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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 2, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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barrel earmarker. >> if i had their record, i would talk about what i'm going to do too. >> i am the only candidate who can successfully debate obama. >> the gap between his promises and performance is the largest i have seen since the kardashian wedding and the promise of till death do we part. >> a lot of promises and interesting words, but on the last full day before the iowa caucuses, nearly 40% still undecided. >> hi, everyone, happy new year to you. the "news nation" is following developing news out of iowa. live pictures for you. ron paul campaigning at an event in davenport. the event is somewhat of a family affair. ron paul is getting help from kentucky senator rand paul. they were there earlier, but they were waiting to get started
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with just one day left until the caucuses. a new poll from the register shows paul in second place with 22% among likely caucus goers. mitt romney in the lead with 24% and rick santorum soared to third place with 15%. something a strategist called a bombshell. santorum is attacked by other candidates including rick perry who said he voted eight times to raise the debt ceiling. rick santorum shook a shot saying it's not time to settle. >> we are not looking for a chief executive officer for this country. we are looking for a commander in chief. we are looking for someone who has experience. someone who can lead. >> joining me by phone is andrew rafferty covering the santorum campaign. let me get you caught up at least right now.
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>> rick santorum just finished up a town hall here in perry, iowa and you heard that shot of him taking a shot at mitt romney. as his poll numbers have increain increas increased, he was going after ron paul and stance on foreign policy. as rick perry started attacking him on earmarks, he started to counter that offensively against the texas governor and today mitt romney is starting to show he is going on the offensive against people who are higher in the polls and to where he thinks he might be able to finish. now he is going after the front-runner on the trail. >> andrew, thank you very much. we are seeing the strategy of the focus between rick santorum and mitt romney. let's go to his campaign. he held two rallies in iowa. two more are scheduled this evening. going by the latest poll numbers, romney has a chance to win iowa after voters rejected
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him when he lost to mike huckabee with 25% of the vote. throughout the last several months of polling, rock me in has not been able to rise above 25%. joining me now by phone from des moines is nbc campaign with the romney camp. i'm curious what the romney folks are saying about rick santorum and one gop strategist is saying santorum is a bombshell for romney. >> we will see about that. until yesterday we never heard him say rick santorum's name. he was asked about it yesterday and basically threatened to paint him as the same career politician they used with rick perry and newt gingrich as they got on the rise. they wrapped up the second rally here today and the only name coming out of his mouth was barack obama. they are trying to keep the focus on the president this week, reminding people of what candidate obama said years ago and trying to paint the contrast. you heard the joke from last
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night that only went over so so, but this is the guy who hasn't been able to keep his promise he made four years ago. >> let's bring in the "news nation" panel, democratic strategist. david winston is a republican who is working with the gingrich team and a white house reporter for "the washington post." are you there with us? >> good afternoon. >> i can't see you so i will assume you are all there. there you go. we were having a technical problem there. ann, let me start with you. what i find dreintriguing is pee who say they are undecided and cannot pick between these candidates despite how much we know about all of them. >> it's a really big number. we will see once we get to tomorrow and we do exit polling and see whether that number was
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true. we see in iowa and new hampshire where voters can be and they say they are undecided and they know who they are going to vote for, but in this case it's indicative of how the field has been the whole time and how it has been anyone's race. further proof of that. the way things have been, there is time for santorum to fall and maybe huntsman is next. >> we heard our campaign say that romney is not until attention mentioned rick santorum. he is told he is the pick for the gop, but he got this person he has to get through at least if he wants to talk about momentum. what do you think about this factor here now? >> it's not surprising. what governor romney is focusing on is trying to win the
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conservative side of the process and focus a lot on what $5 million in negative advertising has done, most of that coming from mitt romney. you see rick santorum move up the scale and he comes under fire as well. part of that is going back to what ann was saying. what we are seeing is this is very fluent. they have been all over the map. 40% according to the "des moines register" said they are thinking through the decision. 24 hours could be a long time here. >> fluid or flawed? i want to read a quote from the "new york times" article. jeff mullen is an activist pastor and said there is no perfect candidate. what flaws can you put up with? i will go back to fluid or flawed? >> look, going to the person's point, there is no perfect candidate. that individual does not exist and say you are going to take the pluses and minuses.
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looking at the republican field, you are looking at a lot more pluses than minuses. i newt has more, but you are looking at a process of who has the best solutions. >> i will get mowing on the second. you bring up newt gingrich who dropped 20 points in the poll. i want to play what he said, lowering expectations and saying he's not going to win this caucus. let me play what he had to say. >> i don't think i'm going to win. i think you look at the numbers, that volume of negativity has done enough damage. >> this is a man who is confident and said he was an amateur paleontologist. he looks defeat and beat down. i thought he was a scrapper. >> i think what you are saying is he's being realistic. nobody has the negative ads and caucus at the scale he went through. he is being realistic.
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now do you move forward to south carolina and engage there? you are thinking through the process of this is what happened in iowa and now what do you do with being able to win the mom nation. >> what are democrats saying? the president is focused on what's happening in iowa. what david refers to as fluid, but i will again say that some people call it flawed that we are looking at here at this point. >> most of my friends in the democratic party are saying this is one great show to watch. >> why is it great to watch? >> this is a game of musical chairs. one candidate rises and then stumbles and falls and the next one takes their place and newt is the latest one. it's just been a really interesting show to watch. we are not seeing really a strong candidate articulating a vision for how to get the country moving again. you have 1 paul and rick
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santorum emerging as the alternatives to mitt romney in iowa and two guys out their running as tea partiers and social conservatives and not the economy with the president who is talking about the economy, i like that contrast. >> you do have the undecideds who say listen, i may like ron paul and may even like some parts of rick perry's personality, but with that said, they resigned to the pact that if they want a chance to beat president obama, mitt romney has the ability to appeal to the minutes there and their heart might be with the guy on the right, but they will go with this other guy. >> it's interesting for the better part of of a year, mitt romney's poll numbers in each of the leading states except for new hampshire, in each of the early states and as well as nationally has never broken above 25% of republicans. republicans are not energized by
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this guy. his long record of flip flopping and inconsistencies made him questionable to even people in his own party. that will come back and haunt him with a lot of those independent voters. >> let me bring back ann to the conversation. you have this poll we have been showing throughout the day. most electable. mitt romney. i don't think it's a major surprise. 48%. gingrich is 13% and ron paul with 12%. that led me to what he had to say about whether or not he is a friend candidate or appealing to young people with great we will have, but don't have a handle on what it takes to win a general election. >> i always say i'm mainstream. people who are attacking me now on the ones who can't defend their roars and are all over the place. >> what in his resume proves he
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is mainstream? you may like him, but to call him main strem? >> that's his take on who he is. we should remember one day before the iowa caucuses that they don't decide the nomination. there is a lot of focus on who it will be in iowa and that doesn't translate into who the nominee is. all this excitement and we will see how much there is. sometimes the excitement translated and in the case of mike huckabee. i remember howard dean very well. before we get carried away, we have to see what happens. we got his quirks. he is awe theuthentic and that' people like. >> since you point out you put emphasis on this caucus, what do you call it? >> what do we call iowa? >> what would you describe as irrelevant and the hot spot? >> fascinating, but only one
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piece of the puzzle. >> that's more than one. david? >> we will see iowa doesn't settle anything. >> that's a sentence. i will give you the last one there. >> cold. >> very good. i'm not sure if you mean towards democrats or general towards the process. thank you, ann, david, and mo. later we will zero in on people who say they are undecided in iowa. >> the house speaker gingrich and thought i made up my mind with me and romney. now i made changes. >> i like pieces of all of them. bachman would be great and gingrich would be great on foreign policy issues. governor perry will be great on energy policies. i like pieces of all of them. >> 41% of iowa caucus goers still could change their mind before tomorrow. do you believe that so many
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voters are still undecided? we will give you a chance to weigh in later. up next, breaking news on mt. rainier and the murder of a park ranger has been found dead. we will bring you the latest on this one. all but two candidates failed to qualify for virginia primary, but that could change. we will have an update on that. join our conversation online and find our twitter page at news new. ♪ home was an airport lounge and an ipad ♪ ♪ made sure his credit score did not go bad ♪ ♪ with a free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ app that he had ♪ downloaded it in the himalayas ♪ ♪ while meditating like a true playa ♪ ♪ now when he's surfing down in chile'a ♪ ♪ he can see when his score is in danger ♪ ♪ if you're a mobile type on the go ♪ ♪ i suggest you take a tip from my bro ♪ ♪ and download the app that lets you know ♪ ♪ at free-credit-score-dot-com now let's go. ♪ vo: offer applies with enrollment in™.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news. first with live pictures from davenport, iowa where ron paul is doing last minute campaigning. they are covering ron paul for us. the other candidates fanned out
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across iowa. rick santorum will hold a meet and greet with visitors. mitt romney has a rally in iowa and national park police confirmed the vet accused of shooting and killing a park ranger has been found dead near his vehicle. local officials and the fbi has been searching for 24 year -year-old benjamin barnes since the shooting late yesterday morning. the 34-year-old mother was trying to set up a roadblock for a car that failed to stop at a check point. the driver jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire, killing her. clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler and chief hostage negotiator. clint, as we understand it, the latest from authorities is that this individual took his own life, but the shooting and killing of the ranger followed another incident at a house party where authorities say he opened fire on four other
2:18 pm
people, wounding them. >> allegedly this took place in a new year's eve party that happened about 3:00 new year's eve morning where an argument started concerning a gun. somehow the shooter in this case, 24-year-old benjamin barnes, an iraqi war veteran from 2007 to 2008 was implicated in the shooting and two critically and he fled. this was someone described as easily irritated and angry all the time. someone who kept an arsenal of weapons in his home. it looks like what happened is he was involved in this terrible altercation initially and shot up to four people and fled. when the park rangers tried to stop him to make sure he had chains on his tire, he apparently thought they were involved in a man hundred dollar looking for him. he started shooting at two of
2:19 pm
the park rangers and margaret anderson, a 34-year-old mother of two whose husband is also a park ranger was gunned down and he fled into the woods. it looks like at this point he may have commit suicide. >> the victim's husband is a park ranger and was as i understand it also working that day on a different side of the park and the call went out that his wife or another ranger obviously had been injured at the time. do we know any more about barnes's background? >> we don't at this time. as far as margaret anderson is concerned, we has only been a park ranger for a couple of years, but she is a law enforcement ranger and she has the authority and probably was carrying a firearm, but again she was shot before she could even exit her vehicle. it suggests that the individual who is now dead, benjamin barnes
2:20 pm
started firing on two park rangers before they had a chance to get out of their vehicle and explained the stop was just a snow tire check. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it. coming up -- the election won't be over as of iowa, we bought our plane tickets for south carolina. >> michele bachmann said win or lose in iowa, it is not the end of the road for the campaign. what are the voters saying about this gop field? we will talk with a conservative radio host next. plus, bitter blast. several states are bracing for this winter's coldest weather we have seen yet. the bone-chilling temperatures in parts of the country.
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>> per after a mild december, much of the nation is under a bitter blast.
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it will end up as far south as florida. take a look at some places. they are from michigan where it is 26 degrees, but feels like it's just 10. this is the scene in chicago where it's 23 degrees, but it feels like 8 degrees. the fast-moving snowstorm causing a lot of accidents. we could get up to two inches of snow in the northeast and snow south of buffalo as well. east of lake ontario. the weather channel has a closer look at the conditions in western new york. >> hi, tamron. the honeymoon is over. it's a reality check for millions as the first widespread arctic air mass comes out of canada and heads all the way to florida. downwind from the great lakes where we had a snow drought, we will make up for lost time. first the snowfall. we will take to you michigan in northern michigan. look at the snow and wind.
2:25 pm
howling up there and this evening for over a foot of snowfall in white out conditions. snow in chicago and locally heavy snow between cleveland and erie in the snow belts and several inches of snow and it will continue the preferred areas between now and tomorrow morning. we will pick up between to two feet of snowfall and think about this and buffalo had about four inches of snow and the slowest start on record. we are due for snow flakes. this time last year, you had already shovel and plowed and looked at six feet of snow so far this season. only seven inches. as far as the cold goes, that's going to affect millions across the eastern third of the countries. highs in boston and philly will not get out of the 20s. atlanta in the 30s. south florida we should be looking at frost as far south as the northwest suburbs of miami. even south florida gets chilled, but it will be quick and
2:26 pm
painful. the high moves out and a nice return to temperatures even back above average before we get to next weekend. tamron? >> thank you. coming up on "news nation," rick perry joins other republicans as he sets his sights on rick santorum. >> he talked about being a physical son servative and voted eight times. >> santorum is surging in the polls. he gets traction and plus, does it mean he watches the show. mitt romney compares the show to the kardashians. we are following developing news into more than 40 arson fires set in l.a. police have a person of interest in custody. we will have an update after a quick brick. "news nation" is back in three. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic.
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>> per here's what the "news nation" is following right now. >> is it doesn't do any good to have the candidate if they can't win in the national election. you have to beat obama. >> 41% of republican voters still have not made up their mind. do you believe that so many of them are uncertain? why? it's our gut check. and ballot battle. all but two of the candidates failed to qualify for virginia's primary. that may now change. developing news. police have a person of interest in custody in connection with more than 50 arson fires set in the los angeles area. we continue with the very latest in decision 2012. ron paul and his son are on a five-city swing hoping to push the candidate to the top spot. paul's focus is on iowa and his campaign is looking ahead to new hampshire and a tv ad for the granite state.
2:31 pm
>> there has been one true consistent candidate and that is dr. ron paul. >> ron paul seems like a more honest candidate. >> he said what he believes whether you like it or not. >> anthony terrell who is covering ron paul, interesting selection and a mix of media figures and pundits who are touting parts of ron paul here. what's the strategy? >> they are looking ahead for after they are finished with iowa to play well in new hampshire with a new tv ad, the campaign chairman said in addition iowa, they have 12 states. they have offices and you see they are playing hard and looking down the calendar and i am told by the iowa chairman where i'm at in cedar rapids that momentum is growing for the campaign and there 500 people in des moines and 300 people in davenport and they expect a couple hundred here and they expect that to continue
2:32 pm
throughout the day, building up this momentum until tomorrow where the campaign hopes to get a top two finish. >> it's no secret that ron paul has a strong group of people who are enthusiastic about him. we hear time and time again that they are so-called young voters and even still we heard from the woman who said she is undecided. for her the key is someone who could beat president obama. we know the reality of the situation with ron paul in that, that there many concerned that he is not mainstream or could not pull off a general election victory. >> the campaign is pushing back on the electability argument. you go one on one with barack obama. ron paul is one of the only candidates who is neck and neck or beating barack obama. if you look at 20 sdpen what happened with the tea party, those candidates beating the
2:33 pm
establishment republicans that. can happen this year for congressman ron paul to be the establishment republicans in the gop primary and caucuses and take away from president obama by getting democrats and independents to cross over and build a coalition behind the candidacy. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in iowa conservative talk radio host steve days. thank you for your time. i am excited to talk for people who don't know you. you are an outspoken crist man conservative and considered influential in iowa and what also catches the attention is you get a lot of credit for keeping mitt romney from having a victory in 2008. what's your thought this time around? the reality is the more iowans see, the worse he does. we learned that years ago and he stayed to the extreme eastern and western parts of the state
2:34 pm
with radio networks do not have a strong presence and more of an opportunity to turn out republican voters in those parts of the state. i suspect that ron paul or rick santorum will win the caucuses tomorrow. >> you have been as outspoken as you were in 2008? >> i would have to be pretty outspoken to be more than i was two years ago. >> or equal to the fire that he brought in 2008. >> i don't think i have been. mainly because of the iowans that i can reach are educated on who mitt romney is. if you look at the poll numbers, he gets the same 18 to 25% at every poll for five years. that's what i like to call the ruling class. that's the make the training run on time. it will be self finance and a corporate robber. that's the candidate we rally behind and the party that exists and that's really mitt romney's vote. there is really not a lot of
2:35 pm
conservative support. i thought it was a waste of my time to target a guy that they have determined. they don't want as a mom me in anyway. >> the family leader and the most prominent in the state. that's all that's changed for him. two weeks ago he was in single digits and two weeks ago he got the endorsement. that endorsement destabilize and not getting it. michele bachmann's campaign and hindered any potential progress rick perry was going to make. you have seen voters leave the two and gravitate strds rick santorum with the support of the family leader. he is surging at the right time. we heard on your program, rick perry trying to vet him and there is not enough time for a flavor of the month mentality
2:36 pm
with the vote tomorrow. i suspect he will win or finish a very good solid second place. >> what about michele bachmann? >> i think michele bachmann is going to have the worst finish with any of the iowa straw poll. she will finish into the single digits and her campaign had sadly for someone who is a principaled conservative, but about the worst two weeks you can possibly have. >> if she is so conservative, why aren't they supporting her? she spent enough time there and as you point out most of the listeners are educate and know mitt romney's viewpoint. they would know michele bachmann and why aren't they sticking with her? >> michele bachmann opened the door for voter doubts about voting for first of all a sitting congress person and president. also voting for a woman.
2:37 pm
hillary clinton ran into this and opened up the doubts by having an ineffective campaign. it imploded after the straw poll and never recovered. i think voters determined it's not just enough to be principaled on the issues. can you show you can run a government at the same time? >> if mitt romney pulls out a victory tomorrow, what does it say to you and to the conservative who do not want to see him win? >> it would help his chances of winning, but this will be decided in south carolina and florida. no republican ever won the nomination without winning the primary and that's what's going to singe it if not florida. those are the two battle ground states. >> thank you very much. happy new year. pageantry and protest at this year's rose parade tops our look around the nation. hundreds of anti-wall street protesters followed the rose parade and protest organizers say it's a chance to get the message out to a large crowd.
2:38 pm
humans of police were standing by and no problems reported. iran is flexing their military muscle. the country's navy said they successfully fired two test missiles that could reach israel and the basin. they announced it produced and tested nuclear fuel rods for the first time. this comes over the nuclear program. the trial of mubarak resumed with the leader being wheeled into court on a gurney. he is charged with complicity in the killing of more than 800 protesters in the up rising that toppled the regime last year. speculation is swirling after five police officers try for killing protesters were found not guilty. back to the states where police are questioning what they are calling a person of interest in connection with the arson of dozens of cars in the los angeles area. officials say 12 of the fires were set overnight. police released this surveillance showing a man at the scene of one of the arsons
2:39 pm
over the weekend. no word if the man is the fellow you see here. live for us in los angeles. mike, i believe the number was about 50 or 55 fires that were being investigated. >> about 55 over the past four nights. that video you just saw does match the video shot before 4:00 this morning of the man now brought in as you say as a person of interest. i spoke with a commander who said that's the guy and his chief was quoted as saying we are confident we have our man. there will be a press conference in about a half hour. this has been going on for over 50 of the incidents. all of them starting as the cars set a fire. they acted as explosives themselves. many, many structures that were adjacent or near to them were set on fire.
2:40 pm
almost miraculous. 55 of the incidents that nobody was injured let alone killed in any of the incidents with the exception of one firefighter who took a fall late friday morning last week. now they have a guy calling a person of interest that will be the press conference with all the brass present. that suggests that they have something momentous to say. we haven't confirmed it about the motive, but this individual was driving a canadian-registered van and what he was upset about it might have motivated him. his mother was deported early last week before the fires started. we will learn more in about a half hour. >> thank you very much. coming up -- >> c lo green's performance of john lennon's imagine sparked outrage from people who used to be his fans. what he said about changing the
2:41 pm
lyrics to the song, next. there is a lot going on and here are things we thought you should know. do you think he watches the show? mitt romney compared president obama to kim kardashian. >> making promises and i think the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest i have seen since the kardashian wedding and the promise of till death do we part. >> the american civil liberties union issued the liberty watch 2012 and finding fault with president obama and his republican rivals. the president got a perfect score on one of seven issues raided. gay rights for allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly. the president got lower marks on immigration and abortion rights and for failing to close guantanamo bay and the search and surveillance provision of the patriot act. >> a higher overall mark than
2:42 pm
the president, he received high marks for voting to repeal don't ask don't tell. the coast guard is recognized that people are heavier than they used to be. it raised what they call the assumed average weight per person to 185 pounds for the half half century. the assumed had been 160. that means lower passenger limits for vessels like ferries, sightseeing cruises and charter fishing boats. those are things we thought you should know.
2:43 pm
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2:45 pm
>>are. >> i'm martin bashir. a happy new year to you. coming up at the top of the hour, we will head to iowa, a state where in just 24 hours, republican dreams will be made in others dashed. we will have up to the minute polling and the best political minds in the business to prepare us for the caucus night showdown. stay with us and a very happy new year to you, ctamron.
2:46 pm
>> thank you and to you too. growing over virginia's primary ballot. all five candidates who failed to qualify for the ballot on super tuesday, march sixth, by the way are challenging the requirement as to restrictive. john huntsman and michele bachmann have joined rick perry. mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot in virginia. one of seven holding primaries on march sixth. pete williams is live from washington. what progress will they be able to make? >> we will watch and see because this case is moving very rapidly. virginia has the nation's strictest requirement and a candidate has to gather at least 10,000 signatures and 400 have to come from east of the 11 congressional districts and the petitions cannot be circulated by out of state volunteers.
2:47 pm
only mitt romney and ron paul met that test and lawyers have sued in federal court. he claims that the rules violate his free speech rights and right of association. his lawyers say that under the virginia law, he himself could not circulate petitions for his own candidacy. the judge is scheduled for january 13th, after the state planned to print the ballots january 9th, but they might have to be printed again and since then the lawyers for newt gingrich, michele bachmann and rick santorum said they will seek to join the lawsuit unless the state puts them on the ballot or at least agrees to hold off making decisions about who to put on the ballot until the judge rules. interestingly, bachman, huntsman and santorum, none of them submitted petitions. one other note about how fast moving this is. virginia's attorney general said on saturday that he thought the state law was wrong and it
2:48 pm
should be changed in an emergency session of the legislature, but yesterday he changed his mind and said it wouldn't be fair to mitt romney and ron paul who did manage to follow the rules and get on the ballot. it wouldn't be fair now when they managed to qualify. >> all right, people. we will see what happens next with the mines changing women don't know what's going to happen. fans of john lennon are outraged over a new year's eve performance in times square. c lo green changed the lyrics to imagine and the fans unleashed the tweets. from pop goes the week, brian is in for courtney this week. >> this song was released in 1971 and still considered one of the most influential and loved songs. why don't we take the moment that everyone is reacting to. here we go. >> nothing to kill or die for ♪
2:49 pm
♪ and all religion is true >> and he said all religion is true. and the true lyric is no religion too. twitter exploded and including celebrities. one said dear c lo, for goat get you. it was a strong reaction. a subtle change, but none the less, it sparked this twitter outrage. >> people started going crazo c lo on twitter. did he respond? >> here's the response that is no longer on twitter and he said i meant no disrespect by changing the lyric. i was trying to say a world where you could believe what you wanted. that's all. if you go to his twitter account, the last thing you see is happy new year. >> are they upset because he changed the lyric of a classic or because of the religion thing? >> mostly that roots a classic. some attacked him in every fronlt. there is a line imagine no
2:50 pm
possessions and no need for greed and he is wearing a fur coat. maybe it was faux. >> probably not. >> not a cheap coat. people attacked from all sides. he pulled the tweet apology and has been silent ever since. >> the song forget you and the judge on the voice, he is red hot at this point. how do you think he will handle this? >> this too shall pass. a lot of people are like so what. people have messed up the lyrics to the national anthem. >> which i think is way more offensive. >> by next year we will have something else interest to talk about. this is what it is. >> we will see what c lo has to say. i don't think he will back down too much. he's a tough southern man. for the latest logon to the scoop or be a fan of the scoop on facebook. thank you. great job. coming up. . >> i'm looking at competencey and people who have the ability
2:51 pm
to execute and not just rhetoric. who can execute. >> the iowa caucus could be decided by the undecided voter. do you believe that more than 40% of iowa caucus goers say they are still undecided? amazing. it is our "news nation" gut check. do you buy that? join the "news nation" on facebook. we are at"news nation." ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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welcome become to "news nation." you have been sending interesting tweets as well as thoughts on facebook. ron paul is in the mainstream when it comes to anti-litt-mide war stance. being too tough on ron paul. that's one of them we have coming in. pat robertson came in second at
2:55 pm
88. iowa likes crazy. that's from grm. interesting thoughts there. none the less, you can join the "news nation" with your thoughts. interesting and otherwise. our twitter page is@"news nation." we want to remind you that our gut check question is 24 hours before the iowa caucuses, the "des moines register" poll shows 51% of likely caucus goers have made up their mind about which candidate they will vote for. 41% said they could change their mind meaning we could get a surprise out come tomorrow night. we want to hear from you. do you believe that more than 40% of likely caucus goers in iowa are right now still undecided. go to facebook and tell us what you think and why. take a look at friday's gut check. that was a year ago. that was about an online wedding company that is offering
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i'm encouraged to get a boost out of iowa. >> newt is like freddie krueger. he keeps coming back. >> we are starting to come out better. >> ♪ dream on. >> wait, wait, wait.


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