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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 16, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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from a dozen to 20 more secret service personnel. now tied up in that scandal involving prostitutes right before the president's visit to colombia. and bill cosby breaks his silence on the trayvon martin case. we'll hear what the vice president of the nra had to say about it in their comments. plus, tupac performs 15 years after the death. he takes the stage this weekend in california. how they did it. "news nation" is following developing news. new reaction from the romney campaign after comments made by romney during a private fund-raiser in florida where he said he would, quote, eliminate several government agencies if he were president. and he heard him make the
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comments while he was outside the fund-raiser at an estate in palm beach. romney, said, quote i'm going to take a lot of departments in washington and agencies and combine them. some eliminate but i'm not going to lay out exactly which ones are going to go. in the past hour, romney aides said the governor is throwing out ideas. joining me, michael smerconish and steve who is a conservative and not a fan of mitt romney. we know that. so steve i'm going to ask with you and ask you to look at this objectively. he is at this fund-raiser. he talks about perhaps combining the education department. even eliminating the housing urban development agency. an agency his father once headed. what did we make of all of these comments and the response that he was tossing around, chewing the fat if you will at this fund-raiser. >> well, tamron, i think this is the etch a sketch candidate on display. something tells me we'll have this conversation a lot over the
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next few months. between the romney who may accidentally spew out some principles and then the minute he faces some scrutiny, he walks them back. i read the "wall street journal's" account of this meeting this morning. i thought be still my beating heart. we might have something here. lo and behold, it is barely noon in some places in the united states of america and mitt romney has actually walked back these statements that might galvanize his base. might have a real debate with the president. this is mitt romney. this is why there was not a second term for president ford. a second term for george herbert walker bush. a first term for bob dole or john mccain. we need a discussion between one liberal and liberal-like. >> interesting you point out, some of these things such as the department of education and also perhaps eliminating the housing and urban development. that would appeal to his base. but here, given this
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opportunity, his campaign says, again, he was just out some ideas. nothing specific here. >> the idea of reaching out to independents, that's difficult to do. often what motivates and galvanize voters is beyond your control as a challenger. that is usually economic issues that has to do with what kind of job the current incumbent is doing. so romney needs to control what he can control. and right now what he can control is galvanizing his base. he can't worry about what galvanize voters that are going to be motivated by circumstances beyond his control. >> our first team points out in an interview with weekly standard earlier this year, romney said one of the things he found out in his short campaign against ted kennedy was that when he was specific, for example, eliminateding the department of education, that these things were used against him. if you will. so now in public in his stump speeches, he is not very specific on the changes. then he goes to this private fundraiser in florida and he
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gets specific hins closed doors. >> the surprise to me was that he said these things post primary season. i think we really are now post primary season. when this would have engendered support among republican primary voters when he really needed them. when i read the quotes, the first reaction that i had is this doesn't sound like a candidate who is making an effort to tack toward the center. interesting that steve loves the fact that he offered these thoughts and is disappointed that he then backed off from them. i read with it a different glance, which was to say if he stuck to these guns, it is the sort of thing that helps with the base. i don't know that it helps him with independents. my suspicion is that it would not. he has his eye on that prize. >> to your point, and perhaps that's why he would say these things in private. he is in florida with some high dollar fund-raisers. donors who might perhaps want to hear that and that's why he is not saying it out in public because to your point, it would turn off independents. let me bring this up.
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another point he talked about was hispanic voters acknowledging that party has a big problem. 20% in some of the swing states. he said we have to get the hispanic voters to vote for our party. he talked about a dream act. he all but slayed rick perry when he offered compassion to students in texas that could be in this country illegally. >> the primary season was really devoid of any constructive conversation about what to do, other than strengthening the borders. on that everyone of the candidates, however many they numbered at that time, were all in agreement. when you then talked about path toward citizenship, you remember what happened to newt gingrich. when gingrich said some things supportive of a path toward citizenship, immediately his numbers started to compress. >> on two other things romney was heard discussing at this private fund-raiser. deductions. he said i am probably going to
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eliminate the second home mortgage deduction. probably limit or eliminate for state property tax. by virtue of doing that we'll have the same tax revenue but we'll have lower rates. he went to o'to talk about the dream act. even if again his campaign says he was just tossing these things out there. >> well, any good football coach will tell you, if you're going to go over the middle, you might as well catch the ball any way. when the safety comes over the top, he will jack you up. whether you caught it or not. and overall we keep seeing romney do this over and over again. he goes over the middle to get a first down. he gets some alligator arms. he doesn't make the catch. his political opponents, in this case, the free safety comes over the top and they rock him any way. it doesn't do any good to be malleable with your principles. to be half measured with your principles. it doesn't do any good. he gets all the exact same criticism any way. then he gets none of the credit because he doesn't draw really stark contrasts with the
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president of the united states. if he doesn't, history has shown, if you'll pardon the expression. the american people will choose the devil they know over the devil they don't. >> let me go to michael on the comments also overheard from ann romney. this was one hot event, michael. they were described as giddy over the rosen flap. romney said it was my early birthday present to be critical of someone of me as a mother. and that was a defining moment and i loved it. she is again described as being giddy over what went down last week. they obviously see that as a win for them. >> i think i understand that. it is hard for us to understand because the three of russ political junkies, eating, sleeping, drinking all of these things. for much of the country, last week was the first real look they got at ann romney. and i think that it suited the romney campaign to have her seen in that context and to have her respond so strongly to the
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hillary rosen comments. so yes, it was a win for them last week. >> is it though? you've got this other comment that is resurfaced from romney who said prior to this, that he wanted welfare moms for lack of a better description to have the dignity of work. that he would be willing to subsidize daycare to all of his parents so they can go to work so they can have the dignity of work. in one case, he associates work for a woman as being a dignified thing. with his own wife, that is not how it is being processed. steve, i'll let you get in and michael after that, please. >> i think there is a big difference between about welfare re recipients and someone who volunteers to stay home as my wife does. >> we're talking about, the key word for me is dignity. the dignity of work. you're absolutely right. there is a difference in this. we can roll it out. he said the dignity of work.
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associating it with something of pride. something that makes you feel valued, steve. >> you don't think most people don't get a sense of value out of their career and contributing to society and providing for their families? i certainly do. >> if you're lucky, you do. when we were about at home moms. we were saying, of course, you have this choice. when you narrow the scope, steve, to women who for whatever reason don't have these luxuries in life, that would perhaps allow you to be home with your children. care for your children. my mother worked and lived a second part of her mom at home. i had the privilege of seeing both sides of this coin. what i'm talking about is the dignity of work for these women. as if they can't have dignity at home raising their children. i think that your wife at home would certainly see that as a dignified job as ann romney does. >> i guess i think that you measure dignity in a country by how many people no longer need welfare. not how many people are currently receiving it.
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and i understand the point that he is making. you're putting me in a tough position. i'm defending mitt romney. on this one he is correct. yet again this is where he gives a half measured answer and he gets ripped no matter what he says. you might as well go ahead and throw out your principles there. you won't get any credit for not doing it. >> quickly, michael, i have a few seconds. what are your thoughts in the dignity comment with the women -- >> i don't think ann romney will get accountable for what her husband said in that regard. my observation is simply that she was handed an tunnel to portray herself as the champion of stay at home moms. she took it and ran with it. it was a victory for her last week. >> talk to you fellows soon. thank you. we've got some new developments in that growing sex scandal that now has the u.s. secret service doing some serious damage control to say the least. nbc news has recently learned now as many as 20 secret service personnel may have been involved with bringing prostitutes back to their hotel ahead of the
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president's arrival in colombia. we learn more about the agents involved. law enforcement officials tell nbc news, two of the agents were supervisors and three were members of the elite downer assault team. officials say the situation blew up on thursday morning when one of the women, still at the hotel, got into a dispute with two agents over not being paid $47. by sunday, the president was responding to the embarrassment, certainly expressing his displeasure. >> if it turns out the allegations made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. we're representing the people of the united states. when we travel to another country, i expect us to observe the highest standards. because we're not just representing ourselves. >> nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueira joins us. we're up to 20. it was a dozen before. as many as 20 now. what else can you tell us?
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>> you can add military personnel who were allegedly involved in this. as a matter of fact, the military in the form of the southern command based in miami has an investigator winging their way to to the hotel in colombia where these incidents allegedly took place. as many as five military personnel could be more than that. the secretary of defense and the chief of staff will be briefing on this in a very short time. one wla a distraction for the white house this has been over the weekend. they're loathe to make these trips any way. it wasn't going to make news domestically. the president and the staff doing all they can to turn this around to talk about the american economy in the context of the western hemispheric economy at large. and then this incident that happened before the president even got there. overshadowed everything that they were trying to do. a lot of frustration on the part of the white house. the president arriving late last
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night. early this morning in the wee hours. we haven't had any briefings from the white house at all. we should point out that a lot of the criticism being directed at the secret service at this point, even from people who are normally very partisan or strident or outspoken of the president and this west wing, it has largely been confined to the secret service and their conduct. you mentioned after the initial reports of the 11 members of the secret service, it was mentioned they were only the uniformed secret service now. we learned from others, we've got a whole team of report orders this story now. that they included some of the counter assault team. a very elite, highly skilled unit. they're an ubiquitous presence here. we haven't heard the end of this story. new details have been emerging throughout the day. >> thank you. this scandal is certainly prompting talk of possible hearings on capitol hill. it is also raising questions of
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whether there are bigger problems within the agency's culture. listen to what congressman darrell it issa, the cheryl of the overhouse had to say. >> we've got to ask, where are the systems in place to prevent this in the future. it is the reason the investigation will not be about the 11 to 20 or more involved. it will be about how did this happen and how often has this hampden before? things like this don't happen once. >> w. ralph basham headed the secret service. you heard congressman issa say if this happened once, it's happened before. what's your take? >> if he has information that this has occurred in the past, which i'm not aware of, then i would suggest he contact the proper authorities of the secret service for an investigation on
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this. i don't believe, i do not believe this has been a problem within the service. otherwise we would have seen this before. >> we just revealed, nbc news has learned as many as 20 secret service personnel now involved in this investigation. initially the number was around 11. why do you think it has nearly doubled? is it perhaps a chain of command? they're bringing in everyone, any and everyone to get to the bottom of what was going on there and who was involved. >> i can assure you, they are going to get to the bottom of this. and first of all, all of the facts on this particular incident, that's why they're doing an investigation and they will be doing, i would suspect, a lot of people regarding this including those in colombia. the staff in the hotel. the others involved, that were involved down there. i don't think we should rest on this until we have the facts.
2:16 pm
i don't think we should rush to judgment. i'm sure the white house and secretary napolitano as well as congress will demand their own investigation. >> to your point no, rush to judgment. we are learning more about the individuals who are being talked to or questioned in this investigation. three of them were members of the elite counter-assault team. what does that team do? >> well, they are a support element. they are uniformed division officers and their responsibility is do counter assault. and they go wherever the president goes. >> are you confident, the information you know and the history that you've had with the agency, are you confident again that this is a single issue to be investigated? many people have brought up, for example, one of those reality tv people were able to get past
2:17 pm
security into the state dinner. >> right. that was an isolated incident. and i don't think the two should be compared in making a judgment with a systemic problem within the secret service. have their been individual situations where individuals have gotten themselves into situations where they have to be brought back? yes. that's happened. certainly not in my memory has it been one of this magnitude but it will be treated as seriously as all these cases are treated seriously. >> w. ralph basham. form he head of the secret service. thank you. we are following developing news. the first hearing in a spending scandal by government workers. the agency which is supposed to crack down on wasteful spending.
2:18 pm
using lavish dollars at a vegas conference. plus -- >> when you have a gun, you may not realize it but you put it on your person and you mean to pull this. >> bill cosby says the trayvon martin case is not about race. he said it is about guns. i'll talk with toure regarding cosby's comments. and another person has died after a tornado hit a small town. officials are talking about why warning sirens were never sounded. and join our conversation on my twitter page. [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do... consider the journey of today's athletes:
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a house hearing has just
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started investigating the spending scandal rocking the general services administration. that's a government agency dedicated to preventing the kind of waitful spending they are accused of. it all stems from a lavish conference in las vegas that cost taxpayers nearly $1 million. >> the life of a rock star and i got to say ain't no place better ♪ >> the vegas conference including that little rap video you just saw, a mind reader and other quote/unquote entertainment. the gsa official is seen here. this is jeff neely, you're at. he has been subpoenaed to testify and he has invoked his right to remain silent. >> mr. neely, did you attend the 2010 western regional conference in las vegas? ? mr. children on the advice of my counsel, i decline to answer based on my constitutional privilege. did you approve the funding for the 2010 western regional
2:23 pm
conference? >> mr. chairman, on the advice of my koup, i respectfully decline to answer based upon my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> nbc correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. people were expecting fire work. we've heard already at least one apology. >> several already. and there is a lot of tension here. the anger that is being directed at some of the people who may have responsibility for this vast misuse of taxpayer money are on the hot seat. one of those people is martha johnson. she had been in charge of the agency. not at the time when the conference occurred but for enough time, some of the lawmakers believe, to really think she might have done more to try to unearth this. also, questions about approval for bonuses of some of the employees who were involved in this at a time when some of the investigation was already going on. now, martha johnson resigned her position and today she was quite apologetic. >> i personally apologize to the
2:24 pm
american people as the head of the agency, i am responsible. i deeply regret this. i will mourn for the rest of my life the loss of my appointment. >> and we also heard from one of the people who was seen on the videos. his name is david foley. he apologized to the public, his colleagues, the administration, and in particular, to d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton. he talked about her in a very joking way in the video about oversight. the kind of event we have happening right now. so he was apologetic. what is happening is a kind of a different tone here than we see day to day. there is a very strong showing of bipartisanship. darrell issa from california chairs this hearing. elijah cummings, a democrat of maryland, is the number two on the committee. they've been working very closely on this. and speaking in almost one voice saying they don't want immune for jeff neely, the man who was first on the hot seat. and believing there is a lot more to uncover here.
2:25 pm
not just this one conference but they've already elicited testimony saying this has been going on for years. >> what's behind the bipartisan tone? it is so rare, especially when you have people trying to politicize everything. >> and always looking for a way to jockey for position. we see that so often. i think this is a case of the behavior that has been seen here on video tame and alleged in these reports, is so egregious. a misuse of taxpayer dollars. at a time when on the senate side, they're debating, trying to increase taxes or people at home are filing their taxes with the deadline tomorrow. the misuse of taxpayers' money is something both parties can get behind. while that seems pretty ordinary an assumption, the tone today is that unusual bipartisanship that we don't see very often on top of a hearing that's already producing some very tense moments. >> we'll keep an eye on it. thank you so much. not royal behavior. coming up, pippa middleton is
2:26 pm
caught in a controversy. it appears someone traveling with her was pointing a gun at a photographer. the question was, was the gun real? plus, an adviser is taking on bill maher. criticizing what he said about ann romney. it is one of the things we thought you should know. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. the word "wow" comes to mind.
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2:30 pm
investigation. that makes sense to me. new details in who may be behind the series of attacks in afghanistan during an 18-hour period. plus, the man accused of killing 77 people in norway is now facing a trial. details on his outburst, tears, and even a closed fist salute. thank you at&t. first, why don't you show her the curved edge... now move on to the slick navigation tiles... bam, right into the people hub. see megan, colin has lots of friends. hey, colin, what kind of phone is that? whaaa -- oh megan -- when did you get here? [ clears throat ] ohh yea no, let's... [ male announcer ] introducing the beautifully different nokia lumia 900. only from at&t. rethink possible. with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen.
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♪ the way i feel about you [ male announcer ] it's time to clean out your garage for a car that's worthy of being the 2012 motor trend car of the year. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ counterassault. here's what the news nation is following right now. afghan's president blaming nato for failing to prevent an attack in and around kabul. and four people are hurt after a u.s. bound flight is forced to make an emergency landing in london. how they were injured. and certainly too hot to run a marathon. thousands drop out of the one of the most famous player thops in the country after near record temperatures on the east coast. plus -- >> it is about this gun.
2:34 pm
guns in our country. >> bill cosby talking about the trayvon martin case, race, and guns. we begin this half-hour with more than 130, 130 reported tornadoes in the plains in midwest this weekend. officials say a sixth person has died from his injuries. at least 29 people were hurt. some of the victims were from the town of woodward, oklahoma. officials say warning sirens in the town failed because lightning struck a tower used to activate the system there. the weather channel's eric fisher has the latest out of oklahoma. >> reporter: tamron, we saw a lot of tornadoes over the course of the weekend. a big event. a lot of warning. the forecasts were certainly there. the people took it seriously. we got lucky all the way until midnight saturday night. unfortunately when the tornado came through just after midnight, which is an exceptionally dangerous time for tornadoes, we did have a number of fatalities.
2:35 pm
so some very sad news here in woodward. you can see many homes are completely destroyed in this particular neighborhood. there are some reports that perhaps there were twin tornadoes. the one large wedge but also tornado attached to that one storm. as it worked northeast across the city, the clean-up effort on the way. and fema is working here. they have rated it at ef-3. that means winds could have been at 165 miles an hour. i want to share one story with you quickly. i think this is a fabulous example of preparation for severe weather. we talked to one gentleman who said he had a storm shelter built on his property. he gave keys to his neighbors. he was out of town saturday night. his neighbors did go into that shelter and he likely saved many of their lives. some great preparation for those folks here in woodward. >> wow, our thanks to eric. and near record heat in the northeast had a big effect on today's boston marathon.
2:36 pm
organizers say as many as 4,000 runners chose to sit it out because of the warmer than usual temperatures. over 80 degrees in boston right now. the run here's dropped out of race have the option of deferring to next year's race. the kenyan runner leslie won the race today with the time of 2:12:40. over 20,000 people running that race. and a massive assault by insurgents across afghanistan ended today after 18 long hours. a joint u.s. and afghan force finally ended the wave of attacks that hit the cap of kabul. and the capitals of three eastern provinces. the u.s. embassy was among one of the targets. joining us from kabul, as we understand it, the president of afghanistan is blaming this on nato? >> reporter: yes, he is blaming it on the intelligence services
2:37 pm
and nato. now, tamron, despite the taliban taking responsibility for the attack, the afghan interior ministry have been saying since yesterday the assault had all the patterns of the attack. even the ambassador agreed with this saying that it is a the network operations have come out of north waziristan. and he told us earlier that he didn't think the taliban were good enough to carry out such an attack. karzai blamed the nato for this attack because it took 18 hours to foil. and the fact that the attack was so carefully orchestrated. this was his reason for holding nato as one of the people responsible for this. >> so with that said, nato had a response to this claim by the afghan president? >> reporter: no, not outwardly yet, no. the only statements we've seen
2:38 pm
from nato is commending the afghan forces. they gave them total control. they only backed them up with helicopters and convoys. but according to nato and the afghan government, it was the afghan security forces who put a stop to yesterday's multiple firefights. >> live for us in kabul. thank you. and four people are hurt after a u.s. bound virgin atlantic flight makes an emergency landing. that tops our look at stories around the news nation. the flight land about two hours after takeoff after reports of a small fire on the plane. once the plane handed, the captain ordered an emergency evacuation as a precaution, using the plane's inflatable slides. all the injuries are described as minor. and in a norwegian court today, a right wing extremist who is on trial for killing 77 people last year, burst into tears.
2:39 pm
anders breivik cried as they showed a tape he made. he confessed to the 2011 massacre in which he bombed a government building and gunned down 69 people at a summer camp. he claims the killings were men to protect norway from being taken over by muslims. and not guilty pleas for the two men accused in a shooting rampage in tulsa, oklahoma. ten days ago, defendants were arraign today by closed circuit tv. they are killing three and wounding two others in a predocument thanly african-american section of tulsa. still ahead, a stunning moment at the coachella music concert last night. tupac shack irresurrected on stage. is it too much? first, a lot going on. form he adviser melody barnes is
2:40 pm
taking a stand on controversial comments made by comedian bill maher about stay at home moms. on his show he defended hillary rosen's remarks. a big difference between being a mother and that tough job. maher has contributed $1 million to the super pack. barnes described the controversy as problematic. >> i listened to those comments. my grandmother's voice came in my head. i thought about the phrase home training. the language, the sentiment are problematic. the campaign, and the president has said, look, it matters. the way we talk to each other matters and they're going to have to as you said, make a decision. >> former vim dick cheney had
2:41 pm
some interesting words. here's what he had to say during an appearance at the wyoming republican convention. >> i can't think of a time when i felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent president than today with respect to barack obama. i think he has been an unmi unmitigated disaster for the country. and secretary clinton was able to grab some down time with a few brewskies. having a good time. those are the things we thought you should know. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
2:42 pm
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revealed. his ideas for chopping government. her early birthday gift in where else but palm beach. plus, the buffett rule ready for a vote. and dick cheney, warm and fuzzy? not so much. >> bill cosby drawing attention for comments he made about the killing of trayvon martin by the neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. cosby told david gregory, the discussion should be on guns, not race. >> it is about the gun. it is about this gun. guns in our country. i know that when you have a gun, you may not realize it but you put on it your person and you mean to pull this and kill somebody. because you have this power.
2:46 pm
it heightens what you're supposed to be looking for. >> joining me to talk about this, msnbc contributor. should i point out that bill cosby said he once owned a gun but no longer does. he said there is a need to get guns off the streets and people should be taught to use every possible alternative before shooting someone, taking someone's life. >> i agree with that and i appreciate the brother probably has a different perspective than many of us because he lost his son to gun violence. so to be respectful to him. but this is a very dangerous sentiment. and it is not at all true. yes, it is a gun situation but it is obviously a racial situation in that trayvon martin was clearly profiled as a criminal black man. as if those two things are synonymous in america by george zimmerman. that's why he pulled his gun and
2:47 pm
used it on trayvon martin. when a person of bill cosby's stature says that, it gives fuel to all those who misunderstand the situation. it is not about race and i and al sharpton and jesse jackson are making it about race when it's not. he gives fuel to that saying even bill cosby agrees with us. >> why can't he have his own opinion? not all black people think the same. >> surely he can have his own opinion. >> up it is dangerous. >> i think it is dangerous. he can have his own opinion and it is a dangerous opinion. it is not correct to say we can drain race out of it. >> that's his perspective. >> i'm not disagreeing with that. i'm allowing him to have his perspective and his perspective is dangerous in saying that it is not about race. it is clearly incorrect. that we don't have a rash of people profiling innocent young white men walking down the street, talking to their girlfriends on the phone and
2:48 pm
saying he must be a girlfriend and attacking them and shooting them. that's not happening. that is happening to black men. >> i can't speak for bill cosby but what if he looks at you and says you are dangerous because you have said that zimmerman profiled trayvon martin which is to be determined in a court of law now that he's been arrested and charged. according to prosecutors, they say he did profile him but this is to be determined by a jury of his peers and we're going to watch this play out. so bill cosby could say the same thing about you. >> we their profiling. that's not conjecture. he sees somebody in the distance who is doing nothing more than down the street on a cell phone. and he decides this person is on drugs. this person is a criminal. this person is threatening and to be feared. >> throws the charges. >> that's what george zimmerman said. that is profiling. he is not going to see a white person. we don't have an epidemic of people seeing white men and assuming they're criminals. we do have an epidemic of the world seeing black maleness as
2:49 pm
criminality. >> why then are some turning this into an adversarial thing. for example, the new yorker pointed out that the united states has the highest rate of citizen gun ownership in the world. the second highest is yemen. why be contrary with him and say wait a minute. there can be dual conversations. why does he have be to dangerous and wrong? why can't we applaud that. the executive vice president of nra did not mention trayvon martin by name but he is criticizing news organizations for what he says is singling out one killing and ignoring many other violent crimes that happen in the united states every day. maybe bill cosby wants to highlight those without diminishing the serious questions that we have not ignored regarding trayvon marine. >> bill cosby is an extraordinary american. he's had an amazing effect on my life, on many lives. but in terms of nuanced political thinking, he has not shown himself to be a big fan of
2:50 pm
that. and he has quite often said things that put him into the category of, with friends like these, who needs enemies. he's repeatedly talked about a lack of morality in the black communicate as if we don't teach our children morality. as if we want to go to prison. as if that's some badge of honor. that is not the way things are in the black communicate. >> he is not anlt black. what are you saying? >> i'm saying that he has on several occasions said things that are extremely negative, paternalistic and rather misguided about the black community. as if we want to go to prison. that's a badge of honor. that is a great mark of shame for many, many people. it is nothing that we want to say. when he talks about parents not teaching their children, black children morality. that is simply not the case. i don't know what community he is about. and then we come to this situation. he is saying not about race. it is about guns. it is about both. and surely this does not happen if this individual does not see a black person and pour stereo
2:51 pm
types into him as if he is a criminal black man. >> greatly appreciated. that's why we invite you on to tell us what you think. in today's gut check, you're going to talk about. this tupac appears on stage 15 years after his death. this is all a hologram. you know there are people who still believe he is alive. nonetheless, this is our gut check. was this over the top? and a sad story out of los angeles had somewhat of a happy ending. a black labrador retriever on the los angeles highway staying so loyal to this other dog who had been killed by a car. you see the dog there. never leaving the side of his friend. well, there is some good news. gracie, that's the name of that lab. animal control officers have named her and she is up for adoption today. county officials say the first person in line who submits both the form and the adoption fee gets to take beautiful gracie home.
2:52 pm
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time for the nation quut gut check. tupac brought back to life to perform at a concert with snoop dogg and dr. j. 15 years after his death, he took the staining to close out the coachella music festival in california. the realistic holo gram, he said hello to the people he was on stage with and even the audience. take a listen. >> you know what this is. what [ bleep ]? >> you hear him say what's up? the first coachella music festival happened three years after his death. the hologram is believed to be the work of a british company.
2:56 pm
i'm sure we'll learn which one. who would not want to take credit for that? was it innovative or over the top? go to to cast your vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tameron hall. the first time we've ever ended with tupac. that's a first. tomorrow i'll talk with the star of nurse jackie and the sopranos. the breast cancer survivor will share results of a new poll about the disease. looking forward to that. up next, my friend barnett bashir. [ female announcer ] women have made it the number one selling
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