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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  October 6, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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good afternoon. it's thursday, october 6th. here's what's happening. just say no. >> republicans who are opposed to this bill. >> the president dares republicans to vote against a plan to put millions back to work. >> need to explain to me, but more importantly to their stint wen sis and the american people why they're opposed. >> dares them to share their own vision to fix the economy. >> what the american people saw is that congress doesn't care. >> dares them to do something, anything. >> if they do anything -- >> their response? >> mr. president, why have you given up on -- >> plus, apple of air eye. a tribute to steve jobs. a man who defined american exceptionalism and changed our lives for the better. we begin with president
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obama. assertive and demanding at a press conference a few hours ago. challenging the do-nothing congress to pass his jobs bill and putting his support behind a new surtax asking america's wealthiest to help pay for it. >> people really need help right now. our economy really needs a jolt right now. this is not a game. this is not the time for the usual political gridlock. >> no time for games indeed. the president met his critics head on. those in congress who claim his plan is a form of class warfare aimed at rousing his base for 2012. >> by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. some see this as class warfare. i see it as a simple choice. the question is this, will congress do something? if congress does something, i can't run against a do-nothing congress. >> the remarks of the president comma mid a growing confrontation in washington and
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on wall street with americans angry at the vast disparities of wealth and power in this country. the new plan from senate majority leader harry reid puts the issue in stark relief. his proposal, a 5.6% surtax on individuals of -- mr. reid says it would raise $445 billion. just about the price tag for the president's jobs bill. naturally, republicans who control the house met the proposal with scorn. >> here we go again. continued insistence that somehow washington needs to raise taxes on job creators right now. that's not what we need. most think it's counterintuitive to raise taxes if you want economic growth. >> no. most people in america do not think that. a recent cbs poll shows 64% of americans thinks taxes should be raised on millionaires to lower the deficit. just 18% think such a tax would
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hurt job creation. now to put this in perspective, let's take a person making just over a million dollars. say 1.1 million a year. that would mean a tax of $5600 on that extra $100,000. but no say the republicans, don't take that money. they need it to buy, well, let's take a look at e-bay to see what we could buy. mrs. millionaire, what she could do without a pair of $5600 hearts on fire diamond earrings. mr. millionaire, needs a new $5600 trech coat. i suppose it's getting chilly out there. we all know that the housing sector needs a boost. you know what else they could buy, ten houses in detroit. this model here, up for sale at the bargain price of r56 $0. you heard that right. $560. so what does speaker boehner say when confronted with a plan to create jobs with some help from
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millionaires and billionaires? well, it's clear evidence the president has given up on the country of course. >> mr. president, why have you given up on the country and decided to campaign full-time instead of doing what the american people sent us all here to do. >> while the president declares we're in an economic emergency but it's not time for games. mr. boehner takes time out to say the president has given up on the country. here to help us sort it out, msnbc's ed schultz, host of the ed show. >> martin, good to be with you. >> this was an aggressive and assertive president fronting up to the republicans, telling them to explain why they won't support this jobs bill. were you impressed? >> i was. i think the president, piece by piece, week after week, is laying the case out to the american people. well, what i did months ago was offer up a huge package for
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protests he's seen spreading across the country? >> i don't think it's hurt him. i was impressed with the president today. he didn't try to politically capitalize on it. he characterized what he thought the people were going through based on what he's seen in the coverage and went as far as to say they're frustrated but then he talked about the injustices that have taken place and the moral injustice that is have taken place in wall street and in our financial sector. but also pointing out they may not have done anything legal. it's deregulation that brought us to where we are right now and there is an economic inequality if our country right now. all he's trying to do is put
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some people back to work. you can't get the whole thing right away. this is a package that they have a chance to move forward on. they won't do it. >> when the president asks members of congress to go back to their constituencies and explain why they will not support this jobs bill, isn't that a rhetorical question? because really he knows the reason they won't support it is because they don't want him in the white house and their purpose is to remove one man from his job rather than create even a million and a half jobs. >> correct me if i'm wrong, for the first time in a press conference the president stated what mitch mcconnell's goal was, that was to remove him. here he is trying to get something done for the country and the economy and the political goal is not to get jobs, the political goal is to get rid of the guy who is trying to lead the country. this is total obstruction. no other president had to put up with this. the american people get it. i think the president, in a way is emboldened by several things. number one, he's been out on the
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road. he knows what the people are saying. he sees what's happening down on wall street and how this continues to spread around the country and in today's culture believe with the social net working, a change in politics used to take place over a two-year or an election cycle. now it's within months. there is a total change from what happened in last november and where we are right now. >> many of you will view as myself included. alongside workers in wisconsin where collective bargaining rights were threatened. last night i saw you down with protesters in wall street here in manhattan, here in new york. is it your view that these particular protesters, though ranging with a broad set of interests, are actually being spoken about now, being as it were, represented by what the president did at that press conference today? >> well, i was down there yesterday martin for six hours. i didn't want to report on something based on other
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coverage that's out there and other comments that are being made. so i went down there. i ran into nurses. that was the first group i ran into. i ran into teachers that had driven 300 miles. ran into an engineer in his 50s. he's been looking for over a year. he's almost lost everything. i mean, this is after about three hours, i realized, this is america's middle class march. they're the 99% is what they're calling themselves. are there anarchists down there, yes. are there revolutionaries, yes. but this is a big tent. this is a message being sent to our politicians america is angry. america wants change and jobs is the focus of the entire issue. >> we've got live pictures now of marches in los angeles out today. have you been surprised how quickly this spread? >> i am surprised at it. i didn't cover it right away. i think you can go into a lot of towns across america and find protests. the $64ç question is what doest
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mean, what's the life span, how far will it go? will it have an impact? there's a lot of questions surrounding this. the people know what's at stake. they know if they give up, they lose. there's nothing lost until you give up. i think politicians are starting to pay attention to this and it may motivate them to move on something that will get people back to work. >> at the press conference today, the president mentioned europe. he mentioned the problem with the financial, the fiscal crisis in a number of the sovereign states. i spoke to a european member of parliament who couldn't believe that europe with 17 separate member states want to support the continent. even though i might be in a different country to you. america's own congress, the third arm of government won't assist the nation's return to prosperity. >> well, we're amazing the world in that respect. there's no question about it. the republican party staked their claim on power. that's what they want and they want absolute power.
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they want all three branches of the government. had they get it, they're going to move this country. you can say they're revolutionaries. i could make that the revolution is taking place in washington. our government is functioning at a pace that it has never functioned at before. it has stalled. it is obstruction government is what it is. it's not good for the people and a lot of people are hurting. i think the president has hit the pulse of the people and hit a nerve where i think more and more people are understanding this obstruction and i think that the question is, will this last into the next election cycle? it might. we've got senate bill five coming up in ohio which is a big vote in november, which is about collective bargaining rights. here in new york, the assembly gets back to work in december. the millionaires tax will be a question. will these protests around the country have anç impact? i think they will. i think you'll see some things on a state level take place as success has it, it grows
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success, it grows a feeling of prosperity. i think this is truly, we're in the 2012 election cycle. >> changing gears for a moment. we talk about dysfunction at. you are presenting a documentary the essence of collective commitment, cooperation concerning the chilean miners. i wonder if you could tell us about that. >> this is a fabulous story. i'm honored to be a part of this project with this team that did a fabulous job of putting this together. it's about perseverance, it's about men and women in the workplace who believe in one another. it's a story about loyalty. it's a story about despair, the anticipation, the anguish that they went through and that there was actually a discussion and a belief by those aboveground not knowing, well, maybe do we go down and get them, can we go get them. there wasn't the intensity early on and had it not been for the communities, for the people, the families that stood up and demanded that their people be rescued down below, who knows
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what would have happened. it was great american ingenuity and an american company came in and found a way. in the bigger picture, martin, how do we value workers in our country, in the world in it speaks to a bigger picture about work safety, human rights, about helping people in the workplace with safety and training and what not. the stories that are being told by these miners is very compelling. it's gut wrenching and very emotional. >> ed schultz, an example, i'm sure we can learn from. thank you so much. you can catch the ed show tonight and every night at 10:00 eastern time and be sure to watch the remarkable special 17 [ male announcer ] when it comes to saving energy,
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two supreme court justices made a rare appearance at a senate hearing wednesday to testify before the judiciary committee about the proper role of judges under the constitution. justices briar and sal i can't were grilled about cameras in the courtroom and conflict of interest concerns. both drew a clear distinction between politics and judicial decisions and defended the separation of powers. the hearings come as dozens of democrats are calling for an investigation into several ethical issues involving justice clarence thomas. thomas' wife gin i has been an outspoken opponent of the healthcare law and tea party supporter. here she is in may attacking the
3:17 pm
president. >> i think we are on a reckless train heading for a cliff. the audacity of power grabbing that i'm seeing right now in cap and trade healthcare. the stimulus plan, it's corrupt. >> the issue for thomas is the failure to disclose up to $700,000 his wife was allegedly paid by the conservative heritage foundation. an organization devoted to the repeal of the president's healthcare legislation. congresswoman louise slaughter is from new york, a democrat and a member of the rules committee. good afternoon, ma'am. >> good afternoon, martin. glad to be here. >> we've seen all the protesters in various parts of the country, and i guess this story hints at the fact that not just is congress bought but maybe the supreme court has been bought as well. >> you know, there's such a laxity here. i think we've all assume we know already that most justices
3:18 pm
operate under code ofç ethics. they have no one to judge what they are doing. common cause found out and gave us the information that actually he is underreported to the amount of $1.6 million. we did write as you know the judiciary conference headed up by chief skrus tis roberts to ask them if they could do something about a judge and whether that is a breaking of the law of 1978. we believe that it is. we can't judge that. >> one would assume -- >> beyond that -- >> one would assume that the supreme court's greatest and most precious assets are integrity and the impartial at this. >> absolutely. >> are you saying that you believe they've been breached in this instance? >> well, i'm saying his failure to fill out forms that he was capable of filling out for a few years and when he was head of the eeoc, but his deliberate failure not to do that on this court, he took an affirmative
3:19 pm
action there. he marked none. he didn't ignore it or oversee it but said it was something he didn't understand. no supreme court justice should say i cannot understand a legal form. that is one of the main issues that we're looking at. you talk about the underlying issue which you brought up, there are only nine of the justices. i don't believe their family members out of consideration for justice, should be involved in issues that will go before that court. as you point out, that was what she was paid to do. i'm worried about the citizens united case and his vote in that instance. i'm very concerned about what he will do about voting for healthcare. these are issues too that americans are worried about. had we released a statement on our letter on friday morning about 10:00 to huffington post by 4:00 before i got home that afternoon toç rochester, there were over 800,000 people had read that, 17,000 had commented. believe me, if something is
3:20 pm
happening in america and people are going to demand change. >> to be fair to the other side, republicans also want to investigate justice elaine a kagan who serves as the general for the obama administration when the healthcare law was created. are they right. >> she has recused herself in instances where she was involved. should she do it? absolutely. i'm not doing this as a political issue at all. i'm doing it because i think we love justice, but more than that, we live, all of us, by what the supreme court decides. i want to make sure it's -- >> doesn't justice thomas' wife have a right to independently support. >> yes. >> political groups of her own volition? >> i want to tell you the way i feel about that. i can tell you approximate that from my own family. there will be issues before the supreme court of the united states when she was one of nine spouses or nine persons there associated with that court. no, i do not believe they should
3:21 pm
be involved publicly in trying to sway one way or another the public's opinion that something should be left for her husband or a wife to adjudicate. i believe that very sincerely. >> you believe that she should have no political role at all? >> i don't care what she does. have a political role. she got paid to fight these things. but i do believe, i seriously believe that it is no great request to ask the spouse of a supreme court justice or personal family, do not be involved on issues publicly that will come before that person to vote for or against. i think that's simple justice. it's the kind of justice that i want in this country. an answer from a justice of the supreme court based on law and reason. >> congresswoman louise slaughter of the -- thank you. >> you can see i'm pretty caught up in this, right, martin? >> absolutely. and good luck to the yankees tonight. >> and the bills on sunday. the world loses an icon who
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clicked with billions. stay with us.
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liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? now to the death of a man who combined visionary and changed the way we live. steve jobs the founder and driving force behind apple technology will be remembered as one of this country's greatest innovators. as word of hisç death spread, largely on devices he created, the internet was quickly trans fixed. the masses he inspired paying tribute not only for their eye macs and iphones and ipads and ipods. his own words posted to twitter and boards, not the launch of another product but to a commencement message he gave in 2005 at stanford university. >> remembering that i'll be dead soon is the most important tool i've ever en countered to help
3:26 pm
me make the big choices in life. all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death. eefg only what is truly important. remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. you are already naked. there is no reason not to follow your heart. >> that's advice mr. jobs not only preached, but he practiced. at one point he was removed from apple entirely. only to come back to build the company what it is today. one of the world's most recognizable and profitable brands. he was a dreamer who saw potential in the future and chased it down until he had figured out the formula. but in that same speech, given after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, he also inspired students to seize the moment. >> time it limited, so don't waste it living someone else's
3:27 pm
life. don't be trapped by dog ma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. don't let the noise of others' opinions drowned out your own inner voice and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. they somehow already$óejju what you truly want to become. everything else is secondary. >> in the end, mr. jobs may have lost his seven-year battle. he died much too young at the age of just 56. but his influence will shape our world for generations to come. he will be sorely missed but he'll never be forgotten. >> we invite you to share your memories of steve jobs. you can always do so on twitter at bashir live or on we'll be right back. man: looks great, hun... woman: ...and we're not real proud of this. man: no...we're not. woman:
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here are the top lines. theç occupied wall street edition. >> i don't have facts to back this up. but i happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the obama administration. >> these demonstrations are the deepest proof of obama's bankruptcy as a leader. >> i love what you're doing. i believe that this can be turned into an action item for next year. >> this is the molecular opposite of the beginning of this country. >> why are the occupy wall street folks unworthy of tea party respect and ideals? they're not law abiding citizens. they're camping in a park where camping isn't allowed. on the brooklyn bridge. that's not tea party behavior. >> everything you described there, i believe is a misdemeanor. the actual tea party was a felony. >> a lot of them are down there
3:32 pm
for dating purposes. >> people on wall street broke this country. they did it one lousy mortgage at a time. there has been no real effort to fix it. >> there's the rich, then there's the poor. and then there was us. and the rich are stepping on our next. they're trying to squash us down. but this is called an uprising. we are taking back what is ours. >> right now, what's being communicated is we're not going to take it anymore. this is very pink floyd. right? no mas. >> that was -- with the noise from occupy wall street spreading from coast to coast, is waurg ton listening? nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house and mick russert on capitol hill. spoke about it in the press conference today. let's take a listen. >> okay. >> the american people are frustrated. they've been frustrated for a long time. they don'tç get a sense that folks in this town are looking
3:33 pm
out for their interests. >> the president said the protests voice are widespread frustration. is the government listening, mike? >> it's funny martin. as you come on the air with me today, the occupy wall street washington version is just marched up 15th street from freedom plaza. then on pennsylvania avenue into lafayette park here. it is coming closer to home. it's funny, martin, both the president and vice president biden were asked about this at separate events about a half a mile apart from each other and about ten minutes apart timewise. if you might not surprise you to learn that vice president biden was eager to take up the tea party comparison, volunteered it at a symposium that was moderated by david gregory of "meet the press." . vice president biden says there's a lot in common with the tea party and martin, if you go back to september 29, 2008, the day that the tarp vote went down in congress bringing the stock market some 7 hundred points, who voted against tarp?
3:34 pm
who said it was a bailout for banks? it was both end of the political spectrum. it was populous on the right and populous on the left. genesis of the tea party on the right were throughout the political spectrum, they would argue and liberals on the left who said the taxpayers should not be bailing out wall street. and now you're seeing that again today. the president took the opportunity, while not directly making that comparison when asked to with the tea party. he did take the opportunity to sort of jump out in front of this parade, if you'll pardon the expression. say he has fought for a rear form of wall street and you played a couple in the opening, are very interested in rolling back some of the things that the president says and many folks around the country would say were accomplished ledge lay tifl and signed by the president. the top of the list is the dod frank legislation and the consumer financial protectionç bureau. we saw elizabeth warren there. >> we've got the president meeting with senator reid today on his jobs bill.
3:35 pm
the plan to pay for it with the millionaire's surtax. we've heard back and forth about when a vote might take place, if a vote would take place. can you give us any up to date details on that? >> reporter: well, the vote that will contain the amended version of the president's jobs plan, the senate idea to put the surtax on millionaires, specifically 5%, the first 5% of their wealth will most likely happen next week. there's confidence in the democratic side that they can at least get a ton of democratic votes for this type of bill. not expected to really attract a lot of republican votes and eric cantor and john boehner have both said the president's jobs bill in the entirety is dead on arrival at in the house. where can they work to find common ground? the republicans will come out next week and say look, we'll pass these free frayed agreements with colombia, panama, south korea, that's something we see at bipartisan
3:36 pm
because the president sent them down to us. in terms of a large scale jobs bill, martin, you're not going to see one of those come from capitol hill. my guess is in the near future, indefinitely probably not by the end of this congress. >> mike, speaker boehner was talking today and saying the president in his words has given up on the country. you've been following the president. do you get the impression that he is now of the view that these congressional members he simply can't deal with anymore. he's going direct to the people, he's using us, the media, to take a press conference, he's basically finished with thim because he can't negotiate with them. >> reporter: you've answered your own question, martin. since labor day, heç started wh the talk to a joint session of congress, he's gone on the road, to john boehner and mitch mcconnell's backyard, sort of throwing them the high and inside heat. trying to almost pick a fight. trying to rile up his base. one of the more interesting questions that the president was asked at the press conference,
3:37 pm
he was asked, you know, you always say you want to negotiate with the republicans but you seem to be campaigning. are you negotiating and are you just running against like harry truman did in 1948 a do-nothing congress. president said fine, it's self-evident. if the congress does something, i can't run against a do nothing congress. let the congress do something. that's the line that will be continually used over the course of the next months as the primary season unfolds. >> on that point, luke, what are republicans offering? what is their plan? >> reporter: well, the republicans would tell you in regards to the president, martin, is that it's an abdication of leadership. i've heard that a lot in terms of his my way or the highway approach. >> abdication of leadership? he's constructed a bill. he's prepared to fund the bill. what else is he supposed to do? >> reporter: what they would say is that bill is one-sided and not enough to agree with. >> that's not absence of
3:38 pm
leadership. >> reporter: that's their talking point being repeated throughout. that's the media operation. that's how they roll. republicans are well-disciplined. they get a line, they repeat it. everyone stays on message. what do you have in the united states senate. you had chuck schumer, his family is making $250,000, $300,000, we're not rich. that was a reversal of what president obama said. you don't see that with problems on the republican side. president obama is abdicating leadership not providing enough for the country. they're going to come forward next week and they'll -- the things they offer all along in theç congressional session, whh is bills that really promote deregulation. that say that frees up businesses to spend money because they won't be sacked with this fear that government is somehow going to -- >> absolutely. 2008 didn't happen and what we need is less regulation. fantastic. >>. >> reporter: their response is
3:39 pm
2010 happened. what's you're friend chuck todd say, elections have consequences. honestly, this congress will do nothing but fight budget fights. if you want to make a difference, vote in 2012 and try to vote people in that want to work with one another. these don't. >> take care. next, from the deadly serious to the worst joke sprung on americans in years. stay with us. covergirls -- it's time to set your lashes free. new natureluxe mousse mascara! luxurious volume with a light-as-air feel. we took out a heavy synthetic and put in a light touch of beeswax. up with the volume, down with the weight. lashes are 20% lighter than the most expensive mascara. new natureluxe mousse mascara. so free your volume! and...your easy breezy beautiful covergirl. and try natureluxe glossbalm.
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3:43 pm
today, brown shot back during a radio interview. >> have you officially responded to warren's comments about how she didn't take her clothes off? >> thank god. >> brown's comments have provoked an eruption of anger by feminists and democratic groups who saw no humor in that exchange. next will sarah palin ride off into the alaskan wilderness? nah. er ] when you're a coach in the nfl... ♪ ...there are no sick days. ♪ vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. [ snoring ] [ indistinct talking on tv ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪
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new unemployment numbers are out today. cnbc's amanda drury has more on that and a check on today's stocks. >> absolutely. martin, we've made it to three days in a row we've been moving higher. let's look at stocks as we speak. the dow is currently up by 133 points. the s&p is up by 16 and the nasdaq gaining by 36. you mentioned the jobs numbers that we got. the applications for unemployment benefits rising
3:47 pm
slightly last week after shedding 33,000. the previous week, the important thing is here the rebound is smaller than economists expected and applications are trending lower. volkswagen is recalling more than 168,000 diesel cars because of a fuel injector defect that could cause fires it affects golfs and 2009 to 2012 jet as as well as at vw owned audi a-3. 2010 to 2012 model years. i'm going to hand it back over to you. >> thank you, amanda. turning to the race for 2012 and the spotlight is dimming on former alaska governor sarah palin. last night a somewhat deflated palin brought an end to her year-long tease of american conservatives by finally announcing she will not make a run for the presidency. >> i apologize to those whom are disappointed in this decision. i've been hearing from them in the last couple of hours.
3:48 pm
but i believe that they, had they take a step back, will understand why the decision was even her own colleagues at fox news today seemed less than impressed with her much-anticipated decision. >> there she is. she's not running for president of the united states. >> is that what she said? >> so it appears it has come down to mitt romney, rick perry and maybe businessman herman cain whose recent surge set the stage for a new round of jokes from comedian stephen colbert. >> cain picked up all the voters who don't like romney, used to like perry and can't have christie. republican voters have been reduced to using the same criteria as a 4 a.m. barroom pickup.
3:49 pm
[ laughter ] >> political panelists here wa waiting to discuss it this. i'm joined by ms. nbc contributor and crystal ball and jennifer -- analyst and columnist for the bloomberg view. >> john, if there's been mourning at the death of steve jobs, has there been yawning at the decision by sarah palin? >> it's almost an insult to steve jobs to put them in the same sentence at this point. her decline has been so steep, a couple of years ago people really thought that she might be the nominee and she just squandered her political capital week after week to where she got to the point where she, as they say in cultural studies jumped the shark. that comes from the episode of happy days, the old tv show where the fonz is water-skiing, fake water-skiing, it's obvious that it's fake. he's jumping over sharks and people realize this isç when "happy days" is over as a show
3:50 pm
when the fonz is jumping shark. since then, we say people have jumped the shark. sarah palin is very much in that category. nobody cared when she dropped out because she was so over. >> hasn't this really though been about making money? selling books, promoting documentaries, using her daughter to appear in reality television shows. hasn't the whole thing been about money making and absolutely nothing to do with governance or the future of this country? >> yeah, i think that's certainly what it looks like. and i think that she will continue to try to use whatever status she has to stay in the headlines and continue to earn a living. i think she's always been more interested in celebrity and her own status than in really serving in the way that the country needs. >> what happens to the money? because, on the day she announced, a video drops announcing a call for more donations to sarah pac. so what's going on here? she said that there was a family trip up the northeast earlier
3:51 pm
this year, but then we understand that it was funded and the bus was paid for from donations. so this seems an incredible blurring of the personal and professional. >> i mean, she wants to continue in the life to which she has grown accustomed. >> don't we all? >> so she has now resigned as governor in order to cash in. now her stock is down. she needs a kind of a slush fund to replenish her standard of living. >> and what better to do than use the political process, the presidential race for that purpose? >> she used that -- the tease -- it's been very months since it's been clear that she wasn't going to run for president. she wasn't putting any of the pieces in place. so this is about money and we'll see how many suckers who are out there who will continue to underwriting their lifestyle. >> krystal, christie's çout, palin's out. there was also big hopes for the rising gop star, marco rubio. let's listen to his response about the possibility of holding the position of vp.
3:52 pm
listen to this. >> yeah, i believe so. i'm not going to be the vice presidential nominee. i'm not going to be the vice presidential nominee. i'm not focused on that. i'm focused on my job right now, and the answer is going to probably be know. the answer's going to be no. let me no -- he's left the door open. >> if the president is so weak and so ineffective, why does nobody want to fight him? >> well, we do have a pretty large stable of candidates who are in the race. i think it's just the fact that the republicans really aren't satisfied with any of them, all of them had failings. and the other thing i would say about rubio is, you know, it's easy to say now, know, i want to stay in my senate seat and protest, but we saw with perry, he said absolutely, he wasn't going to run for president, and he jumped in the game. so politicians have a way of walking these things back. i wouldn't rule it out. >> not only would not rule it out, it's, at this point, the odds still favor marco rubio being on the ticket. that statement was utterly meaningless. if you go back and look at every
3:53 pm
vice president and every vice presidential candidate at this time in the process, they've all said the same thing. because you don't throw your hat in the ring for vice president. you don't say, oh, yes, i would love to be vice president. that's against the kind of -- >> although bob mcdonnell did it in virginia. he kind of said, well, i wouldn't mind. >> it's one of the things that kind of makes him unusual and appealing. >> he's the exception. >> rubio is more what the standard thing is. now, it's true that his people had told me, you know, on background, the same thing. he actually does not -- >> he doesn't want to do pit. >> -- want it. but if he gets the call, they need the hispanic vote, which they will, and romney, you know, makes the call. these guys never say no, martin. you have to go backç to 1972 wn george mcgovern was a very weak democratic candidate for president, the nominee, and he called around after thomas eagleton dropped off the ticket, he needed a vice presidential candidate, and ted kennedy and
3:54 pm
several other people said no before sergeant shriver finally said yes. you have to go back 40 years to find an occasion where somebody said to the nominee, no. >> can i just ask you to put your media hat on for a moment? because, obviously, we enjoy your expertise in politics, but this morning it seemed as though some of those fox news presenters were damning sarah palin with fake praise. do you think that her star, in that particular galaxy, may be descending a little? >> oh, yeah. they know that she would have been a loser if she had been the republican nominee. and they smell victory. they want the white house, so they didn't want to have anything to do with her. there were people in the obama campaign who were saying, we'd pay her filing fee. that's how badly they wanted her to run. but, so, the fox people cut her adrift quite a while ago. i think they might like her as a fox anchor, as a personality for ratings, but they want power. >> and even in that, roger ailes
3:55 pm
is already speaking of her in sort of the past tense, and she was critical of several of their debate moderators, so she's been poking them as well. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll be right back. ♪ sent her back to college for her sophomore year ♪ ♪ co-signed her credit card -- "buy books, not beer!" ♪ but the second that she shut the door ♪ ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for her whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ offer applies with enrollment in™.
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it's time now to clear the air. and today, we've marked two important stories. the tragic and sad passing of a true creative genius at the age of just 56 and hopefully the end of a charade that's been going on for three years. one individual represents the very best of american exceptionalism. brilliant, determined, creative. the other represents the very worst form of american opportunism. vacuous, crass, and according to
3:59 pm
almost every biographer, vindictive too. he played himself to the very end, casually dressed, focused on producing product after product, that would transform culture, information, and our social interaction. after theç last three years, s created nothing, produced nothing, and served no one but herself. and while the vast majority of consumers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the products he produced, imagine how her most ardent followers must feel today. they were misled into buying ghost-written and vain glorious books that attempted to create the till luillusion of leadersh character. they bought tickets to see a documentary that ignored fact and was a celluloid whitewash of her life. even on the day that she confirmed that all of us knew, that she wouldn't be running for president, she still dropped a video asking for more donations. amazing. but although the death of steve jobs coincided with sarah


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