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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  February 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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missing from his bible that happen to be in most other people's bibles. >> you how many times you hear mitt romney love krees and cars, it never gets old. >> when you grow up and get old and have a television show, you cannot celebrate mardi gras the way you once used to. >> thanks, everybody. see you back here tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown" with chuck. >> thank you, william. one week to go. how tight is michigan? mitt romney's ability to survive. can he do it again versus santorum? he's been burning through cash, and he's had one of his worst fund raising months in the campaign. could romney be forced to sell fund? has he already done it? the politics of the pump. the economy is improving. will soaring gas prices hit the brakes on that good news. the republicans think they have
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a hot issue. and the white house is worried they may be right. and monday we plunged into george romney's impact on his son. today the other romney race, including a pivotal senate race of mitt's mother lanor. and the last name is not so golden. it's tuesday, february 21st. somehow i almost said 2010. let's get right to my first read of the morning. with the crucial michigan primary one week away, rick santorum is not backing off his hot rhetoric. he's been doubling down the last few days. what he says are the values that drive the president's politics. >> i was criticized by saying the president has a radical environmental ideology and theology. it's one that puts man just like any other species.
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this president has the priorities out of whack. >> he trusted the media before a boisterous crowd of some 600 packed into a ballroom in ohio. he added. >> i got criticized by some of our, well some members of the press corps. i was criticized yesterday. i know. mainstream media criticized me. what day is today? >> for all weekend long he's been serving up read meat. a lot different than just a month ago. here's a taste of a week ago. >> it's not about your job. it's about a phony ideal. >> the president has reached a new low in this country's history of oppressing religious freedom. >> the greatest generation for a
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year and a half sat in the sidelines while europe was under darkness. >> barack obama needed someone they could believe. >> tell him get off any plane! >> if row can hear from the crowd reaction, the base of the party wants a feisty candidate to go after obama. newt gingrich has been doing it for months. santorum, ironically, i bumped for him in the senate, didn't do it much while he was marching through iowa. we'll see if it pays off for him or if he's flying too close. the next few days may be the most important. but the energy of the crowds contrasted sharply with the
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single low energy event romney held yesterday in cincinnati, amid a pile of boxes. >> i'm going to talk about bill and barbara, separated by a box here. >> social issues have been dominated the news, but romney tried to remind republicans they also care about their pocketbooks. >> senator santorum goes to washington and calls himself a budget hawk. after he's been there, he says he's no longer a budge hawk. i don't want to spend more money than we take in. >> something about it seemed slightly off. just tried to add it on quickly. that's the place you two to raise money. surprisingly romney did lead the candidates in fund raising.
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romney spent three times the amount of money in january. he raised $6.5 million and spent $18.7 million. that was as of january 31st. but it seems clear romney is on the verge of potentially writing his own campaign checkbook, particularly if michigan goes the wrong way. only 2 million separated romney's fund raising from the other candidates in january. gingrich brought in $5.6 million. and paul and santorum raised $4.5 million. and demonstrating the power of super apacs on the republican race, all outraised the counter parts. restore the future raised more than he did. $6.5 million. that's less than the $11 million gingrich's pac brought in. $10 million he said it's unfair
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that i've been treated unfair. i might give $10 million more or $100 million to gingrich. look at this number. this is the president super pac in january. $18,000 raised. now the president spliped on the super pac pledge earlier this month. we'll see what impact that has on march 20th. >> finally, politics at the pump. as prices continue to crime b, why not damage control? a record high for this time of year. and the republican candidates are trying to take advantage. >> this president is doing everything he can to hurt energy production in the country, to drive up the cost of energy. >> the secretary of education --
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i mean the secretary of energy in 2008 said, he really wanted to see american prices get to the poin where they resemble europe. where it's $9 or $10 a gallon. the president said, you know, you ought to buy smaller cars. >> now the white house tried to deflect the votes yesterday. he sent the same story to reporters. today the president signs payroll tax extension in public. don't be surprised if you hear the president mention what the extra $40 a paycheck will buy consumers. remember, the president's campaign team has their own experience on this. the primary in may of '08. both are jumping on the gas price issues. so this is a story the media always grabs onto quickly.
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the consumers feel it quickly. but it also goes away as fast as it comes. mitt romney is trying to stay with social issues and sticking with the economy. the romney campaign is in shelby township, michigan. >> about two hours from now before mitt romney takes the stage. his only public event of the day in michigan. a messaging plant. the message is clear. you can see on the sign behind us, a sign we have rarely seen on the campaign trail that reads cut the spending. and a senior adviser said the campaign will be clear on the focus. they'll continue to talk about jobs, about the economy, and about controlling spending. they contrast that to rick santorum, who in the words of the romney senior adviser is creating a controversy a day, questioning the existence of
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public schools. going after the president's religion and attacking prenatal testing. romney, many have said, needs to win the state, his home state. advisers say they do expect to do well here. but no one individual state is a must-win. as for rick santorum, already on his way to arizona. ahead of tomorrow night's debate. certainly before next week's vote in arizona and michigan. while the debate is important and the strategy is now in place it's not the be all end all of the campaign. they're trying to down play expectations being given to santorum, who has the new front-runner treatment. what's the latest from here, chuck. back to you. >> interesting expectations from rick santorum and romney. let's go to policy. iran is warning it may take p
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preemptive action. so what are they talking about exactly when they say p preemptive? is it about cutting off exports before the europeans start buying the oil? >> no, no, chuck. this is a totally different issue. this is from the deputy commander of iran's joint forces. he has nothing to do with the oil. this is talking about if iran gets attacked. he said iran wouldn't wait for the threats to become a reality. it would launch a strike itself. drills taking part of 75,000 square miles of southern iran.
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all of this is going on while a major delegation of inspectors are in tehran for the second visit in two months trying to establish the scope of iran's nuclear program. this morning iran's foreign ministry program said they won't be able to visit new facilities. they wan to visit the bay in perspective of using highly explosive tests related to nuclear warhead. it doesn't look like you'll be table to visit that place. which begs the question, how useful will it be and what results will it yield in the next report due out in the next few weeks. chuck? >> there's usually a pattern with the iranians. the more they saber rattle publicly, the more they're trying to get -- speed up goeshss privately with the plus one. is that what we're seeing going on in the expectation in the last few days?
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>> without a doubt. they want to negotiate from the position of strength. they've greeed to talk again after the fourth collapse a year ago. they don't want to just talk about the nuclear issues. they want to talk about the regional issues. but this is iran trying to build itself up, to look strong. >> ali. thanks very much. keep in mind, this iran standoff is also impacting gas prices. up next, party crashers. anxious republicans starting to whisper about a brokered convention. what about a third party candidate? that ends up shaking up the race. we'll tell you the big names still toying with a third party challenge. plus family ties achl deep dive into the romney roots of
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michigan and the successes and failures on the ballot in michigan. the romney family name doesn't guarantee success in the home state unless your first name is gorge. first a look ahead at the president's schedule. we'll hear the president not just talk about payroll tax cuts. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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ross perot jumped in against george bush. backing the last serious candidate to run. you see another third party candidate get a real shot at impacts the race for the white house. they're seeking to nominate a bipartisan or nonpartisan candidate. and then cofounder of the group no labels to try to get partisan ship out of american politics. good luck with that, mark. let me start with you. americans elect. i know you don't like to call yourself a third party. you're trying to be another way to get a nominating process off the ground. there are candidate committees. these are the most popular american-elect candidates so far in order. ron paul on top.
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rick sanders is third. now we see ron paul and barack obama. you have always assumed that the actual candidate will seek your nomination. well the entire endeavor is opening up a process that's closed. you mentioned perot. the americans elect is basically giving the 50 state ballot access. you can sign up and participate in another competition. we opened that up with about three weeks ago. >> these are all draft committees. but we're opening up the process in the last few weeks. we've seen hundreds of thousands of people show up. we're interested in the idea that they could have a voice.
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>> it takes place in may. at the end end of a june an independent ticket will emerge. >> mark, mackinnon, play political strategist here. there was a time that we all thought between your organization and americans elect there would be a vacuum between march and may where you would see this chatter and hammering about a third party candidate. does that become an impediment? >> no, i think it's increasing talk about a third party candidacy. people see the train wreck and chaos on the republican side. this satisfaction is generally across the board. and a lot more attention to it.
9:20 am
you made a great point. 20 years ago ross perot was running. we looked at pattern recognition. actually it was like 80 points worse. so it's so ripe right now. it's going to happen. there's going to be it. it's very exciting. it's a bold, innovative idea. the environment is perfect particularly for what's happening on the republican side. we see tom friedman's company. he could be a vice presidential candidate. he would be perfect for anybody, a republican or a democrat, given his independent history. there's no question it's going to happen. the question is what impact will it have? i think a right winger would win. it will qualify.
9:21 am
i'm very certain of that. and we think about the impact that ross perot had. >> let me ask you this. my frustration in watching this, and i'll say to you, because of what no labels is trying to do, which is is the problem really the executive branch? is that where the two party polarization is the problem? or the is problem on capitol hill? it's congress that has record lows. it's the negative nature between a democratic incentive and they can't seem to get anything done. yet all of the ire is on the radical middle, if you will. how come we're not seeing true third party candidacies step up?
9:22 am
>> well, it starts with leadership. it will relate to policy. it's highly unlikely that whoever is on the ticket will talk about policy that goes to simpson-boles idea. it seems obvious to everyone out there we need more revenue and entitlement reforms. we're talking about unity in the sense that we have to work towards solutions. once that happens at the presidential level, everybody else in the senate n the congress is saying if it's getting that reaction i better look at what's happening at my seat. >> there's a procedural point here, too. the fact of the matter is when you look at getting on the ballot, it's about getting the signatures on paper. that's going to extend it to 2014 and 2016. so people want systemic
9:23 am
political change. it's coming through american elects. >> have you guys released all what you've done publicly? some wonder who is funding americans elect. we don't know. >> sure, a lot of the donors is going to step forward. one donor john burbank has stepped forward. he's talked about why he's donates. >> and you have millions more? >> some will step forward. some might not. i can't speak necessarily to that. the thing they're funding is 50 state ballot access. they're not giving money to candidates. the only thing they can fund is the able for the american people to have another choice. you get your ballot access for free. you done have to worry. >> romney, do you expect the chatter to grow, become deafening if you will, it's
9:24 am
santorum that starts becoming a front-runner for the nomination and the front-runner for delegates? >> it already does. as it happens, romney becomes less and less attractive as a general election candidate. either outcome at this point is providing a lot of energy towards the notion of an alternative like the american elect did. >> i think something is going to happen. we shall see. thank you both. all right, the dow flirting with 13,000 today. the market rundown is next. plus, after the hour hour, our deep dive into what other romneys have done when they have run for office in senate.
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the 1970 senate run helped shape her early views on abortion. first today's trivia question. here is a good one. how many u.s. presidents were neither a senator nor a governor before becoming president. the first correct answer will get a follow-up tuesday promise ♪
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syria's president is sending tanks and others to the outskirts, setting the stage for a possible ground invasion of the country. this is what increasingly looks like a civil war. government forces are trying to crash what's been a near yearlong up rising. thousands of afghans gathered
9:29 am
today to protest the burning of korans and other materials during trash disposal at a u.s. base. a top commander has publicly apologized, saying it was not done intentionally. today is fat tuesday or mardi gras. it's highlighted by wild parades from the garden district to the french quarter. it's all over at midnight when lint begins. and now it's time for the market rundown. becky quick is here. market is going to hit 13,000 today or not? >> it looks like it. we might do it in about 30 seconds away. right now the party is not just in new orleans but also here on wall street. 12,949. so 5 is points away. it looks like the dow futures are indicating an open of 42 or
9:30 am
43 points higher. really within a couple of points of the $13,000 level. it's a key to people watching. it's an important level psychologically, too. we have news pushing higher this morning. part of that is greece. we got earnings from home depot much better than expected. we had some analysts on saying this is the signal that the housing would turn. now, that's been there is some bat stuff out there. wal-mart came out with earnings. they were not as good as expected. that stock will be opening lower today. and oil prices have been creeping ever higher. $105 we touched on just a few minutes ago. so oil prices at the highest
9:31 am
level in nine months. unnominatable, you're making up words. >> you codo that. they're going to make up policy decisions. we can make up words. >> you're very nominatable for this.
9:32 am
. romney's name will have appeared on the statewide bat lol seven times. the romney name hasn't had this misfortune since his term as governor. a 19-year-old romney was back from michigan when his mother made a run for the u.s. senate. >> indeed i do. e i'm very upset with the country. i think we had the most disastrous period our country has ever known domestically. >> according to reports, her husband george who was the housing secretary at the time,
9:33 am
pushed her to make the establishment's candidate of choice if you will. it was unclear to her democratic opponent which romney he was running against. republican, excuse me. >> you refer to mr. romney more often than mrs. rop knee whocmn. who are you running against? >> i wish i knew. >> she would go onto win by a landslide. mitt romney had this to say about his mother. >> i believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. i have is ins the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a u.s. senate candidate. >> nearly 30 years later, mitt romney's brother would have a failed bid for governor. he was once again urged to run as the establishment's choice
9:34 am
scott's ex-wife ran under the romney ram herself. she lost to long time michigan senator carl levin. she also ran in 1994 but lost in that primary to spencer abraham. it would be 40 years after romney's last term as governor before another romney would win a statewide race. it was mitt. he beat john mccain in the 2008 republican primary. as we know he would later lose the nomination. in one week we'll see if the romney name will be enough to win in michigan. joining me now is political analyst, an old friend of the hot line there. the editor and publisher of inside politics. it's good to see you. even if on a remote camera. >> good morning, chuck. >> well, the romney brand as we lay it out here. it's george romney's brand that is gold. the name itself has not always meant success in michigan republican politics.
9:35 am
why? >> well, there was only one judge. he floundered against phil. who was the democratic icon in michigan, as you know. it would have been very hard to beat him. if she won she would probably still be senator today. scott romney was elected statewide, mitt's brother to the university of florida trustees. so the romney name has not done as badly as i think you portrayed a few minutes ago. as you point out, he beat john mccain in the try mare in 2008. >> is the romney brand a
9:36 am
republican brand, a moderate brand, a conservative brand? what is so striking is his father was a mod ratd who embraced it. mitt romney has been running away from it because of where the republican party is today. is the romney brand in michigan considered a republican brand or moderate brand? >> it's a little bit of both. in the romney party he's still revered as a name because george was so instrumental in bringing the republican party out of the wilderne wilderness. i was a rockefeller republican at the time. and today and even then, people in the party who were conservative or mistrustful of george romney as the conservative wing of the party has been mistrustful of mitt romney today.
9:37 am
>> let me ask you about the primary campaign going on right now. the former vice chair of gm saying he was so angry at mitt romney, he went ahead and participated. voted for santorum as a protest over mitt romney. how much do you think there will be an anti-romney vote a little bit orchestrated by democrats to do a crossover. sort of the way the bush campaign accused mccain of in 2007. are some angry auto workers and execs? >> good question, chuck. in michigan we do not register by party. there are no such thing as registered democrats, independents or republicans. anybody can vote on february 28th. so how many independents and democrats are going to raid the republican primary?
9:38 am
back in 2000 enough of them raided the primary and voted for john mccain in overwhelming numbers that he beat george w. bush. but john mccain was a more moderate candidate than george w. bush. the candidates against romney are not more moderate. he's the moderate. they are more conservative. so the motivation cannot be because they find somebody less objectionable than ploms. these three candidates are all going to be more obsable to most democrats and independents. among republicans, chuck, there's not going to be a difference of opinion on the auto bailout. all three opponents of mitt romney and the republican primary basically take the position that he does. >> there you go. bill, long time analyst, publisher and editor of inside michigan politics. glad to see you're on twitter.
9:39 am
i'll make sure people are following you. this is a crucial week. thank you, bill. >> thank you, chuck. >> our political panel is here next. we have a new ad to show you. the ron paul, mitt romney bromance continues even on a negative level. in honor of mardi gras. chicken and sausage gum bow. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement. i saw people crawling on the floor. and so i got down, too. and then when i was looking out i saw someone look in amazement to the front. i knew they had shot my husband. >> this was this day in 1965 when malcolm x was shot and killed in new york city.
9:43 am
malcolm x had called himself a marked man less than a week before he died. three members of the nation of islam were sentenced in his killing. rick santorum insisted again last night he did not intend to question the president's christianity when he criticized his, quote, phony theology. then he brought up an interesting name. >> he went to reverend wright's church for 20 years. you can question what kind of theology reverend wright has. it's a christian church. he says he's a christian. look, i'm not going to question what the president believes in when it comes to his faith. >> nbc political analyst michael steele is a former chairman of the political party. the former secretary of president obama.
9:44 am
i noticed something with santorum, over the last week, that it was different than the rick santorum i went and covered at interview in the days run up to iowa which is he tossing out red meat. throwing out stuff at the base that the fired up anti-obama base of the republican party wants to hear. and then just now last night name dropping reverend wright, which, of course, we know, is even more red meat. >> pushing romney into a corner. he's doing it by drawing stark parallels on him that are certainly untouched in the last few months of the primary. he's using it as a rallying cry to say i'm the fighter. i'm the fighter. i'm going to touch that third rail on these issues in addition to what i'm saying about the economy.
9:45 am
he puts in one or two to remind people that i'm the fighter. that's a clear distinction between him and romney. >> i'm not sure what we're watching. on one hand we've seen that the candidate tw the hottest rhetoric against the president surges, does capture the moment. donald trump, michele bachmann, rick perry, newt gingrich. now we've all credited the fade with their own stumbles or with mitt romney, but could it be maybe some in the republican party that first love it, and then they realize, maybe that isn't what we need? >> songs. i think mitt romney maxes out on his support. so you see all these people g getting gradations of support and then they leave. they never go to romney. they might stay home. two things about romney. people think he's flat and they don't think he's a fighter. when i interviewed voters in
9:46 am
iowa and florida, they all said we need a fighter. electability is good. we don't think romney can fight. >> bill, you're a veteran of the '08 campaign. there's something about that primary electorate that is hungry for a win. wants a little more red meat. was an effective strategy of obama versus hillary? you portrayed senator clinton as somebody not ready to take on the fight. >> i think chairman steele makes a great point. this election is about the economy. even though there's all this energy the the media around the theology comments, santorum is mostly talking about the economy. republican primary votes when nair listening to romney and santorum, what they hear is a message a lot more compelling from santorum than romney. after months and months they're looking at his economic message and there's nothing there. >> is instruction right, then? it's the media focusing on all
9:47 am
his conservative comments and not focusing on the the message he does. >> he then feeds that by answering the question. the beauty of rick santorum, for better or for worse. >> that's a good question. let me tell you about my economic plan. which is what i was saying about the speeches. that's what he does in the speech. then he'll throw in the read meat on the social issues. as for romney, 59-point plan. when does he talk about it? how does he talk about it? what do people know about it? that's the gap that you've seen there. >> i want to quickly talk money. the story is -- i think there's two stories. one is mitt romney may be running out of money if he loses michigan. we can see the contours of that a little bit, that he doesn't have enough small donors for now. but two, the other large story here. we'll get to yours in a minute.
9:48 am
well, that is just stunning, actually. >> i think the super pacs will have a role in the general. i know we were talking about that they're not. but what i see is us not going to issues at all. this is going too be the most negative campaign. >> we've already seen it. >> and it's going to continue into the general. it's going to be trying to find the other guy and tearing him down. you guys have 58,000 and some change and 83 cents. i take it since the president reversed the course of super pacs your fund raising has gotten better. has it? >> a couple things on that. it may be halftime in america. but it's not halftime in the republican primary yet. as democrats engage there will be more interest and more fund raising on the democratic side. second, of course big money will do more for republicans.
9:49 am
we have a long time until the election. >> were you inhibited by the president's stance on super cuts? >> well, a lot of people weren't sure how important super pacs will be. i think the con stallation of things that have happened. the raise of super pa krrk s on the republican side and how much there has been. >> when we come back, a new ron paul negative ad not after the front-runner. we'll bring it to you after the break. since 1934 how many u.s. presidents were neither a senator nor a governor before they became president. the answer is three. george h.w. bush. gerald ford and dwight eisenhower. we'll be right back. shazi: seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would.
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is this dude serious? seriously? santorum threatened to raise it
9:53 am
double the size. santorum threatened to send billions of our tax dollars to north korea and egypt and even hooked planned parenthood up with a few million bucks. rick santorum, a fiscal conservative? fake. >> okay, guys. i've given it away, but was that the romney super pac or the romney campaign? no. it was ron paul's campaign. the bromance lives. >> he does. he's having fun with i, but it's not going to work. i think there's a different feel out there with santorum than there was for gingrich, and the gingrich thing, i think a lot of people kind of bought into that narrative. santorum, think they want to run with this guy a little bit and see what he does. so those kind of bromads don't work. >> maybe paul will, you know --
9:54 am
he's got the conventions better organized. >> think about the ads he ran against some of the other. he called huntsman the -- >> he's tougher on newt -- >> he has this kind of grandpa demeanor during the debates but these ads are really sharp. >> it is stunning. i do want to play this sound really quickly of the talk. one of the names that gets brought up is mitch daniels. he was asked about it. listen to what he said. okay. well we don't have it. but here's what he say. he was asked by wthr in indianapolis. he said, i'd like to participate and help fashion a winning race. he says what a deadlock if they turn on you. a, it's unlikely to happen, b, let's find somebody else. that's the classic denial, denial, denial. >> it sounds like he's still not enthusiastic to be president. mitt romney has everything but
9:55 am
support. mitch daniels, i don't think, really wants the job. >> i'll tell you what, michael. you hear this chatter that he's quietly at least keeping an eye on filing deadlines, the old political director in him, the reagan white house, working with haley barbour. he knows there's 600 or 700 delegates he could grab. >> if some individual comes in, some white knight comes in, they'll go through the roof, through their minds on this thing because the reality for them is we've gone through this fight with a lot of these guys and, you know, we'll work this out. we don't need you coming in at the last minute. so brokert, no, contentious, yes. >> shameless plug. >> new job starts at politico. follow me on twitter at lois romano. very excited. >> and you're going to get the sketch. >> i'll get the sketch. hopefully it will be attractive.
9:56 am
>> my friend maybe "friday of birmingham." my shameless plug is for my friend to win an oscar. >> you have spent super pac money. influence the vote. and mr. steele. >> i've got a piece up on black history month and does it really matter on the >> all right. i bet you that's some interesting comments you're getting there. >> a lot of controversy. >> all right. that's it for this edition of the daley rundown. we'll see you back here tomorrow. coming up next on msnbc, chris "jansing & co." have a great tuesday. bye buy.
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