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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 23, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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i think it's time that the palestinian leadership recognizes what every serious leader is recognized. from lord george in 1917 to president truman in 1948 to president obama just two days ago right here. israel is the jewish state. president abbas stopped walking around this issue, recognize the jewish state and make peace with us. in such a genuine piece, israel is prepared to make painful compromises. we believe that the palestinians should be neither the citizens of israel nor subjects. they should live in a free state of their own. they should be rate, like us, for compromise.
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we will know that they are ready for compromise and peace when they start taking israel's security requirements seriously. when they stop denying our historical connection to the ancient homeland. i often hear them accuse israel of judeaizing jerusalem. that's like accusing america of americanizing washington. you know why we are called jews? because we come from judea. in my office in jerusalem, there is an ancient seal. it's a jewish official from the time of the bible. the seal was found right next to the western wall and it dates back 2700 years to the time of the king. now, there is a name of the jewish official inscribed on the
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ring in hebrew. his name was netanyahu. that's my last name. my first name, benjamin, dates back 1,000 years earlier to benjamin, the son of jacob known as israel. jacob and his sons roamed the same hills of je udea 4,000 yea ago and a continuous presence in the land ever since. for those jews who were exiled from our land, they never stopped dreaming of coming back. jews in spain and the eve of their expulsion, jews in the ukraine fleeing and jews fighting the warsaw ghetto as the nazis were circling around. they never stopped praying. they never stopped yearning. they whispered next year in
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jerusalem, next year in the promised land. as the prime minister of israel, i speak for 100 generations of jews who were dispursed throughout the lands who suffered the every evil under the sun, but who never gave up hope of restoring their national life in the one and only jewish state. ladies and gentlemen, i continue to hope that president abbas will be my partner in peace. i worked hard to advance that peace. the day i came into office, i called for direct negotiations without preconditions.
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president abbas didn't respond. i outlined a vision of peace of two states for two peoples. he still didn't respond. i removed hundreds of roadblocks and check points to ease freedom of movement in the palestinian areas, this facilitated a fan taftist growth in economy. again, no response. i took the unprecedented step of freezing new buildings in the settlements for 10 months. no prime minister did that before, ever. once again, you applaud, but there was no response. no response. the last few weeks, american officials have put forward ideas to restart peace talks. there were things in the ideas about borders that i didn't like. there were things there about
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the jewish state that i'm sure the palestinians didn't like. with all my reservations, i was willing to move forward on these american ideas. president abbas, why don't you join me? we have to stop negotiating about the negotiations. let's just get on with it. let's negotiate peace. i spent years defending israel on the battlefield. i spent decades defending israel in the court of public opinion. president abbas, you have dedicated your life to advancing the palestinian cause. must in this conflict continue for generations?
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or will we enable our children and grand children to speak in years of head of how we found a way to end it? that's what we should aim for. that's what i believe we can achieve. in 2 1/2 years we met in jerusalem only once. even though my door has always been open to you. if you wish, i will come torah malla. i have a better suggestion. we have flown thousands of miles to new york. now we are in the same city. we are in the same building. so let's meet here today in the united nations. who is there to stop us?
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what is there to stop us? if we generally want peace, what is there to stop us from meeting today and beginning peace negotiations. i suggest we talk openly and honestly let's listen to one another. let's do as we say in the mideast. let's talk straight forward. i will tell you my needs and concerns. you will tell me yours. with god's help, we will find the common ground of peace. there is an old arab saying that you cannot applaud with one hand. the same is true of peace. i cannot make peace alone. i cannot make peace without you.
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president abbas, i extend my hand, the hand of israel in peace. i hope that you will grasp that hand. we are both the sons of abraham. my people call him and your people call him ibrahim. we share the same and dwell in the same land. our destinies are intertwined. let us realize the vision of isaiah. [speaking foreign language] the people who walked in darkness will see a great light. let that light be the light of peace. >> on behalf of the general s sem blee, i wish to thank the prime minister for the statement just made. >> we were listening to israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking before the general assembly before palestinian president abbas's request at the un for a bid for state hood. a very interesting speech on many levels. first, let's note that netanyahu referred to abbas directly and said let's get on with it and negotiate peace and offering to meet this day at the un in new york city. a very defiant speech on behalf of the prime minister. our own andrea mitchell noted in her hour that this is a situation where the u.s. and israel are isolated as we know. the president said he would veto the bid for state hood for the palestinian people. it's incredible that we are seeing. we will see what the reaction is within the next hour or so. benjamin netanyahu saying let's get on with it and negotiate peace. let's stop negotiating on negotiations. he offered to go and said they
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only met in 2 1/2 years once. we will get more reaction on this speech, but as it stands, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying let's meet now at this hour at the un. incredible speech you just heard and this sunday on nbc's "meet the press," david gregory has a meeting with netanyahu. we will keep you up to date on the breaking news. new developments in the case of a missing utah mother, susan powell who disappeared nearly two years ago. susan's father, chuck cox filed for custody of her two young children. he did so after a stunning development in her story. overnight, susan's father in law steven powell was arrested on charges of voyeurism and child pornography. during the investigation of susan's disappearance, they found thousands of indecent images of susan, other women and young girls in this man's home near seattle. susan's husband josh and two young sons have been living in
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the home. >> we found a lot of different photographs that are inappropriate of young girls taking showers, on toilet, in bathtubs and it appears they were neighbors. he has high tech camera gear. >> joining me now is profiler and msnbc analyst, clint van zandt. >> this story has more turns and twists than a utah highway and it's getting creepier every time. it all centers back on either susan powell's husband or now her father in law. realize her father in law is the man who came out a couple of weeks ago and with this terribly obnoxious grin on his face suggested he had an ongoing sexual relationship with his daughter in law. something that his own son denied knowing and all of susan's friends said that would not be possible. she considered him a creep. >> with that said and all of
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these details, her husband was the only person of interest. what happens now? does the father in law now become a person of interest too given this charge if the allegations are true? >> i would have been looking at him a long time ago. for law enforcement's purposes, they have to know where he was almost two years ago now. the night that susan went missings we all know, the night her husband leaves the house in a snowstorm to take their little boys camping. the question now for law enforcement is does josh remain the sole person of interest and could his father have somehow helped him if he is the subject in susan's disappearance or in his own creepy mystic mind, could he have tried to further this fantasized relationship knowing his son was out of town? these were all questions police need to answer. right now the two men remain at
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the center of the mystery and the young mother is still missing. >> thank you very much for joining us and also developing, the stalemate on capitol hill. thes en's rejected a house bill that would have kept the government from going broke. now the congress has a week to come up with another plan and avoid a government shut down. >> what's at issue is whether we at to the debt or not. we have a path forward to get disaster funding done right here today. there is absolutely no reason in my judgment to delay funding for disasters until monday. >> the two democratic leaders, reid and pelosi and mcconnell and boehner should work through this. there is a compromise here. >> joining me is talk show host and msnbc contributor. looks like mitch connell and reid call forward a vote at 5:30 on monday.
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reid called for a vote on 5:30 on monday. here we are again with this. a big important part is funding for natural disasters which we have seen far too many of lately. >> defense secretary robert gates was in my hometown of philadelphia last night to receive the liberty medal, a very esteemed apart. i tell you that because there is a secretary who served a republican and a democrat back to back. what did he say in his speech? compromise is a dirty word in washington. i keep thinking of what he said in those remarks and applying it to this circumstance. it is such a disgrace that the most routine of matters whether it's the debt ceiling or this continuing resolution, fema funding, my god, they can't even agree on this? they all look bad and people at home watch this play out on television. they had enough of all of them. >> do people become numb?
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we read this story so many times, we are looking at a possible government shut down. >> it didn't used to be this way. the answer is that the middle has vanished. the national journal last year documented how those politicians who were moderate are gone. they have been vis rated. this is what you get. it's a terrible shame. >> it certainly is. a lot of people will agree with you. have a good weekend. where will it land? within hours, a nasa satellite the size of a city bus is expected to crash down to earth. where the debris will land at this point is still unknown, but the latest word from nasa came a few hours ago. officials said the satellite's decent has slowed, putting the time frame for reentry between tonight and early tomorrow. there is a low probability that any debris will land in the u.s., but the possibility cannot
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be discounted because of the changing rate of dissent. earlier in the day, the report was no chance any of this would hit north america. that changed slightly. what do you think is going on? >> what we know is as of 10:30 this morning eastern time, the satellite has slowed. as you mentioned, the rate has slow and their predictions have changed. right now they are saying it could be any time between late this evening and early saturday morning. there is a low probability that it will hit over the u.s. and it's still there. that's the latest. >> what are would cause it to slow and them to get the numbers off on this? >> they tracked it closely, but the reason it's slowing is because it's tumbling. the configuration is changed since they last made their predictions. originally if you remember when they first put up the notice, they were saying it would come down late september or early october. it increased because of solar
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activity. it basically heats up the atmosphere and causes more drag. now they calm down and they are seeing this slow down from what they were expecting. >> we are not the only ones talking about this. this is international headlines. the debris would be the size of an american refrigerator. everyone is giving comparisons. we are not certain where it will land. >> right. it's uncertain and they are not able to narrow it down until the time of impact. about two hours before it hits, they will know where within a 500 mile path. >> we will have a two-hour heads up. >> there is nothing to be concerned about. that's the most important thing to remember. the earth is 75% water and it's probable that it will fall in the water. >> like the lottery. up next, they spent a decade in prison for a murder they did not commit.
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two men who were wrongfully convicted have been set free. i will talk with the attorney who helped them. >> mire next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than the current administration. >> the line of the night. did gary johnson steal the joke from another big name republican? >> sentenced to church, one judge is givening criminals a choice. go to jail or go to church. it's coming up. the details on that. "news nation" is back in a few minutes.
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down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ]
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as the debate ramgs over whether georgia executed an innocent man, two men who served a decade in prison have been set free. kenneth and his codefendant were released yesterday after being exonerated by a three-judge panel. the judge acted after the north
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carolina innocence inquiry commission found in april. there was enough evidence to indicate the men were not guilty of the killings. the innocence inquiry commission, lindsay smith and jamie lau. lindsay, i will start with you. this story should beably it peak interest on any day, but with the troy davis case and the debate over possible innocence there, it draws a lot of attention to your case. what happened here? >> i think what we can say is that we investigated a case from beginning to end and in that process turned up information that they were able to pass along that shed light on the innocence of these individuals. after that process they sent this case forward to a three-judge panel and there was a seven-day hearing where the
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panel listen and believe they got a fair hearing and the judges made a decision that the individuals had proven by clear and convincing evidence that they were innocent of the crimes for which they were previously convicted. >> they're always maintained their innocence and pled guilty to the killing of the 51-year-old man in the robbery to avoid i believe a life sentence or death sentence there. what was the evidence that was able to be provided this time that was not there when they were convicted or given this awful deal in the first place? some of that was not uncovered. we were able to have items tested collected from the crime scene that enabled us to exclude
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the individuals further. once that dna evidence was brought forward i think it was strong indicator that these individuals may be innocent to the crime that they pled guilty 10 years prior. >> i don't want to put too much on this one case, but you have the debate over the death penalty and one if not both men could face death or live n prison without parole. what do you believe this says about the justice system without dna? what do we need to do to make sure innocent people are not executed or spend deak eads behind bars? we are a state agency. we are a neutral agency and charged with investigating these claims from a neutral standpoint. i think what's important to note is when we do that, we are often
2:25 pm
able to confirm guilt of individuals through dna and other matters. those are just as satisfying as they give individuals assurance that often the criminal justice system does work. however in a case like this, we are able to see where maybe the system failed these individuals. >> that is say great point. you are neutral and want justice as we would like to be see justice served appropriately. thank you for your time. rick perry's job record comes under attack from conservatives who say most of the new jobs that the governor likes to talk about that he said he created in texas actually went to illegal immigrants. plus, lady gaga wants to meet with president obama. details on what she said must end now. "news nation" is back in three.
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welcome back to "news nation." losing support, president obama's favorability dropped dramatically over the past few months. what's behind the unhappiness? jail or church? a judge gives criminals a choice of how they want to serve their sentence. >> there is children korean war vets. >> kim delaney is escorted off stage in a military event after a bizarre appearance. and today's "news nation" gut check, a student is suspended for saying homosexuality is wrong. his mother said he has a right to express his views. >> now to decision 2012. is rick perry texas toast? the pressure is on from republican presidential candidates and conservative groups not happy with his past decisions on immigration and his words about social security. critics say perry's effort to
2:30 pm
defend himself has fallen flat. take a look at the moment. perry took hits on stage for a stance on immigration and border security. >> if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> i think the fact that he doesn't want to build a fence, he gave a speech in 2001 where he talked about binational health insurance between mexico and texas. i don't think barack obama would be for binational health insurance. >> perry's stance as a job creator is under fire from conservatives, a new report from the center for immigration studies said 81% of the jobs created in the star state were taken by illegal foreign workers in the country. mark krekorian is the director
2:31 pm
for centers of immigration studies. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> your report was intriguing. i saw it justice you say that most of the jobs have gone to undocumented workers or people in the country illegal legal. how did you come up with the numbers? >> we found that the working age population from '07 until now grew mostly through native-born americans turning 16 and they are part of the working age population. most of the growth in the pool of people for employers to hire was americans. 81% of the job growth went to recent immigrants. not even long-term, but recent immigran immigrants. half were illegal and half were legal. the question is if governor perry is boasting about his record, he apparently has something to do with it. that's a plausible thing to say. somebody needs to ask, are the
2:32 pm
americans who live in texas benefiting for this? not as much as you would think. >> interesting you would say that because the other reporting out there and numbers indicate that a lot of the jobs people were able to get is where you were making minimum wage and health care. they were working in the country illegally, you do make that conclusion and people could secure better jobs for their families and not where they were making minimum wage. >> of the illegal immigrants, they probably did get those kinds of low skill jobs. one third getting employment had at least some college education. it's not just the landscapers and dishwashers. >> do you believe that rick harry has adequately answered these questions? we are looking at a lot of
2:33 pm
conversation on border security and the talk of a fence and so on and so forth. he was hit hard on the program that would have covered the tuition for students in the country illegally. the questions about the jobs in that state, do you believe he is answering these issues adequately. >> i have to say probably not. the legal immigrants that we identified are legal and do whatever they want. that's a question about what should federal policy be in the future? for the illegal immigrants, the governor opposed measures that even the state can take to try to limit illegal immigration. like a system called e verify, a free online system that helps employers check whether the people that are hiring are lying or not. governor perry has repeatedly opposed using that system even for state agencies to make sure they don't hire illegal immigrants. there is a clear connection between the jobs record here and governor perry's opposition to effective immigration.
2:34 pm
>> is it enough to hurt him in trying to secure the nomination? >> i don't know. that's not really for me to say, but i have to say calling a whole share of the american population heartless because they don't think it's right to subsidize illegal immigrants to the tune of tens of thousands every year. that doesn't strike me as a good votegetter. >> thank you so much. it's a great pleasure having you on. executives duck questions from frustrated republican lawmakers in the house hearing the energy and commerce committee investigating the 535 million dollar loan to the company that is going through chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. members wanted answers and did not get a lot from the executives. >> i have been advised by my counsel that it has been my right to assert the questions under the fifth amendment. >> i must evoke the fifth amendment. >> republicans were not pleased
2:35 pm
with the decision. >> if we learned anything about mr. harrison, he had no problem talking about the company. it makes you wonder what you are trying to hide or cover up. >> you knew titanic was sinking and got to the life boats first. >> they are holding the bag for $535 million guarantee and still can't get answers. >> nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us. >> there was a lot of frustration and finger pointing and an investigation that is ongoing. it won't be the last of what we hear from the executives except they are invoking their fifth amendment rights. some of the democrats said they understood that was the right, but you got the sense that nobody thought that was a good way to go in terms of owing the taxpayers so much money and answers.
2:36 pm
there was real frustration today. this is all tied to a green job and this solar company had personally lobbied members of congress on that committee days before they went bankrupt. there were members of the department of energy who were supportive of them getting a loan. there were a lot of unanswered questions that couldn't be resolved because the executives would not cooperate. there ongoing investigations here today was a moment where the two executives are put through a humiliating process. they don't want to cooperate and they gave them quite a lot to think about. >> kelly o'donnell live with us. thanks a lot. new details from the ntsb on the deadly racing aircraft crash. in nevada, that tops our look around the nation. investigators say they are looking at evidence that a piece
2:37 pm
fell off an aircraft as it climbed in reno. they are checking the on board data box and camera equipment from the plane. a final report could take months. 11 were killed in the crash and 74 were injured. the prosecution rested in the amanda knox case saying the murder conviction against knox should be upheld. they challenged the results of dna evidence that cast doubts on much of the genetic evidence used to convict knox. they told the jury to ignore the media focus on the rodings. some criminals in alabama are getting a choice. go to jail or do time at a local church. nonviolent offenders can work off their sentence a different way. going to church every sunday for an entire year. if offenders select church, they will be allowed to pick the place of worship, but must check in weekly with the pastor and police. if the church attendance program
2:38 pm
is completed, the case will be dismissed. over the past few months, princeton university and cornell west and tavis smiley have been criticized and praise for challenging president obama's administration policies on poverty and the focus on unemployment in the african-american community. some wonder if their message is resonating with african-american voters. take a look. a new "washington post" abc poll shows 58% of african-americans have a strong favorability view of the president. that is a huge dip. five months ago, that number was at 83%. now it's at 58%. earlier this week, cornell west was on with my colleague. >> the question is, will he stay in when things get tough? when things get difficult. it looks like barack obama will have spine, but it could be a two-step. a speech for progressives and move it back to the center. >> the former dna communicator
2:39 pm
and analyst, a political analyst and contributor for the 83% at one point and the slip to 58% with african-american voters. >> we have seen that and this is the latest poll. there has been slippage. two things have happened over the last few months. number one, the grim dismal unemployment figures with african-americans is having an impact and taking the toll. raising many questions among african-americans and really the question is that many are asking both publicly and not so much publicly, but essentially is the president doing enough. we heard it from the black caucus and other leading african-americans. that's on the table and the second thing that we have to look at is the enthusiasm gap. i am more concerned than raw numbers. the president certainly has a
2:40 pm
huge crusade in 2008 from african-americans. it really was a major factor in swinging for states and giving him the white house. i'm concerned that enthusiasm may be slipping away. there is deep concern i guess in the white house about that too. >> let me make this point. that number of 58% are people who are strongly favorable. the president's overall favorability with african-americans is 86%. these people who would be most enthusiastic as earl pointed out. what do you believe the white house strategy is here to deal with the number? is there a strategy? >> there is and think finally the alarm bells are standing. with the poll numbers we have seen up to this point, it is the african-american vote that was critical to his success and helped keep his overall numbers higher than they otherwise would be. i agree with earl. a couple of things.
2:41 pm
we are talking about this publicly over the last several months and the congressional black caucus helped to highlight the numbers and you are seeing african-americans talking about it openly. the white house through the dnc and ofa will try to be more aggressive in the outreach of the voters which is critical. part of the problem that we're slipping back into is a lot of politicians come to the black community and a couple months before election time asking for vote when is that work needs to be done all along. i think it's not that the administration hasn't been conscientious of the impact of the effects of the economy on african-americans or latinos. we don't hear that enough from the president. we are talking about unemployment, it would be good to hear the president acknowledge what's happening in the black community on a range of issues. that's part of what people are frustrated by. we don't hear people talking about the issues. >> karen, certainly you had people in the past say that the
2:42 pm
democrats take the african-american vote for granted in that what is the other option. what does the other side have to entice the black vote? innocent, you and i have talked about this. some believe that a conservative republican candidate might be able to obviously not overwhelmingly win the vote, but pick off a few people who are attracted by socially conservative values. >> that's right. this issue of enthusiasm could help to suppress the vet because again it's not a matter of will people vote for obama or somebody else, but will they get 10 friends to go vote? will they do car rights for people to get there to vote? i do think there is a vulnerability that the democrats have faced for sometime on two fronts. one on the more conservative issues like choice. also african-americans want to be talked about about a range of
2:43 pm
issues and the candidates tended to focus on civil rights issues or one set of issues rather than recognizing hey, we as a community care about a broad range of health care and education and economy. if you are not speaking to all of that, we don't feel like you understand what we are going through. >> all right, karen and earl. thank you for your time. still ahead, chris brown rewards a fan who returned his $22,000 rolex after the singer tossed it in a crowd during a performance. we will tell you what the fan got as a surprise. there is a lot going on today and things we thought you should know. >> my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration. >> that was former new mexico
2:44 pm
governor gary johnson. plenty of laughs, but people have pointed out rush limbaugh used a strikingly similar line on his radio show hours before. they are asking if he stole rush's joke. people attending the clinton initiative caught a rare mother-daughter moment. watch how chelsea clinton and her mom and dad on the use of technology. >> as your daughter, i remember when i helped you send your first text message. >> that wasn't very long ago. chelsea is being much too kind and gentle because both bill and i if you don't tell anybody, we are primitive. >> my father still refers to the internet as the worldwide web. >> lady gaga wants to mead with president obama over concerns over bullying after the suicide of 14-year-old jamie road myer earlier this week. gaga tweeted said i will not stop fighting.
2:45 pm
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gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. i'm martin bashir, coming up, new questions about pakistan and whether this ally may actually be anti-american. palestinian state hood dominates the day at the united nations. rick perry does anything but dominate the debate and beware of falling space junk. back to tamron. >> a bizarre moment for an army wife's star. guide feels the wrath of an academy award nominee and chris brown rewards a fan. let's get the scoop from alicia. global entertainment editor for the associated press. good to see you. start with the kim delaney story. >> she was ann event honoring robert gates. she gets on stage and the speech
2:49 pm
is just rambling. we have a clip to show you guys. >> we have members of the military and army wives and we do our best to tell their stories. and though -- >> that's escorted off. in the past she had gone to rehab. >> no one knows what's behind that. >> you never want to see that. >> her appearance is disheveled. >> not happy with treatment she is receiving. >> she is a new star on the show person of interest. tv guide does a story on the show and she was not on the cover, but her costars were.
2:50 pm
she took to the facebook page and saying she was upset for not being on the cover. >> this was the billboard for the show. >> that's the billboard for the show, but on tv guide, their editor is saying shes by her decision that the reason they put the men is that's what the story was about. there was a whole thing brewing. >> she thought she was snubbed? >> yes. her statement on her facebook page, this is what she has to deal with. people r are saying are there racial or gender under tones. it's an interesting debate. >> they said listen, i never planned to put you on the cover of the magazine. >> she standing by her story and cover. >> chris brown lost his $2200 rolex at the video music a warts. >> he was doing a lot of dancing and his $22,000 rolex fell off in the audience. a lucky fan gave it back.
2:51 pm
chris said i will give you tickets to a show and he made good on it and gave her tickets to a cincinnati show. >> how much were the tickets worth? >> probably $100. >> that's not adding up. i'm just kidding. i saw the pictures at the concert and she was having a great time. a good deed does pay off. >> nice see him in the headlines for something good. >> i'm sure he thinks. great job for the latest entertainment news. logon to scoop or be a fan on facebook. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth!
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time for the gut check. a texas teen is suspended for school for what he calls a casual comment to his friend. he was punished for saying he is a christian and believes homosexuality is wrong. his family now has an attorney. our affiliate from kxas.
2:55 pm
>> he found himself in a principal's office after they brought up the bible and religious beliefs. >> what are the views are in germ 18 and i said i'm christian and i think to be homosexual is wrong. he got mad and wrote me an infraction and sent me to the office. >> he said no gays allowed in christianity and said the comment was out of context and it is wrong to make such a statement in public school. >> this is not necessary. it's uncalled-for. >> his mom and the liberty council said it's not right. >> just because you walk in the doors of school, you don't shed your rights. he was not harassing anybody. he was stating his life in a nonhostile way. >> they said it's not true that he was bullying and believe they overreacted. >> he's a good kid. he's very respectful and i
2:56 pm
believe it was taken way out of hand. >> in a statement in ft. worth, they are reviewing what happened here and can't comment further as per district policy. surprised at the punishment accident he said he didn't mean to offend anyone. >> i said it what i believe about it. >> that was chris van horn reporting. should the school have suspended dakota? go to "news nation" to cast your vote that. does it for this friday edition of "news nation." hope you enjoy your weekend. i'm tamron hall. martin bashir is up next. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪ but if you take away the dramatic score... take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move, and take away the over-the-top stunt,
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. good afternoon, it's friday, september 23rd. here's what's happening. nuclear showdown. >> choosing to use have a lent extremism extremism, the government of pakistan jeopardizes the prospect of our partnership.


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