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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 18, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breeding frog, seriously there's a reason it has that name, or a stem foot toad, please call a park ranger and then call us. out in force. protesters across the country marked the two month anniversary of occupy wall street. new information. investigators are taking a fresh look at the 1981 drowning death of actress natalie wood. and need for speed. the u.s. military tests out a new weapon that travels five times the speed of sound. good morning, everyone. we are going have those stories and more for you straight ahead. i'm lynne berry and this is "first look" on msnbc.
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well, we begin this morning with a day of solidarity. thousands of occupy wall street protesters took to the streets yesterday marking two months of a movement. nbcs michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: the protesters marked the two month anniversary with day long rallies and marches. what was supposed to be a day of peaceful demonstrations turned violent. more than 200 arrests in new york city alone. starting early in the morning as protesters blocked traffic. confrontations escalated where they got their start and where nights ago, nypd moved in to clear the parks of tents and sleeping bags. demonstrators took their march across the brooklyn bridge.
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more confrontations and more arrests. across the country, cities are taking similar action. police evicted protesters in dallas and berkeley. >> every time we set up, the police are going to trample on our first amendment rights. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, they turned out to show solidarity, holding rallies in houston and portland, oregon. sparked by outrage and fueled by social media is faced with the challenge of holding on to public support, beyond a day of protest. michelle franzen, nbc news. president obama is ushering in a significant change in u.s. foreign policy with mee an mar. secretary of state hillary clinton will travel there next month. this will be the first visit of its time in years.
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underscoring the commitment to human rights, president obama acknowledged flickers of progress from the government. however, white house officials stress the move is only a first step toward diplomacy. the success of which depends on how their government continues on the road to reform. a homeless idaho man suspected of firing shots at the white house is charged with attempting to assassinate the president. according to newly filed documen documents, he was convinced the federal government was conspi conspireing against him and he called president obama the antichrist. he sat inside his car and fired off nine rounds with a semiautomatic rifle. if convicted, he could face life in prison. herman cain is being guarded by secret service.
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this is the first 2012 gop candidate to receive such protection. sources tell nbc news it began last night at his campaign's request. homeland security janet napolitano authorized the request. they will not say whether a specific threat increased security. surveilness video of a brutal beating led to the firing of two new mexico police officers. the footage shows the officers repeatedly kicking and punching an alleged car thief after catching him in a parking lot. a special prosecutor is reviewing the case to see if they are going to face criminal charges. highway traffic in south carolina came to a screeching halt after a semitractor trailer rammed into a post. the impact of the collision brought an amber alert sign crashing down the lanes of the
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traffic on interstate 85. the crash nearly ripped the truck in half. the driver did survive. across the nation, die hard fans of the "twilight" film series flocked to theaters for the midnight opening. there were long lines of movie goers in boston, new jersey and kansas. probably all over the place. the fans wanted to see how the forbidden love of a vampire and human bride played out. the film sold out more than 3,500 shows in canada and the u.s. ahead of the midnight opening. let's get a check of your national weather. bill cakarencare karins is shak head. >> you have a low bar for entertainment. >> let's not get insulting here. >> i know a lot of people love
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it. >> you watch the "jersey shore." don't judge. >> that's good programming. good morning, everyone. the chill has taken over for the eastern sea board. it's gloves and hats for children. atlanta, the windchill is 29. there's not many spots avoiding the chill. this is only short lived. by sunday, everyone is going to warm back up. temperatures are chilly everywhere in the country. we don't have a lot of snow on the way. there's a little off lake erie and central new york. we have a storm system in the northwest. that's probably the worst travel wise, the pacific northwest into the rockies into southern montana. eventually, the snow is going to work to south dakota and minnesota. the middle of the country yesterday was very cold. your warm up has begun. it's going to head to the east coast by sunday. it's a shot of cold air. that's all it is. a quick shot. cold friday.
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saturday is warmer. all the mild air in the middle of the country heads to the east coast. as far as the snow forecast, wyoming up here to jackson hole they should get a good dump. great for skiers there. a stripe of snow through south dakota, north dakota and minneapolis. a rain and snow mix, maybe an inch of two. the friday forecast, this is a nice typical november forecast around the country. nothing dramatic. we're not going to have severe weather. no big snowstorms. clear on the eastern sea board even with sunshine. wind in the 30s. chicago a little bit better today. dallas you are okay at 68. there's stormy weather in the rockies. traveling to san francisco, two or three days of rain for you. be prepared for that. saturday, as we head through the weekend, chicago could have rain. not a lot. looks like the majority of it is
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in the northern portions of the plains. sunday, temperatures in the 50s. maybe 60s for areas like d.c. after a very cold friday, sunday looks like the best day of the weekend. if there's going to be a rainy spot sunday, it's from memphis up to tennessee and kentucky. it's a decent november weekend. it's hard to complain. we have been in a nice weather pattern. >> it's nice. crisp. >> good word. angie makes her wall street debut and the car that roadway dreams are made of. a look at business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, the flyers rally. tim tebow lead as mile high come back. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. act my age?
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welcome back to "first look." here are the top stories making news this morning. stephen chew faced hours of
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questioning by house republicans yesterday. a half billion federal loan that went to solyndra. politics played no role in making a loan. syracuse university placed head basketball coach bernie fine on administrative leave after two former ball boys told espn they were molested by him for 12 years. they opened an investigation. there was a brief hijacking scare on a new york bound delta flight when the plane's captain accidentally locked himself in the lavatory. when a passenger with a foreign accent tried to alert the cockpit, the co-pilot became alarmed and radios for help. the los angeles police department reopened their investigation into the death of actress natalie wood who drown
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in 1981. homicide detectives say they received new information. the army says it has tested a new weapon capable of traveling five times the speed of sound. the so-called advanced hypersonic weapon traveled from hawaii to an island some 2300 miles away in less than half an hour. now here is a look at how wall street will open. the dow opens at 11,770 after losing 134 points yesterday. taking a look at overseas trading, the nikkei fell 104 points. the hang seng dropped. borrowing costs fueled new concerns europe's debt crisis may be mushrooming. an auction of ten year bonds left spain paying nearly 7%
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interest. it's the same rate that forced greece and ireland to get loans. that made interest payments on debts so high governments can barely afford them. euro concerns here. also, october home building fell less than expected. a gauge of future construction surged. still, another growth investors concerned about is the deadlocked congressional supercommittee. investors fear the consequences of a huge automatic spending cut and cuts if there is no agreement has them on the edge. in earnings, net app plunged after plunging below forecasted estimates. they warned current earnings would be weaker than expected. sears holdings fell. angie's list soared 25% on the
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first day of trade. president obama visiting indonesia's lion air, they placed a massive $22 billion order for bowing jets. the judge overseeing mfg's bankruptcy. finally, this is the st 1. the dannish makers will produce 15 of them. only three sold here in the u.s. it has 1250 horsepower. it goes 0-60 in just under three seconds. the base price, 1.8 million bucks. now bill knows what to get me for christmas. there you go. a new study of mice suggests alcohol may increase chances of breast cancer, once you have the disease drinking may help. some mice in the study that already had breast cancer were
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given moderate to high levels of alcohol and they had fewer incidences of it spreading to other parts of the body than cancerous mice given no alcohol. you can check out the health page on coming up, the national league picks the best arm and the flyers win against the coyotes. tim tebow pulls off another upset win. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you are watching first look on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." he's not fast and his game is anything but pretty but once again tim tebow led the broncos a another victory. here is fred. >> he may not be the best passer or have the best arm, but tim tebow is a winner. we'll get to tebow in a moment. tough game for sanchez. didn't throw a touchdown unless you count this one to the other team. the game is tied at ten. jets took the field. tebow took over. capped off the longest drive of the season with a 20-yard touchdown run. john could not have been happier. tim tebow, silencing his critics, once again. he's won four games as a
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starter. baseball, dodgers proved you don't need to be on a good team to win the cy young. he won despite a forgettable season for the dodgers. he led the league in wins, strikeouts and e.r.a. the pittsburgh penguins were not too happy with their boys. the lightning scored four. dads always get the short end of the stick. lightning won it, 4-1. pat sajak on hand. pat, i'll take an e. cain was the wig winner. they beat the caps, 4-1. high drama in philly. the flyers harmlessly threw the puck. claude took a swipe. reid popped in the rebound. scored the game winner with just 19 seconds to play. they closed out the coyotes. that's your first look at
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sports. have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. let's check in with bill karins and the weather forecast. good morning. >> i got an update near fulton, new york. they are famous for all their snow. they have eight inches of snow now from a lake-effect band. it's typical for them up there. it's not widespread and should be ending throughout the afternoon hours. it's a cold morning, you would expect lake-effect snow. we are not below freezing. from mid november, it could be worse. the windchill is close to 30 degrees. as far as what we are going to do today, sunshine, there's no problem with that. the breeze will stay up. it will be chilly. highs in buffalo getting into the 40s. by far, the coldest daytime we have seen in awhile. middle of the country, we are not doing too bad. storm system from the rockies
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through the northern plains on saturday. sunday, the storm is gone and we're dealing with rain in tennessee and kentucky. the east coast gets warmer from here. by at we all want to do. it's fun and it's easy and it works. you are watching first look on msnbc. ♪
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welcome back to "first look". i'm lynne berry.
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aaa is expecting a 4% up tick in traveling this year. plane tickets are up and so is gas. as brian mooar reports, it's not stopping millions of americans from hitting the road. >> reporter: aaa expects 42.5 million people will be jamming america's airports and highways this holiday weekend. for many, the driver is costs. >> 2011, it's 20% more to buy a ticket and 60% more to get a hotel room. on the other side, car rentals are down 11% in terms of rates. >> reporter: 40% of travelers are scaling back because of economy, air travel is expected to be up. tsa is easing security procedures. the full body scanners are getting a software upgrade. no more r-rated pictures. children 12 and under can keep
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their shoes on while going through security. there's still plenty to worry about. >> i wonder if taking our shoes off and restricting liquid is protective. >> reporter: the flexibility of being behind the wheel comes at a price. gas is 50 cent as gallon higher than last year. >> it's $2.39 here. it's how people are making decisions. >> reporter: holiday travel at a premium. millions of americans decided they need a break. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. time for a look in entertainment news. where there's smoke there's fire. demi moore announced she's ending their six-year marriage to ashton kutcher. rumors swirled after tabloid stories caught his infidelity. she said, as a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain values and vows that i hold
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sacred. it is in this spirit that i have chosen to move on with my life. elsewhere, at the box office, the much awaited debut of the "twilight" saga, don't judge, bill, it's just part one. >> it's a two parter? >> stand by. it's expected to take in around $130 million. if teen heart throb vampires aren't your thing, i have something for you. a big weekend for the animated alternative, "happy feet 2." it should take in $30 million. >> when did movies start having one story broken up. harry potter did the same thing. >> when they take in $130 million. your wife isn't going to make you go see it? >> she doesn't like it at all. zero. >> we have a glowing endorsement
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here from bill karins. >> a lot of people do. i'm in the minority on this one. >> now that we set that straight, i'm lynne berry. way too early with willie geist starts right now. president obama traveling right now in bally unveils a deal for bowing, the largest ever jet order. the president says it will bring 100,000 jobs back to the united states. what did the president say that raised china's eyebrow once again? a day and night of marches and protests across the country. occupy wall street pushes through the streets and across bridges in new york city. what the is group's next move? we might find out today. team tebow does it again. single digit completion but winning with his legs. marching the


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