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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 1, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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with scope dualblast. right now on msnbc, taken oit. new information about who was killed along with an al qaeda terrorist. outrage over new debit card fees. how much more will you be paying and will banks be making a profit? and the 6-year-old boy who brought tears and cheers. the drone strike that killed a group of al qaeda leaders in yemen. that targeted anwar al awlaki, include who was responsible for the christmas day attempted
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underwear bombing. but awlaki wasn't the only one killed. >> it targeted awlaki but it also killed asiri. another terrorist killed in this strike, samir khan. they both were u.s. citizens. their death is feeding the power to order the death of two u.s. innocence without granting a
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trial. but the united states is convinced that it is on legal footing. >> it's a very serious issue but ultimately when an individual, regardless of whether their an american citizen or not, taking up arms and is actively plotting terrorist attacks against the west, then it becomes an issue of defense. awlaki was plotting in yemen against the united states. >> it's still unclear what their deaths mean for the future of al qaeda in yemen but the group's ability to speak english language speakers in the west has taken a hit. a possible terrorists may want to avenge awlaki's death. >> thank you so much, michelle. reaction is mixed from the killing of awlaki, governor rick perry had thanks and praise for president obama as well as for the military. this is how he began his speech in atlanta yesterday. >> i want to take a moment and
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congratulate the united states military and the intelligence committee and president obama for sticking with the government's long standing and aggressive anti-terror policies for getting another key terrorist, young men and women of the military and our intelligence and the administration, i want to say thank you to them. >> newt gingrich also stood behind the president saying that awlaki was, by law, a target. >> american citizens who engage in war against the united states are traitors and the constitution is very clear about that and they are there for enemy combatants. they get very limited due process and the president executed that and i think president obama did the right thing and i praise him to have the courage to stand up and defend america. >> meanwhile, ron paul slammed the president on the legal tea
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of the strike. >> he was never tried or charged for any crimes. nobody knows if he ever killed anybody. if the american people accept this blindly and casualty, we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinating who he thinks are bad guys, i think it's sad. >> joining me now with more on the political reaction is political director mark murray. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> ron paul, it's notwithstanding we often hear praise from the gop field, mitt romney also commending the president. are you surprised by the reaction and is this issue of strength and national tal security that barack obama struggled with in 2008, is that now off the table for him now? >> i'm not surprised. we saw some similar reaction from the republican candidates after osama bin laden was killed. they are going to have plenty of other issues to criticize president obama on. but what is interesting, while the economy will most likely be the top issue come november 2012, the top running
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presidential candidates, mitt romney and rick perry, are going to have to clear a national security bar to prove that they can keep the united states as safe as we have been over the last 2 1/2, 3 years now. the one thing worth noting, mitt romney and rick perry are former and current governors that don't have that much national security experience. >> so do you think the issue is on the other foot now? >> absolutely. they're going to prove that they can at least clear a bar. it doesn't have to be as high as a bar as president obama, but think had the national security chops. > florida has decided to move its primary to january 31 and likely causing iowa and nevada and new hampshire to bump theirs up. so we could see voting in december? >> i hope not in december. most likely what we're going to see is what happened four yeeks ago in 2008 where iowa was going
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to go in early january and then new hampshire after that, then nevada, then south carolina, and then florida. for a lot of political reporters and candidates, it looks like it will be new year's eve and then des moines and then heading over to man chafter after that. there are a couple of key moves to go. the person to keep an eye on is the secretary of state in new hampshire that will schedule that person's primary and once that's done, we'll have a good idea how the calendar shakes out. >> we have polls in two key battle ground states being released. pennsylvania and ohio. they go like this. in the head to head matchups, president obama meets romney and perry. what do you make of the fact that the president has low approval numbers but still polling better against the gop field? >> he always does better when you're matched up and with an actual republican. mitt romney, rick perry, or any other named republican.
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what i was interested in seeing was president obama around 45, 46% republicans. you want to be closer to 50%. there are two ways to look at it. right now, after that bruising debt ceiling debate, the president is in trouble and stakes may go high on pennsylvania but he only needs a few more percentage points increase to get in that safer territory when you're in the high 40s or close to 50%. >> okay. mark murray, tell it like it is. thanks so much. >> thanks, alex. today, president obama has stern words for congress and his jobs bill that's been sitting on capitol hill for three weeks. he says that he wants to have to come back to his desk so we can sign it into law now. >> economists from the across the political spectrum said that it will boost the economy and spur hiring. why would you be against that, especially at a time when so many americans are struggling and out of work. one republican was quoted
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assaying that this party shouldn't pass the jobs bill because it would give me a win. this isn't about giving me a win and it's not about them. >> last night the president held a meeting about his fundraising campaign. let's go now to the three biggest money headlines generating the most buzz this morning. a debit card dilemma for bank of america customers. amazon sets fire on the market and recession for hallmark. good morning. you have b of a charging debit users monthly fees. is this going to be something where other banks follow suit and why is it that the consumers are paying the price? >> we have these new federal regulations. the banks stand to lose $7 billion because of this change. so time and time again, they look to the consumers to
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actually make up for the lot of revenue. so $5 a month is what bank of america is going to be charging. $3 a month, $4 a month, particularly if you're a customer that is not possible. if you don't have a mortgage or a loan with the bank. >> can i just ask, when you swipe your debit card, does that cost the bank anything? >> it doesn't cost the bank anything. >> well -- >> but any time there's regulation, the banks find a way to go around it and gouge the customer. they've eliminated some of the free services, like free checking, and slapped on fees left and right. >> that's annoying. it doesn't cost them anything and it's going to cost us more. let's go to amazon's "kindle fire ". >> it's perfect for the multimedia type. it's designed for the consumption of multimedia,
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books, imagine ga zeens, 3 million will be shipped. best buy has already started taking preorders. it's going to be a big one. >> sign of the economic times. hallmark with cards that address job loss. >> they are in the business for playing the emotions and current events. this makes sense. consumers have been asking for it. we have 14 million people out of work. so it does make sense. it's a way to show that you're compassionate, helping people out, recognizing the job loss. nevertheless, a job loss is such a personal thing that some people are embarrassed by it. it's like losing your house or falling behind on your payments or running into debt issues. it's a really sensitive, sensitive area. hallmark is selling them and other greeting card companies are doing the same thing. >> i'm not sure about that. awkward. >> thanks, alex.
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should he have been treated differently because he's a u.s. citizen? also, emotional return. a little boy's post season pitch that brought tears to the eyes of almost all who watched. and ad outrage. why so many people are upset about a super model's underwear commercial. you're watching "weekends with alex witt." every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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there's controversy today over the drone strike in yemen that killed two al qaeda leaders. the attack makes it clear that obama will not to carry outcome
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bat zones. >> this is further proof that al qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven in the world. we will be deliberate, relentless,ress lawsuit in our commitment to destroy terrorist networks that are aimed to kill americans. >> joining us is pat buchanan, an msnbc analyst and peter fen. both are in separate places to keep the dukes down. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> for you, pat, right out of the gate, is president obama becoming our best terror fighting president? >> well, if you've got president obama and george w. bush, they were both active in the war on terror and there's no doubt that barack obama has been effective as a president in that. awlaki was an american but also the instigator for the ft. hood
10:17 am
massacre of americans and wanted terrorist products and was in the company of a bomb maker when the americans killed him. so i think ron paul raised an interesting issue. i think we ought to declare war on al qaeda in order to legalize this. i think the president did the right thing. >> all right. so you're saying, yes, he is the top president fighting the war on terror? >> i think the president has done -- certainly the american s.e.a.l. 6 team took down bin laden and president obama has been a decisive leader. >> ron paul essentially says that the president assassinated a u.s. citizen without proper charges. is this going to go anywhere? >> absolutely not. look, presidents sign executive orders about assassinations. president ford, carter, and
10:18 am
president reagan. when i was a young buck, i was on the intelligence committee and worked on the assassination plot language. this was put in place because it applies against fidel castro and other leaders who we were not at war with, alex. article 51n of the u.n. charter says that you need to defined yourself. i think both legally as the justice department said and politically this is absolutely the right thing to do and there may be some sniping out there. i tell you, there's no question that this puts us one step forward in terms of going against al qaeda. >> pat, does this president have the same doctrine that president george w. bush had? >> i think the president has gone further when it comes to drone strikes inside pakistan,
10:19 am
the extent of the strikes, the number of the strikes, and do this with awlaki and this other individual that he's traveling with, i think president bush would have done it. but to be honest, president obama has been at least as effective, if not more so, if you're talking about specifically as george bush and the republicans have been. and i think his handling the war on ter roror is going to fall o deaf ears. >> i wonder if you think this will help the latest gallup polls. might he see a bump from this? >> i see a little -- >> peter. i'm sorry. did i say pat? >> i think you may see a slight bump, alex. but i'm going to be real honest here. i agree. there's no question that the president's efforts here have been extraordinary. but people are worried about their pocketbooks and what they are worried about is the economy and they are going to vote on
10:20 am
the economy and i think that this does one thing, i will say, and that's the notion of a strong leader. i think that this helps obama in that category and i think that the kind of effort he's putting forth now on the economy is going to give people a sense that this guy is out there, out front, pushing hard and doing his very best. >> alex, i think this is clearly a victory in the war on terror and we have been killing these suspects at a rapid rate. if i were people don't know who this character is from new mexico and i think in the end it's the jobs and the economy that are going to sink or enable barack obama toll swim to re-election. >> and you agree with that? >> yeah. >> okay. boys, thank you so much. pat and peter, we'll see you
10:21 am
again soon. >> thanks. so did the u.s. do the right thing by taking out al awlaki? i'll be reading your tweets in a couple of minutes from now. the most state is the high-tech search forly nar doe da vinci's masterpiece. you're watching "weekends with alex witt."
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montrose, california. ♪ in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. call at&t and see what we can do for your business. in today's tech watch, a new search for a leonardo da vinci painting. many think it's on a wall hidden behind paint.
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they will beam new trons through the wall and hopefully will make it temporarily radioactive. a new twist in the involuntary manslaughter case against conrad murray. a paramedic said that dr. murray never mentioned the powerful propofol. another medic described murray's reaction when they entered the pop star's bedroom. >> he was a little flustered, ma'am. he was sweating profusely and he was agitated. >> did you hear him say anything when you entered the room? >> yes, ma'am. >> what is that? >> he needs help. could you help me, please? >> for more on his trial, i'm joined by ann bremner. how damming is the testimony? >> the first week of the trial just gets worse for conrad murray. was he there to save himself or
10:26 am
michael jackson? >> as the defense on the flip side done their part to cut into this testimony well or not? >> i think they have a little bit but it's hard because the whole thing, whether or not there's a breach of a standard of care and whether or not you can use propofol outside of a clinic or a hospital. it's a very high standard in terms of what he can do. so to say that michael jackson had other issues may not carry for the defense. >> doesn't that imply a guilty conscious? >> consciousness of guilt. exactly. he doesn't say what it is. of course, he's hiding things. vials he and i.v. drips before he calls 911. that shows consciousness of guilt and that it's going to be bad for the death of michael jackson, the king of pop. >> but that consciousness of guilt, is that enough to put him behind bars to be found guilty of this? >> yes. because it's so simple, if the
10:27 am
prosecutors keep it simple. in the casey anthony case, that didn't happen. but in this case, if you're in the a clinic, not in a surgical arena, you cannot administer this drug and finally, if you're found using it you're found guilty of manslaughter. so whether michael jackson gave it to himself may not matter because the doctor was not monitoring him. he was out of the room. that could also make him guilty of manslaughter. >> another key witness was a person who spoke about jackson's children. let's listen to this. >> what did you observe at that time? >> that his mouth was opened and his mouth was slightly opened. >> deappear to be dead? >> yes.
10:28 am
paris was on the ground balled up crying and prince was just standing there and he was -- he had a real shocked -- just slowly crying type of look on his face. >> do you think the prosecution is going to call jackson's kids to testify? >> they talked about maybe just calling prince michael one, the oldest boy and maybe paris. they are both eyewitnesss. but people talk about, is that something that is good to do, is it emotional appeal? but remember at the memorial for michael jackson, we heard from brooke shields, john mayer, et cetera. but the person that really tugged at person's heart strings is paris who said, my daddy is the most wonderful dad in the world. >> do you think their case is not strong enough if they go there? >> it could be. they started talking about the children first. paris rolling up in a ball and slowly crying about michael tugs at you. but you don't really need them but if you want to humanize the case more for michael jackson,
10:29 am
you bring them in. but these high-profile trials, a lot of times with these acquittals that we see, you want to try your case and maybe overtry your case a little bit as a prosecutor. >> anne bremner, thank you. inspectors will be back on the monument. in the meantime, new pictures of loose mortars and stones. although rappelers have found some cracks, their inspection will be done by tuesday. new cree dual blast technology blasts away bad breath germs and food after tastes. new crest complete with scope dual blast. blast your way to fresh breath.
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general, great to see you. >> good mornings, alex. >> so anwar al awlaki was very high on the most wanted list. he's the guy that the cia had on their top target list. he's gone. where are we in the fight against terrorist? >> well, you can argue, thank god they are cia. leon panetta, the cooperation between the military's special operations team, the j-stock effort and the agencies intelligence collection and this is going to make america a lot safer and it has. >> okay. with the killing of bin laden in may, it seems like the u.s. has come so far so fast, general. it's been said that this fight against terror is going to be a generational war but do these latest operations indicate that this may not be the case, that things could be getting wrapped up before then? >> this obama team has done a
10:34 am
fair job. they've killed some 1100 of these people in the last few years alone. the country is safer because of this. these people are the ones that directly targeted the detroit christmas bombing, the times square bombing, the attempt to blow up cargo planes with concealed explosives. these are very dangerous people. i think on ball it would be amazing to me that there are threats out there. but i think the security forces have done a great job. >> i want to get you to weigh in on all of the civil liberties argument being made against the president because two of these terrorists that were killed were u.s. citizens and should have had a right to a trial. at least that's what they are
10:35 am
saying. how do you feel about that? >> if you're in this country and you're a u.s. citizen, the only people that you can deal with are the law system and judicial system. if you're a foreign entity trying to attack the united states, you're declared a member of the -- >> exactly. it's almost to be blunt, a silly argument. if you are a radio operator for the taliban and grew up in brooklyn, we are going to treat you as another combatant on the field. so we ought to be ruthless in global attempts to reduce the threats to the american people. i think they are being pretty cautious, too, i might add. putting an american or anyone on this list for the agency is receiving a lot of scrutiny and it should. but at the end of the day, we have to protect the american people. >> back to the killing of these three. what does this do for the ability to kill the jihadist? how much is al qaeda about
10:36 am
organizing large scale attacks these days versus trying to get out there and find a lone wolf to act any way he or she can. >> you brought up a good point. bin laden wanted to go for the big blow, bringing down airliners, the dramatic strike. these two fellas that we just killed were unbalancing some disaffected youth, in this country and europe. flawless english, awareness of the culture, distortion of islam. so they were unique and i think nailing them both left us and the europeans a lot safer. >> okay. general mccaffry, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. did the u.s. do the right thing by taking out al awlaki? yes, eliminating terrorists is the goal of the decade-long war that we've been waging. our troops get no fair trial.
10:37 am
they are killed. and ifkraus thinks, any way you cut it, it's murder. government sanctioned criminal, both for troy davis and captured dead are alive policies. >> we should just say thank you. good talking to me. my handle is at alex witt. less than half an hour from now, the funeral service for convicted killer, troy davis, is set to begin. he spent 20 years on death row and was put to death last week tom trong is live with us in savannah georgia. i know that ministers, activists, naacp are all scheduled to speak at this event. give us a sense of the mood and how many are ex peblted to show
10:38 am
up? >> reporter: well, this church actually seats about 2,000 and people are still going in ahead of 11 kwlk when the funeral is about to start. in the mood, it's very mixed. a lot of people are having and holding heavy hearts right now. but there is also a sense of anger. many of them see that this is a mischarge of justice, they believe to the end that troy davis was innocent but the state of georgia went ahead and executed him as well any way. and this is something that they had fought for for many years and tried to push in line and in person and they tried to have the execution halted but that failed. we spoke with one of his friends, shawn white, and they said that this is troy's home town. we wanted him to come home, but not this way. people have very mixed emotions
10:39 am
knowing that they tried so hard to have this execution stopped and now they are moving ahead with this funeral. on the other hand, we have to remember the victim, a police officer killed in 1989 as he was trying to help a homeless man. his surviving family has always said to the end that they believe troy davis was the guilty party, that he pulled the trigger and shot him. they didn't rejoice in this execution and were never thirsty for justice. and you have a family here that has seen the justice system and they believe they have done a great, great disservice to troy davis. >> do you know where his family is today? >> no, we don't. we don't expect them to be here. they've shied away from the cameras right after the execution. they released some statements but very few appearances and public statements at that point.
10:40 am
it's a very emotional time and they, going up to the execution, said that they really wanted to put this behind them and put it in a way and just bury it. i don't believe we'll see them and have any appearances. >> all right. thanh truong from savannah, thank you. a touching moment at the mlb playoffs. there was a tribute to kick off the texas rangers game and to honor the memory of his father who passed away a few weeks ago. meredith lamb has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, throwing the first pitch for game one, 2011, texas rangers fan from brownwood texas, cooper stone. >> reporter: cooper was at the ballpark in july when his
10:41 am
father, shannon, a firefighter, tried to catch a foul ball tossed to him by outfielder josh hamilton. he fell over the outfield wall and died. hamilton caught cooper's pitch, offering his biggest fan a big hug. >> just a good moment. we wondered how the moment would be when it happened. and obviously expected emotions wrapped up with it and excitement for the little one. but overall it was a good experience. >> cooper's mother jenny stone had this to say. we want to once again thank nolan ryan and the texas rangers. they have turned a difficult return to the ball mark a once in a lifetime experience for cooper. nothing can be more exciting for a boy than throwing out a pitch to his favorite player. we are glad to be here to see
10:42 am
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it's a new must-see tv ad. it's in portuguese. let's get the details now from
10:46 am
editor good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's the controversy here? gisele in her underwear, we've seen it before. >> we have. and that's not what makes it a must see or controversial. this ad is about the best way to break bad news to your significant other and it's basically to do it now, you are scantily clad in lingerie. but a woman's group is up in arms of this. they are calling it a ban and object fis women and takes back all of the strides that women have made in society. it's interesting, because i don't think that it would raise eyebrows but it's a start again dialogue about it. >> that is an interesting dialogue to have. how about the discussion, demi moore and ashton kutcher.
10:47 am
what is going on? >> absolutely. there has been reports of demise between ashton and demi for the last few weeks. they didn't spend their sixth wedding anniversary together. they have not been tweeting pictures together. the tweets that they have been tweeting, especially demi, if you're offended at one self, you should post a picture of yourself and posted a picture of herself with her eyes closed. the two of them were seen yesterday at a kaballa center and we love them as a couple. we hope that they can work together. >> we're going to begin with the movie "50/50." take a look.
10:48 am
>> adam, just tell her. >> tell me what? >> i have cancer. >> mom, no. >> i'm you're mother, adam. >> no. exactly. that's why. mom? >> mom? >> okay. a sad clip there but that was kind of funny. why does this make your must-see list? >> it's a cancer comedy which usual usually doesn't go together but critics say it walks the fine line of being funny and poignant. and i really think that joseph gordon-levit is the one to watch. he is incredibly awesome and i think eahe's emerges as a reall good actor. >> okay.
10:49 am
"what's your number," what is wrong with it? >> it falls short. anna ferris is just wasted in this movie, unfortunately. not worth the ticket twice. >> thank you. the sunshine state may be the sunniest place for republicans that want to be president. according to a poll, florida is now the most important state to win the republican presidential nomination, hosting the republican convention helps. new hampshire ranks 12th, followed by south carolina and iowa. in light of a pollution report, folks in california might want to steer clear of the air. the ten cities with the worst air pollution are in california but los angeles is not one of them. though beautiful san diego is. chicago may be the city of broad shoulders, but it's now the best city in america to have a mustache. that's according to the american mustache institute. there is such a place.
10:50 am
mustache friendly occupations houston is on that list and then pittsburgh and then oklahoma city and detroit rounding out the top five. >> i know that there is a famous impression that i do during the show and many are wondering if i'm going to do it. so here it is. i sure would like them french fried potatoes. >> now comedian tina fey shares the top earning actress. and eva longoria is at the top with tina fey. and then marcia cross and then marg helgenberger at $10 million. lady gaga has reached 14 million
10:51 am
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in this morning's one-minute playback, some tourists visiting yosemite caught a play-by-play action of these cubs. >> that one bear is not that big. >> they are puppy size. >> they are so -- one of them is so small. >> yeah, i would give it a little bit, but -- >> please come to my car. >> the ranger would sit here all
10:55 am
day. >> this video has already gotten 900 hits on youtube and i'm sure there will be more today. the dow, nasdaq, s&p were all down, closing out the worst three-month period since the stock meltdown of 2008. the dow plunged 12% and s&p, even worse at 14% off of the quarter. meanwhile, a new poll showed 64% of americans felt that the economic conditions are poor and 44% feel that the economy is worse than before. let's bring in carmen. do you have a job anymore? does anyone have any personal finances to deal with? >> yes. it's really hard. >> the worst quarter in almost three years. what is behind it? >> well, if there's one thing we have found out, we are very much
10:56 am
a global economy and this is the way that things have changed. they are going to remain this way. what is happening in europe is affecting us here and the confidence in the market as well as in the spring we saw good job numbers coming out. >> right. >> that totally reversed itself this fall. we're seeing a lack of confidence in the market. now, mind you in the spring, there's so much treasuries in gold and cash, eventually this will all go up. here's the thing that is not going to change. the volatility. the volatility that we're seeing is going to remain this way because it's just going to be a fact of life. we have so much access to information. we have computer trading. it's just too easy to shift the market, even on a psychological level. >> and based on this "time" "money" magazine poll, 74% of americans believe that social security and medicare, not going to be there when they retire. 64% say, i'd be willing to take a pay cut if i could keep my current job. when you see numbers like this, what is your reaction?
10:57 am
>> well, here's the thing. only how many years ago, 2008, 64% of americans said that it's harder now to have the american dream. that number now is 80% of americans are saying, it's hard to have a american dream. you remember when we were kids, let's not go that far back. really, it actually lived and breathed and was there and we were very positive. what we're seeing is a new generation, young folks saying, this is going to be harder than we've ever seen it for generations and that's probably the way it's going to be. it's going to be harder. we're in the middle of a huge, seismic change. >> if s there a silver lining that you see here? >> here's the one. the one parallel that i'm seeing that is encouraging, when i talk to young people, folks under 30, they are really more conservative and mindful of their money than you have ever seen. i don't exactly love how conservative they are but they are saving and putting money away. the other generation that did that, a post great depression
10:58 am
generation, they were the greatest generation. this generation of young people will bring about all of that good work and information that they are using hopefully to another generation. >> well, that is a good silver lining. we'll end on a high note. >> thanks. >> you look great. a new ad from michele bachmann that tackles the immigration issue. and takes down the top contenders. rachel maddow talks about the re-election politics. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy.
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