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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 1, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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saying the. some 2012 gop candidates weighed in on the president's date choice late yesterday. >> i think it's political theatrics. if you don't have a plan to put forward, you sometimes fall back on political theatrics. i can't help but think this was no coincidence. >> does this show me a little insecurity on the part of the president? either "a" he wants to distract the american people so they don't watch him or "b," he doesn't want the american people to hear what the next president of the united states is going to say about the president's job plan. >> i think initially it was political mischief and i think the administration and the president and his people sat back and said you know what, what if we go up against the republican debate and our ratings are less than the
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debate? i don't think they wanted to play that card. >> oh, boy. now that the date of the job speech is set, the obama administration is moving on to other economic issues. reuters reports that the white house will release a midsession review of president obama's fiscal 2012 budget proposal. that's by this afternoon and we'll hear from jay carney right here on "morning joe." he'll join us live, later this morning. as president obama prepares to unveil his jobs plan next week, the former utah governor, jon huntsman says his plan will scale back the scope of the government and simplify the tax code by eliminating deductions and credits, calling for a, quote, new industrial revolution. the former ambassador to china says his plan shows a different vision than the current white house's. >> the president believes that he can tax and spend and
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regulate our way to prosperity. we cannot. we must compete our way to prosperity. it is time for america to start building things again. it is time for america to start working again. it is time for america to compete again. >> after his strong showing in recent polling of the 2012 field, texas governor rick perry spent the day in his home state holding campaign fund-raisers. this comes as republican nominee for new hampshire governor, john steven is expected to endorse perry today or perhaps tomorrow. perry will head back to the hawkeye state this weekend wherç steven and his brother will hold a campaign event for the texas governor. meanwhile, sarah palin finally confirms her iowa tea party appearance this saturday. it comes after palin's camp threatened to back oust the event if former delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell was not reinstalled as a speaker
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there. after palin's iowa address, the former vice presidential candidate travels then to new hampshire for labor day as rumors continue to swirl about whether or not she will in fact make that presidential run in 2012. the white house says president obama plans to visit new jersey, to observe the damage done by hurricane irene this afternoon. it comes as the president declares major disaster areas for several counties in new jersey and north carolina, allowing them to receive federal resources to assist in the recovery and cleanup. homeland security secretary janet napolitano and fugate visited areas of new york and new jersey yesterday. by the way, new jersey governor chris christie called on congress to act swiftly, putting
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partisan politics to the side. >> we don't have time to wait for folks in congress to figure out how they want to offset this stuff with other budget cuts. our people are suffering now. and they need support now. and they can all go down there and get back to work and figure out the budget cuts later. but we need the support now here in new jersey and that's not a republican or a democratic issue. >> new jersey by the way is now in the midst of an intense recovery effort as much of the state remains paralyzed by intense flooding. you've likely seen the pictures. hundreds of thousands of people in that state are still without power. as the east coast tries to recover from irene, we have to tell you more about katia. forecasters say this storm has formed into the second atlantic hurricane this season. we'll bring you the latest details. you see on the bottom right of your screen with bill karins, just a short time from now, believe it or not. a top libyan rebel official
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says moammar gadhafi has been cornered in a desert town 150 miles from tripoli. two of gadhafi's sons are making conflicting statements about the ousted leader's whereabouts and whether in fact he will surrender. in a radio address, they claim his family is in the suburb of the capital, comfortably drinking coffee and tea, no the post says the compound was looted, ransacked and burned in early may, right after the killing of members of gadhafi's family in a nato air strike. after 37 years of service, general david petraeus has officially returned from the armed forces. petraeus was honored yesterday at a ceremony at arlington,
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virginia where admiral mike mullen praised the general's leadership. >> david, you've run the race well, swifter and surer than the rest. and you now stand among the giants, not just in our time but of all time. you've expanded our view of the possible, inspiring our military on to historic achievements during some of the most trying times america has ever known. and today, you depart our ranks with the sincere thanks of a grateful nation. and for his part, petraeus thanks the men and women he served with over the next three decades. petraeus warned about the impact of budget cuts on this nation's military. >> as our nation contemplates difficult budget decisions, i know that our leaders will remember that our people, our men and women in uniform are our military and that taking care of them and their families must be our paramount objective.
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beyond that, it will be imperative to maintain a force that not only capitalizes on the extraordinary experience and expertise in our ranks today but also maintains the versatility and flexibility that have been developed over the past decade, in particular. >> pa prayius' departure comes as "the new york times" reports today that the move august was the first month of the iraq war where not a single american military service member was killed. petraeus begins his new job as director of the cia on tuesday. we turn to the markets. an s&p downgrade, fears and a double-dip recession pushes stocks to their worst in a decade. the dow jones industrial average is now back in positive territory for the year. we want to take an early look at the markets right now as we get up in your business this morning. steve sedgwick live for us in
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london this morning. what's on top today. >> enormousç statistics from ts last month we've had. you've hit the big one. it's been ten years since we've had an august as bad as this. it has creeped its way in the last few sessions back into positive territory. don't get too excited, though, only up 0.31 of 1% for the year so far. but it could have been so much worse in august as well. we've had eight out of the last nine sessions have been up, four straight sessions up. we've rallied around 8% from the dow from the lows we hit on the tenth of august. it was the worst august for ten years but it could have been absolutely much, much worse. it was all the concerns you mentioned weighing on the market. those concerns still weighing on the market. the things that got the market going yesterday was the hopes that we may well see more support from the mark net terms of quantitative easing. >> another big story making
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headlines is involving the collapse of the proposed merger between at&t and t-mobile. what happened and what happens now? >> well, the problem is, the fact that despite the fact that the company, if combined has promised to bring a lot of jobs back to the united states, their call centers around 5,000 jobs plus, the d.o.j. is concerned about the competitive landscape in the united states, because if four carriers become three, i.e., a combined at&t and t-mobile operation going up against sprint and the number one verizon you'll have about 09% of the mark net the hands of three carriers. that is where the d.o.j. sees a problem and this could be expensive for at&t as well. the breakup fees are quite enormous if it still doesn't happen. >> cnbc's steve sedgwick helping us out from across the pond. thank you. still ahead on "way too early," back to boston where the yanks and bo sox have the latest
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game in this rivalry. highlights coming up. and if it's late summer, that means it's time for the annual event th, the tomatina festival. that's when "way too early" comes right back. [ male announcer ] it's been a good year for the chevy silverado. and not because of the awards or the accolades.
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of high pressure sat over texas. that hasn't stopped even going to the first day of september today, the wildfires continue to spread. the air quality is poor. new orleans, they had fire near them over the last couple of days, too. they desperately need rain in louisiana, all the way through texas and just some of the pictures for out there continue to be the same old, same old, historical drought that continues now into the fall. let me talk to and switch gears and go to katia. this name is "k," this replaced katrina because that name got retired. this has been the replacement name, katia. this looks to become a major hurricane in the atlantic. i'm not worried about puerto rico or the dominican republic or the southeast united states. i think bermuda will have a close call with this storm, possibly as a major hurricane. bermuda takes the storm, maybe up into the canadian maritimes or weaken it significantly out to sea. nothing shows it coming to new england.
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they can't rule it out because it's a week away, maybe even a week and a half away. it looks good as of now. thunderstorms this morning near pittsburgh to buffalo, around erie. some of the showers try to make their way to i-95 later today. i think we'll be okay. temperatures in the 80s. as i mentioned, the heat hasn't gone anywhere. still 102 for the first day of september in dallas. look at chicago and minneapolis in the low to mid-90s today, heat index is going to be up at about 105 to 110. it's still hot and humid through the middle of our nation. >> nice breezy 112 in phoenix today. we'll see what happens. we have time for sports right now. we start with the bo sox and yankees. boston up 2-1 in the fifth. david ortiz blasting this pitch into center field. a two-run shot for ortiz, big papi, the subtle back flip. the guy's tough. eric chavez hits it down the
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right-field line. this is a game-tieing triple. jacoby ellsbury at the plate, crushes it, over the monster, two-run shot. jason varitek steps in, puts it away in the eighth. a two-run shot. the sox take this game. they are a game and a half up in the east. reggie millner the stands to watch the brew crew. this one off the wall. it bounces away. look at that effort. braun rounding second, looking for an inside-the-park home run, then he blows out a tire. that's going to be the problem. he basically stops. reggie miller can't believe it. ryan braun, okay, a nail in the tire and he's done with about 75 of the 90 feet finished. it would have been his first career inside-the-park home run. the announcers said he would
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have scored easily. the brewers lose this one. did you hear about this? nice over the shoulder catch we didn't show you by albert pujols. look at that. a brewers fan thinks he's getting a souvenir. denied. this is worth watching again. not making friends with folks at miller park. for you, not so much. phillies versus reds. if you appreciate great hustle, you'll appreciate this. phillies pitcher cliff lee grounding out to second, then he gets booed. watch, this is why. he thinks about running and then says, you know, i'm good. i'm just going to head to the dugout. good time. thanks for having me. a wave of the hand, even. when you throw 8 2/3 scoreless, you're allowed to do that. the phillies up 7 1/2 games up in the a.l. east. you may have heard an unexpected exit for venus williams at the u.s. open yesterday. shortly before she would have played her second round match venus pulled out of the entire tournament saying she was
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recently diagnosed with shogrin's syndrome, an auto immune illness that affects j n joints and energy levels. she said she was thankful to finally have her illness diagnosed and is going to focus on getting better and back on the court. we're all rooting for venus williams as she tries to manage that illness. coming up on "way too early," president obama and boehner face to face over jobs, but not the way you thought they'd be. we'll talk about the speech showdown later. and we'll huddle around the water cooler where owners of a sporting goods store got a surprise visitor. we'll tell you what he was looking for, right after this. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables.
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back now on "way too early." after public parton sanship, president obama will unveil his jobs proposal one week from today before the joint session of congress. if you want to sound smart today, tell them the first joint session of congress was held on
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april 6th, 1789 in new york city's federal hall. the house and senate met to count electoral votes in the presidential election. the winner of that election, our first president, george washington. there was no fighting over what date they would hold that. they were locked on the date the whole way. gather around the water cooler to talk about the mindless trivia we know you crave. we begin with a can't miss. here's something you don't see every day, a cow in a sporting goods store. this is laura, so named the cow, we're told she wandered away from her home in the alps to take a walk down to a nearby village. she barged into the sporting goods store. people were taking pictures. always a wise decision. judging from the video, didn't seem to see anything she liked. eventually lawyer rat cow returned home for her afternoon milking. good times. yesterday marked the world's
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largest food fight in spain. the annual tomatina festival. if it's the running of the bulls or the tomatina festival, i'm choosing this. this is the name of the game. like the gaga look right there. the tomatoes are the only weapons allowed. it's estimated 40,000 people took part in this festival. what's beginning on here? the event began in 1945 when a food fight broke out between childhood friends. participants wear old clothes. many choose to wear the goggles we showed you. a food fight broke out? isn't that the drill? the streets and walls are hosed down after the event, along with the participants. "way too early," coming up next, while you wait. at usaa, we believe honor is not
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it helps your engine run more smoothly and leave behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil. good to have you here as we asked you at the top of the as we asked you at the top of the show, why are you awake. we have some of your answers. >> dan writes, it's this


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