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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 9, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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let's go to pete williams joining us now from washington, d.c. pete, what do we know right now about that flight and the flight attenda attendant? >> we talked to several passengers on that flight. it was delayed. it did take off from dallas and landed in chicago and folks there talked to several of the passengers. what they say is the plane had just pulled back from the gate and was slowly taxiing toward the runway. the flight attendants said we're not takining off and we're goin back to the gate. another flight attendants said we are taking off, burk l up. the first flight attendants, which some think was the one in charge kept talking. she said captain, i'm not going to be responsible for crashing this plane. she talked about 9/11. she talked about hazard. she talked about worries that the plane night not make it. she kept talking and according
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to passengers four or five of the passengers, some of them in first class which is where the lead flight attendant would billion subdued her. the police was called. she was taken away. two flight attendants were taken to the hospital for treatment. a new crew was brought in and the plane went onto chicago. >> what do we know about the passengers? did they also get onto their way to make the chicago or did some stay back? >> some did stay. some got off the plane and tried to make other arrangements because the flight was going to be delayed. it wasn't all clear at the beginning what was going to happen to that flight. according to the passengers, there wasn't widespread screaming in the plane. tlp were some young children that were worried. for the most part people were keeping their cool. >> the tweets are what we saw
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first. "news nation" is following developing news on the february jobs numbers. they came out this morning. president obama wrapping up a visit to a rolls royce manufacturing plant near richmond, virginia. that where he reacted to the numbers. they beat expectations. 227,000 jobs was added in february. it was the third straight month of job growth over 200,000. the nation's unemployment rate held steady at 8.3% because a half million people enter the work force. >> we just found out that last month we added 233,000 private sector jobs. more companies are bringing jobs back and investing in america, and manufacturing is adding job for the first time since the 1990s. >> we're watching wall street's
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reaction to the new unemployment report. right now the dow is up 42 and change. joining me now is zachary. it's a story of two americas. we're seeing this 8.3% and there's also a huge number that don't have jobs. there's five million people that have been chronically unemploymented for months. the reality is we're out of a crisis zone. we're in a static, maybe a even litter better than static situation. a lot of job, lore and health care services, and food services. people that work at mcdonald's or bartenders. i'm not saying that with any negtivity but an economy that's
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based on temporary workers will not be a good economy. >> they had a nice little blip there in the report. >> even manufacturing jobs, those are increasing. those are no longer basic skill jobs. they need to know robotics. >> they can't meet the demand right now. how do you escape the gravity of this bottom of unemployment? >> this is where our debate is not up to the task of the two stories. we escaped the crisis but not for the people that do not have the skills or opportunity to compete. if we keep trying to narrow this up to a thumbs up, thumbs down scenario, we'll miss the fact there's a lot of people thriving and there's a lot of people that are not.
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>> some progress. more to be done is what you're saying? >> absolutely. modern day march to stampb out an effort to suppress the vote. reverend al sharpton is leading the march from alabama to montgomery. he'll be speaking shortly. this year's event recreates the 1965 march that led to the act. this week's march will calm attention to modern day roadblocks. jeff johnson, the executive editor of politic joins me live. he's speaking now. let's stop and listen. we'll get right to you. >> i want to straighten out as
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we proceed in the next phase. they have instituted and proposed voter id laws saying that they want to stop voter fraud. the only voter fraud that we can find is the statement that there is widespread voter fraud. the fraud is to use nonexistent widespread voter fraud to try and suppress and stop people from voting. 31 states are proposing changes in voter id. yet they cannot tell us why they need to change the law. right here in alabama, they
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changed the voter id law in 2003. they said you could use your utility bill, your college cards, and other things that many people had. now, they want to change it again. i asked one of the legislatures in this building, why are you changing it again. he sad we had widespread fraud. i said since 2003 you've only had three voter fraud cases. none of them had anything to do with id. you are not trying to stop voter id fraud, you are identifying who you want to vote and we are not going to allow you to do it. he said well, reverend, we got to use id to get on the plane. why not id to vote.
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i agree with that. let's have the same id we had when you ran ronald reagan for president. let's have the same id we had when you ran george bush senior for president. let's have the same id you had when we had bill clinton for president. let's have the same id we had when we elected george bush jr. for president. you're not going to get to the re-election of barack obama and now we need a different id. we gone play the game by one set of rules. they are in the middle of the republican primary right now. isn't it funny, the republicans in alabama legislature and 30 other states want voter id in november, but they don't want voter id at their own primaries. nobody asked for photo id in ie
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wau. nobody asked for photo id in massachusetts super tuesday. why you want our photo and we didn't see you showing your photo. there's another lie. they have these inhumane immigration laws. one thing to say we can't open the borders, but it's another thing to tell people you can't service people, you can't care for those that are sick, you can't minister to those that need help. the laws in alabama are not immigration laws. they're jim crow laws.
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you have imposed jim crow laws in the name of immigration and you turn around to the black community and got some confused running around lying about latino took our jobs. we didn't have no jobs for them to take. didn't nobody take our jobs. we were unemployed double digit before anybody ever came across the mexican border. we're not each other's enemies. we're not each other's competition. we're not each other's adversary. if we lock arms like we did coming down highway 80 and cooperate rather than compete, we can make america work for everybody.
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there are those that want to use the immigration laws profile latinos and then they will go from there to profiling africans and trinidadians. if we allow it to start to mexicanss, it will come to your house and mine. we are standing together and we're telling you just like 47 years ago our fathers stood on these steps and fought for our right to vote and our right to free of racism we stand with the community to tell you you will repeal these immigration laws. somebody said to me in selma the first day, say aren't you concerned about people coming to this country and taking away
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things from american citizens. i said you got the wrong guy. i had a uncle that fought world war ii who came home and germans and others could check in hotels he couldn't stay in. you didn't make no law about that. they could drink cup of coffee where he couldn't drink a cup of coffee. you didn't make a law about that. you didn't start protecting the borders until people from a different color and a different language came. don't play us cheap. we're smarter than that. then they have this lie out, fred gray, about work, right to work states where you don't have the ability or the right to
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organize unions. it is the right not to work law. it's not the right to work. it's the right not to work. it's to work without pensions. it's to work without having due process. it's to work without having collective bargaining. it's to give us to the mercy of the employer. we stand with labor cause we're the laborers. it's not about unions using us. we use unions to protect ourselves. reverend are y'all with labor? we are labor. we don't turn into different people. we the same people, and we gone stand together and fight
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together. why did we march these five days? this is not a celebration of the past. it's a continuation of right now. we didn't come to commemorate what happened 47 years ago. we came to continue what happened 47 years ago. we praise and love those that paid the price 47 years ago. the best compliment to them is to continue to fight right now. you can't dedicate a statue to dr. king in washington and then go to 31 states and revoke the voting rights bill he put on the books. you trying to give us a symbol with no substance. let me end by saying this is personal to me.
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when i got here monday night i went to do my tv show. i sat across the street here. a man came out and said he had a gift for me. i said what is it? he said, well, we have the record of your ancestors here in alabama. my mother was born, raised and lived here. he gave me the record. how my great, great grandfather was registered to vote and voted in 1867, two years ago emancipation proclamation allowed people to vote. he showed me from the 1860s all the way to the 1890s how the carters were my mother's family voted in every election.
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then it cut off all the way for 100 years. i said what happened to all my relatives in those years. those were the years they couldn't vote until they marched from selma to montgomery. then my family's record put back up, and it connected back to my great great grandfather. he didn't know what he did for me cause i made a vow that they will never break the voting record of my family again. we gone keep on voting, and you not going to take our right to vote. we are here to tell these legislatures. and we gone leave and go around this country, three areas, we going in the courts and challenge these voter id laws. we're going into these states
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and with labor, we're going to challenge all of the legislatures that sponsor and support these laws and we're going into churches and prepare our people so they can have the id's as we continue to fight so that our vote will come out. we're not going to allow you to steal this election in advance. now trying to come with another scheme of id. we are smarter than that. we're wiser than that. we're ready for you. we didn't come this far to get tricked now. whatever scheme you play, we'll be ready to meet you and beat you. our fathers beat jim crow. we gone beat james crow jr. >> it is personal as reverend al
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sharpton says there in selma, alabama. he's finishing the five-day walk from selma to montgomery. let's go to jeff johnson who is there. as you sit tlp and listen to what the reverend has been saying as well as those that are returning after 47 years, what's their perspective and what they are seeing today with 30 states requiring photo id and seeing the difference faces, the latino faces as the reverend has brought up. what's the reaction from those that have seen both times. >> reporter: i think there are a number of people that are here that are part of that original march that feel like this is a continuation of a fight they were a part of 47 years ago. there are those that are also here that are young people that are feeling like they are part of the continuation of this movement. they are saying they want to
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continue to fight for not just the fighting rights piece but making sure that people understand that this is a united coalition. that's what you're hearing from people that are here. this is black and latino and white that is labor and student worker and others that are here to say this is not a divided piece. there are working folks and mid lt class folks who want to make sure that voting rights are established and negative immigration laws are held at bay and some of these state legislatures, a alabama being the first. >> thank you so much, jeff johnson. thank you. i want to remind you be sure to catch reverend al sharpton broadcasting live from the king memorial baptist church. that's the church where dr. king preached during some of the most critical days during the civil rights movement. that's tonight at 6:00 eastern.
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still ahead. >> we know where they are abducting and where they are killing. we want the international community to respond. >> director of kony 2012 is now on the defense over his film and his charity after critics raised questions about where that group's money is really going. also, burn notice. mitt romney is running out of money and asking his supporters for more cash. we need an balance. we need some help. >> whitney houston's long time air stillist speaks out. stay with us. look! the phillips' lady!
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candidates began this friday in southern states where voters will head to the polls on tuesday. rick santorum and newt gingrich are hoping wins in mississippi and alabama can propel them foard. mitt romney is getting flak for comments he made about his chances in those southern states. listen to what he said. >> how important is it for you to pick up a southern state? >> i realize it's a bit of an away game, but i think we're going to pick up some support in these states that remain this month. >> let's bring in the "news nation" political panel. good afternoon. jimmy, as you listen to mitt romney in this statement right here, is he saying the core of conservative republican base is not his game? >> no. that's right. that's pretty much what he is saying. the latest poll numbers show him neck and neck in alabama. anybody that runs around saying,
2:25 pm
first of all, mitt romney walks into this race with a credibility issue. everyone is talking about it. then you walk into a state and you say i like grits and i've just learn ed how to say the wod y'all. it's not the best way to get southern people to come and vote for you on tuesday. it's not a senator strategy. >> let's play that. >> governor said i had to say it right. morning y'all. i said it right this morning. >> danny, in any other case, this message that he said, y'all and grits. we all do that when we go to the south. i know i did that when i was in the south. is this a messenger problem? >> i think governor romney is seeing himself who is a massachusetts moderate. he's someone from a state that has very little to do with the south from a social perspective.
2:26 pm
he's going to go into the south with a bit of veneer of not being o of them. we've seen that over and over again throughout the primary process. what he may lack in conservative credentials he makes up for in terms of money and organization. from his perspective it's all about the delegates. it's about being able to capture as many delegates as he can. as long as he continues to accumulate delegate, that's his main focus. >> does he solidify that perception? >> i think it's not only solidified, it's sha lacked. >> he pose really well with moderate republicans. he pose well with people that make over $100,000 a year. he does not do well with the
2:27 pm
evangelicals. i think almost 70% of people in alabama and mississippi identify themselves as evangelical christians. that does not do well for him. his numbers are looking pretty good. kansas is another out llier. >> at the end of the day if he's unable to make that connection as these latest statements critic will say have not helped him, does he need this? >> he has the advantage of being the person who can benefit greatest from a delegate count perspective. he's got santorum and gingrich that are splitting the vote, splitting the anti-romney vote, if you will. he may get 30, 35% of the vote. that's going to be enough to put him in a position to capture delegates. he may not win the states, but win enough delegates to continue
2:28 pm
his movement toward 1144. that's what he cares about. the best thing he can do to hope and pray both santorum and gingrich say in the race. that's the best way to capture and win states as capture delegat delegates. we have a number of southern states coming up. >> we have the issue of money. i was reading $50 million to get the primary -- to get the nomination here. now i think it's $75 million. how deep of a problem does romney see going forward when it comes to cash? >> he's got not even $8 million bucks on hand. his super pacs are doing well. he will be fine from that perspective. he's blown through a heck of a lot of money. danny is right, the longer newt gingrich and rick santorum stay in, the more he's got to blow through. it's very bad for him high pressure he's weakened.
2:29 pm
he's not credible in the eye offense a lot of people, and he doesn't have a heck of a lot of money. that's not way to go up against an obama political machine. >> using cash now that he will need later. thank you so much. >> thank you. get this, coke and pepsi they they are changing their formula. it's about a health warning. we'll explain. plus. >> reading, writing, math, science and quit wasting so much time on extracurricular activities. >> not on that educator's list, sex ed. it bans everything about sex education as we know it. coming up, the one thing that teachers will be able to talk about if the governor gives it his okay.
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exxon ceo says it's not the gas company's fault that prices are skyrocketing. > the united states and afghanistan have signed a deal to transfer control of the main detention center in afghanistan. the transfer will happen within six months. the detention center houses around 3,000 detainees. joining us is jim miklaszewski. let's talk about are the half began forces ready and trained to handle this. >> this is what makes the relationship so complicated and the military mission there difficult. for the afghan government and people it's a matter of sovereignty. it's a detention facility run by the americans where afghans are
2:34 pm
being held prisoners. for the u.s. military it's all about security. the fear here is that once control of that facility is turned over to the afghan government. officials could be coerced or corrupted, bribes paid to release some of those prisoners who attacked and killed americans there in afghanistan. u.s. military officials say that's why in this agreement they've instituted what is called a dual key proposition. in other words, no single prisoner can be released without the agreement of the united states and the afghan government. it's going to take some time before this prison is totally turned over, at least six months. we're going to see many of these transitions over the next couple of years as the u.s. premapareso remove all combat troops. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you for the latest on that. now to the female no, ma'am
2:35 pm
nonthat that's taken thor net over storm. this video targets uganda's leader kony. since the 1980s he's accused of abducting over 30,000 children. turning girls into sex slaves and boys into soldiers. it's called the number one war criminal for crime against children. it ask people to take to the streets on april 20th putting up posters in every city on every block possible around the world. the man who took his cameras to uganda talked about the enormous response to his video this morning. >> i think it's because it's a human story. we're all human beings. for some reason we forgot about our humanity because of politics
2:36 pm
and all of these things that we're talking about it's paralyzed us. we forgot we're humans first. this brings it back to the core issue. we're living on a planet floating in the middle of eternity. >> with all the publicity comes come scrutiny. he's taking some heat especially over where the money raised is going. joining me is president and ceo of a charity watchdog. russell and his charity have been criticized. only 32% is going to direct services, services on the ground. we have the complexity of where the money is being spent with some military action. there's reports that they support that. you put all these things together, is that why they rated so low from your organization? >> not at all. they're financials are quite strong. about 80% of their money goes to program. they don't have an adequate number of board members.
2:37 pm
we expect five of them. they don't share their financials with their board before they submit them. >> those reports are wrong then? >> yes, they are. it get a score of three, which is good. the financial is four. it's accountability and tran transpar transpar transparency is where there's the problem. why are we seeing so much excitement for this one video. 56 million versus others. >> i think social kbleed is reaching out to younger people. >> is it the cause is what i'm asking you or the fact it's a matter of internet luck? >> i think there is something to the cause. it's an incredibly powerful message. it also is the timing of it and the nature of how they reached out and how they presented this video. >> what do they need to do to get a higher rating?
2:38 pm
>> three things. they need to get five independent board members. they need have a privacy policy toward donor information. they needed to have an audit committee on their board that looks at the financial stuff before they submit it every year. >> that a side, and the interest that's been garnered so far, is this going to work? >> that i can nont comment on. we rate the charities. how their specific strategy is going to work out, it's something for them. >> it's something you haven't seen before? >> it's pretty amazing. >> thank you for your time. no motive is known for a deadly shooting inside a clinic. investigators have been unable to identify the gunman who stormed into the yuft of pittsburgh facility thursday. he was carrying two pistols hitting seven people. one died at the scene.
2:39 pm
the suspect was shot and killed by a university police officer who survived the shoot out. seven character witnesses took the stand for the defense today. all testified they never heard him express any anti-gay views. he's accused of using a web cam to spy on his roommates encounter with another man. his roommate later committed suicide. coke and pepsi are adjusting their color to comply with laws. gas prices held steady today after inching lower for three straight days. the nationwide average remained at $3.76. it's 28 cents higher than a month ago. that's what's been driving up the gas prices. might they hit a $5 a gallon price? here is what the ceo and
2:40 pm
chairman of the world's largest oil company told matt. >> what drove these prices is entirely the crude oil price. supply/demand is fine. what's led to this most recent run up concerns about closing over the straits of hormuz and the conflict with iran. >> a lot of people are talking abou 5 a gallon coming up in the summer months, is it just a headline? >> i would not expect to see prices reach that level. >> exxon mobile's chairman says the unflown is risk and problems that could drive up prices. ohio's governor is under a lot of pressure right now to veto a new sex education bill. it bans the discussion of virtually everything sex related except for one topic. it's today's gut check. there's a lot of things going on and here are some things we thought you should
2:41 pm
know. french president said if he doesn't win re-election he's going to quit politics. that election is in two months. earlier, he said he would rather become a monk than go back to politics if he loses. his super model wife says she's afraid her husband could drop dead if he's reelected because he works himself so hard. >> it was really an incredible challenge and a lot of fun. >> the actress is getting rave reviews for her portrayal of sarah palin. it premiers tomorrow night. >>ly be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the united states. wake up!
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sarah palin fans yet another spooers flame. mitt tries grits as the republican good old boys campaign in the deep south. president obama marks new signs of an economy on the mends. investigators are still trying to figure out the official cause of whitney houston's death nearly one month after the star passed away. now for the first time her long time hair stylist is speaking out about the events leading up to her death and about what she saw when she entered the hotel room on february 11th. my colleague tamron hall sat down with her. >> i picked up and called down stair and said we need an ambulance. >> after that you ran back to the room. >> absolutely. >> you saw her there? >> from affaar, yes. i did. she was just there. she wasn't responding.
2:46 pm
>> she was there. meaning on the floor. >> yes. >> in the bathroom? you walk in and it's not whitney houston. this is your friend. >> yeah. i just want to find someone to help. >> you can watch the entire interview tonight on "dateline" at 10:00 eastern. whitney houston's daughter is also sharing her final moments. she will sit down with oprah winfrey to talk about how she want ts her mother to be remembered. you've looked at some of this
2:47 pm
tape already. what are we going to see? >> she will share insights into her mother's life. their close bond. some of the more shocking elements come from the part of the interview that includes houston's sister-in-law. oprah asked did you see this coming? was this a shock? she responds the writing was kind of on the wall. it wasn't a surprise but still heartbreaking. >> we have tiffany and now bobbi kristina. >> we've learned that her and bobby while very close, they also partied together. there are a lot of things coming out and her continued struggles with addiction and trying to get over some of those demons from her past.
2:48 pm
>> oprah will have this interview. why is she the right person here? >> oprah is a long time family friend. who doesn't want to open up to oprah. she's the perfect person to break your silence to. she will be sensitive and get to the point and ask the questions that the viewers want to know. >> how does this entire interview as we learn more about whitney houston's death, we hear from her daughter, what does this mean for the oprah network as it goes forward? this is quite a bit get. >> there's no secret that own hasn't been doing well. it will be a huge ratings boost. lots of people will be tuning in to hear the first words. this is a girl we have only seen in photos from the funeral and a tragic story. we'll get to hear her speak. >> we know very little about her. we know that she liked to party. she had a reputation for loving the night life. we haven't heard her voice.
2:49 pm
oprah is giving her a voice. >> where it fits into that night. >> she was there. she was in the hotel that her mother was in. she was very much part of what happened and how it unfolded. she is probably the biggest victim of the tragedy. >> you expect any surprises? >> probably not total surprises. confirming what we know that she had a troubled history. her family was very worried about her. this is heartbreaking for everyone involved. >> no doubt. that interview with oprah. thank you so much. in today's gut check, a bill in utah bans sex education and we know it. it's almost time to spring forward again. the months are moving by. we turn our clocks one our ahead at 2:00 a.m. this sunday. we'll lose one hour of sleep. we get an extra hour of light for cooking out on the grill. that's always fun. [ male announ] this is the network --
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you can find ourtwitter page at "news nation." those prices high. you can save your tweets on daylight saving time. time for the "news nation gut check". more than 23,000 people signed on. they're calling for utah governor to veto an abstinence only sex education bill that was passed by the state legislature this week. if signed into law it would define sex education in utah as abstinence only. it would ban instruction on sexual intercourse along with any mention of homosexuality, contraception methods and sexual activity outside of marriage. republican leaders say the governor should sign that bill. some of their colleagues across
2:54 pm
the aisle do not agree. >> education needs to teach the children the basics, the core utah values reading, writing, math, science and quit wastes so much time on extracurricular activities. >> man, woman on the streets. the parents upset about this. they didn't see any rob with the current law. >> utah's governor says he's yet to make a decision on whether to design the bill. he said the intent is that parents and guardians should have the mother most authority of giving sex education to their children. what does your gut tell you about this? should he sign the bill into law. go to to put your vote in. take a look what the the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. should the rating for the
2:55 pm
anti-documentary "bully" be changed from r to pg-13. 94% said yes. 6% said know. on twitter, sharon i think the move should be pg-13. what i really hope is that bullies take the time out tot see it. another said ratings are intended to protect children. that does it for this edition on "news nation" on a friday. you can catch "news nation" with tamron hall. martin bashir is up next. ♪ [ telephone rings ]
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2:59 pm
to woo voters throughout dixie. will it work? >> what we've got here. >> good morning, y'all. >> failure to communicate. plus. >> barack obama has never been, i think, seen in the conventional, traditional way of we w describe a man of valor. >> grab a pen, you're going to be need it. yes, is friday in the deep south and the republican candidates are rehearsing their grits and gravy act for voters in mississippi and alabama. we'll get to that in just a moment. we must begin with sarah palin's latest and perhaps greatest performance of diversion,


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