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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 20, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> britain's prime minister taking center stage in the murdoch empire hacking scandal. david cameron denying he tried to stop police from investigating allegations of phone hacking and bribery. we might be talking about giving up the whole year, y'all, if we're serious. >> and they are serious. the memphis tennessee school board agrees to keep its schools shut indefinitely unless it gets millions of dollars it claims the city owes the school system. how did this happen? and the white house just announced the president will hold another round of debt talks within the hour. i'm tamron hall. the "newsnation" is following the literal pressure cooker that is making life miserable and dangerous for nearly 100 million americans. the term heat wave is nothing new, but meteorologists say what is happening over 32 states is a heat dome.
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today heat being headed into the weekend and that dome is expected to intensify sending temperatures skyrocketing in the mid-atlantic and northeast. already the extreme heat has cost 13 people their lives across the midwest, and health officials are fearing that number may rise. >> i just cool down with a rag. >> we don't like the heat, do we? >> no. >> not many people like the heat. the heat is also causing damage in some states. this is video out of minnesota, and it shows two lanes of interstate that were closed for a short period of time after the scorching temperatures actually caused roads to literally break into pieces. the heat index there rose to as high as 115 degrees. let's go to weather channel's carl parker with more. we can't stress enough that obviously this is dangerous, but help us understand, carl, what a heat dome is and how this is impacting the temperatures that we're seeing. >> well, it's a big ridge of high pressure that's very strong and doesn't want to move, and we might be looking at it for a long period of time. we talk a lot about the humidity and what role that plays.
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your body tries to cool off by using sweat and evaporation. that doesn't happen very easily if you've got a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. coming up in the next hour, it will feel like 109 in chicago, 108 in st. louis, and the real problem for people who don't have air conditioning is what happens at night. we go to 11:00 tonight. it will still feel like 101 in st. louis. that's crazy. 95 in chicago and 89 in cincinnati, and this isn't going to change very much. again, it's a big ridge of high pressure. we talked about this heat dome gradually descending air. it's very strong and when fronts try to move in, they are redirected off to the north, and we don't get very much cool air at all. we're going to watch this ridge gradually expand a little farther east in the coming days, so it's going to be getting warmer into the northeast. by friday in particular temperatures well into the 90s along a lot of that northeast corridor, and then that ridge will migrate back off towards the west into the early part of next week. gets a lot hotter in the west, and it will get cooler in the
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east. with this feature dominant across the country right now, there's not much weather to tell you about. a lot is being shunted up into canada right now. very quiet through much of the middle of the country. scattered showers in the southeast, so scattered storms in the southeast, parts of the west. severe weather primarily found here across the northern part of the plains. one more thing that we are watching, and that is tropical weather. things are beginning to heat up now in the atlantic basin. a couple of tropical waves to keep our eyes on. a developing storm. there's brett, won't see much out of that, and there's now a category 2 hurricane south of mexico. tamron, back to you. >> carl, thank you. developing news in the battle over whether to raise the nation's debt ceiling. in less than an hour, president obama will hold talks at the white house with top house and senate democrats. it is the first face-to-face meeting with congressional leaders since we saw it last week, and comes as three plans to cut the deficit are in play ahead of that suggest 2nd default deadline. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me live.
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kelly, give us the scoop on this latest meeting the president plans to hold within this hour. >> reporter: well, he'll have the democratic leadership over to the white house, not everyone. he did speak to speaker boehner last night, and they are doing incremental meetings to find where people are and where they can get the vote count, all of the kind of behind-the-scenes work. one of the interesting things is last week the meetings were a bit more public. we got to have a picture of it, and aides would describe what would hatch on the inside. that would change. perhaps not all that helpful on either side. fewer details are coming out at the moment, but they are looking at these different options and when you were talking about a heat dome, the rotunda is a different kind of heat dome for sure because there's this time pressure, and there's still a lot of disagreement of these three plans what could possibly go forward. the white house also signaled that the president would change his view on a short-term plan if he was convinced that something was really, really close, so there's a bit of movement there
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from the white house, too, but when we talk about some of the options, talking to members in both parties, there's some level of encouragement, but they are really steeped in the rules here, and they know how it is difficult to move things through with any kind of speed, and that makes all of the enthusiasm about the gang of six, the bipartisan plan, a little bit tougher today. people have kind of calmed down a bit. >> right. >> realizing that those details can't necessarily be passed in an instant. >> and that's a key point, kelly. senator dick durbin of illinois, one of those who says, listen, what we agreed on here possibly, the gang of six, we won't be able to expedite it fast enough before this august 2nd deadline sneaks actly, and one of the things when you hear members say they want to see it in writing, they want to see the details is because oftenner hammered about details that they passed in future campaigns, and we've seen that happening over and over, so they want the specifics. they may agree in a broad sense about a direction, but they want to know the details, and that gets complicated. >> yeah. >> it becomes specific legislative language. they put a congressional budget
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score on it, that kind of thing, so as much as they may be in a spirit of cooperation, the details do take time, and that's where the fight always ends up. >> but kelly, the next question, of course, is then would they agree perhaps to some kind of short-term agreement? we know the president has been against that, but if they have something in play might we see that as a next move? >> reporter: nobody wants to be too out front on that because that sort of takes the pressure off, but we're getting signals from the white house and from sources here that if they were really close and it were something almost clerical holding them up, that that would be something they would be more open to. again, this isn't a government shutdown kind of things where the lawmakers have a lot of control. when you're talking about default, it's market and outside forces that they can't control that come into play. no one wants to talk about extensions because that might be viewed as just more of the mess, but they realize they need every option in their back pocket as we get closer and closer. of course, they will be working the weekends, so if people want to know their members of
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congress are at work this weekend, they will be here. >> thank you, kelly. it was not an easy day in front of parliament for uk prime minister david cameron. while there was no pie in the face to cameron, he did certainly get an earful of heckling. >> the reply that he sent -- the reply that he sent was cleared in advance. >> cameron faced some tough questions during an emergency session of parliament. the prime minister cut his trip to africa short in order to attend this session. most of the grilling surrounded his choice to hire former "news of the world" editor andy coulson as his communications director. coulson was one of the first people arrested over the hacking scandal within rupert murdoch's media empire. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, would i not have offered him the job, and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> cameron says he regrets his decision to hire coulson and once again denies claims that his staff tried to stop an investigation into the phone
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hacking. more live from london with the latest. so does this get the heat off of the prime minister? >> reporter: well, tamron, it's been an incredibly difficult day for david cameron, but the consensus here in the uk is that he dealt with it pretty well. he tackled the question of why he hired andy coulson, the former editor of "news of the world" as his communications director and he didn't exactly apologi apologize. he said, of course, i regret it and i'm sorry for the furor it's called. >> the opposition leader didn't like what he said saying it showed him a catastrophic error in judgment but as a counter if it had ever come to light that andy coulson had lied to him and was found guilty of anything to deal with phone hacking, it would be only right for david cameron to come forward and give a profound apology and said he would step up to the mike to do that. today was a very unusual day
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because it was supposed to be the start of the summer break but such is the importance that david cameron recalled them to parliament and answered their questions today. there had been some calls over the past few days for him to resign over his decision to hire andy coulson, but for the most it looks as though they have gone away. those voices have fallen particularly silent. >> thanks very much. let's bring in a writer for "time" magazine that's following this story and joins us live from washington. thanks so much for joining us. you heard our reporter say for now it seems david cameron, if you will, is out of the hot seat, out of hot water there. we saw the stock for rupert murdoch's company rebound yesterday as well. what happens next? >> well, with the summer break coming up in parliament, with the parliamentary investigation now officially under way, with the police having arrested pretty much everybody that they are going to arrest and having launched their own investigation, we're clearly in
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a period where there won't be new news to drive this story, so i think we are looking at a period of a little tension coming off both news corp. and the tory party in london. this is a scandal though that has recured over now a period of eight years. it started back in 2003, and while the atmospherics have taken a turn for the better, both for the prime minister and for the murdochs and news corp., the scandal has been driven by new facts, and what these investigations turn up still is very capable of bringing this story back up in the future. >> do we know any more about the investigations here in the states at this point if they have now given their testimony there, and we know, us a pointed out, a lot of the big names arrested and certainly been called to the mat. what do we know happens here, and what will happen next likely in the states? >> well, the states -- the story in the states has always been
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frankly fairly tenuous. the one big link was a story in tabloid called "the mirror" in england that claimed a private investigator had told the source who had told the paper that the private investigator had been asked to look into phone records of 9/11 victims, and that never was very solid. the political pressure was sufficient to initiate an fbi investigation, but so far even the new york city police are saying that they can't see any basis for a real investigation, so the -- on the american side it doesn't look like there's a lot of action on this story. >> all right. massimo, thanks very much reacting to another fiery day for the folks in the uk and those here watching it. thanks very much. dozens of former nfl players are suing the nfl claiming the league has known of the dangers of concussions for decades but covered up the research. and the tea party was unknown just a few years ago and
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now is shaping the debt debate in congress. now there's a new party, calling themselves the tequila party. it its members want to shake up the race for president. who are these members and why do they want to be taken seriously. and the 42nd anniversary of the moon program. details on "atlantis'" trip home is coming up next. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care.
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welcome back to "newsnation." as early as tomorrow nfl owners may vote on a new collective bargaining agreement that would end the lockout and restore professional football. while that potential deal is being worked out, 75 retired nfl players are suing the league, claiming it concealed information about the dangers of concussions for 90 years.
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the group includes former pro bowler mike duper of the miami dolphins, former new york giants running back rodney hampton and former super bowl mvp otis anderson. the manufacturers of nfl helmets is also a defendant in this case. i'm joined by the editor of a pleasure to have you on, certainly not under these circumstances this. concussion thing, talking about it so much, and now you've got this lawsuit here. >> well, and this is one of the things that i think we've all been anticipating as we've learned more and more about concussions. there's been debate and argument about how much the nfl knew, when they knew it. there's been some studies in the past that a lot of people criticized, but the real question is going to be from a statute of limitations standpoint can these retired players come forward today and file this lawsuit? i think a lot of people have understood that there were risks to playing football, risks of suffering head injury. it's only in the past few years that we've really understood what those risks fully, are but
2:17 pm
i think for years and years there's been an understanding if you play football you're going to risk suffering head trauma. >> of course that is right but a part of these allegations from these players is that the nfl concealed information data that would have been available, raps not to change things decades ago, but change the situation for players certainly over the last 10, 20 years. >> well, that's what's going to get very interesting because some of these players played long before the period of time where anything allegedly was concealed, so how would those players be able to really make any allegations now decades after the fact? but there is a window in there, say from 1994 until 2009 when the nfl knew more than it did and that's what the argument is and based on some of the reports that the nfl generated back in the '90s and last decade, you know, some could say that the nfl is really understating this problem, but it's really been only about eight or nine years that folks have truly understood the real connection between
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chronic head injuries, not dramatic, but small head injuries happening over a period of time and the long-term health effects, and now the nfl is taking it very seriously. the challenge is going to be during that period of time where maybe the nfl wasn't taking it as seriously, and the other question is would any of these guys not play professional football if they had known. all the players today know the risks, and i've yet to see them retire. >> nfl statement on this, they say we've not reviewed the complaint yet but would vigorously contest any claims of this kind so we'll see what happens next, mike. thanks so much for your time. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks. good to be with you. three years ago no one had heard of the tea party movement, but since its formation in 2009 its membership has soared, and even some of the gop candidates for 2012 are trying to impress the movement. now there's a new grass roots party, and they want influence in the upcoming election. they refer to themselves as the tequila party formed by republicans in arizona as a way to mobilize latino voters in the
2:19 pm
state that's been cracking down on illegal immigration. it comes at the same time another gop group is launching a new plan to recruit 100 hispanics to run for office. joining me now is didi garcia blais for forming the tequila party. thanks so much for joining me. tell me about the point of the tequila party. how did you come up with it? >> well, the inspiration came from a nevada man who spearheaded the hispanics in politics out of nevada and he became frustrated with regard to the immigration issue. latinos on both sides of the aisle are becoming more and more frustrated with the immigration issue being treated as a political football, and we are a party -- we want to neutralize the tea party extremists. they are affecting our community. they are extremely hostile. i mean, just a few days ago we had mo brooks who advocated
2:20 pm
violence short of shooting an illegal immigrant. now, you -- you have another individual, a state lawmaker out of kansas, who advocated the shooting of illegal aliens, and so things are out of control. now we are uniting. the tequila party is non-partisan. yes, i -- >> but you're a republican, right? aren't you a registered republican? >> i -- i found ed -- switched o the independent party do you it the hostility of the republican party. i'm still, you know, the president of the largest hispanic republican group in the nation. >> but you're not a republican. help me understand this. >> not right now. >> okay. but with that said, with the tea party movement, as you well know, let's just look at washington, for example, the pressure john boehner is feeling is coming from the tea party and
2:21 pm
these negotiations. the tea party has great influence over the republican party, which you are a part of, but not today a part of. nonetheless, how did you distinguish your organization or what you plan to do to get latino voters out and be, as you said, non-partisan? >> here's the thing. with regard to the tequila party we are made up of republican leaders as well as democratic leaders so we have leaders on both sides of the aisle trying to neutralize the tea party extremists so that we could give political covering toe politicians who want to address and have the courage to take on the tough issue of immigration. >> well, it's an interesting movement. you've had a lot of articles written but. see what happens next with this. we greatly appreciate you joining me, dee dee. >> thank you. >> one has to assume
2:22 pm
responsibility for the collective education of the children the city of memphis, and i don't think that city council can be exempt from that responsibility. >> a dispute over money has the start of the school year in memphis delayed indefinitely? what about the kids? come on. plus, the question that a reporter asked paris hilton that caused her to walk out of the interview. here's a clue. kim kardashian's name came up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain,
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welcome back. it may be a long summer for students in memphis, and we're not talking about the heat there. >> we might be talking about giving up the whole year, y'all. if we're serious. >> and they are serious. the school board decided to delay the start of class because of a dispute over money with the city government. memphis city schools say the government owes them millions of dollars in tax revenue, and they
2:26 pm
have given the city council every opportunity to pay the money owed to the schools, and to pay the money owed to the schools, joining me now live, is memphis city council member myron lowry. thanks so much for joining me. >> why wouldn't the city pay the schools if this money is owed? >> the city will be paying these dollars. a lot of this is tied up in the court. there currently is a legal battle in federal court right now over the school system. many people don't know that the school board voted to dissolve itself last december. the city council agreed, and there was a referendum, and the citizens in this city said that the memphis city school system should be absorbed by the county. right now that's involved in court, and the city is obligated to pay, and we will pay. >> but with this said, is this true that school could be delayed indefinitely? >> well, this is a decision that the board of education is threatening, and i think that's an idle threat. let me tell you why. >> why do you think it's idle because they sound serious? >> the board of education is less than 10% of their $1
2:27 pm
billion budget. you're not going to close schools because you don't have 10% in your hand. >> so when might we see a resolution here? i mean, if i'm a parent in memphis, i'm probably not happy with either side here, especially when you're talking about holding up school. >> i understand, and parents should be excited about this. it is -- this is an internal power play between the school board and the city. nothing more, nothing less. students and teachers should not be affected. they should know that school will open on time. they should know that the bills will be paid. the city council has appropriated all of the dollars requested by the board of education. they simply do not have it in hand. as of today, we've sent them an immediate $3 million. we're going to have our education committee hearing tomorrow to look at their budget. >> right. >> we haven't even looked at their budget for the coming year. this will be resolved. schools should open on time. >> and i hope you are right. city councilman myron lowry,
2:28 pm
thanks so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, more questions about congresswoman's michele bachmann's migraines. bachmann is speaking out that these migraines would interfere with her doing her job. ♪ >> well, justin timberlake team up with a look at hip-hop through the years. a little dmx in there. more coming up. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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welcome back to "newsnation." almost home. in less than 24 hours space shuttle "atlantis" will touch down officially ending the shuttle program. and more questions. congresswoman michele bachmann fighting today to shoot down reports she suffers from migraines that are so debilitating that she sometimes can't do her job. a new report out today claims to show more proof that balkman's migraines caused her to miss work and even affected her ability to campaign. and breaking news regarding the search for three missing
2:32 pm
hikers. officials now say they believe that they are dead and they were swept over a waterfall at yosemite national park. plus, today's "newsnation" gut check. under the new health care law, preventive medical care is fully covered, and now a panel says birth control should be added to the list of preventive medicines making it free for women. well, this has set off a fierce debate, and it is today's "newsnation" gut check. today marks the 42nd anniversary of neil armstrong's historic walk on the moon on this day in 1969. mr. armstrong spoke these immortal words. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> a little factoid. more than 100 million watched this incredible achievement. tomorrow nasa is set to close the history books on the 30-year space shuttle program that made the munnwalk possible, and right now the four astronauts on nas,'s final "atlantis" flight are guiding that shuttle back to
2:33 pm
earth. they are feeling a rush of emotions, as you can imagine, as they head back home. >> when you pull away from the space station, it just makes you enormously proud that not just our country but the global community can pull together the resources to construct that incredible vehicle in orbit, so as the space shuttle does retire, and we hate to see it go, we know that it's leaving an incredible lasting leg circumstances and of that we're just extraordinarily proud. >> nbc's jay barbree is live from florida. >> wish you would with us. >> you mentioned the fact, tomorrow ron, that today is the 42nd anniversary of neil armstrong taking those first steps on the moon, and would i like to tell everybody on at the technology science page today, i've got a piece on there i would like to direct you to. it knocks down all of these
2:34 pm
beliefs that we never went to the moon. all of it is knocked down today. it's called "no hopes, moon landing stands as nasa's finest hour." >> that's incredible in itself that you still have to knock down this belief, but there are folks out there, for whatever reason, subscribe to that conspiracy, so i'm happy you're able to try to debunk it. i don't think it will change their minds because i think those people are out there in another universe, to say the least. >> i think you're right. >> talk to me a little bit about the landing tomorrow. what is it, around 5:00 a.m.? >> it's at 5:56.58 to be precise. that's three minutes and two seconds before 6:00 eastern time. if they can't get in on the first try for some reason, tamron, they can try again at 7:32 p.m., so they will be brought home tomorrow unless there's some technical glitch that crops up they don't expect. right now everything is in good shape for it. >> all right. jay, thank you very much. i wish i was there with you as well, but i know you're going to do a great job as you have for
2:35 pm
so many years. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> thank you. developing now, congresswoman michele bachmann is again defending her ability to run for the presidency amid new reports that she suffers from crippling mike rain headaches. she told reporters earlier today in iowa that she keeps a rigorous schedule but feels great and would rather focus on things like the debt ceiling. yesterday congresswoman balkman admitted her condition after several former aides revealed to the daily caller that bachmann suffered from migraines that would incapacitate her for days at a types. balkman said she had those migraines under control but today politico is reporting it found several incidents where migraines affected congresswoman ba balkman's ability to work. joining me now is the reporter who wrote that article. thanks for joining us again. >> thanks for having me, tamron. >> exact dates, march 2006, may 2010, july 2010. is congresswoman bachmann
2:36 pm
accurately telling the public about this condition? she says she's able to function. what have you found? >> what we found were a series of incidents where she experienced headaches that were debilitating, and we had a former top staffer saying she would walk into her congressional office, shut the door and turn out the lights and basically lay down for a few hours while she tried to recover. michelle bachmann disputes that it regularly impacted her ability to do the job, but i think we did find evidence that shows that it has in the past at least interfered with her official duties. >> i'm going to go back to the list, march 2006 missed a week in the minnesota state senate. may 26 missed a day of vote, missed eight house votes while in hospital, cancelled campaign trips. i heard someone earlier say that this is not about politics but certainly the health of anyone running for president or anyone holding an office is relevant. >> well, we've seen folks
2:37 pm
struggle with it in the past. you'll remember john mccain in both 2000 and 2008 had to release thousands of pages of medical records. in the first case a lot were psychiatric records relating to his time as a prisoner of war and in 2008 it was related to whether or not he had cancer or was too old necessarily to serve as president, so i think you've really started to see people take this into account as they think about whether or not somebody is going to fit to be president. >> and it's interesting timing for her. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll show she's surging in second place behind mitt romney, at 16%. before she announced she was running, i believe she was around 3%, but i want to play what she had to say yesterday when she addressed the first -- the official report on these migraines. >> i have prescribed medication i take on occasion whenever symptoms arise and they keep my migraines under control, but i'd like to be abundantly clear. my ability to function effectively will not affect my
2:38 pm
ability to serve as commander in chief. >> kasie, congresswoman bachmann's son is a doctor and has been trying to field questions on this as well. >> right. he's actually been out there sort of defending her and saying, you know, modern medicine has in fact mid a big difference in the treatment of these kinds of things. millions of americans do suffer from migraines. >> yeah. >> so it's a possibility that this situation will end up engendering sympathy for her instead of folks judging her unfit for office because so many people can identify with what this is like. >> thank you very much. interesting report, and the dates are certainly ones that she may have to answer to. thank you very much. interesting. >> thanks, tamron. >> yosemite national park identified three hikers presumed dead after being swept over a raging 317-foot waterfall. the group was swept over the falls after they crossed a barricade to pose for photographs. several people reportedly urged the group to get out of the water before they were swept over the falls. yosemite search and rescue rangers are searching for the
2:39 pm
bodies. they believe they are downstream. so far this year there have been six water-related deaths at the park. nbc's george lewis is live at yosemite, and so george, from what i just read and the information, they crossed this barricade? >> yeah. they crossed the barricade. they go into the water at the top of vernal fall. we should point out this is yosemite falls behind us. vernal falls is in a more remote location. they got in the water at the top of the fall. they were posing for photographs, and then apparently the current started to take them away. a man jumped in trying to rescue them. the man and the woman who were first swept away and he, too, was swept away so three people went over the top of vernal fall, a plunge of about 300 feet. all three victims are identified as being from stanislaw county. that's in central california. hormiz and davide nadal and all
2:40 pm
the yosemite waterfalls attracted record visitors because they are being fed by heavy snow pack. the water is flowing very strongly and also rivers that are fed by them. that's why park rangers are telling people to be extra caution when they approach the waterfalls and the rivers underneath the falls because the currents are extremely strong and treacherous. also, the mist from the waterfalls makes the rocks around the falls very slippery. >> wow. >> so it's very easy to lose your balance and slip, and three people did that, presumably falling to their death. the search goes on. >> all right, george. thanks very much. why roseanne barr, remember her. pleased to see rupert murdoch in the hacking seat over the hacking scandal. more details in "the scoop." more going on and things we thought you should know. in 20 minutes a tea party
2:41 pm
group will hold a first presidential debate held solely on twitter. the candidates will respond to questions sent through the social site. minnesota governor mark dayton signed a new budget bill today ending the nation's longest state government shutdown in a decade. the government shutdown july 1st after state democrats and republicans could in the agree on how to close that $5 billion budget gap. and the city of london says the united states needs to pay late fees after refusing to pay a congestion charge for president obama's limousine known as the beast, but the u.s. embassy refuses to pay the charge saying those types of taxes cannot be levied on diplomatic missions. those are the things we just thought you should know. ooo whatcha got there? uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli
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the governor of iowa signs of the most restrictive abortion law in america. lawmakers huddle together to see if they can come together on a plan put forward by the gang of six. it's hot outside and inside the corridors of power as well. roseanne barr says she's glad rupert murdoch is under fire for the hacking scandal and paris hilton storms offer an interview set and hip-hop history with jimmy fallon and justin timberlake. >> let's begin with roseanne, she hassish own reality show, "roseanne's's nut" and in appearing that show she appeared on "chelsea lately." and she got to a very typical point about rupert murdoch and we've all been enthralled with the hearings going on yesterday. take a listen to what she said. >> i'm so happy to see rupert
2:46 pm
murdoch's stuff crumbling because when he came to our country, and i was like one of his first targets, and he tapped my phones and people went through my garbage and all that kind of stuff does kind of drive you crazy, and now here i am sitting here and that guy is going down. i couldn't be more thrilled. >> pretty strong words there from roseanne. it would be interesting to think if people said these sorts of things as they were happening instead of right now what the landscape might have looked like, but nonetheless roseanne speaking very candidly about it. also speaking candidly much to the duress of paris hilton was an interview for an interviewer for "good morning america," talking about dan harris. he was talking to the heiress about her fame and about is it perhaps over? paris hilton did not like that despite being a woman who has put most of her life in front of the camera. take a look at how she's reacted. >> do you ever worry about your moment having passed?
2:47 pm
you want to wrap up? >> i was curious about one thing. >> what followed was a long heated conversation with hilton and her publicist. >> don't ask paris hilton if her moment has passed. i'll tell what you happens with the rest of the interview. she does go back and gives a strange answer about how she's had to reinvent herself and that sort of thing which is also a response to the low ratings of her show right new. >> has your moment passed saying you've been upstaged by kim kardashian, your ratings are low. has your moment passed? >> i think if you're paris hilton and given the things that you've put on television before, it's a fair question. you seem to be siding with paris hilton. >> no, i'm not siding. >> i don't even know her to side with her, but i do think -- >> it's a difficult question. >> very, very difficult, no doubt about it. >> has your time gone? anyway. on a happier note. i love this clip. >> much happier. justin timberlake was on jimmy fallon and in the tees to this
2:48 pm
it was part two of the history of rap. the two of them took to the stage, and you've got to see this to believe t.fantastic talent. watch. >> okay. >> clap your hands, everybody. ♪ have you got what it takes ♪ because i'm kurtis blow and i want you to know that these are the breaks ♪ ♪ come with me because i'm close to the edge ♪ >> if that doesn't make you smile, i don't know what will because the two of them, listen, you can't blame jimmy fallon if he ever wants to quit and go into rap. >> with the roots there it helps. >> and justin timberlake is not shabby either. >> anyway, i wanted to show that to you. fun on a day when there's a lot of distressing news. >> what what's your favorite hip-hop song? do you have one? >> put me on the spot. >> she will tweet it tomorrow.
2:49 pm
>> will be for me on twitter. >> meantime, check out courtney on, also on facebook. we'll be right back.
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2:52 pm
time now for "newsnation's" gut check. what is preventive medicine? under the new health care law passed by president obama, preventive services like cholesterol tests, mammograms and even some vaccinations are fully covered with no additional co-pay. well, now a medical panel that advises the government says birth control should also fall under that preventive category and be fully covered, but critics say the free services will lead to higher premiums, and they also have other objections to it, and joining me now is nancy keenan, president of nral, pro-choice america. some of those opposed to this, cardinal danilo who says without sufficient legal protection for rights of conscience, such a mandate would force all men,
2:53 pm
women and children to carry health care coverage that violates the deeply held moral and religious convictions of many. they say bayed on their religion they shouldn't have to pay into insurance that would eventually allow women to have birth control for free. >> tamron, let's be clear. this decision by a medical panel is a great victory for women's health because it basically says that insurance companies must cover birth control without additional co-pay, and so this is about an insurance company across this country providing customer services without the additional co-pay that they have had to pay when they have gone to the pharmacist for their birth control. >> now the other objection is that the -- the same panel recommended or could recommend that the morning after pill, not the so-called abortion pill as it's referred to commonly, but the morning after pill could also possibly be covered under this, and as you all know that has also incited anger by some. >> it is covered by this, and
2:54 pm
emergency contraception or plan "b" as it's often moan is birth control. let's be clear. it prevents the pregnancy, so this is not about abortion and the other side is confusing this issue and purposefully. >> are you surprised by this debate, or should you have seen this or we've seen this coming here the minute it was brought up? >> oh, i think it's very clear that the other side is not only against safe and legal abortion in this country, but they are against birth control and access to that birth control for women and their families. 98% of women access birth control in their lives, an they are so out of touch with american values. >> well, some of the other recommendations by this panel, hpv, std and domestic violence counseling, breastfeeding equipment and healthy woman checkups. this is an interesting debate. do we know if the commission's
2:55 pm
recommendations hold weight? >> i think absolutely. again, it's a medical panel. i think the obama administration will accept those recommendations. he's also been a big advocate of women's health and preventive care so we expect those it be adopted by the administration and that access to this birth control for women without that additional co-pay are going to be available within a year or so. >> all right. nancy keenan, thank you very much for joining us on this gut check. what does your gut tell you? should birth control be classified as preventive medicine and be available free of charge to women? go to "newsnation" to cast your vote and see what the gut check is saying about yesterday's question. did rupert murdoch's testimony before parliament help or hurt his media empire? >> 7% said it helped and 93% said it hurt. that does it for this wednesday edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. i'll be back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. richard lui is in for martin bashir. he's next. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh.
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gee, good afternoon. i'm richard lui in for martin bashir. it's wednesday,ual 20th, and here's what's happening. time-out. the tea party backed into a corner, and the name-calling begins with a possible solution finally on the table. some prefer insults to solutions. plus, war on women. the governor of ohio to put on his signature on the most restrictive abortion measure in america, and he's not alone. why 2011 has quickly become the year governors try to turn back the clock on "roe v. wade." and no prime minister. >> i am extremely sorry. >> could the rupert murdoch hacking scandal bring down britain's right-leaning government? time not on this p.m.'s side. and we begin with president obama summoning democratic leaders to the white house to be followed shortly by house republicans. bipartisan support is growing for a compromise deal hatched in the


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