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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 14, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bulldozer to learn how it was made and then put it back together again. which is so spectacularly unexpectedly geeky it is the best new thing in the world today. clean sweep. the stage is set for a possible showdown between occupy wall street protesters and new york city police. biology brawl. amateur video captures a violent fight in a chicago high school class. and downward spiral. tense moments as a fighter jet good morning. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with holding their ground.
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a standoff is brewing this morning with occupy wall street protesters facing potential eviction in lower manhattan. the owner of the park where they've been camping out wants them out so the site can be cleaned. demonstrators fear it's part of a plan to end their protest. nbc's mara schiavocampo reports. >> reporter: almost one month in, the occupy wall street protests are growing in number and intensity. thousands taking to the streets in at least 190 cities nationwide. the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll finds 37% of americans support the protesters, with 40% of wealthy americans backing the movement, more than any other income group. >> what we've witnessed across america over the last several weeks are our citizens taking to the streets, borne out of frustration. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., eight arrested after gathering at the capital. >> why am i being arrested?
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>> reporter: the last few days have seen an escalation in demonstrations and clashes from boston to seattle. police in portland cleared the streets, tearing down tents. >> we'll stay here as long as necessary to ensure the street remain open. now protesters in lower manhattan where the movement began, are bracing for a showdown. >> nobody is leaving. >> they can carry everybody out in handcuffs like they did on the brooklyn bridge. >> reporter: after vowing to allow them to camp out indefinitely, they say they must leave for park maintenance. park owners want them out. >> they now have decided that they want to clean the area. and they're going to do that. we'll stand by to make certain that, you know, the peace is maintained. >> reporter: demonstrators say cleaning is an excuse to sweep them out for good, so they're tidying the park themselves and vow to stay. mara schiavocampo, nbc news, new york. while america's unemployment situation is the key issue behind growing national protests. today it will be on president
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obama's agenda as he hits the road to promote his plan for getting americans back to work. for more on that, we go to nbc's tracie potts in washington for us. traci, good morning. >> reporter: hi, lynn. good morning. the senate rejected that plan this week and republicans have introduced their own that includes easy, government regulations, oil regulations and a tax overhaul. they say it will create 5 million jobs. democrats insist no jobs will be created through tax cuts. it's one of the things the president discussed yesterday with house speaker john boehner. the republican speaker was called -- the president called him to congratulate him on three new free trade agreements with colombia, panama and south korea. that, the white house says, will create 250,000 jobs. south korea's president is here in the united states, big dinner at the white house last night. today he and president obama head to michigan to a plant that's making cars that were designed in south korea. it's the type of collaboration that both sides say they expect to create more jobs here in the
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united states. lynn? >> tracie potts for us in washington. thanks. meanwhile democrats say republicans should be working on job creation instead of holding a hallow debate on abortion. this criticism comes following house approval last night of a bill that would make it illegal for federal funds to go to any health care plan that provides abortion services. the legislation passed mainly along a party line vote and has no chance of being brought before the democrat-led senate. now for the battle for the white house, a rare moment of truth from the spouse of a candidate for the gop nomination. she spoke honestly and emotionally about the toll it takes to run on her and her husband, the governor of texas. rick perry. here's nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> how are you? >> reporter: a public display of the private side of anita perry today. exposing both her deep christian faith. >> like amen. >> amen. >> reporter: and deep frustration over a attacks on
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her husband's campaign. >> we've been brutalized by our opponents and our party, so much of that is i think they look at him because of his faith. >> reporter: at a prayer breakfast in south carolina where 60% of republican voters say they are christian, today mrs. perry wiped tears recalling her grandfather who had been a decon then used biblical references to declare god revealed to her that her husband of 29 years should run for president. >> he felt like he needed to see the burning bush. i said, look, let me tell you something, you may not see that burning bush, but there are people that have seen that burning bush for you. >> reporter: governor perry's campaign soared at first but faded after poor debate performances. >> i think the debates have been unfair. i think he's been the recipient of arrows. >> reporter: mrs. perry's tone took on a sharp edge at more secular campaign events.
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mocking gop candidate herman cain's 999 tax plan. >> when i hear 999, i want to call 911. >> reporter: and the president. >> someone said it may take 40 years to recover from president obama. i'm like you, if we -- if he's re-elected i don't know that 40 years is going to be enough. >> reporter: although anita perry has been first lady longer than anyone in texas history that public life has apparently not made the scrutiny and strain any easier, seeing her husband run for president. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. here's your first look at other news going on around america today. a violent attack inside a chicago high school was captured on criminal phone. the horrific footage shows one teen struggling to defend herself against two sisters inside a biology class. a teacher tried to intervene but was unable to stop the fight. the 14-year-old victim suffered a concussion and other injuries. her 17 and 18-year-old attackers were suspended from school and arrested.
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a base jumper's problems with his parachute led to a daring rescue in california. the parachute got caught on a tree, leaving the jumper dangling 60 feet above the ground. a rescue was lowered from the helicopter to free the man, who was later arrested for jumping without a permit. finally the last person in the world you would expect to see waiting in line for the new iphone would be that guy, it's apple co-founder steve wozniacki. he was outside the california apple store taking pictures an relaxing with his ipad waiting like everyone else to get his new model. for a look at your national weather let's check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has your weather forecast. >> nice pr move. >> he did admit he could make one phone call and it would be sent to him. he got on tv, he signed autographs, pictures. he likes that kind of thing.
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>> you would like a nice forecast. you have plans checking out leaves and a lot of people do also. the pumpkins, apples, probably one of the biggest weekends of the season for fall activities. we need to get this out of here in the northeast and great lakes. heavy rain continues. we had a tornado watch last evening around d.c. thankfully we didn't have too many tornadoes. one or two reported in virginia with minor damage. this thunderstorm system will linger through the daylight hours today. by tonight it will be gone for your evening plans and then a windy, but dry weekend in just about all areas. this area of high pressure in the middle of the country where the gorgeous weather is is going to shove this out of here as we go throughout the day today. this morning another very wet morning up the hudson valley. downpours around new york city, now looks like we're getting a little break there. but if you're heading northward towards albany, up north to lake george region, up to burlington, vermont, a lot of heavy rain. hartford and boston, you will see showers this morning but not
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as bad as what you dealt with yesterday morning. to the south, the next batch of rain through west virginia and now heading up through virginia. notice the bright yellows popping up in central portions of virginia. that's going to move up into the greater washington, d.c., area, right through the peak of the rush hour. do expect a slow commute there as the rain moves in. definitely an umbrella day today. baltimore and d.c. this morning and then later today up around philly and new york and later on this evening up to boston and hartford. the forecast today, more rainfall, but this is it. once we get rid of this all the great weather from minneapolis to chicago, all of illinois, missouri, oklahoma, arkansas, new orleans fantastic weather and florida looks good. that's what's going to translate. here's your weekend forecast. saturday, we get rid of all the messy weather. it will be windyp. that's the one word of the wise out there. i mean really windy in some places. especially around lake buffalo and syracuse and rochester where we could have tree damage. the winds will be that strong through michigan and all the way
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up into new england. if you're watching any of the college football games on saturday could be one of the days it's sunny but entertaining to watch them try to play in the winds. sunday still breezy not as windy but notice we're dry, pretty gorgeous about everywhere. the exception maybe chicago to deal with showers on sunday. compared to the weather pattern we've had going to feel like typical fall gorgeous weather this weekend. bank stocks wobble, google shines and something you should know before getting rid of your kid's marbles. business headlines straight ahead. coming up the seahawks want lebron james. what's more frightening, a monster or wolf? you're watching "first look" on msnbc. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here are some of the top stories making news this morning. nbc news has learned elite iranian military unit behind the
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alleged plot to assassinate the saudi arabia ambassador in u.s. is involved in drug smuggling. law enforcement sources say the suspect in the case told an undercover informant his iranian handlers could arrange for multi ton shipments of opium. a second man has been convicted of murdering a woman and her two daughters in connecticut's home invasion. the 31-year-old could get the death penalty. prosecutors in the trial of michael jackson's doctor have called their final witness. a sleep expert who says it was inconceivable for dr. murray to use propofol to treat insomnia. sources tell nbc news the defense will argue jackson had taken an antianxiety medication just hours before his death and never told dr. murray. they will argue that medication is what killed him. a highway crash in colorado involving a van and a cattle trailer left the van's driver and five school children
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from a group home dead. several other children were hospitalized. and a fighter jet did a nose dive before crashing into a field at an air show in central china. the pilot ejected safely and no one on the ground was hurt. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,478 after losing 40 points yesterday. the s&p down three points the nasdaq added 15. taking a look at overseas trading in tokyo the nikkei fell 75 points, in hong kong the hang sang dropped 2506. wall street's hot rally ended thursday as banking and overseas issues prompted investors to retreat. banks dragged stocks lower after jp morgan chase widely considered the nation's strongest reported an investment banking slowdown hurt results. also disappointing investors china's trade surplus narrowed
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for a second month, more evidence of slowing. that china data sent oil tumbling. data here showed unemployment changed little last week. august's trade deficit narrowed slightly indicating some economic improvement. afternoon tech rally kept the nasdaq in the black. ya who rose, ver text rise on its help tie sis drug. research in motion fell in the wake of blackberry's service problems. keep an eye on google, after the bell shares zoomed on revenue that soared past expectations. elsewhere, raj rajaratnam behind america's biggest ever insider trading case was sentenced to 11 years. the stiffest punishment ever for that crime. is another news corp. scandal brewing. in england may investigate european investigation figures
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for murdoch after an employee claims it buys the newspaper through a third party to boost its own numbers. look out for sulfide marbles containing tiny porcelain figures like this. 1900 marble with a teddy roosevelt that recently sold for $4,500. milwaukee cages the cardinals, another step in sidney crosby's comeback, and lebron james in the nfl? starting to get serious? the detroit tigers get the right bounces. to stay alive in the fight for the american league. your first look at sports is straight ahead. it seems like for every anti-aging problem,
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welcome back to if the first look. i'm lynn berry. in sports, just like baseball's regular season, this year's playoffs show every indication they may go down to the wire. here's nbc's fred roggin. >> good morning. every team has a thing. something they rally around that's uniquely theirs. for the brewers it's beast mode from the movie "monsters inc." no one is safe from beast mode. that is clubhouse attendant alex sanchez, from monster to a wolf. the randy wolf allowed two early home runs and settled down for what he called the biggest win of his career. struck out six over seven innings. tied 2-2, ryan braun drove in the eventual tying run.
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morgan scored. milwaukee bounced back to tie the series with a 4-2 win. to detroit, justin verlander and the tigers lived to play another day. the cy young favorite didn't have his best stuff but got out of a number of jams and deuced a double play with bases loaded in the sixth. that was big. the tigers blew it open. cabrera a shot off third base and down the line, detroit took the lead thanks to a bit of good luck. nothing lucky about the way delmon young played. he was dialed in. capped off a four-run inning with second homer of the game. tigers beat the rangers 7-5. game six is tomorrow. hockey, penguins got good news. sidney crosby has been cleared for contact. the next step will be for him to ditch the practice jersey and play in an actual game. pittsburgh could have used him against. wideman scored the game winner in overtime. caps remain unbeaten with a 3-2 win. usc beat cal 13-9. barkley threw a pair of touchdowns to marquis lee. trojans 5-1 after a 30-9 win. finally with no end in sight to the nba lockout, lebron james tweeted this week he would love to give the nfl a try.
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of course that's not going to happen. seahawk coach pete carroll ran with it. he tweeted a picture of a seahawks jersey with lebron's name on it and said do you know what the league's rookie minimum is? lebron's response, yeah, more than what i'm making now. he's got a point. that's your first look at sports. have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. another look at your weather check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins has your forecast. there you go, fall foliage, we've been waiting for it. >> i know. a little late, a lot of people saying because of all the wet weather we had in september and all the warm temperatures, that leaves are just a little bit behind. this is the peak weekend, though, in areas up here from minnesota, wisconsin, all the way through the great lakes and northern new england. and we're getting close to peak in areas like central new england, catskills, appalachians are starting to show good color. back in the rockies, looking right now, even a few spots in utah are past peak. this is a good weekend if you're heading up to take in any of those nice scenic drives.
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the rain still with us this morning, spotty over all of central new york and western new york and even into areas of the hudson valley. connecticut and massachusetts some showers. this batch of rain, though, this larger can unsen trace back in virginia will rotate through the big cities through the day today. we will see a period of rain, not going to rain all day long, a lot like what we've seen the last two days, a period probably for an hour or two where you will be seeing thunderstorms and downpours and then clear it out for tonight. again, we may get some breaks of sun. it's going to be warm, humid and then the cold front will go through with the showers and storms. and here's the day that will be the much improved saturday forecast. it will be a little cooler and it's going to be windy, but at least it's going to be dry in all areas. we could get showers coming off the lake in the afternoon in buffalo, and in buffalo by the way that's where we could see winds strong enough up to 50 miles per hour for minor damage. it's going to be a windy weekend, lynn, but at least it's going to be dry. >> there we go. thanks so much. what's new and who's favored this weekend at the box office?
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. welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. how will the new films do this weekend at the box office? tough to say by some experts terms. they say two of the three openers aren't even new, they're remakes. it's all up in the air. "footloose" a new version of the 1984 mega hit, too soon. it updates the stars in the music, but basically about teens trying to bust loose in a
5:28 am
small, represses ive southern town. it will battle for the top spot. another redo opener this weekend is "the thing" which was a horror classic back in 1951 and it was done again in 1982. apparently that wasn't enough. it's expected to pull in around $13 million. surprisingly "the big year" an original comedy starring jack black, owen wilson and steve martin as bird watchers isn't expected by most to crack the top five. finally, bill was starting to shake because we haven't done much on lindsay low hen. this is for you, bill. a los angeles women's center has asked lindsay lohan to stop volunteering there to fulfill her community service. the center says she's missed nine scheduled appearances and leaves early whenever she does show up. lohan claims everyone there hates her. she now is volunteering at the red cross. >> that's got to be rock bottom when even volunteer centers don't want you. >> they keep track of you? how can you be late for volunteering? >> you're late. supposed to show up at 9:00, you
5:29 am
get there later. you're late. >> i'm trying to defend my girl. >> it's so sad. >> i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. but stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist" starts right now. a day after the senate voted down his jobs bill, president obama gets on the horn with house speaker john boehner who promptly challenges the president on his facts. and then releases details of their conversation to the press. the question is, will the effort to get americans working ever get past the washington bickering phase? time is wasting. with skeptics all around the obama administration says, quote, multiple sources have confirmed the alleged plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. what did our ambassador toll an iranian leader with two countries but diplomatic relations. the brew crew is back as the sud series


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