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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 31, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the stand in her daughter's murder trial and relives the 911 call she made after learning her granddaughter was missing. he's been one of the most ineffective presidents at the job at hand. >> romney ready to rumble. two days before mitt romney is expected to make his 2012 run official, he goes after president obama in a new nbc news interview. while romney may be focused on a general election, will he face sarah pailin in the gop primary. the latest on her mysterious bus tour and what if any real signs she's giving that she wants to run for president. congressman anthony weiner has hired a attorney after he says someone hacked into his facebook and twitter account and posted a lewd photograph. how easy is it to have someone hack into your social media account? plus, a popular pop singer is right now in critical condition after a freak jet ski accident. and what authorities are now saying about alcohol.
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i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following several big stories this hour, including the new mitt romney/nbc news interview and the latest on decision 2012. right now, live pictures of the florida courtroom where it has been a dramatic day in the casey anthony murder trial. casey anthony's mother cindy has been on the stand all day. and she is still there now. earlier, she broke down as prosecutors introduced perhaps their biggest piece of evidence so far. the 911 call cindy anthony, the woman you are looking at. the call she made after finding out her granddaughter caylee had been missing for weeks. earlier, she described what she said in that call. >> i lost it. i just went into the room and started yelling at casey. what do you mean she's been gone? why didn't you tell me? >> nbc's kerry sanders has the
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latest from orlando. it's so interesting because we know it was cindy and george anthony who defended casey in the media after she was formally charged. really stood there and tried to explain to the public their daughter's questionable actions. and here she is now breaking down on the stand. >> well, the prosecution is just acting -- asking direct questions and point by point as cindy sits there very tearfully answering the questions truthfully. it's adding up and telling a completely different story than what cindy had been maintaining, especially in that first year about casey's actions and missing caylee. as we now know, the prosecution and the defense agree that caylee died and that the 31 days is what's really in question now of, was casey trying to cover up a murder with the aid of her or was she -- was she trying to cover up a murder or, as the
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defense says, with the aid of her father, was she trying to cover up the accidental drowning of her daughter caylee. but when you listen, in a moment, you'll hear this 911 call. and in it, cindy has just called the sheriff's office after discovering that her little granddaughter has been missing for 31 days. everyone in the courtroom was riveted. >> i told you my daughter was missing for a month. i just found her today, but i can't find my granddaughter. she just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself. there's something wrong. i saw my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car. >> what is the 3-year-old's name. >> caylee. c-a-y-l-e-e anthony. >> caylee anthony? >> yes. >> is she white, black or hispanic? >> she's white. >> how long has she been missing for? >> i have not seen her since the
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7th of june. >> what is her date of birth? >> 8/9/2005. she's 3. caylee's missing. caylee's missing. she's been missing for a month. >> you could see there that cindy disappeared behind the table there at the witness stand just bent over in tears. she asked the judge for a break after listening to the 911 call. the judge gave her a short break. the jury, for the first time hearing these dramatic calls, concentrating on their monitors as they sat in the jury box, not looking at cindy who had doubled over in tears and in pain and
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didn't really see anybody glancing over at casey either who was also in tears. but if there is going to be a more dramatic day in this seven weeks that are left in this trial it will likely be if casey takes the stand because nothing more dramatic than this today. and cindy is continuing to answer questions. tamron, during that 911 call, that was the third call of the day. and they got into some of the discussions that they had in the house there. and casey's brother lee was trying to get casey to recognize that she needed to come full circle with her mother and tell her what was going on. and all of this is coming out in very dramatic fashion as the prosecution asks very pointed questions. the defense is now up against it as they have to try to take some of the sting out of that 911 call. >> all right, kerry, thank you very much for that report out of florida. and we are following breaking news right now.
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just a short time ago, the department of justice announced the arrests two of iraqi nationals on federal terrorism charges in kentucky. they are accused of supporting al qaeda and other terrorists and even conspiring to export missiles to al qaeda in iraq to be used against american troops. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. pete, what else can you tell us about this indictment and these individuals? >> well, first of all, there is no allegation here that the two planned any terror attacks in the u.s. what the government says is that these two men wad raman and sharif hamad whoi is age 23, while they were in iraq, helped to build roadside bombs. the government says alwan was working at this for eight years and that they actually found two of his finger prints on an unexploded roadside bomb that was recovered by u.s. troops. and then the government says after the two men came to the u.s., they came here in 2009,
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they then wanted to do something to help the al qaeda fighters in iraq and that they met an undercover operative and through him thought they were sending money, machine guns, stinger missiles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and other weapons to iraq, although none of them actually made it because by then it was all a carefully controlled law enforcement operation. now the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano told andrea mitchell a few minutes ago that these two men were under close observation from the moment they arrived here. >> those iraqis who came into the country as refugees, we've been revetting them, in a sense, going back and finding out. and that information that we can help the fbi with, which we have and also use with any new applicants for refugee status. >> and as the secretary says, the two men were admitted into the u.s. as refugees. one went to las vegas. the other to kentucky.
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both have been living in bowling green, kentucky. apparently, an official says, they hoped to live here long enough to become u.s. citizens and get a u.s. passport and then they would go back overseas. but they now face terrorism charges. and if they are convicted, they could get life in prison. >> pete williams live with this breaking news for us. and some key developments in the race for the republican presidential nomination. at least five candidates or potential candidates are all on the road in critical states right now getting much of the attention you might know already, everyone is guessing about what she'll do. sarah palin. today she brought her bus tour to gettysburg, pennsylvania, visiting the historic civil war battlefield there. following stops over the weekend in washington, mt. vernon. mitt romney is expected to officially announce thursday he's in. he went on the offensive against president obama giving the president a failing grade. a grade of an "f." romney spoke in an exclusive interview with nbc news. >> he's been one of the most
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ineffective presidents at the job at hand that i've ever seen. the job at hand. the number one issue he faced walking in the door was an economy that was in fast decline. he didn't cause that, but he made things worse. >> now all of this comes with a new cnn opinion research poll. showing the republican race is wide open. look at it. the poll shows former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is top choice among republican voters, followed by romney, palin, ron paul, herman cain and the others on the list all in the single digits. nbc news deputy reporter mark murray. it's interesting when you see these new numbers out. we all know you have to have the caveat of saying it's still very early, but it officially feels as if things are certainly heating up when you look at the language mitt romney used in his new nbc news exclusive interview. >> well, tamron, it's heating up here in washington, d.c., and certainly on the campaign trail. really it will be the next eight or nine months will be defined by these republicans who are running for the right to face off against president obama
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november 2012. as you mentioned, national polls sometimes aren't the best indicators. at least at this stage who ranks where in a presidential contest. it gives us a very good idea. this thing is wide open. mitt romney is the front-runner. he's a very weak front runner. he's going to have a lot of strength. his fund-raising. as well as name recognition. certainly that conservative basr might be a obstacle for mitt romn romney. >> some who might fit in that fighter category, newt gingrich, michele bachmann, a tough talker, not officially in, says she'll make that decision soon. in single digits. rick santorum. when you look at these fighter type of personalities, you've got a sarah palin who is still not even telling the media where her bus tour is going, let alone answering the critical question if she's going to run or not. >> we don't know who that
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fighter will be. we've seen that there is a very big void in the republican party. it wasn't too long ago just a couple of months that donald trump was getting some 18%, 22% republican trial heats like this one which shows that some republicans want somebody who will really take the fight to president obama. we just don't yet know who that will be. will it be michele bachmann, herman cain. it seemed sarah palin's bus tour was going to be some type of presidential roll-out. but given the lack of organization as well as even the lack of a schedule, this certainly doesn't seem like any kind of campaign roll-out if it is one, it's incredibly unorthodox. >> we don't have enough time to talk, about for example, rick perry of our home state of texas who people are trying to draft into the primary. thank you very much. mark, we have much more to talk about with you. sarah palin wants reporters to, quote, have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this. those are her words. and that's why she won't tell
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anyone where her bus is headed next. that's what she's claiming. but is it all for attention or does palin, the former governor, really want to face off in the presidential race? coming up, we're going to talk with michael smirkonish not just about palin but the media frenzy n find out michael's perspective. also another dig story. kongman anthony weiner has hired an attorney to look into a lewd photograph posted from his twitter account. he says his account was hacked. he also says his facebook account was hacked. how could this happen? and you can call it courage under fire. a gun fight between drug cartels breaks out near a classroom filled with kindergarten students. a teacher fearlessly tries to calm those children while filming it all. what she had to say about it. plus, it's happened again. another big business man is arrested at a posh new york city
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welcome back to "news nation." a sign americans are losing faith that the economy will keep improving. consumer confidence fell to the lowest level since last november. and apple announced ceo steve jobs will take a break from his medical leave and deliver a keynote speech at next week's annual company-sponsored conference. jobs went on medical leave in january for unspecified reasons, handing the day-to-day control to chief operating officer tim cook. a new york congressman anthony weiner has hired an attorney after a lewd photo was sent from his official twitter account to a woman.
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weiner claims someone hacked into his account and tweeted a close-up photograph of a man in his underwear. the democrat says he hired an attorney to see what civil and criminal actions can be or should be taken here. politico reports that capitol police have not received a call from weiner's office to look into this case. the tweet was sent specifically to a female college student who lives in seattle. she says the two never had any inappropriate exchanges before. meanwhile, pbs is also deal with breached internet skurlt. hackers posted a fake article on the pbs news website sunday alleging that deceases rapper tupac shakur was alive and living in new zealand. they removed that article within hours. a twitter claimed responsibility for it. how easy is it for someone to hack into these websites? joining me is dan ackerman.
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always great to have you on here. obviously, this can have serious ramifications if anthony weener is right here. someone hacked into his twitter account and his facebook account. how easy is it? that's where this picture came from. >> it is fairly easy to hack into a twitter account or facebook account if you have somebody who owns those accounts who is not really that careful. we call it social hacking. >> you have a password. >> but you also get tricked into revealing your password a lot of the time. you know those fishy e-mails from your bank or credit card companies. you get those from twitter and facebook sometimes and those can be attempts to trick you as well. just go to the website, twitter or facebook, and do everything from there. don't click on any links. >> congressman weiner is hiring an attorney and looking into his options. >> i would suspect that twitter has server logs somewhere that would show what posts were
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posted to that account and what ip address those posts came from. you can trace back at least what location of the country those posts came from if that -- >> would the ip address lead you directly to the computer? >> it might lead you to the internet skeks that computer used but they probably would not be willing to give that up very easily. you need a court order. >> there have been a couple of other celebrities who say their accounts were hacked into and strange messages sent out under their name or official site. most people don't have to worry about that. >> it is the first excuse a lot of people use. i've seen it happen to people i follow on twitter and facebook. it really does happen. >> my point was it happens a lot to these celebrities. if you have an angry ex or somebody with a grudge or whatever else might be out there, someone could hack into your social media account. >> anything is possible. it's a great excuse if you accidentally posted something you shouldn't have posted. maybe you thought you were sending a private message but stnt as a public message. >> the reality is it can happen.
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>> i think you should be very careful about any e-mail from twitter, facebook, your credit card company, your bank that asked you to click on any link and enter your password. there's a good chance that's a scam. if somebody posts something really weird like a salacious video or a click here to see who is viewing your facebook account, that's usually a scam also. you should not click on those. >> thank you very much. congressman weiner says he will not answer any more questions. he wants to be done with this. but if this is right, he's at least looking into the legal options. and we talked earlier about sarah palin's one nation bus tour fueling speculation that she may enter the race in 2012. with a media frenzy continues today in gettysburg, pennsylvania. and reporters keep questioning palin's motive for this tour. >> are you enjoying mess with our heads a little bit? >> no, no. that's not the purpose. it really isn't. the purpose is to make sure that people are aware of the good things in america that really do
2:21 pm
need to be restored and appreciated. and i think we're going to have an opportunity to bring a lot of highlighting to those big things. >> joining me now, syndicated radio talk show host. michael, from that answer, it sound like she's promoting a travel channel thing. i want you to see what's great about america over the summer if you are planning on touring with the family. that's one way to look at it. obviously, we are real people and have real conversations. sarah palin wants to drum up the speculation of whether she wants to run or not, right? >> a couple of years ago, we took a winnebago and went down i-95. we started in philly and end up in florida. and i understand it's a great family vacation. but we didn't paint the side of it. we didn't have all sort of historic icons on the side and entice the media at every step of the way. that's a family vacation. i don't know what this is. i think it's a trial balloon. >> you think it's a trial balloon. why do you only think that's what it is, michael?
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>> it's not the way most americans vacation. to take the press in tow and play cat and mouse and so forth. it's either a trial balloon or it's just an effort to try and repair the brand because, you know, that palin brand, i think, by any objective analysis has been injured in the last couple of years. certainly since the last cycle. >> because i haven't even looked at my twitter account, but it is almost always, when we bring up a segment with sarah palin, someone says oh, you guys in the media are keeping this going. it's an interesting question now because sarah palin does not lay out a schedule. the people following her and covering this story are just literally following her at her will. there was a report she left early from one location to even avoid the media. how do you believe is the proper way to handle this. we have to factor in, whether she quit her job or not, she was the governor of alaska. she was on the ticket in the last presidential election cycle. unlike a donald trump who has toyed and played this game for
2:23 pm
many years as to whether he's going to run or not, she has a resume whether someone thinks she's qualified or not. >> you have to cover it. tamron, she's great copy. she'll make this very interesting. the two of us will have a great deal to discuss if she decides to get into this because she is, let's say, colorful. and so -- >> sarah palin interrupted smerconish. no, obviously, i'm joking. we apologize for the technical problem. in the meantime -- a teacher sings a popular barney's children's song in spanish as a way to keep her classroom calm as a drug cartel gun fight plays out right outside of this classroom. plus, a new ad from a cadbury chocolate bar reads move over naomi. there's a new diva in town.
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coming up, a tour bus headed to new york city flips over. several passengers are killed and now federal officials are investigating that crash. plus, it's the latest casualty of the housing market. more and more americans are losing the desire to become a homeowner. ♪ and singer shaun kingston remains in critical condition after a jet ski accident in miami. we'll get the latest on the young singer's condition. plus, police say alcohol did not play a part in the accident, so what did happen? ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪
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welcome back, everyone. yemen security forces have reportedly killed more than 50 protesters in the past two days. demonstrators call for a regime change. the latest on the u.s. response to what is happening in yemen. and police abuse crackdown. president obama investigates several major police departments for systemic civil rights abuses. and heat wave. the month of may comes to an end with record high temperatures across parts of the united states. and today's news nation gut check, why supermodel naomi campbell is outraged over a new cadbury chocolate ad. and more bad news for the troubled housing market. even as the economy begins to recover, the homeownership rate has seen a steady drop. listen to these numbers. the census bureau numbers show the share of occupied homes is down to 1998 levels. meanwhile, a new survey of home prices shows the nation's major cities fell 4.2% in the first quarter to the lowest level since the great depression.
2:32 pm
joining me now, live from jupiter, florida, is real estate analyst michael larson. we're seeing the number around 69% of owners own homes just a few years ago. that number is around 66%. so many people now choosing to rent because of this economy. >> absolutely. you have a couple of different things going on. some potential buyers who just can't qualify now under the tighter lending standards and a whole other body of potential buyers out there who don't want to buy because they've seen all the damage that's been done. they have friends, relatives or co-workers who have lost money as a result of foreclosure or some other loss of value of their homes. so even if they have the money in the bank for a down payment, and they have a high enough credit score to get a mortgage, many of them don't want to go through the hassle. they know unlike what they were told years ago, house prices can and sometimes do fall. >> we know this downturn to in our economy started with the implosion of the housing market. so if this housing market is not
2:33 pm
seeing the improvement that we all certainly desire, then how can the economy really recover at the point we would like to see? >> sure. housing clearly in past post-recessionary periods has been one of the engines of an economic rebound. builders start to build homes again. banks lend out money for the construction of those homes. and those builders turn around and hire workers and prices go up. we don't have any of that going on right now. housing, by many indicators, is either flat with where it was a couple of years ago or setting new lows. so we need to find another economic engine. clearly housing isn't going to be that. >> it's fascinating you'd say we'd have to find another economic engine. what would replace homeownership? we all know that is called the american dream. >> you know, you've got to hope there's some other type of -- some other type of driver out there. manufacturing rebound, for example. but something outside of construction because, again, we have a situation where builders
2:34 pm
don't want to build a bunch of new homes and hire a bunch of new workers because they are competing against such a high inventory of foreclosed and nearly new homes that are being sold at very deeply discounted prices. >> it's incredible. thank you very much. 12 of the 20 major metro areas, new lows in home prices. thank you very much there. to capitol hill where the house is expected to vote tonight on a bill that would raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit. however, the measure is expected to fail because it does not contain spending cuts. nbc's luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. tonight's vote is a symbolic gesture. we use that a lot. what is the point here? >> it's a political test vote if you will. for months, democrats have been calling for a clean extension of the debt limit. what does that mean? that means a bill that would extend the nation's borrowing amount by $2.4 trillion without any single thing attached to it. that means no spending cuts. republicans want those spending cuts. but are essentially now saying
2:35 pm
to democrats, okay. you really want to do that? put your money where your mouth is. we thing american public is with us on this issue. they want spending cuts in exchange for raising the nation's debt. this is a type of vote that will play a lot into 2012 politics. they'll take all the democratic votes for this and say candidate "x" voted to increase the nation's debt limit. how can you trust them with the economy? republicans are going out of the way to try and say this is what president obama wants. they are calling it, quote, a bill to implement the president's request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt meaning it is directly tied with president obama. he will get no gop support. it is expected to, obviously, fail. but whatever democrats vote for it they'll try to make a political issue in november. >> the president is scheduled to have another negotiating session with republicans and democrats. >> tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. one other thing we should add on there is unlike during t.a.r.p. when the markets went awry when
2:36 pm
this was voted down and debt limit is a serious issue that has serious implication on the economy, a lot of republican aides have been talking to wall street saying, look, this vote is not the big one. it's not the serious one. if the debt limit goes down tonight it should not cause the markets to worry. they are intentionally voting on it at 6:30 p.m. when the markets are closed. >> thank you. to po tentially deadly temperatures are setting the stage for possible heat waves in the northeast as readings are expected to climb into the 90s today. the extreme heat is averaging 10 degrees above normal in those regions. temperatures in the west coast much cooler. people there must contend with severe thunderstorms and heavy rains. they've caused flooding in parts of utah, montana and even western north dakota. the weather channel's nick walker is tracking it all for us. obviously, one of the bigger things people are talking about is this heat wave we're seeing. >> obviously, heat is going to be a big story in the east. as the cool has been the big story in the west. and then we've got the flooding and the storms in between. flooding ongoing in montana
2:37 pm
where we've had six record river crests already. homes threatened here in western north dakota. and in utah. salt lake city, a record month of may. the most rainfall you've ever seen. more flood warnings still around the midwest with more rain headed your way and perhaps even severe storms. a severe thunderstorm watch up for portions of michigan, back into wisconsin. storms coming into chicago right now. not of the severe variety but some could develop here over the next couple of hours and into the evening. we'll be watching for that threat all the way from the great lakes back into the plains and into west texas. tomorrow, two areas to watch. hail, damaging winds the biggest threat around the plains. and in portions of the northeast. the tornado threat both days, today and tomorrow, down. but the heat is still up. we're talking about 80s, 90s already here around the east coast. and more near record high temperatures as we head through the day tomorrow. we will get some relief, not quite as humid. not quite as hot up toward the northeast and the mid-atlantic.
2:38 pm
but over the next couple of days across the south, just get used to this for a while. july-like high temperatures with many new records, no doubt, will be set. >> thank you, nick. now the department of justice under president obama is putting more emphasis on aggressively targeting misconduct among police officers. right now, a large-scale investigation is under way to identify systemic civil rights abuses in some of the country's largest urban police departments. the civil rights division announced probes at seattle, newark, denver and new orleans after complaints have come in over the past few years. the justice department is looking to uncover widespread racial harassment, excessive use of force and also illegal searches. i'm joined by justin elliott, reporter for who wrote about this. you start your piece off with this. in a marked shift from the bush administration, why is this, though, happening now? >> well, yeah. the history here actually is
2:39 pm
after the rodney king incident in the early '90s, congress passed a law giving the federal government the power to investigate civil rights violations by police departments and sue those police departments in order to impose various reforms. sort of fell out of favor during the bush administration. but now the obama administration the last 18 months has been emphasizing this again, opening up big formal investigations of several large police departments. >> well, obviously, new orleans, one of the most notorious when you look at this list. the danzinger bridge incident. the list could go on and on. you point out activists and attorneys on the ground in several cities where the doj is dispatched welcome this shift from what was happening in the bush administration. but what is really likely to come out of this? >> well, usually a few things happen. the doj will dispatch investigators. they'll go into the cities. they'll talk to various citizens who have made these allegations about excessive use of force,
2:40 pm
false arrests, harassment and usually we're talking about minorities that are bearing the brunt of these alleged violations. and then usually what will happen is the police department will either agree to a deal with the doj to put through certain reforms. usually that means changes in their policy about use of force. more accountability to the public. better internal affairs, complaint system. that sort of thing. and if the police department's put up resistance, sometimes it will go to court and there will be a federally appointed overseer to see that changes happen in these departments. but, really, taken together, the incidents that the doj is investigating show that not that much has changed in the past 20 years since the rodney king incident. we put that in the national spotlight. >> you mention red ziftance from some of the police departments. but you also mentioned newark mayor cory booker. what's been his reaction to his city being on the list? >> cory booker is a rising star in the democratic party.
2:41 pm
the mayor of newark, engine. last year, the aclu of new jersey sent a letter to the federal justice department asking them to come in, pointing out a pattern of alleged civil rights violations. they sent a letter with about 100 pages, dozens of cases. at the time, cory booker said this is an exaggeration. this is ridiculous. you are smearing our police department. the doj came in and decided there's definitely a lot there. at least worth looking at and opened a formal investigation. cory booker had to come out, appear at a press conference with the doj official who is in charge of these matters. so it really doesn't look particularly good for booker at this point. >> all right. justin, thank you very much for coming on. again, another great report you have there on thanks, justin. a tragic bus accident tops our look at stories around the news nation today. virginia state police say the commercial tour bus -- look at this accident -- was on its way to china town. that's in new york city. it rolled over just before dawn on i-95 about a half hour from
2:42 pm
richmond. four people lost their lives in this accident. dozens of others injured. the accident blocked traffic for hours during the morning rush. state police say the driver fatigue appears to be the cause and charges are pending. the bus was operated by sky express bus company. yet another high-profile businessman is under arrest in new york city accused of sexually abusing a maid at a posh hotel. police say 74-year-old muhammad abdel salam omar attacked the woman last night in his room at the hotel. he's the head of a large salt production company and the former chairman of egypt's bank in alexandria. you may not be able to understand her words but, in spanish, this teacher was trying to calm her students. it is shocking new video out of a kindergarten class from mexico. it was taken by the teacher you hear in that video who is now
2:43 pm
being called a hero after she got her class to lie on the floor and keep calm as drug gangs right outside of that school shot it out with automatic weapons. nbc's george lewis has more on that story. >> reporter: the teacher's name is marta rivera and this morning, mexican officials praised her courage under fire. on friday, organized crime gangs fought a gun battle that killed five men outside the school where she teaches. inside, rivera calmly ordered the children to lie flat. nothing is happening, sweetheart. just put your little faces on the floor. the teacher said she shot the video because she is on the school safety committee and felt the need to record this. as they cower from the rainfall of bullets outside, she has the children sing a barney the dinosaur song about how it's raining chocolate. ♪
2:44 pm
if the raindrops were made of chocolate, i would love to be there. >> the actions of this teacher in this situation were absolutely extraordinary. i mean, the primary object sieve always to keep the children safe and to keep them calm. >> reporter: this map from the monterrey newspaper pinpoints the incidents of violence this year. an american teacher living in monterrey who wants to remain anonymous spoke to nbc news. >> it's happening everywhere. to actually see that video, it's just -- there's no way to escape the reality of what's happening here. >> reporter: children in mexico got shoot-out drills like the old duck and cover drills american kids went through during the cold war. this picture drawn by a child titled "the mexico i live in" is hauntingly similar to children's drawings from kosovo, iraq and other war zones. and this teacher from monterrey and the children in her kindergarten class know that terror all too well. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles.
2:45 pm
>> thank you george, for that report. afghanistan's president hamid karzai has issued his strongest statement ever against nato after a nato air strike that afghan officials say killed 14 civilians, including at least ten children. karzai ordered nato to stop bombing homes. >> the afghan people can no longer tolerate these attacks on their homes. and that one day the afghan government will be forced if you do not come to an understanding with us based on a negotiated solution to this, that is the prevention of bomb bartment of afghan homes, that the afghan government will be forced to take a unilateral action in this regard. more bloodshed out of yemen today. a key ally for the united states in the war against al qaeda. a u.n. official now says more than 50 anti-government protesters have been killed in yemen since sunday. ♪
2:46 pm
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour -- are we there yet? sarah palin's bus tour wraps itself around the u.s. flag as it rumbled up the east coast. and, sinking home sales, plunging consumer confidence. are we on the road to a double-dip recession? let's hope we're not there yet. singer sean kingston is recovering from a terrible jet skiing accident. the trailer from one of the most anticipated movies has been leaked. and a blockbuster weekend for the guys from "hangover." >> sean kingston is still in critical condition. >> two days after this life-threatening jet skiing accident, he's in stable but critical condition. police have said that this accident had nothing to do with alcohol. there's sean kingston there performing on the plaza for the "today" show last summer. a lot of celebrities are
2:50 pm
reacting to his accident. among them, justin bieber. he tweeted the following. a lot of you are asking about sean kingston. he's doing better but out of respect to his family, i will wait for them to comment. we've heard no word from his family, just how extreme the injuries are. obviously, they are quite extreme if he's still in the icu. some are saying he could be in the hospital for as many as several more weeks. >> and serena williams was photographed going to see him at the hospital. she lives in south florida as well. so sad. >> much lighter note. the girl with the dragon tattoo, a film i'm very much looking forward to. we are very much looking forward to, comes out this christmas. a trailer for the film has leaked online or has it really leaked? you are looking at a little bit of it here. i'll let you take a listen. >> basically right there -- what it connotes can f you watch the entire thing on, a lot of suspense. the main character who looks as
2:51 pm
freakish as she should. in case you have been living under a rock and don't know the main character is kind of a troubled hacker who is very, well, troubled says it all mostly. the idea this trailer was leaked is something being debunked. why would it be leaked when the studio wants it out? part of the leak could be a marketing ploy. even if it is, i am totally fine with that because i just wanted to see the trailer and that makes me happy enough. >> daniel craig is the star of this movie, the american version of it. >> i love the tag line at the end of the trailer which says the feel-bad movie of christmas. >> elizabeth is a hacker in the movie. that would make sense to hack the trailer. >> then the box office. last weekend, a fantastic weekend at the movie theater. the film that did the best? "hangover part 2." i don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone. globally, "the hangover" made $194 million worldwide.
2:52 pm
that is a record for an r-rated movie. that's a record for a three-day weekend opening. i don't think anybody involved in that movie is complaining. another interesting thing that i like is "tree of life" which didn't make anything close to that. we've been talking about it a lot. it did quite well. it actually grossed $88,000 per screen it opened in. it only opened in four theaters. it sold out completely. it did better, to give you some comparison, than "black swan" did. i think we'll be hearing a lot more about this movie in the weeks to come. opens a little wider. >> interesting with "the hangover." it got bad reviews. "tree of life" got booed. >> thank you for the latest entertainment news logon to ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it.
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supermodel naomi campbell is
2:56 pm
threatening legal action against chocolatemaker cadbury for what she says say not so sweet ad using her name. the ad reads move over gnomy. there's a new diva in town. it's being used to promote the company's milk bliss bar chocolate bar. but campbell is calling the add racist because she says she is being compared to chocolate. get it? she says the ad is, quote, insulting and hurtful and is urging black consumers to boycott this brand. kraft foods had since pulled the ad saying we'd never produce any type of marketing we felt might cause offense to any section of society. what does your gut tell you? is this cadbury add to promote a chocolate bar distaste snfl go to news to cast your vote. that is an interesting one. i'm tamron hall. martin bashir is up next.
2:57 pm
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