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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 16, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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poce and could it lead to more problems on other campuses? is it occupy no more? since its start, many predicted the occupy movement would not last. tomorrow a huge rally is planned to prove critics wrong. this after another city prepares to move out protesters. it is, or is it the last stand for the 99%? and the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords slams house speaker john boehner for not visiting or even calling her after she was shot and nearly killed. in his new book, mark kelly writes of boehner, our only contact has been a simple get well card. plus, our panel weighs in on newt gingrich's nearly $2 million payday from freddie mac. >> $1.6 correct? >> i don't know. we're going back to check.
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we're going to get to all those stories but i want to update you on breaking news out of the atlanta area. a tornado warning issued for fulton, de kalb. so far this is a tornado warning but our nbcç affiliate in the area says there are reports of downed trees and homes without powe throughout the city businesses as well affected by this. we are tracking what could be a rough weather night for folks in the south. especially in the atlanta area. we'll continue to follow that and we'll have a live report coming up on "news nation" from the weather channel. also, we're following another breaking story. this coming in quite honestly in the last few minutes. who fired shots at the white house? there has been an arrest. let me bring in justice correspondent pete williams. we've got some details. what can you tell me? >> there is an arrest of a suspect. the shots, there were shots fired outside the white house
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friday night. it is strongly believed those there shots that struck the white house, two rounds for sure found yesterday. authorities have been searching for a holeless 21-year-old man from idaho named oscar ortega hernandez. they put out his picture. they asked people to look for hill. now we're told he has been arrested by pennsylvania state police at a hotel in central pennsylvania near indiana, pennsylvania, about 65 miles northeast of pittsburgh. and he is now in custody of the pennsylvania state police. we're told that the u.s. secret service had gone to that area and distributed fliers. we don't know precisely why they went to indiana, pennsylvania but clearly there's something they looked at in his back ground that indicated that's a place they should have been showing fliers at places homeless people might be staying. they got a call earlier today saying they thought it was him. now, he has a very, it shouldn't be hard to identify çhim. he has a very distinctive tattoo.
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the police issued a number of pictures of him. not only this head-on shot which by coincidence was taken over the weekend in what was apparent supply kind of routine traffic stop in virginia on saturday or sunday. he has a very distinctive tattoo on the side of his neck that says israel. i'm sure it was not that hard to identify him. he is now in custody and chair trying to figure out whether playgrounds struck the white house came from a rifle that was in a car that he abandoned friday night after driving at a high rate of speed and police believe firing a semiautomatic rifle out the window of the car. >> and pete, real quick, forgive me if i missed this. what do we know if anything about this man? i know we have the photograph and the tattoo, as you pointed out, stands out. it would make him easy to identify him. what else do we know? >> as i say, he's homeless, somewhat of a drifter. his family is from idaho falls. he told his family he was going to visit utah. they reported him missing. he has a long record of petty
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criminal offenses. burglary, assault, he's been in and out of courts for most of his adult life. and there is some suggestion that he may have mental problems as well. >> how did he get on the radar of police there? >> well, he was not on anybody's radar before this happened most recently, friday night. but shots were fired from a car. somebody was seen jumping out of the car. they found car. they found rifle still in the car. they traced those things to ortega hernandez. >> pete williams with the breaking details. thank you. and we're following breaking developmentsje)q wake of the bombshell e-mail by mike mcqueary. in this e-mail he claims he did not physically stop the attack on a young boy by jerry sandusky. that mcqueary witnessed in 2002. but he says he made sure it ended, whatever that means. here's the headline. he wrote in that same e-mail,
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quote, i did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. but just a short time ago the police chief and state college, pennsylvania, told nbc news, we don't have any record of him coming to us. nbc's allison joins us live from state college. you talked with that police chief. the distinction is did mcqueary claim that he went to the police of the city, the local police, or if he was referring to so-called campus police? >> reporter: that's exactly right. that's what we've been trying to determine all day. after this e-mail came out, i started placing calls to the university police, to the state police, and to the state college police which is the local police force here in town trying to get anything we can from those different authorities on whether or not what mike mcqueary claims in his e-mail is true. the state police got back to me earlier today and they told me, of course, this is an ongoing investigation for them so they
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won't talk about anything that might mcqueary has told them and when he started to talk to them. i also spoke, as you said, with the chief here from state college. tom king. he told me when i asked, did mike mcqueary ever come to your department and make any allegations against sandusky? he said absolutely not. we don't have any record of him ever coming to us. he went on to say that they did not have any allegations against
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also with us on the phone is allison kiss, the executive director of a group called security on campus. they were formed by the family of jean cleary who was murdered in 1986. her murder and the investigation resulted in what was supposed to be changes on college campuses and how they investigate crimes. let me start off with you. if we believe mcqueary, if he has some credibility left here, in this e-mail he is saying he contacted police. we're trying to find out or hear from the campus police. what is your take on this? people believe this is where it may start to unravel if there was a cover-up. >> the grand jury found him to be very credible. they said the graduate assistant was never questioned by university police. so there is a conflict somewhere between what mcqueary is saying or insinuating in that e-mail and what the grand jury reported. here's one solution, attempt ron. perhaps mcqueary is making
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reference to when he said a meeting with the senior finance and business gary schultz, that he believed schultz was responsible for theç campus police and that's what he's referring to in the e-mail. otherwise, it is totally new data and not explained. >> in it he does stay person who oversaw the campus police or whatever. but he says he took a report to police. who was he talking about here? >> you have to believe, tamron, if he said that to the grand jury, and why woulnot he if it were accurate, it would be in this grand jury report. i find it very significant that it is missing. >> what i want to ask you as an attorney. with the grand jury report include everything or is that an abbreviated version of what he told them? >> the report definitely does not encompass everything. but on that kind of a significant issue, i would expect it to be here and i would not expect to read a line that says he was never questioned by university police. >> let me bring in allison, part of an organization, if you will, that's a watch dog over campus
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police. you were quoted in this new york times article. how does it work with campus police? who oversees that department on campus? >> reporter: it varies from campus to campus. we're not necessarily a watch dog as opposed to a victim advocacy organization. so the real issue here is we're dealing with the rape of a child is the bottom line. on campuses, according to the act, there are people called campus security authorities. people who have substantial responsibility for safety on campus outside the classroom. coaches are included in this. people who oversee the coaching staff, athletic directors that should have, according to the policy, made it to the campus police department. the bottom line is it did not. so i think the lesson here is that campuses really need to move to institutionalize this on their campuses. >> before we get to the conclusion here, is the campus police requiredç to then turn over information to the local police department or do they
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take that information to university officials and those officials decide whether it ends there or it goes to the next level? maybe the district attorney, for example. >> reporter: to be honest with you, it depends state by state and campus by campus. from my understanding penn state, the campus is its own jurisdiction. they are sworn officers. >> tell me a little about jean cleary. i said your organization in part was started as a result of what happened to her. >> reporter: sure. the cleary family following brutal rape and murder of their daughter, they found there were no laws or regulations and they came to find out there happened to be a lot of crime in or around the campus that jean was on and that was not specific to lehigh. they saw that in other campuses as well. they moved not only to collect statistics but within the legislation, there are a lot of governing rules regarding the policies and beyond that for how campus shs respond with an end goal of institutionalizing that response. >> as we mentioned, the police chief has responded.
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we're still waiting for campus police. we'll see what happens. thank you, michael. thank you, allison. we're following a lot of news this hour including regarding the weather. a strong storm. take a look at this. the radar there. the strong system including several suspected tornadoes has hit in the southeast, in the atlanta area. we're just getting some information as well that at least 15 people have been injured in mississippi. we'll get the details for you. plus, occupy wall street protesters say they are getting ready. they say it's going to be the biggest protest that we have seen yet after being tossed out of three occupy sites this week alone. one critic says the movement's 15 minutes are up. police are being more aggressive. evenç pepper spraying an 85-year-old woman. you can join our conversation online. find us on our twitter page. wanna know the difference between a trader and an elite trader? it's this... the etrade pro platform.
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newt gingrich may be the latest candidate toç shoot to te top, only to stumble back down. he is now firing back against reports that mortgage lender freddie mac paid him nearly $2 million to work for the mortgage giant that is very much despised by conservatives. earlier today in iowa, he said he doesn't know exactly how much money he made. >> it wasn't paid to me. the gingrich group was a consulting firm that had lots of people doing things. >> $1.6 figure correct? >> i don't know. we're going back to check. >> that sounds like being a lot more than an historian. >> i was speaker of the house and a strategic adviser. >> during last week's debate, he was asked why freddie mac paid
2:16 pm
him $300,000. he said he offered advice. bloomberg reports he made between $1.6 and $1.8 million. a spokesman said he will release how much the company paid gingrich later today. let's bring in our panel. the columnist for the hill. michelle bernard is an msnbc political analyst and a former communications adviser to bill clinton. thank you all for joining us. we haven't seen you in a while so i'll start off with you here. these papers will be released. it will show how many gingrich made. if he forgot that he made $2 million, he make way too much money. how do you forget that kind of cash, let alone what you did exactly? >> well, gingrich has a way of forgetting a lot of things. it is very interesting that he found such an interesting response to $300,000. he said he didn't really use the term strategic advice, he used the term historian. and now the price is up for this very expensive advice. i think the conservative base didn't like it at $300,000.
2:17 pm
it is a lot of money and it is the ultimate indication that he is the true washin(wjz insider. he is trying to run as an outsider and it is so fascinating right when voters have foregiven his marital infidelities, now they don't have perry and another contender to take on mitt romney for the nomination, they are finding that newt gingrich has all these liabilities that have nothing to do with adultery or three inches ma and have everything to do with what he did to capitalize once he left as speaker of the house. >> and he got this contract just months after leaving congress. months, in fact. i think it was chris cillizza who mentioned earlier that no dirtier word out there than the word of being lobbyist. >> yeah. and it is interesting to watch. speaker gingrich has been very careful not to use the word lobbyist and to say that he was a strategic adviser. i would say the bottom line, more likely than not, is the big
2:18 pm
question is, are american voters going to look at this and whether he uses the term strategic adviser or lobbyistful are voters going to look at this and say this is what we cannot stand about washington. the whole notion of the revolving door and members of congress and former members of congress, not having to abide by the same rules the rest of the american public does. >> let me change topic. there was a really hot moment on morning joe with chris matthews. he was talking about the gop field. it might be grasping at things you need if you're going to run for president. their team talks about over the past few months, republican candidates have provided a treasure trove of material for john stewart and saturday night live from their gaffes to the flip-flops and i'm not just talking about mitt romney. let me play what happened on "morningç joe" with chris matthews. >> this crowd running for president of the united states are an embarrassment to this country. the fact that this guy herman cain thinks he ought to be president of the united states
2:19 pm
without reading the newspaper. if they watch morning joe, they would be better educated than they are right now. at least mitt romney, whatever you think, he may be a little wiggly on the issues but at least it looks like he got up in the morning and read the newspaper. >> to that point, michelle, michele bachmann was in iowa and she was asked about australia. she had no idea with the news with the president and the significance of troops being in that region. here we go again. >> yeah. tamron, this is another example of this republican field showing itself not to be informed. those who are informed trying hard not to look like they're that informed. there is an effort out there in some parts of the republican party to get someone who is so outside, they relish the fact that they're not the most informed. it will be a problem. i think what this is doing, they're splashing mud all over the republican party brand. and even if mitt romney comes out, some people argue he will
2:20 pm
look like more of an adult. but he will come out with the feel that he was not quite ready for prime time. >> let me bring you in on this. obviously romney is the front-runner. when you list all of the realities of the situation, i think pretty much anyone can see where this is going. when you look at iowa, for example, the governor of iowa is unhappy that mitt romney is not spending enough time there. that he is foregoing that state because it is assumed the conservatives will rally around someone else. maybe gingrich who was darn near run out of town earlier by a voter thgr9ñ what do you make of this? >> well, romney has a real problem in iowa. recent polls have shown him winning iowa which he didn't expect to happen. so he was not going to play there. if he tries too hard and come in second, that is the end. if he doesn't try too hard, he has a problem as well because he doesn't make a good showing there. he has to fend off rick santorum, he has to fend off ron
2:21 pm
paul. ron paul is doing very well in iowa and he will be more organized than the other lesser known candidates and he could cause a real problem. i think rick santorum could make a very strong surprise showing there. so mitt romney has a real tough call to make. spend the money and go there and risk losing or stay away and act like it doesn't matter? i think that will be hard for him. you can see in this field. it is so fluid. so many voters looking for somebody besides mitt romney. >> which has to be just devastating. you have the white house focusing on romney. they are making the assumption in the end, he will be the guy to rise to the top. my goodness, this whole anybody but romney has to just tear his campaign down in some respectful we will see the aftermath of that. >> i'm not sure they're that worried about it. >> really! >> when you talk to people who are close to romney, their opinion is let these folks have at it. let it go back and forth and over time, mitt romney will be
2:22 pm
the solid person at the end of the line who is ready to take on the mantle of leadership. i'm not sure the voters remember about gingrich that we all think about. it will be interesting to see when it comes out over the next few weeks. >> i don't know how they could forget. the reality is when he first said he was going to run againì% and you both know this. that entire first week was tiffany's, his history, his marriage. if you did for some reason forget, you were quickly reminded of the down side of newt gingrich the first week out. we'll see what happens. coming up, we're following the breaking weather news. several suspected tornadoes in the southeast. several people injured and the entire atlanta area now under a tornado watch. we're going to get you a live report. first today's money minute. here's a look at how stocks are doing.
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coming up, we'll go live to occupy wall street. they're planning the largest, they say, rally that we've seen except for tomorrow. and there's developing news out of syria where rebels have staged an attack that's being called one of the most dangerous operations. plus, this is a strange one. congress fights to keep pizza and french fries in school cafeterias, even pushing to count pizza as a vegetable. plus, "people" magazine is out with its annual hot list. you see his face. this is the guy they say is the hottest in the land. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus.
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nation." big breaking weather, reports of tornadoes in the southeast with twisters spotted now in louisiana, mississippi, as well as alabama. and there is a tornado watch in if he can for parts of georgia. nick walker joins me now. >> we're still under that tornado watch that includes portions of alabama, most of georgia, and a portion of south carolina. the latest watch goes until 9:00 and that does include at least portions of the atlanta metro area all the way through the evening hours. we've had reports of tornadoes all the way back into mississippi, jones county, 15 people injured earlier today. at least 30 homes damaged. and also reports into alabama. at least a couple of tornadoes and also around auburn. we still could see strong thunderstorms, perhaps producing tornadoes here in southeastern portions of alabama as they continue to traverse the state line into georgia. we now have some still some warnings there in the southern part of the state. atlantic, the worst of the storms for now have passed toward your east. we still could see more as we
2:31 pm
get through the late afternoon and early evening hours. still a tornado warning out for this storm that has gone all way from auburn, alabama, where it just almost ddctroyed the terrace acres apartment complex. power outages at auburn university and strong thunderstorms coming into columbus, georgia, as well. got to keep an eye on this through the evening and into the nighttime hours. we could see some strong thunderstorms. this dark area indicating where we could see nighttime thunderstorms, overnight from cape hatteras toward jacksonville. make sure you have a way to wake you up. an all-weather radio if there are storms that come your way. >> thank you for the update. occupy wall street protesters are in new york gearing up. they say it will be the largest that we've seen and they're expecting to march alongside city leaders. it was ordered by michael bloomberg yesterday. meanwhile occupy london protesters are facing for a face-off with police there.
2:32 pm
london officials have attached eviction notices to tents outside st. paul's cathedral. protesters have until tomorrow afternoon to remove more than 200 tents. back here in the stes in seattle, a violent clash with police ended with several protesters being send to the hospital after being sprayed with pepper spray. even an 84-year-old woman who was among those in the crowd was hit with pepper spray. that is a picture of this woman. 84 years old. i'm joined now by harrison schultz. a participant in the wall street protest. also with us, justin elliott, of course, our reporter with thank you for joining us. so normally harrison, we see you out there with the protesters. you are gearing up for something tomorrow. tell me more about it. >> the best place to find information on those actions will be on occupy wall we have actions planned all day. why do you believe it will be the largest we've seen? we saw the huge rally when the union people joined up early on. why will tzis stir so many
2:33 pm
people to show up? >> i think that's a good question. i think history tends to show that people tend to turn against their politicians whenever the politicians abuse their monopoly on the legitimate use of violence to prevent ordinary people from improving their lives. so i'm expecting a very big turnout tomorrow the authorities in new york, mayor bloomberg, the people who own zuccotti park say it is not a legitimate use of the park. they said an emt worker was hurt last week and that helped him decide to move this. but "the new york times" and others are reporting that more than two weeks ago there was a discussion to move out the protesters. what do we know about this? what some of the protesters think is a collective effort across the globe including london to get them all out at one time. >> we know in new york that the raid two nights at at zuccotti park was planned as a military style operation with overwhelming forceful hundreds of police officers involved. they set up a perimeter around the park themselves deliberately blocked reporters from going to the park. several reporters were actually
2:34 pm
arrested. that's why we don't have as much footage of what went down there as you might think we would. there are also reports now coming out that i believe the latest number is 40 police departments around the country had some sort of conference call where they were talking about how to oust occupations. a lot of unanswered questions. it seem there's a coordinated crackdown going on. >> let me play what the mayor of oakland had to say about her conversation with at least 18 other cities. let's play that sound. >> i was recently on a conference call of 18 cities across the country who had the same situation where what had started as a political movement and a political encampment ended up being an encampment that was no longer in control of the people who started them. so ifç it is true that cit officials around the country, the globe are coordinateding an effort to get this occupy movement to end, what is the right downer, the appropriate nonviolent counter for
2:35 pm
protesters. if they're stepping up their game, you have to stem up yours. >> we are. that's another good question. i would like to add that i saw some speculation this morning on washington blogs which suggests that that call may or may not have been advised by the department of homeland security as well as the fbi. so a national response from the occupy wall street movement is in order. it is a big movement, obviously and i can only speak for myself and my initiatives. i've been working with some really hard people from occupy austin and they've been trying to set up an occupy radio channel which will hopefully lead to an occupy tv channel to if you said all this. and i'm working to set up a sister station in new york. >> i'll let you both respond who stay 15 minutes are up. that was one quote i read. the other was that the door has closed because the occupy movement did not, quote/unquote, have the leader. all these things we heard critics say. justin? >> we've seen in new york over the two months this has been going on. every time the nypd goes in and
2:36 pm
there is an excessive use of force, it energizes people. you saw it early on with the pepper spraying and the protesters. then there were the mass arrests about a month and a half ago. both of those brought more people to the movement. from peel i was talking to down at the park yesterday, they're hoping the same thing happens. that the first test of that is the big action tomorrow morning at the new york stock exchange. they're planning to disrun it. >> the subways also may be targeted. >> there's rallies and demonstrations planned all day. i think they're going to city hall. there will be a marchç across e bridge. >> is that the downer? will we just see these huge flare-ups and then die down? it can no longer be about occupying a park or a location anymore, right? >> i think the movement will move out of the square. i think liberty plaza is a really important focal point but it is just the tip of the iceberg. this is a national movement. an international movement and we're getting more coordinated.
2:37 pm
>> we'll see what happens tomorrow. great seeing you. today could be a critical day for congress super committee to come one a deal on at least another $1.2 trillion in savings with count it, one week to go. they are blaming democrats for not negotiating on new tax revenues at least western person has said we've gone as far as we can. i think all the voters are like, we've gone as far as we can with you guys as well so back at you. what's the latest behind the scenes? >> reporter: tamron, the word you just used in the introduction, critical, is a very important one. that's what democrats who run the super committee, patty murray, the chair woman, they said the same thing. today for the super committee was critical. they're trying to figure out a compromise that has to do with this issue that has plagued not only congress but this committee. democrats will not see any time of cuts to entitlements unless taxes are raised.
2:38 pm
republicans don't want to see taxes raised at all. listen to the chair last night on cnbc about the tax issue. >> we have come forthwith a very good faith offer of putting some tax revenue on the table. but only if we do it in a pro base, bring down rates which is what every, frankly, other bipartisan effort has done. >> reporter: what he is talking about here is there is a plan by republican senator patrick toomey. it would bring the top tax rate to 28% as well as the bush tax cuts permanent. democrats say that's not a good offer because look, you're going to extend the bush tax cuts. not nearly enough deficit reduction we need and that's not enough revenue we need. we're back at this -- go ahead. >> i want to ask but this "washington post" report. the obama administration is quietly preparing that this debt
2:39 pm
reduction super committee will fail. >> reporter: that's something we've heard throughout the halls here of congress, tamron. and we even heard it from chuck schumer about a week ago picking it would fail. democrats feel they have the leg up on this. if the committee is to fail, the cuts that will be, the industry will be most affected by cuts would be the defense industry which a lot of liberal progressives would love to see get cut. none of the chair social programs for democrats. social security, medicaid, medicare take too much of a hit. that's why you see the preparation for this to possibly fail. democrats are not going to give in on the issue of revenue. they felt they got rolled over during the debt limit talks themselves gave away too much. speaker boehner said i got 98% of what i wanted. they do not want to see that again and they would be more than happy to let the defense industry go on with it. not to mention president obama can use this in his 2012 campaign. even 12 members of the super committee. they will not see a tax raise. >> thank you for the latest on where things stand.
2:40 pm
you take care. now to the brutal government crackdown in syria that continues today.ç sadly, november is shaping up to be the bloodiest month yet in the uprisings against president assad. they started in march. more than 3500 people have been reportedly killed so far. the united nations estimates that this is all been since march. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us live. he is in turkey. there have been a lot of developments today. what can you tell us? >> reporter: many developments. it seems like the conflict in syria that started out as an uprising like the uprising in jip and tunisia has significantly turned the corner in the last 72 hours or so. diplomatically, syria is under pressure like never before. it is being criticized very sharply by its neighbors, including turkey.
2:41 pm
including jordan, the jordanian king said if he were the president of syria, he would step down. turkey was even more critical. the turkish president saying he had lost all confidence in syria. the prime minister here in turkey saying that the syrian regime is a regime that is feeding off the blood of the oppressed. today in morocco, arab league members are meeting to condemn syria. syria has been suspended from the arab league. so tremendous diplomatic pressure here which has been been remember that thus far, mounting on syria. and then there is a different dynamic. for the first time we're seeing armed conflict from both sides inside syria. there is a movement growing called the presyrian army. these are syrian army defectors who are banding together andç w attacking the syrian regime. and intelligence installations today. >> give us perspective on that
2:42 pm
attack, as you pointed out. it is a different turn here if you will. >> very different. before this was student activists going out and protesting and then being shot down by the government. in the hundreds, in the thousands now. there have been some defections from the army but they were in very small numbers. those army units are now organized. oftentimes they are organizing themselves here in turkey. and they are fighting with heavy weapons over the last two days, they've launched numerous assaults even on the outskirts of damascus, making intelligence headquarters with rocket propelled grenades. according to the rebel commanders they destroyed four tanks. this is not just a person who movement. this is starting to become a revolt inside syria. >> live for us in turkey, thank you for the live information. coming up, mark kelly slams speaker john boehner for not calling or even visiting his
2:43 pm
wife gabrielle giffords after she was shot. we'll tell you how speaker boehner is responding. it is today's "news nation" gut check. first a lot going on here today. some things we thought you should know. herman cain may be happy to hear this. some members of congress want pizza to be counted as a veggie as a way to keep on it school lunch menus. they say they aim at making school lunches healthier are too expensive and the government shouldn't be regulating what kids eat. some districts are saying the requirements go too far. here's a creative presidential campaign tool. take a look.("ti rá is the 2012 paul calendar. it was created by a personal trainer as a way to get people to notice ron paul and learn more about where he stands. in case you're wondering, go get your pennies together. it will cost you $25. a great christmas gift. and hillary clinton got the shock of a lifetime in hawaii
2:44 pm
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coming up, newt gingrich. the best paid historian in the world. in his job at freddie mac come with a heaping side of hypocrisy? plus, herman cain speaks english, german and now spanish. and it's all about the three 9s. now back to a woman who scores 10 out of 10 every day. >> come on! martin! thank you very much.
2:48 pm
out of control, martin bashir. new developments. "people" magazine reveals the sexiest man alive and it isn't martin but it should be. and another high end designer is bringing fashions to low cost retailers and people are going bananas. bieber is off the hook? >> he's off the hook. this woman came forward and told this taudy story that she told in great detail about how they hooked up backstage at a concert, she has dropped the paternity claim after he agreed to take a dna test. her lawyers dropped her. this came out after her ex-boyfriend said that she had pulled the same stunt on him. >> she said they hooked up in back after the çconcert. she's older than him. he is under age. she is over the age that she should should be having sex with someone his age. the sexiest man alive.
2:49 pm
>> ryan gosling is on the list. the year of the nice guy. ryan reynolds was last year. this year is bradley cooper. >> bradley -- ooh! and apparently when people called to tell idris, he said his mother would be so proud. >> who would be your pick? >> ever since george clooney made the front covers, these aren't my picks anymore. >> the ladies around here said bradley cooper should have gotten it this year. he's taking home the prize. the next is versace for h & m. the dresses are thousands of dollars. the tos, thousands of dollars. now you can get your hook-up at h & m? >> yep. starting november 19th online and in stores. and they're expecting stampedes when they start opening this up. like target. they took down the website. so now this is probably going to
2:50 pm
create another crazy run on the retailers. it will still cost $100, $200 for a dress. >> but not thousands. this is an amazing phenomenon. we see the high end designers pairing up with target and h & m to really bring their items to people. i'm impressed with how much people are really into this. >> it's amazing. this is sort of a revolution in the fashion world that has really only been the last few years thatç people started takg these high end designers saying they wanted to make themselves available to the public. a lot of main stream interest in fashion. we watch fashion reality shows. >> and there's a human interest in wanting to keep the money in your wallet. only 20 people will be allowed in at one time at the store and you'll have 15 minutes to shop. like a game show. all right. thank you. great job. we really appreciate it. for the very latest entertainment news, log object
2:51 pm
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by the way, you can always join the "news nation" on our twitter account. you can find us @news nation. it is time now for the "news nation" gut check. mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords is questioning john boehner after giffords was shot in the head and fighting for her life. in the new book written by kelly and the congresswoman, kelly writes considering that she was a member of congress and he was the highest ranging member, we thought he'd ask to visit gabby or at least give a call to see how she was doing. mark kelly also says, while in houston, texas, boehner went to an ncaa basketball game but never stopped by the rehabilitation center to visit giffords. the rehab center, you will recall, was in houston, texas. all they heard from the speaker came in the form of a simple get
2:55 pm
well card. that is a quote. mark kelly does point out bainer did welcome the congresswoman back to the hill when she returned for a vote last august. she even hugged him. a gop leadership aide has been quoted saying, within hours of the shooting, giffords contacted the staff and has been in contact throughout the year. is contact with staff members really enough? does that say i'm here for you and i'm with your family? should speaker bainler personally have reached out to kelly and certainly giffords while he was attending the basketball game in the same city? what does your gut tell you? how would you feel ifç tragedy struck and your boss didn't reach out? take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. do you believe kainl's staff when they say he stumbled on that question because he was suffering from a lack of sleep? 4% say yes, you believe him.
2:56 pm
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it's wednesday, novemb november16th. here's what's happening. the million-dollar baby. >> $1.6? >> i don't know. we're going back to check. >> that sounds like more than being a historian. >> revisionist history from freddie mac's historian? >> let's look at the politicians who created the environment. the politicians -- >> yes, mr. speaker, let's. this bag is too big to put in a little blue box.


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