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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 28, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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entire future mapped out at this point. and we don't expect you to have to make it on your own. first of all you have wonderful parents who love you to death and want you to have a lot more opportunity than they ever had. which by the way means don't give them a hard time when they ask them to turn off the video games. turn off the tv, and do some homework. you need to give them respect. i speak from experience, because that's what i've been telling m malia and sasha. don't be mad. we're thinking about your future. you also have people across the country including myself and arne and people at every level of government who are working on your behalf. we're taking every step we can to ensure you're getting an educational system worthy of your potential. we're working to make sure that you have the most up to date school with the latest tools of
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learning. we're working to get the best teachers into the classroom as well so they can help you prepare for can college and a future career. let me say something about teachers, by the way. teachers are the men and women who might be worker harder than just about anybody these days. [ applause ] whether you go to a big school or a small one, whether you attend a public or a private or a charter school, your teachers are giving up their weekends. they're waking up at dawn. they're cramming their days full of classes and extracurricular activities, and then they're going home, eating some dinner, and then they have to stay up past midnight grading your papers and correcting your grammar and making sure you've got that algebra form laulated
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properly. they don't do it for a fancy office. they sure don't do it for the big salary. they do it for you. they do it because nothing gives them more satisfaction than seeing you learn. they live for those moments when something clicks. wen you amaze them with your intellect or category. they see what kind of person you have become. they say i have something to do with that. they have confidence in you that you will be citizens and leaders who take us into tomorrow. so your teachers are pouring everything they've got into you. and they're not alone. with all the challenges that our country is facing right now, we don't just need you for the
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future, we actually need you now. america needs young people's passion and their ideas. we need your energy right now. i know you're up to it, because i've seen it. nothing inspires me more than knowing that young people all across the country are already making their marks. they're not waiting. they're making a difference now. this are students like will kim from fremont, california, who launched a nonprofit that gives loans to students from low-income schools who want to start their own business. think about that. so he's giving loans to other students. he set up a not for profit. he is raising the money doing what he loves, through dodge ball tournaments and capture the flag games. but he took initiative. now he's helping other young people be able to afford the schooling that they need. a young man jake bernstein, 17 years old from a military family
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in st. louis working with his sister to launch a website devoted to young people for community service. they helped thousands of families to find volunteer opportunities ranging from maintaining nature trails to serving at local hospitals. then last year i met a young woman named amy chow from richardson, texas. she's 16 years old. so she's the age of some of you here. during the summer i think because so many in her family had known this, she decided that she was interested in cancer research. she hadn't taken chemistry yet, so she taught herself chemistry during the summer. then she applied what she had learned and discovered a breakthrough process that uses light to kill cancer cells. 16 years old. it's incredible.
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she has been approached with doctors and researchers who want to help her to work on her discovery. the point is you don't have to wait to make a difference. your first obligation is to do well in school. your first obligation is to make sure that you're preparing yourself for college and career. but you can also start making your mark right now. a lot of times young people may have better ideas than us old people do anyway. we need the ideas out in the open, in and out of the classroom. when i meet young people like yourselves. i have no doubt that america's best days are still ahead of us. because i know the potential that lies in each of you. soon enough you'll be the ones leading our businesses and leading our government. you'll be the ones who are making sure the next generation gets what they need to succeed.
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you'll be the ones charting the course of our unwritten history. all that starts right now thrks year. i want all of you listening and everybody here at banneker, i want you to make the most of the year ahead of you. i want you to think of this time u as one in which you are just loading up with information and skills and you're trying new things and you're practicing and you're honing all the things you're going to need to do great things when you get out of school. your country is depending on you. set your sights high. have a great school year. let's get to work. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> president obama getting his back to school message. telling the students at benjamin banneker high school in washington, d.c. that they need
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to graduate from high school. they need to go onto higher education. 60% of the jobs opening up in the next decade will require more than a high school education but that the u.s. rates 16th in college completion ranks. he says we want to be number one. he doesn't like being number 16. that wraps it up for us as the president completes his message to students all across america and their parents. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. now to peter alexander in for tamron hall today. >> thank you very much. in for tamron hall as you noted today. the news nation is following new details in the michael jackson trial. we want to show you these live pictures of the courtroom as we speak. where michael jackson's personal assistant, michael williams, has just taken the stand. williams told the court that jackson was, in his words, in good spirits the night before his death and said the last rehearsal was, quote, a may izing. the pop star's family arrived with crowds of fans and
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photographers. it was a zoo out front again. everybody bracing themselves for another day of gut wrenching testimony. they showed the contract for murray to become michael jackson's personal physician. gave new insight into the haggling over money. she claimed dr. murray repeatedly told her that jackson was perfectly healthy and murray wanted payments even if jackson's "this is it" tour was canceled. kristen is joining us live outside the courthouse. what is the latest from inside the courtroom right now? >> let's go live inside right now. they're playing a call that michael jackson's assistant got from conrad murray on the day that jackson died if we can take that and listen right now. [ inaudible ]
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>> what murray said to him on that day was call me right away. he left a message. when michael williams did call back to dr. murray, he said, you've got to get over here right away. michael has had a bad reaction. get somebody here now. so prosecutors contend that dr. conrad murray made that call to michael williams before calling 911. the prosecutors asked williams, did dr. murray ever say anything to you about calling 911 in those calls? michael williams answered no. the stan was also asked a while ago about michael jackson on the night before he died. he accompanied him to the staple center for the final rehearsal. he said that michael was in good spirits. listen now to what he sads. >> how would you describe the rehearsal? >> personally, i thought it was amazing. that was the first time i had
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ever seen him perform. i thought it was the best thing in the world. later told me he doesn't go 100% until the show. he was just going 30 or 40. but i thought it was great. >> so that is michael williams, michael jackson's personal assistant at the time of the death. he said that michael seemed to be doing great before. he stopped on the way home, going back into his mansion and greeted fans. he seemed like he was in great spirits that night. we also heard earlier from kathy jory. she's a lawyer that negotiated the contract with dr. murray to be michael jackson's personal assistant. she asked him and said $150,000 a month is a lot of money to be get i getting eab murray contended he was giving up four practices to do that and he derved the money. she also asked about the request for a cpr machine. she thought it was an odd request for the doctor to make.
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he said michael was going to be performing at such a high level that he wanted to make sure he had all the equipment. >> now joining us live is criminal defense attorney john buress. i want to begin by asking you what kristen said t questioning over the cpr machine, the life saving equipment that dr. murray asked the concert pro moteers for. at a time when he also said that michael jackson was doing just fine. why does that raise red flags for you? >> it means the type of drug he was giving him he knew could create a problem at in point in time. so from his point of view, he wanted to make sure give than he was given the drug under nonhospital circumstances that just in case. for me it's a cautionary measure on his part. it also means he was clearly aware the conduct he was engaged in could have drastic negative consequences. >> it's remarkable how many audiotapes already.
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just day two of the trial we heard played. one the most jarring for many americans was the tape we first heard on monday where michael jackson appears to be slurring his words. he's out of it. what does the prosecutor accomplish by revealing that recording? >> the prosecutor is basically saying that the doctor had to notice that michael could have a negative reaction to this particular drug and that there were times when he was incoherent. if you gave him this kind of drug, he had a responsibility to watch him all the time, and the prosecution's kags is he was negligent. he give him this particular drug. he knew he had potential reactions to it. he did not watch him in a way you would expect a wire to do so. he noticed michael would have the negative reaction, he wasn't always in complete form. and when you give him na kind of
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drug, you have a responsibility to be more than watchful over him. >> john burr res joining us from california today. thanks for your time. there's breaking news we want to share with you right now. a military commission at guantanamo bay brought capitol charges against the alleged master mind of the "uss cole" that attack in yemen killed 17 american sailors and wounded 37 others. specifically one man is planned with planning and preparing the attack. he will face arraignment before the military commission within the next 30 days. if convicted he could face the death penalty. some other news now. reebok is going to settle a complaint over two sneakers. reebok claimed the easy tone and run tone shoes that cost up to $100 a pair could strengthen and tone legs and your tush muscles
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better than regular shoes. during a news conference the federal trade commission said reebok never backed up the that clai claim. >> if you're going to make particular exclaims about health benefits for your products, you better have some kind of adequate substantiation for those claims before you make the them. >> tom costello is joining me. does this mean that reebok lied about the benefits of these shoes? they're not the only company that has made similar claims about these types of shoes. >> reebok says absolutely not. it stands by the product. it continues to say the product works and it will continue to sell those. nonetheless it has entered into a $25 million agreement with the federal trade commission and under the agreement it is going to pay $25 million so that customers can get a refund if they so desire.
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they will not make the same claims in advertisements. they've told them to pull downny advertisements in the store. the claim was 11% improved muscle tone. and 28% in the buttocks area and claims they never backed that up with scientific hard data. >> tom cost tello, thank you ve much. one of the nation's top high schools is being rocked by an s.a.t. cheating scandal. a former student at the school of new york's long island is accused of taking the s.a.t. not for himself but for at least six others and charging them up to $2,500 a piece. not smart enough to not get caught. how did they figure out this was the right guy? >> that's an interesting part of
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the story. you can take the test anywhere, use a fake i.d., go into a school where they don't know you and take the test. this kid was smart. i think he could have done it more. the way they busted the kids is that there was a rumor going around the school that something odd was happening. and so they took the s.a.t. test results and compared them to the school's academic records that the kids had that were in question. the s.a.t. tests were way better than they have expected. the handwriting in all six tests was the same. this guy took the tests at least six times. 2210, 2240. he's a smart guy. not smart enough to avoid getting caught. >> four kids went to good colleges. that's why the prosecutors think this is a crime. they are denying some other student an opportunity. the defense is saying he pleaded
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not guilty. it should be an administrative matter handled by the school, the administration department. but the prosecutors insisted it's a crime. they changed hands. $12,000. again, they think it might be the tip of the iceberg. >> a bug story causing outrage for families now. thank you very much. here's another story upsetting people. a town clerk in upstate new york has suddenly found herself at the center of an emerging test case over the state's new same-sex marriage law. the law that took effect this past july. rosemary is a self described bible believing christian. she believes homo sexuality is a sin, so she does not want to sign same-sex marriage licenses. instead, she's having a dep tiff issue all marriage licenses, but only by appointment. a lesbian couple who owns a farm argues the law requires all clerks in new york to provide marriage licenses to same-sex
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couples. they say their civil rights were violated when they were told they would have to wait. joining me now is michael smerconish, who is also an msnbc contributor. the town clerk says new york law protects my rights to hold both my job and my beliefs. the problem with that is you can have your beliefs, but you still have to follow the law, don't you? >> well, we're going to find out if she's correct in her articulation of the law. she says she should not have to leave her political views at the door. i beg to differ. if those are her religious beliefs. if her religious beliefs are standing in the way of her carrying out those responsibilities, then i think she's derelict in not fulfilling her responsibilities. so it's not enough to say i'm going to deputize somebody else. it puts a burden on the same-sex couple that would not exist for
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a heterosexual couple. >> she works three days a week, today, wednesday. she's open for three hours on the three days. tuesday, thursday and saturday. her argument is that if you come in, we're glad to help you. i'm just not going to be the one to do it. is that the gist of it? >> that st gist of it. it reminds me of similar cases that came to light. some pharmacists were saying i'm not going to fulfill a prescription for birth control. it runs contrary to my religious belief. if that's your approach, you better get the pharmacist standing next to you to fill your prescription. but what if there isn't a person? my personal view is perhaps you're unfit for some jobs if you're going to allow your personal/religious views to prevent you from serving the entire society. >> well, now there's a competitor, a 42-year-old in the area, jen wilcox is hoping to beat her in the national election. we'll see what the people of that community say as well.
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michael smerconish, thanks very much. >> coming up next, education nation. >> when you show up to a parent's house, that's a powerful gesture for them. >> many teacherses and principals are voluntarily making house calls. we'll have details up next. also amazon unveiling its answer to apple's ipad. the kindle fire is cheaper than the ipad. but does it stand a chance with customers. [ woman ] jogging stroller, you've been stuck in the garage, while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec®, i can love the air®. [ woman ] my heart medication isn't some political game. [ man ] our retirement isn't a simple budget line item. [ man ] i worked hard. i paid into my medicare.
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back now live on msnbc and all week long, the second annual education nation summit has been taking place here at 30 rock in new york city. today we wanted to turn our focus to a new school based volunteer program. this one comes from chicago where educators are giving students the kind of personal attention that one might have only received from a doctor in
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the good old days, as they were. we're talking about house calls. those who get them say it's having an a-plus effect. take a listen. >> this is a neighborhood school. we have 600 students. 9 through 12. >> we have primarily a latino populati population. probably 98%. i'm the senior english teacher. i have 17 girls. so i go to 17 homes price per year. >> hi, thank you. >> you go into the home and you get to know the family. >> it's early in the year. >> my goal is to create a partnership with the parents for the education of their children. primarily it's communication. >> have you guys set a goal for the next score? but the larger piece is reaching out to students their and family and making sure you know that we're there for them. >> the first thing i say is my
2:25 pm
job is to get your child to college. as soon as i say that, we're all on the same page. i think it's just opening the line of communication so they know if there's ever questions about homework or what's happening in school. >> we're asking questions about the way that the family runs after the student comes home. you know, does the student have a quiet place to study? does the student have a well-lit place to study? learning more about them so we can create the bridge from school to home. we know who to contact. >> middle east students realize this person is coming out to my home repeatedly. no matter what i do this person is going to keep coming out here and having these conversations with my parents.
2:26 pm
so we're showing that child to perform. >> a lot of it is the gesture. about showing up. teachers talk about showing up in a kids' life and how powerful that is. the same is true about parents. it's a powerful gesture for them. we don't get paid for it. we don't get gas money. but we understand we need to go above and beyond. >> log onto for more information. take our parenting gps quiz to find out how well you're supporting your own child's education. join our conversation on twitter by using the hash tag education nation. it's being called the deadliest food outbreak in more than a decade. the deaths of 16 people have been linked to tainted cantaloupes. we have the latest. plus florida is planning to jump start the nominating process in
2:27 pm
a move that could upset the campaign calendar. those details are ahead. we're america's natural gas
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and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now.
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we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at we're back now live on msnbc. a new york times report is raising eyebrows. even people cleared of terrorism offenses are being kept on the terrorism watch list. we have the latest news now from pete williams who joins us from washington. >> peter, we're learning more about how the federal government runs the terrorism data base. from documents obtained by a civil liberties group, the electronic privacy information center. a mem sew says if charges are dismissed, that person must be removed from the watch list, but there's an exception. it says the name should stay on the list if a reasonable suspicion persists that the person could be a terrorist. epic says if somebody is acquit
2:31 pm
that had should be off the list. and a not guilty should be reason enough to remove somebody from the watch list. it says the fbi's standard of suspicion is too low and there should be a straight forward process for people to get off the list if they think they're wrongly included. the fbi says it will not put people on the list there's unless there's information that reasonly exists that somebody is a terrorist. then the question of reasonable doubt is different and shouldn't be the threshold. in other words, the fbi says somebody could be found not guilty because evidence was improperly detained. now one other point, the documents epic obtained also shows the fbi reviews the list every year to make sure that anybody on it continues to meet the reasonable suspicion standard. peter? >> pete, thank you very much. moving on now, he's jokingly threatened to take his own life.
2:32 pm
he said on several occasions that his heart simply isn't into it. right now it seems new jersey governor chris christie is leaving the door open on whether to make an official run for the white house. at a speech last night in california, he seemed to be digging in his heels once more saying he's not ready. that different stop the audience from urging him to reconsider. here's what you missed. >> i mean this with all my heart. we can't wait another four years to 2016. i really implore you as a citizen of this country to please, sir, to reconsider. >> that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do. that reason has to reside inside me. i thank you for what you're saying, and i take it in, and
2:33 pm
i'm listening to every word of it and feeling it, too. zwl joined by nbc news. he knows how to answer the questions. he sounds natural. it's not rehearsed. he certainly didn't slam the door shut on whether he would run. why is the gop, why are republicans so obsessed with chris christie? >> well, he is a rock star on the the republican party. he's one of their best fund-raisers that they have now. and someone who really gives the party a lot of excitement. but a lot of the claim for chris christie has more to do with current front-runners rick perry and mitt romney than it does chris christie right now. even though a lot of polls showing that republicans are satisfied with their presidential field, you look at some elite fund-raisers, some members of the party establishment, some key opinion makers, and there is some dissatisfaction among those. those are the people pushing for chris christie to enter the race. particularly after rick perry's tough debate performances.
2:34 pm
>> let's talk about the other candidates. mitt romney, rick perry. there's a new poll from ohio shows president obama leads perry 44% to 41%. romney 44% to 42%. it's a slim margin, obviously. we have a way to go now. but how much weight do you put on these numbers and what does it say to mitt romney that there's another candidate being pulled into the race, perhaps? >> two very good questions, peter. on the first front, it tells me that president obama is in some trouble in these ohio and pennsylvania ballot rounds now. it's either a hangover from that really bruising debt ceiling debate or maybe a sign of more things to come for the president. the white house is certainly hoping they hit bottom. as far as plopz. you put your finger on it, peter. you look at mitt romney running for president for five years. and it's interesting to note
2:35 pm
that this clambering comes after rick perry. after wperry might not have don well, people are asking for chris christie. there is dissatisfaction with mitt romney among elite republican types. >> rudy giuliani led the republican field this time four years ago. other news to share with you, the worst contaminated food outbreak the the u.s. in more than a decade tops our looks at stories around the news nation today. health officials say as many as 16 deaths and dozens of illnesses across 18 states linked to contaminated cantaloupes. the outbreak was traced back to a colorado foarm, jensen farm, which recalled the food earlier this month. tyson stretch meats is facing its own food scare. they recalled more than 130 pounds of ground beef because of e. coli contamination. the recall was sparked by an
2:36 pm
ohio fell that fell sick after heating meat from tyson. no deaths have been reported. amaz is aiming to take a bilt out of the ipod sales. they lunched a new device they're calling the kindle fire. they hope it will catch on with tech heads and tablet seekers. but how will it cut into the core of apple's already booming business. courtney reagan saw the fire for herself. she joins us with the latest. a lot of competitors are trying to compete for the ipad. this one may have the best shot, courtney. this is what a lot of analysts are calling the ipad killer. will it turn out the be? i'm not sure. some of the pros that the kindle fire has going for it, number one, the price point. $199. considerably cheaper than the most basic ipad is going to run
2:37 pm
you $499. that's also a nice price point ahead of the holiday shopping season. it only weighs 14.6 ounces. 16 million colors. we got to see a sample of a movie being play on it. very impressive. right there alone, the content. that could be where amazon could really get apple. amazon offers over 100,000 movies and tv shows. some start at 69 cents. that's where they could really go after apple. not necessarily for the ipad itself. those customers are much more business oriented. this is much more of a consumer product. especially with the price point and it's just wireless. it does not have 3g. which could be a disappointment to many. at the same time, that's how they're able to keep the price point so low.
2:38 pm
there's a definite tradeoff going on here. >> courtney reagan with the latest. we appreciate it. >> thanks, peter. put a cork this it. a major fight over crushed grapes. cork makers are trying to rebound financially from the growing popularity of corkless wine. you've seen how few of them still use cork. portugal is one of the world's largest exporters of cork. the increased use of screw caps is hurting the economy that produces more than $1 billion annually. >> the court producers have really made some changes. and it's apparent in their product. they do a few processes differently now. jane wells is live where she managed to get the short straw and wound up in the beautiful wine country pro moting the use of corks. jane? >> how i suffer, peter. here at the rutherford ranch
2:39 pm
winery they have a cork tree. this is where you get the cork from. they harvest it every nine years. these are all over portugal. it is number one in cork. it is 3 pk of their exported economy. synthetics came in there were concerns about taint. and others took over 30% mark share. so now the cork association and the industry has spent $400 million to try to win back corks and wines. >> the cultures provoke a big change in the cork industry. and we have responded like never before. today i think that we are finally getting market share back to cork. that is the result of the effort that we have contacted over the last ten years. >> they have really cleaned up their act. they brought down the price and made it more competitive.
2:40 pm
the industry consolidated. portugal needs the industry. in the last year for the first time after a decade. cork exports from portugal increased. the sweet spot, in case you care on a cork price is 8 cents to 9 cents. still more expensive than plastic. they say the quality over the long term is much better than that. portugal is suffering so much. this is one of the number one exports along with eucalyptus. >> cheers to you. we appreciate it. "bridesmaids" was a blockbuster hit from last summer. now one of the stars may not be on board. that's ahead in the scoop. but first there's a lot going on today. here's something we thought you should know. several reports show florida is now expected to hold its presidential primary on january
2:41 pm
31st, 2012. that move would jump start the nominating process a month earlier than republican party leaders had originally planned. that means iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, as well as as nevada would be forced to move their primaries and caucuses into early to mid-january. the process only only gets more interesting. those are the things we know and we thought you should know as well. gainst occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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she's supporting breast cancer programs for her neighbour's tennis instructor's daughter's 1st grade teacher who's also her mom. help fund breast cancer programs in your community. redeem your lids today a new study finds among obese people with hypertension, two servings of potato reduce their blood pressure as much as oatmeal. french fries won't do it. they have them eat purple
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potatoes with skins cooked without oil in the microwave. >> i'm martin bashir. coming up at top of the hour, brother can you spare a dime or two or 30,000, as governor chris christie fills his coffins out west. we examine the high cost of the run for the white house and why wall street may hold the deeds to what we refer to as the people's house. stay with us. >> developing now, details that we have never heard before about the day that michael jackson died. michael jackson's personal assistant, as we speak, is on the stand describing the frabtic call that he received from dr. conrad murray and what happened after that. we want you to listen to this testimony that happened moments ago. >> upon your arrival and seeing the ambulance, what did you do? >> well, as soon as i got there the ambulance was there. they were beginning to bring the gurney down. i believe that's the proper
2:46 pm
term. who is they? >> forgive me. the medics. the ambulance. the medics. so it was real frantic. i got there when the gurney was coming down. >> when you say the gurney was coming down, first of all, this is a gurney with michael jackson's body on it? >> yes, sir. >> being carried by paramedics? >> yes, sir. >> where were they bringing the body down? >> down the stairs i pointed out earlier. >> okay. and where was conrad murray at that time? >> i saw him by the ambulance giving instructions and talking to medics. >> that's the testimony of michael jackson's personal assistant just moments ago. the huge interest in this trial is now being compared to another high profile case, the o.j. simpson murder trial that took place in the same city and the same courthouse.
2:47 pm
lee cowan now with that story. >> reporter: the mere mention of o.j. simpson brought groans to journalists old enough to kor the trial. they were out on the very same sidewalk back in 1994. >> day in. day out. a day like few others. there's a temptation already to compare that circus with this one. the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. >> even the courtroom seats look eerily similar. there are the impersonators outside. banners, the t-shirts, messages in the sky. some say that's where the similarities end. >> this will probably be the trial of the year. i don't think it will be the trial of the century. >> the o.j. case was an obsession for some. there was intrigue, mystery, a tragic who done it.
2:48 pm
but the death is either a case of medical negligence, as the prosecution contends or a self inflicted overdose as the defense maintains. >> there was camps that say guilty. is he innocent? there were arguments. there were racial divisions. there were class divisions. in this case it's it's just sort of a fascination about michael jackson, his life and his death. >> there's no glove that doesn't fit. no shoe prints. prosecutors have already showed the jury a picture of jackson's lifeless body and played his recorded voice, too. they say under the influence of drugs. at the very least we may have learned something in the o.j. case. the juries are no sequestered.
2:49 pm
in part the judge says, so they won't feel trapped. but how can they avoid this? >> was it an accident you waited until you called 911? >> tv coverage wall-to-wall, just like o.j. in the new age of smart phones and social networking sites, conrad murray's trial opening up in places that he never imagined. after all, jackson was the king of pop. he was also the king of spectacle. the case may not divide a nation, it does have a nation very curious. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> we'll be talking about that story for months. other news making headlines. ashton and demi on the rocks. could it be happening what's the deal? trouble in paradise? >> there's a lesson to be learned. that's if you're embroiled in a cheating scandal, don't send out tweets to be interpreted in one of many ways. one of the ways being adding fuel to the fire.
2:50 pm
demi moore tweets on the eve of their sixth anniversary, which they spent apart. when we are offend at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. this is a quote from a greek philosopher. >> of course, it is. >> i tweet that all day every day. here's the thing, don't bring more tension on yourself when you want privacy. they gave up their right to a lot of privacy when they sold their wedding photos to ok! magazine when they married. that said, it's not the best choice to add fuel to the fire on twitter which so many celebrities do. >> i thought they were the one that really had it right. let me talk to you about something else coming out of hollywood. s the the new bridesmaid movie. twhast the latest? >> kristin wiig might not be on
2:51 pm
a board for a sequel to bridesmaids. we may be quick to pull the trigger on yes, there's a sequel. when a movie is sold the studio also gets the right to the sequel. when they're asking, is there going to be another one after you see a success. they'll say, yeah, probably. they're allowed to take that sequel before it's scripted. kristin wiig has to set it off. >> and melissa mccarthy, we love her. steven king, tell me about steven king. >> this is fantastic. if you were a fan of "the shining", there's more coming your way. steven king was at george mason university last week. he read a ten-minute excerpt of a book called dr. sleep. it's about danny torrence. the kid character in "the shining" is all grown up and has to fend off, wait for it, vampires, of course. because everybody fights vampires now. he read an excerpt of the book.
2:52 pm
there's no publication date but it's close to being completed and fans have that to look forward to. >> for the latest entertainment news, log onto scoop right here and be a fan of the scoop right here on facebook. join me here. we want you to know what a story told you about earlier. should a new york clerk lose her job for refusing to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples? we'll tell you how to weigh in next and we switched to fedex 'cause a lot of their packaging contains recycled materials. tell them what else fedex does. well we're now using more electric trucks and lower emission planes. we even offer a reusable envelope. now, can't we at least print on the back sides of used paper? what's the executive compensation list...? [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions.
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>> time for the news nation gut check. it's about the town clerk in upstate new york that we told you about earlier in the broadcast. citing her religious beliefs, she does not want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she's been sidestepping the state's new gay marriage law by having a deputy issue licenses, but only by appointment.
2:56 pm
so there's now a lesbian couple that's accusing this town clerk of violating their civil rights. but she says state law requires noo new york to accommodate her religious beliefs. what does your gut tell you? should the town clerk be fired for not signing marriage licenses and having a deputy do that by appointment only? go to that does it for us. in today for my colleague tamron hall. i'm peter alexander. catch "news nation" right here at 2:00 every weekday on msnbc. martin bashir is up next. and occasionally rejected. with a customized mobile app developed with at&t, jet's food inspectors can share data in real time -- so what used to take two weeks, now takes two hours. faster feedback means better food and happy people. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. call at&t and see what we can do for your business.
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