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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  February 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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good afternoon. it's thursday, february 2nd, groundhog day and donald trump has seen his shadow. circus, circus. >> who do i support on the republican ticket? i like a couple, and i really think some are horrible. >> this is a country that elected an actor that made two
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movies with a chimp. >> i'm not concerned about the poor. i like being able to fire people. >> how are you? good to see you. the the donald said to endorse, sorry newt, your millions are just trump change. we begin just 30 minutes before a city known for high stakes spectacles will witness one more. the scene las vegas. the man donald j. trump. the purpose, an expected presidential endorsement at a news conference that we will carry live. while you never know what might happen at a trump event, it has mitt romney has the hand picked apprentice. the choice comes as a surprise to many who thought newt was the more natural fit with their matching levels of self-esteem and contempt for the president
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fp for romney, it may bring some publicity. one wonder if the timing isn't perfect for mitt. a candidate who continues to face fire over the assertion that he's quote, not concerned about the very poor. in walks the donald, a self-starved king maker with the golden hair and a golden fortunate that dwarves even romney's riches. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> you're fired. >> as the announcement is made, somewhere in sin city you might find a sulking newt gingrich. he had this to say. >> i'm just watching in amazement. >> why is it amazing? >> because some people have this knack of gathering attention. >> talk about donald trump,
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perhaps? >> he's a force of his own. >> that's far cry from the candidate who came to kiss the ring two months earlier. leave it to rick santorum. remember him to be the voice of reason. he reminds us that whatever the donald does will be for his benefit. so mr. romney, be careful what you wish for. >> mitt romney is a small business guy if you think about it. he was a hedge fund. he walked away with some good money for a company that he didn't create. he didn't create. >> he did create companies? >> he buy company, close companies, get rid of jobs. >> let's kick off with our triple panel this thursday afternoon. david corn, washington bureau chief of mother jones magazine. joining us is krystal ball along
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with dr. james peterson. thank you, sir. david, i have to go to you. yesterday we were being briefed by sources close to trump that he was going to endorse newt. i guess many of us felt that made sense particularly because they could spend some time comparing third wives. now it appears that romney has stolen the endorsement. what happened? >> these guys just don't have any fidelity, do they? you never know who they will end up in bed with. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i just couldn't resist. the interesting thing to me is not why trump is doing this. trump is doing this because we're giving him the attention. what's happening with mitt romney, not just having the endorsement, he's appearing with donald trumpb today, was announced a couple of hours ago. he'sgoing to fully accept this. why did he do it the day after.
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he's opinion worried that newt gingrich may make good on this threat to lead a tea party rebelon against mitt romney. as you know from the polls last spring, donald trump was beating mitt romney in the tea party wing of the republican party. he wants to prevent that from happening. i think donald trump said, you want my endorsement, you better hold hands with me in public. >> it does seem remarkable that man who said he wasn't concerned about the very poor should today align himself to another multimillionaire. what's going on here? >> one of biggest, disappointments of the romney candidacy is he is terrified of the far right wing and completely unwilling to stand up to them on anything. donald trump, why are we tauking
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to him now because he played with the yours truly of running for president. mitt romney is still terrified to cross them. that's why he felt like he had to take the endorsement, had to go with it. the timing could not be worse. >> you agree that? >> i do. when you get folks like rush limbaugh critiquing you. mitt romney understands in order to close the deal, he'sgoing to have to pander. i think he makes too many political faux pas. people are now critiquing you about whether or not you have any compassion about the poor or the fact that the middle class is becoming the poor. the next day you're standing side by side with donald trump. >> what does donald trump bring apart from a big mouth and big money? >> absolutely nothing.
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>> absolutely nothing? >> the tea party folks who like donald trump are still not going to come running to mitt romney because he is a massachusetts moderate and he goes with these folks like oil and water. it's not a good fit. >> now it sounds like krystal is sounding like newt gingrich. >> sometimes newt is right. >> don't you ever accuse her. >> on this count he's right. >> i think the point is not what mitt gets from donald trump, it's preventing donald trump from giving anything to newt gingrich. newt is almost running on fumes. it shows the gravelational pull on of crazy on gop is so strong
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that mitt can't get away from it. >> i don't think he has anything to give to newt gingrich. much higher number of people say this would negatively impact their opinion. it's not like he brings money or allegiance to the table. she's a showman. >> doesn't this indicate that romney has given up the idea of giving a compassionate conservative because he's looked at how successful newt has been at being a vicious nasty operator. he's getting donald trump who has been utterly contemptuous. his relationship the african-americans is i get on well with the blacks. i'm not sure what is to be gained except being a political maneuver. he doesn't want trump against him. i don't think romney considered
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the conservative way of thinking about this but he continues to distance himself from that. >> mitt romney has no conservative street cred. he has to at all opportunities the, at all costs pander to the far right wing. newt gingrich has some cred and has some room to maneuver. >> david, i wish we could carry on, but we've got do make sure we're there for this magnificent life changing event. thank you, sir for coming in. next, truce, have speaker boehner and his boys put a finish to their cold war? stay with us. >> we are teammates and we have been teammates. i can tell you that i don't think there's been a disagreement between eric and i over the course of the last
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americans have the lowest opinion of congress in history. partson bickering, grand standing and petty politics tend to get in the way of any politics. john boehner and eric cantor have been engaged in baiter feed. sheila jackson lee is a
3:14 pm
congresswoman from texas. >> good afternoon. >> to many of us on the outside, we have known that the majority has done everything to oppose the president. now we learn that mr. boehner and mr. cantor have been wart with each other. i guess that does really explain why nothing gets done. >> i heard some years ago a great philosopher, rodney out of california saying can we bull get along. i just simply want to get to work. i can give you a whole litany of why pots on both of their houses. i don't want to engage in relationships between members. i hope they get along and become friends. this may be a question about divided government. the 111th congress was one of the most productive congresss we had. we talked about issues whether than we were friends.
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we have the difficulty of passing of the payroll tax for working americans. working american who is are unemployed or engineers or doctors, lawyers, teachers, firefighters the, i think are well qualified to work. then we add insult to injury, i'm rushing to the floor to discuss budget amendments that are not a budget, about shortchanging so we can do taxes and not do revenue. isn't that a dream? i believe that divide government is now being put to the challenge. i believe in the constitution, three branchs of government. we can see in in congress, and i hope the american people can see, when we have this form of divided government, we're not getting anything done. we're listening to our friends in the tea party and others. for example, the president made
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an announcement that's been challenged on the floor as someone who is stamping on religion. i think the president is upholding the first amendment rights of everybody to practice a faith as they desire. he's also saying that women have rights to have choices in their insurance and this is now being politicized. everything is explosive. >> what is your reaction, if i may press you, on what mitt romney said yesterday about not being concerned about the very poor. >> i was on the floor late last night, martin, debating what we call emotion to instruct that talked about moving quickly on unemployment insurance for the 13 million. if you stay uninsured or without your unemployment insurance for a long time, i think you can be
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described as poor or needy because you have spent every dime. if you have a catastrophic illness or a relative does, you have no long-term care. at some point you may become poor taking all your resources it was an unfortunate statement. it's a continuing line of incidents, i like to fire people. i'm unof the unemployed. can you imagine a single mother, many of who have called our offices wondering why it's taken so long for an unemployment extension to go on so they can continue to provide for their families and put those dollars back into the economy. it was a statement that added not icing but literally added a ka tras troe fee to his cake and i understand lit be a big celebration when mr. trump, certainly a great american, but has quite a bit of means and
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speaks to this whole issue of wealth and the 1% who now endorse mr. romney. i wish them the best. i will tell you not one endorsement that mr. romney gets today will help those unemployed americans who want a job. the very americans who would like to say to us in congress, can you pass the energy bill that talks about the restoration of the coastal line creates jobs or in fact, provides opportunity for expanded jobs. >> congresswoman. >> we need to get to work. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, you've defined carefully the events that are taking place. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, mitt or newt? only the donald knows for sure.
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i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. it's also about the biblical call to care for the at least of these, the poor. those are the margins of our society. to answer the responsibility we're giving in proverbs to speak up for those that cannot speak up for themselves. >> as we await the announcement from two of america's most wealthiest men, a sobering word from the president. it was there he spoke about helping those less fortunate but his own journey of faith and how elected members need to show respect for each other as they lead the nation.
3:23 pm
for more let's go to michael viqueira who is live at the white house. there was a president displaying a wide knowledge of scripture and using the gospel of john to explain why he was concerned for the poor. i guess that was a lesson subtle contrast for mitt romney. >> reporter: be white house denies there's any intention to e lead to mitt romney. listen to what the president said. he recounted some of the accomplishments of his past three years, financial institutions, played by the rules. tlp are unscrupulous lenders who has to come to heal. he believes in god's command to love thy neighbor as they love
3:24 pm
themselves. he also in addition to quoting john, talked about proverbs. it would seem like an obvious illusion to mitt romney's comments to the day before talking about the poor and how they are okay and have a social safety net. the white house would disagree with that interpretation for what it's worth. >> michael viqueira as ever sophisticated. >> reporter: i call this the bashir. it's a certain roguish charm. >> you flatter me. thank you so much. stay with us as we await the greatest man of the 20th and 21st centuries, maybe. ♪ ♪ it's nice to be here ♪ ♪ it's nice to see you... [ male announcer ] this is your moment. this is zales,
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vegas conference room where donald trump is expecting to appear at any moment and endorse mitt romney for president. joining us to discuss in washington, jonathan capehart and michael eric dyson. i will apologize in advance fp we have to go the moment these two appear. we will go. jonathan, if i can begin with you, is this the moment significant moment in the 21st century? >> come on. it's not the most significant moment, but it is an interesting moment in this 2012 nomination fight for the republican nomination for president. this is man who was at the to of the polls about a little less than a year ago. i think as krystal said in an earlier segment based on the
3:29 pm
platform within the republican party and decided not to run but also dangled it out there but he would make an independent run for president if the republicans didn't pick the right person. he's decided that mitt romney is that right person when he hasn't exactly said many comp complime things. >> is this mitt romney attracting an element that he lacks? that is someone that would be offensive towards the president. after all, donald trump has questioned the academic qualify indications of this president hantd claimed the president wasn't born here. he claims to have sent detectives to pursue that story. is this mitt romney adding a nasty individual to the team? >> sure. he's the coach of the team and he's putting in a power forward that can do the nasty work.
3:30 pm
going in doing the elbowing. he's adding a person that will see the negative aspects. he's awalking one man opposition person. he can say things that mitt romney would never say. mitt romney can have plausible deny blt. his endorsing doesn't commit him to the regular norms. it's the best of all worlds possible for mitt romney and give gives donald trump another leg up on the epchilon. >> what does he bring? >> well -- >> you and i were saying a couple of days ago, mitt romney is well ahead in nevada. he doesn't need this.
3:31 pm
>> if you're looking state by state and nevada he doesn't need donald trump there, but i think it plays in a larger strategy of him taking support anywhere he can get it especially if the support is deep within the conservative base of the party. remember, mitt romney jumped on the endorsement that received from christine o' donnell. mitt romney, i don't think, would be taking this endorsement or doing an event. he didn't do an event with jon huntsman. if mitt romney had confidence that the conservative bah base was with him and if those in florida that voted for him, sizable chunk said they could maybe change their mind later,
3:32 pm
there's no way he would put himself throughout to align himself with someone like donald trump. >> indeed. professor dyson, yesterday mr. romney was captured saying he's not overly concerned about the very poor. why today is he aligning himself with another millionaire or if you listen to donald trump, it seems today on confirms the mistake he made yesterday. >> the reality is that this is a callous indifference to poor people, working class people and working poor people. people who get up and work 40, 50 hours a week and can't make it barely to the poverty line. there's a crass expression for so many republicans and on the far right to the interest of the poor. they try to cast it as class
3:33 pm
warfare. it's seen as giving over to this shrill cry for class warfare being championed on the left when we know it's ridiculous. it seems this is only doubling mitt romney's efforts to appeal to those with cash and capital but here is a guy trying to alie himself with the interest of america that are pro-business and pro-capital. you heard obama talking reaching out to the poor. there's no such kind of theological for reaching out to those who are poor. it appears either in romney or trump. he's making exing explicit what implicit. >> trump said the poor have no role models and he says i have a
3:34 pm
great relationship with the blacks. you know donald trump. what did he mean by that? >> i'm sorry to put you on the spot. >> i thought it was highly insensitive and highly degrading isn't the right word but dismissive is the word i'm looking for. >> the poor have no role models. >> right. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. >> look, i can't get into donald trump's head on that. he's a guy who knows how to say things that gets maximum attention whether he believes it or not, you have to use your own judgment. he's not a perfect vessel. no one in that field is a perfect vessel. >> indeed. john, these are pretty
3:35 pm
contemptuous comments. do you not think mitt romney's team went and looked at the f t plethora of negative things they have said. >> sure. they are trying to get the nomination, and they want to get it wrapped up quickly. if they get it wrapped up quickly, then they can hope the american people who will have to vote in the general election will have forgotten a lot of these things that have happened and that have been said. that's not to say that will happen, but that's all they can hope for. >> professor, dyson, that's not going to happen, is it? as soon as rmitt romney is crowned the nominee, the first thing they will do is pick up all of these comments and wash mitt romney in them. >> they should. he said them. other people have said them. for donald trump to be
3:36 pm
dismissive and jonathan capehart is a wonderful human being who is being generous toward a person who has had an akwauns tanship, with, i can understand that. donald trump is engaging in the racially latent language. i'm saying the consequence of much of his speech has racist implications. it has racist uses to which they can be put. i think he talking about poor people have no role models. that's the most ludicrous thing we can imagine. they look to church, peers who are working diligently and hard. they look to their mothers who two and three jobs who catch four or five buses or the subway to make ends meet. they have extraordinary role mods of people who are striving.
3:37 pm
to dismiss poor people as not having role models and say i have many friends among the blacks. the very man who plunged abnear with the rear end with a plunger was dating a black woman. personal relationships the black people doesn't mitigate against viewpoints that are destructive or bigoted. >> when donald trump said his famous the blacks comment, i made the very same points that professor dyson just made just not as eloquently. >> i spoke to a contact of mine in the uk who told me that donald trump is on the verge of postponing the world's greatest golf course because the scottish government is planning on building a wind turbine a mile
3:38 pm
offshore very near the golf course. this individual said it looks as though donald trump wants to sell the piece of land. what he's doing is classic trump diversion. he's wanting to endorse someone so nobody pays attention to another failed business venture. does that sound the kind of thing he might be doing? >> sure. one of the things people have to understand about donald trump. he's one of the few people in new york city who can command attention by saying i'm having a press conference. you don't know what it's about. you show up because you know it's going to be worth reporting on at least for a day. also people he's in new york, which is the number one media market he is guaranteed to get his message out beyond the five burr burroughs of new york.
3:39 pm
>> john and professor dyson, please stay with us. we're going to play one of our favorite aspects of our show called to lines as we wait for donald trump and mitt romney for for richer or poorer, here is today's to lines. >> this is pitiful, a thousands people freezing their butt off waiting to worship a rat. >> i'm not worried about the poor. >> it's still a net. here is the thing about being in a net, being in a net is bad. whether you're a butterfly or a fish or a pa peas ortist or a poor person. >> the founding fathers meant the poor who they called
3:40 pm
americans. >> double down. >> no, no, no. you got to take the whole sentence. >> it's also about the biblical call to care for the poor. >> going to have to get single lessons. >> it's a great idea. i believe it when i see it. >> wave your hand over here. there he goes. hi there. how are you? >> i provided a breakfast this morning because it's our 55th wedding anniversary day. i didn't make the breakfast. i just called room service. >> three, four, five. >> this isn't the real palace? does he live here? >> he's a great businessman. >> if he was really concerned about getting american jobs to the united states, he should be endorsing me. >> i want a great candidate. a candidate that is going to beat president obama. >> that's not all that's in my hair. i'll tell you that. i glue it on every morning.
3:41 pm
>> we are awaiting the press conference where we're expecting donald j. trump to endorse mitt romney for president of the united states. with us still is jonathan capehart of the washington post and professor michael eric dyson. i want professor dyson to ask you a question about newt gingrich. do you not think he will be disappointed? he shares many of the views of donald trump particularly about the current president. >> i think inside he will be. you saw donald trump say he wanted somebody that can beat president obama. he doesn't feel at the end of the day, despite their similarities that newt gingrich can beat barack obama because newt gingrich would be a lightening rod that would galvanize the democratic party and liberals and perhaps even independents to sway them over to barack obama.
3:42 pm
mitt romney appears on the surface to be much more reasonable. i think droumpbhe's cast his lo newt gingrich. he's basically said you're fired and trying to take on mitt romney as an apprentice. >> please stay with us as we await the press conference. we'll be right back in just a moment. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, one, two, three ♪ ♪ count the birds in the big old tree ♪ ♪ la la la [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree side by side ♪ but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the charming outfits.
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hold up partner. prilosec can take days to work. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! here are mitt romney and donald trump at the press conference. >> as everybody in this room knows, our country is in serious, serious trouble. whether it's opec or china or virtually anybody that we do business with throughout the world, they take advantage of us, they laugh at us. they can't believe they're good fortunes. i deal with these people. they can't believe what they are
3:45 pm
getting away with. we really have an opportunity to do something great for the country. just a little while ago, i didn't even mention this, but the cpo chief in washington announced that unemployment is going up to 9.2% by some time in january. it's going to go up. the growth rate will be about 1%. this just came out. not good news. it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. i've gotten -- [ applause ] >> whoo!
3:46 pm
>> by the way, this is a great couple you look at this couple. [ applause ] >> mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. governor romney, got out and get them. you can do it. [ applause ] >> thank you. there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. i'm looking for the endorsement of the people of nevada. [ applause ]
3:47 pm
>> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. he understands our economy is facing threats from abroad. he's one of few people that stood up and said china has been cheating. they have taken jobs from americans. they're not fair. we don't believe in allowing people to cheat day in and day out. i'm going to work very, very hard to make sure that the people in this country have a brighter future than that being projected. their analysis of what's going to happen in the future of america is driven by the policies of a president who is failing. he's frequently telling us that he did not cause the recession, and that's true, but he made it long and tepid. so many people have their homes under water. nevada leads the nation in a very negative way.
3:48 pm
if you look at foreclosures of last 90 days, nevada is number one in the nation. this is a very tough time for the people of nevada. i want to do everything in my power to get this economy going again, so people can be in homes they can afford. so people can come here for tourism, so we can have the american people have rising incomes again. so we can make sure america stands strong around the world. we have a president who may be a nice guy, but he's way over his head. he does not understand what i takes to get america working again. i do. i spent my life in the private sector, not quite as successful as this guy, but successful. understanding what it takes to get america to be the most attractive place in the world for innovators and job creators. i want america to be the place people want to come and grow. i will use all of my energy to get america working again to help the people of this country have rising incomes, good jobs and homes that are worth
3:49 pm
something again. i want to say thank you to donald trump for his endorsement. it mean a great deal to have the endorsement of mr. trump and people across this country who care about the future of america. i think it's time for us to recognize that we can't keep going down the road we're on. we have to dramatically change course. we have to restructure the way government interacts with people. our government is too big. it's too intrusive. i will change the way this government is working, and i'll stand up for our friends abroad. thank you for your help and your endorsement today. i look forward to seeing you out on the trail. thank you, donald. [ applause ] >> a couple of people i should
3:50 pm
mention. i see lieutenant governor. dema gwen. >> mitt romney accepting the endorsement of donald trouble. other people laugh at us and we have an opportunity to do something great for our country. describing mitt romney, donald said "mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. go out and get um." i hope that my good friends are still with us. if i can go to professor dyson, what was your response to that earth-shattering event. >> yes. it was of epic proportions to be sure. thankfully, donald trump did engage in a lot of gas bagging. he made his point directly. and the governor, of course, received that. they are odd fellows to a
3:51 pm
certain degree. when romney refused to participate in the debate that donald trump was putting forth, he said he has to come here and pay homage to me. so behind the scenes, they were able to work through their own issues and work it out. now donald trump has endorsed him. i don't think it makes a big difference now, but later on, what will happen is that when you get into the close races and when you get where people whose views are more conservative and right wing, that endorsement may not be something that can be as easily dismissed. >> when mitt romney was receiving the endorsement, he said of donald trump "donald trump knows who tow to create jobs. he understands threats from overseas." maybe he could be secretary of state. clearly, mitt romney is massively impressed with donald trump. >> at least, that's what he's
3:52 pm
saying. that's what you have to say when you're receiving the endorsement from someone. and especially when you're zeing an endorsement from someone who garners this type of media attention and who may or may not, but i suspect that he does, has a serious following of people who like his tone. remember, donald trump wasn't someone who ran on the birth or conspiracy lie. he also spoke in a way that went directly at barack obama, president obama. when you look at the popularity, the rise and fall of newt gingrich, most of it is because he speaks bluntly to the president, which is what the conservative base, which is whey they want. they want someone to get him. him being president obama. >> indeed. professor dyson, it was noticeable that neither were going to be taking questions from reporters.
3:53 pm
i guess they were worry romney might say something to get him in trouble like he's not that concerned about the very poor. >> yeah. maybe that or donald trump would go off in some direction that would be highly embarrassing. but i think in the aftermath of all of this discourse, two rich guys congratulating themselves and acting as if this is world changing when the masses of people they claim to represent or want to represent don't be -- are not able to enjoy a standard of living. >> johnathan part and michael dyson describing a love fest in las vegas. thank you, sir. we'll be right back to clear the air. look! the phillips' lady! we have to thank you for the advice on phillips' caplets. magnesium, right? you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than stimulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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3:57 pm
socialist state, i have been particularly surprised they haven't targeted one of the country's most popular industries. an industry that has not only adopted the elements of socialism, but he's proud of it. it's an industry in which all 32 franchises share profits for a common cause. this is no economic darwinism. this is actually designed to ensure a quality of product for consumers from california to connecticut or from new york to new england. the industry is the national football league. and when he was questioned about this socialism, the head of the nfl was absolutely shameless. >> that's socialism, isn't it? >> it is a form of socialism. and it's worked quite well for us. >> it's an understatement. the nfl has a $6 billion revenue share with the television networks. one of which, our own nbc, will
3:58 pm
televise this weekend's ultimate climax. and this game alone is expected to attract the highest audience in television history. so if this works for sport, why can't it apply to politics? why can't the republican and democratic candidates for president each be allocated an equal dollar amount from a central pool of money? advertising time could also be equally shared so we'd never have a repeat of last week in florida where mitt romney had 12,000 ads and newt gingrich played just 200. of course, politics can be just as aggressive as football, but the candidates would be on an equal footing. they petrified by a super pac coming out of nowhere and then blowing everyone else out of the game. and don't say that's un-american
3:59 pm
or against the spirit of the game because that is the very essence of the most popular game that's ever been played in this country. and this is probably why i've grown to love the game myself because it means that fans from minnesota to manhattan, from medford to miami, can wake up at the beginning of a new season and genuinely believe that their team has a chance to be there on super sunday. that's the america that all of us love and want to see. even if it has been brought about by something that some people call socialism. so go pats. who put that in the prompter? thanks so much for watching. dylan ratigan is in washington. he'll take us forward. >> well said. i'm enjoying your sporting/political metaphors. i spent much of my evening last night fantasizing as to what a no-holds


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