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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 26, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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officials in joplin, missouri, confirm how many people are missing. plus, what's in a name? a couple's decision not to tell anyone if their newborn baby, who is storm, is a girl or a boy. why are they doing it to this child? it's today's "news nation" gut check. i'm tamron hall, the "news nation" is following developing news out of washington, d.c. just a short time ago we learned that the supreme court voted to uphold an arizona law that penalizes businesses for hiring illegal immigrants. let's get more from nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. he is live outside the supreme court with more on the vote and the impact this could all have. >> reporter: tamron, enforcing laws against illegal immigration is generally a task for the federal government and not the states.
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today the supreme court said arizona's law is legal, that it can be upheld. arizona's law says if an employer knowingly hires illegal immigrants, they can lose their licenses to do business. now, several groups challenged this. they said it was in essence death penalty for businesses. an unusual group here, the chamber of cop mermmerccommerce unions said it wept too far. by a 5-3 vote the court said this is what it meant to do. the dissenters, the three liberals that dissented today, justice stephen breyer, ruth bader ginsburg, and sonia sotomayor said now this will make employers very reluctant to hire anybody that looks like
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they might be from outside the united states. what this doesn't mean, tamron, is anything about the big question that's yet to come from arizona, with i is arizona's much broader law that says police should detain anybody they think might be in the country illegally. that case has yet to be heard here and i don't think there's anything in this decision that you can read one way or the other that would predict how the court would rule on that. but this decision today does empower the states to do what arizona has done in terms of licensing, restricting licenses for businesses that fail to properly police whether or not they're hiring illegal immigrants. >> and this issue may play a role in the upcoming presidential election. already we've got a reaction from former governor tim pawlen pawlenty. he said he applauds the supreme court and he goes on to say that president obama broke his promise to address illegal immigration leaving states to -- and businesses in an untenable situation. so now, of course, as always, this issue of immigration is a national issue and one that will factor into politics.
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thank you very much, pete. developing now, a wisconsin judge has struck down the state's law taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most workers -- or state workers there. the ruling is not the final say on this measure that prompted those massive protests we all watched by union workers at the state capitol for weeks after it was first proposed in february. wisconsin's supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on the law and republicans who control the state legislature could also just go and pass a new law. joining me now on the phone, wisconsin democratic state senator mark miller, the state senate minority leader. thank you so much for joining us, sir. >> my pleasure. >> let me get your reaction. >> judge sumi's ruling speaks for itself. the republicans violated the law. >> but as i pointed out, this is not the end perhaps of this story. you have the supreme court scheduled to hear arguments on the law, and then you have republicans who still control the state legislature which is how you got here in the first place. >> that's right. the republicans control the
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agenda. they demonstrated disrespect for the law as well as disrespect for workers' rights. >> but if they go on to pass a new law, will we then see these kinds of protections that we saw for days and days in your state do you think? >> you know, the protest and rallies were a reflection of the public unhappiness with the law, so i don't want to predict what the people will do rtion but i think emotion is very clear out there that vast numbers of wisconsin residents oppose the law. >> the republican senate majority leader scott fitzgerald and assembly speaker jeff fitzgerald said in statements they believe the supreme court will rule in their favor but on this day it's being called a vic four for the democrats in wisconsin and the unions. thank you. >> thank you. pakistan has agreed to allow the cia to examine that compound where osama bin laden was killed in the u.s. raid. u.s. officials tell the newspaper the cia will use sophisticated equipment and
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search for al qaeda's materials that actually may be, listen to this, hidden in walls or even buried at that site. u.s. personnel have not been allowed inside the compound since bin laden was killed on may 1st. and for the first time since sunday's devastating tornado, officials in joplin, missouri, confirm today that more than 232 people are still at this hour missing, and one of those who had been missing is 16-month-old skyler logsden. skylar has now been confirmed dead. he was identified sadly by his mom yesterday. and the rescue effort remains a priority but it's now transitioning to a recovery effort. nbc's brian moore is live for us in joplin with the latest on what's happening there, and, again, you just can't get used to seeing the images like we're seeing behind you, brian. >> reporter: a lot of tragedy here, no doubt about that, but we spoke with the family, the family that lives right here, very happy to be alive. one of the eyewitnesses described what happened.
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the house broke. the car broke. the neighbor's house broke, too. well, what isn't broke, that eyewitness' tricycle and his car seat. that witness is 2 1/2 year old jesse james. he's happy to be alive. his grandfather, tim fields, told us how they rode out that terrible storm sunday evening with about 20 seconds warning. they went from their living room, that used to be a plate glass window that's completely blown out, back into a hallway. there are two doors where they watched a dividing room basically being ripped apart, a gigantic fan fallen through the ceiling, roof tiles and wood being ripped away. there's a gigantic sign from the hamburger joint about a block and a half away that landed on top of one of their cars here. they say they are happy to be alive. they say it's god's work. as for whether they're going to stay here, they say that's a tough decision. they will rebuild, but they don't know whether it's here.
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tamron? >> one family's story among many who can tell a similar tale of what happened. thank you very much, brian. a day of changes at the casey anthony murder trial. at one point casey father accused her attorney of badgering him on the stand. george anthony took the stand earlier today. this is the second time since this trial started. casey's attorney repeatedly asked anthony about mowing his lawn and gas cannes ths that we missing from his shed. one of the cans had duct tape on it. the prosecution is claiming casey anthony used duct tape to kill or cover her daughter's mouth. the judge clearly aggravated with the defense's line of questioning admonished casey anthony's attorney. >> the state's exhibit aj is not in evidence, as i said at the side bar conference. until it's in evidence, you can't question somebody about a photograph that is not in
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evidence. >> joining me now from orlando, nbc's kerry sanders who has been following this story from the start. this attorney repeatedly asked george anthony about mowing his lawn. what is the relevance of that? what are they trying to paint there and these gas cans? >> they're trying to get a time line on when george anthony was home and where the gas cans were. it appears at one point the gas cans were in the shed in the backyard. then somehow they were stolen, made their way into the trunk of casey anthony's car. it's alleged by the prosecution that in the trunk of that car she had stowed her dead baby daughter's body and that there was a stench emanating from there. so they're trying to find out at what point george anthony was given those gas cans from his daughter and whether he smelled anything in the trunk or not. and so there's a little bit of a backand forth, a little bit of anger, and you have to understand, george anthony according to the defense is part
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of a cover-up here, that he was in an incestuous prorelationshi with his daughter beginning at age 8 and that sexual abuse is how he's able to have control of her causing her to participate in this cover-up. the defense says that her daughter drowned in the backyard pool. so with that as a backdrop, you understand george anthony, who denies ever doing anything to his daughter, touching her or otherwise, sat at the witness box today as the defense attorney, jose baez, began to pepper him with questions, and george anthony had no problem revealing his emotions. >> when this started for us, we were running on fumes, going day by day just trying to find my granddaughter, and some of these things that you're asking me to be specific on, i'm trying to do the best i can. there are some things i might not remember exactly.
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i think that happens to anyone. but when you get into this thing with you and i, sir, you're going off in a way to get me more upset, and i don't think that's fair. i'm just asking you treat me with a little bit of respect and you will get respect back. >> reporter: so george anthony not happy and expressing his thoughts directly to jose baez. of course, the jury listening to all of this. george anthony is being called as a witness not only for the defense but also for the prosecution, and we'll never know until they get to the end of this trial what weight the jury gives this testimony, but clearly some anger, some emotion, and really quite raw right out there, and the judge, as we heard earlier, not happy with the way things are going in his courtroom right now. >> kerry, thank you very much for that live report. we have some more developing news this hour. another potential sign that sarah palin is moving closer to a possible run for the white house. palin we have just learned is
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launching a bus tour from washington, d.c., this sunday. it will be a tour of historic sites starting in washington, going up the east coast. we have more on that story coming up when andy barr will join us. also ahead, the bling griches. that's what some have nicknamed newt gingrich and his wife. >> $500,000 at tiffany's. there's a clear explanation. the guy buys his engagement rings in bulk. >> the jewelry store is releasing a statement. and rod blagojevich takes the stand in his own corruption trial. find out what he's apologizing for and why he calls himself a, quote, jerk. and who is dick cheney talking about when he says, quote, i worship the ground he walks on. all of that and more ahead on "news nation." [ male announcer ] can a cup of coffee
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welcome back. we've got more developing news here on "news nation." later today we're expecting a final vote on the patriot act. three parts of the patriot act actually expire tonight which allow law enforcement to set wiretaps and spy on suspected transcripts. joining me now nbc's kelly o'donnell. i understand we may see an extension of the deadline due to the president's travel. obviously, he's now in europe. >> reporter: well, the president is in europe and it does expire tonight. the patriot act, with those provisions you just talked about, and that's created a time line problem here at the capitol. we do think the senate might be able to work something out, but meetings have been going on behind the scenes to try to get an agreement to take a vote. the battle is over trying to have some amendments that rand paul, the republican of kentucky, wants, even against the wishes of his party leadership. i thinks there are some civil liberties issues that need to be addressed. if the senate passes it, it goes
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over to the house. they're staying late. many of them are canceling plans to be back in their districts to accommodate this and then it would go to the president. it was not expected to be this kind of a cliff-hanger 11th hour drama, but the rights of someone like senator rand paul, who can make these case points and say that we need to take a little time with this, that has sort of gummed up the works. but it has been an untwisting battle behind the scenes to come to some resolution and the intelligence community has said they don't want to see this expire because they don't want any interruption in their ability to do the surveillance to try to track terrorists, that sort of thing. so it's been one of those moment by moment dramas we think will be a vote later this afternoon. >> and people are still talking about the senate vote, of course, on congressman paul ryan's budget. went down, i believe the vote was 40-57 with five senate republicans voting against it. we also know the president's budget plan 0-97 vote there. it's this moment between congressman ryan and former president bill clinton that a lot of people are talking about.
2:17 pm
let's play it and get some reaction. >> i'm glad we won this race in new york, but i hope the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> my guess is it's going to sink into paralysis is what's going to happen. and you know the math. i mean it's just, we knew we were putting ourselves out there, but you got to get this thing going. you got to get this thing move. >> if you want to talk about it. >> yeah, i'll give you a call. >> i guess the mike was catching what they were saying. >> reporter: the issue is the buzz. it's because of that race that former clinton referred to in new york where a democrat won in a republican-held district and today speaker boehner ak nong d knowledged that the medicare issue did play a factor. there were concerns that the ideas that paul ryan put forward about how to change medicare ten years from now were used in that race as a way to really
2:18 pm
galvanize support against the republicans. concerns among many seniors and many democrats that that would really up end one of the most treasured safety net programs, medicare. republicans say there have to be some kind of changes but politically this has been a test for them. they know it is not working well for them now, and they're trying to figure out a way to talk about making cuts to save some money to help with the debt at the same time trying to still push that issue forward. so it's a mess for republicans and it's been all the buzz here, tamron. >> thank you very much. and coming up, sarah palin launches a bus tour. we're just getting word of this. what does this mean as far as her aspirations to become president? a lot of tea leaf reading but we at least know on sunday she's getting on her bus. and one alaska pollsters say, quote, no ifs, and, or buts about it, sarah palin is going to run for president. plus, it is one of the first questions a pregnant woman is asked, what are you having?
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the parents of a 4-month-old baby are taking an unusual and controversial stand to say the least in how they're choosing to raise their child. they have decided not to reveal whether their baby is a boy or a girl. instead, they want the child to decide its gender. here is nbc's natalie morales. >> reporter: at first glance, this baby looks like any other, bright eyes and a big smile, but look a little closer. is it a boy, a girl, can you tell? and does it even matter? this canadian couple doesn't think so. they've decided to raise their 4-month-old baby named storm genderless allowing the baby to choose its own gender ori orientation. the couple's story recently appeared in "the toronto star" and has caused an uproar among
2:23 pm
family researchers like glenn stanton. >> it's not just about body parts or what clothes we would choose or the colors we like. it's really about science and science is telling us that there's a male and female brain. >> reporter: kathy and her husband david are keeping baby storm's gender a secret. they say the only people who know whether storm is a boy or a girl are one family friend and storm's older brothers, jazz, 5, and kio, 2. >> according to his parents, shortly after his birth this family sent out an e hail. we decided not to share storm's sex for now, a tribute to freedom and choice in place of elimination. raising children less traditionally based on gender has parents abuzz. >> one woman says, for me the goal isn't to remove gender from the equation, it's so support my son making his own decisions about his identity. but while many support the idea
2:24 pm
of giving children more freedom to express themselves, stanton suggests this is more about mom and dad. >> to think the child can choose who they want to be later on is just absolutely sto storybook thinking. >> joining me is michael smerconish. you're a parent, a great parent if i might say. what do you think of this story here? >> well, my telephone lines are ablaze on this issue right now, and most of the opinion i can tell you is in opposition to way in which they're trying to raise these kids. my own thought is in an effort to ensure that their child is accepted regardless of how that child may turn out regarding their sexuality, they're ensuring that the child is going to be treated as some form of other. in an effort to try to protect the 4-month-old i think they're ensuring that the 4-month-old also ostracized sooner rather
2:25 pm
than laettner life. >> what do you make of them saying this is a progressive move on their part, that somehow this is the modern or maybe people who don't understand are behind the curve here? >> well, i don't know what's wrong with raising your children in a traditional sense. if it's a boy, go ahead and paint their room blue and if it's a girl, it's all right to paint their room pink. but if you recognize at some point that you have a child on your hands who is pursuing an alternative lifestyle, you still give them all the love and kindness and support and guidance that you otherwise would. i think that's the way that most of us would choose to handle it. >> and i thought it was interesting in the piece that they revealed the child's gender, who around here everyone seems to think it's a boy -- i think it's a boy, too -- they revealed this secret to a 2 and a 4-year-old. did we lose michael's shot? i think we lost it. thank you, michael. we apologize for that technical problem. coming up --
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it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects. just gentle predictable relief. miralax. welcome back to "news nation." palin in 2012. news we received in the last hour the former alaska governor is launching a bus tour and she's purchased a home in arizona fueling speculation she will, in fact, run for president. and taking the stand, rod b bl blagojevich recounts his childhood. and dominique strauss-kahn finds a new home for his house arrest in a posh manhattan townhouse that rents for $50,000 a month. and signs sarah palin could be preparing for a presidential run. word came down palin will launch
2:30 pm
a bus tour from washington, d.c., and sunday. the website says she'll tour historic site important to america. she also reportedly purchased a $1 million home in arizona. plus, a documentary highlighting her time as alaska's governor premieres in iowa next month. joining me now is andy barr. >> thanks for having me. >> sarah palin launching this bus tour. what are you hearing is the significance other than hitting these historic sites? >> well, the historic sites are one thing. her folks are telling me they're going to new hampshire, which is the first time they will visit that early primary state since 2008. this is a clear sign they're looking at these early states, trying to do as much as they can to build up for a presidential campaign. you mentioned the house, you mentioned the film. and continuing fund-raising efforts. that's another thing they're focusing on that not a lot of people are talking about, but trying to bring more people into
2:31 pm
sarah's site. the entire site is packed with links for fund-raising. >> sarah palin is one of those hot buttons. as soon as we mentioned she was launching this bus tour, someone tweeted she's pulling a trump. because so many times you get to that point with sarah palin and she plays coy with her supporters and the media or the lame stream media as she likes to say. other than reading the tea leaves in between these signs, for example, purchasing this home in arizona, what solid information are you getting that this is, in fact, not a flirtation or a way to drum up some attention to keep her name out there? >> i'll tell you, in talking with her folks, it's clear they're preparing as if they're running. they don't know yet if they're running, but they're preparing as if they are. they're very awire of filing deadlines and legal requirements. they're looking at this and they're certainly coming up with a plan for how they'd want to start off the plain. that is they rely heavily on an
2:32 pm
influx of cash from online donors and they're hoping that would be enough to build an organization. the things they haven't done yet is put offices in early states and put some sort of organization, some sort of periphery people around the four or five key staffers she has right now. >> it's interesting you bring up the people around. she talked a lot about the influence todd palin has in her life and decision. we saw even with mitch daniels announcing just on saturday, it was a big family decision. other than todd, who do we know that she's conferring with? is it senator john mccain, in making this decision? >> it's not a lot of outsiders. there's no indication she's spoken to mccain recently. it's mostly like a small cadre of supporters and stfers of hers which are spread throughout the country. you have some in texas, some in california, some here in washington. those are the people she's conferring with. even some of the folks in d.c. like among the republican establishment who would try to bring her in early on haven't heard from her in months.
2:33 pm
>> in the last nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, that was back in april, her negative -- 41% views her very negatively. that's according to that poll. shafs the highest number in that polling when asked the question about favorability. we talk so much about who the white house is worried about running against. is mitt romney worried about sarah palin? and i bring him up obviously because he's the front-runner. >> he should be because that favorability, unfavorability number, she has a cap on her support, but the number of people who support her are still pretty high. if we're talking about a primary with three or four serious candidates and she's one of them, let's say she's able to do well in iowa and south carolina, romney struggles there, maybe he wins new hampshire, how can you say he is ahead of her at that point if we're looking down a primary schedule and she in the schedule plays favorably to her. she has plenty of time where she could start running and there
2:34 pm
would totally implode and there would be all sorts of craziness around it, but if she runs this thing well and is able to compete with these guys romney and the others should be scared. >> thank you very much, andy barr, we appreciate you coming in and talking to us about this new development, sarah palin taking to the road starting on saturday on her bus tour. and republican presidential hopeful newt grin given is denying he and his wife got special treatment from tiffany's where they were granted a half million dollar charge account. lisa myers has the latest. >> reporter: hey, tamron. newt gingrich has always described himself as frugal and fiscally conservative. that's why this story won't go away-his latest effort at damage control is a statement from tiffany's explaining how gingrich managed to buy as much as a half million dollars in jewelry, pay it off over time, and not pay any interest. >> reporter: sparkling diamonds and an iconic blue box have worked magic for men for
2:35 pm
decades, but for newt gingrich, not so much. he and his wife calista have been dubbed the blingriches. >> $500,000 at tiffany's? there's a simple explanation. the guy clearly buys his engagement rings in bulk. >> people gave me a little key ring from tiffanys. half a million dollars? >> reporter: the questions keep coming. >> i have a half million dollars worth of jewelry on credit. >> no, go talk to tiffany's. it's a standard no-interest account. it's a normal way of doing business. we are very frugal, we, in fact, live within our budget. we owe nothing. >> reporter: tiffany provided nbc news with a statement basically confirming gingrich's account and saying it routinely offers interest-free borrowing for up to one year for credit worth tiffany customers. experts say very few americans could qualify for the same deal
2:36 pm
gingrich got five years ago. >>rd northward >> in order to get this type of deal you have to have great wealth. >> reporter: though gingrich has declined to say what he bought, this strand of diamonds looks similar to this one in the tiffany catalog. price, $45,000. political analysts say that just as john edwards became defined by his $400 haircuts, newt gingrich risks becoming known for bling which make it even harder for the candidate to relate to voters struggling in a fragile economy and working to pay off their own credit line at sears. >> look, most people don't have homes that cost $500,000, let alone jewelry bills of that amount. it's not something that people can relate to. >> reporter: gingrich says he just doesn't get what all the fuss is about. >> i'm totally mystified. i owe no personal debts, none.
2:37 pm
calista and i paid off our house, we paid off our cars. >> reporter: we asked gingrich's spokesman for a comment about all this and he told us the gingrichs have a right to spend their money the way they want and the right to give the gifts they want to give. it's their money. tamron? >> all right, lisa. thank you. and after 16 years on the run, the man accused of orchestrating new york's worst civilian massacre since world war ii has finally been arrested. he is the former fugitive bosnian serb commander and was arrested in a relative's home. he was charged with the july 1995 slaughter of at least 8,000 muslim men and boys. his arrest removes an enormous barrier for serbia as it tries to join the european union. right now president obama is meeting with the heads of the world's leading industrialized nations for that two-day meeting in france.
2:38 pm
among the chief topics on the agenda, bolstering the emerging democracies in the middle east and north africa. and mark kerrigan has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail on assault charges. their father died of heart failure following a physical confrontation between the two men. nancy kerrigan spoke before her brother's sentencing. >> any sentence for mark would only serve to extend an unnecessary situation that already seems as if it has been never ending. we ask that you please -- i'm sorry -- send him home with us today so that he can rejoin our family. the manhattan district attorney's office has assigned two senior prosecutors to the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn. the news follows the disgraced former imf chief's move to that $14 million manhattan town home where he will live until he's back in court. the rent he's paying, around $50,000. and drama in a chicago
2:39 pm
courtroom today where former illinois governor rod blagojevich has been testifying in his own defense at his corruption trial. he's known as a showman from his days certainly on "the apprentice" and he's been putting on a show in court. he's been talking about everything from his humble roots as a son of a serbian immigrant to his insecurities as a college student feeling inferior to the rich kids. to his admiration for everyone from george washington to ronald reagan. nick bogart joins us live from the federal courthouse. what was the reaction, nick, in the courtroom from all of this performing from the former go e governor? >> reporter: for a couple hours he's been relating his up from modest beginnings to jurors. he said i've been waiting 2 1/2 years to give my side of the story. the life story that blagojevich is spinning at length, he's giving jurors some reasons other than criminal intent for why he
2:40 pm
said what he said on all those audio tapes they've been hearing. for instance, blagojevich testified he tried out for a school baseball team even though he had only hit 1 for 12 in little league. he applied to harvard law despite poor test scores and he said i picked up my dad's propensity to dream. all of this may buttress the defense argument when blagojevich suggests on tape he might get an obama cabinet appointment if he appoints valerie jarrett to the senate. he's really just dreaming big, not really proposing a corrupt deal. blagojevich testified about his love for history, particularly winston churchill. he said churchill would constantly throw out idea as prime minister. the outlines of the defense, that blagojevich was just throwing out ideas with his aides about deals prosecutors were say were corrupt. blagojevich was asked about the language that he was heard using on those tapes, quite profane at times, and he apologized to jurors saying when he listened to those tapes, particularly the one in which he described his
2:41 pm
ability to appoint a u.s. senator as f'ing golden, he said i feel like an f'ing jerk. we're about to go back up and hear the rest of the life story. >> part two. thank you very much, nick bogart, live for us in chicago. up next, "american idol" wrapped up season ten with a star studded finale, but could this be j. lo's first and last season as a judge? courtney haas rhett has the scoop on what happened on ai. but first, there's a lot going on today. the former mayor of new orleans ray nagin has written a new book. it is due out june 8th. and republican governor chris christie of new jersey is pulls his state out of a ten-state regional greenhouse
2:42 pm
gas program. he calls the program a failure and says it's infective at combatting global warming. and big praise for congressman paul ryan from wisconsin. just as his plan was rejected by a 40-57 vote, former vice president dick cheney says, quote, i worship the ground that paul ryan walks on. despite the support, ryan says he's not running for president. those are the things we just thought you should know. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly. producing products that save on fuel and emissions,
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, run, sarah, run, new signs point to the polarizing former governor of alaska coming in from the cold and heating up a somewhat lackluster field of republican candidates. and did arnold schwarzenegger abuse his powers as california's governor for his
2:46 pm
own sexual conquest? a stunning investigation just ahead. welcome back. for the first time in years, no small cars have been found unsafe in new tests by the insurance institute for highway safety. in fact, several small cars are among the safest now on the road. cnbc's phil lebeau joins us now with the details. quite a list there and some interesting information in that this is the first that we're not seeing these small cars as unsafe. >> reporter: it used to be if you bought a small car, it was considered a penalty box. but you see these six models, these were all top performers for small cars when the insurance institute for highway safety conducted its latest round of crash tests. that meant they did good in terps of performance when it comes to front, side, rear impact crash tests and they all have electronic stability control which means they're going to prevent rollovers if you're ever in that situation. the bottom line is this, tamron. you now have for sale in this country ten models, these six plus four other models that have previously been tested, that get
2:47 pm
top safety ratings and get over 40 miles per gallon. it used to be if you bought a compact or small car, you were trading off safety for fuel economy and that is no longer the case as thes crash tests show. the automakers, because of technology, because of better design, and because they believe they can sell these cars to people who want to drive them for a long period of time and want safety, they are now building it into these small cars. >> interesting results there. cnbc's phil lebeau. thank you, phil. >> you bet. "american idol," this is a surprise, a ratings winner. and kim kardashian's wedding may be on tv for us to see like kate and will. and "dirty dancing" is one of the hottest pages on facebook. we expected "american idol" to win, right? >> well, we didn't know how big it was going to win. let's start, if for some reason you don't know who the winner is, it's scotty mccreery. he won out over lauren alaina and getting to your point,
2:48 pm
tamron, how big was the win? let's pull up the ratings for a second. "american idol," this 2001 finale had 29.3 viewers. last year there was a real trend of people not tuning in for the finale more and more each year. this is a big, big win for "american idol." also interesting, the highest number of people watching the show tuned in between 10:00 and 10:07 p.m. that's when the winner was being crowned. so appointment television at its best. and jennifer lopez, she's one of the great additions to the show this year. a lot of chatter whether or not she's coming back. i'm told everyone at the show is doing everything they can to make sure she's happy and wants to come back. talks for that have not been tabled. so i think we can expect to see the same combination of judges on the show next year because just by all accounts they all love doing the show. when you're part of that success, why don't you want to come back? >> it put her back on the map. she's had her first hit in a
2:49 pm
while as a result of her popularity on the show. >> and it made her seem really accessible and likable. that's something she was struggling with from a pr standpoint. kim kardashian, she's engaged to the tune of a 20 carat diamond ring. saying she might put it on television. the kardashians as they say themselves, they sold their souls to e!. as of yesterday there was talks already of putting the wedding on television. is it a kate and william type extravaganza, i don't think so. the other sister aired hers, they aired everything from hair removal to weddings to everything in between. >> i guess chris wouldn't allow them to tape the proposal. >> i guess he wants to keep that one thing in their life private i suppose. one of the most popular
2:50 pm
pages on facebook, it might come as a surprise, it's the dirty dancing facebook page. that lionsgate film has 9.5 million likes on facebook. you want to compare that to some of the other very popular movies of our time right now, "dark knig knight" has 6.7 million. "iron man" 4.5 million. lionsgate is looking at this a great opportunity to move dvd and blu-ray sales. most of these people liking "dirty dancing" are women and over half of them are in that great, quote, unquote, middle age demo, that 18 to 34 demo. it's a great outlet for films to look at. you can't just depend on the theaters. you need these social media things. finally oprah winfrey had her final show yesterday, did you hear this? >> i heard it and watched it. >> i watched it, too. i would be lying if i said i didn't get a little misty. how did it do? it did fantastic.
2:51 pm
had a 3.3 rating -- 13.3, i'm sorry, about 13% of those who owned televisions watched that finale yesterday. twice the rating is what a typical show was getting during this final season. >> and the highest rating for her in 17 years. >> 17 years, 17 years. and i think that's a great comparison because 17 years ago there were fewer options on television, too. a lot of those earlier shows had higher ratings, but this one really did hit that mark. >> courtney, thank you very much. good list. for the latest entertainment news, log on to or be a fan of the scoop on facebook and you can follow courtney and her glasses on twitter. we'll be right back. there's a whole world missing when you search on orbitz.
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welcome back. time now for the "news nation" gut check. earlier this hour we told you about a couple who won't reveal to anyone if their 4-month-old baby is a boy or a girl. the child's name is storm and only the couple's young sons and
2:55 pm
a family friend have been let in on the skraet. t the parents call their decision is tribute to freedom and choice. some agree with it, others call it storybook thinking. >> i think what is very clear here is this is more about the parents, the mom and the dad, than the child themselves. that the parents want to opt into this kind of utopian idea that, oh, we can just let our child be free. well, you know what? that is completely to misunderstand what it means to be human. >> so what does your gut tell you about this one? should parents keep their child's gender a secret even after the child is born? what do you think of the decision made by these parents? go to and see what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. should there be a fee to fly flags hon utility polls even if
2:56 pm
those flags honor an army lieutenant who was killed in afghanistan. 6% say yes, 94% say no. this was in shelter island in new york where this family had honored a fallen shouldl sold. per you can catch "news nation" weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. my colleague, martin bashir, picks up our coverage next. ger and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? good afternoon. it's thursday, may the 26th, and here's what's happening. run, sarah, run. fresh signs the former governor is set to come in from the cold and ignite a mad dash for the white house. sounds good, but does she stand a snowball's chance of victory? newt gingrich, king of bling. give the presidential hopeful some credit. he really knows how to shower his lady in diamonds and pearls. and c'est la vie. the french big wig


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