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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 17, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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nbc's kerry sanders joins us live from the courthouse in orlando. kerry, the fight speaks for et ceter cetera, but let's talk about the bug expert, why he was called to the stand by the defense? >> well, he is the defense expert on bugs. there was a state prosecution expert dr. neal haskell on bugs, but there is a focus on the trunk of the car that casey drove. the state through the bug expert said that there was evidence in the car from bugs that a body had been in the trunk, and they suggested that the body was caylee's body, and that there were fluids that came from her decomposing body, and that there were certain bugs, maggots, flies, that were there, and specifically the leg of a blow fly that was found inside of the trunk and that it only could have come from organic material.
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all of the other stuff in the trunk of the car the prosecution said was trash and nothing organic. now, the defense has an equally qualified expert who has examined the same evidence, and he is suggesting, no, these flies, these maggots could have been there based on the items in the trunk, and that blow fly, the leg of a tiny bug found in there, he told the court, they are very common in florida. in fact, if i looked around this courtroom, i could find one in here. so, this is very technical information being boiled down as much as they can to a high school level for the folks sitting on the jury, because it is complicated stuff, so they can then come to some sort of conclusion, but it is the battle of the experts, and that is what many legal minds said would happen here. there would be scientific experts on either side leaving the jury to wonder, which one to believe. tamron. >> yes, thank you very much.
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joining me now is attorney ann brimlin. you have the defense bringing up the experts in forensic medicine and fibers and hair and now the bug expert to try to disprove some of the things that the prosecutors presented when they presented their case, but the reality is that when you talk to people on blogs and talk to people, they want to know what their theory is on what happened to little caylee anthony. >> exactly. the whole thing is a battle of the experts, and the defense does want to cancel what has been put on and rebut in the science. but then you get to what really happened? this case is mesmerizing the nation. we talk about the trial of the century or the trial of the century du jour, but this one has the public's attention because we want to know what happened to little caylee. what is the true story? was there abuse? sexual abuse in the country?
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accident with a pole? accident with chloroform? premeditated murder? hard to believe a mom would do that, but we are riveted. >> and this is the first full day for the defense to present its case, and how long do they take with the experts before getting to the questions that they quite honestly presented in the statements, the drowning, and the incest, and the need to pay this off is imminent. >> right. they need to start strong and end strong, and they started with raising the issue of incest, and the judge said no, forget it, but they need to build up the meat of the case, and where does it come from? does it come from casey anthony? and if not, who? who can testify about the pool, that george said never happened. the abuse, george said never happened. i keep thinking, how do theym can up with the case, and they don't have to prove anything, but how do they do that without
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the defendant taking the stand center stage. >> you are a high profile attorney, and would you put casey anthony on the stand? >> well, it keeps me up at night, because would you? should you? i might, only because she is such a liar, and demonstrably a liar and so bizarre and this family has secrets, and the abuse execution, et cetera, but maybe, just maybe she can come out the show the jury the horrible dysfunction and the tragedy that happened and the past kept her from telling the truth, and maybe it will raise a doubt, but that is a maybe for me, and the jury is out on that one for ann bremner, and everybody else. >> yes, a lot off people can relate to your opinion there. greatly appreciate it. by the way for more coverage on the casey anthony case, watch "dateline" tonight, because dennis murphy reports on the evidence and the family dynamics, and it is the "the
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state versus casey anthony" only "dateline tonight" at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have a mug shot of a man who was arrested outside of an arlington who is in police custody where he is questioned right now because bomb technicians are testing materials inside of his bag. he is linked to a car parked near the pentagon, and police car donn cardonned off a large section when he refused to cooperate. we know he has a military background, but what more do know jim miklaszewskimiklaszews? >> well, he was taken into custody at 1:00 a.m. when he was
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found walking through arlington national cemetery, which was closed at the time, and he raised suspicions because he wiz not cooperatetive with the police, and he had some items that were baggies with a substance in it labeled ammonium nitrate, but the fbi testing showed no explosive ingredients involving anything in the backpack. they ed ted the car and thought maybe there was a bomb there, and then police decided he was a disturbed individual, because if we could go back to the mug shot that you showed a few seconds ago, that mug shot was not taken today. but it was take anne month ago when he was taken into custody for grand larceny for allegedly breaking into a number of motor
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vehicles in his neighborhood in suburban washington, and there is some mention of notes in the backpack that included apparently the words al qaeda and taliban, but all of the officials we have talked to said there is nop apparent connection between this suspect yonathan malochu, and why was he there and why he raised suspicions? well, sunday is the 90th day since the president notified congress of the u.s. deployment to libya. earlier this week, a bipartisan group of lawmakers filed suit against the president for not seeking congressional approval for the u.s. involvement. planes bombed areas south of tripoli, and there was an
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exchange of intense shelling near misrata. kristen welker is live from the white house, and what are we hearing now from the obama administration regarding this weekend's deadline? >> the obama administration says that the case is closed, but the world of war on words is heating up at the white house. and the resolution states that the president needs congressional authority for any maneuver lasting more than 90 days. they say that the united states is not engaged in war and essentially playing a support role, and however, the house speaker john boehner says he does not buy that argument and a lot of democrats are saying they don't buy that either, including dick durbin, so there is a lot of back and forth about this, tamron, but the white house is holding its ground, and sheer what press secretary jay carney had to say a few moments ago.
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>> is there a magical association with the 90th day that i'm not aware of? we have not been beating around the bush talk tact fact that we support, endorse, appreciate this resolution like the one dish mean, it is for congress to take the action, obviously. >> so there you heard press secretary jay carney saying they would welcome a congressional resolution, but they do not need one to continue in libya. we should say that the top democrat of the house nancy pelosi is stand big the president, but as you mentioned, tamron, dennis kucinich and nine other lawmakers have filed a suit against the white house to end the u.s. involvement in libbia, and others including speaker boehner are saying they are looking at the possibility of withholding funds from the mission. that is where we stand right now, and president obama and speaker boehner will play a friendly game of golf tomorrow. we will have to see if that issue comes up. >> thank you, and coming up on
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"newsnation." >> well, first of all, it is none of your business. >> is this governor chris christie's go-to line when he does not want to answer a question, it is none of your business? the political darling scrutinized for this moment. and speaking of words getting you in trouble, mitt romney under fire for joking about being unemployed, even though he is a multimillionaire, and michael smirconnish will join us to talk about that. and the senate is one vote away from passing the same-sex marriage bill in new york. we will be right back in three. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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welcome back to "newsnation." new jersey republican governor
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chris christie is raising eyebrows once again today and this time for the gruff response to a woman who asked a question on last night's edition of pbs program "christie on the line." take a look at what happened. >> you continue send your children to public schools, but to private schools so i wonder why you think it is fair to be cutting school funding to publicle schools? >> what is her name? >> guys, what is her name, guys? because the governor is talking. >> well, gail, first off, it is none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your schokids to school and don ask me where i send mine. joining me is michael smirconnish and i thought that was tony soprano and that was a caricature and some would say, or i am saying, like none of your business. that is the second time and he was asked if he believed in evolution or creationism, and he responded, set none it is none
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business. >> it is funny, because i was listening it to, and this is why some of the people love the guy, and some of the people don't like the guy, because it is in the eye of the beholder and an appreciation by some of the gruff nature and no b.s. and i will tell you what i think, and on the other hand, you say, gail is not the governor of new jersey, and he is, and he has oversight of thele schools and a lot of of contention relative to the schools right now, and isn't it fair game for her to say, wait, you don't even send yours to the public school, and you send them to parochial school which is a good debatable point. but i will tell you what is the people's business and that is the helicopter, and he has a similar approach flying to the son's baseball game. >> well, with this none of your business response to a call-in show. and i think that if she had said, why do you send your kids or something more personal that would have warranted a none of your business, but this is about the public school system in that state, and seemed as if the
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woman's tone was not aggressive on confrontational, and the governor saying, gail, and going at her. it is gruff and sometimes necessary, and you want somebody fighting for what they believe is right, but again, eventually it seems it could backfire on simple questions about schooling. >> no doubt. tamron, one other observation i i have is that maybe this is part of the what comes with a twitter society, a reality television world, and in other words, the microscope that these politicians, and public servants and celebrities are under 24/7 maybe it has bred a sense of entitlement among the public that there is nothing off limits, and this is not a good example, because the schools are matter of public significance, but now the people think they have the right to know everything about a public servant. >> well, it is interesting as you point out that this question does not fall in that category, but on some other issues maybe. michael, thank you so much, and
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have a great father's day. i will talk to you monday. >> see you monday. and the decision 2012 after being slammed by his supporters for not slamming mitt romney, tim pawlenty is ready to take on the political front-runner, and pawlenty says he failed to capitalize on the health care issue in the republican debate, and now pawlenty is sharpening the words calling mitt romney a co-conspirator to obama care. >> i should have been much clearer in the debate that we can have a nominee that was involved in the development and the construction of obama care, and defend it. that is the question and i should have answered it directly. >> mark, i know you know the saying would have, could have, should have, but now tim pawlenty is taking on mitt romney and will he keep it up? >> well, they want to keep it up. i got off of the phone with a pawlenty spokesman who said that
2:18 pm
tim pawlenty screwed up in the debate, but mitt romney screwed up health care in massachusetts, so they feel like they missed an opportunity in the debate after talking about obamney care and tying the health care law to the health care law that mitt romney established in massachusetts, and they felt like they had it set up, and the governor admitted in that interview on fox simply missed. and they won't let it happen again. >> did he explain why he missed? we talked about this right before the debate, mark, and i think i talked about it with domenica, your colleague in washington, d.c., and whether or not pawlenty would take that shot, and warning that he would do it, and then he dropped the ball, and why? well, we don't have a good answer just yet. a lot of the speculation, is that there is the minnesota nice that tim pawlenty is a nice guy from minnesota, and not somebody used to mixing it up, although we do hear a lot of tough rhetoric and language directed at the president of the united
2:19 pm
states and the democratic party, but not a face-to-face opportunity with mitt romney at the debate, and he passed. he is taking heat for it, but they want to take the fight to romney in the future, but we won't take another debate for a couple of months. >> well, he has time to get it together and come out swinging. mitt romney under fire, and talking about chris christie under fire with that constituents, and this is what mitt romney had to say to a group of unemployed workers there. >> maybe i should tell my story. i'm also unemployed. [ laughter ] and i'm net bourque iwornetwork >> and the group found it funny and said to be unemployed folks talking to him, but he is being scrutinized for the comment? >> well, it is a gaffe, but not a disastrous one, and it is a joke, and sometimes the jokes backfire a little bit, but it does establish a narrative and potential vulnerability for mitt
2:20 pm
romney, but the multimillionaire and multihomeowner might be out of touch in the tough economic times, and they are taking the fight that the obama administration is out of touch. >> and we appreciate your coming on. >> thank you. and three states have voted to cut funding for planned parenthood, but the women's health provider says it is about to take legal action to fight back. and plus a facebook page inspiring a protest for the women in saudi arabia, because they are fighting a ban on something that women here may take for granted, driving. they are doing it by getting behind the wheel, and these women could be arrested or even beaten for their actions. ve beee numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better
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welcome back to "newsnation." planned parenthood is considering a courtroom challenge to a decision that strips funding from the north carolina branch. earlier this week north carolina lawmakers approved a measure to cut funding for the group by
2:24 pm
more than $400,000, because planned parenthood performs abortions. north carolina is the third state in recent weeks to approve this kind of measure after indiana and kansas, and in h this latest cut going into effect july 1st. planned parenthood officials are considering options with the legal teams, and i'm joined by me llissa rhee, adviser for planned parenthood, and many say this is a war against women, and what are the options that planned parenthood are looking at? >> all of the options including litigation at this time. we will make a decision shortly on how to proceed, but this is a serious attack on women's access to basic health care. >> what specific legal options can you tell me about? >> well, the attack on planned parenthood is quite frankly unconstitutional, and this is what is called a bill of attainer where a state
2:25 pm
legislature is trying to punish an entity through the legislative process instead of the courtroom. >> and due to the cuts the planned parenthood in north carolina says it has to cut the teen prevention program, and also forcing low-income patients to pay out of pocket, and if the you are low-income how do you pay for out of pocket for necessary things like mammograms or pap smears that women certainly need. >> that is absolutely true, and in some of the counties in north carolina, health departments are already seeing a 12 to 14-week waiting time for those women to get that kind of care, and they have always relied on planned parenthood to fill that need as an essential community provider. >> what do you make though that the push in north carolina as we have seen across the country, with abortion opponents who organize because they see that as federal funding even though we know that federal law prevents that from happening, and this reason continues to be floated out there, and it is not
2:26 pm
based in fact. >> that's true. the hyde amendment prohibits any of the dollars to be used for abortion care. planned parenthood operates just like a hospital. we are reimbursed only for those services that we provide, and they are very carefully tracked an monitored. >> and so, as you ponder, and the team ponders the legal options available as you say, people are being hurt by this, and the clock can't be on your side here, and when do you decide what to do next? >> i imagine that we will have a decision by this time next week. >> all right. melissa, we want an update from you as you and the team from the planned parenthood there decide on what to do next after this measure was passed in north carolina similar to already in indiana and kansas. thank you. >> thank you. a judge rules that an autistic boy's service dog must be allowed to go to school with him despite protests from the school. but that is not where this ends. it is now going to cost to family. we will tell you more about this
2:27 pm
story, and it is the "newsnation" gut check and you decide. p. first, a beer summit and now a golf summit, and will president obama and house speaker john boehner settle the differences over a nice friendly game of golf, and who is the better golfer? we have insight on that. and first, who is atop the leaderboard at the u.s. open being played right now at the congressional country club in bethesda, maryland. [ male announcer ] look at this, bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly. producing products that save on fuel and emissions, and some that can be reused again. ♪ and promoting eco-friendly and safety driving campaigns. ♪ one team. one planet.
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2:31 pm
the only country in the world to ban women from driving and today, some women risk their freedom and safety by rebelled. and a autistic boy fights to take his service dog to school, and now it is costing to family. you will want to hear these details. in the meantime, new york senate republicans emerged from a closed door meeting today no closer to approving a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the it is a. it remains one vote short in the senate after being approved in the democrat-controlled senate. and joining us is fred dicker from the "new york post." we talked about the odds of this happening and the campaign taking place involving the governor of the state and now the mayor of the city. what is happening now? >> the senate republicans want to get out of town and when and if they vote on gay marriage, because they believe it is going to pass. so it is strategic maneuver to put it off for several days and maybe monday or tuesday and get
2:32 pm
other issues out of the way and make the gay marriage vote the last vote and flee albany, and the sense is that it is going to pass, and they are trying to negotiate new language to protect churches and religious-affiliated organizations to be obliged with gay marriage and if they get that language, it will provide additional cover to allow the bill to come to the floor and be passed. >> that is interesting news that you have and report that republicans in the state are looking for cover, but in tend, the constituents will know where they stood and voted on this. >> they will, but i will tell you that frankly, a lot of them think they can survive a vote even if they go against the local district residents or voters, because most voters do not vote on one issue and as emotional as the same sex issue has been and it has not shown in new york to cost a legislator an election, and plenty of other issues out there, and when they stand for re-election next year
2:33 pm
they hope that whatever happens here will be forgotten. >> and that would be an incredible turn around from the last vote, fred, and when people thought that there was little hope ahead. >> you are absolutely right. in december of 2009 that same-sex marriage lost in new york, and 38-24 in the senate and now it is 31-31 and a tie vote and looks like the supporters may pick up one or two more republican votes to put it over. >> thank you, fred, for the update, and we will update the audience as we move closer to the expected vote. and while the pros are competing in the u.s. open, president obama and john boehner tee off as headliners of a politically powerful foursome this weekend. athena jones is out of the white house with this game of golf and so much settled amongst the boys on the golff course, and what do we know about the planned game of golf or tournament? >> well, good afternoon, tamron. white house officials say that the president enjoys golf and
2:34 pm
allows him to get outside and take a break from the trappings of the office, and so as he gets set to tee up against the house speaker john boehner, we decided to see how he rates his own skills on the green. >> reporter: he has teed off in hawaii. practiced his swing in martha's vineyard and in asheville, north carolina. and plays regularly at military bases here at home. but the president has admitted he won't be winning the masters any time soon. >> what is his handicap? that is classified. >> reporter: president obama's golf game has come up in talks with foreign leaders. >> if you want a round of golff, i will be happy to participate with you. >> i have heard he is pretty good, so i have to be careful. i may have to practice before i play with him. >> reporter: and how many tips does the commander in chief need to successfully navigate the greens? and what does the house expect to gain with john boehner
2:35 pm
playing golf? >> if the president invites you the play golf, you don't say no no the president. >> there will be no competition. >> reporter: a deal to raise the debt ceiling? a deal for the deficit? probably not. >> they will not be solving the budget negotiations on the back nine. >> reporter: one thing that may not be in question is who will win. >> boehner is a much better golfer than i am, so i am expecting some strokes. >> reporter: and golf digest issued the rankings of golfers and biden came in at number 28, and i talked to john kasic's office who is to round out the eighth, and he is known to be a good golfer, but when talking about the handicap, kcasic said some things should remain
2:36 pm
silent. >> well, you are pretty good with golfing there with those rattling of the numbers. and now, move on from the party? >> well, he talked about in the press conference yesterday is that this had become an enormous distraction. we did not advise him on how to resign and where to resign or advise him on what kind of press conference to have. i had advised him to resign, and left the rest up to him. >> nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins me now, and let's move the ball for ward. what are they saying about a special election? >> well, that is up to the governor anthony cuomo, and we are hear nag ting that the dated be september or october. and what are the dates in new york, because of the
2:37 pm
redistricting, there are two seats lost of the new york delegation and that means typically one democratic and one republican, and anthony weiner has given a target to his district, and it could be carved up and changed. so if there is a special election, and if it is another democrat in the office, but a it has been a heavily democratic district, it could be just a lame duck job which could affect who wants to get in the race, and it is expected that the party bosses will actually choose the two candidates and republicans are wondering if this is an opportunity, but historically, that district has been so hefley d heavily democr in the short term, it has an office that is open but not under the name of anthony weiner, but new york 9. and they will be trying to deal with the constituents and his resignation has not been formally entered into the books, and so there is one more moment that his house will be mentioned. >> and it seems like a month ago
2:38 pm
that resignation happened. >> yes, it does. >> thank you, kelly. several women in saudi arabia risk freedom and safety today but i get beg hind tut iy wheel of the car. and it makes it illegal for women to drive. and today on youtube, it shows one saudi woman driving through the capital of riyadh, and parking at a supermarket. right now saudi arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving. joining me is david keys contributor for the daily beast and just wrote about this article "let saudi women drive." david, it is stunning to hear how brave these women are, because we say they could be put behind bars, but in some cases, there are men who are calling on them to be beaten and calling on what they say real men need to do and attack these women. >> these women are incredibly brave for doing what they are doing, and it is important to take a step back and understand
2:39 pm
what kind of country saudi arabia is. it is an autocratic dictatorship which lashes gays and imprisons women for leaving their home without a man. and they will imprison people who make jokes about government official, and does not allow women to exit the country. so you have brave women attempting to drive, and others who get behind the wheel and pay the ultimate price, and they are sent to prison and interrogated and live under a veil of fear. >> there is not a law on the books that say they cannot drive, but prohibited from getting a license which thus makes it illegal for them to drive. why this fight now from these women who lived under the fear of being able to drive to the supermarket? i was reading in an article and i believe it was yours who
2:40 pm
wanted to take her mother to the hospital who had fallen ill but had to wait for a male escort and a critical hour was lost. >> that is what happened with one woman whose mother fell ill of a heart condition and had to wait critical hours. this is one example, but multiply that with the millions of people throughout saudi arabia fored bidden to get behi the wheel, and i wanted to sponsor the saudi women grand prix and wanted him to sign on, but he has refused. we have the first woman who drove in the indianapolis 500. >> we know that u.s. congresswoman karen bass has issued a statement of sol en
2:41 pm
da sole solidarity. >> well, egypt and israel was mentioned more than two dozen times, but the most discriminatory state who treats women as chattel slaves was not raised in this speech, and we lost an issue to talk about human rights in the middle east. that is why i am calling for a new immigration freedom status. so if if the united states wants to send $60 million of arms to saudi ar abia make it for women to be able to drive and leave their home without a male escort. >> go on to the daily beast and read david keyes' piece "let women drive." and oprah has a dream guest and guess who oprah wants to
2:42 pm
interview? i bet you can't. we have the answer in the scoop. but first, a lot going on today and things that you should know. a top union leader in new jersey is apologizing for comparing chris christie to hitler. christopher shelton used the phrase christie adolf general, and later denounced the statements. and there is a statement to all of the suitors for those who want to date his 13-year-old daughter malia, and he says that keeping close tab with his girls and the boys hanging around them is a huge incentive to get re-elected. >> i have gun men with guns who surround them and a great incentive for running for re-election is that it means they never get in a car with a boy. who had a beer. and that's a pretty good thing.
2:43 pm
>> and disgraced former congressman anthony weiner has been reportedly offered a role on the hit series "entourage." they say he was offered a guest spot on the show and he would play himself, and not sure of the story line, but those are things that you should know. membership rewards points from american express. the social currency.
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i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the hour from the sands is of yemen to the shores of tripoli, the arab world sees fresh signs of revolt on this friday afternoon. we will take you there live. as father's day approaches a sobering look at the growing number of american homes where dad is found in pictures and mothers wear two hats. now back to tamron. well, oprahs ha a confession who she would love to interview on her new network. samuel l. jackson puts kids to sleep in a really funny, but it
2:47 pm
is profane. and a song about friday is pulled from youtube. how is that possible? let's go to the columnist courtney hazlett, and oprah was at a big convention and made an admission. >> she said, i want to interview o.j. simpson, and if you have been watching the shows behind the scenes on own, she has wanted to have o.j. simpson there. this is her words. i have a dream of o.j. confessing to me and i don't want the interview, but i want it on the condition that you are ready, mr. simpson, and this is in line of what oprah wants to have happen on her show, and people do real things and not keep talking about what they have been talking about. >> that is shocking though? >> instead of listening, but insane for him to do that, and
2:48 pm
as we no a jury found him not guilty of the stabbing deaths of nicole and ron goldman in 1984. yeah. >> and isn't that shocking that oprah or anyone would want an interview with o.j. confessing, because we would all want an interview of o.j. confessing. >> and what about the conditions of own, because if it would make it succeed, this would be it. samuel l. jackson has a way to put kids to sleep which is not going to be recommended, but it will make you laugh. it is called "go the [ bleep ] to sleep." we have one of the stanzas we are allowed to play on television. >> the cats nestle close to their kittens. the lambs have laid down with the sheep. you are cozy and warm in your bed, my dear.
2:49 pm
please, go the [ bleep ] to sleep. he has had experience of putting kids to sleep and especially those with a knack for negotiation will appreciate the book and it is going to be published in 15 international versions and a huge hit, and the author was on the "today" show last week. i think it is laughing. >> everyone loves it, and it is very, very popular. >> what is not popular is friday, and rebecca black's video "friday" and this has been pulled from youtube, and this song lists the days of the week in a catchy poppy song is viral mostly because it is bad, and bad in the way that we make fun of it. it is now in a dispute with the music company, and rebecca black's company has taken down the video and it had 167 million hipts, and the reps say it was
2:50 pm
taken out, because the record company did not own it, and they thought they were getting a free promoeshgs but no. >> that is -- i don't know what to say. >> you are torn up. >> for the very latest, go the sleep. for the latest go to or be a fan of the scoop on facebook. [ betty ] welcome to the aarp get-over-it-a-thon.
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it is time for today's "newsnation" gut check. a boy who is autistic in los angeles is smiling brighter after tangling with the school administrators and coming out on top. the parents fought to have their son bring the service dog to class. but there are a few problems ahead, and vicki vargas from our
2:54 pm
affiliate station has more. >> reporter: caleb has his anchor, a four-legged one. constantly tethered to this 7-year-old autistic boy. eddie senses when caleb might have an uncontrollable tantrum or try to run away. then this golden retriever takes charge. >> eddie is a calming presence for caleb. i think that caleb feels more confident when he is with eddie for sure. >> reporter: the pair have been side by side for a year. the cypress family says they have a bond that came from training for autistic service dogs. but the school says that the dog would be a distraction for other students. they would not allow eddie on campus. >> they said it is detrimental to him, and the school psychologist said it would be detrimental to him, and that i should stick with the program they gave me. >> reporter: their son's disability is complicated,
2:55 pm
because he cannot speak, but he uses an ipod app instead. >> peanut butter? that is what you picked, peanut butter. that is what he does. >> reporter: so they sued under the americans with disabilities act and this week a judge filed a federal injunction forcing the school to open up the doors for a tail wagging canine. >> so, these service dogs do qualify as service dogs under the ada. >> reporter: but before he can go to school, they have to raise a $50,000 bond and have to raise the money before school starts. and they say that a warm nose is all he needs from his best friend. >> so, what is your gut telling you about that one? should the family be forced to pay for a service dog that is necessary for their son to go the school? go to, and see what our viewers are saying about this last gut check.
2:56 pm
should patients be able to sue their doctors if they are kept waiting for their appointment. we got an even split. 51% said yes, and 49% said no. so some of you apparently like to wait. that is it for this edition of "newsnation." for all of the dads out there, happy father's day. tune in everyday at 2:00 p.m. for "newsnation." my colleague, martin bashir is up next. like ecopia tires... even making parts for solar panels that harness the sun's energy... working on social activities like clean up programs on beaches in many locations... and regional replanting activities that will help make a better world for all of us. ♪ one team. one planet bridgestone.
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good afternoon. it is friday june 17th, and here is what is happening. shifting sands. from morocco to syria. libya and yemen. a friday of fresh scenes of revolt across north africa and the middle east. and this revolution is being televised. plus, mitt romney needs a job. michele bachmann has a new one, author. and newt? well, newt needs an


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