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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 26, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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compared to the middle class. if anybody is a racist, it is the democratic party that's the racist. >> a member of the tea party has some harsh words for democrats and some african-american leaders during an event where herman cain was the key note speaker. we just got a statement in from cain on the remarks made. plus, hammer time goes political. the new web ad for a san francisco mayoral candidate that has turned it into must-see tv. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following the news. occupy protesters are vowing to return at 6:00 pacific time to their encampment outside of city hall. the scene of a violent confrontation with police late last night. oakland's interim police chief
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said police were forced to use tear gas after officer were pelted by bottles, rocks, and paint. before last night's clash, protesters had occupied that plaza outside city hall for more than two week. again, the protesters are saying around 6:00 pacific time, they are going back and they say they're not looking for a confrontation but they want to stand strong. we'll have more on them. and oakland is not the only place where police are cracking down on these protesters. atlanta police also moved in late last night to clear protesters from a park. they had occupied for more than two weeks as well. more than 50 people arrested there overnight. let's bring in reporter justin elliott who has been covering the protests. justin, we've got two major cities, and there may be a dust-up in san francisco as well where police have been told to move in and clear out some of these protesters. what do you make of this stage in the game here? >> reporter: the images we saw coming out of oakland last night were fairly shocking and i think
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generally have been seen as a fairly extreme example of police overreaction. i think the challenge for the protesters at this point is how do you use this moment to get their message about economic inequality and corruption on wall street out? i don't think it is to their advantage to make this entirebly the police or about protesting for its own sake. i think the question is, how do you sort of get attention back on the issues that got them out there in the first place. >> which is one of the concerns. there is an article out today discussing the fact a lot of the media attention and a lot of the, i guess, if you will, hype from this movement has died down. perhaps because the protesters did not have a list of thing that they actually wanted to see done or changed in the near future. >> caller: right. and i think there's some evidence that interest is peaking. i don't think it is declining but at a lower rate than it's been. that said, you have to recognize there have been huge
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accomplishments of occupy wall street. i would say one of the main ones is just getting the media and public attention on the issues of economic inequality. getting the attention of washington away from the deficit and inequality and all of that. i think there is a question now of how do they sustain this. i spoke to the historian of progressive social movement the other day and he framed it as, how do you move from tactic to strategy? >> that's interesting and to your point, if nothing else, they've moved this issue of disparity with wealth in this country. the president having to respond to this occupy movement. you've had the republican candidates, when you are like what they said or not, they've responded to it as well. the treasury secretary. so to your point, it is as if nothing else forced those in washington to respond to the actions of these people. i have to read this twitter handle. occupy oakland. it says they're calling on protesters to return to downtown at 6:00 p.m. today for round
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three and four and five and six. we will not be moved. though images to your point were frightening. i had people say this look like the wroig a smaller scale that we saw in london. at this level of confrontation, no one wants to see it escalate to anything beyond this, certainly. >> based on all the reports and video i've read and seen, i think the balance of the violence here is really on the side of the police. i saw there were some scattered reports of protesters throwing thing at police but really nothing compared to the firing of rubber bullets and tear gas and flash bang grenades. >> police see it differently. the police say their officers were unattack. the interim chief of police there sees it differently. he said that they were under attack by the protesters. >> caller: i think what happened last night is obviously still being contested and i think there should be some serious investigation into it. but look, i think it is to the protesters' advantage to stay committed to nonviolence. if they do that tonight and focus on their message, i think
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it will be a good moment for them. >> to your point about the allegations of excessive force, this would not be the first city we saw this in new york as well, that one day when 700 people were arrested. and we saw the tape of the officer using the pepper spray. and there have been questions of excessive force used against these protesters. >> yeah, yeah. we saw, one of the big growth spurts of this movement came after the pepper spraying of the young woman seemingly for no reason in new york. then the arrest of hundreds of people on the brooklyn bridge under circumstances that are again still being contested. so i think again, this police overreaction as many people see it, can be useful for the protests in getting attention to the public but i think it would be to their advantage to swing back to their core message about economic injustice and inequality and not make it entirebly the police. >> thank you very much. justin elliott with a protester saying she
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speaks for the 99% disrupted. a hearing on capitol hill by the deficit reduction super committee. take a look. >> this vast grotesque spending on wars and the war machine -- >> the committee shall recess. >> the woman was removed by capitol police and the hearing resumed. again, another moment that people say they're using to get the attention on these are not making the most money in this country. and all of this comes as a new study by the nonpartisan congressional budget office confirms the income disparity in america is getting worse. take a look. the study shows between 1979 and 2007, the top 1% of highest earners saw their incomes rise 275%. at the same time, the 60% of americans in the middle class range saw their incomes go up to 40%. and the poorest fifth of the population saw their income increase by just 18%. joining me now, the national
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syndicated talk show host michael smerconish, i would say we can bring that graph back up. it is jarring just to see. if the words don't affect you from people in the occupy movement, or you may be out of the loop. what else do you process? other than there's something wrong here. >> up asking a moment ago whether the occupy movement had legs. and i think that to the extent it becomes known for this issue, and we've talked about it. income disparity. to the extent that it really become known for this, as opposed to some of the other interests that are being expressed, then i think it will have a long lasting impact. that new york times survey that came out this morning said that two-thirds of americans are very upset with the data you're putting in front of them right now. this disparity and how the richest 1% are bringing home all the bacon. >> and you talk about that money and wealth distribution fairly in america. 66% say no. but you have some herman cain,
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for example, who say these are people who are jealous that there are wealthy folks out there and you should blame yourself if you're not bringing in the cash that you want. but how do those people, the 99% out there articulate their message that this is not about some kind of socialist plan by the president, or the administration to take your money. it is not about taking from someone else. that it is about being fair in this country. >> well, i think i saw a youtube moment that had legs. alec baldwin went down to occupy wall street. when questioned by the folks there, he gave a pretty strong defense of capitalism. i think you can be a free market capitalist and still look at the data and say, something is amiss. the playing surface has been tilted in favor of moneyed interests who are able to hire lobbyists and have the tax code drawn to their advantage. that's the way i think it needs to be articulated. if they voice night way that it can be subjected to the
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socialism or communism criticism, it will be a lose we are middle america. >> it's interesting. i want to go back to this scene we saw in oakland and that clash between the protesters and the police. you've got police officers saying, or the chief, the interim chief saying his officers were under attack. here's what one person tweeted me. police in oakland are liars. show the footage. people throwing stuff. they say they're taping everything. we saw the tapes. in new york, a lot of this has turned into, i shouldn't say a lot of it. some of it, these images turned into these protesters versus the police. and we know, i bring this up and we were out at the occupy wall street movement in new york. there was a guy holding a sign and he said no more layoffs of firefighters, police officer and teachers. he was standing alongside a police officer, a sign to keep the law and order there. and it is stirring to see that this confrontation, or this clash between the protesters and the officer, by the way, the officer are the middle class,
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too. >> the cameras are always going to gravitate toward the fringe elements because it makes for good copy. that's the hard thing of a social movement. whether it is occupy wall street or the tea party. because the kook factor will be there. the media show up. that's who they put on television or radio. so it puts a lot of pressure on the group to try to rein in those interests. i know they've succeeded so far by not having a cohesive message. not having spokespeople. it that they would be well served if they did get their priorities in order and focus on who best to articulate them. >> thank you very much. mike smerconish reacting to these numbers. up next on "news nation" -- >> if anybody is a racist, it's the democratic party that's the racist. >> tea party member goes on quite a ran, attacking democrats at an event where the key note speaker was herman cain. we just got reaction in. a statement from herman cain's
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welcome back to news nation. some harsh words aimed at the tea party sponsored rally last night. herman cain was the key note speaker telephone rally, an african-american who runs the tea party website raging he was the first of several tea party speakers to take stage before cain. >> if anybody is a racist, it's the democratic party that's the
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racist. the party of the ku klux klan. the party of jim crow. the party of connor. the party of segregation. the party of the kkk. they're the racists, not us. we're their friends. we're the emancipators. >> it is important to note that herman cain did not speak for more than an hour after those comments. he was not on stage during the speech. and nbc news has received word that it is unlikely cain or his staff heard the comments. he said, our campaign is ball promoting civil dial oxg while there may be differences of opinion on a wide variety of topics, we believe on never being disagreeable. andrew was at the rally. set the stage of what was going on and also the reaction from the crowd during these comments. >> we had the tea party rally. there were thousands of people there.
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and herman cain was signing books earlier in the afternoon. and shortly after he left, he took the stage. he runs a website. this is a tea party sponsored event. he took the stage and he heard those comments that you just played. and the reaction from the crowd was he is a dynamic speaker. the mission statement from the webb is that it is their hope through aggressive its, that more people of color will run for office or support the party. >> the speaker as dynamic as he been, he compared the people in the democratic party to the kkk. he had what he call incongressmen area party about al sharpton, jesse jackson. he went down the line here. while his tone maybe enthusiastic, his words
2:17 pm
certainly would be described as questionable. >> that's right. reaching out to the campaign, you saw the statement there. herman cain as you noted was not in attendance at that point. it seem unlikely that he heard these comments. it underscores when herman cain has. he has this huge tea party support that is bumping him up in the base. but going to these tea party rallies which is where most of his campaign has been for the past, however many months, since he garner that had support, you're really exposed to the words and actions of the speakers who are around and associated with the event. and it is something that is not exclusive to herman cain. we've seen in the past that other dates. it is certainally going forward, a tough act to balance when you have people with very extreme views like we heard last night who are also part of rallying
2:18 pm
the base. >> to your point, we have seen this at other events. most recently the reverend jeffries introducing rick perry and saying that mormonism was a cult. and we know how that turned out for rick perry certainly being underfire for those comments. thank you very much. a new picture of dr. conrad murray is emerging today in his trial. the defense is trying to pain a more flattering picture of the doctor by calling in a series of his patients to the stand. they testified that murray was caring, competent and well trained. >> that man sitting there is the best doctor i've ever seen. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring. never. and dr. murray is a very caring doctor. he is a very thorough doctor. >> nbc's gina kim joins us live from los angeles. we got the gist of what the defense was trying today to paint a different image than
2:19 pm
we've seen from the prosecution. >> absolutely. these patients were so vigorous and passionate in their defense of the former doctor saying even now after all that has happened, they would still entrust their lives to him. one of the patients even as he left the stand, kissed dr. murray and the defendant, of course, cried several times in open court. and all of this as you said, the defense witness testimony is trying to tug at the jury's heart strings. and show dr. murray as a man who was motivated by his patients' well being, not greed. >> if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area, a community 75% of them poor, on welfare and social
2:20 pm
security. >> reporter: next up are two medical experts that will take stand on behalf of the defense. one is a renowned propofol expert and the other is an addiction specialist. and court has already adjourned for the day because they didn't speck to blow through so many witnesses so quickly. all of the patient have left and now these two medical and prerts expected to take stand tomorrow in day four of the defense's case. >> live for us in l.a. thank you. >> and next on "news nation" -- >> as president, i'll create 2.of 5 million new job. >> on the air, rick perry debuts his first campaign tv ad weeks ahead of the iowa caucuses. we'll talk with the foishd of hire patriots about the president's new plan to get vets back to work. first, in today's money minute. ♪
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. within the next 66 days, the remaining 44,000 troops in iraq are headed home. and they're certain to put pressure on the unemployment rate among iraq and afghanistan war vets. that's currently 11.7%, compared to the national rate of 9.1%. just yesterday, the obama administration announced new plans to help military vets find work. take a look at the plan. they include urging federally funded community health centers to hire 8,000 military medics over the next three years. also, more help for military medics by giving grants to colleges and universities. joining me, the founder of hire
2:25 pm thank you for your time. >> yes, good afternoon, tamron. >> talk to me about the situation these vets who are returning and who decide that they no longer want to be in the military. and decide to try to raise their children and feed their family by finding a job outside of the service. how hard is it for them right now? >> of course, it's very, very hard. the only statistic we have are people that apply for unemployment. and veterans are usually not people to do that. and so i really am quite confident the military unemployment rate for veterans transitioning out is much higher. [ inaudible ] we just don't have enough jobs to go around. companies are doing their best. verizon has joined us to try to hire 100,000 veterans. but there are too many transitioning out that are not finding jobs. so what hire patriots is you'll about is to pitch in and hire
2:26 pm
veterans. >> what do you think about the president's plan? he's focused on getting americans back to work. he has especially focused on the veteran situation, even offering tax credits to businesses who hire returning vets. >> well, yeah. and great tax credits for hiring vets. that's our ultimate goal. to get a full-time job for veterans. in the meantime, residents in the home front really need to pitch in and provide a safety net by providing jobs every single day for their local veterans and their military. whenever they have -- hire a local military man or woman, a spouse or a veteran to come over. that way they're able to pitch in and help these men and women keep their heads above water. >> all right, mark. we appreciate your message. we had a little technical problem. skype doesn't always work out as perfectly as we would like but i think folks get the message regarding veterans returning home. and millions will join the
2:27 pm
others. and college debt is the number two source of debt for americans. did you know that? president obama says it's more expensy to get in college. it's never been in expensive to get in college. wee got details on the president's plan to ease the financial burdens. plus -- >> it might be one of the most entertaining political ads. enlist the help of hammer for his campaign. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪ welcome back. leading the pack, herman cain is still ahead of his republican arrives in a new poll out today. plus, the campaign ads heating up already. searching for new leads, a 5-year-old arizona girl has been
2:31 pm
missing now for more than two week. i'll talk to the child's grandmother who says police are not doing enough. and tracking hurricane rina. florida may be impacted by the weekend. plus a new film about j. edgar hoover has created a controversy before it's even made to it theaters. a group that campaigned heavily against any depict of hoover as gay. and now to the republican race for 2012 where rick perry is debuting his first tv ad in iowa where the caucuses are just ten weeks away, if you can believe. >> as president, i'll create at least 2.5 million new jobs. and i know something about that. in texas we created over 1 million new jobs while the rest of the nation lost over 2 million. i'll start by opening american oil and gas fields. i'll eliminate president obama's regulations that hurt other sources of domestic energy like coal and natural gas. that will create jobs and reduce
2:32 pm
our reliance on oil from countries that hate america. >> while perry is trailing his rival herman cain is on top of the, especially in one political state. so let's start off with herman cain. another poll and he is still on top even though he had issues with the foreign policy questions. after the last debate that he had. and then a series of other things people might see as gaffes or blunders there for him. >> herman cain still leads in a lot of poes, not just the national poll. he leads in iowa, according to our latest nbc poll. that's a state where somebody like herman cain who can go door to door, maybe get some support from local activists might be able to do well. remember, only two of the last five gop nominees have actually won iowa. mike huckabee won it last time because he had a lot of home school moms in the western part of the state help him out. we'll see with rick perry's ad
2:33 pm
now going up. he has a lot of money to spend. he is coming from behind here but he is the one who can make that push with these ads. >> quickly, correct me if i'm wrong. he has not made a huge investment, a huge show of force in iowa. >> you're right. he just hired his first paid staffer. >> and he's leading, what does that say about the rest of them? >> i think mostly the attention we've seen has been at these debates. when you can make your message in free media, you can be on television, people can see you. you can deliver a fiery speech which he can do. he lights up a room if you're in a room with him. like none of the rest of the candidates really can do. so that holds some merit. now you have to fill that in with a campaign infrastructure that can push there. but what is he doing? he is in texas, alabama where he got dale peterson's endorsement. the guy ran that kooky ad and lost the ad commissioner race. it is not a traditional campaign. he thes that will help him but a
2:34 pm
lot of people are wondering if that herman cain bubble deflates at some point. >> thank you very much. with the headlines that we're following in 2012, thank you very much. for the past 14 days, the family of a missing girl in arizona has been pleading for that child's safe return. police say none of the leads in the search for 5-year-old jhessye shockley. her family marched led by her mom. and she said the mother says police are too focused on her criminal past and she doesn't think they've been aggressive enough in the search for her child. to make matters more complicated, hunter's three other children were removed from the family's home following reports about their father being a convicted sex offender. >> my baby could be anywhere by now because they refuse to believe this black woman didn't do nothing to her child. i've got to be guilty, right? they got feelings! they got family. if i was so disconnected from my children, why did cps call no
2:35 pm
ask me how to get my baby to eat? and after i did, she was eating. she's eating now. >> i'm join by shirley john, and the grandmother and aunt of little jhessye. thank you for joining us. let's talk about how police are handling this. you're hearing that police are focusing too much on her. what is your feeling? >> i feel that they are not focusing on baby jhessye after two days. i think the fbi needs to come back in and oversee this glendale police department. the great disparity on how they look at little black kids, children of another race.
2:36 pm
i found out recently they infused the community with 544 registered sex offenders. and i've recently found out that they are not even certified in children abduct response team. that's just recently been done today. i'm very concerned about why the fbi is not overseeing this glendale police department. the amber alert was done wrong. driving up the froirk you saw alert, call this number. not alert, child abducted. not a description of my grand baby at all. not what kind of car or able that she may be in. it was done totally wrong. after two days it was taken down. and that policy needs to be changed. >> the police say they've got a lot of leads. a lot of tips here. but so far this is the quote we're looking for that break and it just hasn't come yet.
2:37 pm
to your caught and the issue with the other children who were in the home and taken out. why were they taken out of the home? >> they said, they not given me a complete reason. but i've been instructed that i can't discuss the other three kids that's in foster care by the judge. >> jhessye was last seen in the home. when was the last time you saw her? >> i saw jhessye in july when i came down for my usual every two month visits. >> and that was the last time you saw her. as i pointed out, she's been missing -- >> i did talk to the kids on a weekly basis. the weekend doesn't go by when i'm not calling and seeing about the children. >> we're looking at this picture, these pictures of jhessye, the motel beautiful smile you can imagine. a little outgoing child, 5 years old here. what is the message?
2:38 pm
you say that the national media and to your point, you are right. the story has not made the same national headlines as other stories out there that we've been covering. what do you want this national audience, now that you have their attention. what do you want them to know? >> i want the lord to be able to give me something, words that can touch the person's heart that has these children. i want the media to understand my frustration. i was here one week and the media, the local media hadn't gotten this out to the nation. it took me going out of arizona, responded, getting people in california to get this message out. going to other missing associations like peas in a pod that represent missing black children around the nation. and after that, and cnn getting out and getting that information
2:39 pm
out there. this has not been obvious. i'm sorry. it's been obvious that this has not gotten the attention that is needed for this baby and other children that is missing out there. >> shirley, we greatly appreciate your time. we're thankful that you've come on. that i know josie is there for support and you will need all the support as police say they continue to do everything they can to find your granddaughter. thank you. >> thank you. dramatic new rescues in the quake ravaged area of turkey tops our look at stories around the news nation today. 25-year-old teachers. the latest survivor to be pulled from the rubble. she was trapped inside a toppled building since the earthquake hit sunday. two other people were also found alive today. the 7.2 magnitude quake has taken the lives of 461 people and it is incredible they are still pulling people out alive. and hurricane rina is now a category 1 storm in the caribbean. the national hurricane center
2:40 pm
says the maximum sustained winds are down to 85 miles an hour. the forecast track shows it's over mexico's yucatan peninsula on thursday before curbing toward cuba. could it then affect parts of south florida as a tropical storm. and college loans are the number two source of debt right now behind mortgages. with the economy forcing states to cut their budget resulting in less money, going to state universities, students are coming out of school, not only unable to find a job but obviously if you don't have a job you can't pay your loan. a short time ago at the university of colorado, president obama announced a series of executive orders to help families strad well college loans, borrowers would be able to consolidate and reduce interest rates on student loans. the president is allowing the program that caps monthly payments to 10% of discretionary income. and that would start in the next year instead of 2014. >> because you'll have some certainty, knowing that it is only a certain percentage of
2:41 pm
your income that is going to pay off your student loans, that means you will be more confident and comfortable to buy a house or save for retirement, and that will give our economy a boost at a time when it desperately needs it. >> joining me now via skype, education advocate. thanks, rich, for your time. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> the president's announcement comes on the same day that new numbers were released about how much a college education costs. and i believe it's up 8% over the last year. >> that's right. and it's not just this year. looking to the past decade as states have been cutting aid to higher education, tuition has been going up. and most of that cost burden has been sthoiftd students and families usually in the form of loan debt. >> and it is interesting. we talk about the student loan issues. this is a part of the overall economy. you get out of school. you don't have a job. you can't faye student loan. your parents are struggling to put a little money away for
2:42 pm
retirement or in many cases these days, they're working far longer than they ever expected to. so this student loan issue is a major part of the overall conversation on our economy. >> it really. is just looking back about a decade ago. only half the students needed to borrow a loan to graduate school and only needed to borrow about $12,000. now two-thirds of college students need to take out a loan and their debt is over $24,000. so this is becoming a real financial hurdle for college graduates, getting steep monthly payments six months after graduation in a tough economy. so definitely more needs to be done. >> do you believe the president's plan will bring relief? >> congress has been working over the past three years to institute some great reform, increasing financial aid to students when the states have slacked back on their aid. president obama i think has heard the voices loud and clear across the country. and is proposing to help 1.6
2:43 pm
million students better manage their loan debt by accelerating programs that would have started in 2014 to next year. let's be honest. students can't wait that long. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it. and this is a conversation that won't go away. hopefully a lot more people will take the jump and go to college. up next on "news nation." >> i need some people i can trust. i want you to be my number two man. >> controversy already brewing over the betrail of j. edgar hoover and his sexuality. i'll walk the the chairman of the hoover foundation who said it would be a monumental distortion to depict hoover in this new movie as gay. but first, a lot going on today. some things we thought you should know. what happened when you team up the candidate for mayor in san francisco with the hit song from mc hammer and a laundry list of celebrities, including brian wilson.
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2:48 pm
outsider in this republican race. stay with us. a new movie is coming out. j. edgar hoover ran the fbi through nine presidents and the new movie captures the complexities of his life. >> imagine if every individual was foichd by the pattern on their fingers. imagine how quickly we could find if they committed a crime. >> do you remember that file we created on his wife? >> mrs. roosevelt. >> make a copy for me, please. >> is that legal? >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to keep your country safe. >> the movie is not over but some are concerned about the betrayal of hoover. and joining me now, the founder
2:49 pm
of the j. edgar hoover foundation. >> i understand you sent a letter to clint eastwood with your concerns. what did you say to mr. eastwood? >> well, first of all, the fbi, the jarks edgar hoover foundation, are very happy that mr. eastwood is doing a movie on mr. hoover. certainly better mr. eastwood than maybe some other producers. but there were publications or the screenwriter was giving talks and talking about homosexuality and it was going to be portrayed in this movie. and those of us who knew mr. hoover knew that he was anything but a homosexual. so we wrote and expressed our concerns. mr. eastwood was very gracious. he responded immediately saying he gave no credence whatsoever to the cross dressing allegations that had been put against mr. hoover or that he didn't plan on showing any
2:50 pm
homosexual or holm openly homosexual relationship. so i'm very satisfied with that. >> in your letter, you said it would be a grave injustice and a monumental distortion to proceed with such a depiction based on completely unfounded assertions. you're talking about this, the rumor that, and we need to catch people up here. that clyde tolleson was a former top aide to hoover. they vacationed together. i believe they were very close and there has been to your point unfounded speculation that they had a relationship that went far beyond best friends or an aide and a boss here. i've not seen the movie. i have to be honest. i did speak with someone who saw the movie and they indicated to me that a great portion of this film does deal with the allegations that tolleson, and hoover were in a row man tick relationship. i want to play a clip from the movie that shows the closeness between the two. >> if that's the case, i'm going
2:51 pm
to be very disappointed. we don't have the clip of this. but -- >> i can't see you so i don't have access to viewing any clip. i stand by what i said in my letter. 12,000 fbi agents can't be wrong. if mr. hoover was gay and then i'm sure that the fbi would have known about it. the fbi agents would have been all over the country. >> let me ask you this. the movie also portrays him as a person willing to manipulate, blackmail, even lie to get what he wanted including against former first ladies, the kennedys, the list goes on and on and we know the allegations regarding other leaders who were reportedly black mailed or even threatened by hoover. is it okay to portray him that way as opposed to the possibility that he was gay? >> there's a lot of fiction about him. he wasn't perfect and i put him in the category of a great american hero who
2:52 pm
professionalized law enforcement. he's patton or a macarthur in my view and in the view of the foundation. i just didn't want to see him unjustly maligned or accused of being something that he was not. and that was the reason for writing mr. eastwood. >> it will be an interesting movie. you point out you don't want him to be unjustly maligned. others say did he thatthru to people throughout his career. we'll see what the movie has to offer. again, clint eastwood said he is indifferent to allegations of whether hoover was gay or not. he wanted to make a great movie. thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. next in today's "news nation" gut check, why a school is refusing to move a us about stop. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
♪ hey! it says just take one! i can't read. ♪ [ male announcer ] walmart has low prices, every day for halloween. from bags of candy to bigger bags of candy. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible, by nature valley.
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a minnesota mom is fighting
2:56 pm
to have her young son's school bus stop moved away from a sex offender's home. laefl three sex offender now lives a block and a half away from the bus stop. that mean he is at the highest risk to reoffend. the fifth grader's mother said she doesn't feel safe about her son waiting alone at the bus stop. so each morning with two other children and a baby and a 4-year-old to the bus stop with their older brother. she has asked the school district to move that bus stop somewhere within line of sight from her home. the district has said no. the superintendent says changing the bus route would seat problematic precedence. the man was found guilty of abusing an 8-year-old girl. the city has no specific laws about where sex offenders can live. what does your gut tell but this one? should the school district move that stop away from near that sex offender's home? go to "news nation" that does it for this edition of
2:57 pm
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