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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 7, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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recently. >> you know, i haven't spoken about governor perry, but what i have said is the career politicians don't know what it takes to get this economy going again, and, you know, evidence number one is what's going on in washington, d.c. >> there's going to be some that get up and say, well, i've created jobs. that's true. you know, there's one in particular that's created jobs all over the world, but while he was the governor of massachusetts he didn't create very many jobs. >> so roger, when we saw tim pawlenty when he was in the race, he took on mitt romney, but when it was showtime on the stage he backed away. will both of these men bring that attitude to the stage tonight, do you think? >> it's hard to know. there's a strange facet of human behavior that makes it much more difficult to attack a person when he or she is standing just a few feet away from you, and that's why candidates tend to hold back. mitt romney in the past has done very well in all these previous
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debates by being the adult on the stage, by being above it all. whether now where he's -- where he's lost his front-runner status in some of the polls, whether he can afford to do that remains to be seen. >> right. >> he may have to turn up the heat a little more tonight. >> let me take you back to this politico/george washington poll who show 57% of those who identify themselves as republicans still unsure or unsatisfied. you have some believe that perry was able to move to the top so quickly because the republicans out there are just looking for someone that can stimulate and make them want to get out and turn out in big numbers. it's kind of i heard someone say the person who can stir up the most anger, if you will, in the party. >> well, there's no doubt that anger has been a factor in building popularity so far, but it's not strange that a little under half the voters should still be uncertain. nobody casts a vote that counts
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until february of next year. people are still looking, and after all, we still don't know absolutely if this is the whole field. sarah palin is out there making speeches for some reason. maybe it's to enter the field as a republican candidate for president, and maybe not. some people are just holding fire and waiting until they see what the whole pack amounts to. >> roger simon with politico, thank you, roger. great pleasure having you on with us. joining me now from the reagan library is michael steele, msnbc analyst and former rnc chairman as well as richard wolffe, msnbc analyst and political contributors. good to see you, gentlemen. >> how you doing, tamron? >> doing great. >> michael, i'll start off with you. >> sure. >> does perry need to bring it tonight? >> oh, i think so, and i think he will to some degree. i think there's going to be a little bit of kind of the i'm the new kid on the block and not really want to cause too many waves but if pushed, he'll push
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back and he may tweak, you know, romney or one of the others like a michelle bachmann a little bit. certainly he's got a lot of upside to him and expectation, but i think the dynamics on the stage are going to be very different tonight. >> richard, you heard michael bring um michele bachmann and this will be the first debate she struggled for the spotlight. no one knew what to expect from her in the first debate in new hampshire, but she stuck to her talking points, clear, articulate and lit up the room? what does she need to do, if anything? what can she do to really try and upstage rick perry at this point who, as she referred to, a person who sucks the oxygen i think was the line, out of the room? >> the dynamic is different. people won't be throwing punches at her. she's got to throw punches and land punches at other people. you know, that's a totally different dynamic. it's easier to stay above the fray when you've been drilled on your talking points. remember, she has all this turmoil in terms of losing
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senior aides in the campaign as well, so who knows where they are in terms of the positioning on the talking points. and even beyond that, for the whole field, beyond the punches, taking them, landing them, they have to actually show that they are ready for government. they have plans that are serious and most of them with the exception of mitt romney have not rolled out many policies so there is the interaction between them but there's also -- running for president, you've got to try to be presidential while also taking these punches or landing them. >> chairman steele, richard brings up the fact that mitt romney has rolled out the plan but it was even the "wall street journal" who took a dig at his plan, so even when they are able to put some substance on the table and not just complain about what the president is saying, they are getting i guess swiped at by people who would normally support them. >> well, yeah, and that's the dynamic that i found to be very amusing to some degree. the "wall street journal" is a great publication, but, it's the establishment, and the establishment has decided that mitt romney is not their kind. they kind of fallen in love with rick per' little bit, but, you
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know, those things don't matter. it's what they are able to do in connecting with this audience, certainly with the broader audience of republicans who are going to be watching tonight, and i really think a lot of folks are selling michele bachmann short. given the changeover in her campaign you better watch her. she's going to be consistent and resonates still with a lot of voters out there so that's going to make what i think you see happen on the stage that much more fluid, and it's going to be exciting, as far as i'm concerned. >> i think it's intriguing how you say they have fallen in love with rick perry a little bi. his numbers have been moving rather quickly. he's the governor of my home state, and i still think people are becoming familiar with him and don't know quite honestly a lot about him at this point. with that said, how concerning is it that you look at the polls and it shows that still a number of republicans are saying i don't even know about these people? how do you feel when you're on the stage tonight and knowing a large portion of your base is looking for a white knight in
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shining armon, not white as in race, but anybody in shining armor? i know people go craze we blogs. what do you think? how do they feel that a great number of party is still looking for someone else? >> well, look, if i am a herman cain, certainly a newt gingrich who in the last debate handled and really performed very well, this is an opening, a chance for you to further define and to grab some of that 47% that's undecided, to make this thing a little bit more competitive. look, a lot of folks in the establishment and certainly in the media want to get this down to one to two people so they can focus there. they don't want to spread their attentions there. i think the 47% says there's still a lot more left to the race and watch the other candidates tonight begin to move and jockey and fill that space. >> richard, do you buy that, is this really down to three people unless an unknown factor comes in. >> such a long journey to go. let me tell you, in the 2008 race at this point in the
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democratic primaries rudy giuliani was beating hillary clinton and barack obama, and we all know where that went. these candidates are very fluid. michele bachmann rose quickly and fell quickly. donald trucmp, he rose quickly and fell quickly. perry, is he going to fall? there's so far to go. anyone who thinks they are in great because they are ahead by double digits, they are deluding themselves. >> a pleasure to have you both on. be sure to watch the debate tonight right here on msnbc. the debate starts at 8:00 eastern time. msnbc chris matthews will be live tweeting during the debate. you can follow him on twitt twittetwitter twitter @hardball underscore chris. the largest wooilt wildfire in texas has raged out of
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control in bastrop for days now but low winds have helped fire fighters get a handle on those flames. the 18-mile long, five-mile wide fire in bastrop has charred 45 square miles of land, the most catastrophic of 180 fires burning statewide. >> looking at the fire right now and i'm thinking, gosh, that could be my property that just went up in smoke. >> we don't know if we've got a house to go to. we don't know anything. we can't findning. >> neighbors's charles hadlock is live from bastrop. hard to imagine what's happening with the canine dogs, looking for any victims who may have lost their lives in the fire >> reporter: good news is that so far no one is listed as unaccounted for. that's the very good news. about 4,000 people have been evacuated. 575 homes have been destroyed in bastrop county alone.
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this is the largest fire but there are several fires up in northeast texas, up around lyndon and jefferson, 30,000 acres on fire in that part of the state, but down here is where the effort sunday way. 30% of the fire has been contained, and officials say that later today they hope to be able to say that they believe the fire will not grow any larger. it's already 35,000 square acres of land that have burned in this one fire alone that began on sunday. tamron? >> all right, charles. thank you very much for the late forest there. and coming up, how much of your privacy are you willing to give up in the fight against terrorism? michael smerconish will join me to talk about a new poll that shows just how many of you say you're willing to sacrifice a lot. it's being called deeply personal. new details about congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelley's memoir. plus, keeping it cool. a new survey ranks countries according to their so-called cool factor. we'll tell you how america stacks up against the competition and where the president stands.
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new details this hour on that deadly shooting spree at an ihop in nevada. authorities now say a third national guard member has died after a lone gunman entered the restaurant and opened fire on a group of five uniformed officers eating breakfast. police say the gunman killed four people and wounded seven others with an ak-47 before taking his own life. he reportedly had a second ak-47 and a revolver stashed in the van he drove to that restaurant. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more from carson city, nevada. >> reporter: good afternoon, tamron. well, it started as just a norm
2:14 pm
aday for many of those people eating inside the ihop. they say the attack took members and in the end four people were dead. the gunman has left behind few clues as to why this happened. authorities say it appeared like he walked into the restaurant and deliberately worked towards a table where five national guard troops were sitting having a breakfast meeting. three of those troops ultimately died. two more were injured. he shot every single one of them sitting at the table. he also killed a woman sitting nearby. he injured seven others. several of those described as clinging to life so the death toll may still climb in this incident. now eduardo sencion's family says he has a history of mental illness, but he left behind no notes, no type of internet posting that they know of, and so at this point they are still
2:15 pm
unclear on what the motive was. tamron? >> all right, kristen, thank you. with the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks this weekend, a new poll find a significant number of americans are willing to sacrifice some privacy in order to fight terror. the associated press national opinion research poll, 64% say it's sometimes necessary for the government to sacrifice personal rights and freedoms to fight terror. 54% think it's more important to preserve their rights and freedom than to protect people from terrorists. joining me now to talk more about this is nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish. michael, i find this interesting. when we saw the big battle over christmas when people did not want to walk through the body scanners even though the tsa and others said this is a way to keep us safe, but the polls show people are willing to give up a lot of things. >> yeah. we'll give up a number of things, but by the same token we value very much those constitutional rights. the 54 misfigure that you
2:16 pm
highlighted, tamron, is what jumped off the page at me. if you said to americans take your pick, either protecting your rights or protecting us against terrorists, i'm going of surprised ten years after september 11 that 54% say give me my rights. >> you know what, 71% favor surveillance cameras in public places. at least they say that. that's a lot of people willing to have someone watch their every move, especially when you think about some of the major cities and new york city, you know, cameras with cameras literally at a 360-degree angle. 58% favor random searches involving full body scans or pat-down of airplane passengers. 47% support allowing the government to read e-mails sent between people outside the u.s. what does it say about us here again ten years later, michael? >> i think some things we've just grown accustomed to. you mentioned the surveillance cameras like you would find in mid-town manhattan or like are prevalent in the united kingdom in london.
2:17 pm
i think we've accepted that. those cameras are in areas where frankly you should not have an expectation of privacy, but when you say about how about a national i.d. card, less than half are comfortable with that. a third are willing to go along with some level of profiling so it seems to meet devil is in the details. it depends on the circumstances. we're not prepared to give the government a blanket check. >> dick cheney has come out with his book and talked a lot about it, but 52% said torture can be justified sometime to obtain information about terrorist activities. that's really along the same lines that the former vice president, the argument he makes about circumstances calling for waterboarding, for example. >> my hunch is that those individuals are talking about the alan dershowitz-described ticking time bomb case where you have somebody who is a bad individual, that you think possesses information, that if we had it could save american lives. you try all the less strenuous metho
2:18 pm
methods, don't get anything. you've got to do what it takes. >> i'll put you on the spot. where do you stand with this? do you agree with most that say we should be willing to sacrifice in the name of our security? >> it depends on the circumstance. i'm not dodging your question. i'm comfortable with the surveillance cameras. i'm someone who does believe in the ticking time bomb case, that in that sort of a situation you've got to do what it takes to spare american lives. i'm a little dubious about walking around with a national i.d. card, and yet by the same token i have a social security card and my driver's license, so maybe i'm not entirely consistent, but it depends exactly what we're talking about. >> michael, great talking to you, and, of course, i know you never dodge any questions. you come at it straight on. i love that but. >> i might be wrong, but at least i'll tell you. >> i love that. >> thank you, michael. coming up, there's a lot of pressure on two lawmakers tapped to lead the super committee on debt, but here's an interesting little factoid for you. the leaders have never met before. and it's being called one of the worst plane crashes involving a
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can't i just have these? freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. welcome back to "newsnation." house republican leaders are calling for president obama to meet with them ahead of the speech tomorrow night. the request comes as lawmakers head back to the hill this week after a month-long recess. democrats and republicans on the deficit super committee are holding separate meetings today ahead of their first full meeting tomorrow. now the group of 12 must feigned a way to slash the federal budget deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live from capitol hill. so kelly, what is the early word here on this super committee and these meetings today? >> reporter: well, this is kind of a get to know you phase for the committee on each side. by that i mean they want to compare notes before they go to the public meeting where the two
2:23 pm
parties will participate so it's sort of organizational. they want to get a severance how they are going to go forward because tomorrow we'll hear from each of them so brace yourself for some speeches to try and set out the goals of all of this. one of the interesting things, tamron, that we've been hearing today is kind of odd for the public to understand, but jeb hensarling, a republican on this panel appointed by speaker painer and senator patty murray appointed by senator harry reid, the co-chairs, have actually never met until this project. they spoke on the phone in august from their home states, but hadn't met, and they have both been in congress for about nine years, so it gives you an idea for how different this sort of committee is. when people criticize this and say there's so many committees in congress already, why do this? that's just one example of getting some different people working together from the two chambers, house and senate, and so we expect they have got a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time. as you know, their goal is to
2:24 pm
have a report passed out of this committee by thanksgiving and giving the rest of congress until christmas to pass that. it's a very, very big task with not a lot of time. >> let's talk about this letter sent by house republican leaders. they want to meet with the president before the speech on thursday. will that happen? >> heard no acceptance at this point, and certainly there are house republican leaders who say they want to show a sense of reaching out, pointing out to the white house areas where the republican and house will be tough to get something through perhaps have some common ideas with the president. that's on infrastructure and on dealing with pulling back some regulations perhaps so they wanted to try to give that as a way to politically get out front but also to not be perceived as too contentious right away. the white house says they appreciate that sentiment, but it will really matter what actually gets passed after the president puts forward his ideas. >> all right. >> reporter: a lot of question
2:25 pm
marks still to come, tamron. >> coming up, speaking of the president's plan to create jobs, we're going to get a live report from the white house before the big speech. there's no word on what the president will propose and new buzz over beyonce's baby bump. there is speculation all over the internet, mostly the gossip sites, of whether or not beyonce's baby bump was real at the video music awards. we've got the scoop coming up. state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. welcome back to "newsnation." the final preparations the republican candidates are doing walk-throughs an getting ready for tonight's presidential debate. what kind of impression will rick perry make on the national stage? two people face up to 30 years in jail after falsing reporting on twit they are a gunman stormed into a school and
2:29 pm
taken children hostage. and tracking maria. a new tropical storm forms in the atlantic. we've got the forecast. plus, which country is the coolest? we'll tell you how america's cool factor ranks against other countries. critics are already going after president obama's new plan to create jobs just over 24 hours before the speech itself. the president reportedly plans to pump billions into the economy through tax cuts, infrastructure spending and direct aid to state and local governments. minutes ago at a white house briefing jay carney refused to give any more details. >> he will make the case very aggressively that the measures he puts forward tomorrow night are the kinds of things that will help spur economic growth, that will lead to greater and faster job creation in the united states, and those are the two things that americans across the board are demanding. >> nbc's kristen welker joins me
2:30 pm
live now from the white house. so interesting. it was the "washington post" article that said that this is a replay of what we heard from the president when he was running for office. >> reporter: that's right. there is a lot of concern of how much this package is actually going to be new. that's something we've been pressing white house officials on. so far the president himself came out and said we're going to invest in infrastructure projects, going to extend payroll taxes. those are things that we've heard before. so the big question is how much will be new? the white house says there will be new elements in this plan. they are not giving specifics about that. you heard jay carney giving a broad brush what have this plan is going to look like, but one point that the white house wants to make is that this plan will pay for it investment we just asked jay carney how is it going to pay for itself? what specifically will be done to make sure that this plan is paid for? no specifics, again, but he says that it will be paid for. again, tamron, estimating by some reports that it will cost
2:31 pm
several hundred billion dollars, including things like extending the payroll tax cuts and pumping money into the state and local governments so that they don't have to lay off teachers, fire fighters, police officers and focusing on infrastructure projects so the white house not giving us a whole lot of specifics. we're just about a day away now, but, again, they are making the point there will be new ideas in this plan and it will pay for it investment as you mentioned, there's been a lot of pushback on this plan already. haven't heard about it. senator sessions came out saying he's concerned about some of what he's hearing, especially that $300 billion figure that's been floated around, so a lot of pushback, and we haven't heard the plan yet. >> kristen welker live for us at the white house. msnbc will bring you live coverage, of course, of the president's speech on jobs when he addresses a joint session of congress tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern time. now to california where in just a few minutes texas governor rick perry will take the stage for a walk-through for tonight's debate. all eyes will be on perry
2:32 pm
tonight. it is his debut. his rivals are questioning exactly where perry stands on the issues. in fact, ron paul plans to run an attack ad against perry slamming his support of al gore's 1988 presidential campaign. >> and al gore found a cheerleader in texas named rick perry. rick perry helped lead al gore's campaign to undo the reagan revolution. >> joining me to talk more about rick perry's performance tonight is the senior political reporter for "the dallas morning news." great to see you. >> great to see you, tamron. >> this ad apparently from ron paul will run, if i'm understanding this correctly, during the debate tonight. >> yeah. that's quite a shot across the bow. essentially what paul is saying is perry is a liberal. he's not, never has been, but paul is also saying that perry was supported and endorsed al gore for president in 1988. all true, perry was a democrat
2:33 pm
in 1988. most tea party folks know that, and i think he supported and endorsed gore though he didn't know him much. again, the political context was that perry was a democrat. gore was the southernin conservative alternative for that party against michael dukakis so that's what is going on there. i don't think that will cause a big problem for him. >> obviously since rick perry, i don't know, has hit a nerve with members of the base, especially the tea party, the more conservative members of the republican party, so it would be beneficial for someone like a ron paul who is really trying to make his voice heard and move up in the polls to -- to take on this new leader, but listen, without paul, ron pauline going after rick perry. you have people who are questioning the book he's written. come under fire for calling social security a ponzi scheme. he kind of doubled down on that, wayne. the national audience still getting to know rick perry here, so he has a lot of obstacles that don't include ron paul to
2:34 pm
look forward to? >> yeah. i think he does. michele bachmann likely will attack him or indirectly tonight as new tea party, mitt rom hi has sort of independently called him a career politician. i expect you'll see that kind of exchange tonight. but that tells us that rick perry is the man of the hour. >> he's who everybody is targeting. fundamentally what rick perry has to do is show he's the better tea party candidates taking votes from michele bachmann by largely dismissing her but showing himself to be presidential. in past debates in texas he's been very, very aggressive. he's also, based on his rollout, which was fairly combustible, he basically has been told by his staff be a little more presidential. dial it down a bit. that's not perry's instinct. the cowboy way is the way he does things. >> let me ask you, speaking of his instincts obviously gets much of it from our home state of texas there, but people are
2:35 pm
questioning his ability to juggle the major wildfires that are happening in this state and then fly to california and perform up to par on this debate. is this a good thing that he's left the state and go and show up on a national stage here? >> i think it is. i really think it's going to be hard for his critics to seriously attack him for going back home. >> right. >> and dealing with life and property and being photographed as the governor standing in the charred landscape of these fires. i think those fires although not completely contained, that he showed himself to be the chief executive and do what governors do. coming back here, i think, was probably, they think, the right thing, though i talked to his campaign this morning. they said his schedule really is still up in the air. he may fly directly back after this debate, but in the end i think he's shown himself to be a chief executive who does what chief executives do, and i don't think that's going to be a big source, a very fruitful target
2:36 pm
of attack by his opponents. >> all right, wayne. good talking to you. thank you very much. pretty good debate tonight, i bet. thank you. be sure to watch the nbc/politico republican debate right here on msnbc starting at 8:00. msnbc's chris matthews will be live tweeting during the debate. follow him @hardball chris. a russian plane crash and the majority of victims are members of the russian hockey team. the team's coach brad mccrimmon served in the nhl and served as an assistant coach for the detroit red wings. the plane went down and caught fire shortly after takeoff. there are reports of one survivor. and yahoo! ceo carol bartz was fired by the board yesterday over the telephone. today she fired back with a sharp e-mail to yahoo!'s more
2:37 pm
than 13,000 personal staff members. it reads to all. i am very sad to tell you that i've just been fired over the phone by yahoo!'s chairman of the board. it's been my pleasure to work with all of you, and i wish you only the best going forward. a mexican man and woman are facing terrorism charges and up to 30 years in prison after taking to twitter and falsely reporting a school was under attack by drug gangs. the government claims the messages led to mass hysteria. parents rushed to the school in vera cruz to pull their children out, and authorities say more than two dozen car accidents were linked to the rumors. the suspect's lawyers say the charges are too harsh and breach an international human rights charter and tomorrow maria has formed in the atlantic, west of the cape verde islands.
2:38 pm
maria is the 13th named storm. and while we hear about the u.s. image abroad, the u.s. has apparently not lost its cool. americans top the list when it comes to coolest nationalities. in a new international poll by the social networking site, 30,000 people in 15 countries were surveyed rounding out the top five, coolest nationalities, brazilians, spaniards, italians and the french. the british, well, they were in sixth. joining me now via describe is the director of the website lloyd price. let me make sure i'm saying it right. what's your website? >> >> perfect. now that we've gotten that right. what was the criteria? what were you looking at to determine what cool means or is these days? >> we were looking at, you know, the coolest nationality in terms of, you know, the people, the country which just has that cool factor, the cool edge. obviously america did exceptionally well. i think, you know, the abundance
2:39 pm
of films, fashion, music and just generally you have obama. you have snoop doggie dogs, a lot of icons of cool in the u.s. from jfk in the '60s all the way through, you know, to the '80s. you guys have still got it. you're still cool. >> well, i guess that counts for something, especially when these days we're talking so much about education and how our students are underperforming in math and science. at least we're cool, you might say, but how close were the rankings here? how close were we to brazil, for example? >> yeah, it was very close. you guys just edged out brazil. i think brazil with all the beaches, you know, the samba, the soccer, they have a very good reputation abroad n.third place, the spanish, they are on a high at moment winning the football world cup, plus, you know, they have got a very good standing in europe. >> right. >> but, yeah, brazil i don't understand just behind you guys.
2:40 pm
unfortunately in the uk, we didn't finish anywhere. >> close. >> right. to your point if you have someone that's cool, country that's cool, have you to have a list of people that are not so cool and that means the belgians, pols, turks, canadians and germans the least cool. can you name two or three cool belgian people apart from jean-claude van damme. >> that counts. well, it used to in the '80s. >> i mean,ing a th inmean, a.g. kristie. >> you might get beaten up. you're going to make a couple of people mad. one of my colleagues is polish, and he might come after you. canadians, i understand, not happy about this. you've got -- i don't want to just name hockey players, but come on, canadians, why are they
2:41 pm
low on the list? >> well, i think -- i think it's a misperception. people like mike myers and other famous canadians, actually canadian, pamela anderson is canadian, and i think it's just misrepresentation. people just don't understand. actually there are more cool people in canada i think because in the u.s. you guys have got hollywood. you kind of export music and films so well. i think, unfortunately, canada, they just don't do it on the global stage. they just don't seem to be able to export as well as you guys in the u.s. >> okay. >> but, hey, no love lost i imagine between you guys. >> no love lost there. lloyd, thank you very much. an interesting list you've put together. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks for your time. >> absolutely. up next on "newsnation." >> thank you. thank you. >> madonna has an open mike moment after a fan gives her flowers. she clearly did not appreciate. we'll tell you what the material
2:42 pm
girl -- they still call her that? is that cool to call her that? first, a lot of things going on. things we thought you should know. former olympian carl lewis' bid was been reject ed for stat senate. he fails to meet the residency requirements. gop presidential candidate junts man may have a slight disadvantage in tonight's campaign. a campaign spokesman reports huntsman woke up this morning with a sinus infection but will rest up today and the anticipated joint memoir of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelley will hit stores november 15thch the book will be titled "gabby, a story of courage and hope." the account covers everything from giffords' political career to kelly's time on the space shuttle, to her recovery over the past few months. and arnold is back in the movie business. former california governor schwarzenegger and bruce willis have just closed a deal to take,
2:43 pm
quote, substantial roles in "the expendables 2," alongside sylvester stallone. arnold will get far more camera time in the sequel after having just a cameo in the first. those are just some things we thought you should know. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business --
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour. the clock is ticking as we get set for a make-or-break debate. mebz's chris matthews joins us live for a presue and baby boomers say no to something for the first time in their lives, leaving their children any inheritance. could they be the worst generation ever? now back to tamron. disaster or home run? reaction is pouring in to the news that eddie murray will be
2:47 pm
hosting the oscars and madonna being rude to a fan and beyonce's baby bump. who doesn't like eddie murphy? >> apparently a lot of people don't like eddie murphy and i was on vacation when it was announced this he would host this year's oscars. sort of a head-scratcher. not totally alone. eddie murphy hosting is a great idea, getting eddie murphy is a home run, a comedy legend. the flip side of this coin comes from just one of them. eddie murphy is a multi-talented star, but if you look at his career over the last decade, really this century, the most successful role he's been in is the animated donkey if ""shrek." ". >> which was a great role, by the way. >> a great role, great movie. my personal opinion is people will definitely tune in for the first 30 minutes of the oscars to see what eddie murphy is doing and then they will remember they are watching the oscars and attention will wane.
2:48 pm
in so many ways the host isn't totally the problem. you've got to mix up the format of the show, and that's what the issue is with these award shows. >> i was watching "nightly news," can't remember the dollar amount. but the amount of eddie murphy has made in his movies is mezmerizing. >> it's mesmerizing, lack at these actors and their career as a whole and say they have had so many unsuccessful roles, but you know, you don't need that many great, great hits in order to be financially in great shape. eddie murphy is one of those people. >> wow. >> madonna, i don't know if we're planning on sending her flowers this week, but if you were, do not buy her hydrangeas, a great open mike moment now. a fan, actually part of a press room, gives her flowers. take a look at her reaction. >> thank you. thank you. >> i absolutely loathe
2:49 pm
hydrangeas, in case he doesn't know that. >> she gets this gift, and then she kind of rolls her eyes, a little difficult to see in that shot and says i loathe hydrangeas. madonna's rep has spoken out saying she's entitled to like anyone she want. doesn't mean to hurt the feelings of the hydrangea nation. i expected a lot of people to say this is the rudest thing ever. you should be gracious. siding with madonna. didn't know her mike was open. apparently it's okay to be mean as long as nobody hears you. >> and this baby bump controversy. >> the big news, let's face it, out of the mtv video music awards that beyonce is married, and she confirmed that she is with child. now, there is a website out there, not that she's not pregnant but that bump was fake. she's not as pregnant as she
2:50 pm
says that she is so in order for the announcement to seem very dramatic she put on a prosthetic bump so in today easily dicklous news of the world we present you with that. >> crazy. >> a funny world we live in. >> you know, maybe they can provide proof otherwise. got to move on. >> thank you, courtney. for the very latest entertainment news logon to coming up, a mom is arrested at her child's birthday party because of the noise level was just too high. she says the officers could have been more discreet. they didn't need to arrest her at her kid's birthday party. that's today's "newsnation" gut check. gone, like my last paych♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service,
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we've got some live pictures from the stage of the big debate tonight at the reagan library in simi valley, california. you look closely in the red tie, texas governor rick perry doing his walk-through before he makes
2:54 pm
his debut on the national stage. wanted to give you a glimpse of what's happening behind the scene, and if you did not know, let me remind you, the debate is live tonight on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, and we're going to all be live tweeting, but especially chris matthews, so check out chris' live tweets. all right. time now for "newsnation" gut check. it involves a man arrested during -- a mom arrested during her child's loud birthday party in what may be one of the noisiest neighborhoods in america. not sure how you measure that. over the past year there have been 716 noise complaints in pine manor near ft. myers, florida. on monday a neighbor called police to complain about noise coming from a child's birthday. veronica garcia was then arrested, bringing her young daughter's birthday to a halt. neighbors say garcia holds outdoor parties almost every weekend with music blaring. authorities say she's a repeat offender. garcia says she's angry, even embarrassed she was arrested in front of her kid. she says she would have gone
2:55 pm
quietly with police. the neighbor that called police say that they gave garcia several chances to be a good neighbor and, well, they don't feel bad about the arrest. had a does your gut tell you? should neighbors who repeatedly disturb the peace by holding loud parties be arrested, even in front of a child? go to to cast your view and yesterday's gut check about and he hoe man who is suing his co-workers for his share, he says of a $99 million lotto jackpot claiming they cut him off. they have all been putting money into the lottery pool every month for the last eight years but edward hairston was out with a back injury and missed his payment and when his co-workers won the payment they claim he covered for other people who were out. 75% of you said he should not get it, 25% yes. tomorrow on "newsnation," new york senator chuck schumer will
2:56 pm
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jooirks good afternoon. it's wednesday, september 7th, and here's what's happening. fight night. eight candidates enter a make-or-break debate in the race for 2012. rick perry faces the opposition for the first time. will the front-runner fold, or will this texan hold 'em, and will america buy their plans on jobs? at least one ex-candidate doesn't think ere's much hope of that. >> did you have a jobs plan? >> i did. the only specific one in the race. nobody cared. >> and now you don't have a job. >> and the countdown continues to tonight's msnbc politico debate now just five short hours until the republican hopefuls kick off at reagan library in


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