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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 2, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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made aequest and is now waiting for the restaurant association to let her tell her side of the story. the president's approval rating takes a turn for the better. at the same time his re-election team is reportedly fighting back against republican change to election laws. democrats say the change will suppress votes for their candidates. and they're taking on the law. bank of america and other big banks may have vowed to consumer pressure by back pedaling on a plan to start charging for debit card useful is it a victory if the banks find another way to charge you? plus, he nearly lost his life fighting for this country. on the first day of the troop withdrawal in iraq starts, the author of a new book joins to us share his inspirational story. plus, what is his connection to gary sinise? i'm tamron hall. herman cain is back on capitol hill this morning and the
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candidate who has been attracting voters with the straight talk, he got into a scuffle with reporters right after an event he attended. take a look. >> i'm here with these doctors, and that's what i'm going to talk about. so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, okay? don't even bother. >> it's a good question though. >> are you concerned that the fact these women do want to -- >> what did i say? >> are you concerned -- >> excuse me! excuse me! judge joining me by phone, andrew rafferty. he is actually covering herman cain for us. so andrew, first tell us what happened there. what's the back story of what we were just watching. >> reporter: sure. what we saw there was mr. cain was meeting with a group called docs for patients. we thought he would give a public address & but it turned out to be a private one, just the doctors. that was him walking from the private address to a room where
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he would speak to reporters. we were told by organizers he would take questions. as he walked in, one of the organizers said due to time, that he would be unable to answer questions. he is back on the hill right now. there is a slew of reporters hanging out outside the capitol where he is expected to walk in at any moment. given his fwhaifr last couple days because there are so many people camped out outside the capitol, you can bet he will find a different way to get in there. another scene like we saw right there is not something that will look good for the campaign. >> let me ask you about mr. compaign's demeanor. i know in a lot of this, he is saying he is joking. that joke between united states and mexico electrocuting people, he said that was a joke. in this case, this is a serious matter and it seems at least from this video, that this may be getting to him. his frustration level is at
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least what we saw today, peaking. >> reporter: if we can look at the progression throughout the week. on monday he was at the national press club. he was asked about the incident reported in politicalco and he embraced the opportunity to clear the air, even though he didn't take questions directfully reporters. he was asked about it and seemed to have a much more light-hearted tone than we saw today. there's been a noticeable effort to keep mr. cain out of view of reporters who are staking him out when he is doing public appearances. there is a level of security around him that certainly wasn't seen in the past. >> thank you, andrew, for the latest from capitol hill where you're following herman cain. let's bring in the panel to discuss cain's pain. and the president's approval numbers ticking up. michelle bernard, mike smerconish and tony blankley. thank you for joining me.
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tony, since you're the republican, i'll start off with you. what do you make -- there's no where to run, nowhere to hide for herman cain w. what do you make of his strategy? >> he's made a real hash of managing this accusation. it will all come out. i would guess by the weekend at the latest. >> what do you mean? >> the person making the allegation will state what it was that was alleged. the settlement will be described. and then mr. cain will have to come forward with his explanation. he could have done that monday, tuesday, today. he can do it tomorrow. the soorn he does it, the better he is, only to the spent the he's resolved it. >> when you say he'll come out with his explanation. he has come out with various forms of an explanation. not enough for you? >> no, no. he has to be credible with the facts as they are out or imminently going to be out. he has to be based on reality. and it's probably not the end of
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the world, whatever the factual allegation is. not helpful but not the end of the world. but he is maximizing the agony for himself by the unprofessional way in which his team is executing this. >> i want to bring in what governor barbour had to say. he's suggesting herman cain should wave this confidentiality agreement and go to the restaurant association and urge them to allow this woman to talk. let's play what he had to say. >> if a week from now, we've had one week of the confidentiality agreement is keeping the facts from coming out, that's not in herman cain's interests. herman cain's interests is getting this behind him where he can get back focused on the things that made him very popular among republican voters. >> michael, you're an attorney. you said all along this would play out this way. that eventually we would hear from this woman. that herman cheney some key answers to questions he was not providing. here we are now legally, can the restaurant association allow this woman to speak? is it in their hands? we know that her stoern seeking
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their quote/unquote approval. >> if i were the attorney for this woman and if the restaurant association did not play ball, i would give consideration to nonetheless, bringing her forward and allowing her to tell her story. >> how can you do that legally without her suffering some kind of repercussion? >> i would argue that herman cain has void that had agreement because he's already been doing interviews and has been completely dismissive of the underlying charges. so i would say that she has no choice but to respond in kind. my second vfgs nobservation is that we're talking about 35,000, that's chump change. and i would be shocked if there weren't media outlets saying we'll cover whatever the loss might be. if it's 35,000 or more. go tell your story. >> and michelle, let me bring you in. senator rand paul gave an interview. he said there are people who hesitate to tell a joke to a woman in the workplace, any kind of joke, because it could be interpreted incorrectly.
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i don't. i'm very cautious. that's his view of what's happening. that this is a sexual harassment case in the big picture that this senator sees, for the fellows out there, they're worried about women that we can't take a joke. what do you make of a senator saying this? >> i think it is hugely problematic. it's one thing for someone of a certain generation to say something that maybe during their time period was maybe not considered inappropriate. but this is a young man we're talking about. many, many things have changed in america culturally. the fact a senator would say he has to be careful because women can't take a joke is a huge problem. and quite frankly, it is indicative of other problems within the republican party where we see the party not being inclusive. not necessarily a place where all women feel comfortable. we are people of color feel comfortable. where people of different religions feel comfortable. and this is just another reason to demonstrate why the republican party could be in serious trouble.
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>> let me get you back in quickly to talk about the president's approval numbers. he has a slight improvement that we're seeing. i think we have the numbers. right now at 47%. in october that number was 41-55. is it that we can't wait strategy that you think is working here? >> i think it might be in part the instability on the republican side of the aisle. it might be people who are looking for an alternative and they're not seeing one. i happen to think that herman cain's excalating numbers are a poor reflection of mitt romney and maybe the president is now the beneficiary of some of the unsettled nature. >> thank you so much. we greatly appreciate your time. thank you all. there's growing pessimism that congress's deficit super commit qulee achieve its goal. coming up with at least another $1.5 trillion in savings. steny hoyer said his expectations for the success of the committee are now low.
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in fact, just yesterday former clinton white house chief of staff. >> i would sty mr. bowles and everybody else, there is a chance to fail but also a chance to succeed. and tim eternal optimism. i believe as my state's motto, as i breathe, i hope. i believe that we are going to get to where we need to be with time to spare. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us. so is he one of the few that believes thing are looking optimistic right now? >> reporter: he is always bringing a cheerful spirit to capitol hill and everybody appreciates that. what you do get is a sign today of some movement. there were more than 100 members
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of congress in both parties who signed a letter encouraging this super committee, a group of 12, to go big, as they say. to go for bigger cuts. many interpret that as a positive sign. at the same time, there is a certain malaise that has taken hold here with doubts about what the super committee can really accomplish as the deadline gets closer. and even a sense that democrats are telling us they've done all they can do. they want republicans to move toward them. republicans feeling like they've got lines in the sand. and from the conversations we've had with aides in both parties. that doesn't mean there aren't conversations going on. we've hit that point, i think before the deadline where thing seem to feel like quick sand. that there is a bit of a sense that oh, this might not go well. what we've watched with congress so many times is when the clock ticks down to the final minutes, there seems to be a real push to get something done. maybe we're in that window right
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now i can't. say there's a lot of optimism but everybody is watching the clock. >> thank you very much. a live report from capitol hill. in the meantime, wall street is rebounding after heavy losses. the dow is up 106 points. the dow as you might recall, plunged, 573 points over the fwro previous two sessions. today's rally gives a slightly more optimistic view of the economy after a two-day meeting just ended. and international leaders scramble to stave week-old $135 billion deal to resolve greece's debt crisis and avoid a further financial crisis in europe. greece's announcement monday that it will hold a referendum on the deal triggered a sell-off on financial markets worldwide. joining me now, co-anchor of cnbc's power lunch. we're seeing a better day. but like so many other things, we can't get too caught up in what we're seeing right now. >> you're exactly right.
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one of the reasons the market is up but cautiously so is because at 3:30 p.m. eastern time, we expect to start to hear some comments out of a key meeting taking place between the french prime minister, the german prime minister, and the greek prime minister. they are putting a lot of pressure on the greek prime minister to change his mind and not call that referendum. most people in the market do not think that they will be successful because the greek prime minister has been out there. he said he wants to put the vote to the people. let the people decide whether or not they are in favor of all of these austerity measures. however, most of the other european leaders have a very big stick they can use against greece and try to get them to avoid that referendum them don't have to give greece extra $8 billion until they are satisfied that greece will put in place those austerity measures. so it is really an interesting face-off that's going on right now.
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that's why wall street is cautiously optimistic. but we're going to wait and see what happens this afternoon. >> all right. co-anchor of cnbc's power lunch. we've got new details into the investigation of former new jersey governor jon corzine and the millions of missing dollars invested into his company. plus, president obama's campaign reportedly mounts what is being called a never before seen voter protection effort against new laws that democrats sl slay suppress voters. plus, a woman files a paternity test against justin bieber. is it his baby? [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪
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welcome back to "news nation." former new jersey governor jon corzine's legal troubles could end up hurting president obama's campaign. the fbi is handling the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the firm corzine ran. it is mf global holdings. now michael isikoff is reporting that he was one of the top fund-raisers for the president. the fund-raiser at the new york part raised hundreds of thousands of dollars last april. as expected, stocks for mf global plunged two days after filing for bankruptcy protection. joining me now, pete williams. a lot to talk about here but i think the headline many people are curious about is the allegation or the possibility that client funds could have been used. what is the latest on this fbi investigation? >> the company itself says this is what they did. it is very early.
2:18 pm
they're just getting it into. it will be a while before they have any conclusions on that. you were showing the website. let me show you from mf global's own website what they said about the key issue here. in a thing on the website, they talk about segregation of consumer funds, calling it the cardinal safeguard. it is what federal law required them to do. not use individual investor money to go off on the company's own. that's what the government is suggesting happened here. so the regulators are looking at it. the commodities regulators, the securities and exchange commission, the fbi will look at it. several questions remain to be answered. were any laws broken? regulations maybe but was there criminal action? was there fraud. and secondly, how much money are the investors actually out? the company says wait on that. we don't have all the tallies on that yet. we have to see how the bankruptcy flows. whether markets are still
2:19 pm
holding some of this money. we don't yet know whether individual investors are out and if so, how much? if the company does go into bankruptcy, of course, and can't pay all its bills, then investors may have to stand in line like the other creditors, although there are federal safeguards. in terms of the criminal investigation and the fbi, we're barely across the starting line. >> justice correspondent pete williams, thank you for the latest on this case. up next, i'm joined by an iraq war veteran who is now a triple amputee. he nearly lost his life fighting for this country in iraq. he has turned his story into one that we quite honestly think you'll be inspired by when you join us. we'll find out about his gary sinise connection. and rick perry's bizarre behavior during his speech last friday. it is not blame it on the alcohol. it is blaming something else possibly. certainly wasn't a sham.
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after eight years of war, today in iraq the first stage of troop withdrawal from that country. soldiers at the assad military base west of baghdad waited with packed belongings before being taken by bus to an air strip. among those living was senior airman jasmine, who that she was glad to know her contribution in iraq had been part of history. about 39,000 american troops are still in that country, down from a peak of 165,000 in 2008. more than 4,400 american troops were killed in iraq and
2:24 pm
over 32,000 were wounded. among they will, army sergeant brian anderson who served two tours of duty in iraq and that was before his humvee drove over a roadside bomb in 2005. he woke up at walter reed medical center in washington. he lost both his legs and one of his arms. just in time for veterans day. he has written an inspiring memoir entitled no turning back. he is with us in studio right now. they're waving, on that bus. how do you feel seeing that image? >> i feel happy. i'm absolutely ecstatic that people are coming home and out of danger. i'm glad i didn't have to make the decision. >> you had two tours. >> yes. >> you're a young man. i believe it was 9/11. that was the day you left chicago for basic training. >> it was, yes. >> does it feel like yesterday? >> it still does, yes. i can't belief it's been six
2:25 pm
years since i've been blown up. >> the way you phrase that took my breath away. i think that's a testament to your story. that you can talk about it in a way with a smile on something, i don't know where i would be at this point. i'll be honest. >> i don't see it as a tragedy anymore. it is really just another life experience that i've had that has taught may lot about myself and what i'm capable of. and it has given may different perspective on the world and how i perceive everything now. >> how did you do that? what was the formula? tell me. you have people out here who can't even overcome the smallest of things. and that you could overcome this. what i'm seeing here. you're a young, handsome man who now faces the world this way. still very handsome but facing life in a different manner. >> it's a drive that i really just wanted to have an extraordinary life and have fun. i'm not ready to let that go. i'm not going to dwell on something that happened that i can't control. i'm going to take the best, or you can, do the best i can with
2:26 pm
it. >> the title of the book is no turning back? how long did it take for to you get to that point that you said, someone once told me the reason that the rear view mirror is smaller than the front mirror. what you see behind you is supposed to be small and behind you. >> right, right. it took me about four and a half months to come to that conclusion. >> four and a half months? that's nothing. >> i was in the shower and i looked down. it got in my head. oh, my god, i'm half a person. and i lost it. short story, this is all in the book, too. but my buddies band, rise against. they had lyrics in a song called survive. it was basically life has been less than kind. we've all been hurt. we've all been sorry. take a number stand in line. how we survive is what makes us who we are. >> that stuck with me. i was like, i'm going for it. and i didn't care what anybody thought. i wanted to go do what i wanted to do. i figured out there's not a lot that i can't do.
2:27 pm
i still snow board. i still wake board. i still ride motorcycles. i still -- >> do you more than i cover do. in your book, you talk about most soldiers don't join to go to war. they join for college money or travel but i was proud to be there at a time to serve my country, meaning at a time of war. there was a study that talked with iraq war vets returning and many said of course it was worth the sacrifice but -- and they were proud to have served their country but they wondered about the war and looking back eight years later and wondered if it was the right thing for this country. >> for me, it is not about that. when we crossed over into iraq from kuwait, there was nothing but women and children lining the streets for miles screaming and cheering, so thankful that we were there to do something. for me and my friends, that's what it was about. it wasn't about anything else anymore. so that justified everything for us. >> real quick. tell me about this new show you have on pbs and chicago. report for service.
2:28 pm
>> it is called reporting for service with bryan anderson. it showcases all the hidden heroes of chicago, the good organizations, the good people that are doing really good things and making a difference. so it was about me, chicago embraced me when i came home. now it's for me, time for me to give back to chicago. >> gary sinise wrote the forward for your book. is he like your friend? >> he is, yes. absolutely. i met him at walter reed by tripping into him. i put my hands on his chest. i looked up and said holy cow, gary sinise. he said holy cow, the real lieutenant dan. i'm like, no, no. >> we're so thankful that you decided to serve this country and i love that you're a of tv star now. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> and i don't often get books signed but would you sign my book at a commercial break? >> absolutely. >> it's such an honor to be here with you. and i have to hear your band. coming up, why a computer
2:29 pm
hacking group known as anonymous is backing down after they threaten one of the most dangerous drug cartels in mexico. a new report shows where the big donors behind george w. bush's campaign are now putting their money. and it is not going to the other texas man, rick perry. plus, is it really the power of the consumer? bank of america retracts a debit card fee. but are they just going to figure out a different way to stick it to you? does that really mean that the consumer won this time? ♪ [ female announcer ] give a little cheer to a family of a soldier. just cut out the cheer from your specially marked box of cheerios,
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helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. it's bean called an unprecedented voter protection effort. president obama's campaign taking aim at election laws democrats slay suppress votes. celebrating too soon.
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bank of america retracts its $5 credit card fee but it is finding new ways to charge customers. that's not the only bank. warnings are blast. winds up to 40 miles an hour plus snow slam into colorado, canceling flights, closing roads and knocking out power. plus, today's "news nation" gut check. should the woman who claims sexual harassment be allowed to speak out now that cain has spoken about her. a soldier is being held after espionage charges. he was taken into custody friday after allegedly threatening to sell information to an undercover police officer. jim miklaszewski is following this story. as i understand it, military officials don't believe he was a spy or is a spy. what are they saying happened here? >> officials are telling msnbc news, a military police officer was apparently disgruntled because he was not permitted to
2:34 pm
deploy to afghanistan with the rest of his unit. somehow he came into contact with an undercover agent or police officer of some kind and during an investigation, he was eventually taken into custody on allegations that he maybe involved in espionage. military officials tell us that even though he had a security clearance, it pertained primarily to the security around the base where he worked there in anchorage. that he didn't have access or didn't possess any highly classified material. the fbi investigated. then backed out of the case and turned it back over to the military to potentially prosecute. in the end, u.s. military officials say this appears to be more of the case of a disgruntled and unhappy soldier who simply got in over his head. now he's in jail facing possible espionage charges. >> jim miklaszewski, thanks, mik, for the report.
2:35 pm
also a new report in the "wall street journal" indicates president obama's election team is rolling out what's being called an unprecedented voter protection effort. the former white house counsel under president obama is reportedly leading the effort. bauer said this campaign will fight to overturn changes to election laws that were backed by republicans. more than 30 states have changed voter laws since 2008 including limits on early voting. many of the changes will suppress votes for their candidates. i'm joined now by jonathan. >> nice to be here. >> a lot of people are discussing this. some people who follow this show on twitter feel we're not covering this enough. but the re-election campaign for the president seeming to keep their eye on the ball. >> as you said, bob because here used to be the white house counsel for the obama administration is leading an effort by the obama for america campaign. that's the reelect campaign to
2:36 pm
try to counter these raft of republican led voter laws. that do mainly do two things. they him the time for early voting, and they require voter photo i.d.s for voters when they get to the polls. the big blow they've already had, they helped a big petition drive to get the ohio voter law put on the ballot in november as a referendum. that means that law is suspended until the voters of ohio get to speak. they're also working in wisconsin, they're working in florida. and they're promising thousands of volunteers in the spring to try to help voters navigate these new laws. >> it's interesting. at least one report indicates that as many as 5 million people could be affected by some of these new election laws. most of those people, young college students, we know how important they were for the obama campaign, as well as
2:37 pm
minorities. >> reporter: that's right. the expectation is that the most likely people did not have a government issued photo i.d. are minorities, older people, and university students. interestingly, the wisconsin law says that you can bring a photo i.d. issued by a university but it has to have a date of expiration and it has to have a signature on it. currently, not a single university or college in wisconsin offers an i.d. that would fit that criteria. >> as mention that had in your piece, and here as well. many of these changes, all of them backed by republicans. what has been the counter or what are republicans saying about this effort or this strategy from the obama folks? >> reporter: they say it's unprecedented for a president's re-election campaign to try to go after laws that were enacted by state legislatures, duly signed into law by governors, and they don't believe, they say that, look, these things were not designed the suppress
2:38 pm
democratic votes or any votes. they were designed to combat fraud. and to just streamline the election process. they say these very long early voting periods have been too onerous on county electors. they expectly don't like the week before election day. that saturday and sunday right before election day to have early voting. a lot of these laws shut down early voting on the weekend before election day. now democrats really hate that because a lot of times, especially in african-american communities, voters were going to church on sunday and then going straight from there to the polling places to cast early votes. they're not going to be able to do that in a lot of states now. >> jonathan wiseman. we appreciate your time. a warnings are slamming parts of colorado tops our look at stories around the nation. the fast moving snowstorm is targeting eastern colorado, bringing wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.
2:39 pm
the blog and driving snow canceled 40 flights and highways have been closed as well. power is out to 5,000 customers. and the hacker group that calls itself anonymous is reportedly backing down from tlaeng deadly mexican drug cartel. a anonymous called for the release of a hacker it claimed was kidnapped by the los zetas gang. they said they would reveal the connection twhe business leaders, lawmakers, even journalists. now the report in the guardian, anonymous is standing down after hearing that they were using physical retaliation. other members of the group had questioned whether any hacker was actually even kidnapped. very strange story. bank of america is back pedaling a plan to slam users with a $5 fee. it comes after week of back lash from you the public. the second largest bank joins j
2:40 pm
not that morgan chase to charge extra. is this really a victory for consumers by abandoning those extra fees? those banks, they stand to lose $8 billion. and many experts say you can bet they will find new ways to get that money back from the consumer. i'm joined by the consumer program director. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> tom costello pointed this out. people need to be on the lookout that the bank there's try to make up this money by going after people who don't keep a certain minimum in their bank accounts. also people who don't actively use their accounts. two ways he named that consumers could pay for this. >> it is still a big victory for consumers. it is the first time they've listened to people who vote with their feet. the banks have relied on consumers being complacent because it is such a hassle to change banks. this time the credit unions are out advertising. they're looking for new members.
2:41 pm
the little banks are looking for people. of course big mismanaged banks like bank of america will raise fees. but consumers have choices and now they're looking for them. >> we always have choices. the con community banks have been trying for a while. credit unions are saying we are there. don't forget about us. again, i go back to this. a victory to me, you can say, listen, i won. their banks can say one door closed, let's open another one. i don't want to say stick it to them but when there is a little charge for this or that to make up the money. >> bigger banks and bigger fees. we consistently find banks have the highest fees. make it hardest to avoid fees. my point is, for once, consumers are really taking the option of going to the small banks and credit unions. they haven't done that before. that is the victory. consumers caused the bank to withdraw one fee that was patently unfair. use this debit card.
2:42 pm
it saves us money. but we're going to charge you to use it? consumers just said no. >> they sure did and said it loudly. we greatly pressure your time. coming up, a woman now claims that justin bieber is the father of her baby. and she is demanding a paternity test. but in addition to demanding the paternity test, she is giving details on the night she spent allegedly with bieber. and there is a lot going on. some things we thought you should know. eric cantor and his wife will have dinner with the bidens tonight. an aide said mr. cantor struck up a friendship and that tonight's dinner is a social call. the aide says the couple have been trying to "hang for some time now. questions still remain when rick perry made that giggly speech in manchester, new hampshire. the video has gone viral, some suggesting that perry had been drinking which he denies. someone who was next to him at the event said he was sober as
2:43 pm
well. but veteran columnist wayne slater offered a different theory on the ed show last night. >> he had back surgery four months ago. and was using prescription painkillers as anyone would be after the surgery. the campaign won't directly respond whether or not he might have been a painkiller the other night. it certainly looked like it to me. and it looked like the donors who gave generously to president george w. bush are not opening their pocket books to perry. one in ten donors have given to the campaign. many of bush's former backers are now giving their money to this man. mitt romney. is this a chevy volt? [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys.
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2:47 pm
and listen to what he's saying on other issues. we put an apb out for mitt romney. has anyone seen or heard from him? kim kardashian's mom, she is giving some detail about her daughter's pending divorce. justin bieber, a father? and lindsay lohan is going to jail. let's get the scoop. none of these are laughable. but one is divorce and people should take marriage seriously. >> and going to jail. none of this is laughable. yet here i am. okay. so she was on the "today" show this morning talking about as much as she could, what exactly happened with kim kardashian and her major to kris humphries. one thing she wants to say first and foremost, this was not a sham marriage. a lot of people saying did she do that just because there were tv cameras on? >> certainly it wasn't a sham.
2:48 pm
certainly it wasn't something for tv. we have enough going on on our show that we don't have to make thing up. >> they did not make $20 million. >> absolutely not. >> how much did they make? >> they made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that. but at the end of the day, that money went toward the wedding. >> a lot of people are very incredulous about this idea that she did not make any money from this wedding. we all know how this business works. you don't do something on reality television unless you stand to make a pretty substantial profit from it. nonetheless, kris jenner said that's not the case. those photos that we hear about, she said they sold for less than a million. i don't see how on earth this is possible. she had to have at least done it for ratings and usually an uptick in ratings mean a bonus check. so more to come from kim kardashian, i'm sure, when she returns from australia. >> she's in australia. and her mother happens to be on
2:49 pm
a book tour. very convenient timing. >> justin bieber. he's mainly made it. we know this because he's the subject of a lawsuit. there's a woman. her name is mariah, i'm not sure about her last name. she's claiming that justin bieber is the father of the baby boy she gave birth to three months ago. she said justin bieber said he would give her access to concerts. justin bieber tweeted the following. i'm going to ignore the rumors and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. judge me on the music. love ya! bieber as father is not a role any of us are quite ready to wrap our brains around. >> she was 19 at the time? & she says justin was 17 at the time or something? >> he's 17 now. i believe he would have been 16. >> so some people are wondering about that. if her allegations are true --
2:50 pm
>> he would be a minor. he's still a minor. i'm trying not to think about the details. he could be -- >> old enough to produce a child. >> can we talk about behind eig eight, about lindsay going to jail? one person tweeted, finally a reason to like bieber. and lindsay lohan is going to jail. she doesn't have to report for a week. she was sentenced to 30 days, however, because of overcrowding and that sort of thing, expect her not to serb more than six days. she won't be allowed to have an electronic monitoring bracelet. the judge, we've got details about this. the judge made some really specific demands about how she has to do her therapy and her community service. she is not allowed to jam it up at the end. she has to do it piece by piece. up until march. >> thank you. an interesting list of things
2:51 pm
for the latest entertainment news. logon to and next in today's "news nation" gut check -- should the woman who accused herman cain of sexual harassment be released from a confidentiality agreement and allowed to tell the public her side of the story? we'll tell you how you can share your thoughts on this one next. smart tv, lg optimus cell phone apology card. this is ridiculous. yeah, and it's got apps. nice. got pandora, twitter, facebook. no honey, not facebook. ♪ honey, you think my sweater's horrendous? cats don't skate. i think it kicks butt. [ male announcer ] get low prices on the gifts they love, like lg tvs with the latest technology. now eligible for our christmas layaway. save money. live better. walmart.
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time to look at the views from "news nation." a lot of were you impressed with bryan anderson, the iraq vet. john the plumber said i love bryan. great jochbl others, while the bank fee story hit home, one guy wrote to us, great, i have to start checking my bank statements for hidden fees. i knew this was coming. that's not from a guy, sorry, cleary a girl from her picture. join "news nation" twitter.
2:55 pm
thank you so much. and for the gut check, as we discussed earlier, one of the women who accused herman cain of sexual harassment wants to go public with her story. her attorney said the client wants to refute the denials but she is restricted by a confidentiality agreement that was part of her settle. signed 12 years ago. >> when he says he never sexually harassed anyone, i know that is not the perception of my client. >> "the new york times" reports the woman received one year's salary, about $35,000 in her settlement with the national restaurant association. so what does your gut tell you? should the woman who accused herman cain of sexual harassment be allowed to tell her side of the story? herman cain has told several versions of his side of the story. go to take a look at what was said yesterday regarding the sheriff who is urging women to start carrying handguns for protection.
2:56 pm
spartanburg county sheriff chuck wright said our justice system is not working and carrying a concealed weapon is one way to fix it. so we asked, should a sheriff be urging women to carry a gun for protection? 23% of you said yes. sfe% of you said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you tomorrow. in the meantime, martin bashir is up next. opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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good afternoon. it's wednesday, november 2nd. here's what's happening. is herman cain able? >> excuse me! excuse me! >> pass the controversy -- listen to the words. >> we have an opportunity -- >> in the persian gulf. they'll attack them. you know they're going to try to do something if you do that. put them there. >> that w


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