets out, people in bars say, oh, yeah, if i had to get rid of somebody that's where i would do it, and if you're from that area, you would know that. but the chilling thing is, tamron, this has been going on for at least 11 years that they found bodies there. and as you know, some of them were -- some have had their heads or hands removed, bodies dumped one place and the extremities placed somewhere else. that sounds almost like a mob hit, but in this particular case it's something utilitarian, that somebody would do who wants to get rid of a body and warrants to make sure it doesn't get identified but wants to get rid of it quickly. >> how difficult does this make the investigation if in fact they're dealing with possibly four different individuals? you're looking at a time span of
2:34 pm
ten years and victims, some of them women, one was i believe the remains of a child, and then you have a man in this. this is all over the spectrum. >> you've got an asian man, you've got a little girl, a female child. i think what's probably going to be the quickest hopefully to solve is going to be the four first victims. these women were all allegedly prostitutes. their bodies were all found disposed of close by in burlap sacks. they all had clients that they made contact with on craigslist. so, you know, you and i tamron, we'd start backtracking and we'd be looking at phone records, computer records. they ought to be able to hone in on hover had contact with them fairly quickly. it's these other bodies, especially the ones that have been, you know, the body parts have been spread out, that's going to be a real challenge for law enforcement. >> very eerie murder mystery going on there. thank you very much, clint. >> okay. on to politics and house speaker john boehner is
2:35 pm
insisting he won't agree to tax increases even for the wealthiest americans in negotiations with the obama administration on reducing the federal deficit or even extending the debt limit. boehner spoke this morning on the "today" show. >> we can take all of the money from the wealthy and guess what? we'd hardly make a dent in the annual deficit and do nothing about the $14.3 trillion for the debt. >> so as you sit here today, raising taxes, that's a nonstarter. >> it is off the table. everything else is on the table. >> speaker boehner also said mandatory spending programs like medicare and social security must be addressed now because they're, quote, unaffordable for our kids and grand kids. another political story that's not gotten the same national attention as the first trial but former illinois governor rod blagojevich and his wife are still using the same tactics of claiming blogo is being railroaded. >> after sitting in that courtroom all day long today, i almost want to cry. because i can't believe what i
2:36 pm
saw. a deliberate attempt to hide the truth. >> the former illinois governor is in the middle of his second trial on charges of bribery, extortion, and fraud. he was found guilty of a single count of lying to investigators in the trial that ended last august. nbc's nick bogart has been following the trial from chicago. so, nick, patti blagojevich we know from the tapes that were recorded of conversation not one to shy away and certainly she let her anger be known in that interview. >> reporter: not a shrinking violet. she's upset by prosecutors objections to defense questioning during the questioning of one key witness yesterday. there were 165 or so objections. one about every 75 seconds. some of the objections were about questions that might have suggested to the jury that blagojevich and some of the people he was talking to didn't understand what they were talking about was illegal. but mostly these objections were because the defense was asking about subjects that the prosecution hadn't covered in its questioning, called going beyond the scope. but in any case, it was certainly frustrating for the
2:37 pm
defendant's wife. >> the troourt that will prove my husband's innocence is there in the courtroom, and just an unbelievable concerted effort on the other side to stop our lawyers from asking those basic questions that would get at the truth in this matter. >> well, the problem for patti blagojevich and the defense team is that while the prosecutors are the ones objecting, the judge is the one who is upholding almost all these objections. but when asked yesterday whether the judge was to blame for the situation, rod blagojevich backed away from the microphone and said something about what a good judge he is. the judge said to the defense team there's a way to get to some of this material, you just have to put these people on as your own witnesses. the defense did not call any witnesses in the last trial. >> quite a sight to see rod blagojevich silent with his wife going off. thank you for the update on the trial there. a sophisticated underground
2:38 pm
drug smuggling tunnel discovered under the u.s./mexico border. they reportedly found this tunnel in arizona 15 feet underground. it's a 250 foot long passage. it's outfitted with lights, running water, even ventilation. eight other drug passages have reportedly been discovered in the same area in the last few months. and jaycee dugard was held captive for 18 years and she's set to publish her memoir. she's set to release the book "a stolen life." she's also narrated the audio version. and silicon valley giant microsoft says it has agreed to buy the internet phone service skype. the price tag $8.5 billion. it's the largest deal the software company has ever brokered. skype users made 207 billion minutes of voice and video calls just last year. not bad. and develops news right now,
2:39 pm
president obama just arrived in texas to make that new push for immigration reform. air force one landed minutes ago at ft. bliss near al passow. the president will then tour the main border crossing in el paso before speaking less than an hour from now just yards from the crossing. the president is expected to pressure congress to provide a path to citizenship for the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and try to cast republicans as an obstacle to blocking the legislation. joining me now is nancy maza, a ucla graduate and a member of a group called dream team los angeles. working for the rights of undocumented students which she was herself. thank you so much for joining us. >> no problem. thank you for having me on. >> absolutely. what is your hope? what do you want to hear from the president today? >> i think it's important that the president address the issue of immigration. it's extremely important for the american public but i think we really need more than promises. we really need the president to take action. you know, as he's currently in texas there's a student who is in deportation proceedings after being pulled over for having a
2:40 pm
broken tail light. so we need some sort of action from the president to ensure he's committed to really taking action on immigration. one thing that he could currently do is pass, you know, an executive order stating he will not deport undocumented students who would qualify under the dream act to let the nation know he is committed to working on immigration reform. >> as you mention the dream act, you and your organization are fighting for both a federal and state version of the dream act, and some people believe and if i can say this here, this may just be a dream because folks are so divided on the issue of what to do with undocumented people in this country and not to give them what some republicans have called an amnesty program, a way in for free. >> so when you look at the dream act, it has very concrete steps. you must have arrived to this country at a very young age and have to have some sort of education. so i think it's important to understand that. we're talking in terms of
2:41 pm
unstudents who are undocumented and came to this country and now have college degrees. tlaes there's no way of legalization. >> how old were you when you came into the country? >> i was 2 years old when i came in and i'm currently 24 years old. >> tw >> what do you believe your story says about the possibilities of a child being brought here and what you are able to bring? i know the president today will focus on the economic impact of immigration reform and what people like yourself can bring as assets to this country. >> yeah. i think currently for example myself is a person with a college degree, and not just me but immigrants who come to this country to work and to help this country thrive. in terms of undocumented students like myself, there is currently an educated worse force that has grown up here in the united states. we consider ourselves american in every sense and we're not legally able to work and not just that, we're not legally
2:42 pm
able to contribute to this country and help restore this country. i think in the context of immigration, the whole debate needs to be more humanizing in terms of, you know, immigrants come to this country in order to be able to provide for themselves but also to help the economy and just to find a better life. that's where we need to move in terms of the debate on how we're talking about the debate. >> nancy meza, a ucla graduate and a member of the group dream team los angeles. thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver make a big announcement about the future of their marriage. but first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things. the navy has given the okay to same-sex marriage ceremonies on military bases. once the ban on gay service members is officially lifted, navy chaplains will be able to wed same-sex couples in states that permit it. now, some members of congress argue it would violate federal
2:43 pm
laws. and cell phone users will start getting text message alerts about national and local emergencies. the federal commune cases commission announced the news today. it could include terrorist attacks or natural disasters. it's expected to be up and running in new york city and washington, d.c. by the end of the year. president obama will deliver the commencement address at booker t. washington. the cool won the race to the top commencement challenge. in three years the graduation rate went from 55% to over 80%. some good news for memphis as they struggle with the flooding happening in their city. those are things we just thought you should know. ♪ ♪
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, speaker boehner tells a room full of billionaires the u.s. is broke. then vows not to raise their taxes. plus, the president set to outline a new way forward on immigration. we'll have this important speech live just ahead. newlyweds prince william and catherine are officially on their honeymoon. the duke and duchess of cambridge are reportedly headed to an island off of kenya in the indian ocean. they will be holed up in a luxury villa on a private island. they vacationed there four years ago. there's controversy surrounding a photo of prince william's mother, diana. a documentary set to be shown at the film festival shows a
2:48 pm
picture of diana after the crash. the son of dodi fayed who died along with the princess has reportedly backed the movie titled "unlawful killing." new details on why after 25 years of marriage arnold swrz a schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. courtney, what are we hearing happened here? a lot of people -- certainly 25 years you hate to see anyone break up. >> you hate to see that happen to any marriage and especially when there's 25 years between you and four children. let's begin with the statement the couple issued last night. they said jointly after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer we came to this decision together. at this time we are living apart while we work on the future of relationship. tamron, multiple sources close to the couple have been coming out of the woodwork saying the writing has sort of been on the wall for this. this is something that was possibly on the table for as
2:49 pm
long as two years, but specifically maria shriver, the death of first her mother and then more recently her father, sarge shriver, she was dealing with those issues and not dealing with the issue of her marriage per se. a telling sign though on march 28th maria shriver posted a u tooub video. she's not wearing her wedding ring and she talks about life's transitions. take a listen. >> like a lot of you i'm in transition and people come up to me all the time, what are you doing next? i'd like to hear from other people who are in transition. how did you find your transition? personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial? how did you get through it. >> now, obviously she isn't saying i'm about to get a divorce what are you going through everybody, but it is something telling saying there is a lot of change happening in her life. arnold schwarzenegger is no longer the governor. there's been lots of talks about his moves in hollywood.
2:50 pm
i'm sure the changes in any family, when there's a tremendous shift, even culturally, what your meaning is, it's a difficult thing to handle. the couple was together for a graduation for their nephew over the weekend. she was not wearing her wedding ring then. you just hope the best for the family. >> whatever they deem is best for them. but in that statement she says we're living apart while we work on the future of our relationship. >> it's quite possible based on the wording of that statement that things could end up being okay, but, of course, i think it's safe to say they're in the thoughts of a lot of people. >> thank you. for the latest entertainment news log on to straight ahead, this might get you fired up. an airline refuses to allow a woman who is fighting stage four breast cancer to fly even though doctors cleared her for the flight. the airline says she's too frail. you make the call on this one. it is the "news nation" gut check. but first, cee lo green pays
2:51 pm
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join the "news nation." e mail me at tweet me or facebook at time for the "news nation" gut check. a woman dying of breast center denied a seat on a flight. she has stage four breast cancer. they tried to fly from seattle to south korea but korean air would not let them board saying
2:55 pm
crystal looked too frail. but crystal's daughter said her mother had two doctors' notes clearing her. a korean air spokesperson did not release an official statement but said they felt she was not up for the long trip. the spokesperson said other passengers would be traumatized if a passenger died in flight. mimi says she just wanted to take her mother home for mother's day. delta says they will fly her to south korea tomorrow. go to to vote. does alabama have a right to ban children of undocumented immigrants from prom and other extracurricular actives? 69% of you say no. 31% of you say yes. that does it for this tuesday edition of "news nation." thanks for joining us. martin bashir is up next.
2:56 pm
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good afternoon. it's tuesday, may the 10th, and here is what's happening. wrap it up. has bin laden's death allowed u.s. generals the chance to pull troops out of afghanistan? plus, head to the border. president obama set to outline a new plan to tackle america's immigration problem. real reform or a political play? and hey partner. who is that man the speaker of the house looks so happy to see. john boehner and the billionaire. and a new vow not to raise taxes on the rich. >> so as sit here today, raising taxe that's a nonstarter. >> it's off the table. everything else is on the table. and at this hour we're aw t awaiting wahhab billed as an important speech on the subject of immigration to be delivered by president obama. this is a live look at el


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