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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 1, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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to look like this whole putting the game's two best players on the same team thing is going to work out, isn't it? it's "way too early." good morning, i'm willie geist, this is "way too early," the show that was going to go out and team up with a great 5:30 a.m. anchor to form an early morning dream team like the heat did but it turns out there are not other people on tv at this hour. glad you're up with us, watching on msnbc or listening live on satellite radio. text the word awake to 622639. we'll read the best responses as we always do, a little bit later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for wednesday, june 1st. a lot to tell you about again today, including a united states response to afghan president hamid karzai's press conference yesterday during which he told nato to back off.
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plus, either i got into bad mushrooms last night or i saw sarah palin and donald trump eating pizza with plastic utensils in times square. did this really happen? we have a breakdown of their evening on the town a little bit later. first, let's get to the news, live at 5:30 a.m. the stage is now set for this morning's white house meeting between president obama and house republicans after the house rejected a proposal to unconditionally raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit last night. in an overwhelming showing, 318 members voted to oppose the proposal while 97 voted in favor. 82 democrats including minority leader nancy pelosi who called the whole thing a sham joined every single republican in turning down the bill. even its sponsor if you needed to know whether or not this was political fear, republican house and ways committee chairman dave camp shot down his own
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legislation to prove that republicans mean business, they say, when it comes to deep spending cuts. >> this vote, a vote based on legislation i've introduced will and must fail. now, most members aren't happy when they bring a bill to the floor and it fails but i consider defeating an unconditional increase to be a success. because it sends a clear and critical message that the congress has finally recognized we must immediately begin to reign in america's affection for deficit spending. >> a guy brings a bill to the floor and says my bill will and must fail. how about that? at the same time, minority whip hoyer advised fellow democrats to vote down the bill to avoid what he calls a political sherr raid. ladies and gentlemen, i'm going to vote no on this. we ought to vote for this. we ought to have a clean bill. and we tougt have both sides coming together and saying, america needs this for debts that we have incurred.
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it's a good demagoguegy vote, ladies and gentlemen. i urge a no vote on this irresponsible piece of legislation that should have been handled in a bipartisan way. >> denny hoyer. yesterday at the white house, jay carnie expressed confidence that president obama will definitely get republican votes to raise the debt ceiling. they want conditions and spending cuts. that was the whole point of it last night. jay cairney. >> it's been an expression of point of view that we have heard numerous times leading up to this vote. we understand the views that are being expressed. we share the concerns that drive those views.
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in the end, the debt ceiling has to be raised. >> the treasury department says unless congress votes to raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd, the federal government could be forced to default. we'll have much more on this coming up at the top of the hour, of course, on "morning joe." here's the front page of "usa today." cell phones and cancer. cell phone users are now told may be at risk for two types of rare tumors and should try to reduce their exposure to the energy emitted by the phone. that is the finding of a panel convened by the world health organization. the international agency for research on cancer which did not conduct any new research, it should be pointed out but analyzed existing studies, classified cell phones as, quote, possibly carcinogenic. that review puts the phones in the same categories a240 other substances, including gasoline engine exhaust, the pesticide ddt and even coffee.
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the panel acknowledges there was, quote, limited proof of increased cancer risk, something the cell phone has highlighted in a statement which reads in part, this classification does not mean cell phones cause cancer. the federal communications commission has concluded there is no scientific evidence that proves that wireless phone usage can lead to cancer. the survey last year showed the number of global cell phone subscribers now totals around $5 billion. this is a very scary headline but it is worth pointing out, the group at the w.h.o. conducted no new research. they got together and discussed what they've seen before and said it is possibly carcinog carcinogenic. read into it, take it with a grain of salt. afghan president hamid karzai's sharp rebuke of nato air strikes is now drawing response from the united states and defense secretary robert gates. speaking after a tour of the uss missouri in hawaii overnight, gates noted the ongoing
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challenges of the mission but stressed the need to look at the bigger picture, saying in part i think we need to go back to the reality that about 80% of the civilian casualties in afghanistan are caused by the taliban. the afghan people have put up with 30 years of war and i think president karzai's reflecting the pain and suffering that the afghan people have had to endure. nato also issued a statement about the strikes, which said general petraeus repeatedly noted that every liberation force has to be conscious that it can, over time, become seen as an occupation force. we are in agreement with president karzai and the importance of constantly examining our actions in light of that reality. that was another point karzai made yesterday saying the united states and nato becoming occupying forces. that's a white house jay carney pledged the obama administration will continue its efforts in conjunction with assistance from afghan officials. >> we regret greatly the loss of life and especially any civilian
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casualties. we work in coordination with the afghan government. we are making sure that we have coordinated efforts with afghan security forces. this is not -- we do not operate in a vacuum in that country and we'll continue to work with president karzai on this important issue. we take very seriously his concerns and we share them. >> this week's air strike was aimed at a group of forces that they say ambushed a marine foot patrol. nine civilians were killed, however, during that strike. in islamabad, a well-known pakistani journalist has been found dead, days after publishing articles showing links between al qaeda and the pack stnny army. saleem shahzad reportedly
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received threats from the isi after reporting that al qaeda had infiltrated pakistan's navy and carried out a recent attack on an air base. the isi denies that the agency was involved, saying shahzad's coverage could have angered militant organizations. much more to come on this story. suspicions surrounding the isi there. president ba shard al assad has issued amnesty. it will be broad and includes all members of political movements, even the outlaud muslim brotherhood and all political prisoners. the united states has dismissed the move as, quote, talk without action. assad's offer comes amid growing outrage after a video came out on youtube, reportedly showing the torture of a 13-year-old boy who was arrested at a demonstration in april.
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secretary of state hillary clinton calls the treatment of the young boy, quote, appalling. >> i think what that symbolizes for many syrians is the total collapse of any effort by the syrian government to work with and listen to their own people. i can only hope that, you know, this child did not die in vain but that the syrian government will end the brutality and begin a transition to real democracy. >> that 13-year-old boy died. meanwhile, the syrian government has not addressed claims that they were responsible for the boy's death. and in yemen where medical officials say at least 41 people have been killed in overnight shelling and street battles after a cease-fire between president saleh's government
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forces and supporters of the country's tribal leaders broke down yesterday. witnesses reported hearing explosions north of the country's capital, just this morning. as the fighting accelerates, the country now fears that the continuing political stalemate could lead to civil war if we're not there already. meanwhile, saleh refuses to honor his promise to step down as global leaders and tens of thousands of protesters call for the end to his 33-year rule. the space shuttle "endeavour" is now back on earth. after making its final landing at 2:35 this morning at the kennedy space center. during a 1 -day mission, commander mark kelly and the five-man team delivered equipment to the international space station. it's the second to last mission of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. in its 20-year career, "endeavour" has thrown 25 missions, traveling more than 100 million miles through space. next month, nasa will launch its final spaceflight aboard shuttle
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"atlantis." ugly numbers on the housing numbers could put the brakes on our fragile economy. how bad were the numbers, steve? >> yeah, they were pretty bad, actually. it takes a gauge of 20 largest cities across the united states. the lowest figures we've seen actually since march of 2003 and breaking the lows we saw in 2009. one good thing we saw from them, one slightsly better thing, the rate of decline was less than many had feared. the real concern once again about a double dip in the housing market. slightly better news potentially coming from apple next week. normally we have a news blackout before apple conferences. in san francisco we could see steve jobs take to the stage and talk about i-cloud, an online storage system which means we don't have to manually download our music.
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if steve jobs is back on stage, that is sure to be a great bit of news given his health concerns over the last couple years. >> absolutely. housing inperils recovery. the miami heat open the nba finals by shutting down the dallas mavericks. yes, it helps also to have lebron james and dwyane wade when you're closing out a game down the stretch. highlights of last night's game one, just ahead. plus, sarah palin venture deep into the heart of not real america. to have a slice with donald trump. their times square get-together and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:46 in the morning here on the east coast, including right there, the white house, where my director t.j. tells me it was 98 degrees. i typically don't believe what he says but let's get a second opinion on this thing. 98? >> it was unfortunately true. it was 99 in baltimore. incredible stuff. it's early. our bodies just aren't used to this. things will change today rapidly. cold front will go through, thunderstorms will bring cooler air later tonight. those thunderstorms are popping up, severe weather near
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cooperstown, sayre togetheria springs up into northern portions of new york state into ver monday this the morning. those thunderstorms will roll through. a slight risk of severe storms with wind damage. your forecast for today, it's hot, it's steamy, then the thunderstorms will cool it off later today. the rest of the country is pretty calm and tranquil compared to weather on the east. that gorgeous weather by the way, that's today, willie by chicago and kansas city, that slides our way tomorrow. the east coast will be back to normal and beautiful springtime weather tomorrow. >> you say we get a break. it's 95 in washington and the mugny gs. >> thunderstorms today, break tomorrow. >> gotcha. sorry to say, t.j. was right about that number. time for sports. game one of the nba finals, mavs and heat, miami unbeaten at home this postseason. dallas meanwhile riding a five-game road winning streak. lebron james getting into the rhythm early. knocking down a three-pointer here. low-scoring game through the first quarter. dirk nowitzki, a catch and shoot
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three. mavs up one at the break. final seconds of the third quarter, perhaps the game changer. lebron with a ridiculous fadeaway three-pointer as he falls back into the crowd as the buzzer sounds. that's good for 3 of his 24. heat up four there. in the fourth, miami's defense is great, dwyane wade comes out of nowhere to block shawn marion. a few seconds later, mr. wade again. he had 22 points. heat up nine and pulling away. with less than three minutes to go, lebron james goes down the lane, a tick-tack foul. a dunk. miami's big three, lebron, wade and bosh combining for 65 points. after the game, nowitzki reveals he tore a tendon in his nonshooting finger but says the injury will not force him to miss any time during the series. more fallout at ohio state university after the resignation
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of head football coach jim tressel. the columbus dispatch which broke the story reports that the ncaa and the university are looking at star quarterback terrelle pryor and whether he received cars and extra benefits. the up in says pryor has been connected to at least six vehicles during his time at ohio state. uh-oh. there are also reports of an investigation involving dozens of cars purchased by buckeyes players, their family and friends. head coach jim tressel resigned on memorial day after withholding information about five players who were receiving gifts and benefits from a local tattoo parlor there in columbus. finally, china has sent a message to president obama, not only the world leader who can drive the lane on the basketball court. here we go with chinese premiere wen jiabao. he visited this elementary school, getting in a light jog there. he brought some game. going left for 40 minutes he
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dominated the court. nice moves. ooh! cutting the basket. nice ballhandling takes it to the rack. that hoop is about five feet high you'll notice. five might be generous. tenacious on the glass, refuses to quit. does he go with much like president obama, looks like he's all left hand. i think if you force him right and force him to pull the sweat pants up a couple inches higher you might have something. nice finish there. coming up on "morning joe," a new finding from the world health organization suggests cell phone use could lead to cancer. we've heard this before, right? the problem with the study is, the study group didn't do any -- what's the word -- study. we'll tell you if you should be worried this time. within we come back, we'll huddle up around the water cooler to witness a historic first, donald trump dining with plastic utensils during his times square night out with sarah palin. "way too early" coming right back.
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the space shuttle "endeavour" with commander mark kelly at the controls completed its final mission just a couple hours ago, landing safely at cape canaveral, florida. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends "endeavour" is the youngest of nasa's three surviving space shuttles, a
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fleet that includes "discovery" and "atlantis." "endeavour" replaced "challenger" which exploded shortly after liftoff in 198. drop in on the most important summit meeting since yelta. donald trump and sarah palin got together, you know she's on the bus tour, right? she was in the d.c. area, in gettysburg, all over the place down there over the last couple days. yesterday up here in new york city, there she is with mr. trump at his tower. one of his many, many towers it should be pointed out. where were they going people wanted to know. we heard they were going to get together for dinner. they want la familia pizza, 50th street and broadway location, right there in the beating heart of times square. milania looking very comfortable.
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bristol palin, sarah's daughter was there. just a couple of pals getting together, two real folks getting together. let's listen in. >> how are you? >> we had a great time. we're friends. we had a great time. >> how was the pizza. >> pizza was great. new york pizza, right? >> when do you think you'll make the announcement? >> not for many weeks still. >> do you think president obama is -- >> i do, i do. you heard about anthony weiner, the new york city congressman, there was a shot taken of an area sent out of his twitter account, he says it was hacked. great story, really. >> as a comedienne it's a slam dunk.
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i really hope the story is not true, as a friend. i really do. i would feel terrible if this is true as a friend of his. i do have my doubts about its veracity, having nothing to do with the circumstantial back and forth that seems to be going on about it. my doubts stem from this. no way. no [ bleep ] way. seriously. no way. no way. in real life, my memory is this cat had a lot more anthony and a lot less weiner. the only thing they have in common is they both lean hard to the extreme left. boom! boom! >> we blurred out that image. that was the crotch shot. we thought we'd save you while eating your breakfast. "morning joe," just moments
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