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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  October 14, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm chris jansing. there were a few arrests this morning but a larger showdown has been averted in new york city. the owners of new york where the occupy wall street protesters have been camping for the past month have backed off on plans for a clean-up. the group believes it was a ploy to evict them. many said they would only leave by force. we'll have more on those protests in just a few minutes. but first let's talk about the president. in the next half hour, he'll head to detroit. he'll be touring a gm plant with the president of south korea. nbc mike vuick is next. >> it's got political overtones. this is the president's ninth trip to a swing state. now it is in play. the unemployment right there,
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11.2%. as you know, that's more than two points above the national average. but, the president has got a leg up in michigan because, i guess, republican advice and a lot of republican opposition to date. they are rebounding. "the new york times" put it today, the plant that the president is going to be visiting roaring back to life. and as it happens, this plant is making only sub con path made in the united states, the chevy sonic and it's made with some parts from korea. it's a win/win for the president. the free trade agreement that was just signed with south korea will open the south korean market to some 75,000 american vehicles, many of them made here, particularly luxury brands here. a win/win for the president. he's got a wing man here. that's the unusual part. after the state visit he's bringing president lee myung-bak with him so they can go to
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detroit and speak to the workers there. >> i can't let you go without asking about last night. big steak dinner. >> everyone, of course, responded as always as they came into the visit. the first lady under her auspices. they served some of the home grown vegetables from the backyard. butter nut squash, bisque, and texas wagu beef. the first lady wore sort of an asymmetric call gown. it got good reviews and it was medal by a korean designer. >> i'm so impressed. looking very dapper himself on a wet morning in washington. >> thank you, chris. >> democrats have been slamming the republican-led house for focusing on abortion instead of house creation. it would ban federal money from going toward any health care plan that covers abortion. nbc's kelly o'donnell live on
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capitol hill. where does it go from here? >> well, the political reality, chris, is it probably doesn't go anywhere because although it passed in the house with all republicans supporting it. actually 11 went along with it as well. the bulk of the democrats were in strong opposition. but the practice is they woemgt take this up. they say if it ever were to reach his desk he would veto it. it amounted to an important political statement for conservatives who believe that the new health care law when it is fully in place would leave open a door to the potential for federal money being given to individuals to then buy health insurance. if you trace the line, that could mean federal tax dollars could be used to pay for abortion services. they want to clees that gap, although there's ott parts of the federal law that says you can't use tax money for abortion. they felt the expectative order, kind of a side letter when the bill was originally signed, isn't strong enough.
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it was extremely emotional testimony. speeches being gimp both for and against with very strong l language. even former speaker nancy pelosi saying she believed they wanted to leave women dead on the floor. the passions were great. the practical effect is very limited. chris? >> kelly o'donnell. those votes getting their votes on the record in any case. thank you so much. the new iphone is out, but is it worth the hype? we've got all the details for you, and we're going to test drive it as well in just a couple of minutes. there's been an arrest in the murder of a maryland woman. her husband. but still, no sign of her 11-year-old mon. william mcquain hasn't been seen since september 30th. his stepfather was arrested in north carolina and charged with the murder of jane mcquain.
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police say they were hoping to find the boy with his step dad. a jury in connecticut will now decide whether a paroled burglar should be put to death for a brutal and deadly home invasion. yesterday the jury found joshua comb i shar jev ski giltd on all cuts for murder and the sexual assaults. they called the verdict a relief. the penalty phase of this triem begins on october 24th. things were dicey for a while in new york, but it does look like there's a temporary truce for the occupy wall street protesters. although their presence there and frankly akros the country is sparking a debate over whether these largely liberal protesters can be used to further democrats' cause in 2012. joraning joining me now. good morning to both of you. senator, let me start with you. we've seen joe biden, the president, nancy pelosi, all of
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them saying, look, we understand the anger of these protesters but is there a way for democrats to take it a step further and translate that into motivating people to help with the 2012 elections? >> well, chris, i think perhaps but it hasn't happened at of yesterday. i haven't seen a lot of democratic members of congress out there. i think including president had basically said that they're talking about lack of jobs and that skong should do something about it. i even even seen some people try to compare it with the tee party move mnlts in the fact that both of them are unhappy. oo the protester s think they don' do enough. >> i know you've heard this, that the tea party folks don't like this comparison. they say they're nothing like us. polls show people support this. in fact, they get a lot higher
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approval rating than the tea party, but given what you know about the way the tea party has played out, are there dangers for the democrats if they want to sort of use these folks to be part of their mainstream message? >> well, absolutely. look. there might have been a few people who took over the media message when the tea party first came to washington, d.c., and had their protest rallies with with their grand children and the american flag. that's just not the way the tea party does business. a lot of theme people, look, we understand the frustration, that people in middle america feel. i'm not looking at a picture of middle america right now. even in washington yesterday van jones, the former energy adviser to president obama who had to resign because he -- you know, he sign add petition saying that perhaps george bush started 911 and had tied to a marxist
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society in san francisco was the lead over ter of the protests i washington, d.c. i think they have to be careful with how they align not the cause but with the protesters. >> the tea party certainly has given a number of headaches to the republican party. look at what's happening right now. a lot of mainstream republicans concerned about the influence they're having in the primary process, and they believe delaying the party coalescing behind the candidate. >> sure. the tea party is giving republicans. but look how they did it. they didn't hold rally after rally. surely i'm sure this is what the democrats are hoping these protesters would do. instead of living in a park, what they did was went out and registered people. they took to the streets. i mean that's a much more effective form of democracy, albeit one that's giving some republicans heartburn but a much more efficient way of making
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change in government. >> one thing we know is there is this strong anti-wall street sentiment and is that something that the president could use? obviously he's been talking about his plan to tax people who make over a million dollars. he could certainly paint mitt romney with a wall street kind of brush. >> chris, you're absolutely correct. i think the people in middle america is unhappy with what they see is the difference between what's happening on wall street and what's happening in middle america when they don't have jobs. i think that's the essence of what the protest is about. i think the president has said that they're talking about jobs and he hopefully can use their protests and activism in getting congress to move on the jobs program which so far they've not been able to do. i think any protest movement has to have an identified leader to be effective. they don't have that yet. until somebody steps up and cultivates that group as a real political leader, i think their effectiveness is going to be less than it could be if they
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had a leader. >> thank you so much for coming out on a rainy friday as we said in washington. >> another rainy day. >> it sure is. thank you, chris. the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated on sunday. it was delayed because of hurricane irene. 50,000 people are expected to attend and president obama will speak at the dedication. the greatness of martin luther king lay in his moral authority. he convinced the country that civil rights were the right and morally necessary to do and do now. no more waiting, no more patien patience, no more need to put off making america truly america. [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy,
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the debate the other night, herman cain was talking about
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his 999 plan. i'm sick of it already. he's like the head-on commercial. head on. apply directly to the forehead. michele bachmann was trying too hard. she was trying to show how smart she was. every time her man would go 999, she's go, 27. >> they seem to be taking their toll on anita perry. she may with the longest serving first lady of texas, but campaigning on the national stage, she admits she feel as bit beaten up. >> i've been beaten up and chewed up in the press. we're being brutalized by our opponents. so much of that is, i think, it's because of his faith. he's the only true conservative. >> a dozen gop senators unveiled
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their own jobs plan. president obama and my friends on the other side of the island senate believe that they can create jobs through government spending. we believe that we can create jobs through growth. in washington state mitt romney gave his pitch to about 200 microsoft employees, at one point saying, quote, i love you. >> i'm afraid in some corners people don't like you very much. i'm not just talking about microsoft. i'm talking about private sector individuals generally. they feel somehow business is bad. that businesspeople are bad. i don't dislike you. i love you. >> and herman cain already has another kind of nomination. he's one of 14 men vying for the coveted mustached american of the year award from the american mustache institute. >> relative to the moustache,
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i've about had this moustache so long i don't even remember when i started wearing this mustache and so i can assure them that i am going to continue with my moustache because just like the glasses on my face, it is a part of what makes me look like who i look like. so i'm sticking with the mu mustac mustache. >> well the anger and frustration looks like it might come to a head this morning. joining me now is manhattan burro of president scott stri stringer and one of the co-organizers of occupy wall street. you helped negotiate this good neighbor agreement. tell me how a showdown this morning was averting. >> i think it's a great credit to the protesters that they were able to meet in my office with community representatives, and they went back and created their own good neighbor policy after listens to the concerns of the neighborhood. and i think that set the stage for what happened this morning
10:17 am
when field properties and the city recognized that coming into the park hard was not the best approach to have the balance between giving the protesters the constitutional rights that they're entitled to and also meeting the needs of the community and the needs of brookfield properties. >> well, he mentioned brookfield properties. we should tell people it is a public park. it is privately owned. i know there was concern among protesters that this was just a pretence, that they really didn't want it cleaned. they wanted to use it to be able to get rid of or to arrest protepr protesters. tell me what you've about agree to do now and do you feel like this is going to hold for a while? >> absolutely. we did agree with the good neighbor policy that we're going to work with the good community board.
10:18 am
he said before it was a pretence. they sauld we could j return with sleeping bags, couldn't stay there, which mennet we couldn't occupy the park. it meant we could be regular passers-by in the park. it was an actual eviction attempt on us this morning. >> mr. stringer, do you believe the clean-up was a pretence for mass arrests? >> obviously there wasn't mass arrests so i'm going to look at the glass half full and suggest that brookfield property and the protesters of the city must engage in a rail dial loeal de . this is out of an agreement that allows this park to be used 24 hours a day by the public and so there are issues that have to result in real negotiations. but successful about today is there was nothing bad that happen and that's a good sign.
10:19 am
so now we have to use this as a jumping off point to resolve our differences. and that's what makes new york city so unique. we can have protesters. we can have people petition their government, question authority. but at the same time we can sit down with protesters and community and work out agreements. look at what happened in the last 24 hours. the protesters now have a good neighbor policy. we also recognize that the city and brookfield did not rush into the park. this is very good news for this city, for protesters, and our community. >> scott stringer and nelini stamp. thanks so much. lady luck appears to be on the side of san diego. men's health magazine ranked the socal city number one in its list of america's 100 luckiest towns. they looked at things like most lottery and sweepstakes winners, fewest lightning strikes, and least deaths from falling
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objects. the least luckiest town? charleston, west virginia. time for "your biz" entrepreneur of the week. it hit hard times. the owner asked employees to work without pay, maintaining their health insurance. soon business boom and the company was named the sba's 2011 small business of the year. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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bleeding, swelling, bumps and delayed lumps, some with inflammation may occur that typically resolve. it's anti-age for the modern age. visit after lots of hype and anticipation apple's now 4s is on sale. new york's apple store opening for business. verizon, at&t, and sprint say they have already sold out online. apple co-founder steve wozniak was the first in line at the los gatos, california, store, sipping a diet drink and checking his e-mails on his ipad while he waiting. he managed to get his hands -- >> there it is. it's real. >> there is almost disappointment because it wasn't the iphone 5 and then the reviews came out and they were great. so let's go through some of the things about this phone. let's talk about speed and
10:24 am
performance. >> yeah, chris. one of the first things people will notice and it's one of the hardest things to get across because you don't see it is better speed. apple claims two times better processing speed. that means running apps and crunching stuff. up to seven times faster for graphics performance. that's good for running games or video on the device. this is hard to quantify, but every day you'll enjoy it and we do find it's a significantly faster phone. >> one thing i find the coolest is there's a voice recognition system. check this out. it's called siri, s-i-r-i. you hold the home button down. where should i go for a cup of coffee? >> i found a number of coffee shops not far from you. >> here's my list. they're listed by how many stars they've got by user ratings. this is getting close to star track stuff where they used to say, computer, plot a course to
10:25 am
somewhere, you know? >> oh, wow. for long-suffering at&t customers. there was a line. do we have a at&t store in the basement of 30 rock. there was such a line this morning, so maybe some relief for them. >> yeah, the things that's going on with at&t in particular, this is not a 4g phone yet. apple hasn't gone there yet. that's the really fast new network but they're promising way faster data speeds on at&t. even if your call's not going through, you'll get good web access. that's an important thing. people are using their phones way more for data and that voice. >> really. that's interesting. >> texting, web, i-message that would take the place of texting. do you it between other people that have ios devices. this is where we're going. >> what about icloud. >> icloud is now enabled on here because it has the new on rating system called ios 5. that's what runs this thing
10:26 am
separate from the hand phone set call fourth degree s. it will sync to all your apple devices and your computer. if i take a picture with the new improved camera, it will automatically sync it to my ipad, mac, or window machine so everything is on my devices. that's wapple waes's way of keeping you from skrafrping your head. where is my picture. it doesn't look any different on the back. there have been 8 mega pixel cameras before. that's high but not unprecedented. what i know when they were talking about it it has real camera guts. they've always had image processing. i have a done when we're done fully testing this, this may be the first camera phone where i can comfortably say you no longer need a camera. that's a nice thing. >> i want to make a suggestion for cnet. you should send the phone to
10:27 am
someone, say, me, who's never had one before and maybe would like to try it. >> get user feedback. >> i think you should get more of a new user. i'll write a little blog for you. >> someone's who's never had an iphone. i see. get the whole new beginning experience. >> yes. >> a couple of quick things. >> really quick, really quick. >> really quick. it's not a 4g device. they didn't change the shape which a lot of folks were looking for. and it's in some ways catching up to the android phones. so this isn't like they're breaking new ground but it's a major increase in just about every area. >> brian cooley from cnet. does it spell desperation or a sign of true leadership next. i'm not a number. i'm not a line item on a budget.
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feels like a stormy summer. more thunderstorms are possible today. this after eight reported tornadoes yesterday and in virginia. now, today the story's going to be mainly heavy rain. there is the chance of damaging winds, jersey, up toward long island, that possibility. but heavy rain well into new england and that comes after a very, very wet season that we've had so far. the other story is how windy it's going to be. we have this big low up here in the james bay into canada. we're going to be watching for the winds to pick up easily. over 30, 40, even over 50 miles per hour as we head right through the weekend. saturday, very windy in the midwest. sunday, this all moves to the northwest. very windy. it keeps the chance of rain around. a tough weekend to get anything done outside. chris, we'll send it back to you. >> jen, thanks so much. minor clashes down at occupy wall street this morning despite plans to call people off and clear the park and clean it.
10:32 am
the innypd is extending shifts r some officers. a be big showdown was expected. protesters are now allowed to stay put. here's a look at some other stories people are talking about. the family of missing 11-month-old lisa irwin has released this adorable home video of the baby girl. this was taken between january and march of this year. they're hoping the video will bring in some new leads because right now there are no suspects. it's been 11 days since lisa disappeared from her home in kansas city. more than a thousand people attended a candlelight vigil to remember the eight victims from the salon shooting. they gathered outside seal beach following a prayer service. the alleged shooter was in a custody battle with his ex-wife who worked at the salon and was one of the victims. the biggest insider trading case in history, has been sensed to 11 years behind bars.
10:33 am
it's the longest sentence behind bars. he was convicted of kochb spircy fraud. his lawyers want him sent to the same north carolina prison whereupwher. runway incushions are up by about the same amount since 2008. the faa chalks up the increases to better error reporting. if you weigh more get ready to pay more when you fly airtran. flight attendants and staff will identify overweight customers who can't sit in a single seat with the arm rest down and require them to buy a second ticket. a a airtran's parent company does it. there's a chance lindsay lohan will end up back in jail.
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we'll tell you why. worries about a double-dip recession. americans are still going shopping. retailers posted their strongest showing in seven months with auto, clothing and furniture leading the way. but there is one big exception. gap stores. cnbc's brian sullivan is here with what's move your their money. they're closing about a fifth of its name sake stores. >> it's tough. they've got about 889 stores. they say in a few years they're going to taket down to 700 stores. the gap has sort of struggled to find its identity. it also owns banana republic and old navy. they're all down, this at a time, chris, when almost every other retailer is doing well save for just a few. the overall retail sales, which is back to school, were up 1.1%, which is the best number we receive since february. i know there's been a lot of o talk about a so-called
10:35 am
double-dip recession. we've been saying it on "street signs," there's unlikely to be one. a little good new on a friday. there's been a lot of backlash for bank of america to charge five bucks a month for debit cards. >> think this is a smackdown on the big banks. community bank in tampa, 17 locations, small banks. here's what they're going. they're going to give you five buck as month if you sign up for a new checking account. they say these debit card fees are ridiculous and if you sign up for a checking account with us which has no monthly fees, they're going to give you five bucks a month. so it's a little bit of david throwing the $5 slingal go lie yacht. it's object 17 locations but if you live in tampa, check it out. >> banks smackdown. did you hurt yourself doing that. >> yes, i actually did. >> brian sullivan has the weekend to recover.
10:36 am
thanks so much. we all know breaking up is hard to do but when it comes to your wallet, you've got to do what you've got to do. increasingly people are cutting ties with their hairdressers, house cleaners, personal trainers, even service providers they've known for years it's splitsville. nbc's richard lui is here with tough decisions that frankly a lot of people i know have been making. >> it can be tough. good morning to you. we're talking relationships that are often decades long, bye-bye. and you probably thought about it or done it already. a saw today study showing we're not taking saving money lying down. 25% say they've left one or more personal service providers to save some cash, saving up to 80% with a cheaper option. some have saved everything altogether. cleaning their own house for instance. 50% are have decided it's okay to stop services and change their own sheets. chris, the first thing i thought about was the flow by commercials. you can cut your own hair, save
10:37 am
a lot of money doing that. >> can you still get the fl flowbee. >> you can. i was looking at the website. >> i want a personal demonstration on you. >> we'll do that on monday. i've got the whole weekend to work on it. these are personal relationships that we're talking about. they touch you, they hold your hands or your hair as they're helping you out here, they talk to you, often becoming one of your confidantes. now they also see you sweat. they're your facebook friends too sometimes. they come to your holiday parties. my aunt has brought her hairdresser to our thanksgiving din fehr 20 years right now. that's how close you can get. breaking up with providers is like breaking up with a friend. for some it's too much. they procrastinate, they hem and hau and how and when to break up. others plain lie or others stop responding and calling. freezing them out. better way to do it. give warning signs is. be honest. you know, fabrications srjly don't help and leave the door
10:38 am
open for when times get better. and, chris, finally practice what to say. it's just bad timing. i need some time to figure things out. it's not you, it's me. >> i'm broke. it's not you, it's me. >> it can be a tough situation. i've actually heard people w who've done this, got a reduction in price. if they're getting people who give get rid of their trainers, maybe you can get a reduced price. >> or group deal perhaps. >> there you go. rick perry is the latest presidential kaemt to try to bring back some me men item to his struggling campaign. right now he's in pittsburgh where he'll unveil his new energy plan any minute now but he shrugged off a 22-point negative swing in the polls on the "today" show this morning. >> well, polls are going to go up and down. i mean this is going to be a long race, so i don't worry too much about polls. i know a lot of people obsessor with them and watch them and talk about them. i'm more worried about those
10:39 am
people out there who don't have a job in america. >> mark mckinnon is a former gop strategist who work for former president bush and senator john mccain. do you think he's kidding himself. do you think he needs a campaign reset? >> i think he is resetting, starting with the jobs plan. in any campaign there are physics and peaks and valleys. the key is not to panic and understand there's going to be those ebbs and flows and keep focused your strategy. i remember when the bush can kam pain, we lost new hampshire by 19 points and everybody thought it was over. we had a reset much like perry is doing and we were able to come back. this doesn't start till iowa and that's when the race really begins. and perry has got a shot out there. he's got $17 million in the bank. he's raised more than mitt romney. "wall street journal" poll yesterday had interesting number. the most conservative voters in the poll and the most likely to show up actually support perry
10:40 am
over romney. so this race sblts over yet. everybody keeps trying to say it's done and romney's running away with it. he's certainly in a good position but persony's got money and he has a chance to get back in this thing. >> somebody else who was doing good in the polls but dropped like a rock is michele bachmann. she's actually talked about a campaign reboot. let me replay something she said in new hampshire earlier this week. >> we feel like the campaign is rebooting, rebeginning. we have a wonderful response. we look forward to meeting with people in new hampshire. >> do you think she can turn things around? >> yeah, sure she can. she's from that part of the country. >> tougher than perry because she doesn't have the campaign war chest. >> she doesn't have the money, but listen. you can't count anybody out. mike huckabee came out with very little money and very little organization. they like strong social conservatives out there. mick shell bachmann is a strong social conservative and she's
10:41 am
got a very strong message. i don't think you can discount anybody. i think cain could win in iowa. cain, romney, or perry. if he could split up the vote he could do well out there. >> you mentioned bush turning things around. john mccain refurbished his bid. >> the real lesson from mccain was he kept focused on the fact that all you have to do is be in the race on the first primary day. everybody wrote him off and said you don't have enough money. he said all i need is enough money to put gas in the truck to drive around new hampshire and that's what he did. he drove around for three or four months with very little cam pain funds. he under that the voters don't vote in november, they vote in january. so it's key to be there, be tra technologicallyicly in position and be peaking at the right time. that's the key. you want to have your way when
10:42 am
the voters are actually voting. >> we don't know where the economy -- we don't know where the economy is going to be going. th that's the most difficult part of the situation for barack obama. they seem to be unhappy with pretty much anybody. and we saw them pull in huge fund-raising numbers. his own personality numbers are pretty strong. do you think that people would be wrong to think he's going to be a weak candidate? >> it's not so much that he's a weak candidate. he's a great kaemt. we saw that in 2008. the problem is the economy. there was research done recently that shows the average consumer confidence number when a president is re-elected is 95. the average when they lose is 76. the number today is 55. so obama has to improve the consumer confidence number by 26 just to lose. so it may not matter who the
10:43 am
republican nominee is. we could nominate ron paul and if the economy is not better, he could win. >> good to see you. >> thanks very having me. >> kick off your sunday shoes. "footloose" is bad. pro dancer julianne hough takes on the dancer arielle. and he plays kevin bacon's role. also "the thing." it's the discovery of an alien spaceship. and "the big year" friends who set out on, yes, a bird-watching competition. hmm. in small continuous amoun. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. clorox disinfecting wipes and...a digital recorder. i'm finally feeling better.
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a quarter of americans say they lose respect for people when they find out they're smokers. a poll shows there's more bias toward smokers than 20 years ago when about 15% of americans said they held people who smoke in lower regard. good morning,er. i'm thomas roberts. in the next hour of msnbc the tea party goes after occupy wall street protester, saying they're more like the black panthers. we'll going to ask the reverend al sharpton about that and his march for justice this weekend. rick perry hopes to get his campaign back on track. meanwhile why did his wife anita break down in south carolina. and did you know in 29 states it's legal for employers to fire people on the spot for being gay? the politics of. that and much more in the next hour. chris. >> thank you so much, thomas. on sunday, the dedication of the
10:48 am
new martin king luther jr. memorial opens in washington. and in new york last night, a new play named for one of his most famous speeches, "the mountaintop." even before it opened here it garnered critical acclaim. a young woman who wasn't even born until after dr. king was assassinated. >> reporter: memphis, bright lights, beal street, and music. but you can't talk about the city's history or this woman's history without talking about what happened aet the lorraine hotel, room 306. >> martin luther king jr. was killed tonight in memphis, tennessee. >> reporter: she grew up hearing about the great dr. king at her grandmother's knee. >> she still to this day in her living room has two paintings on the wall. one is of jesus and one is of dr. king. >> reporter: she learned too that her mother, just 15 then, december fratly wanted to hear dr. king speak at the mason temple in april 1968 but wasn't
10:49 am
allowed to go sniet doesn't matter with me now because i've been to the mountaintop. >> that's one of the biggest regrets in my life, that i did not hear martin luther king deliver that speech that night. >> reporter: so katori hall, now a promising young playwright would weave dr. king's story into her own. >> we all want the same thing, a smile, a hug. >> a smoke. >> reporter: in the mountaintop samuel l. jackson portrays martin luther king, not his martyr but a man drinking, swearing, vulnerable. >> he was a man who was not as optimistic about the movement as everyone would have us think. >> reporter: also in that hotel room a mysterious made played by angela bassett and named by hall's mother. feeble bringing her on stage face to face with dr. king. >> we've been drowned by hoses,
10:50 am
our dreams being washed away. >> i saw just the beauty of his humanity in it. >> reporter: she became the first black woman ever to win best play honors in london and now new york. so how does it feel to be on wall street. >> i don't know yet because it's crazy. i'm going through so many emotions. >> reporter: it was perhaps a crazy idea, to take an icon and elevate him even more to bring him back down to earth. >> he kind of existed as a ghost as i was growing up. i feel as though the play attempts to make him alive and in the room with us. >> reporter: in doing that katori hall has grabbed a piece of the dream that dr. king and her mother imagined all those years ago. >> and by the way, we're told that at the opening last night, mom was there with katori hall. well, the hash tag in the '90s is trending. so today's tweet of the day
10:51 am
comes from you. @believedomo writes we had to rewind our videos once they were over. another, i could afford gas, another, 10-year-old kids didn't have phones. apples and blackberries were just fruits.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
casey's stories and lindsay loh lohan. her 15 minutes of fame will be extended by at least an hour. the florida mom acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old will be the subject of an "e!" story next week. someone who already has a true story, lohan. she got kicked ow of the her community service for not showing up or staying long enough.
10:55 am
she also reportedly is not seeing her court ordered psychologist. a judge could send her back to the slammer. if you think the political climate is bad here, in turkey, protesters threw eggs at an international monetary fund rep while he gave a speech at the university. he had some quick moves, though, look at that. dodging those eggs. this guy might make you feel bad if you're scripping the gym. he's 100 years old and he's getting ready to run a marathon in toronto. he's broken records for his age group and he took up competitive running, are you ready, at 89. a daring rescue in california. a man was dining an illegal base jump and he got caught in a tree 60 feet off the ground. he dangled out of the helicopter to reach him. then he was arrested when he reached the ground. it may be october 14th, but cue the holiday music. you may be seeing christmas displays in the stores. and now the postal service is out with its 2011 holiday
10:56 am
stamps. two centimeter stamps along with a kwanzaa stamp and a holiday stamp. i love that muchlt christmas music. nothing like it. that wraps up this hour of jansing & company. thomas roberts is up next. have a great weekend. ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes from here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪
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you can hear it. there are tensions mounting near wall street and antiprotesters taking it down. others arrested. we take you there live for the very latest. herman cain may be catching fire, but his 999 catch plan is catching soch heat. we separate fact from fiction. would it help the wealthy while hurting the poor. texas governor rick perry tries to reset his campaign, focusing on jobs, his northwestern plan and america. and apple fans including co-founder steve


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