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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 10, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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football game. what's going on with michael vick and the artist formerly known as the nfl's dream team. we'll have all of sunday's highlights, "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that believes people up watching this show are members of a cult. i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. tweet me at willie geist 1 to let me know what you're doing up right now. or text the word awake to 622639 to let us know. columbus day, monday october 10th. a lot to tell you about, including news that france and germany making a big move to shoren the european economy, a live report from london in just a moment. plus "snl" recreates the magical moment last week when hank
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williams junior compared the president of the united states to adolf hitler. but first the news live at 5:30 a.m. a new look at recent census data shows a disturbing trend for u.s. incomes. according to a study spotlighted in today's "new york times" that shows from june of 2009, the official end. recession, until june of this year, median incomes fell 6.7%. that decline was more than double the 3.2% fall that occurred during the recession. which lasted technically from december of 2007 to june of 2009. those numbers only raise the pressure on the frustrating debate in washington. on "meet the press" yesterday, paul ryan claims the president's plan is just a rehash of programs that haven't worked in the past. >> we have a difference of opinion with the white house on how best to create jobs. we don't think doubling down on fail stimulus policies, which
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have proven to fail is the right way to go. we want to work with ideas that have proven to work. helping small businesses grow. that means getting certainty on our policy, regulations, taxes, debt, so that small businesses can grow. temporary stimulus, sugar high economics are not what businesses are telling us they need to create jobs. >> chairman ryan's comments come after president obama fired back at his critics during a weekly radio address, saying republicans who have better plan to jump-start job creation should quote, prove it the senate is expected to vote on the american jobs act this week and it would move to the house where mr. ryan himself said it is dead on arrival. the demonstrations against what they say is corporate greed and social inequality that began on wall street in new york city, continue to gain momentum. now entering their 24th day. the occupy wall street protests are drawing the attention of politicians, democratic congressman john lewis saying the events remind him of the civil rights movement. the rallies are not without
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criticism as new york city mayor, michael bloomberg said focusing on big banks could drive jobs away and hurt new york city's economy. presidential hopeful, herman cain, who be a knowledged that some protesters doubled down on his belief that jealousy is a driving force behind the demonstrations. he suggest that attendees shift focus from wall street to washington. >> the fact of the matter is, why aren't there jobs? go and picket the white house, the thing that this administration does not get is that the business sector is the engine of economic growth. that's key. they don't get that. so this president and administration wants to continue to try and spend our way to prosperity. part of it is jealousy, i stand by that. and here's why i don't have a lot of patience for that. my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said we hope that the rich people lose something so we can get something. no, my dad's idea was, i want to
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work hard enough so i can buy a cadillac. not take somebody else's. >> mr. cain called out protestors for what he called class warfare. it was echoed by eric cantor last week. cantor blasted occupy wall streeters and its sister groups as quote, mobs who he says are pitting americans against one another. nancy pelosi had this to say about mr. cantor's claims. >> i didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of congress right here in the capitol and he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them. it's a democratic system, we don't all agree. we'd have a king if we were all of one mind. we don't, we have different views and part of the democracy of our country is the expression that people give and the constitution guarantees that. >> miss pelosi expressed support for what she called the message to the establishment that she
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says occupy wall street is sending. german chancellor angela merkel and french president, nicolas sarkozy are vowing to do everything necessary to secure the european banking system. they leaders say they will announce a new plan to capitalize banks and to save greece by november 3 rd. the time of a g-20 meeting in france. let's take an early look at that. cnbc's geoff cutmore is live in london with more. >> good morning to you. i wish i could give you some details on this. but details are fairly scant at this point. we the joint press conference after the french and german leaders met and they came out and said we're on the case on the recapitalization of the banks and are going to look hard at how we resolve the greek story and lead to more economic coordination in the euro bloc. the markets appear to have bought the dummy for the time being, we're higher in europe, we had a higher day in the asian
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session and are looking for 113-point gain is forecast in the dow future right now. having said that, dexia bank just been nationalized by the belgian government, so europe is not without banking problems. back to you. >> the front page of the "financial times" this morning, david cameron of the uk saying time is short for the euro zone. encouraging merkel and sarkozy to use what he calls a big ba zooka approach saying that europe has to avert disaster. 2012 presidential politics, the presidential field shifting it's focus to religion. several candidates head to washington for the value voters summit, an annual gathering of social conservatives, texas governor ron paul ron the straw poll with 37%. perry came in second with 23% of the vote. what's grabbing headlines is the introduction of texas governor, rick perry on friday, by megachurch pastor, robert
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jeffers. the perry supporter made some controversial remarks to reporters. bringing massachusetts governor mitt romney's religion into the spotlight. >> rick perry is an evangelical christian. mitt romney is a good person, but he's not a christian. mormonism is not christianity, it's always been considered a cult. it's the difference between a christian and nonchristian. >> the perry campaign maintains it did not ask jeffers to introduce perry. but the politico reports that the perry camp signed off on the choice. perry addressed the issue saying he does not believe that mormonism is a cult. yesterday on the sunday shows, other republican presidential contenders weighed in on the controversy and on the role of religion in politics. >> i'm not running for theologian in chief. i'm a lifelong christian and
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what that means is one of my guiding principles for the decisions i make is i start with do the right thing. i'm not getting into that controversy. >> this is so inconsequential as far as this campaign is concerned. we have religious tolerance in this country and we understand people have different views on faith. >> i thought none of us should sit in judgment, i thought it was very unwise and very inappropriate. >> addressing the value voters summit, mitt romney made no mention of pastor jeffers' comment, but did take aim at a director of the american family association who had denounced mormonism earlier. romney saying quote, decency and civility are values, too. >> poisonous language doesn't advance our cause, it's never softened a single heart nor changed a single mind. the blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectful debate. the task before us is to focus
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on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite us. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> continuing his push in new hampshire, mitt romney holds a town hall in milford, new hampshire later today. it comes as a new wmur granite state poll showing the former massachusetts governor with 37% support in new hampshire, a wide lead there. herman cain, at 12%, followed by ron paul with 9%. but look down the list there, rick perry with only 4% support in the state of new hampshire. around the world, deadly violence breaking out in cairo, as christian demonstrators clashed with security forces after a recent attack on a community church. at least 24 people have been killed and 200 wounded as guntire was heard in the streets and cars set on fire. egypt's prime minister calls the violence the most serious threat to the country's security. christians are accusing the egypt's governing military council of being too lenient on
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muslim radical who is the christians say are behind a recent string of deadly attacks. the worst uprise since the protests earlier this year that removed from power president hosni mubarak. ethnic tensions in egypt, iraq, only help assad prove his theory that the region needs strong men, not good. the syrian president assad that richard is talking about, the government renewing its brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters in the country. according to reports, 31 people were killed in a series of shootings overnight. syrian human rights activist say about half the deaths were in the city of oms where syrian trips reportedly opened fire on suspected desserters. still ahead here on "way too early," they've been clamoring in denver for tim tebow and yesterday, they got him under center. we'll show you how the kid did at quarterback. when we whip through the day in the nfl. plus, "saturday night live"
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breaks out its chris christie. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. more noon a third of democrats and all but six republicans voted with the president. while acknowledging the potential human cost of war. >> mr. president, we trust to you the best we have to give. use them well, so they can come home.
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5:44 in the morning. a beautiful live picture of the empire state building. lit up all pretty for columbus day. let's get a check of the weather
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with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it's still summer. >> we don't have to put away the jean shorts. >> i never do. >> nice, with the rolled-up tank top. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk about what's happening outside. southeast, a lot different than the northeast. the northeast is still summer out there. in the southeast we have rain and thunderstorms we're dealing with. even a tornado watch from savannah south through the jacksonville, florida area. the northeast is going to be just like yesterday, another day like summer. mid 80s possible. philadelphia, new york city. clouds will move in later on today. and today is it. this will be the warmest day we're going to see probably until next spring. maybe until next april. as far as summer, it's refusing to end not just in the northeast. chicago to minneapolis to dallas. much of the country is very warm. it's really the southeast, there's rain down there today. it's going to work up the east coast. it will arrive here in the northeast and mid-atlantic tuesday and then wednesday. >> nice temperatures across the country, bill, thanks so much. let's turn to sports, the agree bay packers trying to remain only one of two
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undefeated teams in the nfl. the other plays at home tonight in detroit. aaron rodgers and the pack visiting atlanta. the falcons took an early lead, but from there, it was all rodgers. in the fourth rodgers finds greg jennings in the midding. he weaves through traffic and gets across the goal line. rodgers throws for 400 yards, two touchdowns, green bay puts up 25 unanswered to win 25- 14. the pack remains undefeated 5-0. the falcons fall to 2-3. 49ers and the bucks and how about san francisco? these guys are out of their minds right now, legit contender after a disappointing year last year. alex smith looking like a number one draft pick. which he was some years back. here's delanai walker, for a touchdown, 9ers destroyed the bucks, 48-3, their largest margin of victory in two decades. in the afc east, jets and pats playing in foxborough with you new england has been unbeaten in the regular season since 2008.
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and the streak is intact this morning. first play of the third quarter, tom brady, hit a streaking wes welker who runs 73 yards, he's brought down at the 10 yard line. three plays later, brady going to find a wide-open branch in the back of the end zone. brady throws for 300 yards, pats win 30-21. they're 4-1, the jets have lost three consecutive games, they're 2-3. another surprise contender in the afc east, the buffalo bills playing at home against michael vick and the struggling eagles, buffalo up seven, the eagles driving, on third and three, viks' pass bounces into the hands of vick bar net. vick threw four interceptions. eagles are in a complete free-fall. they're now 1-4. afc west, denver broncos in a desperate situation, started with a 1-3 record. against the chargers yesterday,
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denver down 16 points in the fourth quarter. so coach john fox turns to the man a lot of people have been looking for for a couple of years, former heisman trophy winner, fan favorite, all-around wonderful guy, tim tebow engineer as 51-yard drive, capped by a 12-yard scramble to the touchdown. a few minutes later, denver with the ball back. tebow under pressure finds marino. denver gets one last shot, last play -- that's your two-point conversion. here's the last play. tebow avoids three defenders, looks like he's playing for the gators here. this is the last play of the game -- gets a i way from trouble. launches it in the end zone, but it falls short. broncos lose 29-24. chargers are 4-1. the broncos are 1-4. we'll see if they stick with tebow. oakland raiders, playing a day
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after the death of legendary owner al davis who died at the age of 82 over the weekend. raiders players wearing black de decals. jason campbell, making al proud, easy score, raiders win an emotional game, head coach dropping to one knee as the time expire, oakland beats the texans 23-20. drew brees and the saints out duel cam newton and the panthers, brees, 360 yards, two touchdowns and the giants upset at home by the seahawks, 36-25, despite eli manning throwing for a career-best 400-some yards and three scores. baseball, game one of the nlcs, cards took a three-run lead into the fifth but the brewers came surging back, prince fielder, a screaming line drive. capping off a six-run inning for the brew crew, milwaukee beat
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st. louis 9-6 to take game one. tigers play the second game this afternoon. cardinals and brewers play game two tonight. coming up on "morning joe," mitt romney way on top in a new hampshire poll that has rick perry buried under the pack. as the republicans spend the weekend talking about romney's faith. and when we come back we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch "snl" do hank williams junior. "way too early" coming right back.
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as we told you at the top of the show, americans continue to see their earnings decline, despite an official end to the recession in 2009, for those who don't have jobs, it feels more like a depression. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends the average length of unemployment for a a person who has lost a job has increased from 24.1 weeks in june of 2009, to 40.5 weeks last month. that's according to bureau of labor statistics who says the 40-week period is the longest in more than 60 years. enough of the real news, let's huddle up around the water cooler to see what you missed on "snl." the opening sketch had a fake group of republicans still begging chris christie to get into the race.
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>> i know you want me to run. but this -- this can't go national. my style works in one place -- new jersey. if i run for president, i gotta go to places like mississippi. in june. i mean can you picture me in the mississippi heat in june? taking questions from some yokel while i breathe like tony soprano. he's a nice man in a clean suit that wants to be president. you owe him an apology. >> sorry. >> i can't hear you. >> sorry! >> oh, ah, hell, i can't stay mad at you meatballs. and by the way, mitt, ear muffs. >> you got it, gov. >> i'm going to run in 2016. i just can't do it now. let's just say -- i got to make
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couple of things go away, first, okay? but after this poor [ bleep ] loses, i'll get a nice head start, it will be great, it writes itself. >> "snl" recreated the moment last week when hank williams junior compared the president of the united states to hay dove hitler. >> mr. williams compared president obama to hitler and we just don't say that on shall this show. >> we imply it. >> that's right. that's right. >> so here to explain himself is hank williams junior. >> great. >> yup. hey there, fellows. i know who the friends and who's the fox, looking good, gretchen. >> hold up, hank. if i may speak for mr. williams. >> who are you? >> i'm chris brooks. mr. williams' media representative. i'll be speaking for him from this point forward. i mean wouldn't you think he would say. look at him. he looks like a truck stop santa
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claus. >> ho ho ho. >> mr. williams would like an apology. >> hell yeah, apologize to bosefus. >> don't give a baby a gun. president barack hitler will just take it away. >> there he goes again. >> he wants to make this right and he wrote a song to prove it. >> oh,well let's hear it. >> you want me to sing it now? >> yes, now. ♪ are you ready for an apology ♪ well you're not going to get one ♪ ♪ 'cuz i calls them like i see him and obama is hitler ♪ >> jason sedakis carrying the show on saturday. "morning joe" just moments away.
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