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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 8, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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following developing news on "news nation," the senate is moments away from voting on a measure to slash fees banks charge business owners every tomb a customer uses one of the debit cards. both sides say you, the consumer, all of us, could be paying more money. but first, the heat wave soaring temperatures set to break records in several cities across our nation. already officials are blaming the deaths of at least four people onç the heat. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following that near-record temperatures across big portion of the country. heat advisories and warnings issued across the northeast, the mid-atlantic, and the upper midwest. temperatures topping the 100 degree mark in some places. and now officials in maryland and tennessee say the recent high temperatures in those states have contributed to the deaths of four elderly people. in chicago, human service workers are being dispatched to check poeing door-to-door, in some cases, checking on elderly
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residents who live alone in their community. >> thdo they have air-conditioning, a fan, are they okay? do they have senior services in place? >> a live report coming up on where these record temperatures are happening and how long the heat wave might last. also, developing now in the senate, minutes away from voting on a measure involving deb id cart fees that could mean higher prices for anything you can buy with a debit card. at issue here, whether to delay cuts in the fees banks and credit card companies charge business owners every time a customer uses a debit card. store owners say the fees force them to pass the extra dollars on to consumers. joining me now, nbc news senior investigative correspondent, lisa meyers and these fees rake up a lot of money for the banks, we know that. >> reporter: yes, they do, tamron. both sides say they are acting in the best interests of consumers. when you look closely at the issue of swipe fees, this is a battle between two powerful interests, the banks very versus
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retailers. every time you swipe your debit card the merchant pays an average fee of 44 cents to banks and credit card companies. next month that is scheduled to drop to 12 cents per transaction. banks say if that happens, they'll have to increase other fees they charge customers, like on checking accounts or even start charging consumers just to use their debit cards. now the merchants, as you noted, argue that current high fees get passed on to consumers so that if you reduce their costs they could pass that savings on to consumers and lower prices. well see if that actually happens, but put me down as skeptical. as you can note, tamron, the stakes here are eenormous, some $16 billion a year. >> incredible amount of money. we know that recent changes after the financial bailouts and some of the legislative changes were supposed to help the consumer. what are these consumer
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advocates saying, either way if it's the banks or businesses here? we, the people who use the debit card, end up paying more, or could? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, tamron. i think, at the end, the consumers pay either way you go. one of the arguments you hear the financial reform legislation passed last year is having unintended consequences, new limits on fees are unfair to small banks. that is why the sponsor of the bill, john tester today, has -- is urging the senate to delay the new rules for one year while the issue is further studied. now to pass that amendment, he needs 60 votes. our last information, he probably isn't going to get them. one reason is that the retailers are basically saying if you delay fees, it is in fact a gift to the big banks. and it's not politically great to be on the side of the big banks. so it doesn't look like tester
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will get the 60 votes to pass this legislation. but we'll see very shortly. >> we'll see what happens. thank you very much, lisa, for the report. back to the other story ç everybody's talking about, deadly heat wave across the country. let's bring in the weather channel's heather tesh for the latest, live in atlanta. not a single person that i passed who did not bring up this heat wave. >> well, it is so hot. what else is there really to talk about when you consider some of these numbers. i mean it's interesting when you check out minneapolis, yesterday we were 103 degrees. the last time minneapolis was 103, that was back in the 1940s. so it is really an interesting phenomenon going on right here with these temperatures. as we go through time, though, we are seeing cooling coming in here across the north. today minneapolis, 77. i mean what a huge drop for you. in fact that will drop more as we go into thursday and friday. you can see, though, east of our
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front and then south of it, we still have a lot of very hot weather around. we're still going to be look at a lot of these temperatures in the north in the 80 and 90s. you can see our front here, it's pushing our ridge down a little bit. but that heat is definitely going to be around here across the southern tier of the country. and even as we go toward the end of the week, into the weekend, you can see that some of the numbers here, they're still way up there, lots of 90s showing up. some triple digits coming in here. when you get day after day of this it can be hard on folks. and that unfortunately is what we have been seeing. so there's more of this to come. my best advice is to try to find some water, whether that's a lake or pool or even a bathtub. just to try to cool off. >> thank you very much for the live report. on to the economy. president obama focuses, once again, on the economy and jobs, which threaten to take a political toll on the president as he seeks reelection next
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year. the president spoke at northern virginia community college where he highlighted a new effort to train record workers for the jobs of future in manufacturing. >> p4tough fight. we've been in a tough fight over the last 2 1/2 years to get past a crippling recession. but also to deal with the problems that happened before this reinvestigaticession, the s was treading water. >> and yesterday, gop presidential candidate tim pawlenty attacked president obama for his handling of the economy. take a listen. >> how are you enjoying your recovery summer? now that's what the president said we were having but that was last year, the recovery summer. now gas is $4 a gallon, home prices are in the gutter, our health care system, thanks to obama care, is more expensive and less efficient. unemployment back over 9%. other national debt has
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skyrocketed. >> and joining me now to talk about what pawlenty had to say and the president's latest wores on the economy, christian weller, professor of public policy at university of massachusetts in boston. also economic doug holtz, former chief economist for economical advisers to president george bush. >> thank you for having us. >> christian, let's me start off with you you have the president out again talking about manufacturing jobs, hoping that it's a part of the future. he is taking a tremendous hit in the polls as of late as a result of the economy. 59% disapprove of the handling this administration's offering up regarding the economy. what do we need to hear or see from the administration right now? >> what the president's doing is right thing. highlighting efforts that they're doing to keep going on what is working. manufacturing is relatively strong, it's adding jobs. and on top of that, we're doing very well in exports.
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we have been doing very well since the recovery package started. manufacturing, industrial production has been going well. we've added -- turned the corner in the job market. we're not adding jobs as fast as we would like to see them. that means we needç to keep th efforts going, we're talking about the speed of the recover, we're not longer about talking ov going over a cliff. the effort here from president obama to highlight what is working to build on what is working and to keep the eye on job creation for the coming months. >> doug, something we zeroed in on yesterday, tim pawlenty said americans are worse off now under the administration. what is your reaction to that comment? >> well, i mean, certainly unemployment's 9.1%, house prices are continuing to decline. the real unemployment rate is double that. so there are big problems out there. americans are not confident. if you look at the surveys, it's dropped recently.
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>> are they more confident than under the bush administration. >> we never saw 9.1% unemployment. all the president can say is, gee, we stopped going into a second great depression. >> hang on here, gentlemen. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> let me get in here for a second, boat of you. i want to go back to an article you were quoted in, 2009, january, and the headline, economy made few gains in bush years. president bush has presided over the weakest eight-year span for the u.s. economy in decades. that is according to key data analysis. the number of jobs in the nation increased by 2% during bush's tenure, the most tepid growth over eight-year span since data collection started, seven decades prior. how is that worse than what we're seeing or how is that better than what we're seeing now? >> we are certainly -- the only thing the president has to say about his performance since the
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stepping in, gee, bush was terrible. if that's your only thing that you can say, after 2 1/2 years you have a problem. there has been tremendously weak trend growth. we're growingç at under 2% yea after the recovery's supposed to have begun. sailing straight toward what erskine bowles said. he has passed law after law, dodd/frank, regulatory impetus, all of which are fundamentally anti-growth. yet act surprised the american people have no confidence in the future and the economy's not recovering. this is not a performance he should be proud of and it's one he controls completely. >> i'm surprised that he's calling these laws anti-growth since emphasizing transparency transition. the point is that the president is highlighting things going in the right direction, we are growing the economy, adding jobs, not as fast as what
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everybody like. the effort have been successful, turning the corner away from the worst performance since the great depression towards a reasonable recovery. we need to bring back jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. >> as i said, pawlenty posed this question, and we've heard many times before elections, are you better off now than before? how does the president convince voters they are? >> we're heading in a better place than we were when the president took office. no doubt about that. we would have been in a worse place if he hadn't implemented these policies. but there is a certain sense of impatience and we should be impatient about the pace of job creation and the president is highlighting the efforts of the sectors that are working and we need to bill on. manufacturing is one of the bright spots. we need to do on the construction housing sector, there are bright spot there's. we cannot turn our blind eye to that, as the bush administration
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did andç keep on doing what th obama administration is doing, that is focusing on the economy, highlighting the weak spots, and honing in on what policies have proven to work. >> doug? >> christians answers tell you everything you need to no. i'm going to blame bush. >> we're in the right trajectory. you're twisting my words here. >> we'll have you back and continue the conversation. thank you both. raging wild fires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres in arizona threatening to force more people in another state out of their home. and the former head of the democratic party says congressman anthony weiner's lies about his twitter scandal are, quote, unforgive ibl. the first democrat gives away donations from congressman weiner. it is not the welcome home these american soldier were expecting or quite honestly what they deserve. airline charges them thousands
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future of congressman anthony weiner's looking more uncertain by the day now, with high-profile democrats saying the congressman should step down over the twitter scandal. earlier today, tim kaine, former head of the democratic national committee said, quote, lying is unfoesh gi unforgivable, lying publicly about something like this is
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america. i've taken a look how different media outlets, msnbc included, have been polling audiences on this question, and depending on the source and depending on the area of country, you have significantly different response. at fox, by way of example, 90% say he should resign, far less msnbc viewers who have reacted. i think it's dependent on the next couple of days' news cycle. the happiest two men of america because of weiner, arnold schwartz anything somewhere john edwards. they knocked arnold off the page and took john with him. >> that is true. in some respects for the schwarzenegger but with john
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edwards his story's not over and it may be front page news if a trial goes through. i want to play what was said on the "today" show, putting pressure on the democrats here and nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi needs to do her job and be a leader of her caucus and tell anthony weiner to hit the bricks and go home. it took chris lee 30 seconds to resign a couple months ago and nancy pelosi and debbie wasserman schultz should do the right thing and ask this fellow to leave office. >> michael, you have some of the democrats who received campaign contributions from congressman weiner who are donating money to charity. you give good advice. pa what would you tell weiner? is it a love of the job, does he think he can do his job? >> it's probably hubris. you don't hear people criticize the way that he perform his official duties.
2:19 pm
and i think the answer to your question is, is predicated on what extent he was relying upon government property, whether a blackberry, iphone, computers, et cetera, to do this. had he not obfuscated and lied about it for the last ten days and had this tawdry episode come up, nonetheless, i would say it's business for his wife and he and not the public business. he made it the public business to the extent he used congressional devices to do it and, by drawing everyone in with the lies. had he handled it differently, i'm convinced he could have survived. now i'm not sure. >> well, 51% in new york think he should not resign. we'll see what the critics are saying, what the folks in this one poll are saying. thank you. good to see you. right now, firefighters in eastern arizona are ses des separately trying to stop the while fire. the flames are at zero percent
2:20 pm
in containing this despite the best efforts of thousands of firefighters from across the country, quite honestly. the cost of fighting this blaze, which is more than twice the size of the city of chicago, is estimated at $8 million, and that is continuing to tick up. nbc's george lewis has more for us from springerville, arizona. >> reporter: tamron, we've got some new numbers. the fire in arizona burned 600 square miles the second largest fire in the state's history. it has burned down 11 structures. 588 other structures in danger. now what firefighters are trying to do at this hour, construct firebreaks around the town of eager, arizona, the south side of eager has been evacuated. also, firefighters on the ground are setting backfires in hopes of burning up the fuel that the big brushfire would otherwise consume. the big concern right now is wind. the forecast is for wind to kick up to 35 miles an hour this
2:21 pm
afternoon, that is not good news for the firefighters, as they try too battle this. the wind causes the rapid spread of these flames. that's why it's grown to this 600-square mile monster. the fire is burning along the arizona/new mexico board somewhere there are firefighters stationed on both sides of the border. towns all along this area have been told to get ready to evacuate. the town of springerville, where we are, is under a preevacuation notice, that means people have been told to pack up, get ready to leave if the word comes. the south end of eager was evacuated around sundown, people leaving for shelters and places to stay, campgrounds in this area. the forecast is for continued high winds all week. this is not a good situation for firefighters. >> we wish the best for those people, obviously into. what was fun on the computer inside casey anthony's home
2:22 pm
before the death of her daughter? the latest on what was revealed in the court case that's gotten so much attention. rahm emanuel, well he's got a lot to face in his new job but cracking down on crime. mayor emmanuel wants the people responsible for a violent flash mob attack over the weekend to be brought to justice. plus -- take a look at this impress everybody sight of the isn't captured by nasa cameras. look at that. we'll have more. "your business" entrepreneur of the week. lori owns two women's resale stores in suburban connecticut, called round about designer consignment but was wanted the cachet of being in new york city. so last year she opened two new stores in the big apple. she says the move has taken her business to the next level. watch "your business" sunday mornings 7:30.
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2:26 pm
anthony's car, where the odor of human decomposition was detected in air samples according to prosecutors taken from the car. the sams were collecting using an experimental device that sniffs out decomposition better, they say, than a cadaver dog. this technique has never been used in a criminal case until now. live in orlando. lilja, this is fascinating for many reasons but also it's an experimental device and new technology introduces in the case. >> reporter: exactly, tamron. that is exactly what the defense used to discredit this witness' testimony. the person who witnesses to using this device is dr. arpad vass over at the body farm in tennessee, the same person who invent the this device. the defense claims he had financial interests in introducing his findings into the courtroom. now, his testimony was also challenged yesterday when an fbi
2:27 pm
examiner, fbi expert, in chemistry declared that his findings were not at all of high levels of chloroform in the trunk of casey anthony's car. dr. arpad vass on monday testified he found shockingly high level. now the fbi forensic chemist say they were not shockingly high, they could have been equally low as something found from a number of household cleaning products. in terms of the chloroform, talking about chloroform, today we've heard from three different witnesses, three computer crime experts, who have all testified about finding the search, the key word search for chloroform, as you said before. but we haven't heard yet is other reported key word searches that we talked about a few years ago, one of which was that somebody in the anthony household searched for the term household weapons and also neck breaking. it's very interesting, also, that the defense introduced a picture on that casey anthony's
2:28 pm
former boyfriend, ricardo, put on his myspace that shows a man almost trying to choke a woman with chloroform as a joke, he said on the stand a few weeks ago. the defense is trying to claim seemingly that casey might have seen that and went on to search for the word chloroform or somebody using that computer. >> big day again there, thank you very much, lilja. next, the fight over president obama's health care reform law back in court. the judge hears from critic whose say as we've heard them say in the past they think it's unconstitutional. from bloomberg to baldwin there are reports that actor alec bal win wadwin wants to th mayor of new york city. [ malennouncer ] look at this, bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly. producing products that save on fuel and emissions,
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and some that can be reused again. ♪ and promoting eco-friendly and safety driving campaigns. ♪ one team. one planet. bridgestone.
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welcome back to "news nation." laft round in the fight over president obama's health care reform law.
2:32 pm
will a court overturn a ruling that struck down key parts of the law. a man who used his cell phone to capture video of a police shooting -- police shooting a suspect on miami say cops smashed the phone to destroy video. his fast thinking, according to him, managed to save the memory card. you woens belien't believe how that information. delta is slammed after charging soldiers for checked bags on their flight home. a hearing could shape the future of the new health care law. government is asking a three-judge panel to overturn a lower court's ruling that struck down the law. lawyers for the obama administration say everyone using the health care system but not everyone is paying for it. 26 states challenging the law are in court, claiming the requirement for most americans to have insurance goes too far. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now.
2:33 pm
what are the details from the hearing? we won't hear possibly from this panel for months? >> reporter: that's right. it will be up to the group to decide whether the law is unconstitutional. the government is defending it, the states attack it. they say congress exceeded its authority under the constitution when it required everybody living in the united states to buy a privately sold product, namely health insurance and say congress can't do that because congress can only regulate commerce, it can't regulate people who aren't in commerce. the government says the health insurance industry isn't what is being regulated by the law, it's health care itself. the government claims everybody guests health care in some form or another. what makes the market unusual, you can't demand to have a truck if you don't have money or even broccoli in the grocery store but if you are sick and go into the emergency room in the hospital and they are required
2:34 pm
to care for you and the government says that makes it different and that allows the government to inability the regulations. anning ame an argument before a three-judge panel. the fourth case to come up. one more of these cases on the individual mandate that will be argued next month and then these questions will be, when the three-judge panels rule will whoever loses go to the full court of appeals or simply bypass and go to the supreme court? but it does seem likely it's possible the supreme court will have this issue to take up in its new term which begins in october. >> all right. pete, thank you very much for the update. chicago's new mayor, rahm emanuel, pressing the city's police superintendent to bring to justice the so-called flash mobs involved in a series of violent robberies over the past few days in the city. charges are pending against three young men who participated in one of those attacks. that indianapolis dent involved a group of 10 to 15 teenagers
2:35 pm
attacking a student on the university of illinois campus. >> he's coughing up blood, his face is really bloody, and he's like they stole $350. >> chicago politicians are trying to not draw too much attention to this. they're worried it may scare away people from visiting the busiest shopping areas. john yang live from chicago. a lot of people i didn't know what a flash mob was. hearing details, pretty frightening. >> reporter: what it is, tamron, this used to be flash mobs used to cute and fun any, people communicate with each other by text message on cell phones and gather at a place for a certain time. they made funny videos, break into song and dance. these are young people using the same way, organizing themselves by text message to allegedly commit crimes. so it's an increasing problem in chicago along the michigan avenue, the big shopping street
2:36 pm
in chicago, shoplifters, robbers, young teenagers organizing themselves, going on sprees and some of the stores and now attacking pedestrians, stealing cell phones, cameras, ipads and ipods, sort of electronic goods. the police are now trying to crack down on this. they're trying to put police on l trains to spot these groups as they get togethers, as they organize. they tend to try to meet at a certain spot at a certain time to carry out these crimes. and it is a big challenge for new mayor rahm emanuel and for the new police superintendent, gary mccarthy who just a little bit ago, was confirmed by the chicago city council and sworn in later today to begin his term as superintendent. this is a growing problem in the neighborhoods like the gold coast of north of downtown chicago in streeterville, in
2:37 pm
downtown chicago, and along the magnificent mile, the shopping district in chicago, tamron. >> we know rahm emanuel faces many challenges in chicago, and certainly the violence we've seen over the past few years continues to be one of them for him. thank you very much. a witness to a police shooting explains how he snuck the video past police. tops our look at stories around "news nation." a man recorded a memorial day police shoot-out in miami on his cell phone camera. he says after the shooting police smashed his cell phone to get rid of the video. he claims he hid ms. memory card containing the video in his mouth, saving the video. the miami beach police department denies officers destroyed the phone and offered up this picture to prove the phone is intact. joran van der sloot appeared in court in peru today. also suspected of killing a young woman in a peruvian hotel
2:38 pm
room. his attorney resigned from the case weeks before the crucial hearing. take a look at spectacular images of a solar flare that erupted from the sun capture by nasa cameras. a cloud covered nearly half of the sun's surface. the event won't have any significant impact on earth. next, sony unveils its new play station vita. live to the electronic entertain me ment. a lot going on today. freshman house republicans say they're all about cutting spending but some of them, get this, shelling out big bucks in their first year. politico reports that 15 republicans have spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on mass mailings and communications. one congressman is spending
2:39 pm
$1,000 a month on a car lease. expenditures are allowed. a spokesman says the politicians make it a priority to keep in touch with constituents. in las vegas, the mayor's wife has won the race to replace him. carolyn goodman, the wife of oscar goodman, won 61% of the vote. oscar goodman had already served three terms. they couldn't run a fourth. alec baldwin for new york city mayor? the wake of the scandal surrounding anthony weiner who had his sights on the mayor's office. the scandal may have shifted dynamics of the race. she felt lost...
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well we're the two active ingredients in zegerid otc. i'm omeprazole. and i'm sodium bicarbonate. just one pill a day ... gives you 24-hour relief. & one mission. two ingredients heartburn solved. i'm martin bashir. more woes for president obama as nearly half of the nation now believes we're heading toward another great depression within the year. and now add record high advertise season of weather
2:43 pm
unlike any in living memory. floods, killer tornadoes, now sufficie suffocating heat. why does mother nature seem out of whack? breaking news update. the senate has rejected a controversial measure that would have delayed debit card cuts due to take effect next month. the measure failed to get 60 votes it got 54. the fees banks charge merchants when a customer uses a debit card will be cut from 44 cents to 12 cents starting july 21st. banks have l. have to make up the yearly loss of $16 billion in debit card fees by raising other fees to you the consumer. moving on, game on, the annual electronic entertainment expo, the biggest event in video gaming, is under way right now in l.a. estimated 45,000 gamers and game developers are getting a firsthand look at the next game
2:44 pm
titles and the hot consoles that might be coming to your living room or some gift list you'll receive. julia boorstin live at the expo. is it the vita or vita play station? >> it's called the vita, and we're here at the play station sony booth. we can take a demo. we're going to show you a demo of the vita. this is a cool, new device, handheld device. a test screen on the front. a control pad on the back. she's controlling it with her finger in the back back there. there's a camera in the front, cam ro on the back. the device has wi-fi, the wi-fi version for $250, or the 3g connection version for $300. this new handheld device will go on sale later this year. so pretty cool, new device here from play station. and a lot of people are -- this booth to play with it here. this is one of the many new devices out.
2:45 pm
of course, nintendo has hand held device called 3 ds available that you can play in 3d. also the big, new wii, the only new console that was announced here is called the wii u. this won't be out until next year and there's no price tag but it's a new take on the wii with a controller that's a touch screen pad, kind of like the ipad. those are three big devices thattism's paying attention to this year. >> microsoft hipting that halo iv may be the start of a new trilogy? >> reporter: yes. the gamers are in focus here. so many casual gamers like the kind that nintendo used to appeal to are going to play games on social and mobile platforms gamemakers here are focusing on that hard core gamer audience, and hallow has a huge
2:46 pm
following. a big how this is the beginning of the halo beginning. >> i fall under hard core gamer, i think. greatly appreciate it. i do, really. one of the stars of "hangover" dirk details about about "hangover 3" and "the voice" and saying good-bye to meredith vieira viral video star. courtney hazlett. >> thank you, gamer tamron hall. on the cover of the rolling stone, one of the things that he talks about fantastic piece, everybody should read it if you're at all interested in the famed phenomenon. one of the thing his talks about is the hangover, what we might find in the third installment of "the hangover" the first two joking around, "hangover 2 "is is "hangover i," the third one might involve his character in a mental hospital and has to be sprung by phil and stu. so, just a funny tidbit there
2:47 pm
about the franchise that has grossed more than $340 3 millio. >> crazy. >> that's a word wide number. they haven't grossed that, it's not just a domestic number. i'm looking forward that one now that i know it might be different. talking about "the voice" the singing reality show that could. i don't think anybody expected it to be so breakthrough in its format, styling. and now in its voting. fans are going to be given a fourth option for voting for their favorite contestant of "the voice" you can currently vote by phone, you can vote via nbc live app, vote on, and now when you buy one of the songs performed on the show via itunes that counts as a vote. >> wow. >> interesting. if you're buying something, it
2:48 pm
is softendorsement. now it actually counts for something as well. >> i love that. think about how many people on to itunes to buy songs the glee kid sang. >> it's interesting, too, it bolsters the entire field theoretical theoretically, if you say i loved all of the songs you're casting a vote for more than one person, which is a different twist, too. i thought that was a fun thing. for these shows to remain relevant, you have to get more people involved. >> keep it fresh. >> exactly. talking about this all morning here, i think all nbc net works, meredith vieira's last day on the "today" show. this is how you go out, i have to say. you go out singing to journey. tamron hall right there. she's not running in shoes she's wearing right now. >> i had on heels. >> wedges. >> but really, really fun. you saw abe i have goda who had
2:49 pm
cameo appearance at several different points. he became a trending item on twitter today after that which i think -- >> people googling say why is abe. >> why is abe here? >> my mother's asked me that. >> he's a good sport. love it when he comes on. jimmy fallon made an appearance, another good sport. not just playing -- a fancy version of air guitar with an actual guitar. >> jimmy fallon, he was carrying that guitar backstage, it was like attached to his body. it's somewhere in his heart. he wouldn't let it go. >> exactly. >> we wish the best to meredith. what a fun show. >> the classiest lady on the planet. you follow closely. >> as you do. >> not hardly. >> entertainment news, logon to fan of the scoop on facebook.
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>> you can, of course, join the "news nation" e-mail me at, tweet me on twitter. go on facebook, which we'll check after the show. time now for the "news nation" gut check. two soldiers say they and 32 other troops got an unfriendly welcome home from delta airlines tuesday. they and their fellow soldiers had to pay nearly $3,000 in excess bag fees on a flight home from afghanistan. more details from will riply of our affiliate kusa in denver. >> just returned from afghanistan yesterday. >> reporter: soldiers coming home often get a hero's welcome. >> we had a little issue with the bags this morning. >> reporter: not this time. u.s. army staff sergeants. >> we had four bags and delta
2:54 pm
airline only allows three bags. >> reporter: o'hare says army orders authorize four bags. >> we had actually end up paying out of pocket, our own money. >> reporter: delta charged each soldier $200. >> over $2,800. there's only 34 of us. >> reporter: these troops say extra bags were not packed with souvenirs. >> for me, it was a weapons case, holding my m-4, two or three grenade launcher and .9 mil meillimeter tools i used to protect myself and citizens. >> reporter: his wife says money is tight for military families. >> complete shock. i could not believe that they felt $200 from however many soldiers were boarding the plane was more important than getting them on the aircraft, getting baggage on the aircraft and getting them home. >> reporter: delta has great appreciation for our military, allowing four compliment tri
2:55 pm
checked bags in first business class and three bags in coach. >> good business model, delta, thank you. >> reporter: unexpected expense had these soldiers feeling unappreciated. >> not happy. not happy at all. >> reporter: but also, grateful to be back home. >> god bless america. >> reporter: will riply, 9 news. >> so, we have an update. within the past hour, delta announced it is increasing its free checked baggage allotment for u.s. military personnel traveling on orders. those traveling can check up to four bags and nose in first and business class can check five. but what does your gut tell you? should troops travel on orders be allowed unlimited baggage, not two, three, four? what do you think? i think you can tell my from my reaction. yesterday's gut check, we asked if a man had a right to take out a billboard announcing his
2:56 pm
girlfriend had an abortion. 13% say yes. 87% say no. that does it for this wednesday edition of "news nation." thank you for joining us. i'm tamron hall. catch "news nation" week daze 2:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. my colleague martin bashir is up next. finally, there's a choice for my patients with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem. today we have pradaxa to reduce the risk of a stroke caused by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems
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the social currency. good afterer afternoon, wednesday, june 8th. fourth and long, the president comes face to face with another new poll showing he's in danger of being sacked by mitt romney. will anything but a hail mary get the economy going again. a growing chorus of critics say the distinguished gentleman from brooklyn's got to go. what makes his sex scandal so much worse than the others? 96 degrees in the shade. record highs bake almost 70% of america. too hot. it's not even summer


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