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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 3, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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violate federal campaign laws by accepting almost $1 million, because that would have exceeded the limitations on how much money you can give. you can only give $2,300 to a candidate or could at the time. so the question is was the money that was given to cover up the mistress' existence and keep her on ice and away from reporters, was that intended to influence the campaign? if it was, and the government says it certainly was, then it violates federal campaign laws. now, the government's theory of this case is that edwards wanted to keep the mistress a secret because it would have destroyed his campaign, it would have ruined his reputation as a family man which is how he was portraying himself, and they pointed out that the federal law makes -- covers payments for personal expenses of a candidate unless those payments would have been made whether or not the person was running for office. they say it's quite clear that the whole point of this money was to keep his candidacy alive. now, the lawyer, gregory craig,
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for john edwards has a point. no case like this has ever been brought. this is a history maker here. the law has never been used quite this way. you can certainly read the law as the government does to cover these sorts of payments, but the problem for the government is that there's never been a case quite like this and that's what edwards' lawyers will hammer away at. the government says, you know, there's a first time for everything, and they believe that this fits, but that, thomas is the essence of the question here. were those payments covered by federal campaign law. if they were, then they violated the law. >> let's remind everybody john edwards is a lawyer, knows the law. i want you to walk us through exactly how -- >> i'm not sure how much that matters. >> i think as a lawyer i think that you're going to be thinking about what you're trying to do legally in this situation. i think from a legal concept -- i mean, i'm not a lawyer but -- >> this is the sort of thing i'm sure will come out in the trial,
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but -- >> it's not a defense, pete. i was just trying to say he's a lawyer, that's all. >> he was also the candidate and also trying to keep something from becoming public. >> how much of this illegal campaign money was spent in 2008 to hide the extramarital affair? i mean, how were the ways that it was spent? what was it used for? >> well, first of all, we can't say it was illegal. that's what the government is alleging here and that's what the jury will have to decide, but what the government says is that there is up to almost $1 million, well over $900,000. now, edwards' lawyers say they weren't trying to keep this from becoming public to injure the campaign. they were trying to keep this a secret from elizabeth edwards, from john ed rdwardsedwards' wi that's the reason for the contributions. you know, you asked a good question, which is what is the issue? that is the issue. were these things covered by the campaign law or not. >> it will be interesting as it unfolds. thanks so much. pete williams in washington, d.c. we want to bring in
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nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish. michael, i'm sure you've got both guns loaded for bear here. i want to hear from you, should edwards have taken a plea deal instead of fighting these charges given exactly what's at stake and in front of him now? >> i think it's a hard case for the prosecution, thomas. you know, the man clearly is flawed in his personal conduct, but the fact that he's made those mistakes doesn't necessarily mean that he violated any federal law in this case. and to follow on the heels of your conversation with pete, i think i would explain it this way. look at that glass, it's either half empty or half full. to hear the defense tell it, meaning those representative of senator edwards in this case, they're going to say there's nothing illegal about making a gift, and the gift was given in this particular case with the intention of helping this man protect his marriage, not necessarily get him elected president of the united states. the prosecution meanwhile is going to look at that glass as being half the other direction and say, oh, wait, the
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motivation in this case was to keep the campaign alive and that was what was intended by all of this nefarious conduct. i don't think it's a clear cut case. >> what about where the source of the money came from, being a person that was a campaign donator in the past. >> right, and the great question, because why were they donating to john edwards? and i think the answer would be because they felt a personal connection to him. this particular source, the heiress in north carolina loved what he stood for and respected him and liked him, and so, therefore, what did she want to do the defense will say? she wanted to give him a gift, of course. >> and interesting though, why wouldn't he pay for it himself? >> well, that's a great question. >> he's a millionaire. why not pay to hide it himself? >> where was your advice a couple years ago? because i'm sure he's kicking himself now for having looked at this. you know, thomas, it's the old thing we have seen this ever since watergate and probably before then, it's not necessarily the underlying conduct.
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it's what then happens in terms of the response. i can probably make an analogy here with congressman wiener as well in terms of it's not that which he did underlying or may not have done that got him in trouble, but how he then acted afterwards. >> michael smerconish, great to see you today. >> you, too. new details this hour concerning conflicting reports that the president of yemen suffered injuries during an attack on his palace. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel is follows these developments. he joins us live from tripoli, libya. there was a major attack today on the presidential palace, but now we're hearing reports that president salah survived but just with wounds. >> reporter: it appears he did survive according to multiple sources and was injured, but what we don't know is the extent of the injuries. we have been told he had scratches on his face. we've also been told he was wounded in the neck. there was also reports he was
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hospitalized. he was supposed to give a press conference but has not given that press conference. instead, only statements from yemeni government officials. what happened in this attack, today being, of course, the day of prayers, the president -- he was praying apparently at the time of this multiple rocket attack, at least one rocket hit the mosque and according to the government injured slightly the yemeni president. they insist that he is in good health, although he is not giving this press conference but caused -- killed the head of his private security h the go, the who was with him at the time apparently has lost a leg and at least three of his guards were killed in this attack. there have been conflicting reports of if the president did survive at one stage there was a report that said that the president was killed.
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the yemeni government, however, is going to great lengths to say that isn't true, but so far they have not put president salah out to publicly and physically deny these allegations. >> richard engel in tripoli, libya, for us. thank you. so it is considered the most significant indication of how the economy is doing and the monthly unemployment report out today was extremely disappointing. the economy added just 54,000 jobs in may after averaging gains of 220,000 during the previous three months. meantime, the unemployment rate rose unexpected lie by a tenth of a% to 9.1% as more people entered the workforce. 13.9 million people are now listed as unemployed, an increase of almost 200,000 from april. president obama reacted in just the past hour while house speaker john boehner reacted earlier. >> even though the economy is growing, even though it's created more than 2 million jobs over the past 15 months, we still face some tough times. we still face some challenges.
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>> a great country like we have, they'll tell you that the over taxing, over regulating, and over spending that's going on in washington is creating uncertainty and holding them back. >> let's go ahead and take a look at the boards and see exactly what's been happening on wall street today. and as we can see, it is reacting to this. the dow is down there we have it by 63 points. sorry about that. and this is after losing a total of more than 300 points during the previous two sessions. let's go ahead and bring in our guest now, "washington post" financial reporter neil irwin. today's numbers much worse than most analysts had expected. so why were the predictions so off? >> you know, we'd seen some momentum in the job market the last few months and people thought that might continue. you know, we've had weak overall growth and some troubling signs. we've seen bad housing numbers and bad manufacturing numbers the last couple weeks. it turns out that is translating
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into fewer new jobs as well. this momentum we've started seeing in the job market seemed to dissipate and go away in may. >> it now takes an average of 39.7 weeks for an unemployed person to find a job. this is up more than a week from april. so where are the jobs currently out there that people should be focusing on? >> you know, the truth is there has been some momentum in the manufacturing sector the last few months. until may when it lost a few, that's probably because of the japanese earthquake, that was a sector that was starting to claw back. there's been some gains in temporary employment, some gains in a number of kind of white collar professional services types of jobs. that was a big gainer in may. the truth is this is still a situation where the rate of job growth isn't enough to deal with this huge problem. we have 14 million unemployed and when you're only adding, you know, a few tens of thousands of jobs a month, it takes a really long time to claw out of that hole. >> i want to show everybody exactly the graphic that they were showing about whahhaha whan
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lost, the graph that shows the sectors losing jobs. the service industry has gone up. retailers, leisure and hospitality, auto, and manufacturing still taking a hit. you're saying the manufacturing sector is stabilizing. >> it is. it dropped in may but i think that's probably because of the japanese earthquake. a lot of the automakers have had supply disruptions and had to temporarily shut down. one area that's really in the dumps is construction. this housing problem keeps getting worse and so construction jobs just keep bleeding off and keep disappearing. so there's some gains. there's some areas adding jobs, education and health care have been gainers consistently, but there's not enough of those gainers relative to losers. also state and local governments. state governments are cutting jobs. that's been a big loser. >> is this a minor stumble? something we will see ourselves recover from when we get new numbers next month or do you think this is kine of a down fall we're going to be in
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through the summer? >> if it was just one bad jobs report and everything else was looking great i'd say it was nothing to worry about, but this has some after a lot other reports and indicators that also show some loss of momentum in the economy. that raises worries we're in a pattern of growth that's growing, it's not another recession, not a double dip, but it's the kind of slow pace of growth that's not going to put people back to work quickly. >> neil, thanks so much. despite the grim jobs report, president obama tries to draw attention to the auto industry's rebound. and how he says his administration sayed it from all-out collapse. we will bring you those details ahead. and some considered him a hero, others a murderer. the controversial man known as dr. death has lost his own life. but the national debate he sparked, that lives on. plus, the latest on the growing e. coli outbreak in europe and what world health experts are warning could worsen the condition. proud of you. welcome to the 21st century. thank you very much. you're on e-trade. huntin' down stocks, bonds, etfs. oh i love etfs. look at you.
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welcome back, everybody. the man once known as dr. death has died. dr. jack kevorkian gained worldwide notoriety after claiming to have helped dozens of sick people commit suicide. now, he died in detroit this morning after a short illness at the age of 83. kevorkian was arrested several times between 1990 and 2000 while allegedly helping 130 people take their own lives. he believed patients had the right to die with dignity if they were in agony. >> all i know is this suffering human is in real agony and is asking, begging my help as a professional. >> in 1998 "60 minutes" aired a videotape of kevorkian administering a lethal injection to a michigan man. he was convicted and served time in prison.
2:16 pm
his actions brought the right to die debate into the spotlight and it's not gone away. jonathan marino joins me, a professor at the university of pennsylvania. it was in 1995 that a group of michigan doctors voiced their support of kevorkian's philosophy. so explain to all of us how strumal was instrumental was he in sparking the right to die movement. >> he came along on this issue in the mid-80s just around the time americans were worried that they were going to be tethered indefinitely to high-tech medicine, lose control at the end of their lives, and i think especially in the first few years what he was doing, many people were very sympathetic, even if they had some reservations. he was speaking to a problem that had seemed the medical elites and politicians were not speaking to, which is high-tech medicine at the end of life. by the end i think people really started having reservations that he was pushing the political
2:17 pm
agenda very far and at the end, as you know, what really caused to the trip him up legally was the fact he actually killed somebody actively. >> jonathan, kevorkian often made a spectacle of himself, appearing in court in costume, calling prosecutors nazis. do you think he would have been taken more seriously if he hadn't been more extreme and perhaps a more sympathetic character as well. >> it's a very interesting question. kevorkian was like a revolutionary leader who was terrific at leading the charge up the hill, but he's not necessarily the person you would want to make the rules to create the system after you got there. i think history, thomas, may be more favor in judging kevorkian than many of us would have been ten years ago. he actually did call attention to a big problem, but to my mind he also distracted us from an even bigger problem. near the end of life when people are suffering, how do you get the best care to them? death is usually not the only
2:18 pm
option, certainly not the only option for most people. and i think to some extent this debate has distracted us from that larger question. >> yeah, it certainly remains a taboo conversation for a lot of families. just to remind everybody, kevorkian had helped people who were suffering from things like cancer and lou gehrig's disease. it was in 2005 he told msnbc that he regretted not having done it through the legal system, and i know he's been referred to as dr. death. but what do you think his legacy is going to be, how he's going to be remembered? >> he will be remembered as somebody who really called attention, really focused on the fact that most americans now die in hospitals. before most americans died at home. and in hospitals it is undeniably the case that it is harder to die because there is so much aggressive treatment being given, and nobody wants to pull back, and often people don't know exactly what the right time is to pull back.
2:19 pm
but i think we also have to focus on the need to get the right care to people who want it, and that includes comfort care, and we're really not very good at that in many cases. >> jonathan, great to have you on this afternoon. thank you. coming up, strong storms have moved through south carolina even causing this tree to fall on a car belonging to governor ha governor haley's husband. plus a graduate says her school misrepresented statistics for graduates. now she's suing that school. it's today's "news nation" gut check. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. amanda crow of ocean view, virginia, was a special ops parachute rigger in the navy. she liked the structure and organization of military life which made buying a franchise ideal when she retired. she bought into a postnet franchise. she's making a profit and loves being her own boss. watch sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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affects countries but officials say there is no reason to stop eating fresh vegetables in the u.s. michelle kosinski is live for us in hamburg, germany. are they getting any closer to figuring out the source of the e. coli? a lot of people have been pointing the finger at farmers in spain. >> reporter: yeah. unfortunately, not. they know it did not come from spanish cucumbers at this point. but they really don't know. they have limited it to learn types of lla of raw vegetables y really don't know for sure. everyone hopes it is slowing down for stopping, but 200 new cases of infection here in germany just in the last two days. 18 people have died, more than 1,800 in germany and beyond made badly sick by this. doctors say they have never seen this strain before in an outbreak and they have never seen sickness like this before. that said, there is some good
2:24 pm
news. two things, first of all, even though they are seeing new cases every single day, those daily numbers are smaller than when this thing started three weeks ago. and it still seems like virtually every one of these more than 1,800 cases is linked to northern germany. either people who lived here, visited here, or had close contact with somebody who did. so what that means is the risk elsewhere seems very, very low or nonexistent at this point, although if you are going to be traveling to this area, you do have to keep that in mind. and doctors are warning people here in this region only don't eat raw vegetables period. thomas? >> michelle kosinski in ham berg, germany, for us. thank you. just two months ago -- or just two months to go before the first scheduled nfl game but today the 2011 season hangs in the balance. lawyers for the players and the owners faced off in a st. louis courtroom this morning. they'reaing ov arguing over the legality of the lockout.
2:25 pm
cnbc's darren rovell is in st. louis, missouri, for us. darren, you were in this courtroom for the hearing. explain what happened and are we any closer to a determination? >> reporter: well, thomas, it was a little bit more of the same as far as the arguments go. the nfl owners basically saying they deserve to lock out the players. it is a tactic because it is a labor dispute. the players saying it's not a labor dispute because on march 11th we desecertified as a unio. that's why we're filing an antitrust lawsuit against you and we hope that the legal system will say that a lockout is not permissible. they were here in the court of appeals where the judge is the reason why we were at 80 days in the lockout because 2 of the 3 judges basically said it's okay, we think that the owners can impose a lockout, and it looked like today that they weren't going to change their opinion based on the line of questioning. the only dissenting judge from the previous decision asked one question. so we're now going to wait probably two to three weeks, but
2:26 pm
they did say, thomas, that in the meantime they are going to continue to negotiate, try to get a new collective bargaining agreement while the legal process plays out, and that's probably the best news for fans. >> darren rovell in st. louis, missouri, for us. darren, thanks so much. still ahead, more fallout after congressman anthony wiener's twitter scandal. the democrat is now backing out of a speaking engagement he had planned for this weekend. plus, the first lady and her daughters are heading to africa. details on this trip straight ahead right here on "news nation." yyou know there are gers on every surface in your mouth. but did you know those same germs can build up and form a resilient layer called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours. aaaahhhh... [ male announcer ] for a deeper clean,
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[ male announcer ] for a deeper clean, [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. welcome back to "news nation." any minute now john edwards is set to appear before a judge in federal court to face charges that he misused campaign funds to cover up an affair. plus, president obama stops in the key swing state of ohio to highlight the auto industry's comeback despite a grim jobs report that was out today. a touching reunion. details on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and mark
2:30 pm
kelly's first time seeing each other since kelly returned from his mission in space. and today's "news nation" gut check. a law school grad who can't find a job after graduation is suing her alma mater for $50 million. well, president obama traveled to politically important ohio this afternoon to herald the rebound of the auto industry. now, in the past hour the president spoke at the chrysler plant in toledo, ohio. >> today all three automakers are turning a profit. that hasn't happened since 2004. today all three american automakers are gaining market share. that hasn't happened since 1995. and today i'm proud to announce the government has been completely repaid for the investments we made under my watch by chrysler because of the
2:31 pm
outstanding work that you guys did. >> nbc's kristin welker joins us live from the white house. the auto industry really represents one of the few bright spots in the economy, especially after this dismal jobs report. >> reporter: what was interesting about the president's remarks today are what he didn't say. he didn't address those jobs numbers specifically. what he did say. >> instead, is that the economy is in the process of recovering, that there are going to be bumps along the road, and that the auto industry represents his strongest argument that the economy is moving in the right direction. as you heard him mention, the government had been paid back. this bailout cost taxpayers roughly by some estimates about $14 billion. some republicans, by the way, would argue that taxpayers won't ever fully be repaid for that. but the president saying that these companies have added jobs, have strengthened the economy. this is something that you're going to hear the president say throughout the coming year as he tries to make his case that he should be re-elected. now, if you look at one recent
2:32 pm
poll, he has an approval rating of 54%, but when you look at his approval rating on the economy, he has a negative. people don't think he's done a good job by about 58%. so that's going to be a challenge. we've already seen republicans seize on this sentiment. you heard mitt romney come out yesterday and say that the president had failed america. so, clearly, the republicans plan to seize on this issue of the economy in this next election. but again today the president trying to focus on the positive, trying to create a counter point to these negative jobs numbers that came out this morning. thomas? >> nbc's kristin welk ter white house for us. thanks so much. joining us by phone is stephen rattner who served as counselor to the treasury department. he's written a revealing memoir called "overhaul." steven, it's good to have you with us here and perfect timing because of what we saw today
2:33 pm
coming out of toledo, ohio, but i think that that is really going to fall on deaf ears for a lot of people who are watching president obama take pride and take credit for what took place in bailing out the auto industry, but this jobs report number really tells a different story. >> yes, i agree with you. the auto industry is good news and we can certainly talk about that, but for most americans the overall jobs situation is more important, and today's number was quite disappointing. it's one of a series of disappointing economic numbers we've gotten over the last couple of weeks, all of which point to the economy slowing down, not going back into a double dip recession at this moment or anything like that, but the growth seems to be melting away, and that's a matter of great concern to all of us. >> explain to us what it means for the major auto companies to be paying back these major loans, especially for chrysler. >> it's a great sign of the success of both gm and chrysler that they are able to pay this money back so far ahead of our
2:34 pm
plan. we did not think chrysler would be able to pay the money back for five or six years simply because of the normal process of improving your cash flow, but the success of the company and the recovery of the financial markets have really allowed this amazing thing to happen, which is as the president said on your show a moment ago, to repay these loans so far ahead of schedule. >> steven, what is the loss to the american taxpayer though in having to invest in big auto like this? >> we invested about $82 billion across the entire auto sector, and i believe we will lose around $10 billion, maybe a little bit more. but in return for that we saved potentially a couple of million jobs. if we had -- if the president had not done what he did with chrysler and general motors, they would have gone out of business, they would have lick inquire dated, a e -- lick inqu and you would have had an economic disaster.
2:35 pm
for $10 billion, maybe $14 billion we averted that. i would argue the president made all the right decisions. that was money well spent to save this economy. >> steven, great to have you on today. thanks for your time. another republican may be jumping into the race for the white house. george pit tha that ki has a ned running. >> this proposal, raise taxes and cut spending somewhere, some day. >> in an exclusive interview with wnbc, he said he's not impressed with the current field of gop candidates. >> i hope that one of the republican candidates comes out with a solid, good, serious plan, but if it doesn't, you know, we'll see what may or may not happen down the road. >> nbc news deputy political director mark murray joins me now. mark, how do we think pataki would be received especially since he's just testing the water?
2:36 pm
>> there's clearly an opening on the republican side in the 2012 race. if you were a republican even thinking about running for president, now is your time. there's not necessarily a world beater in the field, including front-runner mitt romney and certainly president obama has some economic vulnerabilities going into 2012. as far as how he would end up being received, the message that he's been carrying in that ad and elsewhere is on the debt and deficit. that's something republicans are enthusiastic about. it's very well-received. however, it's the thing 2012 republicans ever talking about, either they're embracing paul ryan's budget plan. if he does run, he would be another ex-governor in the field so it could get a little crowded on that front. >> also on the field, let's take a look at some of the other possible candidates. we have rudy giuliani saying he's considering this second white house run. saying he didn't do it right way back in '08. what is he saying he would do differently now if he did decide
2:37 pm
to go for it? >> well, giuliani's biggest strategic mistake was retreating to the state of florida, bypassing iowa and new hampshire and going back to florida. by the time the presidential cycle and the calendar got to florida, it was already over for rudy giuliani. he said he'd like to do a little bit more retail politics if he decides to be able to get in. but it is important to note he was in new hampshire. he was in iowa a little bit, just wasn't able to connect with voters in the 2008 cycle. >> and then we have sarah palin slamming mitt romney's health care plan yesterday while she was in massachusetts less than an hour before romney formally entered into the race himself and then palin went on to new hampshire when romney was making that announcement. was this an attempt to outshine romney? i know sarah palin has said this bus tour has no official schedule. >> well, it certainly didn't seem to be an accident that she was in the same state with mitt romney making his presidential announcement. romney let everyone know he was making this announcement a week
2:38 pm
ago and palin somehow shows up in the state at the exact same time and also takes a shot at romney and his health care law in massachusetts in 2006. it's a sign she could be trouble for the republican party if she doesn't run for president or even if she does run. >> mark murray, great to see you, thanks. charges against the driver of a tour bus that crashed this week in virginia tops our look at stories around the "news nation." he's charged with involuntary manslaughter. a story you may remember, the bus crashing near richmond, virginia, early tuesday killing four people and injuring 53. the bus originally had left greensboro, north carolina, monday night bound for new york city. investigators blame the crash on driver fatigue. a 26-year-old former animal research technician has been sentenced to 44 years in prison for killing a yale graduate student days before her wedding in 2009. raymond clark had pleaded guilty in march to murder and 9 attempted sidewalks of 24-year-old annie le under an
2:39 pm
agreement with prosecutors. she was beaten, strangled, and stuffed into a wall of a yale university research center. and the damage from powerful storms in south carolina last night includes a crushed car belonging to the husband of south carolina governor nicki haley. her husband, michael, took this photo of his suv after she was flattened by a tree. emotional jailhouse video highlights day nine of testimony in the murder trial of casey anthony. jurors were shown more footage today of conversations that casey had with her parents back in 2008 while they were visiting her in jail. in those tapes casey continues her initial claims about a babysitter kidnapping her 2-year-old daughter caylee. that story then changed drastically during hoping statements when anthony's defense team argued that caylee drowned accidentally in the family's swimming pool. a piece of tape shown today seems to contradict that drowning claim.
2:40 pm
>> someone just said that caylee was dead this morning, that she drowned in the pool. that's the newest story out there. >> surprise, surprise. >> nbc's lilian luciano has more from orlando. seeing these tapes made it clear why the defense didn't want them played in court. how damage are these tapes to trying to make casey any type of sympathetic character? >> there are various reasons why the defense didn't want those tapes played. one of which is that the defense attorney, jose baez, is painted under a very negative light on these tapes. we hear the family, casey's family at several times questioning his intentions, his motive, questioning his tactics on how he's handling the case, and even his priorities. so he didn't want those tapes played. he wanted to make sure that the jury was not biased. also, like you 15said, casey, w hear her lying. we hear her talking about this
2:41 pm
other theory that a nanny had caylee when we know casey was already aware, according to the defense, that her daughter had already passed away, that she had already died. and, finally, the relationship we see in these tapes between casey and her father, and i am no expert, seems to be one pretty close, not the one of an aggressor and his victim, but we do expect the defense to come up at some point with an expert, with a psychologist who will likely say that this might be the behavior of a victim. >> nbc's lilia luciano. singer sean kingston is showing some signs of improvement after a traumatic jet ski crash. first, there is a lot going on today here and here are some things we thought you should know. first lady michelle obama is announcing she's heading to africa later this month for an official visit. she'll travel to south africa and botswana to encourage luyou people to become more active in
2:42 pm
their communities. hear daughters will be accompanying her on that trip. a touching renun between congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly who spent more than two weeks apart. kelly, the commander of "endeavour," returned home from his 16-day mission on wednesday. they were reunited yesterday and giffords' spokesman said the couple's hands were held together for two hours. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has officiated his first wedding ceremony, a civil union for his top staffer. thursday was the first day civil unis were allowed under illinois new law. 33 same-sex couple and civil union ceremonies took place. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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2:45 pm
i'm martin bashir. john edwards faces the music, the president faces a struggling economy. plus, are new york's bravest the latest civil servants threatened by budget cuts? is new york putting savings over
2:46 pm
safety? new developments in the scandal surrounding new york congressman anthony wiener. today he failed to show up for a committee hearing and we've just learned that he's canceling an appearance at a democratic convention this weekend. now, for almost a week he's been answering questions about this photo sent from his twitter account. yesterday he said that he was done answering questions and someone on his staff even went so far as to call police on a new york city reporter. nbc's luke russert is live on capitol hill for us. luke, is he giving any reason for why he's deciding to kind of go off the radar? >> reporter: well, he said yesterday that after giving 11 hours worth of interviews on wednesday that he was going to be done speaking about this incident, and he's really employing a tactic we've seen polices use. when they feel they are bocked in a corner, just shut down and hope the storm will blow over. it's not uncommon for members to miss committee hearings, that happens all the time. wiener is certainly allowed to do that. what is uncommon is when they
2:47 pm
cancel weekend speeches. he was supposed to address the democratic party convention in the state of wisconsin this weekend. he will not show up. he caught a blessing in the fact that the house is in recess next week so he doesn't have to be in washington. he'll be in new york in his home district if he chooses to do so. he can seessentially go whereve he wants. his new strategy will be to lay low, hope the storm blows over and hopefully when he comes back on june 14th he won't have to deal with the pressing questions by then and folks would have got caught on another news cycle. the democratic leadership is very happy this saga is dying down. they felt his issues with twitter and this photograph sis interfered with the message. everyone was talking about anthony wiener. >> luke russert on capitol hill for us.
2:48 pm
lauk, thanks. >> have a good weekend. be well. new details on sean kingston's condition after he rode a jet ski in a bridge. and a sneak peek of a new clip from what could be the hottest movie of the year, "breaking dawn." and "x-men" this weekend. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. >> hi, thomas. nice to see you here. >> this is good news for sean kingston. >> as we know, he ran his jet ski into a bridge in miami last week. he is now awake, alert, ro gr progressing quite well. he's got a lot of recovering to do. he broke his jaw and his wrist. he got water in his lungs. he's said to be intubated in the hospital. so definitely he's not completely, completely healed by any stretch of the imagination, but he is out of the woods. >> that is great news and great news for "twilight" fans because "breaking dawn" we're getting a sneak peek. >> the mtv movie awards are this
2:49 pm
sunday evening. jason sue day kiss is hosting. the sneak peek. >> you're invited to the summer event we've all been waiting for. "breaking dawn" part one. don't miss this exclusive sneak peek. i'm surprised people aren't already in line months ahead of time for this movie. it's going to be a really, really big one. the previous twilights do gangbusters at the box office. this is the last installment. wig weekend expected with "x- n "x-men" opening up. it will be at 3,600 theaters. it's a plig plabig placement.
2:50 pm
there could be multiple screens at those theaters. that number doesn't even indicate all of that. michael fassbender, james mcavoy, january jones all-star in this film. one of the big summer temples of the season. >> is it getting good reviews? >> it actually is getting -- i say actually like i'm so surprised. >> exactly not an "x-men" fan. >> it's meant to tee up the whole franchise even though we've already seen. >> the prequel. >> prequel as they say, that's right. >> and lindsay and her ankle bracelet. the summer of love. >> that's a funny thing to call it, thomas. there was news yesterday that lindsay lohan's ankle monitoring bracelet went off. she's sentenced to 35 days of home confinement in relation to that alleged theft that she pleaded no contest to earlier. while her attorney clears it up, she said it went off on monday. the authorities showed up, found lindsay lohan just watching some television at home, and it was a faulty bracelet.
2:51 pm
t they replaced it. >> excellent news on the lindsay front. >> so proud of her. >> me, too. courtney, thanks so much. >> have a great weekend. >> for the latest news, log on to we're going to be right back after this. [ boy ] new chips ahoy! chewy gooeys had sparked a battle and we'd stop at nothing until they were ours. surrender the chewy gooeys! [ male announcer ] new chips ahoy! chewy gooeys filled to perfection with delicious creamy fudge;
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time now for the "news nation" gut check. today's unemployment rate proves it's just plain hard to find a job out there right now. there are nearly 14 million americans who are out of work, and in california the eighth largest economy in the world, the unemployment rate is nearly 12%. among them is anna alaberta. three years ago she graduated fr with honors. she's become the lead client in a $50 million class action
2:55 pm
lawsuit against the school. she points to a "u.s. news & world report" statistic that 80% of grads got jobs nine months after getting their diploma. in this complaint, she claims she reasonably interpreted these figures to mean that the vast majority of graduates would find employment as full-time attorneys and that the statistics were false, misleading, and intentionally designed to deceive all who read them. for the school's part, they say this lawsuit is very much about a larger debate. this is a part of the debate about whether it's practical to pursue a graduate degree in these difficult economic times. so are schools to blame if their graduates can't find a job? what does your gut tell you. go to and send us your vote. but take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. we asked if you agreed with the city of ft. worth's decision to ban people wearing saggy pants from riding the bus. 81% of you said yes, just 19%
2:56 pm
said no. there you have it. that's going to do it for this edition of "news nation." i'm thomas roberts in today for tamron hall. martin bashir is coming up next. don't go anywhere. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ edition of "news nation." in fan to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. edition of "news nation." ca is pn so your body can stay in motion.
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good afternoon. it's friday, june the 3rd, and here is what's happening. black friday. the unemployment rate across america climbs over 9%. a serious blow to president obama and a serious opening to the men and women looking to take his place in the oval office. answered of tend of the roa? sarah palin packs in her family holiday for now. but she says we haven't seen the last of her flag draped mega bus. where she stops next, nobody knows. and john edwards and the indictment that could land the former presidential front-runner behind bars for up to five years. my, how the mighty have fallen.


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