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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 19, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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university, and a chinese team. the goodwill game quickly turned into a haymaker-throwing, chair-chucking brawl. the question is what did vice president, joe biden, who is traveling in china have it say about his fellow d.c. ambassadors whupping up on the chinese. it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that is once again after yesterday's market drop, proud and happy that it limits its investments to off-track betting. glad you're up with us watching or listening on sirius xm. let me know what you're doing up at this hour or text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this friday,
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august 19th. a lot to tell you about today, including israel's strong response to an attack on civilians in a southern resort city. plus, last we saw of vladimir putin he was scuba diving for rare artifacts in the black sea. today, new photographs of the russian prime minister performing another outdoor feat. but first to the news. fears about the stability of the euro zone, disappointing economic news and a dire warning from morgan stanley leading to a sharp selloff on wall street that sent the markets tumbling yesterday, the dow falling nearly 420 points, losing 3.6% yesterday, the s&p 500 shedding 53 points, or 4.4%, and the nasdaq falling 5.2%. all three major u.s. indices are on track for the worst month in almost three years. joining us now by phone to break it down, the co-host of cnbc's
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squawk box, mr. andrew ross sorkin. >> that off-track betting idea sounds like a good one. >> i've been doing it for years and i've been preaching it to you and you won't listen. summarize this for us, we're reading so many different things, weak home sales, the manufacturing report. and of course europe. what's playing into the market drop? >> fear, pure fear. that's all this is. when we talked about a week ago we were in same place, people are waking up and this is what they call headline risk. they're waking up, reading the papers and reading the latest investment report or whatever it is. even the smallest, tiniest bit of data is shaking ourselves into a panic. of course all of this really stems less oddly enough from what's happening here in the united states and the s&p downgrade and everything that happened about a week and a half ago and more about what's really happening in europe and whether the euro zone, the eu and the
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euro can hold together. ultimately whether spain and italy will be able to keep it together. whether, if they can't keep it together, the banks that are holding all their debt and the banks like stockgen in france and germany, whether those guys will be end up holding the bag. and if they're holding the bag, whether the entire economy in europe slows and therefore whether our economy slows. it's sort of the domino effect. >> you make it sound like it's perceived problems. like we're fearful of the headlines rather than the data itself. >> no, i think the wild swings is really about fear and panic. you don't really see wild swings this way when people are looking at rational information. it's, it's betting on rumors, yesterday there was a rumor in the market that some big short seller was shorting the dax in germany. all of a sudden, you know, the dax fell. so it's, it really is little pieces. and the sad part is it does
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remind me somewhat of the summer of 2008, because it was those moments where people were literally, people would wake up. they see anything and it was, it was an excuse to go buy gold and put your money under the mattress. that's not suggesting that we're not going back to that place. i hope we aren't. but i do think that we might be a little bit you know, a little bit too edgy at the moment. >> so another bad day today it looks like? >> at the moment, the asian markets are not looking good. the futures in stock markets in europe not looking good and the futures here not looking great. >> andrew ross sorkin, thanks. listen i have a great horse for you at the meadowlands. i'll call you later. now to libya. after months of brutal civil war, nbc news has learned that libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, is now making plans to leave the country. u.s. officials tell nbc news that intelligence reports indicate gadhafi and his family could depart the country within
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days, possibly finding exile in tunisia. the news comes after defense secretary, leon panetta said a couple of days ago, that gadhafi's days appear to be numbered, those are his words. meanwhile, rebel forces are closing in on gadhafi's territory claim complete control of an oil refinery in a key coastal town. this morning, the "associated press" is reporting that at least seven blasts were heard in tripoli as bombs fell near gadhafi's main compound. gadhafi's forces continue to flee the country, but nbc chief foreign correspondent, richard engel is reporting that the situation in libya is still very unpredictable. nothing is for certain, although we're hearing through nbc news that gadhafi could be gone within days. a major new development surrounding the uprising in syria. for the first time, president obama has called for syrian president, bash iral assad to step down.
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the u.s. announced expanded sanctions against syria, in coordination with several u.s. allies and the european union. yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton detailed the u.s.'s position. >> the people of syria deserve a a government that respects their dignity, protect their rights and lives up to their aspirations. assad is standing in their way. for the sake of the syrian people, the time has come for him to step aside and leave the transition to the syrians themselves. >> the white house decision comes as the u.n. human rights commission commissioner urges the security council to issue a probe into syria for a pattern of human rights violations which may amount to crimes against humanity. nearly 2,000 protesters have been killed during a 4-month-long crackdown. a deadly assault prompting
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israeli air strikes on southern gaza threatening to escalate tensions in the region. the israeli military conducting the airstrikes overnight as the prime minister says militants will pay a heavy strike. his kmonts come after eight israelis were kill and 30 wounded in attacks yesterday. israel says armed fighters that authorities describe as gazens, carried out the shooting. and finally we're getting new stories of heroism coming out after the terrible accident at the indiana state fair last saturday. when wind gusts blew over the concert stage on the ground below, killing five and injuring dozens. thanks to the courage and quick thinking of those in attendance, many lives were saved, including that of a 3-year-old girl. nbc's kevin tibbles reports.
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>> reporter: on that day at the indiana state fair, just before the sugarland concert was about begin, sudden high winds lifted and then collapsed the stage. >> you just saw the stage swaying. so i grabbed maggie and i just said run. >> maggie is 3-year-old maggie mullen, attending the fair with her mom, two sisters and grandma. she was wearing her new tutu for the occasion. maggie was crushed, bleeding and trapped in the rubble. but there were some guardian angels in that crowd, too. lots of them. calm down. calm down! it's not moving. it's not moving. calm down. where is she bleeding from. >> never in your wildest lifetime thought that something like this could happen. >> what happened next accidentally caught on cell phone video by david wood, who forgot to turn it off as he tried to save the girl. >> here! we need a tourniquet! we need a tourniquet!
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>> several panicked concertgoers struggled to free her. >> we need a medic really bad for this little girl. right here! right here. i just gave her my shirt for a tourniquet. >> i'm a doctor! >> we got a doctor, watch out. >> we got a doctor. a nurse, a state trooper, a county schaeffer, a firefighter, a nursing student, a doctor, and david wood, a machinist who used his shirt for a tourniquet, they stabilized her bleeding arm, freed her from the rubble. and rushed her to the hospital where maggie's main concern was saving her tutu. >> there's not enough words to express my gratitude. >> maggie's mom suffered a broken leg. maggie's arm is in a cast. she's home from the hospital and with new friends and so far at least two new tutus. >> thank god maggie is okay. that was nbc's kevin tibbles reporting. indiana state officials are continuing their investigation
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into that incident. still ahead here on way too early some sports, michael vick, fresh off his big comeback season gets a preseason test against the mighty steelers. it doesn't go so well. he had almost as many completions to the guys in black and gold as the ones in green. sports is ahead. plus stephen colbert wants president obama to be more like vladimir putin. get off the bus, says colbert and get into some scuba gear. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. kim and james are what you might call overly protective.
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ask your doctor if pradaxa can reduce your risk of a stroke. welcome back to "way too early" at 5:43 in the morning. a live picture of rockefeller plaza, let's check your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins, hello, bill. >> good morning, willie, it will
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be in one of those patterns, where each and every day there will be showers and thunderstorms around. it's not a washout forecast for areas of mid-atlantic and new england, but just like yesterday you'll deal with some rainfall. it will happen again today. the forecast during the morning hours into the afternoon will be the dry period, the late afternoon to the early evening is when the thunderstorms will pop up. you'll be ducking those, highs today in the 80s, as far as the worst weather in the country heading through missouri, this horrible line of storms has produced damaging winds through much of the state. wind reports of 80 to 90 miles per hour, thousands of people without power. central missouri has seen the worst of the storms overnight. still very hot in texas, florida will deal with storms, gorgeous day from chicago to minneapolis looking nice. here's your weekend forecast. scattered storms in the east, same with the southeast. the midwest will deal with some severe weather from kansas city to st. louis to chicago. and a peek at your sunday forecast. a little cooler in texas.
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i think sunday will be a day of more showers and storms in areas of the northeast. so it's not a washout like last weekend was on sunday, but you'll be ducking storms going in and out of the big cities. thanks so much, we appreciate it. we'll talk to you a little later on morning joe. michael vick said the eagles were not his first choice of teams as he prepared to come back after spending 21 months in prison for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring. vick said he was not thrilled with being the eagles third-string quarterback, especially because the bengals and the bills were interested in making him the starter. ultimately he says it was meeting with commissioner roger goodell that convinced him that philadelphia was in fact the best fit. the suggestion that he was nudged towards philadelphia. vick and the eagles in a tough preseason matchup against the pittsburgh steelers. 14-0 in the second quarter, vick picked off by ryan clark and then just a few minutes later, vick thrown into a tight space, picked off again. this time by keenan lewis, this
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point vick had three completions and two interceptions. just before the half, vick looking to make something happen dodges the blitz nicely gets away from the pressure. as only he can. wow, but he throws another pick off the deflection of troy polamalu and a nasty hit from vick. going in with helmet first. boy, you just don't want to do that. if you're the starting quarterback, especially in the preseason. tough night for vick. 5 for 12, three interceptions, steelers win 24-14. hard knocks between the patriots and bucs in tampa, first quarter, tom brady trying to connect with chad ochocinco. his new receiver. and ochocinco gets crushed by mason foster. look at this hit. welcome to new england. they call it personal foul on that hit. ochocinco got up, he's all right. same drive from the eight yard line, brady finds ochocinco in the back of the end zone. 14-0 patriots, another dangerous
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hit in the fourth quarter, during a patriots return. good lord. danny woodhead blindsided by bucs safety, devon holland. woodhead stayed down for a few seconds before staggering off the field. holland was flag and could face a fine for that hit. patriots roll 31-14. turn now to baseball, a controversial home run call in the yankee game again. in the first inning the twins justin mourneau turns on a cc sabathia fast ball sending it near the right field foul pole. originally ruled a home run and the umps get together after a discussion and overturn the call. twins manager not pleased and ejected for arguing. another look shows the ball sneaks just foul. the umps got it right. later mourneau strikes out and throws his bat in frustration. later, mark teixeira, a two-run home run. yankees win 8-4, sabathia improves to 17-7. how about the red sox plays the
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royals in kc. what do we got going, there we go. jason varitek pop fly to center, carl crawford will tag from third. how about melky cabrera, the ex-yankee playing well in kansas city, holds on to the ball, does the catcher an inning later the red sox get another chance, dustin pedroia with a single to center, that scores jed lowrie. the sox win it 4-3. they stay a half-game behind the yankees in the east. and a scary moment during the white sox/indians game last night. in the second, fukodumay hits a line drive off the head had of sox pitcher. he did try to convince the trainers to let him stay in the game, but they say no way. after the game, he was seen joking with reporters, he's okay, humber after getting a
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line drive off the noggin. the indians win it 4-. i want to show you some video from china. do we have the china brawl video? yeah, vice president joe biden is in beijing, looking to smooth over relations between the u.s. and china. so it probably seemed like a good idea to have the two countries face off in a friendly game of basketball. to correspond with the vice president's visit. there was a basketball game, but it wasn't friendly. the georgetown university in beijing, taking on the rocketing. nine minutes left in the game and all hell breaks loose, the benches unload, both teams start throwing punches. and then the chairs come out. chairs flying, hands flying. people being slammed to the deck. complete chaos. they had to call the game there. georgetown escorted off the court for its own safety. vice president biden, who watched the hoyas play in china on wednesday luckily was not
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there to see this one. ing you will i scene in china. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" -- reports coming into nbc news this morning that moammar gadhafi is set to leave libya after 42 years in power. we'll have a live report on that story. and when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler and watch stephen colbert suggest that our president look a little bit more like the russian prime minister. that clip, next. e the best toffee in the world.
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as we told you at the top of the show, u.s. officials telling nbc news that libyan leader, moammar gadhafi is making plans to leave the country, possibly within a few days. that news comes after five months of fighting with rebels inside libya. and if he does go, it would bring to an end an historic tenure for the continent of africa. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that moammar gadhafi who came to power in 1969, is africa's longest--serving leader. he became head of state by removing libya's king in a bloodless coup 42 years ago. let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch vladimir putin's latest outdoor adventure. you'll remember a few years ago, vlad took a guy's-only topless
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fishing trip in siberia. reeling in a few fish for dinner around the camp fire. yesterday, this time shirts on, this time with russian president, medvedev. a couple of guys catching fish, having a good time in some safari outer wear. the state-approved video of the two leaders in a boat in the volga river. it comes a week after we saw mr. putin diving for artifacts, he went to the bottom of the black sea and came up with two greek urns in his scuba gear. do we have a shot of the greek urns? there's the scuba diving. he came out with these amazing greek urns. stephen colbert last night was tipping his cap to putin. suggesting president obama be more like him. >> here is prime minister vladimir putin rocking a wetsuit and carrying ancient greek
5:55 am
artifacts he personally discovered right next to president medvedev holding a huge gun. meanwhile, what is our president doing? riding on a bus. the only way vladimir putin would be seen riding on a bus is if he trapped it in the wild and then tamed it. so while putin is in siberia bagging tigers what did obama bag on his safari through the midwest? >> i got a pie. >> he got a pie. that's not quite good enough. one more story, i am a news man, i have to bring it to you. deadline dallas, robber comes in. he's wearing panties on his head. that's all there is to it he comes in, sticks up the joint. he's wearing a flowered dress. he claims to have a gun,
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although he never showed any evidence of it. described as a white male, 5'5", wearing 145. if you see a white male with panties on his head, pretending he has a gun in his dress, alert the dallas police department. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? you're already checked out for the weekend, your tweets and texts are next. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands
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one story right now on the arrest of a man accused of breaking into a woman's house, trying to suck her blood. sparking a discussion about the impact of vampire books and movies on youth culture. a discussion you will not hear coming up on "morning joe." at the top of the show we asked you what you were doing up at this hour and our producer has a a few answers. what are you hearing? >> one response, i have to be at the country club at 6:00 a.m. to make a few gallons of breakfast bloody marys for 75 building contractors. we may be the last lumber yard in america blowing money on a golf outing. >> how about one more? >> david writes,


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