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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  March 5, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. good morning. i'm chris jansing. less than 24 hours until the polls open in ohio. it's the most important of 11 super tuesday states. a day that could completely change the race. a new wall street journal poll shows republicans are starting to fall in behind mitt romney. but it's come at a price for the gop. first the horse race. romney scores 38%. rick santorum is at 32%. >> having just won five contests in a row now suggests i'm getting greater support. that's because people want to see someone replace barack obama. >> our poll suggests that republicans have been badly
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damaged by the nomination fight. 40% now have a less favorable opinion of the gop. and as to describe the rice in one word, they said unenthusiastic and depressed. for rick santorum, tomorrow is arguably his make or break moment. >> i think we're doing fine. but look. every time you get to these races and governor romney goes out there and outspends you four to one, it's going to take a toll. this is a game of survival. >> joining me today is susan page and joe cohnson. good morning. >> good morning. >> there are signs that tea partiers and the most conservative republicans are starting to coalesce behind mitt romney. but should he be concerned about the damage this race is doing. his favorable and unfavorable rating is 28% to 29% 39%.
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>> romney has sustained unexpected damage in this primary. because the last thing you expect in a republican primary is for other republicans to go after your personal wealth, business connections, that's what democrats are supposed to do. instead early this this process, newt gingrich and others in the republican party have attacked romney over issues that will sort of come to light in the poll. >> has it damaged him or the party overall? >> i think it's done some of each. it's damaged him personally because it's revealed a lot about him that people, i think, in the romney campaign would not want you to know right away. and it's also hurt the party because the acrimony of the debate has depressed republic s republicans. >> there was a time when four years ago, susan, the feeling
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was that a tough race really helped barack obama because it kind of battle hardened him. will things change for mitt romney if he's the nominee? will the numbers turn around? >> he's taken some damage here. there's one normminee who was i worse shape at this point and that was bill clinton in 1992. so it is possible for a candidate to repair the damage that's been done. and the one way in which this nbc poll is good for romney is it's frightening for republicans to look at what they thought was a winnable race for the white house in november look increasingly distant. it looks harder than they thought it was going to be. it's likely to accelerate this process of coalescing behind romney. >> there's a lot of good news for the president. 50% now approve of the job he's doing. he beats romney by six points. this is how the pollster peter heart put it. "president obama is probably in
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the best political shape he's been in his since initial year of president." is he right? >> i think he is right. the president is further ahead. he's more competitive against the republicans in those battleground states even than he is nationally. this is because of the improving economy. it's because of the rescue of the auto industry. a whole host of factors. plus the aftershocks of the republican campaign. >> and it is interesting. you look at this poll and there are a lot of signs that people think the economy is getting better. they feel better about their own prospect, susan. it's so interesting to me. we have been talking about social issues, but is it going to come back to if things are getting better and people feel their life is improving, the president wins? >> it's always the case. we should never forget. unless you're in the midst of a
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terrible war, the economy is the issue that matters the most. you can't spend the economy. people know whether unemployment is getting better. they know whether they sense their income is going up and whether their kids can get a job and afford to pay tuition atd a college. and therefore, if the economy continues to get better, that's a big boost. one other thing helping obama is the swing we have seen among women. we have had these social issue debates that is continuing. that's been as damaging to the republicans because it's hurting them among women in the middle and that's the swing group in politics. >> i want you to standby. but i want to bring in debbi wasserman shultz. good morning. how are you? >> good morning. >> i'm sure you heard this conversation. let me play devil's advocate. in a hypothetical matchup, he's
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only beating mitt romney by six. once the nomination fight is over, republicans think the field will be set. the matchup will look different. are you concerned about that? has the nominating fight been helping you? >> we have always been expecting this race to be extremely competitive, which is why we have spent the republicans entire nominating contest used it as an organizing tool. state by state, neighborhood by neighborhood, we have been standing up the most grass roots campaign in american history. we have opened dozens of offices across the country, actually far more than that. hundreds of thousands of phone calls and door knocks. i was in ohio over the weekend. we had a thousand democrats at the ohio democratic party legacy dinner on friday night. they are really excited and motivated and enthusiastic.
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and mitt romney in particular has been taking on water so badly because he's had to run so far to the right. he's been so expreem trooem. look at a state like ohio where he's running in the super tuesday primary. he's never going to get away from the fact that he doubled down on letting detroit go bankrupt. ohio's unemployment rate is coming down. it's at 7.7%. we have to keep pushing it downward and fight to make sure that the middle class and working families can get a fair shake. >> let me ask you about another key issue. this is a negative in the poll and that's gas prices. 49% say the impact of gas prices have a great deal or quite a bit of impact on their lives. 55% say the government has a great deal or quite a bit of control over the price. there's a lot of talk from candidates that the president isn't doing enough to lower gas prices. to the point we were talking about before that it's all about
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the economy, could this be the president's achilles heel? >> president obama has been focused on an all of the above strategy while republicans have been focused on basically a bumper sticker approach. drill baby drill. we have to look at as president obama has said, a short-term and long-term strategy using all of our domestic production capabilities as well as investments in alternative energy like wind and solar and hydroelectric power. >> i guess the bottom line is -- >> it's not a message. it's policy. >> i also think members of the administration have acknowledged that a lot of these policies are not going to change the dial between now and november. >> and that's the case for any president. any president that tells you, and president obama mentioned this the other day at the university of miami in south florida, they can affect gas prices in the short-term. it's just making things up. we're at the point where we have
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had many domestic production right now than we have in more than eight years. we're doing everything we can. we're throwing everything we can and making sure we can begin to get ourselves off the dependence on foreign oil and stop depending on our enemies. the only answer for republicans is to drill, drill, drill. nast not a short-term or short-term strategy. nor is it it going to do anything to bring down gas prices in the short-term. we have to focus on this in a realistic way. >> i want to ask you something that's dominating the headlines. rush limbaugh apologizing for calling a student a slut. here was newt gingrich's reaction. >> i'm astonished at the desperation of the e elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the president's apology to religious fanatics in afghanistan, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the great depression, and to decide that rush limbaugh is the great national crisis of
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this week. >> is this kind of rhetoric on the part of republicans helping you? >> well, it's clear that mitt romney and the republican field are so upside down with independents because of sentiments like that. you know, rush limbaugh's apology notwithstanding, he lost six advertisers. forgive me if i doubt his sincerity. at the end of the day, he claimed he was trying to be humorous. i don't know any woman in america being called a slut humorous. it's important to understand the contrast here. president obama believes that women should have access to important health care like contraception, like prenatal care, like mammograms and mitt romney believes that we should support the blunt-rubio amendment, which makes sure bosses decide what kind of health care females can have. that's the kind of thing that's going to make a difference for women in the fall.
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>> debbi wasserman shultz, it sounds like you have been talking to a lot of voters over the weekend. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> susan, that brings us back to the point that you were making about women. you know, when romney was asked about rush limbaugh's remarks about miss fluke, he said it's not the language i would have used. do you think he missed an opportunity to take a stronger stand? that might have appealed to independents and women? >> i think he probably did because this doesn't seem like a very close call. it's more than inappropriate language. i think even a lot of republicans would agree with that. and this is a debate, you know the white house would be happy to have the debate from now until november. the issues that would hurt with president obama are economic. his stewardship of the economy, the role of government as we try to work on issues like health care and improving the
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manufacturining sector, those a issues republicans could have an advantage over president obama. not these. >> i don't want to overwhelm people with polls, but when you look at the numbers again we're seeing the shift. during the summer of 2011, it was pretty close. now they are in favor of democrats. the swing was bigger among suburban women, who we talk about as the people who move the presidential race. do republicans need to stop talking about this? >> this was not a close call. this is like the moment in the '88 campaign when michael dew kau cause asked how he would feel if somebody attacked his wife. this is somebody with great power attacking a woman with no power and a bunch of republicans running away and hiding until finally they had to say something. what they said wasn't much. every woman, and i hope every man, understands what this is. this is men running away from a
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chance to stand up in defense of somebody defenseless. people don't like it. >> and it's showing up in the polls. always good to have you, joe. susan page, thanks so much. >> thank you, chris. the otheryyn;q÷ big story. an update on the tornados. the death toll stands at 39. this comes after baby angel died yesterday after she was found badly injured in a field after her family had been killed. and a blanket of snow fell overnight. it now covers the damage of the storm-ravaged city of henriville. as many as 79 tornadoes touched down on friday and saturday. we'll take you live coming up in 20 minutes. and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists,
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just about half an hour from now, president obama will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. already a strange relationship. they will be talking about iran and its nuclear program. in a speech to a lobbying group yesterday, president obama laid out his position. he will not tolerate a nuclear iran, but does not believe a strike on iran would serve the interest of the u.s. or israel. >> iran's leaders should understand i do not have a policy of containment. i have a policy of preventing iran from having a nuclear weapon. i would ask that we all remember the weightiness of these issues. the stakes involved for israel, for america, and for the world. already there's too much lose talk of war. >> michael sing is managing director of the washington institute and a former senior
10:18 am
director at the national security council. always good to see you. the president's speech was a tight rope. he needed to demonstrate his commitment to israel, but not signal american support for a preemptive strike on iran. how do you think he did? >> chris, clearly he was trying to convey a tougher position than in the past. in part, the real question will be do they trust him? will prmpl benjamin netanyahu look at the speech and meet with the president today and come away feeling reassured? what i think president obama wants here is time. he wants time for sanctions and diplomacy to work. he thinks that it could possibly work. >> take us inside that room then with the president and prime minister. it's been a deteriorating relationship over the palestinian yquestion. but what do you think the conversation is going to be
10:19 am
like? >> there's a lot of agreement now between the united states and israel. neither side wants iran to get a nuclear weapon. neither side wants a war with iran, but both sides have taken a tough policy they will con m contemplate military action if necessary. the real question is not tactics and strategy, but of the objective. would president obama accept some form of limited nuclear program in iran and would that be acceptable to israel? then there's this question of trust and timing. will the united states move fast enough for israel? and the think the president and prime minister will try to hash the issues out and try to come to common positions not only on sweeping issues, but the details, which are quite important. >> the speech, as you well know, prompted the republican presidential candidates to attack the president for not taking a tough enough stand against the ambitions. let me play a couple sound bytes. >> lose talk of republicans, an
10:20 am
iran without a nuclear weapon and a new regime. neither which he's doing much about. >> it's pretty straight forward in my view if president obama gets reelected, iran will have a nuclear weapon. >> to your point, that one message the president will take is israel needs to give the sanctions an opportunity to work. is it harder when you have republican rivals adopting this harder stance, which frankly, closer to what benjamin netanyahu's way of thinking has been. >> i think in part because it makes the iranians have to take a second look. they have to worry about what might happen in november if in fact president obama loses and someone who is harder lined and tougher comes into office. that could be helpful. and i think the criticism that they are making really draws from one a sort of realization that president obama wasn't behind many of the sanctions that have been passed in the past few months. it was really congress and the
10:21 am
eu. then this fact that despite all the sanctions and everything we have done, iran's nuclear program is expandsing. it hasn't stopped. this is a game of grades of pass or fail. that's a core problem. >> the white house doesn't think there's any way they would agree to that. is the president right on that account? >> this is a big question now. the position of the united states officially as enshrined in the u.n. security council resolutions is iran cannot enrich you are yan rum -- uranium. that's one of the issues that the prime minister and president will need to speak about today. >> we'll hear more later on today. we appreciate the preview.
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thank you. right now, civil rights leaders and protesters are on an historic five-day, 50-mile march. they are recreating the path that martin luther king jr. took four decades ago this week protesting the stricter voter i.d. and immigration laws. our msnbc host and congressman john lewis. it will end friday at the alabama state capital. reverend sharpton will join us at 11:00 a.m. eastern. losing weight clicked for us when we realized we could eat whatever we wanted and still lose weight.
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10:26 am
might be calling to tell you who to vote for. >> hi. this is barbara bush calling for romney for president on behalf of our friend mitt romney. we have known the romney's for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and ann will make a great first lady. >> but interesting to note, mrs. bush changed the script. the campaign wanted her to say i'm supporting mitt for one year. the country can't afford president obama for four more years. >> this place always has a special feeling in my heart because when i grew up, i was thinking about davy crockett. i remember the song. raised in the woods so he know every three. remember that?
10:27 am
>> i wonder why he didn't sing it? and there could be a secret deal going on to bring back the grand bargaining in congress. they are working behind closed doors on a plan to cut the deficit and raise revenues. an update on the tornadoes and snowstorms that ravaged the midwest and why ohio is the biggest prize of all on super tuesday. that's next. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on foreign oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zero is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. yeah, you -- you know,
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it's one of the heartbreaking stories from the tornado zone. baby angel found clinging to life alone in a field in indiana has been taken off life support becoming the 39th victim of the deadly storms. her mother, father, and siblings all killed by the twister that ripped apart their home. the family had gone next door to ride out the storm holding hands, praying with their neighbor.
10:31 am
then the storm hit. >> the point when i realized that the couch was going to be gone, i do remember being sucked up into the air and knowing that the house was going up. the entire house got sucked up. but then i don't remember anything other than opening my eyes at one point when i was way up in the twister. at some point, i did open my eyes and somehow i remember looking down and realizing i was 50 feet in the air and spinning in a twister. >> let's head straight to henriville, indiana. tom has been telling these stories since friday night. how are folks coping now? you have the snow and cold, which can't be great for cleanup. >> reporter: my first line to you was going to be, chris, adding insult to injury, take a look at the snow. they got a couple inches overnight. this is the way the whole town
10:32 am
looks. we're not just picking one corner. this is everywhere you look. it's a 360-degree span of total and absolute devastation. when you think about what does the snow do, these are peoples' lives out here. these are their cherished possessions. whether it's pictures or clothes, you name it. not only was it blown out and thrown across the town for everybody to walk through, but now it's covered in snow. you may hear heavy equipment starting up behind me. they are trying to move as much debris off the roadways as they can. and the vehicles are behind the camera. but they are moving it to eventually get power and light crews in here. this is just literally everything here has been decimated. there's just nothing in henriville. you talk about how it affects
10:33 am
peopl peoples' lives. thu think about the post office. people are worried about getting meds. phone service, cell service, heat, electricity, water, all those things. we ran into a woman this morning and she lost everything with her daughter. they rode the storm out. this morning she woke up and said i'm going to work. it's better than sitting here in the cold and wet and rain and crying all day. that's kind of where this town is. they are picking up as best they can. but now they have to pick up through the snow. >> real quickly. are you seeing folks come in? whether it's insurance adjusters or cleanup crews? is "the help" starting to come in? >> reporter: all weekend, we saw lots of state police. they are very welcome. we're concerned about lewders. i would call them scum bags. the insurance adjusters are here. the national guard troops are here to help out. and we saw an army of civilians
10:34 am
coming into these towns, complete strangers from all over the country coming to help out. we talked to people. they said i don't know anybody who lives in this town, but i'm going to make sure they get as much picked up as they can. especially before the snowfall. >> it's amazing how people respond in times of need all across america. tom, good to see you. thank you for the update. a couple other stories to update you on. a trial begins today in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by two of the virginia tech students killing during a shooting rampage. school officials waited too long before alerting the students. the university president will be among those called as witnesses. and with tears in his eyes, vladimir putin celebrated his return to service. but they are boycotting the results. he said the tears were from the cold and wind and not emotion.
10:35 am
to give you an idea of how super this tuesday is in the presidential race, 290 delegates have been up for grabs so far. tomorrow alone, it's another 424. and the contest is ohio, where a poll shows it's a jump ball. rick santorum and mitt romney in a dead heat. the director of the mer ris poll joins us. >> it's been trending romney's way. he's won five in a row. there's a sense of urgency. 70% say he's likely to be the nominee including a majority of the santorum backers. there's a sense of voters that he's probably going to win. romney is going to be the nominee. maybe we're damaging ourselves as a party by dragging this out because obama is on the sidelines and opening up a lead. >> do you think that's what may
10:36 am
tip this in romney's favor? >> and a little heavier now on eligibility. that's been driving him to this point. now the inevitability clocks in. and there's a sense, i think, that as we look at the nbc "wall street journal" poll where obama is ahead by six over romney nationally, we have obama ahead of romney ahead by 12 in ohio, a pivotal state. this is a republican party. as a result of this primary process that's in disarray. they need to unify and do it sooner than later. >> a set of key numbers is that all these republicans, half are still searching for their dream candidate. >> there you go. this is a lukewarm endorsement of romney at best. folks are telling us in ohio and also in virginia that you can see here, in ohio 46% say they would like someone else to run.
10:37 am
only half say they are satisfied with the candidates. so this is not exactly a ringing endorsement, but nonetheless that's the feel. the virginia numbers here are more negative. but the bottom line is in the swing states, both of which these are, president obama's leading and leading substantially. so it may be well advised for the republicans to bring the show to a close in terms of the process and start focusing back on the economy and president obama. >> there's some indication that the establishment would like to get this done. tell me because you have perspective on this. we were talking about it earlier on in the show. does it change the e equation? let's say santorum doesn't win ohio and it looks like the inevitability train is going faster down the track for mitt romney. once there's a nominee, do the numbers tighten up? >> sure. obama is pretty much getting what he got four years ago. it's not like he's having this massive surge.
10:38 am
you have the republican party that's in disarray. you see against romney, it's 50%. he only got 52% in ohio last time. it's not like he's doing better. >> he has been trending overall. how much of this is the fact that people feel more positively about him, about the economy, about their future economic prospects, and how much of it is the negative towards republicans? >> it's now a one-two punch. his approval rating has gone up. 50%. we see is at 51% in virginia. 45% in ohio. he's not doing as well in ohio yet. the numbers are being supported by the fact that people are feeling a little better about the economy. we ask if the worst is behind us. people are saying we have turned the economic corner right now and things are getting better. the worst is behind us. not that the worst is yet to come. that shifts the context.
10:39 am
republicans have to bring this to a close. then they start closing the gap as we move through the conventions and into the fall. then we'll be seeing whether it's a different picture than it is now. right now, it's not a pretty picture for republicans. >> always great to see you. thank you. >> let me bring in tom davis, who is a mitt romney supporter. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> there are more a few strategists who said ohio could clinch the nomination for mitt romney. it's hard to see how rick santorum moves ahead if he doesn't win. do you buy that? is this make or break? >> no. i think it's going to go on for awhile. >> does that hurt the republican party? >> ohio is proportional voting. gingrich will take most of georgia. i'm talking straight delegates here. you have oklahoma and tennessee. then the next week, you rotate to alabama and mississippi.
10:40 am
not exactly romney strongholds. but he's piling up delegate leads every day. and he has the advantage. this becomes a war of attrition. he has the financial advantage to carry him through. i'm confident of that at the end. but as long as his opposition stays in, they are going to continue to get media and the race is still open until you clinch it. ohio win will be a big win. we have eight months before the next election. >> let me ask you about your candidate and some numbers from our new "wall street journal" poll. his number one positive for mitt romney is that he's knowledgeable about the issues. number one negative is he waffles on issues. we have seen that flip-flop tag help to kill other campaigns in the past. it's an ongoing problem for him. i don't think he helped himself last week going back and forth
10:41 am
on the blunt amendment. how damaging is this perception? >> well, look. i think at the end of the day, this is going to be a race between obama and romney. and it's going to be what's the condition of the country? where's unemployment? where's gas prices? where's the middle east? these are macrofactors that are going to shape the electorate. romney is as well poised as anybody to take advantage of the problems that the obama administration has faced. he's been a leader. he's been a turn around artist in the olympics and in massachusetts. he has the persona of a leader. he may have waffled along the way and not connect to the average voter, but people see him as an acceptable alternative to the obama administration. that's his strength. he doesn't have a lot of flies on him. a lot of negatives by himself the way the other candidates have developed. he's going to be a strong candidate. it's going to be a close race.
10:42 am
>> thank you, congressman. i want to bring in msnbc policy analyst ezra cline. let me give you my take away. you have republicans who designed their plan for picking a nominee to test the candidates a longer, more grueling campaign. worked for the democrats four years ago. but it shows it might be backfiring now. you have eric cantor endorsing romney over the weekend. how eager are republicans just to get this thing over with? >> i think it's an important point. the cantor endorsement is the party attempting to close ranks. what the republicans did is looked at the long primary and said that was great for the democrats. they had so much time to become better candidates and build a national organization to excite voters. it helped to win general election. we're going to do that in 2012. but i looked at the polling in it 2008. there was essentially never a
10:43 am
time or very few when obama was behind mccain. in fact, the longer the democratic primary went on, the greater the lead grew. >> that's interesting. >> we have seen the opposite here. romney's lead over obama, which existed back in august, is collapsing. it's now down. so he's falling further and further behind the president. they didn't want this. >> you have the economy doing better chrks is helping the president. 57% say the worst is behind us. pollster peter heart had an interesting quote when he looked at what the poll tells us about the race. what he sads is "if it were a cocktail, it would be one part obama, three parts the economy, and three parts the destruction." is that right? >> i don't think it's right.
10:44 am
one thing i want to note on those numbers. 57% saying the worst is behind us. i consider that meaningless right now. in the beginning of 2011, we had four strong months of economic growth and then it collapsed for the middle part of the year, which really depressed everybody. so what matters is going to be the trend economic growth. the idea that things feel good now, they have felt good before. now it may be the 2012 is the year when the recovery does not falter. that's good news for obama and we'll see stronger numbers in the polls in six months. but it's frankly too early to say that. >> ezra, always good to have you on the program. thank you. a lot of people looking past super tuesday to ipad wednesday. just two more days to go and apple is expected to unveil the ipad 3. but the internet is buzzing about new features including the voice controlled assistant to
10:45 am
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>> ezra, always good to have you the tablet. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. iran's nuclear ambitions. topic number one between the meeting of president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. will the summit ease tensions between these two allies? the final hours before super tuesday. which contenders is most likely to throw in the towel after tomorrow? and who is going to take the important state of ohio? santorum strategist gray bender joins us live. and amazing stories still emerging after last week's tornadoes in the midwest. an update on the recovery efforts. chris? >> they are amazing stories. thank you, thomas. in just moments, president obama is going to meet with
10:49 am
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the oval office. topping the agenda is what to do with a nuclear iran. sanctions are front and center. they could choke off the oil industry. the national average now stands at $3.77. that's up 29 cents from a month ago. we have seen 27 straight days of gas price hikes. richard lui is here. is iran the wild card into whether we'll be seeing $5 a gallon gas this summer? >> it's about spare capacity or how much more oil can be pumped, if we need it. prices go up when spare capacity goes down. spare capacity at the moment is 2.5 million barrels per day. iran's exports, that's 2.2 million barrels per day. if iran's exports were off the market let's say, that would leave a difference of about 0 .3 million barrels per day. by the way, that's the amount the u.s. uses in about 20
10:50 am
minutes. u.s. sanctions could strain the balance here. it says want to do business in the u.s.? don't buy iranian oil. where do they go? the same places the u.s. goes. the battle for barrels causes prices to rise and to offset that, senator chuck schumer has an idea. >> who hates the iranians more than we do? there's one country. the saudis. they hate each other. and the saudis and the gulf states ought to pump more oil immediately. >> schumer also says to tap into the pile. newt gingrich believes there's an opportunity for drivers and his campaign. >> with $2.50 gasoline and an american energy plan designed to give us independence from the
10:51 am
middle east so no american president will bow to the saudi king. >> highlights how prices have doubled wouldn't be all together off. in 1980, gas was $3.37 a gallon in today's prices, by the way. the incumbent party lost in 2008, the highest ever, john mccain lost. but the incumbent won in other highs. gas was $2.44. the gop kept the white house. same is true in 1984. we'll see what june brings here, chris. when it comes to sanctions, that's when the u.s. and iran draw the line in the sand. >> you're right. it will be interesting. richard, thank you. and we can't let this go by. snl was back live this weekend. and lots of jokes about the 2012 gop campaign. the focus? governor mitt romney's sons. >> mitt romney's five adult
10:52 am
sons. why should people get excited and not terrified by your presence on the campaign trail? >> we connect with the younger voter. our average age is 36. we like the same things as young people such as sport, cinema, and do wop. see? we're just like you, america. >> all right. thanks to steven king for creating those boys. >> those boys have been good sports about it. today's e tweet of the day comes from josh romney. "the worst part of being on the skit is i can't wear my khaki and blue shirt combo on the trail anymore in the. ." wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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great weekend for the universal film dr. seuss's "the
10:56 am
lorax." the best showing for an animated film since 2010. universal pictures is a division of nbc universal. and that wraps up this hour of "jansing and co." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. i'll see you back here tomorrow. in two hundred thousand miles... ♪ are you guys okay? yeah. you know...he's got your smile. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. yeah...that was...uh... ♪ [ crash ] ♪ i'm so sorry... how did you not see me? i was just sitting at this stop sign! i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughs ] alright, bye. ♪ ♪
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moment of truth. president obama holding a critical meeting this hour with benjamin netanyahu. can he assure the prime minister the u.s. has israel's back? super tuesday may be super for mitt romney. endorsements are rolling in to help him beat back the other gop challengers. 424 delegates up for grabs. the race in ohio now neck and neck. we'll look at that. and too little too late. rush limbaugh loses seven big advertisers over calling a law student a slut. and new polls suggest the focus on birth control is leading


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