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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 14, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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despite a sometimes shakfirst half of the season, the question is are the patriots the best team in the afc. it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist. this is "way too early," the show that was 0 for 9 on third down conversions yesterday. glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me @willygeist 1 or you can do me what silvio berlusconi used to do. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes with l be your cram session. a lot going on including the debate you missed while you were out saturday night. we have new polls that show how rick perry is doing in the aftermath of the michigan meltdown. we'll show you how fake rick perry did on "s&l."
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you knew this was coming. we'll watch the clip later in the show. first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city as you bear with my voice this morning. several penn state officials including former head coach joe paterno reportedly could face civil lawsuits. trial lawyers say the monetary damages could total $100 million. that's an early estimate without knowing all of the facts of the case. first there is the criminal case against sandusky charged with 40 counts of sex crimes against children. currently free on $100,000 bail. new reports say the judge who released sandusky has worked as a volunteer at his charity the second mile. prosecutors originally requested he be released on $500,000 bail that would require him to wear a leg monitor. meanwhile penn state hosted nebraska on saturday in the first game since the scandal broke. more than 100,000 students and
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fans gathering at beaver stadium wearing blue to honor the victims of sexual abuse. just before kickoff, players, coaches, officials from both teams gathered admit field for a group prayer led by nebraska running back coach ron brown. the emotions could not fuel penn state to a victory, the it inially lions lost 17-14, the first game at the school since 1949 without joe paterno somewhere on the sideline. also not on the sideline, assistant coach mike mcqueary placed on administrative leave, under intense scrutiny after the report says he witnessed one of sandusky's alleged crimes and reported it only to his father and to paterno and not to the police. pennsylvania governor tom corbett spoke about it. >> he met the minimum obligation of reporting it up but did not in my opinion meet a moral obligation that all of us would
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have. i answered a question the other day of what would you do. i think everybody believes that they would go in and break that up. unfortunately that isn't what happened. >> governor corbett appearing on "meet the press" yesterday. president obama also weighing in while speaking to reporters yesterday in ohio. >> at a certain point, folks start thinking about systems and institutions and don't think about individuals. when you think about how vulnerable kids are, for the alleged facts of that case to have taken place and for folks not to immediately say nothing else matters except making sure those kids are protected, that's a problem. >> the president also said when people see something wrong they have to, quote, step up. we turn to the economy. new figures show americans are
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deeply dissatisfied with president obama's handling of that issue as they have been for some time. the new poll finds 60% disapprove of the president's work on the economy. only 34% approve. that's a record high for that particular poll. hosting the asia pacific economic cooperation conference in highway', president obama spoke out on one practice he says the united states and other countries put are put at an economic disadvantage, and that's by china's undervaluing of their currency. >> it's time for them to go ahead and move toward a market-based system for their currency. this is not something that's inconsistent with where chinese leadership say they want to go. the problem is that you've got a bunch of export producers in china who like the system as it is. and making changes are difficult for them politically. i get it. but the united states and other
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countries i think understandably feel that enough is enough. >> the president continued saying since china's economy has evolved over the last 20 years and is now, quote, grown up. the country must behave more responsibly on both trade and currency issues. for more on the change in leadership in italy we bring in cnbc's steve sedgwick live in london. >> the basic ten meant is saying 25% of the chinese currency will make things a more equilibrium. the chinese shot back straight away and say we didn't cause america's deficit or unemployment problem. a is that right evaluation of the yuan would not solve the problems overnight. they also went as far to say, one foreign ministry official saying whose rules are these? the chin naez didn't set up with these, why should we abide by a set of rules that were set before we entered the system.
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real rancor by the chinese and the president. mario monte is the man to talk about in italy, the new prime minister. he was made a senator for life and became the prime minister. he's a technocrat. he's aye political. he puts together a government of national unity. he's got a lot of work on his hands, a former ec commission. so he's got the backing of the brussels and european commission to go forth and do what needs to be done. >> and racing the put together that emergency government in italy. steve sedgwick. thank you so much. one issue that could have the significant impact on the markets, the work of the bipartisan deficit reduction super committee. over the weekend president obama pointed out the need for what he called a balanced approach to cutting the deficit. he talked about why getting to that result means lawmakers may have to make tough choices. >> my hope is that over the next several days the congressional
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leadership on the super committee, go ahead and bite the bullet and do what needs to be done, buz the math won't change. there's no magic formula, no magic beans you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees. we've got to go ahead and do the responsible thing. as you know by now, the 12-member bipartisan panel needs to reach an agreement on slaching $1.5 trillion over the deficit for ten years with just nine days left over november 23rd. that's next wednesday. that deadline coming, committee co-chairman, congressman jeb hansarling of texas announcing his fellow republicans will have to reconsider their position on what's been a sticking point, tax increases. >> taxes are already going up, nominal terms, real terms, as part of the president's health care plan, expiration of tax relief. we believe frankly by increasing tax revenues could hurt the
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economy, but within the context of a bipartisan negotiation with democrats, clearly they are a reality. >> he says one solution may be a two-step process that allow it is committee to set a goal for tax increases that other congressional committees would enact through legislation, committees like ways and means in the house. a democratic member of the panel said while he's still hopeful the group will reach a deal, they do exist even within his own party. >> there are six democrats on this committee. though i have a great deal of admiration and respect for all of them, the fact of the matter is democrats are not coalesced around a plan. meanwhile a new politico george washington university poll shows americans are not confident in the committee's ability to make a deal. 69% say the group will not reach its goal compared to 21% who say it will. if the committee fails to reach a deal, that would trigger automatic cuts across all areas of the federal budget, including
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domestic and defense spending. to 2012 politics, as newt gingrich continues to pick up support, the republican presidential field is narrowing down it appears to three central candidates. the latest poll shows romney atop the list followed by newt gingrich, still within the margin of error with mitt romney. herman cain in third place, six points behind romney. the new cbs poll shows the same three contenders in a statistical tie for first place, herman cain still slightly behind. the surge of gingrich is the big story. this comes as the eight major republican candidates met saturday night in south carolina for a debate hosted by cbs. the candidates participated in almost a dozen debates. this was the first to focus in on foreign policy. romney and gingrich slamming president obama's handling of iran. both of them saying they would be willing to go to war to keep
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the country from getting nuclear weapons. >> the president should have built credible threat of military action and made it very clear that the united states of america is willing in the final analysis, if necessary, to take military action to keep iran from rg a nuclear weapon. look, one thing you can know, and that is if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. if you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the iranian program including taking out their scientists, breaking out their systems, all of it covertly, all deniable. if in tend despite all those things the dictatorship persists yorks view to takt whatever steps are necessary to break its capacity to have a nuclear weapon. >> president obama weighed in on those comments vowing to continue his efforts to halt their nuclear program. he says he's working with other nations to see what other options are left.
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>> we're going to explore every avenue to see if we can resolve this issue diplomatically. i have said repeatedly and i will say today, we are not taking any options off the table. our strong preference is to have iran meet its international obligations, negotiate diplomatically to allow them to have peaceful use of nuclear energy in accordance with international law, but at the same time foreswear the rep uponization of nuclear power. look at this poll from cbs news, who could best handle an international crisis of these republican candidates. newt gingrich ahead by a large margin, 31%. romney in second place, a full 12 points behind gingrich on international issues according to that poll. still ahead on "way too early," how about the san francisco 49ers? you don't want to believe they're that good.
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the new york giants can now tell you they are good. highlights from nfl sunday ahead in sports. plus the moment rick perry forgot that third government agency at the debate last week, this sketch was inevitable. s&l does the perry brain freeze. we'll get a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. martial university in west virginia is still in shock following the terrible tragedy of last saturday night's crash of a chartered airline. 79 people died in the wreckage, the football team, coaches and prom meant residents traveling with the team. today at the hillside near huntington where the plane went down, investigators were pickinging their way through the mud looking for clues. every month brings hormonal changes,
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5:45 in the morning. what you're looking at is the scaffolding around the rockefeller christmas tree that's now been put up. they're decorating that baby and they'll fire on the lights on november 30th. a check of the weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> morning. nice weekend, huh? one after another. we're on a roll ever since that huge snowstorm in the east. temperatures in the 80s in texas this weekend, 70s through much of the southeast. even 70 yesterday in chicago. that's been the story so far this november. it's been very warm out there around the country. today we're watching rain. it's going to be cooler from pittsburgh through columbus. i think the worst drive out there is probably interstate 70 through the ohio valley with a lot of rain, even thunderstorms approaching indianapolis. some of the rain eventually later today, not in the morning, later today into tonight. we'll move into boston, hartford, providence, even new york city and dech it inially upstate new york. the southeast looks fine today, eventually thunderstorms for
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dallas and san antonio. tomorrow all the wet weather slides to the eastern seaboard. we can deal with some middle of the week rain. it looks like another nice weekend is going to come our way. >> bill, thanks so much. let's turn to sports now, last night nbc sunday night, patriots and jets playing for the top spot in the afc east. these teams don't like each other a lot. it was all pats. the game was close in the fourth quarter, but brady hits deion branch, a nice move. brady, three touchdowns, patriots beat up on the jets 37-16. the other afc east contender, the buffalo bills in dallas to play the cowboys. the buffalo defense has no answer for tony romo, a deep ball to des bryant somehow comes down with the ball, romo 270, three scores. dallas to a 21-point lead. the bills put points on the board. ryan fitzpatrick, the quarterback out of harvard hits david nelson. instead of the end zone
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celebration we're used to seeing, look what he does. he runs down the sideline and gives the ball to his girlfriend who is a dallas cowboys cheerleader. isn't that sweet? buffaloes only touchdown of the day cowboys beat the bills 44-7. here are the updated standings. the bills lost three of four, tied with the jets in the middle of the pack at 5-4. patriots in first place at 6-3. how about the dolphins. they won two in a row. two teams rhett hot, giants and 9ers, san francisco off to the best start since '97. a tight game into the second half. third and three. eli manning with a nice touch slow to mario manningham in the corner of the end zone. he taps both feet down. giants take a one-point lead. in fourth quarter sflan pulls ahead. broken coverage here. alex smith, vernon davis, nobody on him. watch the leap at the end. 31 yards for the touchdown.
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9ers take the lead. 34 seconds, eli manning with a chance to tie it fourth and two, batted downality the line of scrimmage. down seven right there. 49ers beat the giants 27-20. san francisco won seven games in a row. the giants lost to eagles, mad a chance to make up ground. philly with a seven-point lead in the fourth quarter. john skeleton almost picked off. larry fitzgerald hauls it in, walked in the end zone for the touchdown. ties the game at 14. eagles take a three-point lead. under three to play. skeleton again going to find a streaking larry fitzgerald, an amazing fingertip grab. that set up the touchdown that would be the difference. eagles blow a fourth quarter lead for the fifth time this season. what a catch by facilities gerald. cardinals win 21-17. here come the cowboys at 5-4.
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eagles and the skins down there at 3-6. nfc north rivals lions and bears at soldier field in chicago. a lesson for all teams playing against chicago. i don't want to have to say this again, stop kicking to devin hester. 82 yards for the touchdown. with that return he passes rob woodson for second place for most returned touchdowns in nfl history. second in total, one beyond deeion. check out what happens at the end of the play, matt stafford gets frustrated, pulls down d.j. moore. he goes after the quarterback and crushes stafford. the lions players come to stafford's aid. a fight breaks out. moore is ejected from the game. chicago blows out detroit. here is the race. packers running away here, 8-0.
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lions and bears tied at 6-3. green bay plays the vikings at lambeau field. did you hear this story? yale's quarterback giving up a shot at this year's road's scholarship, he'll play in the game against harvard. 22-year-old patrick wit withdrew his application for a study to chance at oxford after the interview for the scholarship was scheduled on the same day as saturday's game against harvard. he has a 3.91 gpa at yale and is the leading passer in yale history. whit will have another chance to apply for the road's scholarship next year. coming up on "morning joe," newt gingrich bounces near the top of the republican polls. can newt stick around? we'll discuss it with our crew. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch s&l do rick perry at the debate.
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president obama back in his home state of hawaii over the weekend hosting the apec conference, urging china to end its practice of undervaluing its currency. something that the president says makes exports more expensive and hurts global trade f. you want to sound smart today, tell your friends china
5:55 am
is the united state's third largest foreign export market. canada is number one, mexico is number two. enough of the real news, let's huddle up to watch the "saturday night live" sketch that wrote itself at last week's republican debate in michigan, the rick perry brain freeze s&l style. >> before i start i want to say i know i've had trouble in past debates. this morning i'm feeling good and really think i'm going to nail it. texas high five. there are three, three agencies i'd cut immediately, commerce, education and -- it got away from me. oops. >> but seriously, governor, what is the third department you'd cut? >> come on, man, i said oops. >> epa. >> there it is, epa. thanks, ron. how cool is ronnie paul here
5:56 am
with his little birdie arms. epa, thank you. >> is it really the epa? >> no, sir, no, sir. >> look, maria, can we just move on? i want to be president, but not like this. >> i don't need your help, mitt. it is hot. got to get out of this jacket real quick. forgot i had my dickey on. i can't say stuff goods. the words -- they don't talk right. >> come here, come here, come here. it's okay. it's all right. >> not going to be president, am i? >> no, no, you're not. >> i want to be president, but not like this. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
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