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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 25, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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search police say targets middle age women who are members of a popular sorority. congress set to vote to give the nation's first black marines the nation's highest civilian honor. we are following rick perry's bet that a new tax plan will send him back to the top of the polls while continue his birther comments. as expected perry outlined the cut balance and grow plan which is what he calls it. based on a flat tax of 20% for all americans. the plan would lower taxes for corporations from 35% to 2o% and it eliminates capital gains tax and ends the tax on social security. perry claims the plan will create jobs that spurs the economy that the president failed to do. >> it's the kind of economic
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stimulus that president obama could have achieved if he wasn't so hell bent on passing big government schemes that failed america. >> in an interview late yesterday with john harwood, he doubled down on comments regarding the president's birth certificate. >> it's a good issue to keep alive. donald has to have some fun. i get it. i'm really not worried about the president's birth certificate. it's fun to poke at him a little bit and say how about let's see your grades and your birth certificate. >> a senior political writer for the dallas morning news and the author of bush's brain. great to have you on again. >> great to be with you. >> the president's birth certificate and the president's greats. this is interesting because the "huffington post" obtained perry's transcript where it indicates he seldom earned
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anything above a c. he got a d in shakespeare and a c in gym. why bring up someone's grades when you know this is floating out there? >> for the perry campaign, that might help. i know perry didn't do it, but it's to tell those voters that he wants -- i'm no brain yack. i'm not one of the princeton -- >> that's when you want to help america out of this dire crisis that i got a c in gym is a selling point in sn that's a motto? >> i think it is. what his motto is is i know common sense. i know horse trading. i come from texas and i'm a regular guy and i have an idea for you. this grades thing is fascinating and i don't think it's a problem. the birther thing is interesting. what he is trying to do is have it both ways. he is keeping the birther issue alive which could sort of cultivate and motivate aspects
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of the far right, the anti-romney voters that perry wants and at the same time he is prevend tending it's a joke. i think it's difficult because it comes at the same time as his tax plan. >> the poll numbers that are out, herman mccain 25% and newt gingrich at 10%. 51 raul at 8% and rick perry with 6% only topping michele bachmann. he hired campaign veterans including george bush's 2000 campaign manager joe alba who is a close friend of karl rove. one article indicated he got tough people behind him now. what's behind that strategy in getting the well-known names? he didn't do it before. >> the campaign was not ready for prime time. perry wasn't and he wasn't prepared for the debates. he wasn't organized and didn't
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produce a plan as you said until really today. the tax plan and jobs plan is outlined today. he brought in the national talent and people who have been here before. it was with bob dole and tony fabrizio is an excellent guy. that guy headed up the george w. bush campaign in 2000 and is bringing on the pros from dover for a campaign that i think is trying to fight its way back. >> speaking of fighting back, an insider said he was going to show mitt romney what it means to bring a knife to a gun fight. she planning on attack on mitt romney here. >> they are. i think the attack will come from the perry campaign itself and it came today when he talks about his plan is not nibbling around the edges of tax policy. that's a shot at mitt romney. the more effective attack i think will come from the super
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pack which is run by perry's former chief of staff as $55 million. we will see rough and tumble texas style campaign ads and attacks against mitt romney in the months ahead. >> thank you for joining us. let's bring in dylan ratigan to talk about the flat tax plan. we have seen it before. it's not new, but does it work? or does it do what the obama administration said to help the rich again? >> for does, but there is a compliment here not only for rick perry and herman cain and not only for mitt romney, but for president obama in that the fact that we are at least attempting to debate the american tax code has to be complimented. the american tax code is so ridden with loopholes. >> why is it a compliment? what didn't work out?
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>> it's a compliment in the sense that the very least a year from the presidential election, we are seeing people who are aspiring to be the president of the united states and saying i want to talk about the tax code which is good. unfortunately and this is what the back of it comes, the debate right now revolves around a variety of either falsehoods, lies, or misperceptions. let's look at the perry plan. establishes an optional 20% flat tax. that sounds appealing and flattens everything out and everybody doesn't have to pay that much in tax. that's great. if the plan with taxes is to tax the money, that's what we do. we don't tax behavior and consumption, but that's for a different show. we tax money. that's fine. everybody pays 20%. is it every person that pays 20% or the money that needs to be taxed. if it is the money, isn't it
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interesting that 40% of all of the money in our country is with 1% of the people. if you actually -- the irony is an actual flat tax is not a flat tax applied to human beings. it is a flat tax applied to the revenue generation of who controls capital. if you really wanted a flat tax, you get 40% of the revenue from 1% of the people and you are allowing 1% of the people to keep 40% of the money. that's one issue. the corporate tax rate, 35 to 20%. >> right. >> that sounds good. okay. here's the issue. first of all, as we know, ge pays 0% and the vast majority of corporations do not pay anywhere close to 35%. the average is well south of the 20% that governor perry is advocating. when we watch the presidential
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candidates, we can't prevent them from saying what they want. >> absolutely. >> to understand the breech of integrity that is that type of a thing. >> what what i'm curious about is perry uses similar strategy as herman cain calling it a bold plan and make it appear to be simple. >> yes. >> it is not. >> no. >> because you start to look at exemptions and we know that people will lobby for certain exemptions and lop holes and we are back at a certain situation where the people with the best lawyers, the best corporate lawyers especially and a couple of dollars end up with the best taxes. >> that's right. you wanted to reform the american tax code and you want to see okay, are these people serious? is governor perry serious? is herman cain serious. are these even serious proposals? >> are they? >> no. the way you can tell is a serious proposal addresses the underlying problem.
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in this case a tax code that is written for the benefit of those who can finance politicians and to the detriment of those who cannot. a tax code that does not address the fundamental incentive to take money out of this country through all of the things we talk about and does not address the need for clear simplicity not just on the code itself, but the understanding that you can only tax two things. money. you get a paycheck, we will tax it. or behavior. you buy cigarettes, we will tax it. >> at the core or heart of criticism for the 9-9-9' 09 plan. the middle class get stuck with the bulk of the bill which is why they are protesting. >> and those who control 40% of the wealth in america are further protected. i don't think the tax code should be used to go after rich people. i think it should be used to go after behaviors we don't want.
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money in general should be something we want invested in the country rich or poor for my own clarity. >> he is not against making money. you can hear more what dylan has to say at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks for breaking it down. now to the trial of michael jackson's doctor where a nurse treated the star for a second day. she is a nurse prakz e practitioner who had been treating michael jackson since february providing remedies to help him sleep. minutes after taking the stand, she was overwhelm and emotional and had to leave the stand. >> i'm feeling really, really dizzy. i'm sorry. my vision has become blurred. if you can give me a minute. i got caught up in traffic and i don't want to say that. i want to rest a little bit. i would appreciate it very much. this is a very sensitive thing for me. >> i don't want to hear any more
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about that. >> kristin dahlgren, did the nurse resume her testimony? >> she is actually finished now, but it continued along those lines. she said the conversations with michael jackson happened in april of '09, two months before his death. she said she didn't know what it was and had to look it up and she told him no doctor will give this to you in your home. she got emotional when she was talking about how she told jack how dangerous the drug can be. >> to michael jackson, i understand you want a good night's sleep, you want to be knocked out, but what if you don't wake up, correct? >> yes. >> he responded again, i will be okay. i only need someone to monitor me. with the equipment while i
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sleep. >> yes. that's exactly what he said. >> so again, she has finished her testimony. they then moved on to an executive from ucla medical center. they are finished with him now. seven witnesses so far called by the defense. they say they plan to call a total of 15. almost halfway through here, things are moving very quickly. they believe they will be able to wrap up the case at some point this week. the jury could get this as early as next week. >> live for us in los angeles. thanks, kristin. libyan officials say former dictator moammar gadhafi was finally buried today and we are learning how wealgy he may have been. a convoy may have been carrying the body of him and his son earlier today headed to libyan desert. the bodies were buried at dawn in a secret location with several relatives and libyan officials present. officials also estimate gadhafi
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was by far the richest person in the world worth $200 billion. four times wealthier than carlos slim, currently the number one on the list or bill gates. they are the result of controlling the oil reserves for more than four decades. coming up, a serial rapist is targy etting women from the same sorority and hoping this video will help them. plus, condoleezza rice told president bush we clearly have a race problem in the days after hurricane katrina. we will talk with christopher dick be his one-on-one interview with rice. the nba is set to announce that at least two more weeks of games will be canceled. we will get the latest on the lock out. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪
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>> welcome back to "news nation." a bone-chilling warning to women in a sorority. women are being targeted by a serial rapist. this is out of plano, texas. this man may have assaulted four women in the past 11 months. the most recent happened october 14th. the women all fit the same description. african-american in 50s or 60s and they are members of a sorority. >> if there victims out there, please come for the and let us know. we are hoping that people can look at this over and over again and maybe see some traits that maybe they recognize in his walk. >> nbc's jay gray joins us from
2:18 pm
ft. worth, texas. why is he targeting members of that sorority? >> all four of the victims in these assaults said that the man who was involved in the attacks fit the description of the man in the surveillance video. police stopped short of calling him a suspect, but they want to talk to this man and concerned he may have been around at the time of the attacks and may know something about the attacks or he may be the attacker himself. he's are all alumni of the sorority and all home alone at the time and the man kicks down the door and they are 90 in their neighborhoods and walks in and carries out his attacks. it's frightening for the sorority in the north texas area. >> police are saying that the man left the victims or indicated to the victims he knew personal details about them that he may have been stalking them? >> yeah. that's another frightening aspect of the case.
2:19 pm
he apparently knew intimate personal details about each of them. they told members not to wear sweatshirts or hats and remove key chains and bumper stickers from their car. take any recent postings on social websites down. don't have anything about yourself out there. they have gone one step further saying women who may live alone should find a relative or friend to stay with over the next couple of months until this man is found. >> thank you very much for the latest details on that investigation. coming up, the hpv kvaccine for girls set up a political debate with parents and now they are recommending the vaccine for boys as young as 11. we have the latest details. the first lady is now an author. details on the story michelle obama said she wants to share with the nation and the world. we will show you her brand-new book cover. first in today's money minute, here's a look at how the markets
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welcome back to "news nation" and whether to grant the congressional gold medal to a group of america whose stories few are aware of. the first african-americans to join the marine corps. they are barred from being stationed with whites at nearby camp lejeune. they were the last to accept blacks under orders from president roosevelt in 1941. like the army's buffalo soldiers and the air men, the so-called mumford point marines fought in world war ii, korea and vietnam. unlike their counterparts, they have never been captured in popular song or hollywood films
2:24 pm
or recognized nationally. >> they came because they felt in their heart of hearts they needed them to be a part of what was good about america. thank you very much for joining me. >> mire pleasure. >> so many people are wondering why most of us never heard the stories of these men. why? >> i think most people have never heard the story of the
2:25 pm
marines because they were just ordinary gentlemen who came from all walks of live and did extraordinary things at the time. they took part in being pioneers for the marine corps and never considered themselves as pioneers and exceptional people. we understand at the time what they were and the contributions that they made to the wider society at large, but in particular the marine corps. >> some of the information had not been actively broadcasting and seen as a painful chapter in the 235-year history of the institution. this was a painful memory that we now know should have always been viewed as a proud moment in our nation's history. >> that's correct. the marines and the legacy that they created for the entire marine corps is one of courage, perseverance and selflessness.
2:26 pm
that's what we are trying to teach the young marines today and marines of all ranks that legacy so that we today can be better for their actions and understand more clearly what it is they did for not just the wider america, but for the marine corps. >> how many marines were there? >> nearly 20,000. that in and of itself is a dispute, but from 19,186 to nearly 20,000. >> most are now longer with us, but i'm sure their family members are so proud that at this point they are being acknowledged. >> yes. this is an historic moment for america and the marine corps and an historic moment for me as the daughter of a marine to be able to share their story and their struggle with the wider american public.
2:27 pm
>> absolutely. colonel, as we know, this is a personal journey for you as you pointed out and one of pride being a colonel in the marines. we thank you and salute the marines and certainly those men who as you pointed out were everyday men who decided it was time to fight for their country. what an amazing sacrifice. >> thank you very much. >> coming up on "news nation" -- >> we do this. we take this country back. >> it is the campaign ad that has just about everyone who are political junkies and who isn't these days, talking about it. herman cain's ad and how it affects the conversation. first, sticker shock isn't the only painful part of pumping gas. the handles are the filthiest surface americans touch on the way to work. a study tested breeding grounds for the bacteria and the worst are mail boxes, escalator rails
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[ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. >> welcome back to "news nation." both involving children. the government considers whether to test anthrax vaccine on children. this time it involves boys with hpv. police in riot gear make big arrests of protesters. plus -- amazing rescue as a baby girl is pulled from the rubble nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hits turkey. condoleezza rice opens up about hurricane katrina and the moment she told president bush we clearly have a race problem. back to the two major stories
2:32 pm
affecting children. an advisory panel recommended that in addition young girls, boys as young as 11 should be vaccinated against hpv to protect concern forms of cancers. a debate is raging over whether to test the anthrax vaccine and proit tenth them with a bioterrorism attack. thank you for your time. >> thank you for asking me. >> let's talk about the hpv vaccine. recommended for girls and we know the controversy surrounding that it was mandated in texas guy the governor and it came up in debates. now you have the issue involving boys i am curious why it didn't come up before. >> the first was tested on boys and girls. they are two different manufacturers of the vaccine. the second has not been tested
2:33 pm
on boys. we know it was tested in the first trials. let's think about it like this. you have to immunize kids before they are exposed to the virus. that's when it works best. that's why we say 11 years old. not 25 when people have become sexually active. if you immunize the girls and immunize the boys if you immunize the girls you protect them. you protect the boys if you immunize them and the boys protect the girls because they are immunized. what you would like to see is no more cervical cancer. this is effective in 80% of the cancer. >> you just provided on how it can help and there was a success quite honestly getting girls or parents to vax night their daughters. >> it's not a mandated vaccine. it's not like measles, bumps and
2:34 pm
chicken pox. it's not mandated. you have to want to have it. it's like a flu shot. we don't make parents get their children shots, but we recommend it because we know how serious the disease can be. >> then switch to the anthrax vaccine. it has been tested on adults. why is it coming up now for children? >> it may have been tested widely on adults, but it's not administered widely on adults. anthrax is not something we know is going to be a bioterrorism scare. it could happen. it happened once in d.c. why not immunize adults first? anthrax is one of the things that if you get exposed you can treat it with antibiotics. if we were to have a problem, it's probably going to be concentrated in one place. it might be all over the united states. you can treat it with antibiotics. we need a lot more pediatric
2:35 pm
voices at the table for this discussion. there long-term and potential health risks associated with this vaccine as you pointed out and others said why wait on an actual event where you would have to administer without testing for children? >> we have 2.3 million u.s. service people who have been immunized against anthrax and don't seem to have adverse effects. this is something called a risk benefit ratio. what is the risk of anthrax attack? that has not been established. for children to immunize for something that may not ever be a problem. we should start with the most vulnerable people. what about elected officials and members of congress. those would be the people who are going to get more of the anthrax sent to them in a letter than a child in a school. >> interesting news on both
2:36 pm
fronts, but all affecting children. we appreciate your time. thank you, doctor. right now crews in turkey are racing to free survivors buried under mounds of concrete and debris after it was rocked on sunday. the epicenter is wedged between the cities where more than 2000 then buildings were toppled at least 459 people have been killed so far. 1300 others injured. many more missing. turkish agencies say people were pulled from the rubble alive just today. a school teacher trapped for 18 hours beneath the collapsed restaurant. her fiance stayed by her side until she was pulled out and this remarkable video. take a look. it shows the rescue of a 2 week old baby who was trapped. they flatten an apartment building.
2:37 pm
the mother and grandmother were also rescued. live on the phone from turk fre us. what's the latest on the rescue effort? >> a number of survival stories are emerging and none closer than the story alluded to there. a baby girl. we washed her mother being pulled out three hours later. apparently the girl was able to go because her mother was protecting and breast-feeding her in the rubble. we caught up with her later and she remarkably was unscathed and unaware the ordeal she had been through. both mother and daughter are there in the capital where we are told they are in realmly good shape. night has fallen for a shirt time and they are getting more
2:38 pm
desperate no. we have hundreds or thousands still tripped in the rubble. with every hour they may suffer further. >> thank you very much. a live report from turkey. we appreciate it. thank you, john. now it's her turn. condoleezza rice is telling her side of the story. the former secretary of state has been on the receiving end from bush cabinet members rumsfeld and cheney. in a memoire, her account of the time in the white house is giving new insight detailing the toughest moments in monumental negotiations. the paris bureau chief and the cover of news week highlights is interviewed with condoleezza rice. thank you very much for your time. >> always a pleasure. >> let me get your insight into her memoire. donald rumsfeld had taken digs at her, questioning her ability
2:39 pm
to carry out the job. dick cheney doing similar. was this about these people and my version of how i see it. >> i thought she set the record straight. both cheney and rumsfeld have taken cheap shots at her. that's a phrase that colin powell used when describing the memoirs when they talk about her crying and being emotional and she wanted to say this is the way it came down in the white house in the state department when i was holding those positions. she makes a pretty convincing case as a matter of fact. >> you got a chance to sit down with her and you painted an amazing picture of her on this quiet street in stanford and the life she lives now. did you get the sense she was relieved to have the book done on paper so people could read? >> yes, i did think she was happy to have the book done and
2:40 pm
happy with the way it came out. maybe she doesn't realize how revealing it is about her in a lot of ways. in the nitty-gritty confrontations she describes with rumsfeld sometimes with the president, you get a sense that she is really fighting an uphill battle against the flood of testosterone. she is comfortable in her skin now. she was playing the piano for us during the photo session and i think she was confident about her present and future. >> i want to read a couple of excerpts. when she discusses negotiating a peace deal and her quote is that when she was meeting with olmert and said when the negotiations were playing out, i'll give him enough land, maybe something like 94% with swaps. i will have an idea about jerusalem. two capitals. for us and one for the palestinians and the mayor will be selected by population
2:41 pm
percentage and an israeli mayor so the deputy should be palestinian. she explains this negotiation that was happening with abbas. it fell apart, but they were ever so close, but then she goes on to say and we have gone back in time since then. we have gone backwards since then. >> that's the way she plays it. there a lot of issues are raised. she touches onhese in her book about how credible olmert was. he was under investigation on criminal charges. it was clear he was not going to be for much longer. this was a make it or break it deal. he said i want a yes answer from abbas or the deal is off. it was kind of a survival moment for him and not just for the middle east. rather like what happened in 2000 in his negotiations with arafat and bill clinton. all that said, it shows you just
2:42 pm
how close to a settlement you can come in the middle east and how far back we have slid in the years since. >> you say her book offers more insight than she realized. she talks about hurricane katrina and having come to new york on a vacation and a shopping trip and planned to go to the theaters and the day after the storm hit, the airwaves were hit with devastating pictures of new orleans. the faces of most of them were black. i knew i should never have left washington. i called the chief of staff and said i'm coming home. then i called the president. mr. president i'm coming back. i don't know how much i can do. we clearly have a race problem, i said. why don't you come back, he replayed. she points out at the time, she especially essentially was the only face of that administration and this was a great burden, if you will, that she carried
2:43 pm
theater when she went to see them where people were fighting for their lives. we have a farce on brought way while people were suffering in new orleans. she went shopping for shoes. it was told and she does realize what's going on, she goes back to washington and as soon as she can get there, she was brought up in alabama in birmingham. she starts sounding once again like a presbyterian minster's daughter. she knows how to talk to people. the people responded well to her presence. she realized that she made a mistake here. that's what she write about. it's a candid memoire. >> coming on a preview, the article in news week.
2:44 pm
thank you. >> you may not be able to buy a harry potter movie for a while. why warner brothers is pulling the franchise from the store shelves. first, here's a lot going on and things we thought you should know. leaders are making sure the occupied movement does not make its way on to their soil. forbes is reporting the word has been banned from search engines on the po popular site. no one in the country posted on the occupy china facebook page. first lady michelle obama is writing a book about the white house garden called american grown and explores how improving access to food can influence healthy eating habits. the book will be available in april. herman is out with a new ad like no other presidential ad you have seen. take a look. >> together we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪
2:45 pm
>> the smoking, the smile. what do you think about this ad? a lot of people are upset with the campaign worker smoking. tweet on this one at "news nation." hey, everyone's eating tacos outside bill's office. [ chuckles ] you think that is some information i would have liked to know? i like tacos. you invited eric? i thought eric gave you the creeps. [ phone buzzes ] oh. [ chuckles ] yeah. hey. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. get it faster with 4g. at&t. ♪ i got it, i'm sorry. these people, huh? you know i've found that anger is the enemy of instruction.
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coming up at the top of the hour, the secret about the herman cain ad that everyone is talking about on the day the cain train thunders past mitt romney in a national poll. a sinking rick perry answers questions about his tax plan. more smoke and mirrors? you will see. >> dozens of arrests at an anti-wall street protest tops the looks around the nation. protesters were taken into
2:49 pm
custody where police raided an encampment and police fired bean bag rounds and tear gas into the crowd of 170 people. no one was hurt and according to the "new york daily news," the nba plans to cancel two more weeks of the regular season and mark the third time that david stern postponed games because of the ongoing player lock out. being pulled from let's get the scoop from lola. thouch for your time. hope solo didn't miss about it. let's take a look.
2:50 pm
>> this is my show. having said that, i'm tired that we are being judged some onnest and some being picked on healeys. >> max thinks there is a bias there that some who are not innately talented are favored and others -- exactly. he let him know i have been doing this for 50 years and maybe you need to retire. snap. there you have it. harry potter dvds. >> they are readily available. they are doing it to drum up sales. get people hooked. lola. you can't find it on the streets. this is the disney strategy. >> beauty and the beast. you can't buy them with limited time. >> with beauty and the beast and
2:51 pm
sleeping beauty. warner brothers was deciding they can do that again. >> it makes the tape more desirable. they were available for preorder. speaking of extra special, the rib is back. >> 500 calories of fun apparently. >> i never had it before, but i'm in the minority. it has a cult following. mcdonald's has it around for a limited time. if you want it, get it now. >> this is the twitter and facebook on fire. one person wrote mcrib is back. i'm more confident about our economy turning around. the mc rib is back and this
2:52 pm
night can't be any more perfecter. rib is not a word so perfecter fits right in. >> he is stockpiling his mcrib. when they go away, they will have more. >> like spam. >> exactly. >> i never tried one. >> we will split one. 500 calories. it takes an hour to burn it off on the treadmill. >> thank you very much. coming up, lola. the "news nation" gut check and the controversy over to hpv vaccine. the government is recommending not just girls, but boys get the vaccine. details are next. [ female announcer ] from an earache... to the flu. an accident... to asthma. a new heartbeat... to a heart condition. when you see your doctor, you don't face any medical issue alone. you do it together. at the american medical association, we're committed to preserving that essential partnership
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earlier we discussed the recommendation by a panel that boys as young as 11 should be
2:56 pm
vaccinated against hpv, the human papillomavirus. with a recommendation going to the cdc that approved a similar recommendation for girls as young as 11. what does your gut tell you? would you vaccinate your 11-year-old to protect against hpv? cast your vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." martin bashir is up next. what's better than gold ?
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