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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 28, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> it will make you nervous with all of the nuclear stuff around. >> it is a little close for comfort. >> and to say the least. wildfire worries. more people forced out of their homes as officials in the national lab in the path of the flames say that hazardous materials are still safe. and collapsed roofs, busted pipes, fire hazards and these are not abandoned buildings, but schools where our military's children are attending classes. the military's response, there's not enough money to fix the problem. and developing now, another court appearance for the notorious mob boss whitey bulger. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall, and the "newsnation" is following developing news in iowa where president obama is moments away from speaking to workers. the president's visit comes as 2012 presidential hopefuls descend the stage, and that is a
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factory where the president just wrapped up a tour, and the president plans to create jobs in manufacturing, but the white house insists that the president's visit is about the economy and not the election. joining me live from the white house is ron motte, and as we mentioned the president's first trip to iowa since announcing the re-election campaign, and how is the white house selling the visit when you talk about the timing of the presidential candidates from the gop also in the state? >> absolutely. hey, tamron. well, most people seem to agree that next year's election is going to be about the economy and with the republican hopefuls in iowa talking about the election, it seems to be reasonable to suggest that if you are in iowa and the president, you are talking about the economy, and you are also talking about the election and all that being said, the president knows he needs the jobless back to work. in is a number for unemployment numbers that the right is going to be look at as well. 9.1% current unemployment in
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may, and the white house wants to get it down, and the republicans want to attack the president on that number if it is hovering around that numbere announced a program called a.m.p. in pittsburgh which is a half billion carrot that the white house is putting in front of industry to partner with the universities and the white house to identify high-tech areas of investment to create jobs right now, not a year or two or three, five years from now, and the president saying that we need jobs right now, and he knows it is central in the re-election effort that he can sell across the country that he has put people to work. and he is going to start today in iowa. >> and while president obama talks the economy in iowa, his potential republican rivals are fanned out across the country. rick santorum is holding an event in iowa including one in a couple of hours from now in clear lake.
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congresswoman michele bachmann who was in iowa monday and new hampshire today is headed to south carolina. tim pawlenty delivered what he called a major foreign policy speech in new york. and jon huntsman is about to make an appearance in salt lake city, utah, and newt gingrich conducted a series of live radio interviews, and guess who is also in the mix? sarah palin who is preparing for the are premier of her documentary called "the undefeated" and it is about her rise to national prominence. joining me now politico reporter alex byrnes to talk about all that is happening. thank you for your time. >> thank you. and the question is who is upstaging who at this point? you have the president at iowa and it is tough to upstage him at any event when he has the mike, but the michele bachmann and sarah palin connection there and who is taking the attention when you see them and tim pawlenty in the same state? >> well, after a poll this weekend that showed that michele
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bachmann and tim pawlenty were essentially tied, so to see if sarah palin does try the make news and get into the political mix in iowa or keep the lower profile that her schedule would indicate right now. >> and the article said at the end, is this the end of pa lynnapalooza when you look at the des moines "register" poll with her numbers so weak and certainly behind herman cain. >> well, when you look across the early state map and the polls and the folks on the ground, there is an impatience and look, you have been teasing this maybe running for president thing for quite a while now, and if you are serious about this, kind of get off of the sidelines and start to meet the votersch it is interesting that in the run-up to the event tonight, palin has taken to twitter a couple of times to playdown that this is a political event. >> let me make a correction, sarah palin was behind mitt
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romney and i apologize, because i said herman cain, and i don't want to be unfair lly representg that. well, let's talk about michelle balk balkman's rej slayty record and talk past the gaffes and john wayne and wa whatever else was said, but her resume is said to be thin and far beyond what people talk about regard iing whether she is a quote flake as asked by chris wallace on fox. >> right. well, when you talk to members of congress, and republicans in washington, the impression of michele bachmann that they have is that someone who likes to go on television and sort of throwing, you know, rhetorical bombs, but doesn't necessarily do the hard work of legislating and when you look at the record, she has not passed a major bill since coming to congress and whether that matters to the fans is a totally different question. most of those folks who are
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voting for her in the polls or say they will, are those who know her from cable and love her. >> well, we are keeping an eye on the president, alex, as we said, and he is speaking about the economy. we will keep an eye on the event. thank you, alex, for the analysis. appreciate it. now, to the high profile case of casey anthony, and her mother and father and brother were all called back to the stand one after the other. first george took the stand and repeatedly denied finding his granddaughter caylee dead in the swimming pool, something that the defense has been saying since the trial started. he also denied telling a woman who claims the two had an affair that caylee's death was an accident. >> i never found my granddaughter, and to this day, i have never found her. and to say that i had said something to her about it has been stated or even by you here that something might have snowballed out of control, and that conversation was never
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there. >> and next cindy anthony took the stand and denied sending her private investigator to search the woods where caylee was found. her son lee contradicted her statement saying that cindy sent the investigator after getting a tip from a psychic, and next roy kronk, the utility worker, you might recall who found caylee's body, took the stand, and the defense has said that kronk somehow planted her remains in the woods to get a reward. now joining me is thomas mesereau who defended michael jackson in 2005, and thomas, we need your expertise, because today left your mind swirling and wondering why the same witnesses are being called and again back-to-back. start off with george anthony, and why was an alleged affair even relevant at this point? >> well, i think that there is are specific reasons and general reasons. the first specific reason is to show that he does not tell the truth. because if he would lie under oath about an affair, he might lie about other things, and if the woman he allegedly had an
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affair with is called by the defense, i am pretty sure she will be and said that we had an affair and withstands the cross-examination and then says he admitted doing something to his granddaughter, that is going to be big for the defense. the general reason is that the entire family is looking dysfunctional. they can be believed one second and not be believed the next. all of that is going to help the defense and make the people sympathetic towards the defendant. it is going to mitigate any death penalty if they ever get that far. i think that all of this is helping the defense. >> well, it is interesting, because let's first address the credibility thing. if george's credibility is in question, and you have inis di a -- have cindy and lee contradicting each other on the stand, so some think that their credibility is in question, and under the larger umbrella, these are the people who are defending and supposed to be helping casey anthony's case, and their dysfunction set aside, how are they helping her when all of the
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stories are in question? >> well, it is making everything confusing. remember the menendez brothers who were two wealthy young men who slaughter their parents. the first jury hung and it is not because nobody wanted a conviction, but they hung on what they could not agree on what to convict the brothers on. some wanted first degree and some wanted second degree and some wanted manslaughter and they brought in evidence of dysfunctionalty in the trial, and so don't discount the confusing effect of this on a jury when deciding what to do. >> i want to play this 911 call from roy kronk who is the utility worker who found caylee's body. >> if you head back on the road on the left-hand side in an area, i noticed something that looked white, and there was like a gray bag down in there. i don't know what it is. i'm not telling you it is caylee or anything. >> and that is what was played in court. and you see mr. kronk just
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looking straight ahead. the defense again saying that he is somehow planted caylee's body, and another confusing factor coming into be court today or being heard in court today. >> well, i'm not there. i would have to think that he moved the body somehow, because he probably wanted to see what it was. it does not make sense to me that he would see it, not touch it, not move it, so this is all playing into the defense's hands, i believe. >> wow. thomas, you know better than anybody else helping us to understand what is going on in this very unusual and still very sad case as we know that this the focus is on the death of a child. thank you very much, thomas mesereau, and we appreciate it. next on "newsnation" -- >> i will not say what is coming to the lab, because we are doing our best. >> the wildfire in new mexico is creeping closer to a nuclear laboratory, and coming within two miles of it. and how disgraced congressman anthony wean ser trying to remain a political
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power broker. and breaking gender stereotypes and a new school is taking what some call extreme measures to el the teachers not to use words like him and her to address their students. what's the point of this policy? will it work? it is today's "newsnation" gut check. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistle ] ♪
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developing news out of new mexico. the los alamos nuclear lab is closed again today and a spokesman has just told us that the wildfire is less than two miles from the lab's perimeter. that fire grew by 25 square miles since yesterday. it sparked a spot fire on the lab's property that was quickly extinguished and the officials insist that the radioactive
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material inside of the facility is protected. meanwhile, a mandatory evacuation has emptied the town of los alamos, and more than 25,000 people have fled their homes and janet shamlian has more from los alamos, new mexico. >> hi, tamron. two days after the fast-moving wildfire broke out, and it is zero percent contained. they have a big job in front of them. they were hampered yesterday because of the high winds. they were unable to get the air tankers and the helicopters into the air to help fight the fire. they were limited to working on the ground. today, the winds seem to have died down a little bit and the flames have moved within four miles of the downtown area here, and of course, this community is under a mandatory evacuation order, and some 12,000 people live here, an authorities believe that most of them have heeded the warnings and left. in terms of the los alamos national lab which employs 9,000 to 11,000 people, it was closed yesterday and today and it will remain closed until at least through wednesday. what is the threat to that lab?
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well, the officials are downplaying it saying that they know it exists, but they have protected the hazardous and radioactive materials and they have brought special monitoring teams in to make sure that everything is okay, and at this point, they say that even though a spot fire broke out on the grounds yesterday and was quickly put out, that everything is protected at this point. again, resources arriving from all over the country, but they have a long and uphill battle ahead of them. tamron, back to you. >> and they are also concerned in nebraska where the floodwaters are threat en threatening nuclear plants in that state. there are 100 active power plants in the u.s. and the two plants lie along the missouri river near the iowa border and water is encroaching on the southern plant which is the cooper nuclear station that you see at the bottom of the screen. meanwhile, the fort calhoun plant near omaha is surrounded by water and essentially an island and officials say that
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despite the flooding, both plants are safe and pose no risk of melting down. a muslim woman is suing clothing retailer abercrombie and fitch claiming she was fired from her job in san mateo, california, for refusing to remove her head scarf. she says that the store manager told her to remove the head scarf as part of the clothing chain's quote clothing policy. and michael smerconish, if the you have ever walked past a abercrombie and fitch, in the malls of america and fifth avenue, they are known for attractive people and the boys are shirtless with the swim trunks on and the girls with the cute attire they wear there, but if there is a look policy that discriminates based on religion, and that is what this young girl says happened to her. >> well, there is a store close to where i live so i know well of what you are speaking, so it seems that the ads and the whole
2:18 pm
look is all about immodesty which is what i find ironic about this case, because here is a woman who would fight for her lawful right to wear a religious cover-up, but it seems that where she is coming from is at odds with what they are trying to project in terms of the corporate image. you cannot ask an individual to sacrifice their religion as a condition of employment, so it reminds me of a case that you and i talked about not long ago where gloria allred brought a suit for some cocktail waitresses who said it was age discrimination, and the casino said we are trying to portray a certain image to bring in a hip crowd. >> well, this lawsuit was filed after she was fired in 2010 around after being fired she complained to the equal opportunity commission which ruled back in september that she had been the victim of discrimination, and she is not the only person.
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in 2008, a muslim woman said that a manager at abercrombie and fitch had written not looking appropriate to hire. and if that is true, what is the message for abercrombie and fitch here to get the message not to do this? >> well, it is interesting, because you see the situations playing themselves out often. if you went to a mexican restaurant and you are looking for good mexican grub, and a guy looking like me, you know, a bald white guy from suburbia came up and i were your chef. i don't know, is the food going to be that good? >> what are you talking about? so, only i can serve soul food? no, michael. that is not right! so the food is not good! i can't. >> the whole image here. >> i can't! oh, you gringo, you can serve me
2:20 pm
mexican food and i can say that, because i am from texas. that is the funniest thing that has happened to me today. michael, thank you so much, and have a good day and hi to the listeners. >> all right. thank you, tamron. they are not there a lot. >> for the children of our troops serving overseas, being away from a parent is difficult enough, but a new investigation reveals another hardship that many are facing rundown schools filled with termite-infested walls and leaking roofs and how can this be happening? we will get an exclusive look. and greece grinds to a halt as workers across the country walk off of the job to join en masse protest and the latest of what is happening in that country. and how skype is being used like never before on capitol hill. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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welcome back. after more than a decade of
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conflict in iraq and afghanistan, it is the children of our military men and women who are proving to be a lesser known casualty of war. a new report by newsweek and the center for public integrity shows 75% of schools on military bases around the world are in substandard condition. and in fact, this is video and it shows a school falling apart from years of negligent. you can see leaky roofs and molding walls and cracks in the foundation. military children also have a higher chance of developing mental health problems or having trouble in the classroom the longer their parents are deployed. now the study found that from 2005 to 2009 there was a spike in psychiatric medication taken by military children. i'm joined by christian lombardi who is the staff writer for the center for public integrity and you are getting a lot of attention for what you have written for obvious reasons, and people are stunned to hear that this is happening, these deplorable conditions.
2:25 pm
>> well, i was stunned. this project was six-month project to take us to two dozen base schools across the country, and we went to a school in stuttgart, germany, which is the military's oldest school, and when you talk about outdated, it was built by the nazis as a barracks, which is emblematic of the aging, neglected school buildings that these children are attending. >> how is this happening? >> how is it happening? well, it is happening, because i see this story about a story about people and the burdens of the afflicted by ten years of warmentf -- war. this is a consequence of ten years of war especially for the pentagon-run schools. these schools have been starved budgetarily, without money to fix these buildings has been diverted for most of the last decade because of the increasing costs of war.
2:26 pm
>> war. and another thing when i said that how this is happening, i should have finished the sentence by saying that when we know thations have been spent on these two wars and certainly in afghanistan an unpopular war and one that people don't feel we have been able to accomplish what we set out to do, and obviously osama bin laden a victory there, but the other goals of the nation building and other things are of grave concern there. and the defense department says they need the money to fix the problem, but we know it is a rt pa of the cuts discussed and how much we spend, and the military cuts now said to be on the table and things that we are looking at, so how can the problem be remedied? >> well, you remedy the problem by fixing the buildings. it is a more difficult question when it comes to the emotional trauma that the children are under. i mean, they need a lot of support, too, and those suppor m system ises co going to cost mos well. there is a plan that costs $3.7
2:27 pm
billion, and they have received a fraction so far, and there is a whole set of school buildings on military bases that have also had a very difficult time dealing with the jurisdictional no-man's-land to fix their buildings as well, and that is another $1 billion on top of it. the congress did appropriate $750 million this fiscal year to fix some of these base schools. katy hunter school like you showed in the school might be a potential beneficiary. but that's just a fraction of the problem, and by the time that money gets to these schools in these districts, a lot of these children will be long gone. >> and this focuses again on the buildings and not on the other issues as we pointed out, mental health problems and other troubling trends because these children are away from their parents far too long. thank you so much for that report, and i hope that everyone sees it. thank you so much. >> thank you. i never thought in the united states that i would have
2:28 pm
to beg for a drug that is keep meg and many others alive. what if i werer your wife? your mother? your sister? your friend or your grammy? >> a powerful plea from a breast cancer survivor who is pushing the fda to push a controversial drug which she says is credited to keeping her alive, but why others say that same drug is not working. plus, another democratic lawmaker retires from the house of representatives, and we will tell you whoit is ahead on the "newsnation." from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and the boys earned a trip to dc twice as fast! oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast... one more chariot please. ...we can bring the whole gang! i cannot tell a lie. he did it. right... it's hard to beat double miles! read my lips -- no new axes! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one, and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? so, you're a democrat right?
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some call it a graveyard to american workers, but it is a field filled with shipping containers. they came to the united states filled with goods made by foreign workers, but they are still here, because we haven't filled them up and shipped them back. these are american jobs. this is nothing but a monument to the unemployed in america. i know we are better than this.
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welcome back, everyone to "newsnation." emotions ran high at the hearing in maryland today as several breast cancer patients tried to persuade the fda to keep a controversial drug that many call life saving but others warn of side effects. and workers who walked off of the job in greece protesting a new round of spending cuts and tax hikes. our "newsnation" gut check, a preschool tells teachers not
2:32 pm
the refer to students as she or he in order to break gender stereotypes. will that work? and star replacements. there is word that "law and order, svu" has cast two new actors to take the olead. and president obama is in iowa where moments ago he spoke to the alcoa davenport factory which is an aluminum-producing factory. he highlighted how important manufacturing is to jobs needed and alcoa has a rich history of providing jobs in many areas of industry. >> iowa, you and i, we go a long way back. and those of you who are coming over from the illinois side, we go even longer back. so, we have some history together, and together we will make some more history for years to come. in afghanistan and iraq, you have helped provide our troops with the armor they need to protect their vehicles from roadside bombs and ieds and let
2:33 pm
me tell you when i go to walter reed or bethesda and i think of all of the lives that you have saved, it makes me proud. >> the president also said a big part of the future is a robust manufacturing sector. but that there is no silver bullet to reverse a decade of economic problems. an emotional debate is under way right now at the food and drug administration hearing on the cancer drug avastin, and here is a live look at the hearing which is happening in maryland right now. a panel is debating whether to withdraw the fda's accelerated approval for the drug. they fear that the medication does not help patients live longer, and doctors and advocates on both sides made heated arguments in front of the panel.
2:34 pm
>> should we be defending and promoting a drug that fails patients in every way and spend time on drugs like avastin that does nothing to save women from the devastation of breast ka cancerment. >> i am completely disgusted to follow someone like that. she apparently has not listened to the many women who are standing here today, and have benefitted from avastin. >> and nbc news chief health correspondent is with me, and i said emotional debate, and that captures it. and one woman saying how can this be on the market, and another saying she is disgusted by that testimony, because it does save lives. we have to factor out the emotion and factor in the science. what do we know about the drug? >> well, the fda had approved avastin which had been approved for other cancers as a treatment for breast cancer, but the fda is not to consider the cost of things in the decision, but the money is the elephant in the room at this hearing. avastin sells for $88,000 a year
2:35 pm
for a course of treatment, and if it is not approved for breast cancer treatment, then insurance companies on the whole won't pay for it. so that is what this is all about. when the fda gave gentech avastin, they said, come back with more study, because what you have presented is weak. they have come back with the studies and according to the fda, the studies are weak. when you hear the women at the hearing saying that the avastin has helped them, those are emotional and you have to respond to them, but remember, they are anecdotes and the overall trials do not show that for this type of cancer, avastin does more good than harm. >> is it often that you see something like this happen? i know you say that the elephant in the room is the money behind the drug, and $88,000 is an incredible amount of money in one year, but where you have one group saying it has greatly helped them and another saying no. >> well, one group is individuals who believe it has helped them, but they have taken
2:36 pm
the drug, and they have either gotten better or stayed the same, but that does not mean that if you look at a group in a scientific way over a long period of way that you will have proof that the drug is effective. this drug is not only expensive, but it has side effects that include heart attacks and strokes and excess bleeding and a very, very rough drug, so it is not a question of responding to the emotional, because a lot of the people have been saying to the fda follow the science. they try to do it and then they are caught up in this debate. >> when a final decision expected here? >> this is the advisory panel that will issue a recommendation tomorrow with the final fda decision won't come for several months. >> thank you, bob bazell, we will keep up with this. and the so-called dream act would provide citizenship for children brought to this country illegally. arne duncan and homeland security secretary janet
2:37 pm
napolitano testified today. >> those who have met strict requirements including moral character and history will be eligible and they do not pose a risk to public safety nor to national security. >> and domenica montanaro watched the hearings today, so tell us what the other side is saying here? >> well, they think it is a non-starter. you remember in december the dream act failed 55-41, and it got 55 votes, but not enough to overcome the threshold of 60 votes to get beyond the filibuster and what has changed in the last six months? the democrats have a slimmer majority, so that the odds for something of the dream act to pass are low. democrats though think it is a good idea to push this. politically, this good idea for the democrats think because remember that hispanics a large portion of the group that have been here, you know,
2:38 pm
undocumented, and, you know, they are key group to president obama's re-election chances, and especially the hispanics in the largest growing group in the u.s. in the past ten years. >> let me bring up something i saw last night on "rachel maddow show" and she had pulitzer prize winner antonio vil ray glaragas guest. >> how many people who are tax paying citizens who can be the tax paying citizens and writers and engineers and not to say that only the successful people deserve it, but it is just at the end of the day people want to live their lives and survive which is what i have done until this year, i decided they can't do this. >> and doe men comennico, what
2:39 pm
to happen here? >> well, the democrats have to hope for a larger majority. it is not feasible at this point. we heard emotional testimony from a kocouple of students who said they have been here for a long time and that, you know, they have done well in school, and this is something that is being portrayed by dick durbin one of the leaders in the senate, and really, that this is something that they can rally to support. they want to start a movement, and this is the first-ever hearing in the senate even though we have had a lot of debate about it in the past year. >> thank you so much for the hearing happening on capitol hill. thank you. more chaos on the streets of athens today as the government there tries to impose new austerity measures. the police fired tear gas on protesters who were hurling
2:40 pm
firebombs and chunks of marble. they chipped off sidewalks. the demonstrators are very angry about new tax hikes and cost-cutting measures proposed by parliamentt that greece needs to impose for the new budget cuts to prevent defaulting on the debt as soon as next week. enjoini joining me on the phone is msnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera, and people are looking at the dow today, but the impact that it might have on the united states. first an update, because we thought there might be more volatile protests as the day continued, so what are we seeing there? >> well, there are still 10,000 protesters in the square right in front of the greek parliamentt. it has occasionally turned violent in the last hour or so and moments when the police throw tear gas in an effort to get them away from the, to get them away from the parliamentt and make sure they don't storm the building like a year ago. for the most part, it's been mostly peaceful protesters, but there are moments when it is tough. but you are right, the global
2:41 pm
financial markets are watching what is happening here very, very closely, because greece needs to pass this budget in order to receive $17 billion from the imf and the european union, and they need that money in order to pay their debts next week. if they don't pay the debts in july, there are concerns that we will have a ripple effect across the financial world, and across the world's economy just like we saw perhaps in the wake of the lehman brothers and some say it is overstated, but the fact is that the ministers of finance bureau don't want to find out. that is why they want greece to impose these tough, tough measures to force greece to live within their means. >> that is a live report there from greece, and the inevitable cuts there that have people so upset there that are necessary. thank you, michelle, for the live report. still ahead, how the producers of "two and a half men" are reportedly going to make sure, and permanently make sure that charlie sheen never
2:42 pm
returns to the show. you will have to hear this one. but first a lot is going on here, and there are things that you should know, and democratic congresswoman lynn woolsey has announced she will retire after representing her california district. she said after the election last year that she is considering retiring. and we are seeing the first public after perience of gabrielle giffords when she appeared at a nasa ceremony in houston where her husband, mark kelly, was accepting an award. and members of the house of representatives can now use skype and hulu for official communications after security issues were resolved. there has been a year-long ban on videoconferencing services by democrats because of the potential of cyber attacks. and disgraced former new york congressman anthony weiner is trying to make king maker.
2:43 pm
they say he is calling the power brokers and would-be candidates for the seat hoping that he will play a role in choosing the successor, and those are things that we thought you should know. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the hour, michele bachmann says that the only thing that the president needs to fear is her. could she actually have a point? and sarah palin, the "undefeated" the summer blockbuster on the sarah barracuda that seems to leave out one important event, the 2008 election. now, back to tamron. and apple is preparing for the release of not one, but two new iphones. according to analysts from two investment banks the iphone 5 and 4s are expected to be released together in september.
2:47 pm
the 4s will reportedly have minor upgrades and cost $350. and meanwhile the iphone 5 is said to be the enhanced model with major system upgrades and more expensive which i'm sure you guessed. the double-release could help apple compete with the rival android system. and new details in what could happen to charlie sheen's character on "two and a half men." and "law and order, suv" has two recruits to tell you about. and kate middleton's wimbledon dress is all sold out, but we will tell you about it. and joining me is alicia quarrels in today for courtney. >> we have a report from tmz who have not confirmed it yet, but they say that charlie's character is going to be killed off, and that is how ashton kutcher's character will be introduced. >> they have to kill him off? is that just from the executive producer of the show? >> well, if they kill him off,
2:48 pm
and he and chuck lori go battle to battle and this is the final nail in the coffin, and kill him off. >> not like "happy days" where the brother walks up the stairs and that is all. >> well, he could party himself out, and you never know with the character. >> and "suv" a show that we love and "newsnation" was on the show and they have new stars? >> yes, kelly gidish who starred in "chase" and danny pino who was in "cold case" for years. they are not household names, but they will be, and this is a big deal. >> we know that the main male character is going to leave, and is danny going to be the main star? >> well, "law and order" did terrence howard, but they go for a-list actors who don't have the appeal yet. >> we will see what happens. >> and melissa hargitay is going to stay with the show? >> yes, but she will be leaving.
2:49 pm
and so hence the new characters coming on and "law and order, uk" and it will go on forever. >> well, i was watching a "suv" marathon last night and you get attached to the characters and so on. >> and you have the re-runs. > we showed kate middleton arrives at wimbledon yesterday. >> and yes, the dress about $1,000. >> it was on sale lately. >> yes, it sells out in 2.5 seconds and the estimate is when kate wears something, it sells out. we can't get that dress yet. >> and 2.5 seconds. and even if it is on sail, ale, retail is still $1,000? >> yes, $600, and she is tall and statuesque and beautiful. we love her.
2:50 pm
>> and appreciate it. for the latest entertainment news logon to our bff on the scoop, alicia, thank you very much. [ whistle ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit
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time now for the "newsnation" gut check. a preschool in swedenb is doing away with words like him and her. school officials say that they lead students to fall into gender stereotypes and the school uses gender-neutral words instead calling students friends rather than girls and boys. one teach ear at the school says that quote, society expects girls to be girlie and nice and pretty and boys to be manly and rough and outgoing, and we give them the opportunity to be whoever they want to be. we want them to be equipped to handle the world outside of the classroom. i am joined by psychologist robin goodman, and thank you for joining us. and what is it snips and tails
2:54 pm
and puppy dog tails and what are little boys made of? we have been talking about this since the beginning of time, and any validity of what this school is doing and any good idea for any school? >> well, a good idea, but to the extreme. there is no research behind it. we have research that says that stereotypes and sexualization of boys and girls and overly sexual images for girls and boys are harmful. that we know. but we don't know so much about how the change that tide. >> and it is interesting that the parents in some of the parents opposed to make a great point that you can create this world of utopia for the children, but they have to go into the real world at some point where you are called her and him and not just friend. it will be nice if we can call each other friend. >> well, the reality, it is parents, the public and the teachers and not just this one protected environment. it is great when kids learn that they have choices, all for it, but it is society-plus biology that creates the differences,
2:55 pm
and our choices frankly. >> and you know, it is interesting at the school, because lego bricks and blocks are intentionally placed next to the kitchen to not draw a barrier between cooking and construction. i was talking to one of the "newsnation" members tracy whose son loves to play in the kitchen and when you go to the day care the kitchen is more popular with the boys and the girls and it has nothing to do with the gender, but what is fun. >> right. if you create an environment where everything is fun and everything is worthwhile to explore and experience, then it is great. we want to get rid of the tomboys is bad and sissy is bad and that labeling. but the thing is that you want to create whatever kind of girl you want to band whatever kind of boy you want to be, it is okay. it is the trying to maybe orchestrate that, and that may be going tooer fa and we have to educate everybody else outside of the school to help change the kids. >> great point. psychologist robin goodman, and good advice to end on. thank you so much.
2:56 pm
what does your gut tell you? will the school's genderless rule break stereotypes. go to for comments. i'm tamron hall, and that is going to do it for this edition of "newsnation." martin bashir is up next. important phone call i made.
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