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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 22, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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i'm tamron hall. as president obama prepares to address this nation at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on afghanistan, the "newsnation" is following new details concerning the president's plan to began withdrawing those u.s. troops. nbc news has learned nearly 1,000 oklahoma national guard soldiers who have been training to be deployed to afghanistan just next month have been told they will not be sent to that country. they will be counted among the 10,000 troops the president is expected to announce will be brought home by the end of this year with another 20,000 to be brought home by the end of next year. nbc e nbc's mike viqueira joins us. any more specifics on how he'll make the case that what's happened over the past 18 months has been a success and what will happen in the future there? >> reporter: well, tamron, i think we can expect the president to say many of the objectives laid out, remember, back in december of 2009, a year and a half ago, the president went through a long deliberation, a series of meetings in the basement of the west wing and the situation
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room. he consulted with national security experts, his military and top aides. he came out with his policy that included a surge of 30,000 troops, bringing the total number of u.s. combat forces in afghanistan to 100,000, but at the same time he said there are three objectives, no safe haven for al qaeda, turn back the taliban's momentum, recent military momentum they had been building over the time previous to that and stabilize afghanistan. i think we can expect the president to say those objectives, if not met, the united states has gone a long way along with international coalition forces in meeting those goals, meeting those objectives. another controversial aspect that have announcement a year and a half ago is when the president said he would begin to withdraw u.s. forces, seen as a sop by july of 2011. that's next month and now the president is said to announce what you reported, 5,000 beginning in july and another 5,000 by the end of the year and
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perhaps the rest of the 30,000 surge troops, the balance of 20,000, by the end of next year, and the white house is emphasizing, of course, what was agreed upon in lisbon by european and international coalition leaders just earlier this year, that the afghan forces are scheduled to take over the lead security of their own country by 2014, the lead security. not doing all the fighting. important numbers to remember, this is the longest war in u.s. history. more than 1,500 americans have lost their lives there. it's costing $100 billion a month at this point. >> all right. and 1,000 of those have lost their lives since president obama has been in office. thank you very much, mike viqueira. let's bring in retired air force colonel who served as a military intelligence officer and highly decorated veteran of the iraq war and the senior legislative associate for iraq and afghanistan veterans. gentlemen, thanks so many for joining me. tom, let me start with you. what do we need to hear from the president? >> no matter what we hear,
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whether it's 10,000, 20,000, everyone comes home tomorrow. the most important thing to realize this is a beginning of a surge of veterans coming home and they are coming home to a record unemployment levels and increasing suicide levels. >> and some would say this is coming home and the longest where you heard the stats there. 1,000 of these troops there lost their life since this president who is an anti-war president, if you look at the typical scenario of left and right here, but these individuals and their families want them to come home. let's talk about the mission. has there been a mission accomplished there? >> that's a question for strategists. i think we need to understand is our mission accomplished as americans which means respecting the service and sacrifice that so few have done for so long. this is going to be going on for years. this will be going on for years, and they will need care for the rest of their lives, and we have to make sure that the systems we put in place in this country are there and up to the service and sacrifice that the men and women made. >> you're absolutely right. we'll talk a little bit later to
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a wife. her husband has had three deployments to afghanistan and she has the very same concerns. let me bring you in on this end and the concern that the troop withdrawal may be too sudden, taking too many out too soon. what's your take on that argument? >> tamron, i think it is too soon to give a complete revelation of what we're doing. in other words, we're withdrawing these troops, and if the president says what all the reports indicate, then i have some concerns from a security standpoint. what we've done so far is kept everything going and kept momentum going. considerable momentum when it comes to the death of osama bin laden, and it's something that we neat to capitalize on to an extent. >> what about those who counter by saying counteragainsty is not a long-term viable solution here? when osama bin laden was taken out, it was a small force, a special team that went in. can we not be effective with a smaller number of troops, a smaller footprint, if you will, on the ground there after ten years? >> well, tamron, i think we can, and that's where the dichotomy
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comes into play from a symbolic standpoint. it is important to maintain a degree of a presence in afghanistan, but i think we can be more effective, so i believe taking the troops home, bringing them home, is a good thing. the question is when and how to do it and how publicly to do it. >> tom, the numbers are incredible when you think about it. 100,000 on the ground there. 30,000 as you point out with the surge all along. when we think about the ally and some people use that word loosely when we talk about president karzai there in that country. if it is to help their government to sustain and become a viable government, is that possible that you don't have a reliable partner? is that one of your concerns? >> i mean, the bottom line, whatever the criteria we're going to use to determine success in iraq and afghanistan, success is ultimately going to be determined by this generation and how we care for them. i mean, it's important whether it's complete jeffersonian democracy in afghanistan or
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something more local and something that just works. ultimately history is going to remember how this country treated its men and women when they came home, and we're nowhere near there yet. >> and more of them are coming home injured more than any other war in history because of the technology we have and emergency we have on the battlefield, they are coming back injured and they do need us. thank you very much, tom and colonel. thank you very much. >> coming up, i'll speak with a woman whose husband that is deployed three times to afghanistan and she's sounding the alarm the difficulties the men and women face when they come back home. that's in 20 minutes. moments ago, evacuations began blaring in the city of minot, north dakota where the river is overflowing its levees. residents are scrambling to gather their belongings and get out of town, unprecedented and unstoppable flooding is streaming in. at first some 11,000 residents of the swarez river value were told to get out by 6:00 p.m. and after seeing how fast the water
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was moving, officials have moved it to 1:00 p.m. eastern. this is the traffic backed up on a bridge to get out of this community. you can't tell it's a bridge. look at the bottom of that screen there. that's the water ready to spill over the bridge and you can see the cars and truck s lined up t get out of that area. minot's mayor tells nbc news that evacuations will most likely be long term with up to 5,000 homes in real danger of heavy damage. >> i'm hoping i'm doing this all for nothing, but -- but i don't think i am, so i don't know what's going to happen. we might be out of a home, homeless. >> everything you have is important, and it's hard to judge and where to go, and, you know, what to do. >> meteorologist nick walker is monitoring the situation from the weather channel headquarters in atlanta. nick, it's incredible. these people were told they had until about 6:00 p.m. eastern time and that was moved up to
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1:00, that they needed to get out because the water was rushing in so fast. >> it really is rising fast, tamron. the last say 24 hours or so, we've seen the suarez river rapid rise of about four feet, just amazing and we do have flash flood warnings for areas above minot and above minot here. three wrenville county, where the river flows, by the way, up to north dakota and back to canada and those folks in minot really need to be out. the red cross shelters are open. you need to get out if you live near the river. it's a serious situation. five inches of rain in minot the last hour or so. maybe a few more light areas of rain as we head into said next day or so, but let me show you graphically the river rise that we anticipate seeing. it's already above major flood stage.
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by the time we get in tomorrow afternoon, probably reaching the all-time record stage that was set back in 1818 and continuing to rise for another two feet all the way into the weekend. >> thank you very much. joining us now by phone in minot is nbc's kevin tibbles who has just arrived there. kevin, can you tell me what you see now? >> reporter: what we've just heard is that the sirens have gone of course, and that's something that the mayor just -- who just spoke to us a few moments ago said was going to happen this afternoon. the sirens are essentially the indication and some 11,000 people are going to have to head for higher ground. it's an evacuation order for people that are living in these areas, and the sirens are going off. i'm just going to -- i don't know if you can hear this because we're on the cell phone, but the sirens are going off behind me now. sort of sounds like a -- like a loud sort of, you know, tornado type siren, and they are going
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off all over minot now because the mayor says he's just been told that nothing else can be done to save the lower lying areas of his city. he became quite emotional about it, and he expect a lot of it to be start being under water by as early as this afternoon. >> wow. kevin, we just showed an image of traffic backed up on a bridge and the water was just there. i mean, it was -- i don't know how long it would take before this bridge is submerged, but you can see the people lined up. there's traffic. it's a small community but when you have 11,000 residents and they are being told you need to get out even earlier than anticipated, that's obviously a concern. >> well, they are really tipping their hat to a lot of people who listened to the warnings, and a lot of people have already gone, but you mentioned the bridge, you know. minot sort of goes down into the valley where the river runs through the middle of it, and
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we're starting to face a situation where minot could essentially be cut in half. >> kevin, thank you very much for the update and the latest on what the mayor is saying there. we could hear the sirens in the background. you see the urgency of the situation on the ground in minot, north dakota. thanks, kevin. coming up, the latest from the casey anthony murder trial. what a defense witness testified about regarding a body, if a body was ever inside the trunk of casey anthony's car. another expert on the stand in that trial. plus -- >> $20 is too much per head. if you have three children it costs you $100. >> there is outrage over a proposed $20 entrance fee to get into the museum built to honor those who lost their lives at ground zero. should it cost anything to visit this museum? plus, sarah palin reportedly packs up her bus halfway through that one-nation tour and she's headed back home to alaska. what's going on there. details on "newsnation." [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye.
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welcome back to "newsnation." now to the casey anthony murder trial where witnesses for the defense testified that casey's car did not test positive for human composition. michael sigman, a chemist with the national center for forensic sciences, says air samples found gasoline, trace amounts of chloroform and two other chemicals. the prosecution's star witness has told the jury that casey's car tested positive for a lot of chloroform and that casey's daughter caylee died from chloroform and duct tape placed over her mouth. sigman says the numbers weren't strong enough to find that a bod he been in that car. >> because there are other sources of them available in the environment, based solei on our data from our test, i cannot
2:16 pm
conclusively determine that those -- that the presence of those compounds indicated that there thhad been human remains inside that car. >> joining me now is criminal defense attorney thomas mesereau. >> this is the defense, simply bit by bit, witness by witness trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case, and a lot of people are pre-judging this defense attorney before he's had a chance to complete his full defense. there's a saying it ain't over until it's over and when it gets to closing arguments a lot of this forensic testimony will be very important. >> with that said, you have the prosecution's star witness saying that there was testing of chloroform in the car. michael sigman, this chemist for the defense saying there's
2:17 pm
chloroform from the car or in the car. does that hurt the defense? you've got two individuals, one of which is their witness, saying this? >> well, i've always thought that if it were true, the best defense was for casey anthony to testify and say she was foolish, she wanted to party, she used chloroform to put the child asleep. she was immature and didn't know how serious a threat this was. when she found out the child had died, she panicked and made one bad decision after another, and i've always thought if she got on the stand and said that, she could get out of this case with a lesser included offense, not even get close to the death penalty or a life sentence. >> wow. >> i don't know what their plan is at the end. >> you know, another point that happened today in court under cross-examination, this michael sigman, the chemist for the defense, he apparently said that his methods were not as good as the expert that was brought in by the prosecution. i mean, that -- that had to be stunning for the jury to hear. getting up there and you're the
2:18 pm
expert and you're saying, well, the other guy, he might be better. >> well, but you never know in the end how that's going to weave into what the jury thinks. >> yeah. >> they may appreciate his honesty. it may bolster his integrity, and it may actually make his conclusions sound more problematic when it comes to the prosecution's case. credibility is very important, and people who admit their problems or their defects or their weaknesses sometimes are very well received by jurors. >> wow. thomas, you know better than anyone. greatly appreciate you coming on today. thank you very much. >> thank you. and the tenth anniversary of the september 11th -- of september 11th is fewer than three months away. in fact, this is video taken just yesterday of the location where a new memorial will open to commemorate the anniversary, but it is the opening of an underground 9/11 museum slated for 2012 that is making some people not happen. there's a proposal to have a mandatory $20 entrance fee considered to help with the funding of the museum.
2:19 pm
another proposal suggests a $25 donation for those who would visit once it's completed. museum officials say the fee would offset the estimated $60 million they anticipate in operating costs. joining me now, nationally syndicated radio talk hoe show of the michael smerconish. one woman said $20 is too much. i've heard that over and over. what do you think of this fee to go into this museum when it's completed? >> i think it's appalling. there was a quote in "the new york daily news" from a 16-year-old tourist from los angeles who summed it up best and said you don't pay when you go to smithsonian and you don't pay when you visit pearl harbor. my understanding is that you will not pay when you go to shanksville to the flight 93 memorial, and i really hope this is a different solution. this is not a conventional museum, something we want everybody to see so that people truly never forget. >> does their argument of we need the money for operating costs not weigh with you in
2:20 pm
making your or forming your opinion? >> well, it does. tamron, it does, and i'm sympathetic to it and i look at the amount of money expended at rebuilding where the twin towers once stood, and i'm saying let's find it somewhere else, because we can't create an impediment. a new york city councilman said it's my district. the people of this district largely can't afford $20 or $25, and it pains me to think about the number of people who will go above ground but not get to tour the museum, so there needs to be a solution. >> yeah. it's a proposal at this point, but i think a lot of people certainly would agree with you that 20 bucks to go in there to see the museum, when us a pointed out, there's so many others that are free and this is about remembering those who lost their lives after all these years, still more debate and fighting over this museum, the monument, what will be there. it's incredible. all right. michael, thank you very much. >> developing news, as expected, a fed reserve policy-makers announced they are leaving key interest rates unchanged and
2:21 pm
ended the fed's $600 billion treasury bond buying program at the end of the month. the program was designed to lower interest rates and boost stock markets, but significantly the fed lowered its forecast for economic growth this year and is also projected the growth rate won't be enough to significantly lower unemployment. we may learn more about the fed's projections when ben bernanke holds his second ever news conference. bernanke started a new era of answering reporters' questions after the fed's last policy meeting six weeks ago. checking wall street's reaction to the announcement. the dow is up slightly. the s&p up, and you see the nasdaq ticking up, just over three points right there. we'll be right back. [ doctor ] here's some health information for people over 50.
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prosperity to forgotten corners of the world and banishes hunger from this continent forever. >> that, of course, first lady michelle obama addressing an american-sponsored forum of youth women in south africa. her two daughters and mother accompanying the first lady on the official week-long visit to south africa and botswana. still ahead on "newsnation" -- >> cancel takeoff plans. >> federal officials are investigating a close call at a new york city airport involving two planes carrying hundreds of passengers. ♪ doesn't really matter to me >> in case you're wondering, that's beyonce and she's singing the classic queen song during a live concert. we'll get the scoop and why people saying she botched it. and the news keep getting worse for newt gingrich. today he was asked about a
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welcome back to "newsnation." president obama hours away from announcing his afghanistan troop withdrawal plan. i'll talk with a military wife about the struggles our service men and women face when they return home, including suicide and the difficulty adjusting to their family life. and surprise inheritance. a homeless man discovers he's the heir to an unexpected fortune. the private investigator who tracked the man down will join me live. and calling it quits. george clooney and his girlfriend of two years announce it's over. what they are saying about their split. and today's "newsnation" gut check, a nike t-shirt display is slammed by the mayor of boston who accuses them of promoting drug use with the message "get
2:30 pm
high." five and a half hours until president obama lays his plan to exit afghanistan, up to 10,000 troops will be withdrawn by year's end and another 20,000 by year's end and that means the u.s. combat mission is now scheduled to end by 201. joining me now is rebecca sanderland, a mother of two and army wife who blogs about military wife. her husband got back from his third tour of duty in afghanistan. great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. >> let me talk to you about the realities here because i'm so pleased that you're one of the voices out there. remind people that the men and women will return home but that's just the beginning of a different type of struggle. what's your wore we they get back here? >> reintegration is always an
2:31 pm
issue for every military couple. you have several months, at least half the length of the actual deployment, of trying to get used to each other again and working each other back into daily lives, and that's always a struggle for everyone. >> i know that in your marriage you said that 75% of the marriage you were away or apart from your husband who is a master sergeant in the army currently stationed at ft. bragg in north carolina? >> yes, yes. about 75% of our marriage we've been apart, so when he gets back from a trip, it's always a huge struggle to try to get used to each other again. >> some of the things people are saying to you on the blog. there have been many reports on the numbers the president is set to announce. what are they saying on the blogs? >> the big fear is that all of the sacrifice will have been wasted if they don't finish the mission there. everybody wants the war over and troops home. we want to make sure that all the years invested lead to positive change in afghanistan
2:32 pm
hand that we don't find ourselves with a 9/11 situation again. >> what do they mean by the mission there? when you talk to the spouses how do they process the mission there? you have osama bin laden now dead, al qaeda struggling. the numbers are said to be anywhere from 100 to dozens, and the taliban, according to our military personnel on the ground, on the momentum that they had two years ago may be gone. >> i can't speak to all the wives. in my close circle and people that i do talk with, the taliban is still in control in many areas of afghanistan. they are not done, and al qaeda may not be strong in afghanistan, but al qaeda still exists in other parts of the world so the fear is that if the taliban is able to take control in afghanistan again and then later invite al qaeda back in again, then all of these ten years will have been for nothing. >> how do you feel about the polls that show a large majority, i believe one recently
2:33 pm
showed almost 56%, want the troops home as soon as possible, while the american public, they support our troops. they want to see them come home as soon as you see here on the screen as possible. >> but i think -- i think that that's a reasonable expectation, and i think that's heartwarming because everybody wants the troops home. >> yeah. >> we all want this war to end. >> right. rebecca, doing a great job with your blog and we greatly appreciate it. thank your husband for his service and thanks for supporting him while he severs our country. >> thank you. >> watch president obama's speech right other on msnbc. lawrence o'donnell anchors our coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern and rachel mad do you will bring us analysis after the speech and now what the republican presidential candidates are saying with the drawdown. when election day 2012 rolls around there will still be troops on the ground. the mission ahead, what is the clear mission? and can the president appeal to independent voters who in those
2:34 pm
polls show that they want the polls home? just this morning on "morning joe" jon huntsman a day after making his campaign official had this to say about a more aggressive withdrawal of troops. >> we should not be spending one out of every six defense department dollars on afghanistan, and i'm here to tell that you america's future is not going to be won or lost in the prairies of afghanistan. it's going to be won or lost based upon our ability to compete in the 21st century across the pacific. >> joining me to talk about this and other headlines, nbc news political director mark murray. interesting, huntsman on this morning with his comments. mitt romney slammed by some conservatives after saying something similar regarding the effort in afghanistan. >> tamron, it's one of the most fascinating developments inside the republican party. for the last several decades republicans have been associated with strong muscular foreign policy, national security credentials and heard from jon huntsman and mitt romney a re-evaluation of that strong muscular type of foreign policy and intervention and whether or
2:35 pm
not this is actually war fatigue, fighting the afghanistan war now for ten years or if this is mainly an anti-obama sentiment because the president of the united states is a democrat rather than a republican like george w. bush remains to be seen, but it certainly is fascinating, and i'm going to be interested to see what mitt romney and jon huntsman, the other republicans, have to say after tonight's speech. >> absolutely. how big of a problem might it cause for the candidates if they come out again and say the president is doing the right thing and in huntsman's case saying listen, bring back more quicker. >> we're seeing these republican candidates try to strike clear differences. that's why, again, their statement after the speech tonight will be very, very interesting. >> yeah. >> but one person who has been sticking to that john mccain/george w. bush mantra is tim pawlenty. he's saying let's not leave until the job is done in afghanistan. this is a great dynamic, and we'll see it played out in the debates in the months ahead. it will be clear to see where mitt romney, jon huntsman try to
2:36 pm
make their foreign policy differences with the president. >> another headline out there. tim pawlenty has a new ad up preparing in iowa, and what's going on with sarah palin ending this bus tour? >> well, tamron, these ads that pawlenty is running, it's all about the ames straw poll in august. tim pawlenty sees this as an effort to really rebound his candidacy, to get moving, to get those donations. he's going up with a clear bid to be able to win the ames straw poll to really fuel him into the fall and into that important iowa caucus contest. as far as sarah palin ending her bus tour, we -- you know, there's been some mixed signals. the indication a lot of people got is after her east coast bus swing that she'd have another one in the midwest and the maybe one also in the west. there's been some reporting that maybe that might not kick off. we don't know but what we learned from the east coast bus trip, that was pretty unorganized and any future bus tour would be unorganized as well. >> unorganized. interesting word there. and mark, let me get an update
2:37 pm
on newt gingrich. not the kind of update people should be talking about. we now know he had a second tiffany's account, credit up to $1 million. what is he say iing because youe hearing words like implosion, that it's over? >> another tough story. that account is closed and everything has been paid off. there's yet to be a very good newt gingrich headline in the last two or three weeks, and until he gets a favorable story written about him, it's hard to see how he ends up making a competitive bid in this presidential contest. >> all right. thank you very much, mark. and a controversial execution by lethal injection tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. on tuesday night, 32-year-old milton mathis was executed, convicted of killing two people inside a houston drug den in 1998. defense lawyers originally sought clemency on the grounds that he was mentally impaired.
2:38 pm
the u.s. supreme court rejected that argument. an an outrageous wreck caught on surveillance. a white car plows into a 7-eleven employees when he's taking out the trash. a person gets out of the car like nothing happened. the young man was hurt. a near collision at jfk airport. a lufthansa airline was getting set to take off. an air traffic controller cancelled takeoff in the nick of time. >> pilots of the german jet slammed on the brakes so hard they feared it would start a fire. nobody was hurt. last-minute negotiations are under way on the same-sex
2:39 pm
marriage bill and the entire nation is watching. senate republicans are focusing slowly on the bill. the big sticking point. republicans want to make sure religious groups are protect federal they refuse to perform the marriages. it's a topic that's sparking heated debate on both sides. one example of what happened on "the view" when they started talking about a new york giants former football star who recently came out strongly against same-sex marriage. >> our own president defines marriage traditionally between a man and a woman so this is not something that is totally out of the box here. >> no, it's not out of the box, but let us be real now. to say that people should not be allowed to raise children because they feel or act differently than you do seems slightly not god-like to me. >> fred dicker from "the new york post" joins us. interesting that whoopi goldberg
2:40 pm
says not god-like because we're seeing the sticking point of protecting religious groups. >> tamron, there's a new development here with the head of the conservative party calling upon the republicans who will decide this in the senate not to even alou it to be brought to a vote. that suggests that conservatives are convinced that it will now pass if brought to a vote and the senate republicans have not agreed to bring it to a vote. still a possibility that there won't be a vote. if it is, won't be today, tomorrow at the earliest, and a lot of people think it will take place friday if it's allowed to take place. >> that's incredible because the early word is that it could come down today. again, we're moving the ball or following the ball to friday. fred, when we spoke earlier, you're like so many others. you're convinced that this vote will happen. >> i do. let me just say welcome to albany. that's the way this function junction of state government often functions. what they say happens today may not happen at all.
2:41 pm
maybe a few days. probably be four days since they promise that, that they were wrapping things up. with that said it's a very good chance that it will pass. a lot of nervousness here. the halls of the capital are crowded, as you know, with many, many demonstrators and the expectation now is that tomorrow at the earliest. friday at the lateest. >> all right. and we've brought up that clip from "the view" because it's just an example, fred, that this is a national conversation on same-sex marriage, and the country is looking at new york because it would be the largest state to have same-sex marriage if this vote comes down, and it does pass, so that is significant because so often we know where new york goes, people follow. >> sure. and it looks like president obama, by his own admission or the admission of his advisers is reconsidering his opposition to same-sex marriage, and i daresay if new york legalizes, that will be a contributing factor if he decides to come out for it as well. >> fred dicker, thanks very much for the very latest from albany. the tick tock continues.
2:42 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, an interesting story. we'll speak with a private investigator who tracked down a homeless man to deliver unbelievable news that could take him from being homeless to an entirely different life. we'll be right back with the story. but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, the president and the troop draw down in afghanistan. is now really the time, or has the cost in dollars and lives become too expensive for the american people? and on a happier note, newt gingrich, historian, statesman, but perhaps better known as the king of bling. the tiffany problem that mr. gingrich just can't seem to shake. now back to tamron. >> welcome back to "newsnation." a homeless utah man is off the streets today thanks to a remarkable change of luck. he's inherited a lot of money. max meltzer was pushing a shopping cart with personal belonging when he was told he
2:46 pm
inherited a large sum of money from his brother who died last year of cancer. he spent some time living with a private investigator hired to find him. the man won't disclose how much money the once homeless man is about to receive but he was in shock when he learned of the inheritance. i'm joined by the private investigator who delivered this news to max. thank you so much for joining me. so how did you -- >> thank you. >> david, who hired you, and i imagine when you heard the details you were shocked yourself. >> yeah. i was hired by a law firm on behalf of his cousin. they have been looking for him for quite some time. in salt lake city off and on for 20 years. stays at homeless shelters, sleeping under bridges, abandoned cars, et cetera. he's kind of made a science out of being homeless, honestly, and i ended up getting a tip from k
2:47 pm and called me last saturday who said i know where he's at, at pioneer park, a place where homeless people do kind of assemble and i went there and sure enough, there was max. sat and talked on a park bench and i felt pretty good about the guy. intuition was very good, normally don't do this kind of thing. such a nice and sweet guy. no criminal history to speak of. he's not violent, not an addict of any way, and i thought we need to get him back to my place, get him a room, showered, wash his clothes and get him some food and keep tabs on this guy so he doesn't get abused by people he's hung out in the past. >> do we know more about what happened to him, how he ended up in this situation of being homeless? >> he's had some issues with depression and had a wife die and a couple of daughters die in a car crash, a couple other life issues going on. i don't know all the details,
2:48 pm
but he just fell into that arena, and he's actually -- for being homeless he's done very well. eats very well. took him out on sunday for a father's day dinner to a buffet and he ate fruits and vegetables, a lot of really good food and really enjoyed himself. kind of made an art form out of this thing and works very well and is very comfortable with it. >> how did you present this news? in n one breath you have to say his brother died of cancer and has left him this amount of money? >> i asked him who he was, asked him what his age was, wanted to verify his age. had a picture of him and i was pretty sure it was max. sat down on a bench in pioneer park. i introduced myself. i've been hired by a new york law firm to find you and informed you have an inheritance coming to you in a substantial amount and need to get you back to new york to get the process rolling and get you back to a somewhat normal life. >> he's gone back to new york
2:49 pm
and also i think in an even more special part of the story, to be reunited with his family and maybe get the support that he'll need. he's dealt with some issues of depression. >> right, and his dream has been to buy a big trailer with a truck and travel the countryside, so we're going to try to get him his birth certificate squared away, get a driver's license, get insurance and all that handled between here and new york so he can fulfill his dream and live out his life in comfort. >> david lundberg, thank you very much. obviously went above and beyond. gave him a place safe to stay. >> thanks for having me. >> george clooney is a single man again. peanutsy did, she botch a classic? tom hanks, he's got some dance moves. let's get that now from court any hazlett. >> george clooney is once again a bachelor. always been a confirmed bachelor in that he's said publicly has no interest in getting married
2:50 pm
but he and his girlfriend of two years have ended their relationship. in a joint statement we're not together anymore. it's very difficult and personal. we hope everyone can respect our privacy. i think that there are a lot of people out there willing to respect their privacy and maybe help george get over it, if he needs to. >> get dumped again, like everybody else. >> you'll have a fantastic two years. go to really nice operations. what's interesting is elizabetha was saying she believes in marriage. that happened a few weeks ago. maybe that was a tipping point. >> wow. >> beyonce was performing in france and messed up the lyrics quite a bit to queen's famed 1975 hit "bohemian rhapsody." she was performing live so there's no doing it over again. take a listen and judge for yourself how badly you think it went. ♪ momma, just killed a man ♪ put a gun to his head
2:51 pm
♪ pulled the trigger and now he's dead ♪ ♪ good-bye, everybody, i've got to go ♪ >> mommo, life had just begun and now i've gone and thrown it all away ♪ >> that's a long song. >> maybe cut her a little bit of slack. that video is going somewhat viral on the internet today. poor beyonce. she'll be performing at the glastonbury music festival just kicking off in the uk. maybe she'll have a chance to redeem herself. finally tom hanks has been promoting like crazy the new comedy "larry crowne" which he's in with julia roberts. doesn't matter what language he's required to speak in order to promote this film. there he is on spanish television and doing a little dance. if we can play a little bit of it. you can see another side of tom hanks you don't always see. ♪
2:52 pm
>> i'm just going to dance. ♪ >> looks like george jefferson. >> george jefferson, tamron says, he looks like. >> not so sure about that. regardless, the man is obviously willing to do anything to promote this film. whether that will get people to go out and see it in theaters remains to be seen, but clearly he's a fun interview, if you can get him during the weather segment. >> with a beautiful weather person. >> exactly. >> love to see what he can do with al roker. >> that would be awesome. logon to or be a fan of the scope on facebook. jeremy, look at me. look at that smile. that is pudding face. you took my pudding! the evidence is hard to dispute. [ male announcer ] get your pudding face on with oh-so-cool and irresistible jell-o pudding.
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welcome back. time now for "newsnation" gut check. boston's mayor is blasting nike for a store display that he says promotes drug use. take a look. the shirts have slogans like
2:56 pm
"get high" and "dope" and the city's mayor is calling this outrageous saying, quote, what we don't need is a major corporation like nike which tries to appeal to the younger generation out there giving credence to drug issues. well, nike has responded saying that the company, quote, does not condone the use of banned or illegal substances. these t-shirts are part of an action sports campaign featuring marquee athletes using commonly used and accepted expressions for performance at the highest level of sports. should nike remove the shirts from the display? do you find it kind of questionable? that's it for "newsnation." thank you for joining us. i'm tamron hall. see you tomorrow. martin bashir is up next. my doctor told me calcium
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