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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  October 13, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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ambassador in a crowded restaurant in washington. the president is speaking alongside visiting south korean president made it abundantly clear this was not done by a dissident group, but known by members within the group of iran. they would be held accountable. the president said one of the suspects, an iranian-american, was paid by officials in tehran. >> we also know that he had direct links and was paid by and directed by individuals in the iranian government. >> we're go to the white house and now mike i have kerr a. these were strong words from the president. if anyone doubted the credibility, he was clear. >> the president saying they
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were paid by and directed by the individuals and more signific t significantly, afterwards even if they had no detailed operational knowledge at the top echelon, there has to be accountability. the president saying once again, his secretary of state said and what a spokesman said, no options are off the table. another threshold question here all along since we learned of this plot has been is this an act of war? there is no talk at least not publicly of military response that the question might imply and the president is making it clear that he considers the actions so outrageous and he is confident they would agree with him. they will continue sanctions and continue putting pressure and continue consulting bilaterally and multilaterally and elsewhere to put more pressure on iran. the president said the efforts
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have gone further over the past year that the economy is suffering. they plan to up that and the president and others are saying publicly at this point. >> we understand the state department has been in contact with iran over this plot. do you know what the consent of the conversations may have been? we know that the iranian government dismissed the entire story as a fabrication. >> we don't know the content. you are right. ever since the allegations first surfaced and the attorney general here in washington held that press conference and talked about the iranian government who dismissed them out of hand, you can imagine the pressure given the traditional split between sunni saudi arabia and the shiite iran. the pressure in the midwest and the tensions because iran is eager to knock down all of these allegations, even though they
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are linked from the president and the organization and the arm of the security forces that united states alleges has been involved in terrorism. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> more on the president's strong words and how foreign tell us is shaping his with the. msnbc analyst and washington bureau chief. this is the director of research and the policy fellow at the brookings commute. good afternoon. i can start with you. the president said when he came in, iran was able to play countries against each other. they have isolated tehran from the world. do you agree with that statement? >> i do agree. it wasn't really president obama's preferred objective as you recall in his inaugural address. he talked about reaching to those who would unclinch his fist and negotiating with dictato dictators. he would like to think that a
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more open and multilateral and diplomatic america could have relations with iran and north korea and a country like that. when that didn't work, he was in a better place than to pursue the bush agenda of isolating iran because he tried and they recognized that obama try and when that was rejected and that of course when they had elections in 2009 and intensified to uncover it, that put the president in a better position, allowing the policy to tighten sanctions on tehran. he has been affected. it was preferred policy and the second best policy, he did it pretty well. >> when they announced the discovery of this plot two days ago, he said that actions would be taken virt jully immediately. he thought something may happen on tuesday. aside from sanctions, what can the administration do. what can anyone do with a nation
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like iran? say what dick cheney would like to do which was invade. >> first of all, tightening up and toughening up the coalition is no feat by itself. if the president can use this for countries to keep tighten sanctions, that is an accomplishment. a lost countries don't top the do it. they have economic interests for other reasons why they would prefer to lighten up the sanctions and give iran an out. keeping the sanctions in place and keeping a robust coalition in place is a big accomplishment. beyond that, there is an interesting question and the president alluded to it with a statement about no options being off the table. he will not bomb iran with response to this, but he may with response to a nuclear break out. that has been an issue we have been debating for years. israel has been debating it for years. no one knows what we would do. to the extend that they seem
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undependable in international behavior and international law and basic decency, the idea to strike against the reactor or uranium enrichment may seem a little bit more palatable and defensible to the world. >> this latest intelligence success against potential attacks on america is only increasing this president's achievement for foreign affairs. a month doesn't pass without a bin laden or now these two iranians. >> i don't think this attack is as important as it may have been ranks up there with getting rid of gadhafiy or bin laden or this one. >> i'm not suggesting that, but in the area of foreign affairs, the president has done pretty well. >> you headed me off at the pass there. i was saying yes, this year has been a good year for foreign policy and started at the end of last year when they managed to get the treaty ratified and the
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opposition of many republicans including john mccain. michael referred to the reset of our relations with russia which was so important they did it with iran. it was preserving the start treaty that was negotiated with russia that allowed barack obama to continue that and a lot of that action itself, overcoming the opposition had a lot to do with the president's ability to make a strong tough case internationally against iran. >> it does seem that this president unincumbered by congress is perfectly capable of getting things done. in the area of foreign relations, she doing a rather good job. guess what. he doesn't have to negotiate through the congress. >> in some ways it's easy for him to deal with this security council and in china. it is with the tea party republicans in congress and john boehner.
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the resolutions that he got through libya, two of them were very tough and at the beginning a round of people who were pushing them and probably wouldn't bet he was able to do that. he was firm with egypt and took a week to get to a strong position and he got there. he was steadfast. in terms of the drone strikes, the people who disagree with them and criticize them, you are looking at the way he is ro ro bust and strong in the war against extremists. he is doing as much if not more so than bush and cheney ever did. you have mitt romney out there saying the president is a failure in everything he does and dismissing him on foreign policy, that really doesn't comport with this record he accomplish and achieved in the past year and before that. >> the president said and i am quoting him, there is a great similarity between how iran operates and how north korea
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operates. a willingness on their part to break rules and flaunt norms. each time they do that, the united states will join in the partners in making sure they pay a price. what does he mean by that? what does he mean? does he mean there is going to be some kind of strategic strike? >> i don't think so. it's interesting that you put it very well. in a sense the punishment has been the policy. that's why as you know, he has been doing a good job. it's a second best out come. two years for obama. what he managed to do is isolate the regimes without managing to shut down the nuclear programs and without managing to induce a reform from within the regimes. that would be very, very difficult to accomplish. some kind of containment that you rally to carry out the containment is the best you can hope for. none the less, it's not getting
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you to the actual objective you want. it is making punishment the policy out come when which is the best you can do and hope every time these economies around north korea and the change of leadership and there is a gorbachev effect and something else happens that those regimes can no longer sustain themselves. you have not managed to change the age, but managed to contain and punish them. >> final question, how does the question translate this into a domestic impact for both his own presidency and standing? >> you know, martin, when unemployment is over 9% and has been that way for a couple of years, it's hard for any foreign policy success to trump out a counter balance. that's the reality if you are looking forward to the election next year. the republicans thought they had
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ammunition against the president when they are weak in the stance and weak in the social security and remember the dick cheney arguments, he is more interested in reading terrorists their rights than look locking them up or killing them. all that is to the side and they will not make that case in the coming year. he looks strong in foreign policy. i don't think it will be determinative unless the other developments occur. he is going to have to win this on the economy and domestic issues and this takes one set of issues that republicans wanted to use against him completely off the table. he doesn't have to worry about looking weaker or running to the right and on the toughest side of whether the republican candidate may be. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> sure. >> next, 2/3 majority which agree with president obama. plan premium in the country...
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after ignoring the president's jobs bill, they unveiled a plan to reduce unemployment amid increasing evidence that americans are fed up with the do nothing congress and support the president's proposa proposal. consider that nearly 2/3, 63% favor president obama's detailed jobs plan. 64% support taxing the wealthy and corporationings to pay for the measures in the jobs bill. what's the republican plan? you have seen this movie before. the former tax code, cut spending and reign in regulation. biden calls it a perferm storm and said the obama
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administration has no intention of leading it go. >> make them vote on every single solitary piece. let them explain to the american people why we should appreciate 65 years and lay off 10,000 firefighters. and police officers. this is a perfect storm, man. a perform storm reduced by this manpower and the neighborhoods and a rise in crime. that is a witch's brew that. is a mixture for cancer in the city. >> into this argument steps the billionaire warren buffett urging congress to raise his taxes and disclosing in the process how much he paid last year. less than $7 million to uncle sam on a taxable next of nearly $40 million. a 17.4% tax rate. to put his rate in perspective,
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a person making $75,000 pays the same rate. what happened to the capital gains tax rate? >> actually 28 to 20 from 20 to 15 by a president and one in 03. >> so while capital gains taxes go down, median income also goes down, leaving the richest 15,000 americans getting 6% of the wealth. nbc's luke russert is here for us. the republicans are presenting their jobs plan and the president said he is willing to consider a solution so give us the scoop. what is their solution? >> we heard for months now about a house gop jobs plan. about an hour ago, senator john mccain and rand paul did just that. it's a plan that we saw in the house.
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first and foremost, it's to repeal by the president's health care and the repeal of the bill. on top of that, you would also have a deregulation specifically looking at what the epa does. the national relations board. there is news on this end. >> hit us with the news. >> the corporate tax goes down to 25% and personal income tax goes down to 25%. >> tax cuts. the specific numbers, there would be a moratorium on the new regulation and torque reform. that's one we heard for a while. >> the balanced budget amendment. a combination of ideas on capitol hill. >> if 2/3 of the country believes the jobs plan is the right way to go, one independent said it would raise growth by
3:19 pm
1.3%, creating 1.3 million new jobs and another team estimates by 2%, recreation of almost two million jobs, how is it possible the republicans won't support that? >> they would tell you that elections have consequences and they have a different fundamental belief on how the country should go forward in terms of job creation. they very much doubled down on the idea that less regulation and lower taxes provide for job creators and those people if government is stable will be able to throw capital into the market place. it's a debatable point as is the democratic side and pumping dollars. we are very much out from the 2012 elections and 14 months or so. you can really see on capitol hill there is not a desire to make it at the specific problems and they are trying to come toth jobs measure. it is going in each corner and fighting and fighting and
3:20 pm
fighting for the base. the republican side with no raising of taxes on the democratic side and more and more and more stimulus and there is no looking at any middle ground. there things they can agree on and a 3% with holding taxes on the president's jobs plan. this is the federal government going with the 3% and the money they give. there is not a big measure going on here. you hit the nail on the head. >> some expected the willingness to consider pieces of the president's plan. bits of it. do you think we are going to see each part read section by section? >> no and will tell you the reason why. there is nothing within both of these plans that can be done piece by piece that will have a sizable impact that will make a crack at the unemployment number. don't take my word for it. they have put forth in the press
3:21 pm
releases. they have to try con idea and double down on it whole heartedly. no one wants to do that because both have problems with each of these. from tennessee this morning they said it's something that is poignant. that was the only thing that is going to get dmn this congress is the work of the super committee. they have to find $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction that are in there with big bargains that would stimulate job growth. if you go for a hope and a dream, go to the europe committee. other than that, there is not a lost agreement for both sides. >> not the only game in town. rick perry and texas justice. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue
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is. >> these days the godfather of pizza needs no introduction. here are the top lines. >> six weeks ago there were people dropping out. i'm feeling great because a lot of people are paiking a second look and saying this is not such a long shot. >> she willing to say anything. >> you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details.
3:29 pm
>> he was trying to do a sit down. i think it was the one by senator um that bothered me. >> how many people here? raise your hand? that's how many votes you are getting in new hampshire. >> they are thinking about asking, how do you want to serve that? the audience was smarter than he was. he tried to get the audience to react on each one of those individually and backed by it. the flavor of the week at haggen haaz. >> i think i will pass on calling him that flavor, but you
3:30 pm
should call him the front-runner in the horse race of the republican nominati. buyer beware. this is the fourth poll where somebody new it refers to the top of the pack to challenge mitt romney. is herman cain the real deal and do the numbers in the plan really add up? for more on this, i am joined by nicole wallace, senior adviser on the palin campaign. author of the book, it's classified. this is not classified. this man has risen to the top and he is only the most recent flavor of the month. how seriously should we take him? >> i have two things that we come back to. we have been hurting like democrats. in 2003, the democratic primary at this point was dominated by howard dean and clark. democrats settled on different candidates.
3:31 pm
we usually have in the process, we behaved and it has been like college flings from one romance to another. >> 59 least now we are falling in love with or having crushes on people who are on the field running. this is healthier than going from paul ryan to chris crist to others who are not running. >> what is the crush? in the case of herman cain, 999 has been basically dismissed by virtually every movement we now and i don't know that this is just a republican thing, but now politics and experience is held in such low regard, we are willing to risk it all on someone whose entire body of
3:32 pm
experience is in the public sector. what it said to me about the low regard with which we hold government experience. we were choosing between john mccain who had a lifetime of government service. >> this guy serves pizza. >> he has been running companies which is admirable. >> it's not the real truth. the republican party doesn't real feel them falling in love with romney. that's why we keep seeing someone else at the top. basically they don't like the guy that seems to be the inevitable candidate. >> we are having a hard time coming around to the idea that it's going to be romney. i think that's changing as we speak here today. i think that the truth is he has gladly accepted his roles the
3:33 pm
tortious and let the other be the hare. at the end of the day, the party will rally around him. and independents for the white house is their desire to see obama's policies end. >> you are talking about the president, but he raised $70 million in the third quarter. can any republican candidate compete with that? >> he will not be outfund-raised. barack obama has broken every record for fund-raising and bringing together the outside groups. it's a myth that republicans have more outside money they never had and never will. they will need to make sure this is a record on the record for the last two years and that's the best chance of defeating him. the cowboy struggling to regain his swagger.
3:34 pm
it has been a tough month for rick perry's dismal debates. a plunge in the polls and even perry's wife seems to suggest the governor had about all he can take. >> it has been a rough month. he has been beaten up and cheated on. >> only a month ago he was given applause for the execution of 234 people under his watch. it's now 236. not much humanity there. as we know, governor perry doesn't lose sleep over these things. he is busy crafting the fight song. the register asked perry, you were a yell leader at texas a & m. what yell would you give to urge
3:35 pm
on your campaign? the response, rick perry, liberty, rick perry, freedom. my next guest my not have an argument for that. the rise in the prison empire and the professor at the university of hawaii. he joins us now and should not that your sister is say falled number of that production staff. welcome. >> thank you. >> you heard governor perry about liberty and freedom and spent i'm on the prisons and i looked at your book. is it ironic? >> it's surprising that they would be celebrated for liberty. it incarcerates more than any other. they have a higher rate than iran or china. if you take them by race, it becomes troubling among african-american men able to graduate from high school.
3:36 pm
he gutted education spending. criminal justice is not the land of the free. >> i read about the fact that you detail what rick perry has done in relation to education programs and health care in the prison system. how compassion ead has he been? >> he has in some ways corrected from some of the overreach of the bush governorship. he has moderate support in his camp. when the juvenile system exploded with horrendous sex scandals, he restructured the agency when the costs come due, he signed reluctantly with parole reforms. where he really exercised personal leadership in criminal justice is to try to privatize the system and he returned over and over and over again. there is no evidence where corrections officers make one outrageous. >> the debate last month, we
3:37 pm
heard a poll saying perry's record on executions. what did he think of that? >> on the earth penalty, he racked up a record of execution. >> 236. >> if people knew how troubling some of those cases were, i think even that audience might have to pause. he approved the execution of the mentally ill and disabled and juveniles before the practices were in the supreme court. convicted on junk science. there is a currency case that he refused to intervene in. so he probably holds the record on executing innocence as well as people. >> given his propensity to lock people up and go ahead with executions, what effect did it have on crime? is texas a safer place? >> it is, but not because they
3:38 pm
locked so many people up. there is little correlation between crime rates and incarceration rates. how many people go to prison is about politics and crime is going down since the 1990s, but perry can't take kredsit for that. most think there other factors that are complicated involved. >> what are do you think about the impact on the presidential campaign of his stance on that. is that beneficial to him? >> it will probably help him. he can campaign as a hard right lock em up stern justice guy campaigning for the nome nation. she not running for president. he is running for the head of the party. >> he's a nominee. >> the threat to liberty. if he gets the nomination, he can use some of his policies he agreed to to move towards the center. same on immigration. i think he is maybe a candidate
3:39 pm
to be taken more serious she than the current debate suggests. >> the book is texas tough. thank you very much joining us. your sister is as lever as you are. coming up next, sex itch last week and this week plagiarism. what's next, scott brown? [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪
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. >> >> almost at the end of a rough day on the floor. >> let's take a look at what starts today. a bit of a roller coaster. we are currently sitting for the nasdaq and slightly higher.
3:46 pm
the dow is off the low for the day. the number of people in line, they are unchanged for the rest of the week. a group of atm operators who are taking visa and mastercard to court fixing prices and forcing them to charge you. some can access that are declining to comment. the first worldwide. back over to you. >> thank you. what single issue do americans care most about? what is it that they highlight? what are they focusing on? a bill and another bill that takes dead aim at a woman's right to choose. 40 million americans out of work, they are focused on the so-called protect life act.
3:47 pm
that would make it illegal for any health care plan to provide abortion services. this applies even if the woman pays for the procedure herself. the bill would protect the right of a hospital to deny a woman a termination under any circumstances even in life-threatening situations. the provision is earned to let women die. they insist this is what the majority of americans want. >> pro life members of congress in accordance to every reputable poll the majority want no complicity in the destruction of human life. >> the overwhelming majority support the procedures in some circumstances. 77%. the bill is expected to pass the house this evening, but has noplace in the senate.
3:48 pm
congresswoman diana from colorado who spoke against the bill on behalfful party. when you see them waiting and sitting an all time low and the economy in turmoil and spending precious time debating this bill, do you understand why so many americans hate representatives and hate the house? >> i do, martin. this bill was a bill that was passed several times in the house. it always stays in the senate. we want to know about the legislative session. why don't you talk about jobs? millions of americans are without jobs. you know what they say? they are stopping federal funding from paying for abortions, but under the house amendment, the hyde amendment is the law of the land. under that amendment, no federal funds pay for abortions anyway.
3:49 pm
this goes far beyond that and does a couple of disturbing things. the first is that women who buy experience policies in the insurance exchanges with their own private money can't buy a policy that covers reproductive services. the other thing that is disturbing is emergency room providers now don't have to help a woman who is in need of medical services who can die. that is really disturbing. it's quite extreme. >> we are watching all of the testimony, all of the speeches and so on on the floor. am i right to say there is not a single comment about jobs today? >> except from the democrats. the democrats are saying wow, why don't we pass a jobs bill? >> can i place some remarks from your colleague jackie spear who previously made as you know an
3:50 pm
emotional adnation she had to terminate a pregnancy. listen. >> what my colleagues on the mi. it is absolutely misogynist. >> do you agree with her? is this content -- is the content of this bill misogynistic? >> you can hardly not agree with congresswoman speiers when you see the assault on women's health we've had this whole congress. i mean, they've tried to cut women's right to full reproductive choice, they've tried to cut funding for birth control and for cervical and breast cancer screening, and on and on and on. so the whole anti-women's health agenda is a misogynist agenda. >> but why, when the nation, as we've already discussed, has 14 million americans out of work, why, when poverty levels are at their highest since the 1950s, the early 1950s, you know all these statistics.
3:51 pm
>> yes. >> they know all these statistics. and yet they spend this time on this specific issue. which individual is going to get a job out of this? who's going to actually get any opportunities to come out of a university and find employment as a result of what's ahappenin on the floor now? tell me. >> nobody. and that's what the the problem is. the problem is, they are catering to the far extreme right. they have passed this bill several times this congress, and even worse bills. they've died in the senate. and why don't they just say, let's focus on coming together and having a jobs plan? why don't we work with democrats and with the president and come up with a plan for jobs? instead, they spend all their time frittering away, undermining the environmental laws, undermining a woman's right to choose, putting women's health at jeopardy. it's really a mystery to us. >> both the speaker boehner and majority leader cantor said they brought this bill to the floor
3:52 pm
to fulfill the pledge to america that many in the gop made in 2010. do you accept that they're only, basically, fulfilling a promise that they gave originally? >> well, they've been fulfilling this pledge over and over and over this year. we've passed scores of bills that either take away women's health rights in general or take away women's reproductive rights. so i don't know how many times they have to fulfill this pledge at the expense of fulfilling what should be everybody's pledge, which is to help create jobs for the millions of americans out of work. >> so are you suggesting that in purely cynical terms, what they're trying to do is have this kind of what you said was a war on women, in order to injure the president? is that really who they want to injure? and they're using the issue of women's reproductive rights in order to undermine the possibility or even prevent the possibility of there being any kind of substantiative progress
3:53 pm
through the congress on this jobs bill that the president has already presented? >> i really have no idea why the republicans in the house would bring up yet another bill that restricts a woman's right to choose here and now, because we've already passed many of those bills. i think what it does is it caters to the far right, but it doesn't do anything to help us put more money in for women's health, to help women get cervical and breast cancer screening, to help them get the full range of reproductive services that they need, or to create one single job in this country. so i don't know what they're trying to do, but it certainly doesn't undermine them with the voters. i think it's, as you said in the beginning, the voters would be scratching their heads if they were watching this debate today and say, what on earth is congress doing? even voters who don't believe in a woman's right to choose, surely, they think jobs should be the number one agenda item of the u.s. congress. >> it certainly is for you, congresswoman diana degette, thank you so much for joining
3:54 pm
us. >> great to be on. thanks. >> we'll be right back to clear the air. releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. i just signed the whole family up for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. you're kidding. no. where's that money coming from, steve? did it even cross your mind to ask your wife before signing us up for something so expensive? my mother was right; i should have married john clarke.
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it's time now to clear the air. and if you ever wanted evidence of how the scales of justice may be weighted in favor of the rich and powerful, then cast your eyes across the atlantic to paris in the case of dominique strauss-kahn. just hours ago, the french prosecutors' office decided to drop charges of rape against the former head of the international monetary fund following an accusation by the writer trystan bannon. she claimed that strauss chan khan tried to rape her during an interview. mr. strauss-kahn could not be charged despite the evidence. this good news, at least for him, comes hot on the heels of charges being dropped against strauss-kahn here in new york after a sexual altercation with a hotel chamber maid.
3:58 pm
so as far as the law is concerned, mr. strausz khan has an unimpeachable record and may run for the presidency of france next year. during his years at the imf, he was known as the hot rabbit. the imf has 2,500 employees. but it is an international island, where united states workplace laws do not apply. it has a kind of diplomatic immunity within its own four walls. and that seems to suit many of its most senior officials. in 2008, strauss-kahn was able to have a sexual relationship with a hungarian economist and he got away with it. in a letter to investigators, she described her impossible predicament in the following way. "i was damned if i did and damned if i didn't." following strauss-kahn's arrest
3:59 pm
here in new york, almost exactly five months ago, the imf did make efforts to reform the agency's ethics code and introduce new training programs for employees. but even as he toasts his good fortune tonight, isn't it time that the imf was made subject to the laws of this land in order to protect the women that work there as opposed to the men who seemed to have had it all their own way for such a long time? thank you for watching. dylan ratigan is back from d.c., fired up and ready to go. dylan, it's yours. >> and the wires work. we're here to do business, mr. bashir. buckle up. the show starts right now. good thursday afternoon to you. it's very nice to see you from new york city. i am dylan ratigan, back from washington this morning, as we all continue together our partnership in phase


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