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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  April 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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trying to connect with voters, one little group at a time. but their big economic concerns. find out what our own florida focus group had to say about both of them. plus scandal abroad, anger at home. with many questions still unanswered, congress does about the only thing it does well sometimes, act outraged. the latest on the secret service prostitution probe this morning. and after nearly 40 years in the u.s. senate, dick luger is getting hit with trying to save his job. we'll ta good morning from washington, it's wednesday, april 18. also this morning, can you campaign for vice president? we're going to ask the governor of virginia in a few minutes. but first, let's get to my first reads of the morning. president obama will officially accept the democratic nomination this charlotte 141 days from
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today. obama heads to charlotte to give a speech at a rooftop venue that overlooks the stadium where the obama will give that acceptance speech. we're not expecting any new policy proposals from romney. instead this is a general election opening shot of sorts. expect romney to make an issue of the president's 2008 campaign promises on jobs with a mention of obama's denver convention speech. meanwhile the president travels to elyriaa. the president ends his day in dear born michigan at the henry ford museum where mitt romney launched his 2008 campaign. and meeting with -- events with ordinary people can go off
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script. >> the fat's been trimmed from those budgets, a lot of those costs are fixed that the districts have to page because the teachers deserve a decent wage. i don't like to pay more taxes, but sometimes that's necessary. >> and romney is trying to hold off releasing his tax returns, by the way. >> of course what the democrats want to do is to try and pick through any part of taxes to try and show that i've been successful and i'll already acknowledge that, of course i've been successful. >> the president took his i feel your pain message to the rose garden to try to turn his election vulnerability of high gas prices back into a strength. >> i call on congress to pass a package of measures to crack down on illegal activity and hold accountable for who manipulate the market for private gain at the expense of millions of working families.
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>> ocnbc, romney responded to that. >> the reason they're speculating or they're guessing or they're betting or they're investigating that prices will go up is they see this administration having cut back on licenses for drilling for oil an federal lands by half, cutting back on permits by 2/3, there's sperk lags, if you will, their investment is based upon their reasoned analysis that this president doesn't like fossil fuel. >> and last week we talked a lot about women voters, this week the message is about hispanics. the president has a viable path to 275 electoral votes. colorado, new mexico, nevada or growing ones like virginia. two days after the rnc announced
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it's spanish voter outreach, obama organizers fa s talked ab how the president had empowered latino communities. >> and the campaign is later formally launching latinos for obama, the message campaign spokesman been labolt has said that while governor romney has begun to etch a step away -- now the obama campaign will do their best to highlight past statements romney has made on immigration. >> the question is, if i were eelected and congress were to pass the dream act would i veto it? and the answer is yes. the answer is deportation
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because people figure out the -- i think you see a model here in arizona. >> romney's challenge? how do you move back to the center after running so hard to the right during the primary. on sunday, behind closed doors, romney called for a republican dream act to shrink the gop deficit with latino voters that could spell doom for the party. today, "the washington post" reports that florida senator mac marco rubio legislation that young latinos could remain in the united states but it would not give them a path to citizenship. romney may be 90% focused on the general election, but he borrowed an old clinton line in an interview with bright barton nudes. >> it would be an effort by the
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quote, left wing conspiracy to work together to put out their message and to attack me. >> okay, so have republicans and conservatives started to rally around him? the answer to that question is both yes and no. according to a focus of group of 12 republicans. a little background on the participants of this focus group that was done for and on behalf of the city of pennsylvania public policy center. seven said they were definitely voting for romney. two voting for obama and one was undecided. they were made up of folks who supported mccain or rick scott in florida. according to senior political editor mark murray is that his business experience has gotten to these photoers. when asked to describe him with a word or phrase, accomplished businessman, successful
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businessman, he was also quoted as very indecisive, and a little stiff. despite the reservations of these folks, their biggest concern is romney's consistency. the message were make a stand, whether people like it or not. be consistent said another. summed up by one participant, jonathan, a 27-year-old deputy police officer who said i only know mitt romney as the businessman. george bush felt like a regular guy, remember, these are focus groups, this is qualitative analysis, if you l qualitative data, but it is an important place to look and to see where does mitt romney stand right now as we start the beginning of the general election. we have much more on this by the way at first read, with the republican beef stakes on the way, mitt romney is now
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offering some statistics on what he's looking for in a running made. >> you want someone who without question could lead the country as president if that were necessary. we got a long list of people who are really extraordinary leaders in the republican party and you can think of those names as i can. it's not going to be an easy process. >> well one of those names that's on a lot of lists is virginia governor mcdonnell. i want to start with this morning in the "washington post" about some tv ahead that your pac that's called opportunity virginia is going to be unveiling about you. can you tell me more about this tv ad campaign? >> you know you can't believe everything you read in the papers, chuck, i can only tell you that we don't have any plans
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at this point, but we're always looking for ways to get out the positive message about what we're doing in virginia. we have got the lowest unemployment rate, and unfortunately our democratic party friends continue to stone wall us and kill budgets and talk down about our state, i'm always looking for a way to get a positive message out about what we're doing in virginia. i don't have anything else to say at this point, nothing else is planned. but we always want to tell our successful virginia story around the world about creating jobs. >> what's the best way to characterize this? >> well there,'s no way to characterize it other than i don't know where those reports have come from, right now i have got the general i semably back, we have got a budget fight where budget -- senate democrats have killed the budget three times over committee assignments and train projects and so forth. i am really focused on what
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we're doing here in virginia, i am trying to get the message out, we have done radio ads recently to talk about what's at stake here if we don't have a budget. those are the kinds of things that we're focused on, chuck, but there's nothing else that i can talk about that we're doing. >> for much of your term as governor, the first time we saw your approval ratings go down, about this debate about the ultrasound bill that was being debated in the house of delegates, now some of them, the one most controversial portion of that bill that would mandate that any woman seeking an abortion would have to get a transvaginal ultrasound didn't make nit your bill. but you said some form of an ultrasound should be done before a woman in virginia can get an abortion. why? >> chuck, virginia joins, 23
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feet states that have some form of ultrasound law as part of the informed consent staff opportunity to make sure that women have all the information that's available prior to what everybody agrees is a life changing decision. that was one bill out of the 860 that reaches our desk. my focus this investigation was on jobs and economic development and higher education and k-12 and veterans, we got enormous things done this session, many of them on a bipartisan basis and our pension system and higher education, so that's the story that is virginia. >> governor what all due preponderate, it was republicans
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that introduced this legislation not democrats and i guess my question is -- >> chuck t bill passed with by partisan support. there were democrats in both houses that supported it. there is a broad agreement in virginia that everything we can do from a policy standpoint to help reduce the number of abortions is good. we have had differences on these before, but the point is, the focus of our general assembly session for republicans was on jobs, economic development, investments in higher ed, transportation, veterans, energy, these are the thing that virginians care about, and that was what i focussed on, not on social issues, but that's what the democrats are focusing all their time on. >> do you feel like some members of your party are talking too much about social issue this is campaign season? >> the democrats are the ones that are pretty much talking
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about it. because they can't run on their record. look at obama, the worst national debt in american history, $16 trillion growing to $35 trillion under the budget he introduced. that's not what the country needs, we need policies on jobs, economic development, taxes, spending, energy that, tease heart and soul of this campaign and that's why i think you see a strategy for people to compete with other issues. we're talking about the american dream and how to restore it in america. >> you're saying democrats are bringing this up, it was a republican proposal, so that's why i'm asking, do you believe they basically should have shelved it, it should not have been done this session? >> standing up for the right to life and embracing a culture of life is something i believe in and it's something most
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virginians believe in. it was a policy that was supported by people in both parties, the democrats are the ones that are trying to make that an issue. what i'm saying is, 99 pe 99% of bills -- more college, better energy policies, that's what we're doing, that's what president and governor romney's dog about. but the democrats continue to focus on these issues, these false dichotomies, separating mean from women, separating reach people from the middle class, it's the game of division, we're not going to play that game, because we're focusing on what americans care about. >> if the romney campaign asks for background information about you, asks you to participate in the vetting process, will you do that? >> i think anybody that gets a call from the nominee and says you can help our party, you can help our country, of course you would consider it.
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but i got the job held by thomas jefferson and patrick henry. so i think it's the best governor ship in america. >> if they ask for background information -- >> if they ask for background information, i guess you'll do it. >> that's all speculation, that's completely up to mitt romn romney, i'm not looking for it or expecting it. you can ask governor romney what he's planning to do. >> always great to have you on, sir. up next, a double dose of d.c. scandals, new details about what happened between those prostitutes and members of the u.s. secret service in column yachlt we're live in cartagena next. and live and front and center, what's happening today on capitol hill. the president's schedule, he is
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hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. well a government official now says that some of the secret service personnel involved in the alleged prostitution scandal have agreed to take polygraph tests. >> it's so hard for me to believe that this was the first time an incident like this occurred because too many people
9:20 am
were involved, for 11 or 12 secret service personnel to be involved, raises a huge red flag. >> nbc's mark potter is live for us in cartegena, columbia, where's the investigation today? >> investigators are here from the secret service and the u.s. military,s among the people we're told they want to talk to is the prostitutes themselves. i'm standing outside of the hotel here in cartegena. this is where officials say the agents brought the prostitutes, this is where the scandal unfolded. it began several miles from here in a much different neighborhood than this tourist zone, in a
9:21 am
club called the play club. officials have told us that some of the members of the advance team, went, partied and then hired some of the prostitutes that they brought here. in public -- some employees from that club have denied that saying they were not hired at that club. one of the officials told michael michael -- she wanted to charge double, they fought over that, police consider called and the embassy notified. >> park potter in cartegena. there's another investigation that washington is holding today. this comes as the house concluded it's own two-day hearing. take a listen.
9:22 am
>> we investigated a number of individuals, we turned over every attornstone we turned ove found 50 more. >> joining us now the luke russert. all right, luke, yesterday obviously not a good day for folks who are on leave or who used to run the gsa. >> that was then before two republican led committees over in the house of representatives but the focus was really on the scandal. and what we learned yesterday is that investigator miller warned mr. neely, the gentleman who's being alleged to have done all these impropry ties back in may of 2011, was to cut the travel, cut the spending on the taxpayers dime, neely continued by going to the south pacific, going to napa. that led a lot of republicans yesterday to say, oh, my
9:23 am
goodness, perhaps we might take steps to try and shut down the gsa. today they're going to go before mr. miller, they're going to go before two senate committees, the environmental and public works, the focus today won't necessarily be on the scandal. democrats are going to try and make it on the steps that we're taking by the administration to try and clean up the gsa after they got wind of the impropry ties. you'll hear a lot from the inspector miller, what exactly they found and what they're planning to do. there has been some bipartisan outreach, but less of the argument to try and attach this to the administration and more about the steps the administration took to make the gsa more accountable to taxpayers. chuck? >> the difference between democrats running the committee on the senate side and republicans running the committee on the house side.
9:24 am
coming up, billionaire investor warren buffett announces he has prostate cancer. how does the market react to that? and if it's wednesday, we have got some voting results, somebody was voting somewhere, we'll tell you who will face off in that emotional special election that will fill gabby giffords congressional seat. which states have never been represented by a woman in congress. the they have names like idle time books and smash records and on small business saturday they remind a nation of the benefits of shopping small. on just one day, 100 million of us joined a movement... and main street found its might again. and main street found its fight again.
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9:28 am
arizona's eight congressional election. kelley will now face former giffords aid john barber. and a legislative group has announced that it will end a task force that helped shape the stand your ground laws nationally. the change comes after corporate members like coca-cola and kraft foods pulled out. that law stands at the center of the trayvon martin killing in florida. these national legislative groups are able to take advantage of a lot of state legislatures because of their part-time nature and the fact that most of these legislators don't have the help and the ability to write those laws within themselves. millionaire investor warren buffett announced that he has been diagnosed with early stage
9:29 am
prostate cancern't obviously this is something very personal, but on the other hand, it has an impact on his -- he's such an influential member of the financial -- >> he did say in the announcement that his doctors have given him the prognosis that this is not in any way life threatening, they don't even expect it will be debilitating at all. he expects to continue to all his duties. normally a situation where you were hospitalized or where it would be a debilitating issue, something that would prevent you from doing your duties and this is different because this is the c-word, he thought it was important to get out in front of it and go ahead and tell his partners that include his share
9:30 am
told holders and he wanted to make sure they understood, he sounds very upbeat, he's going for radiation treatment in the middle of july, and he says his doctors are very comfortable with him waiting for that. hoosier home sickness. taking a deep dive into senator lugger's fight to keep his job. and the contentions that the republican primary is something he can take advantage of it. plus the latest manufactured campaign controversy, this time it's rocker ted nugent's controversy on the daily debate.
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in today's deep dive, we're digging into the senate race
9:34 am
indiain india indiana. it's a state where senator richard luger's success has been a foregone conclusion for 28 year years. this year he's facing fierce opposition from the right and may not even make it out of the primary. the man once dubbed richard nixon's favored mayor is being framed as too moderate for his party. tea party rifles like the nra and club for growth saying that lugar is too close to the president. lugar has accused his opponents of using the race as playground for their ideas and losing sight of the big picture. >> it's i think useful to understand a republican majority in the senate is very important and republicans who are running for re-election ought to be supported by people who want to see that majority. >> you think you have the best
9:35 am
chance of keeping this race republican? >> that is the case, as a matter of fact if i was not the nominee, it might be lost. >> and that's where it gets interesting, if lugar's right, a tea party victory in next week's primary, indiana has been one of the reddest states in the midwest during presidential elections, it's gone blue only twice in the last 70 years, first in lbj's landslide in '64 and -- the three previous governors were all democrats, going back to 1989 when evan bayh was sworn into office. but in recent history, conservatives have been pulling the state back to the right. rather than battle ex-senator dan coat who is had the tea party wins.
9:36 am
coats went on to win the state in november. state treasure you arer rich mur 12k0k hoping to follow that example and pull all the conservative -- he's spent nearly as much time talking about where senator lugar lives, in virginia, not in indiana. lugar sold his house in indianapolis 35 years ago, moved short al being appointed to the senate. he was able to keep his old address so he could vote in the state where he lives. a marion county election board reversed that decision. switching the senator's registration in to a family farm in indiana. murdock used his final answer to drive the point home. >> the first thing i'm going to do to represent hoosiers is to be in touch with them. i moved here back in 1973 and
9:37 am
have been a hoosier ever since. i will always call indiana home. >> is that a big deal? take a look at some recent examples of ads that have betrayed their targets. >> i'm john thun and i approve this message. >> i'm a d.c. resident. urktsds 43 years later, what's elizabeth dole been doing? >> tom daschle defeated in that election. it certainly didn't hurt rick santorum when he was running for re-election. >> i own a home and i have always owned a home. >> since you have owned your home at 111 stevens lane, how
9:38 am
many nights have you personally spent there? >> i can't tell you how many nights i spent there. >> i mean a handful? >> i probably spend maybe a month a year, something like that. >> in that house? >> yeah, probably. >> a final note here, the u.s. chamber of commerce is the latest group to stark a claim in this race. lugar appears to have the inside track on holding his seat if he gets past the primary. but if he gets out of next month's primary, he might have a tough battle waiting for him in the fall. joining me now, we start doing these throughout the year, a meet the candidate of sorts. a democratic senator joe o'donnell, are you rooting for richard murdock to win the primary? >> i really don't have any preference at all. because our focus is on jobs and on working families and their focus has been on who's the most ideal logically pure. while they have been arguing about that, i was in the terre
9:39 am
haute talking about how education increases jobs, and i was talking about how roads and bridges creates more jobs. >> do you think you have a better shot at winning this senate seat if you face murdock? >> think we're fine either way? >> why do you say that? >> we have seen polling data where we're ahead of -- if you're the incumbent in the low 40s in a general election, you might want to consider a career change. and their message is about who's the most right wing. our message is about how do we create more jobs and more opportunity. that's where we are. >> if you were senator, you would have a couple of things this week, the buffett rule, how would you have voted? >> if you look at that, the middle class has to look at these tax rules and say how does this make any sense? why does a firefighter in terre haute pay a higher income tax rate than a hedge fund
9:40 am
millionaire? >> you would have voted for the buffett rule? >> i would have because it's the fa fiscally responsible thing to do. as we're working towards a final solution on this thing, which i think is going to happen later this year is going to be better framed as we move on. how do we get the highest possible deficit reduction, but we're going to be looking at that. >> are you prepared to tell voters in indiana in november, saying, look, if you let me, some taxes are going to go up, period. >> i'm here to tell them that if you look at this, we have to significantly reduce spending, on the other side, we have to have enough income so that we can run the government. how do we do that? we see the economy grow. the buffett rule is a small mart. it's a movement that way, eliminating tax creditings for offshoring.
9:41 am
reducing the corporate tax rate to 25%. but at the same time, eliminating a lot of the credits. >> are you in favor of raising income tax? on some level? >> i have already said i'm in favor of the bush tax cuts for the top 1%. >> you have been quoted as saying -- what is it that you don't agree with president obama. >> on cap and trade, i voted no on that, i didn't think that made any sense for indiana and i think we have to have an overall energy solution. >> what about health care? >> on health care, i voted for it. i have a daughter who has rheumatoid arthritis and for kids who have rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, for the first time many of them were able to get health care coverage. for seasons, for kids, 21, 22 and 23 who are getting their first jobs that may not have health care coverage, they can stay with their parents, i think it was a move forward, was it
9:42 am
perfect? no, do we have a way to move forward? yes. >> elkhart is part of our district and the president came out in very hard economic times to listen to everybody in town halls and to hear what they had to say, and i was there for all of them. >> would you use him in tbs? >> i'm just focused on the senate race, i have no idea what the tv ads are going to be. >> joe donnelly, democratic congressman, you won't officially become the nominee until the may 8th primary. >> i he . the political panel is next, but first of course, white house soup of the day, the president's not there, but chicken noodle is. guys. come here, come here. [ telephone ringing ] i'm calling my old dealership.
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welling, the controversy of the week this weeks revofls around -- ted nugent, he's in trouble for outrageous comments at the nra convention saying he wants to chop the heads off the democrats. attacking debbie wasserman schultz and also nancy pelosi. but today's political analyst karen fin -- karen, let me start with you, i called the hillary rosen thing a manufactured controversy and republicans said i was on some sort of obama talking point, this feels like the dnc who put out a voor yesterday is manufacturing a
9:47 am
controversy. >> we can give as well as we get. blow it up. i mean, look, there are other legitimate questions about how women feel about romney's record and how women feel about obama's record, yes, are the mommy wars manufactured? yes, i think most women would rather be talking about economic issues than contraception for example. they would rather be talking about access to capital. if you're a mom at home, these are the fault lines in these campaigns. >> since they're the short attention span media, the headline, it's the year of the surrogate, it's only the year of the surrogates if you only cover the surrogates, be what that as it may, the ted nugents of the world, don't you have to stop a guy like this because he's causing a distraction? >> folks like ted nugent, bill
9:48 am
maher, they're paid to say stupid things? >> it case of ted nugent, i think it was the romney campaign that put out a tweet thing, we're so happy to have their endorsement. that's so different than a paid commentator like me on television saying what she thinks. that's very different from saying i'm so glad we have your endorsement. >> president obama making this war on women argument for weeks, it put him on the offensive and it made him difficult to make that case because he said something that was inartful. >> i want to go into a 60-day coma. it's like wake me when we are done with these manufactures controversies. >> i think the difference here is the spade with what the democrats cut hillary roasen loose. it's a double edged sword, they
9:49 am
wanted his endorsement. >> the michigan primary was close at the time and they were a little bit confused. i want to put up some -- >> and nugent hasn't apologized by the way and hillary rosen did. i'm just saying. >> a hispanic push this week, we know that the rnc has the hispanic outreach centers, sort of realizing that the reality has hit, they read the census too, we see what that obama campaign is doing with ads. it seems like romney already is regretting some of this rhetoric. >> oh, absolutely, remember that it was the tone of the immigration debate in 2005, 2006 that really hurt the republican party and brought a lot of hisp the democratic party. so they've got to be careful about the tone of the rhetoric in addition to the actual policies they talk about. >> this has been marco rubio's point. >> yes. >> he's been saying the tone has
9:50 am
killed the party. >> rare moment coming up. i'm going to agree with karen. yes, tone matters. but at the end of the day, we all know this election will be about the economy and that's what the rnc is focusing on. >> can republicans have a conversation with hispanic voters about the economy if they only view it through the prism of immigration? >> i don't think so. i think mitt romney's done so much to alienate them already, i don't see how he can turn things around without looking like a flip-flopper. this week he admitted this florida fund raiser that they are a huge problem for him. >> anna, pete, karen, stick around. we'll throw up a few poll numbers after the break. only had four of them this week. trivia time. which states have never been represented by a woman in congress? the answer, delaware, iowa, mississippi, and vermont. north dakota has never elected a woman to congress. but a woman was appointed back in 1992 to fill a short-term vacancy. we have two car insurances that we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x.
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well, they're up, they're down, the presidential poll numbers allive to place, a lot of national polls out this week alone. reuters, pew, gallup to name a few, and of course nbc's poll is out late they are week. #goldstandard. anna, karen, and pete, anna, it's funny. there seems to be a convergence. we had gallup being one direction that doesn't make a lot of sense, cnn had a blowout going the other direction that didn't make a lot of sense. pew has it four points. i feel like we're seeing where the race really is. >> i think i've got poll hangover. >> don't say that until after thursday at 3:00 p.m. >> gold standard. of course. this is going to be a very close race. i think there are some interesting numbers like the hispanic numbers that are coming out that will be quite illuminating. >> looking at the pew, the hispanic number jumped out at a
9:55 am
lot of people and that seemed to be big. >> right. >> the two demographic groups that romney dominated in the primaries, folks have made over 100,000 and college educated, losing. >> right. if you look at the overall trend, everyone was saying the primary was so horrible for mitt romney, but he's closing that gap -- >> moving fast. a rally. >> moving fast. it's what we all knew was going to happen. >> can we talk act the reverse gender gap? always talk about the women gender gap. the president is losing white men by 26 points in that pew poll. there's another gender gap here. that's big. >> it is. >> he needs to fix his male issue. >> talking about the daddy wars, right? a whole new round. >> it is. >> but that's been a problem for this president for some time. >> it has, although it was one arrow, people forget on election day he did well with white male depths. >> thankfully more women than men vote and more black women helped obama last time. just saying. >> that's true. nonwhite single women huge.
9:56 am
>> yep. >> shameless plug. >> as shameless as it gets. launched a new website last night, the front row seat dotcom. check it out. >> i will. anna. >> "time to stop thinking," a book by my colleague. >> anna. >> democrats should not back off on the war on women as a message frame, piece on "the hill." it's what women are feeling. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you tomorrow. up next, chris jansing. uncer) most life insurance companies
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