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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 1, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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single thing about that account. >> and shutdown, abortion providers in kansas set to go to court today over the state's new strict licensing requirements. women's rights advocates say that the requirements are radical and equate to extreme government intrusion. and a shutdown in the midwest. the state of minnesota is closed for business after they fail to reach tax cuts. it affects some of the people most in need in that state. sgloot a and a 7-year-old busted behind the wheel of his father's car, and what the little boy said to the judge when he said he was just trying to go see his father when he took that car. hello, everyone. i'm tamron hall, and everyone isle following the extraordinary
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events in the case of dominique strauss-kahn. after a court hearing, strauss-kahn was freed without bail. he is free to leave the $250,000 a month townhouse where he had been under house arrest. after posting $6 million in bail money. the only restriction, he cannot leave the u.s. and he is due back in court july 18th. all of this comes after serious questions were raised about the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of sexually assaulting her. ron allen joins us from the courthouse here in new york, and let's get to the credibility issue, ron, and what did we learn today in court? >> well, tamron, it is hard to see how this could be worse for the alleged victim in the case. the prosecution insists and disclosed to dominique strauss-kahn's attorneys that the woman has a number of inconsistencies in the stories about her life, how she came co
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that night of the incident, and some of the events that could come back to haunt her if she was on the witness stand, and that strauss-kahn's attorneys would come after her. this woman, even if she was a victim of a serious brutal assault that her attorneys insist happened, it is difficult to move the case forward. still, here is what some of the attorneys have been saying today about the stunning change of events. >> we believed from the beginning that this case was not what it appeared to be, and we are absolutely convinced that while today is a first giant step in the right direction, the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> the victim from day one has described a violent sexual assault that dominique strauss-kahn committed against her. that was true the day it
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happened. it is true today. >> well, the central issue in this case is that strauss-kahn has said that this, if there was sex, it was consensual, and the women's attorney suggests there is forensic evidence, and bruising, and that she was injured in the alleged attack, and they can prove all of this, however, again, the bottom line is that this woman's seemed to have changed her story about what happened so many time, and about how she came to this country, and allegedly a victim of political oppression in guinea and then none of that actually happened, so it is is a stunning turn of events and dominique strauss-kahn is convinced that the case will be dismissed against him, but prosecutors may go forward. we will have to see. it is 12 hours since the state government of minnesota has shutdown, and no end in sight. these were the protesters that crowded the capital as
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state lawmakers were unable to find a way to close a projected $5 billion budget gap. minnesota governor mark dayton says that the tough decisions were made for the long-term protection of the state. >> this is a very night of deep sorrow for me, because i don't want to see this shutdown occur, but i think that there are basic principles and the well-being of millions of people in minnesota that would be damaged not just for the next week or whatever however long it takes, but the next two years and beyond. >> joining me now is michael broadcor, the deputy chairman of the republican committee, and thank you so much for joining me. are you there? >> i'm here, yes. >> and absolutely. let me get to the heart of this. the democratic governor there says it is about raising taxes for the wealthiest 2% in your state, and that is the sticking
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point. the republicans say no tax increase, and you need the revenue, and so why not increase the taxes there for the wealthiest? >> republicans passed earlier this year, a $34 billion budget which is the largest general fund budget of the history of the state with approximately $4 billion in additional revenues and the republicans compromised and provided governor dayton with the largest general fund budget in state history that did not raise taxes, and theps are fundamentally believe that we cannot tax our way, and make minnesota a solvent state by continuing to raise taxes. other states across the state, and other democratic governors are solving the budget problems without raising taxes. that is why the republicans recognized that additional revenues will be needed to compromise with the governor and they provided him the largest general fund in the history of the state, and he vetoed it, because it did not spend enough. he wants to grow the size and scope of state government to
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unsustainable level, and republicans as good stewards of the taxpayer dollars recognize that we needed to have a compromise with the governor, but ultimately governor dayton decided to shutdown state government last night so he could raise taxes on minnesotans and it is going to have a devastating effect. >> and this is the second shutdown, because there was another one under tim pawlenty who is a gop candidate for president, but we hear that organizations and groups are going to be affected. women's group advocates are coming out saying that public safety would be jeopardy, because they say that a shelter for battered women could be shutdown and people testifying from a mental health nonprofit sharing details of how this program is so vital to their life and something so necessary for their life could be considered optional is a quote from somebody who testified.
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so these are perhaps the most needy in the state, affected by this indefinite shutdown and what do you say to those people in your state? >> i could not agree more. one thing that is so unfortunate is that as a united states senator, mark dayton shut down his state seat and brought those skills to the state capitol. i want to point out a few things that a lot of the impact that folks are feeling today were fully funded by the republican budget. the minnesota zoo, you know, shelters for domestic abuse victims and women, and tuition reimbursement were all funded by the republicans. all of the damage and the pain that is happening today because of a state government shutdown, all of those things could have been avoided if the governor signed the largest general state budget in history. he didn't do that, because he wanted a shutdown. the responsible of this lies
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solely on his shoulders. >> sorry, i have to get both sides. he is able to join us now ken martin, the democratic chairman of the farm labor party in minnesota. you have heard the argument by michael brodcorb there, and saying that it is the democrats who are holding things up in your state. >> thank you, tamron, for having me on, and i wish i could say happy 4th of july weekend to all of the people here, but we won't have one here, because most of the parks are closed and most of the vital services are without the citizens. and the only person who has been willing to compromise is governor dayton who has tried to keep the government open. at the end of the day, he has tried to find compromises and solutions, and the republicans have not moved an inch, and the
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governor has moved a mile. what the republicans are trying to do is to protect the richest of the people in minnesota, and the top 77 millionaires in the country live in this state. governor dayton put cutting and making sensible reforms in government while at the same time reducing revenue in the state. we have a structural budget thanks to tim pawlenty and the rest of the republicans that we need to clean up, and as we try to clean this up, the governor has a fair and responsible solution to tax the most richest minnesotans. and in fact, 98% of the minnesotans will not see a tax increase, but here we are with the state government shutdown. >> and thank you both for joining us with what is unsettling and happening in your state. thank you so much. now, to another state we are focused on, kansas, in what some are calling an attempt to make
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it difficult if not impossible for women to seek legal abortions in that state. right now two kansas city providers are shutdown because of strict plans, and they are prepared to go to court to challenge these requirements. the licensing requirements were released two weeks ago and they made changes to the janitor closets and staff dressing rooms and patient lockers. critics of the law say that the requirements are costly and not medically necessary. peter brownlife is president of the planned parenthood of kansas and mid missouri and thank you very much, because your clin sick the only oic is the only one to meet these requirements in kansas and you serve 8,000 women, and my number could be wrong in this state, and now you are the only one available to help them if these requirements stick. >> that is correct. we just learned at the end of the day yesterday that our license application had been improved, and we are pleased
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that we were able to provide service, but these regulations are unnecessary, burdensome and clearly part of the political attempt to outlaw abortion in the state of kansas. >> i mean, when i bring up the requirements, the square footage of a janitor's closet and the size of the staff dressing rooms and how is that relevant at all to what you provide to women everyday in that state? >> it is not relevant. this process from the beginning has been a political process. our governor sam brownback and the leadership of the republican party in this state and the legislature have spent the entire legislative session looking to reduce or eliminate access to women's reproductive health care. they are working to eliminate access to family planning services as well. so, these regulations were enacted not to improve the health of women, but we already provide safe and high quality car
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care, and these regulations were intended to shut down clinics. >> well, the governor sam brownback who you brought up says that the kansas taxpayers have made it clear they do not wish to underwrite organizations that perform abortions, his comments four days ago. and you are not part of the legal action to be taking place in a few hours, but will planned parenthood get involved, which include two clinics that could be closed, and they affect thousands of women in your state. >> we filed suit yesterday morning to protect our ability to provide services, because we didn't know until yesterday if we would be granted a license. we are hopeful that the other two providers will be successful in their legal action today. governor brownback's statement is irrelevant to the issue, because there are no public dollars state or federal coming to us to provide abortion care in kansas. >> well, thank you very much. peter brownlie for your part of the story and the president of
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the planned parenthood in kansas and mid-missouri and we will keep the audience updated of what happens in a few hours. and a judge has put on hold a new abortion law in south dakota to force women to have a three-day waiting period, and the judge says that the law is unconstitutional and it is ruled invalid while it is challenged in the state court, and the attorney general must decide whether to appeal the injunction or do nothing at all. and still, the casey anthony trial comes to a grinding halt. we will be in recess indefinitely. >> and the proceedings are underway, but why did the judge make that an announcement earlier? plus -- >> for a long, long time i wait for this day. >> the greatest day of my life. >> that is a clip from the new hbo documentary called "citizen usa" and i will talk to the
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filmmaker alexander pelosi who shows us the faces and those immigrating into this great country. and a new study from harvard claims to show that the fourth of july parades could increase the chances of your children becoming republican, and raise the chance of you voting for the gop candidates. we will look at the science behind that study in today's "newsnation" gut check. ♪ everywhere around the world ♪ they come into america ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
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welcome back to "newsnation." the casey anthony murder trial is back in session after being in recess for most of the day. the judge put the trial on hold after the defense raised objections regarding the witnesses. the prosecution is calling them as part of the rebuttal and
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those objections got heated between the prosecution and the defense attorneys. >> i don't know what opinions they have, so i will start right away and then we will take it from there. >> and what are you objecting to? >> what the opinions are, and that it is. the deposition should be fairly brief on those issues. >> so the state is admitting there are no opinions? >> no, i am not. but if we can stop this and maybe get to some actual work, judge, i'm ready to go. >> joining me outside of the courthouse is anne bremner who worked as a prosecutor and attorney, what happened today? it is another indefinite recess, but then turned out to be a short recess and the bickering between the attorneys here. >> it is too long of a trial, tamron, and the thing is that it could be about delay for defense, but fairness for the defense, because these rebuttal witnesses one who could prove cindy anthony is a huge liar,
2:19 pm
and also george anthony and if he had a affair, and casey anthony, and her web of lies, and cindy anthony saying she searched chloroform on the computer when maybe she didn't have access, because she was at work. so the fuses are getting shorter. >> that is what you wanted to point in, because i wanted to narrow in on the part of cindy anthony who said she was on the computer and researched chloroform which the prosecutors say was used on caylee anthony when she died, but cindy anthony's story may not be true here, which is your point. >> which is that this is huge, tamron, because she was the most important witness on the issue of pre-mmeditation with respecto any searches of chloroform, chlorophyll or by casey anthony. so she is the one who did it, and that sticks, there's a great defense there in terms of premeditation or the ultimate
2:20 pm
conviction charged. but if she is not telling the truth, could that change the whole credibility of the defense case? i think that if that backfires, that could maybe be a turning point in this case in a terrible way for the defense. >> and something else interesting happened in court yesterday, this 28-year-old man, apparently, a gestured with his middle finger at one of the attorneys, the judge brought him up, and admonished this guy, and he is a server at tgif fridays and sentenced him to jail, and $200 fine and court costs. we have the clip of the judge there, and let's play it. >> what does that mean, sir, when you extend one's middle finger? >> that the f-word to someone. what does it mean to you, sir, and not to some, but to you, sir? >> to use the f-word to someone. >> and this guy had nothing to do with the case, but he is one
2:21 pm
of the spectators who is coming in to see the spectacle and what do you think of the judge giving him six days and fining him? >> i love this judge. we all love this judge. he is tough, and, you know, yeah, in a way he handled it was perfect. and remember, a spectator was put in jail for contempt in jury selection and now a bookend with this spectator coming out with a universal sign and held him in contempt and making him serve some time. >> and he will is so work some extra shifts at tgif fridays. >> i know. >> par ftiecipate in our poll o whether the judge was too harch on a disruptive courtroom spectator, that one with the middle finger. data rates apply. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal.
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welcome back to "newsnation." a documentary that celebrates immigrants who become u.s.
2:25 pm
citizens premiers july 4th appropriate ln ohbo. it is called "citizens usa" and it is the work of alexandra pelosi who is the daughter of course of house leader nancy pelosi. take a look. >> i wait a long time for this day. >> i love this day. >> i would rank this day of my very top of the line of my best days of my life. >> it was the happiest day of my life. >> god bless america. >> alexander pelosi joining us live now. thank you for joining us. i saw a preview of the documentary last week when i shsaw the clip and almost moved to tears when i saw the people who are so excited to have the united states as their home. what inspired you? the debates on how to handle immigration and amnesty or what? >> well, this is a personal
2:26 pm
story for me, because my husband is dutch and he came to america and became a american citizen, and i went to the naturalization ceremony on ellis island, and i wondered how they did it in other states. i thought, i know, i want to go check out the other ceremonies in other states, so i went to all 50 states to look at the rituals of how they celebrate citizenship across america. >> and you also chronicled celebrities coming to america, and weave it in with the faces that we know and what they have achieved and others that we don't know who may be headliners and celebrities. >> that is the point. i met so many new american citizens just starting their lives here, and just working everyday, living the american dream, and then i wanted to edit it next to people like henry kissinger and gene simmons and arianna huffington to show that any one of these new immigrants could be the next sergei brand
2:27 pm
from google. >> and we have those questions of those seeking to become citizens were asked. >> have you ever sold or bought marijuana or speed? >> have you ever been a habitual druncard? >> have you told your body for money? >> no, i have never been involved in prostitution. >> well, they found that laughable, but it is not a question that anybody wants to be asked, but it is incredible what steps people have to go through to become citizens and people take it for granted thinking that the people sneak through, but this is the process they endure to live in what i think that most of us agree is the greatest country in the world. >> right. and to become an american citizen, you have to go through a lot of hoops and take two tests.
2:28 pm
you have to be a person of good moral character and then pass a civicing test, which i am not sure that many of the viewers would pass. >> and you will remember this 4th of july, it is important for people to remember that there are 1 million people a year who come to this country legally and go through the process legally and we should celebrate the people who do it the right way. >> you are absolutely right. i cannot wait to see the entire documentary. thank you, alexandra, for joining us. >> thank you. venezuela is urging calm after he admedhe, hugo chavez, president, admits he underwent cancer treatment. and the reality of the nation, and that is in today's "gut check." than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks.
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"newsnation." the republican candidates for president are coming up with new and inventive strategies to win the nomination. we will take a look at how they are selling themselves to the voter, and a nigerian man is about to appear in federal court to answer questions of a major airport security breach. authorities say he flew from new york to l.a. with a boarding pass that did not have his name on it and also he was carrying fake i.d. a royal wedding is under way today, and it is a ceremony that was the exact opposite of the royal nuptials that we witnessed in england. we are live with the latest on monaco's royalty there. and while it is a busy weekend for most of the republican candidates, ron paul is campaigning in new hampshire and herman cain is in ohio, and mitt romney and ron paul and jon huntsman will be in new hampshire and michele bachmann in iowa, and tim pawlenty will
2:33 pm
be in florida. so there are some impressions that none of them shop at tiffany's or at least one of them. >> well, if the primaries are about voters to commit to, right now they are on an awful lot of first dates. >> well, say i to thto them ton >> reporter: they say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. >> lieutenant-commander of the navy. >> and your official number? >> 624787. >> it is time we had a president who cares. >> reporter: for presidential candidates that first impression is obvious made in the earliest campaign videos. >> hillary clinton has spent her life standing up for people others don't see. >> reporter: u it is how they want you to see them. >> george w. bush, a compassionate conservative leader. >> reporter: but they tell you about what type of candidate they will be and want to run on. >> i have great faith and hope
2:34 pm
about the future, because i believe in you. >> reporter: and in 2012, they are all doing it differently. mitt romney is making it clear what he will focus on. >> with a growing economy and good jobs an fiscal responsibility in washington. >> reporter: and michele bachmann makes a populist pitch. >> i want the take your voice to the white house. >> reporter: and tim pawlenty, the nice guy, and former senator from north dakota is opting for the dramatic. >> i know the american dream, because i lived it. >> reporter: lesser known candidates seek attention. >> or try to be provocative or like jon huntsman, they go, well, unconventional. the way they are introducing themselves may be different, but there is something new this year that all of the candidates and potential candidates are doing. >> i'm inviting you to follow me on facebook, twitter -- >> you can always follow me on tweeter. >> reporter: almost all of the
2:35 pm
announcements were posted on facebook before traditional announcements. >> reporter: and the television is the most expensive way to get the messages out in early states, and those are starting to air. a first impression can go a long way. >> i am announcing that i am running for the president of the united states of america. >> i'm newt gingrich. >> michele bachmann. >> mitt romney. >> reporter: and they are trying almost anything to make it a lasting one. tamron, the deadline for the second quarter fund-raising just the filing deadline just passed which means that the candidates we are going to see which of them are going to be actually able to put money into the ads to play in early states where they can make a difference. >> you know that governor rick perry does not want to hear that he yous tweeter clip over and over, because he used tweeter instead of twitter. thank you very much, domenico,
2:36 pm
and we will see you after the holidays. and now hugo chavez has been in cuba to have a cancerous tumor removed and government officials in caracas have been trying to ease concerns whether chavez is healthy enough to govern that oil-rich country. a nigerian man is due in court this afternoon after he got through a security checkpoint at jfk airport last week with a day-old boarding pass and expired college i.d. what is more, the boarding pass was not even in his name. the tsa says it is sending the officers who let him through security back for more training. and how about this for a tease, facebook says that ceo mark zuckerberg that the social networking site plans to launch something awesome. the online rumors are that it is either facebook's long awaited ipad app or iphone sharing app for the iphone. and the four-member crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" are
2:37 pm
in quarantine one week before they are going to blast into space. and by the way, we will be broadcasting live from cape canaveral next week. the liftoff is 11:26 a.m., and i will be there live for you. and we have new fatigue rules for air traffic controllers, and tom costello is joining me now. what do we know about the new regulations concerning those air traffic controllers falling asleep. >> yes, you remember that case in nevada when a comptroller was sleeping when a medevac plane was trying to make a landing. and because of those incidents, there is supposed to be a new step, and they prohibit controllers to be denied the ability to sleep while on duty, and that i have to conduct themselves professionally and be ready for recall at all time,
2:38 pm
and air traffic controllers must report for work ready for work and mentally alert, and they have extended the amount of time between shift from eight hours to nine hours hopefully allowing for more time for rest. as a result the controllers can request to take time off if they are too fatigued to work air traffic. they can request to take time off. also, they will now be allowed to listen to the radio and read appropriate printed material while on duty between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. to keep themselves awake and mentally occupied and the faa has agreed to develop poil ises that will encourage air traffic controllers to seek mental health and sleep apnea help, which is currently the case or was the case. so those are some of the steps into place. meanwhile, the faa and the air traffic controller's union say they will kopt to study the
2:39 pm
issue to help address fatigue on the job. as all of us can appreciate being in a tower alone or with one other person at night on the midnight shift for many people would find that fatiguing, so they want to figure out ways to as best they can address those concerns. m tamron, back to you. >> thank you, tom. greatly appreciate that breaking news. sglo . and 12,000 federal prisoners sentenceded because of crack-cocaine could have their sentences reduced because of a retroactive law applied by congress. under the old rules a violation that would land a powder cocaine user in jail for one day would have put a crack offender behind bars for 100 days, and now the ratio is one day to 18 days. the commission's ruling affects primarily nonviolent offenders
2:40 pm
sentenced under a 1984 harsh law for crack-cocaine offenses, and half of these people sentenced are after can americans. and a police officer in court today after a body was found in a passenger seat. the man said he knew he hit something, but he didn't know what. despite the car's windshield shattered and the victim's lifeless body in the car, he found part of his leg missing and the 49-year-old driver is charged with failure to stop to render aid in accident and drunk driving. >> and a 7-year-old boy who drove a car for nearly seven miles will undergo a psychological exam. they say that he reached speeds up to 60 miles an hour, and when the police stopped the car, they say that the boy told them that he was driving the see his biological father. the judge told that 7-year-old,
2:41 pm
quote, that his days of driving are over for a while. and the new "transformer" movie is breaking records at the box office. we will get the scoop for you in about three minutes. ♪ achievement: loves getting its hands dirty. ♪ achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young. pnc bank. for the achiever in you(sm). athis past year alonent start young. there was a 93% increase in cyber attacks. in financial transactions... on devices... in social interactions... and applications in the cloud. some companies are worried. some, not so much.
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as with all medicare supplement plans, and help pay for what medicare doesn't. call this toll-free number now... i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the of the hour, the case against the noted french big wig dominique strauss-kahn on the edge of collapse as we hear from the attorney of the woman who says he attacked her. and embrace the race of 2012. now, back to tamron. well, monaco's marriage of prince albert and charlene woodstock went ahead at the palace. it marks the first marriage of the reigning prince in 50 years. it started with appearances by president sarkozy and designer
2:45 pm
armani, and michelle kosinski joins us, and i have to say that your dress is stunning. you look fantabulous, but one of the requirements was that you had to wear a cocktail dress, right? >> yes sh, to get anywhere neare restricted areas and the wedding you have had to have a cocktail attire, and the male press had to wear all black, which was rare, because it was all hot here today. and before of the ceremony, you could see everyone fanning themselves, because it has a beautiful islandy mediterranean feel and absolutely beautiful day with blue sky and blue water and blue bloods, lots of them inside to see this ceremony and how strange, tamron, because part of the excitement of the day, and the tensions surrounding this day was not to see the royal wedding happen and go off without a hitch, but it is if it would happen at all
2:46 pm
because of the rumors and the reports that charlene wittstock had tried to escape last week and went to the airport and bought a one-way ticket home, and the palace had to get her to stay, but everyone at the palace said it was a big sigh of relief that she said wi to the prince, and there is a another opportunity that she has to agree to marry the prince next week. >> funny how you put it escape. thank you. and could this be true? a boycott of the grammys involving a famous actress and model. and also, a new actor movie debut and a rap video and let's get the scoop from the pop author courtney
2:47 pm
hazlett. what is going on here? >> well a coalition of musicians from all over who are saying that the decision of the grammys were made without notice, and the recording academy said it is false that they were up front and transparent and painstakingly clear about why and how the awards structuring was done, and any allegations that the process was carried out in secret or without transparency are doubt. and many are saying they should not watch the grammys because of this, but there are many other reasons not the watch the grammys, but the changes are good, but too many categories, and to make fewer categories is more compelling. >> but latin jazz is one of the categories that people are upset about. >> and if you make that argument, you can say you are alienating men and women,
2:48 pm
because some of the categories are no longer gender specific, and best artist. so i understand that people up for those awards are upset and talking about the gospel spoken word and zeidico and other types off music and i'm not disparaging them, but for a broadcast, you cannot have 7,000 categories. that was a little exaggeration. and up for salma hayek, and the love triangle, here is supermodel linda evan gel lee ta who conceived her son with salma hayek's husband. they weren't husband and wife, and they weren't date, but on a break, as the friends reframe goes, but at the time linda evangelista would not reveal who her son is, and now salma hayek has a new baby. >> no, both of the children are age 4. both salma hayek and linda's are
2:49 pm
both 4. >> but it is not her husband, at the time, and be clear about this. >> we have to talk about this when it is hot what do we do? we go to the movies. "transforme "transformers" made $21 million alone on that thursday. and it is on track to make $37.3 million globally, and that is the totally utterly crazy, but it is "transformers" and it should not transform the world. >> well, shia leboef says it is great. one of the best. >> well, it is a crowd pleaser, and those go hand in hand, and also "larry crowne" if you are among those big fans of tom hanks and julia roberts. speaking of tom hanks, and i want to talk about chet hayes
2:50 pm
who is tom hank's son who has out a rap video and he is a student at northwestern university. let's listen. >> this is tom hank's son? ♪ girls think i'm superman snide and i have the program -- ♪ >> well, anybody with an internet connection can hold his own. but jay-z did tweet that this is not a tom hanks production, and my dad does not give me money for the music career, and i do it all on my own and i grind for everything i do. i am not sure he is going to be on the grammy list any time soon, but however, we are happy for him. >> well, you never know, timing is everything. thank you, courtney. >> happy canada, and happy fourth of july. >> and go to where you can be a fan of the scoop or on
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sometiming i think that the critics of the president are cle clearly unfair when they say he doesn't love this country for example. this is a guy of mixed background and says only in this country, my country, is this story possible, and look at where he is. american exceptionalism. martin bashir, next, only on msnbc.
2:54 pm
welcome back. earlier this hour we told you about a man in the casey anthony murder trial who used his middle finger directed towards the prosecutor in the case. well, the judge is not having it, you could say. he sentenced the 28-year-old to six days in jail, and a $400 fine, and plus $200 in court costs, and we asked you the text us whether you thought that sentence was too harsh and here is what you said in the texting. 32% said yes, it is was too harsh and 68% said no, the punishment was appropriate for this guy. all right. well, a special fourth of july inspired gut check today from "newsnation." a study from two harvard professors claims that if you at the end one july 4th celebration before you are 8 years old, you are 2% more likely to identify with the gop. so, the researchers say that the early childhood experiences can quote have a permanent impact on
2:55 pm
political beliefs. the researchers also claim to have found going to a july 4th celebration will increase the likelihood of voting republican by 4%. they also say that the research shows increased at ttendance at fourth of july celebrations, and can boost the vote by 4%, and campaign contributions are increased by 3%. and they cannot definitively quantify the study. so do you think that is a true? go and give us your vote. and yesterday's vote was did the esquire satire of the birther book hurt sales, and 93% of you said, no, it didn't, and 7% of you say, yes, it did. i'm tamron hall, and happy fourth of july to all of you.
2:56 pm
martin bashir is up next, and have a safe and happy fourth of july. are politics at its worst. the republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn. and now they have a plan that would essentially end medicare for future retirees... slash education... while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy. we can't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i was just gonna say that! about this flat haircolor! [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy anti-flat, always dimensional. in one simple step, get tones and highlights built into every shade with nice 'n easy.
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good afternoon, it is friday july 1st, and here is what is happening. sprung rabbit? the case against the french big wig accused of raping a chamber maid near total collapse. the accuser's story and past unp der question, and american criminal justice system under fire. decisions, decisions. treasury secretary timothy geithner says he is staying for now, but should he? could the staggering economy do with a fresh dose of leadership. and the new gop hopeful who may erase the key ingredient in his race. is herman cain at any position to take a cheap shot at president obama? and we begin here in new york where a judge has just


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