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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 2, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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as 200 others. this video you're looking at shows the incredible power of those ferocious storms that caused the first tornado he lated dealate ed -- related deaths in that state in 16 years. governor duvall patrick says 1,000 memberjç of the state and national guard have been called in to help with the cleanup effort. we also know at this hour several schools have been closed and tens of thousands as i speak are without power statewide. a man had his home literally ripped apart while he was still inside. this wreckage you see here, it is what is left of that man's home. the owner said, of course, like so many others, he's just happy to be alive. >> i lost the house, but i'm okay. and that's the most important thing in the house was me. that's the way i feel. i'm alive. i'm not hurt and i'm doing great, and as far as you know,
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no one in this neighborhood is really -- no fatalities at all. we lost a lot, but we're all here, and that's more important than material things. >> congressman richard neil of massachusetts is the former mayor of springfield. he's live with us. thank you so much for joining us. we were listening to that man, russell brazette, he said he lost everything but he's just happy to be alive. i know you're hearing a lot of the same thing from folks there. >> well, there are neighborhoods i have seen, including monson here, a small town in a big city like springfield, where you would not know the neighborhood based upon the devastation if you had been here yesterday contrasting it with what you would see today. >> as i mentioned, you were the mayor. how do you even process at this point? as i mentioned, this is the first tornado related death in 16 years. people are mystified again by what we saw play out on those cameras with the tornadoes. >> well, there were forecasts over the weekend that the region should prepare for what might be
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a difficult storm, but i don't think anybody was able to foresee the nature of what would happen as of last evening, and the fact as you've indicated the last major tornado came during the time that i was mayor and that's a long time ago. >> you have been walking around there. how do you describe the damage thatç you have seen? >> damages are really breathtaking. in addition to which when you meet people well into their 60s and 70s, this really is their fortune. this is where they have raised children, where they have kept an address in some instances for more than 50 years and trying to start over is going to be very difficult for them. i'm traveling with fema and mema here in massachusetts, homeland security is well-represented and as best we can given the fact that fema ised nationally we want to secure accurate information. >> you want to get people shelter if they need it. what is the latest to making sure those who lost their homes
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have somewhere to go and thousands are without power right now. >> that's a big issue, the power situation and in some instances the power will not be turned on. i'm with national grid, until perhaps tomorrow night. so we're all mindful of that and that creates a problem for many people, even if they were able to reside in the home. if there's no power, it make it is difficult for them to stay overnight and in some neighborhoods they're certainly going to have to take advantage of public shelter. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time. i know that's a place you have called home. >> thank you for your interest. >> of course. how could you ignore something so devastating? thank you so much. mitt romney form nally entered the race for the presidential race. mitt romney immediately took aim at president obama plaming him for failing to lift the nation out of its financial downturn. >> barack obama has failed america. he says this, i'm just getting
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started. no, mr. president, you've had your chance. we, the people on this farm and citizens across theç country, e the ones who are just getting s#8j(ñ"eyñr >> nbc's ron allen joins us now from stratham, new hampshire. ron, obviously that crowd looking for a little fire from mitt romney and he was attempting at least to give it to them. >> reporter: well, i think the line that's going to stay and endure from that whole speech is, president obama failed america. that's about as clean and as plain a line as romney has come up with to say basically what his case is for running -- why he's running for the republican nomination for president. basically he's running on experience. he's running as a former business executive, a former governor who he says cut tacks many times, balanced budgets, and created and built jobs and built new companies. that's what he's running on. it's essentially the same thing he ran on back four years ago.
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this time he's trying to go at it a little differently. he's running from new hampshire. he's starting in new hampshire i should say. last time around he announced his candidacy in 2007 in michigan, but here in new hampshire and most analysts say if he country win this state it's really unlikely to see how he can get to the nom lation throu demean nomination through iowa and some other places. again, this was romney's day. everyone thought that he was going to run. today he stepped forward and said, here i am again, so a lot of deja vu i can tell you. i spent several months on the bus with him last time around, but he's a very viable candidate. he has a lot of money, a lot of name recognition, an organization that's still intact in some places. regardless of how strong his message may be and some of those fundamental ways, he's a very strong candidate that will be a viable contender during the primary process. >> thank you very much. now let's bring in nationally
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syndicated radio talk show most michael smerconish who is also an msnbc contributor. michael, it's interesting ronç allen's report said it's romney's day but we also know sarah palin and rudy giuliani are both in new hampshire and depending on what happens with them, certainly they could upstage this man today. >> well, i think -- and governor palin from no less than bunker hill already took a shot at governor romney today by talking about health care. that's something that will continue to dog him, tamron, particularly among those very conservative voters that ron allen was talking about who call the shots usually in the republican primaries. >> let me play a little bit of governor palin and what she had to say. >> i think that's exciting for him. i think that's great. coincidental, but we are in the same territory at the same time, but more power to mitt as he announces his campaign and bes of luck to him. >> she says it's a coincidence. >> what a coincidence.
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>> i just happened to be here, and i didn't have a schedule planned. with that said last night i was watching our friend chris matthews on "hardball" and he really i thought had some pointed ideas about mitt romney and how he should run and how mitt romney is running against his own record. let's play chris from last night. >> mitt romney is now running for president on the basis of his executive experience as governor of massachusetts. yet he is not running on his record of achievement. that's what gives his candidacy an inauthentic look. he's not running on what he's done but in a strange way running from it. if he had not been governor of massachusetts he would not have the foundation to run for president, yet we find him working tirelessly to kick that foundation of accomplishment out from under him. >> and sarah palin took a little swipe on that accomplishment of the health care that was passed in massachusetts. what do you assess regarding mitt romney running against his record, at least as chris sees it? >> well, i agree with chris' point and i think what mitt
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romnqd needs to do is survive, not necessarily win, but survive the primary process in a way that doesn't alienate the independents that he would need in a general election. tamron, i believe that the mitt romney who was the governor of massachusetts is a very viable general election candidate, but that candidate is not going to survive the republican primary process which is still dominated after the midterm elections by a tea party vote that is much more favorable toward sarah palin or michele bachmann. what romney needs are a number of conservatives duking it out, allow whatever moderates are left to vote for him, survive, and then go after the independent voters who will determine the outcome of the general election. >> but also i want to talk about the look and the feel of his campaign. you see him there today, the crowd was not a huge crowd. again without the tie and trying to appear as this affable guy with great ideas at least as he sees them, but the enthusiasm
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when you contrast at least to some of the latest images of the president in ireland for example, how does he combat that or even the media frenzy that follows sarah palin? >> the good thing i guess for mitt romney is that the irish aren't voting in the election, although i totally understand your point. there's an emotion that follows president obama that does not appear to follow most of the republican field, although governor palin sure does fire up her troops. >> michele bachmann does as well. >> she does. no doubt about it. tamron, i have said to you before and i continue to believe it's a 40/40/20 race. 40% are ready to vote for barack obama. 40% are ready to vote against him no matter who the opponent is and hanging in the balance is 20%. the primary is going to be very interesting to watch but keep your eyeç focused on those who can best appeal to them.
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>> lawmakers will meet with president obama in a half hour to talk about budget negotiations. these are live pictures you see of the democrats screaming in. they're ta they're talking about the debt ceiling. these are live pictures right now from the white house. let's -- we're going to have a live report for you coming up and hear more about what is expected from this meeting. also ahead on "news nation," the first republican leader is now calling on congressman anthony wiener to, quote, come clean about the twitter controversy. what republican leader is now making the strong statement against anthony wiener? then the woman who was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years makes her first public statement. jaycee dugard says she hated every second of every day of her abduction.
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welcome back, everyone, to "news nation." and new york congressman anthony wiener is now saying he will absolutely not have any more answers to the questions out there about that lewd photograph that was sent from his twitter account. during an interview with nbc's luke russert wiener said that it was a prank but he could not say with certitude if the picture was in fact of his body. this morning he told reporters the subject is closed. >> i made it very clear i did not send the pictures. my twitter account has been hacked and this prank apparently has been successful. but after hours, almost 11 hours of answering questions, any that
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anyone wanted to put, today i'm going to have to get back to work doing the job i'm paid to do. >> it may be closed according to congressman wiener but for the first time a congressional leader a speaking out about the scandal and it happened this morning. house majority leader eric cantor says congressman wiener needs to set the record straight. >> i think the american people are sick of seeing their elected officials tied up in the scandals like this. i really think it's sad. my advice would be to come clean and clear it up. again, perhaps he's trying, but i know there's a lot of explaining going on without a lot of clarity. >> so luke russert joins us from capitol hill. your interview obviouslyç gettg a lot of attention because of the certitude comment from congressman weeiener. >> mr. cantor was asked about that this morning and he actually i think was probably really reflecting the wishes of a lot of folks on capitol hill
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on both sides, which is they'd like some clarity to this issue so we can actually know what exactly was in that photograph that was sent on mr. wiener's twitter account to a 21-year-old college girl outside of seattle. that's a question everyone up here has. as far as this is a political issue, democrats really want this to go away. i spoke to one democratic leadership aide that said this has been a distraction. it's not allowed democrats to talk about what they wanted to, which was paul ryan's medicare voucher, which was their jobs ideas, and the lack of republican job ideas. republicans, the ones i have spoken to, quote, unquote, said let this scandal roll, baby roll. speaker boehner declined to answer any questions, but what mr. cantor is saying in that interview with fox is essentially what he has said for when members of both sides have been caught in precarious situations. basically that if you're a member of congress, you should be held to a higher standard. but, remember, in this case anthony wiener is not being
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investigated criminally, not being investigated by the house ethics committee. there are no charges filed against him in any way. the only investigation that's going on is being done by a private internet security company that he hired to get to the bottom of why his twitter account was hacked and we all know about this picture that may or may not be him. >> luke russert with the latest. a heartbreaking statement today during the sentencing of phillip and nancy garrido, the cup whol kidnapped jaycee dugard when she was 11 years old and held her captiveç for 18 years. she made her first public kidnapping in a declaration read by her mother. we just got the statement. it says, quote, everything you did to me is wrong. what you and nancy did is reprehensible. i hated every second of every day of 18 years because of you and the sexual perversions you forced on me. save your apology and empty words. nbc's george lewis is live in
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burbank right now, and obviously how do you even hear these words and not just continue to feel for jaycee dugard as she tries to have some kind of normal life now? >> exactly, tamron. it was a very emotional moment in court, her mother taking the stand, reading that statement in tears addressing the garridos, phillip and nancy, directly. saying they would stolen jaycee dugard's life. it's the first kind of lengthy public statement we've heard from jaycee dugard in a long time. that's the attorney for nancy garrido. he spoke outside the courthouse about what jaycee dugard's statement had to say. let's hear a little bit of that if we can. >> basically accused both of them of being evil and terrible people and laced into them pretty well, but we expected that obviously. >> now, the sentencing, phillip
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garrido gets 431 years to life in prison. his wife gets 36 years to life. she's 55 years old. she will be eligible for parole in 31 years. if she gets out of prison, she will be a very old lady. it's been almost 20 years to the day, it was june 10th, 1991, when jaycee dugard was kidnapped in the lake tahoe area of california. she spent the next 18 years of her life in captivity in a compound theç garridos3k]i5kms behind their house in antioch, california. a series of sheds and tents and as she said in that statement she hated every second of every minute of those 18 years. >> george, thank you very much. and health experts say a strain of e. coli that has caused a deadly outbreak across europe is one that they've never seen before. we'll have the latest on this health scare. also, new fallout over new jersey governor chris christie's use of the state helicopter to
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welcome back to "news nation." right now the world health organization is confirming an e. coli outbreak in europe that's already taken the lives of 18 people and sickened over 1,000 others in a unique strain that's never, they say, been seen before. most of those who are sick are in germany, but cases are being reported in the uk, france, sweden, switzerland, and even here in the united states now.
2:24 pm
nbc's michelle kosinski has more from hamburg, germany. >> reporter: the outbreak began here in hamburg about three weeks ago, but they're still seeing new cases every day, including today. just last night a woman in her 80s died of this infection. we're talking at least 1,600 people now, many of them tourists, a few of them americans seriously sick because of this. today a team of scientists announced this is a new mutant strain of e. coli. highly toxic, highly resistant, and it attacks your kidneys in many cases leading to renal failure. what's more disturbing to doctors at this point, that two-thirds of the serious cases are showing severe neurological symptoms. everything from difficulty speaking to paralysis, convulsions, and seizures. they say they've never seen anything like this before and never before have they seen so many people so sick so young. many of these victims are in
2:25 pm
their 20s who were completely healthy a few weeks ago and all of a sudden they're in intensive care. doctors say based on the histories of these patients, they still think that the contamination came from tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, maybe all of the above. so they're telling people in this region do not eat raw vegetables period. well, that said here inç hambu where many restaurants have taken those items off their menus completely, we were in one of the busiest restaurants in town today and all of those items were right there for people to take from in a buffet. and many people were, including some american tourists. they all said there's been conflicting information out there. the top scientists don't know where this came from. so they didn't want to let it affect their lives too much. tamron? >> michelle, thank you. and coming up, house democrats just arrived at the white house. we had live pictures of them marching in. president obama is about to meet with them to talk about ways to cut america's rising debt. next, i'll talk with republican congressman john fleming. he was in the group of
2:26 pm
republicans who met with the president yesterday. plus, the nearly two decades' old food pyramid is out and the first lady unveiled the government's new guidelines for healthy eating. we're going to show it to you and tell you what you need to know. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. developing news right now on "news nation," president obama is meeting with house democrats who just arrived at the white house to discuss a way forward in negotiations to cut federal spending and raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit. the president held a similar meeting with republicans only yesterday that's being described by both the white house and republicans as, quote, frank and provocative. meantime, house speaker john boehner today put the blame for a lack of a final deal on a fiscal plan squarely on the white house. >> the talks being led by vice president biden which the majority leader, mr. cantor, i think is doing a great job
2:30 pm
representing us, have been productive, but the fact is we haven't seen enough progress from the white house. the white house wants to get this done, it's time for them to step up to the plate and get serious about it. >> nbc's kristin welker joins us from the white house. what are we hearing from the white house regarding these accusations from speaker boehner and congressman ryan regarding relationship here? >> reporter: well, the white house has said that progress was made yesterday, as you sengsed in your lead, tamron. however, we just wrapped up a news conference and asked what that progress looked like, jay carney said it's too early to answer that question. a lot of question marks here as this meeting begins with the democrats. it is just getting under way. they just filed into the white house. the big topic of conversation will be the debt limit. the big sticking point here are spending cuts. republicans would like to see spending cuts. democrats don't want to see
2:31 pm
that. so that's something that's going to have to be ironed out. the president trying to gain some common ground with these meetings. some other topics that we might see come up today though, tamron, in today's meeting, afghanistan. some democrats are concerned that the troopç drawdown in afghanistan is not going to happen quickly enough. that's slated to begin next month, and then also libya. some democrats don't believe that the nato-led military effort in libya should continue. so a lot of topics that may be on the table today, tamron. >> kristin, thank you very much for the update. joining me now republican congressman john fleming of louisiana who was at the meeting with president obama with the republican caucus yesterday. >> thank you, tamron. >> how would you categorize the meeting yesterday with the president. >> well, i can tell you that we republicans went there very soberly, very serious, we're very concerned with our debt now approaching $14.4 trillion, and
2:32 pm
we mean business, and we were concerned going into the meeting that the president is not so serious because we've taken initiatives, we passed a budget out of the house, and all we've gotten instead is demagoguery from the white house and so we're looking for the commander in chief, not the candidate in chief. >> what would lead you to believe that the president would not take this seriously? we know that his treasury secretary says that the deadline is looming, and you also even have right now speaker boehner who says that a deal needs to be struck here very soon. he wants one done in the next month. that is also the same time the president says he would want a deal done. what makes you believe that the president is not taking this very serious issue seriously? >> well, on the budget side of things we passed out of the budget -- out of the house a budget that begins to reform medicare, it begins to put it back on a sustainable path. otherwise it runs out of money in 12 years, even with obama care, and the president instead
2:33 pm
demagogues that. he says he has a plan but he won't tell us what it is, it hasn't been scored. on the debt limit increase, we're saying, fine, mr. president, we will go along with an increase in debt for all the prior spending that's been going on but we're going it cut the creditç cards up meaning that we're going to put caps on spending and we want you to join us in a partnership, and the president won't commit on that. >> you're a member of the tea party caucus, and we at least haveof the aisle, but we do require strings
2:34 pm
attached. as you know, we had a vote on a no strings attached version of raising -- >> yeah, the clean bill. >> the clean bill, $2.5 trillion, and, of course, it went down in flames. many democrats voted against it -- >> but you knew that would happen. we knew that would happen. that was not a surprise. >> yeah, so we're saying, mr. president, it's not going to pass that way. the american people in polling tell us overwhelmingly to about 90% that they do not want us to pass a clean or no strings attached debt ceiling increase, and, therefore, the mandate from the people is we have got to cut spending if we're going to increase the debt limit any further. >> as i mentioned, the democrats are meeting with the president as we speak, and we'll hear more about what's happened behind the closed doors there, but this the meantime, john fleming, thank you for your time. >> thank you, tamron. and syrian troops reportedly pounded the central town of rastan killing at least 15 people. the town has been largely cut off from the outside contact for the last six days.
2:35 pm
human rights groups say more than 70 civilians have been killed there during that time and more than 1,100 have been killed in syria since the crackdown started. yemen is one step closer, if not already in civil war. thousands of armed tribesmen have been clashing with the government troops as they march toward the capital city. richard engel is following the developments in the region, and, richard, as i mentioned, and i'm curious on your thoughts on this, you know this region better than anyone. some people say there is a civil war right now in yemen. others say that is not the case. what can you tell us? >> reporter: there appears to be what many could describe as a civil war in yemen. you have two armed factions, one led by the president of 30 years who is clinging to power, the u.s.-backed president. he's using particularly his republican guard and special forces units fighting with tanks and artillery. on the other side are
2:36 pm
demonstrators who have been out in the streets for several months now and they are now backed by a tribal federation, and the tribes in yemen, particularly this tribe, is incredibly powerful. it is well-armed. it has mortars, rocket launchers, so i think there is certainly an armed conflict under way. you don't have civilians fighting civilians, not like iraq. there's no sectarian divide in the country, but instead you have two camps, both of them well-armed. one trying to cling to power, that is the yemeni president, the other determined to drive him out of power. now, some details about what is happening right now in the capital. a witness told us today that the fighting between the tribal factions and the president's forces has been the heaviest ever today in the yemeni capital with exchanges of mortar fire, artillery fire, particularly around the house of that tribal
2:37 pm
leader. the airport had been closed. aircraft diverted to other airports inside yemen. a concern that some of the incoming aircraft could have been hit by artillery shells or mortars. a sense of how much -- how intense the fighting is in the city, and the u.s. citizens andself other countries' citizens have been told to leave the country. >> we know at 3:00 today the house gop will meet to discuss the ongoing u.s. military involvement in libya. what is the latest from there today? >> reporter: there were more air strikes here in libya overnight. according to nato, they attacked a vehicle and a weapons depot, but i must say that the air strikes have been relatively sporadic and are not causing massive instability here in tripoli. what we are expecting is the arrival soon of british and french attack helicopters.
2:38 pm
there are under ten helicopters and also not expected to tip the military balance. so the rebels who are not based in tripoli, but are based in benghazi, want mornay toe hee n and are looking for leadership from the united states and other countries to see that that military intervention intensif intensifi intensifies. >> richard engel in tripoli for us. thank you, richard. and the official replacement of the food pyramid symbol tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. in a push to remind all ever us about healthier food chases, first lady michelle obama helped unveil the new food icon that will serve as the government's primary food group symbol. the new icon, take a look at it there, designates food groups such as fruits and grains, vegetables and dairy on the pla plate. the suspect in the beating of a san francisco giants fan has taken two polygraph tests in
2:39 pm
the last two days. we're waiting for an official announcement on this. the suspect is expected back in court at the end of the week. the victim in the attack suffered traumatic brain injury. the suspect claims he was not at the game, he claims he was nowhere near there at the time. and the infamous balloon boy's dad is putting the run away saw s away saucer up for some cash. and secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is concerned over allegations by google that china hacked into the personal gmail accounts of several hundred people. the fbi is investigating. google says the hacking was targeted and included the accounts of senior u.s. government officials, military personnel, and political activists working inside china.
2:40 pm
>> google informed the state department of this situation yesterday in advance of its public announcement. these allegations are very serious. we take them seriously. we're looking into them. >> and google says they traced the attack to a chinese city which is home to a military school, the same city was allegedly the source of a sem lar attack on google's system just 17 months ago. coming up, the daughter of a hollywood star is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a 1-year-old child. details on this tragic story. but first there's a lot going on here today and here are some of the things we thought you should know. after an uproar over his use of a police helicopter to go to his son's baseball game, new jersey governor chris christie and the state republican committee reportedly say they have now reimbursed the state more than $2,000. top democrats have been calling for hearings into the republican governor's use of that chopper to go to his child's baseball game. and florida senator marco
2:41 pm
rubio is going to the front of the class. he's going to teach florida politics and three other courses at florida international university in miami. rubio taught there for two years and, in fact, his salary became an issue during his senate campaign. rubio's pay this time around will be slightly less. and in a youtube video posted by donald trump, he explains why he picked up a knife and fork while eating pizza with sarah palin in new york city yesterday. >> a lot of people are asking about why am i using plastic forks and knives that the pizza parlor gave. well, i don't walk around with forks and knives and frankly it was very comfortable. plus, this way you can take the top of the pizza off. you're not just eating the crust. i like to not eat the crust. membership rewards points from american express.
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i'm martin bashir. cop coming up at the top of the hour, a former aide of sarah
2:45 pm
palin tells us what's really going on with her road trip. and is elmo really just a liberal stooge. the new book that accuses "sesame street" and other shows of an anti-republican left leaning bias. a new key piece of evidence highlights day eight of testimony in the emotionally charged murder trial of casey anthony. she, of course, is accused of killing her 2-year-old little girl caylee and the prosecution played a tape recording of the detective aggressively questioning casey anthony about her daughter's disappearance. on that tape the detective refuses to believe that anthony does not know where that child is and even speculates about where the body was buried. >> what happened to caylee? >> i don't know. >> sure you do. >> i don't know. >> something happened to caylee. we're not going to discuss when was the last time you saw her. i'm guessing something bad happened to her some time ago and you haven't seen her so that part is true because she's somewhere else right now. she's either in a dumpster right
2:46 pm
now, she's out there somewhere and her rotting body is starting to decompose. >> i'm joined live from orlando with the latest. we see the detective sternly sitting there on the witness stand. what was the reaction in court? >> reporter: well, all the jurors while this tape was playing were staring directly at the monitors where they could see the transcript verbatim. once that audio tape was done they looked up and staerd at casey. now, once this was all done during cross-examination, jose baez tried to establish that the detective in charge has been biased, that he's been suspicious of casey from the get-go. he said when cindy anthony, casey's mom, told him at one point that the ladder in the pool was down, that she noticed the ladder was down, maybe opening up to the possibility that caylee might have, indeed, climbed up and drowned, that the detective never even bothered to investigate any further. he's been trying to establish
2:47 pm
this for a while now, even yesterday he presented a blog in which supposedly this investigator had been trying to get publicity out of the case. now, after all of that was over, we listened just a few minutes ago to a conversation, a jailhouse conversation between casey and her brother in which she says that she trusts her father and mother and that he says that her attorney, jose baez, might not be a person to be trusted, that his interests are first before casey's. >> thank you very much. the latest in that casey anthony murder trial. and billy bob thornton's daughter found guilty on manslaughter. amanda brum feld was accused of killing her best friend's 1-year-old daughter in 2008. courtney hazlett joins me with more on this story. this is billy bob thornton's adult daughter. >> his estranged daughter. they were not close by any stretch. they was found guilty of
2:48 pm
aggravated manslaughter of a child last week. she was originally charged with first-degree murder. she was found not guilty of that charge, but it's been a heart wrenching case. billy bob thornton in 2009 actually had this to say about it when informed of this situation, any time a baby's life is lost in an unimaginable tragedy and my heart goes out to this baby's family and loved ones. he hasn't said anything more about it since then. sentencing has not taken place, but definitely sad news involving the actor's family. on a much, much, much different note, shifting gears, a new film is looking to be in the works. it's a film about elizabeth taylor and richard burton. only richard burton's estate has signed off on it, not yet elizabeth taylor's estate. if it happens it will be about their incredible love story. richard burton was the man she married not once, but twice. they met on a movie set, fell in love, sounds like angelina jolie
2:49 pm
and brad pitt. from a historical perspective when we started caring about those pop culture things, they were the original kind of trail blazers for these gossip reports. people wanted to know what these humans who you're used to seeing as actors were really like and richard burton and elizabeth taylor were there. >> i thought i read skor -- >> some would say it's real life, but that would be a good one for brad and angelina would play that. >> on a lighter note. >> this just broke. jane lynch is on deck to host the emmy's. it's official. you will see jane lynch at the podium there. she said this, i'm tickled pink
2:50 pm
to be hosting the prime time emmys. i'm looking forward to singing, dancing, and sporting my finest track suit. will she be hosting the emmy's as sue sylvester? it will be interesting to see how much she will do in character. she got married recently. >> she was spectacular in -- >> "glee" has really been her big hit. i think it will be exciting. it will be fun to watch. >> thank you very much. for the latest entertainment news, log on to we'll be right back with "gut check." trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born
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welcome back. time now for the "news nation" gut check. and today it is a question of public appearance and the public right to use city services.
2:54 pm
the transportation authority in ft. worth, texas, is waging war on saggy pants. they are telling bus drivers to ask customers to pull up their pants or they will not be allowed on that bus. chris van horne of our nbc station kxas has the story. >> very seldom you would find, i would find a young man with his pants up. >> reporter: doris says it's about time that they crack down on people with their pants down. >> i am so glad that they made this pull them up adult ride. that is so embarrassing to our culture. >> reporter: and she's not alone. >> i think it's a good rule to have. >> shouldn't have people sagging their pants and everything. >> i feel it's a good policy and i gave them two thumbs up for it. >> customers don't want to see other people's underwear. we want people to pulling up their pants. >> reporter: the new policy started several years back as an inform nal campaign. now the message grandma says pull them up or find another ride is featured at bus stops and buses with drivers and security enforcing the rule
2:55 pm
where no one, even grandma, is exempt. >> doesn't matter what color, what race, what size. you have to pull your pants up. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees that a policy is needed. >> well, i understand people don't want to see anybody's und underwear, but it's a fad. i don't think there should be any laws against it. >> reporter: while some have resisted, johnson says they have to give in. >> they got to get home so they have to pull their pants up. >> reporter: which is all passengers like doris wants to see. >> it's about time somebody does something about it. >> if you're wondering what the definition of saggy pants is, the point of showing some or all of your rump and/or underwear. so what does your gut tell you? should the city of ft. worth keep people off the city bus just for a fashion statement they don't agree with or is it going too far? go to newsnatio
2:56 pm
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and we make innova the way you'd make it, with everything they need and nothing they don't. innova is pet food made right so can you feed them right. find it at your local pet store. good afternoon. it's thursday, june the 2nd, and here is what's happening. too close for comfort. mitt romney declares he's ready to take on president obama. >> i'm mitt romney, i believe in america, and i'm running for president. >> too bad a roaring bus tour may have drowned out his message. >> coincidental we're in the same territory at the same time, but more power to mitt as he announces his campaign and bes of luck to him. plus, first class. he choppers to his son's baseball game while


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